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There's Only One Way To Stop ISIS & You Probably Will Refuse To Do It

There's Only One Way To Stop ISIS & You Probably Will Refuse To Do It

As a Bible believing Christian and ordained minister, I believe in presenting truth as tactfully as possible to folks, but I certainly do not play word games like many in “the pulpit” when it comes to sharing truth no matter how difficult the subject matter may be. Stating as such, let's be honest and up front right here and now, America appears to be totally screwed and is about to meet it's end. I mean, very few Americans are willing to do what is really needed to bring about not only the end of terroristic acts of ISIS, but also end the evil and wicked terroristic acts of Barack Hussein Obama as well. Let's face it, the U.S and it's State Government's are doing basically whatever it wants, when it wants without much opposition from “We The People.” Because there is little to challenge to evil here, no one in America is safe, not even in their own home's. Let's call “terrorism” what it is, “terrorism” no matter who is doing it towards whom and terrorism must be challenged on all fronts.

It's really a moot point as whom to blame anymore for the state of affairs here in the USA including how terrorism got to grow to such a large issue. If you want to go there(that question).... just go back and read many of my articles written in the past four-plus years, you will find plenty of “blame” there. The “What now” question is the most important matter most need to be confronted with and must be answered and moved upon quickly if any portion or part of the population of this once great nation is ever to survive. By the way, the way things look currently and by the lack of inaction of doing what is really needed to save this nation, most Americans have lost that last opportunity, never to return to have the ability to see the USA blessed in it's greatness again. So, now what we have left, are the few of those who are willing to do the hard work to save themselves and the few who, by the grace of God, can convince others also of what needs to be done to rid terrorists such as ISIS and the many in our Government who do the same.. I sincerely pray that anyone that reads this article, including you, will be willing to take the necessary steps to save what's left of America and rid this nation and world of all terrorists whether they are ISIS, government or others connected with such demonic and horrific acts against innocent people everywhere.

I won't be sharing foolish advice just as I recently heard from a nasty liberal and Jezebel named Marie Harf who is working in our US State Department, suggesting that we give Islamic Terrorists “jobs” so they will end their killing and raping. Instead, I will be sharing from a proven Biblicaly historical and Scripture based facts as how to address the unrepentant evil, as we currently see in our own Government as well as ISIS. To not repeat myself however from giving the same Biblical principles that I wrote just a few months ago in another one of my article's, “Why is God Allowing Islamists To Attack The West” ( 2015/01/why-is-god-allowing-muslims-to-attack_10.html), I will instead share those same principles but using different examples. I really do hope that at least some Americans “get it” this time, especially if they have read similar information presented by me before. Speaking of “getting it”, I believe some of the French did “get it” when they read my article mentioned earlier. I had quite an explosion of readers on that particular article and also on another article written entitled “Why I am Not Supportive Of Charlie Hebdo”( Lack of Biblical wisdom and rejection of God Himself in France and as well as much of Europe, has led a spiritual vacuum where now Islam is the most influential(evil) religion and result's where we are now seeing at least a few European's desiring God(of the Bible) in their lives as they now realize the very bad mistake of allowing Islamic terrorists in their nation and as well, the bad fruit of leaving God of the Bible in the first place.

Once again, let me be very very frank with you, what I am about to share regarding how the few of who will survive in this nation, are going to be able to overcome the evil that is ISIS, U.S Government and other forms/kinds of Terrorism/Terrorists will not at all be easy. I do hope you are ready because the very first step that anyone of us that will get through this war is going to have to swallow our pride. Yep, pride is a huge problem for most Americans. We pretty much do what we want despite the negative consequences and the reality is because of that pride issue, there are many souls of Americans that have died and reside in Hell right now and people here on earth suffer needlessly. If you are thinking “Oh boy ! Here we go with the religious crap again !” No, this is not about “religion.” You are 110% wrong if you think I'm endorsing religion here. In fact, Religion is probably the number two reason(behind pride) this nation sits in the sad state it currently suffers. Jesus of the Bible condemned many of His religious leaders of His time because many of them were lying hypocrites. Those two issues I just mentioned remain the same issues in America today-that is pride and hypocrisy. Bottom line is this, religions are all man(woman) made ideas built on traditions made up by people and have absolutely zero to do with what Jesus said what He wants us all to be. All to often, people will incorporate the name of Jesus Christ in their religion but add some ridiculous man(woman) made ideas and totally contaminate everything the Bible teaches. In religion, you will also find prideful, lying hypocrites in their religious institutions here in America as well. Folks very often confuse religion with Jesus of the Bible, Please understand, religion and Jesus of the Bible have absolutely nothing to do with one-another

In the Old Testament of the Bible, Israel and Judah were told by God what the people in those nations needed to do such as “do not sin.” But, like all stubborn and hypocritical people, they often did not listen to God. They did not repent of their wicked ways, instead, they continued doing what you see many Americans doing what you see as well today... killing babies, being narcissistic, calling what is evil as good, worshiping idols( money, statues of “saints”, Mary, Buddha, themselves, etc), killing and murdering, ignoring matters of justice, taking bribes, justifying sin, being religious but not having a right relationship with God...they were brutal towards one another, divorcing and remarrying... you get the picture. The fruit of what ancient Israel and Judah suffered is what America is just now beginning to suffer. For those unaware or perhaps have forgotten, the Old Testament Israel and Judah had to be invaded and taken captive, then led away as slaves to a foreign land before they and finally woke up and repented to God. The same thing will occur here in America, guaranteed unless there is wide spread repentance of allowing so much sin here.

If a remnant of people will ever be allowed to survive the onslaught that is about to visit this nation for it's refusal to repent of evil doing, it's going to take gut's to stand up and not only fight evil abroad, there will also need to be a tangible fight against unrepentant evil here at home as well. I don't care what Bill O'Reilly, the “Pope”, the LDS/Mormon's, Atheist's, the Jehovah Witnesses, Secularists, prosperity gospel pimps, and other religious and non religious folks tell you, this nation called the United States of America has a pride and (will not repent from)sin issue and God of the Bible(the same God that the vast majority of our American Founding Fathers made Head of our nation and worshiped) is not, never will bless nor help us and rid the knife that is at our throats called “terrorism”, until there is repentance across this land. By now you've read this article up to this point(if you've been the few brave enough to read this far) and if you believe just one portion of what I have shared here is simply “bunk”, I will give you this stern warning, if by your own strength and what the Bible calls the “flesh”, you take up weapons and arms against ISIS and the corrupted Barrack Hussein Obama without first repenting of your own sinful acts in your life, you will remove any and all terrorists.

God is allowing this nation to suffer and to be attacked like never before. Why ?, for all the sins such as abortion, murder, injustice, hatred, envy, adultery, drug use, alcohol abuse, gluttony, pedophilia, homosexuality, hard hearts towards God and His Word, and so many more repugnant sins. I do not have enough space to list them all, but unless there is wide-spread repentance in this nation, God will allow this nation to be destroyed. Shame on Americans who refuse to lower their pride and repent ! This nation's National Anthem mentions the words; “home of the brave.” Where are the brave ? I know where the whiners, pissers and moaners are. I also know where the unrepentant folks are as well. It takes a brave man and woman to admit that they have sinned against God, then come to repent of their wicked acts. God bless those that are brave today and will admit to God in their wrong doing. God bless those also who still love God of the Bible and this nation and are out in the streets calling for repentance and exposing the “christian” wolves in many of America's “church” pulpits. I beg you, please join with those who by the work of the Holy Spirit, see the real root of this nations suffering from terrorism. Thank God for those who are not persuaded by the pressures of political correctness nor listen to Liberal hacks or the talking heads on Fox News who endorse sins such as praying to idols, accepting homosexuality, accepting religion, Atheism, or other matters the Bible calls sin..

The war against all terrorism and all sin begins here... with repentance. God see's the issues we suffer. Our job is to find out why He has allowed the pain that has been inflicted upon us. So, before we go blaming others such as ISIS and the Obamaites, we better take a good hard and long look at ourselves first. Got sin in your life ? Then repent ! You will save you and your nation from a lot of unnecessary pain if you do.

Are you ready to fight ? Good ! You will get your chance to fire a weapon at unrepentant evil soon enough ! But you first need to get on your knee's, if you haven't already and repent of the evil that you have allowed this nation to become the wicked place it is today.

2Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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