Friday, May 31, 2013

“America's Own Worst Enemy-It's Ourselves”

“America's Own Worst Enemy-It's Ourselves”

The problem is “It's Ourselves”, yes I said “It's Ourselves .” Now before you get all upset at me and totally discount just now begging to share as the “enemy” of our beloved nation,... Let me ask you to please read on before you judge what I have to say. I am not at all sharing that all American's are at fault for allowing our nation to be in it's present despicable condition. No, I am not, but I am indeed blaming much of America for allowing this nation to fall by “default” because of also the many of “We The People” who have fallen asleep so to speak when evil started it's cruddy creep into our nation some years ago. What I want to share with you in the remainder of this article are some of the reasons many see as the “obvious” reasons for America's fall from God's grace yet there are many who are either willingly remain ignorant or just plain blind to what the facts are in regards to the USA to coming to complete ruin. My hope in these final days of our nation's existence, that there would be at least some that would awaken and come to the realization where they have not only failed America but have also failed their children family and even themselves thus a repentance and change of heart. May we all get to the point of accepting and affirming“ Nothing but the Truth, so help us God”....

“Following Shiny Things”; I first heard this quote from Bernie Goldberg some time ago, that “ because there are millions and millions and millions of Americans who are like babies who like to follow shiny objects” I couldn't agree more with Mr. Goldberg. Most Americans would rather drink beer, smoke dope and watch their television, “zoning out” from reality then deal with the world issues that are crying out for American's attention. It's not just the pertinacious amount of evil and corruption that grips our Federal, State's, County and Local Governments, it's just as ubiquitous in the hearts of many American's as well. Look at the growth of vile and violent acts being taken throughout our land. Heinous and deplorable acts that even ten years-ago would be unthinkable. We largely ignore many outrageous matters that grips our nation. Those Americans who with hardened hearts use children and treat them as chattel by angry parents and those others such as judges, lawyers, cops, Feminists, Machoists and others who engage in the purposeful destruction of the American family for the reason of cash and control. There is a large segment who “don't care” what evil clutches others, only what personally impacts them. To many Americans love the “flesh” as the Bible describes. Many of our fellow countrymen when seeing something that makes them feel good, important, raises their personal benefit over someone else, will strike the first blow in taking advantage over that someone else and “seize the moment” when “self” can be rewarded. There are sadly many who do so over family, community and or national loyalty. It is after all, the “shiny things”(the flesh) that draws the attention of most.

“False Gospel Followed”; The Bible is all true but many American's will argue with you even if you show those who disbelieve the Bible in “black and white”, coupled with a personal miracle or testimony of what Jesus did for them in their life. It seems there are just so many Americans that argue for the sake of arguing. Perhaps many Americans simply have to much leisure time ? Maybe folks who hate God and discount His existence have life “to good” and are in need of God bringing them to their knees ?? There are those of our fellow countrymen who have just as equally a malevolent heart as the disbelievers. There are those who although plainly shown their theological error, follow a “different jesus”(2Corithians 11:4). The growing number of American's who follow the “Prosperity gospel”, “Feel Good theology”, “Grace Without Repentance beliefs”, “jesus butterfly believers” and other non-biblical beliefs has exploded exponentially in our nation, all with full knowledge what they follow is false but will defend their false beliefs with every part of their being any how. Personally, In all my life, I have never seen hearts who believe in false doctrines so hard headed and so hard hearted in remaining in their false beliefs-ever. They would rather rot in the Lake of Fire then to allow someone else to show and prove to them that they are wrong. So often in fact, I'm finding that many American's want to believe in a “God” or “Jesus” where they can sin freely without consequence. Equally sad I'm finding, these same folks want “love” but don't want to “be judged” or in being told they need to follow the commands that Jesus gave. These stubborn sort of people have the unbiblical and delusional notion that Jesus just goes around hugging and kissing people, even enabling sinful acts without consequence. These are also the same sort of people that would most likely condemn Jesus Himself, calling Him “mean” and “unloving” for turning over tables and chasing the money changers in the Temple with a whip. The nation is loaded with these very, very lost and very religiously minded people... It's so very sad to watch. “Love” to so many Americans these days, has become God is “Santa Claus” and God only wink's at unrepentant sin. Are you finding that like I, If you share concern about “sin” with someone you care about, all of a sudden, you “are without love” ? I'm not trying to sound “legalistic” or “unloving” here, but what ever happened to being holy ?? Does love look away from sin ? If at first we are gentle, then people involved in sin continue, and we laugh it off, or continue to treat sin lightly, isn't that enabling sin ? My many years not only as a pastor as well as an addiction counselor answers my own last question as--- “yes.” I know when a person needs a hug, and I know when it's time to warn someone. I'm afraid most folks, especially those who call themselves “Christians”, don't know whats' Biblicaly appropriate any more. Please view this short ten-minute video to see what I'm trying to explain. Much better Godly men then I, express my point in what I'm trying to make and in a much better way as well....

“The Church And Others,Turning It's Head From Evil; I know this article thus far sounds like I'm really “slamming” people, but the Truth must be told so that those who are able to be rescued will indeed get saved. The Bible declares it, the Lord wishes none to perish-2Peter 3:9. I want to say I love my dear brother's and sister's in the Lord and it's true that none of us are perfect. However, I am hearing way to often people repeating the phrase of “not being perfect” in their excuses not to identify and remove evil(starting with themselves). Too often, preachers and pastors in churches clamor about sin and people “dying, going to Hell” but at the same time, aren't in the streets declaring God's Word, aren't visiting the sick, aren't visiting those in jail, the poor, etc. Equally sad is the fact that many of these same pastors and preachers as well as Christians are either purposely ignoring evil and or are focusing on unimportant matters such as mega church building projects, Strawberry Socials and “who get's the best parking spot at the church” and making Facebook groups. The very sad reality is that the so called “Bride of Christ” largely has it's focus not in seeing people saved through Jesus Christ utilizing sound Biblical doctrine, many instead are participating in “church growth programs” and matters that plainly ignore sound Biblical doctrine.

Another area (very obvious to me) of those turning their head from evil is the American media. Now I know I may very well get some flack from some of you reading this article about this portion of my article, but I want to share and be sure to point out to you that all media outlet's pick and choose what news “stories” they will feed you, Fox News Channel included. We don't hear the majority of what evil lurks out there although much of our news media is quite aware of what's going on. Often times, news stories of national importance is ignored. There are various reasons for this. Some of the reasons (some) news media outlets (that are willing to) will share with you they “will not run a story” is because “it may offend our commercial client.” Some stories are not shared because it involves those with “judicial authority.” At times, some lawyers are “fair game” but on the most part, judges are considered “taboo” in most cases. In nearly every news media outlet in America, these agencies will protect it's financial interest over reporting worthy news items. They will protect “their own” and do whatever is necessary in doing so. If you don't believe me, look at James Rosen of Fox News Channel( Isn't it wonderful he is employed by a news media outlet(largely employing attorneys as journalists) so that he can get his justice ? Have you also like me(, contacted Fox News Channel at some point regarding some sort of injustice but FNC just ignored all your pleas to tell your story ? Fox News Channel and other news media outlets do share particular “safe” stories but more often than not and as I indicated, “non-offensive”(to certain groups of people) stories only get told. I have met, spoken with, read stories of thousands and thousands of Americans suffering blatant injustice, yet the vast majority of the media ignores their stories. If a former Georgia State Senator named Nancy Schaefer can be murdered, covered up and largely ignored by the national media, should I then be surprised when I am threatened to be murdered by a City of Batavia, NY cop and no media will cover the story ? 
Let The Other Guy Do It First And Let's See What Happens To Him; I know not how to “sugar coat” what can be called nothing other then what cowardice is, other then calling it “cowardice.” Really, there is no way of properly expressing here without sounding quite crude and most likely very rude as well, just what many Americans are doing other then me stating here simply that there are many “keyboard commando's”, “computer tough guys”, “fake patriots”, or whatever terminology you want to use but have no real intention of helping our nation escape tyranny. With that being said, I also want to share that I find equally disinheriting U.S. Citizens who fall for government sponsored propaganda. I'm thinking right now of a man named Adam Kokesh. I don't know the man, never met him and probably never will. If unaware, he is the man who it seems to have been the first for calling for a “armed protest” in Washington DC on July 4th, 2013. I don't know if he is “the real deal” or not, but I can tell you I can recognize government sponsored propaganda including fake pictures of Mr. Kokesh in Arabic clothing when I see it. Photoshop is a wonderful tool that many in and outside the government use when committing character assassination. I've had such character assassination and lies spread about me and I more than just “don't like it.” Those who participate in character assassination are equally cowards as well in my book. My best Biblical advice to all here... if you don't have proof of wrong doing, or if you have no real intention of taking righteous action, just stay quiet so as not to give false hope or spread hateful lies on behalf of those who are hate mongers and terrorists.

Finally, I suppose I could write on in identifying a few more major problems so many Americans participate, but to what end ? I've probably already offended half of America already(laughing as I write this). Perhaps I have given many Americans and even others around the world some things to really think about and seriously consider. If you are much like me these days, you are more then frustrated at the way people around us are acting. We are after all, frustrated in seeing our once great nation getting flushed down the toilet by fellow Americans who insist on doing things not so much “wrongly” as much as doing so willfully “badly.” Again, if you are like me, you know we were not invited to this “war” and assault on God and all things good. The assault came upon us with all intention of malice. It is after all, that evil people decided in their hearts to go astray from what God calls “good” a long time ago. It is our response that is required to get our nation and world back. In the spirit of The USA's “Greatest Generation”, I wish to leave you with a movie clip... it's not very long, in fact, it's only 3 minutes and five seconds long. To watch this movie clip however makes a great ending and point to what I've been sharing as a theme and title of this article. When it comes to telling others, and in doing what's right before God, indeed, “This trip is necessary.” You have a choice in how you deal with the reality of evil... you can try to wish it away, compromise with evil, even pretend it doesn't exist. The bottom line however in doing any of the fore mentioned, will only leave you unsatisfied and living in a dead and totally defeated nation. You decide. Hope you watch the video, the ending isn't the best but you'll be sure to get the point about the question, “was this trip necessary ?”...

Romans 3:4 “God forbid yes, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That you might be justified in your sayings, and might overcome when you are judged. “

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, May 24, 2013

“ The Boy Scouts Of America's Handshake With The Devil “

“ The Boy Scouts Of America's Handshake With The Devil “

Is this Goodbye America ? This quite possible could be the final nail that secures the coffin cover on what used to be the nation once known as the United States of America. Yes, it may very well be over. The organization that I once belonged, that is the Boy Scouts of America have voted to allow homosexual boys into their program. Over one-hundred years of tradition of being “morally straight” just got thrown out the door. Succumbing to political pressure and possible bullying from the United States Government and or it's paid or unpaid agents, sadly... for what ever reason(s), the leadership of the Boys Scouts of America decided to ignore all wisdom that was given as a basis for this once Godly organization as prescribed by it's founders and shake the hands with the devil in agreement to openly allow sin in it's ranks. “ What happened to “Boy Scouts of America believes that no member can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God.” ?...

We all know what happens from here. We've seen before what happens, the slippery slope towards more evil will continue within the BSA. Most assuredly, the next push by the homosexuals will be for homosexual Scout Masters and Scout Leaders. Soon after that, we will see boys raped by other homosexual boys and Scout leadership. Yes indeed, all this will be ignored via the liberal media so that the “new gender” of Pedophilia will also then demand to be part of the Boy Scouts of America. Some day that will all come to pass just as I describe... you can bet on it ! Of course most Americans will just do what they normally do, and they will just accept evil and say to others whom they share such matters; “hey what can you do ?” and then go on as if there's nothing wrong with all this insanity. With their apathetic act and in doing so, these folks are complete in their enabling as well as being an accomplice in this horrible and disgusting act of violating everything the Bible calls good.

In all honesty, I don't believe America has much longer before it's totally wiped out via God's own hand. I will quote Ruth Graham here(the late wife of Billy Graham) who once said; “If God doesn't punish America, He'll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.” Now that my friend is Truth and if anyone has just an inkling of spiritual inclination, they know that what Ruth Graham said was 100% correct. With such a large organization as the Boy Scouts of America making a deal with satan allowing homosexuality amongst it's ranks, the end of this nation cannot be far behind either. It is what it is as some proclaim, our job(if you are a Bible believing Christian) is to warn folks, not force them to see Truth. We fight for what's right, protect our families, our friends and ourselves from evil, but we never force people to stop in their foolish act of doing something stupid. We are responsible for people to a particular point and it appears “that point “ is here right now. Time to cut them loose and let whatever happens to them, happen to them.

Do you want to preserve your life from all what's coming via God's judging hand for the BSA's Leadership's idiotic decision?, If you do, here's the plan--- the Bible declares in 2 Corinthians 6:17-18 “ Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord. Don not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you.” “I will be a Father to you, and you shall be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.” Run, that's right, run ! Run towards God as fast as you are able and as far as you can away from people who are either endorsing this evil sin of accepting homosexuality or of those who just seem to be apathetic about the whole matter. Believe me, those who bury their “head in the sand” or look the other way from evil will be absolutely held accountable and at the same level as those who actively partake in this wicked scheme of openly allowing sinful acts. You would think by now that most people would understand that spitting in God's face is never a good idea, but looks like although they may be aware of the negative consequences of spitting in His face, most people have made the conscious decision to ignore that wisdom anyway.

I encourage every Christian and good person involved or not even involved in the BSA, to boycott and or leave that organization now. Leave and start your own groups, your own organizations but make sure you(separate)disavow any connection or association with the Boy Scouts of America. If per chance the BSA leadership fully recants and repents of their wicked acts, then perhaps, maybe at some point there can be reconciliation, “down the road.” To see the fruit of reconciliation however will take quite some time. Trust will always be an issue from here on out. Until then, we who love God and America should stand and need to be eternally vigilant against evil. We may not be able to convince everyone who acts in a wicked way, such as the majority of the Leadership of the Boy Scouts of America from spitting in the face of Jesus, but we certainly can protect our children, families and friends from these evil doers. Once again, I implore you.... leave, leave now the Boy Scouts of America, avoid them “like the Black Plague” and let God deal with their wicked hearts. I do warn those who know to leave but refuse not in leaving, you most likely will not be spared the wrath that at some(possibly soon) point, God will pour out His wrath. I tell you this out of love and concern for all.

John 10:27 “ My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me”

Rev. Paul P Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, May 17, 2013

“How Many Lies Does It Take To Remove A President ? “

“How Many Lies Does It Take To Remove A President ? “

The title of this article kind of sounds like a joke doesn't it ? You know, like... “how many politicians does it take to screw in a light bulb?” Well, what I am sharing in this week's article is no joke. The question I am presenting to all Americans should cut right to the heart of all of us... that is the very core of our moral beliefs between right and wrong. This nation is on the verge of dying and in the place of never returning nor being revived if we don't get to the root of our problems as a people. Let's look at some facts, President Obama was re-elected in this nation. Whether it be via fraud or by actual casted votes, that man remains at the helm of the White House and Presidency despite all his well known abuse of power and lies and crimes. Indeed, it is“We The People” that have elected and re-elected Mr. Obama and thus we all share the blame for allowing him to remain in power.

I firmly believe a nation of people becomes what it allows. If evil rulers exists and the people are terrorized by that evil ruler or his evil cohorts, it is only because it is the majority of the people who live in or belong to that nation, that are allowing it. The Christian Bible is very, very clear what occurs to any nation that rejects God. In America, many have openly rejected Jesus Christ. In fact, given the opportunity, they mock Him, ridicule Him and under certain circumstances, spit in His face. Most American's have no fear of God, if anything, they revile Him and if confronted about one's Christian faith, most American's will deny they follow Jesus. We've become a nation of people filled with haters, cheaters, murderer's and liars. That sounds too harsh you say ? Well, if what I am sharing here isn't true, why have we not removed the man Obama from office yet ? Has he not committed many acts of hate towards God ? Has he not cheated the American people out of Trillions of our tax dollars ? Is Mr. Obama not guilty of allowing guns to be poured into the hands of the Mexican drug gangs where thousands of Mexican Citizen's and a US Boarder Patrol Agent; Brian Terry killed ? Has not Obama blood on his hands from the four American Citizens who were killed in Benghazi, Libya when attacked including one of our US Diplomats ? When in regards to “lying”, has Obama ever told the truth ? The man's lies are limitless and flow from his mouth like the falls of a great river. Just how much evil will Americans tolerate before removing such a obviously wicked man like Obama ?

Despite all the evil and illegal actions Obama has taken part, as of today, the man remains in power. How can this be ? Have not the American people had enough ? To answer those two questions plainly, the answer I will give(based on truth) is because many Americans are just like Obama. Their hearts are exactly the same as him--- full of “ haters, cheaters, murderer's and liars.” I know... I'm to harsh right ? Well you respond, there are all the Congressman and women going after Obama right ?, they'll get to the bottom of all this bad stuff right ? No, no they won't. The only thing Congress is good for is acting. That is, “act as if.” That mean's if the people are outraged, Congress will act outraged. Don't believe me ? Let me give you one doozy of an example; good ol' Charlie Rangel. The man's been in Congress practically forever. Wasn't long ago this same Congressman Charlie Rangel was censured(in 2010) by his own colleagues in the US Congress for cheating the IRS out of money and misuse of his finances. Here in May 2013, here is the same Congressman Rangel yelling at the former head of the IRS for giving Conservatives and Tea Party Group types a difficult time about getting their IRS tax exempt status from the IRS. Yep, “act as if folks.” Politicians lie to you all day long(Republicans as well as Democrats).

Sadly, that same “act as if” routine goes for the vast majority of the media as well. Now you may be thinking that only Liberal and Socialist “news” media groups like MSNBC do such evil things like lie to you or feed you nonsense, but even Fox News Channel is involved in the same business of selling lies and half-truths(it's a corporation who's goal is to make money remember?). Many Americans have quite successfully been fooled with the idea that media is “on their side.” Doesn't matter which political view you hold to, it's all the same. Ever notice many TV “news agencies” have the same “guest commentators” on all the time with their programmings ? Why do you think that is ? No, it's not to keep you informed. I'm thinking as an example and point that I'm trying to make here, in fact of one particular guest who often appears on the FNC that we should all especially leary of. That is Mr. Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice. He's often rotated on many of the FNC programmings as a “guest.” He has one of the best “act as if” routines I have ever seen which is probably why he is often “invited on” the FNC. Like most attorney's he's a great actor, truthfully it comes with the job title. For Mr. Sekulow however, he has found like most American's who take advantage of others, that Christians are very “soft targets” and some of the most easily available for the taking when it comes to raising revenue. He's quite an artist when it comes to putting fear into Christians(like concentrating on “In God We Trust” being taken off our currency) while at the same time soliciting for money for himself and his son as well as his small office of lawyers. How much money does Mr. Sekulow and his ACLJ make ? Nobody but he and his closest friend know for sure.

To sum everything up here, American's have no stomach to remove an evil man like Obama because so many American's are like Obama himself. To many in our nation have become blind, dumb and naked and sadly, don't even know that they are so. The messengers that carry the message of Biblical Truth these days and are as well bold enough to tell others about the spiritual condition of the hearts of many people are often beaten down and “dragged through the mud” until their voices are drowned out. Hey, but that's the business of being involved with the “Truth”right ? ... the truth hurts when hearts are not wanting to accept it so kill the messenger. Well, unfortunately, that's how many in America react when you tell them the truth anyway.

I know what I have shared may sound a bit harsh. I admitted it several times throughout the article. The fact remains however, what I have shared is truth. We don't have to like to hear the truth in this country anymore. No, we don't even have to accept the truth, but understand this... there are consequences for everything we say and do in life---bet on it ! Jesus Himself said the “truth shall set you free.” If you want to see an evil man like Obama gone, hopefully sitting in an 8 x 11 jail cell more sooner than later... I would highly suggest you take a good look at your own heart first, then go on looking to sort out all the lies of the media, politicians and others we accept on a daily business. Better get going quick, there's a whole lotta evil to get rid off !

I hope there's some good advice that will result in some real happy results, we will all like in the end.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, May 10, 2013

“Jodi Arias, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama And Other Jezebels' Like Them”

“Jodi Arias, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama And Other Jezebels' Like Them”

Our nation is filled with those with like minded evil folks that carry with them the spirit's of Biblical Jezebel and of Ahab. If you are unfamiliar with who these two very evil Bible characters were, I highly suggest that before reading on any further in this article, you pick up your Bible and read both Books of Kings, 1st and Second Books. A quick historical summation and accounting here in this blog article would not do justice to what both Jezebel, King Ahab's wife and King Ahab did in the way of wickedness during their reign of terror. What can be shared here for sure however, and what would be helpful; is indeed some of the actions of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel in relation to all what evil and wicked spirit lives on even in today as evidenced by those mentioned in recent media headlines such as the actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Jodi Arias and as well both Michelle Obama and her husband; Barrack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, or whatever his real name is. First off, this article is not about singling out either gender of women or men as being “bad.” The sole purpose of this article is to bring attention to the wicked and demonic spirit of Jezebel and Ahab that currently many women and men around the world. Secondly, we should all be well aware and take special notice of how the Spirit's of Jezebel and Ahab operates consistently in each person possessed by that wicked spirit. To begin, we should recognize the most used tool of Queen Jezebel and King Ahab, and that is; lying. Both Jezebel and Ahab of the Bible were able to “cover their tracks well” allowing them to (for a season) to lie and literally get away with murder. We can also easily read in the Bible that just as successful in their lying, Ahab and Jezebel were most excellent at manipulating folks as well. Using their money, fame and power to influence people of their time, these two not only committed that heinous act of murder, but also many acts of open rebellion towards God. In recent media headlines, we can read for ourselves this same spirit and acts of manipulation, lying and deceit with Jodi Arias, as well as both of the Obama's and also, both Hilary and Bill Clinton. Perhaps like I, you also in reference to “manipulation”, have read in your Bible of Jezebel's aggressive acts of manipulation of Ahab, even towards that of doing Ahab's “dirty work” for him(read 1Kings 21). We see and read today those same types and acts of manipulation done in the past via Jezebel, now Jodi Arias, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama also do the same. Remember all those media "leaks" by the US Secret Service regarding Hilary Clinton's tirades and angry outbursts in the White House while her husband Bill was President ?  (  
No doubt all three of these evil women just mentioned as compared to Jezebel, have taken on the same and similar acts of evil. For any doubters of what I'm sharing here, let me ask you this---how many people have died under the Clinton's, and The Obama's time in political office ? If I could, I'd ask Vince Foster to know how many have been murdered directly or indirectly via the Clinton's for sure. We do know this however for sure now, that is just how Jodi Arias killed her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. At least that's one Jezebel exposed. With matters not only of “Travelgate”, Vince Foster's death, the Benghazi attack where 4 good men were purposely left to die, there will be a time that the Clinton's as well as the Obama's will finally be exposed for who and what they really are. Count on it.

We should all be well aware that when it comes to just how Jezebels' get their Ahabs' to do their dirty work for them , there is no “magic trick” used on these men's hearts. However, often when a Jezebel finds an “Ahab”, the devil owns that man's heart already. What a Jezebel will do with a man already “owned” by satan(Through a means of witchcraft) whether it be through religion or secular means, the devil's agent; “Jezebel” will often use one very powerful weapon against that him. What we know in fact, if he(any person) is not owned by Christ, that weapon and tool very often used is “sex.” We see many men today as a matter of fact, who are caught in the devil's snares and also who also have been caught in the act of evil, that were exposed at an early age to pornography. The devil knows what every man's weakness is. Exposure to pornography is a powerful tool in getting men lured and stuck in a cycle of addiction and souls that are willfully ensnared and entrapped in a powerful spell of the devil. and so The Jezebel's of this world are well aware of how pornography as well as how “sex” can be used to lure a man owned by the devil to do her wicked bidding. Plain and simple---often times, Jezebel's will use sex as a weapon. They can coerce men to do nearly anything by using or even withholding sex from men. In fact, evidence during the Jodi Arias murder trial revealed that although Travis Alexander had broken up with Jodi Arias on several different occasions, Arais was able to “keep Travis around” by using sex as a magnet to keep drawing him in. A perfect example of the evidence of sex “with held” by a “Jezebel”, as likened to as what Hilary Clinton did, was when her husband “Ahab” Bill Clinton got caught having sex with Monica Lewinsky. It all fits. “Jezebel's” know exactly what they are doing and know how to manipulate the hearts of already evil men like “Ahabs'.”

Lies and “schemes”trickery and witchcraft, are indeed a very big part of the scheme of Jezebel's and Ahab's. As I wrote some time ago in the past, specifically two and a half years ago from the time of writing this article, the Spirit of Jezebel rules and encompass much of Washington DC( However that said, I believe it would be foolish to think that only politicians carry these ungodly and wicked spirits with them such as that of Jezebel and Ahab. There are many others just like them in America and around the world. You can see them in the media, the doctor's office, the grocery stores, “reality” TV programs, just about everywhere and anywhere really. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you view life I suppose, we got to see another good example of how the Jezebel Spirit operates in our “psychological community” and "Domestic Violence program” community as well as well during the Jody Arias murder trial. I'm not now sharing once again about Jodi Arais, but that of a woman named Alyce LaViollete who is a supposed “expert” on “Domestic Violence.” This woman's testimony on behalf of Jodi Arias was so far off, so incredible, so outrageous, she in fact through her testimony single handedly brought the greatest discredit to the real and the already many suffering real domestic violence victims that have and still do suffer abuse in our nation. This Alyce LaViollete we found out during the trial, wrote an outrageous and just plain absurd and opprobrious article on Domestic Violence, that no one but someone with a Jezebel Spirit could ever agree with, nor what she wrote as well as gave a speech by. In case you were unaware of the title of that article and speech that LaViolette wrote, it was entitled; “Is Snow White Was a Battered Woman ?”( This is what these “Jezebel's” do though, like I shared earlier, they lie, they manipulate and murder innocent folks. No, Alyce LaViollete did not pick up the knife and plunge it into Travis Alexander's body. No, LaViollete didn't even help pull the trigger on the gun that Arias shot Travis Alexander, but what Alyce LaViollete did do was willfully participate in character assassination of a person who could not defend himself. LaViollete's words and actions are in reality and unfortunately a perfect picture of what goes on in our “justice system” everyday in America and how the Jezebel Spirit rules and reigns in our nation. This sort of Jezebel and Ahab spirit rules most often in our colleges and universities which teach ungodly and wicked thing such as this as what LaViollete believes and testified to during the Arias murder trial.

What I am sharing here in this article is really just the tip of the iceberg as they say far as who do that encompass what is and how the evil spirit of Jezebel and Ahab operates. In all honesty  I could write a whole book on the subject of the “Jezebel and Ahab Spirit”, but I do hope and pray that those that are reading this article will take what I have written and then begin to also dig more as to what I'm sharing about here. There is much, much more to someone simply being branded with a mental health disorder such as “Boarderline Personality Disorder” or "PTSD". No, there are evil and wicked spiritual matters that have escalated in our nation and world where by the “world” has no understanding of such things.
As a matter of fact, most of the world is willfully blinded by it's own foolish and arrogant belief system denying what the Bible declares as true. Despite the world's response to ignoring many spiritual matters as what I have shared here in this article, it is my deepest hope that while the Lord Himself is allowing this nation(and world) to expose what is evil, we would all take notice and get to the essential root of that evil so that we will know how to effectively eliminate that evil. I'm not sure if everyone will do that, but for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. My prayer and hope is that you and yours will also.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, May 3, 2013

“When Government Sponsored Terrorists Come Knocking At Your Door.”

“When Government Sponsored Terrorists Come Knocking At Your Door.”

It's happening everywhere across America and in other nations,in fact. What evil we see here and abroad has been going on now for some time but only getting worse. I'm speaking of those US, it's State's, foreign governments which are aligned with the agenda of terrorizing good families, good individuals and Godly groups who and which have broken no good laws, but because they love God, they love their Constitutions which expressly gives all human certain unalienable, God given-rights, are being terrorized by those who are employed by or through governments-world wide. Those of us who can now consider ourselves as“enemies”(as the US Government names us) of the US Government includes that of; “Christians”, “Military Veterans”, Those who follow the US Constitution, “Militias”, “NRA Members” and may other millions of American good and decent folks.

We who love God, our nation and our Constitution are now seeing a huge increase in assaults, that's right actual physical assault's on members/people in groups that I just mentioned in the previous paragraph. No one can dispute this fact although it's somewhat difficult to believe it's all come to this. In fact, these highly illegal and acts of assaults upon good people by far, are being committed by so called “law enforcement officials” Cops are being enabled and “egged-on” to destroy good American's everywhere by other hate mongers and terrorsitic groups much like these law enforcement officials such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, Feminists, Democratic Party Members/Officials, Socialists, Communists, Muslims, teachers, lawyers, judges, cops, union members, social workers, psychologists/psychiatrists, many politicians including even Republican Party Members/Officials, as well as many others just like them. Their goal together is to unilaterally and totally wipe out our US Constitution and have complete control over us, our children and families and our lives. These evilists envision a world where they will totally wipe out every notion and reference to and of God. In other word's, their agenda is the total secularization of our nation and world making government itself, as god and “daddy” as well as ruler of you and I.

Perhaps like I, you already knew what I have just shared, but I couldn't help but get even more angry at these fore mentioned evilists when yet another assault on another good family took place and was aired on some of the TV media. In case you missed it, like I said it made the media headlines, the horrendous incident occurred when a couple had a knock at their door by government sponsored terrorists and then had their baby illegally and literally ripped from their hands by the terrorsitic cops and a Child Protective Services worker in California. The reason the terrorists showing up at the door in the first place ? The parents had done nothing wrong other than taking their child to another hospital for second- medical opinion. The short of the long is actually and mostly good news in that these good parents have their baby back but are still being “monitored” by CPS although they have been cleared of any and all “neglect” and other charges against them. The question is “Why?” though, why would California Child Protective Services still be involved ? Why couldn't the attorney for this couple have Family Court, CPS and the cops all leave them alone if they were found to have done nothing wrong ? Perhaps if you are like me, you know the two-part answer already. For those unaware, for all others, here are the reasons and answer...

  1. Money, Federal Title IV Funding very often is being used by CPS, Domestic Violence Programs, cops, lawyers, judges and the police to lie, cheat, harass and illegally take and or detain/incarcerate not only children, but elderly folks, disabled, even our US Military Veterans and others as well as fit fathers and parents. There are billions and billions of US Dollars being illegally gained by these evilists through false pretenses. Yep ! Cops, Lawyers, Judges, Politicians, CPS and others will lie their butt's off to get a hold of that “easy money.” Informing you of this “stuff” that takes place in the hundreds, even thousands of times each and every day across America by the hands of government sponsored terrorists, is exactly what got former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer murdered and then her murder covered up by the cops who are probably the one's who killed her in the first place
  2. Control, control, control... I mentioned this early on in my article here. If you've been paying attention to media reports and or are knowledgeable of what your children/grandchildren are learning in school, much of the “ABC's” of education, have in many ways been (in many schools) replaced with sick sex education classes, promotion of homosexuality, promotion of Islam, and helping underage girls to have abortions(without parental notification)via local abortion providers like the demonic group; Planned Parenthood. These schools also teach our children that there is “no God” and we all “come from slime and monkeys.” If you are a parent who owns a gun, believes in Jesus Christ or follow the US Constitution, you can bet your sweet bippy that your on some sort of teacher/school and or government “list” to be targeted at some point to be visited by some of these government sponsored terrorists. Being a parent and having all the say so over your child is a God given and Natural Right but not according to government employed teachers or government agents or even law enforcement who only “ are only following orders” in terrorizing you, your children, your family and your community as well as nation.

I believe it's important to note that we do NOT have to participate in, nor allow these evilists to destroy our children, our families, our communities and or nation. No, we can simply opt out of complying with their ungodly, unconstitutional and illegal orders. In other words we can fight back. In fact, it is our duty to fight back against evil. The Bible declares that He expects justice and that we should have our hands at maintaining justice. Please don't expect all others to do likewise though if you fight back. There are plenty of fake “christians”(note the small letter 'c'). They won't help you, perhaps they talk a good talk but evidence proves their just like the corrupted and evil government sponsored terrorists who want to destroy you and your loved-ones. Hey ! Don't rely on those so called “christian” law groups either like Jay Sekulow's ACLJ, he's apparently only in “the game” for the cash and notoriety. He and his ACLJ knows and are quite aware of real Christians being persecuted in places like Family Court's all across America but he doesn't “do” rescuing persecuted Christian families in Family Courts. He's into saving “Christmas trees” and “In God We Trust “on our money/currency. To Mr. Sekulow, It's more important for money and fame, remember ??? Don't believe me ? Call his headquarters some time, they'll be sure to ask you for a “$100 donation.” Please, don't fooled by the hype of someone being a “Christian”... taking only the popular and easy cases for fame and fortune while claiming to be a “Christian” will certainly land Mr. Sekulow in the hot seat with God someday. You can count on it !

I'm following my own advice as I will also pass it on to you... as millions of American's have already found out... if any of these fore mentioned government sponsored terrorists come knocking at your door, don't count on any lawyer to get you out of trouble, get your child back, or in filing file a law suit that will actually benefit you. Nope, many American's are increasingly not being released from being incarcerated, not getting their children back, and if you think you can “fix them” by filing law suits against these government sponsored terrorists, well... many lawsuits these days are simply being tossed out of court as well as draining you of all your financial resources(for lawyers). In fact, when wrong doing is being done and law suits are being filed on behalf of victims of government terrorsitic actions, it often takes years and years to get and see any possible good results. In addition, when law suits are being filed, in many cases, we are seeing a dramatic increase court documents “mysteriously missing”,“destroyed” and much/much evidence purposely and maliciously ignored by judges. I'll say it again, and again, and again... “ These highly illegal and acts of assaults by far are being committed by so called 'law enforcement.' They are being enabled and 'egged-on' by others such terrorsitic groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, Feminists, Democratic Party Members/Officials, Socialists, Communists, Muslims, teachers, lawyers, judges, cops, union members, social workers, psychologists/psychiatrists, many politicians including even Republican Party Members/Officials, as well as others.”

This is better get your “stuff” together if you haven't already. You better pick and choose who you will serve. The devil and his minions are on the increase and highly on the attack. You better be ready to protect yourself, your children and your family at whatever cost it takes. Until many American’s repent of following the devil instead of Jesus and the US Constitution, expect.... yes ! expect some day perhaps soon, a very nasty knock at your door where your children will be stolen, your wife raped and you.. the man who is God ordained to protect your family... you will be murdered by the police and the other government sponsored terrorists. Expect it without this nation repenting of ignoring and or participating in open rebellion towards God of the Bible !

Isiah 5:20 “ Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor