Friday, October 29, 2010

Calling All American Christians.... It's Your Time To Shine Like Stars ...

The time is now. There is no more time for America as a nation. It is either do or die. That's right folks, we are seeing either a death or a re-birth of a nation. My hope and prayer of course is that America will be re born into something the Lord God would want and use for His glory.

What got America in this position can be squarely be blamed on the American " Christian Church." Now I know I'm not going to make many friends here but it's Ok. I want to be known for Truth bearing, not wishy-washy stories making people feel good about themselves and or win a popularity contest. Nope, that isn't me and if you have been reading my blog articles, you know I don't mince my words that way any how.

Back to the American Church. The American Church has become a large breeding ground of theologies, mix of religions, feel good sermons, and meetings for doctrines of demons. Gone are many of the Bible believing churches in America. Right about now, if you are still reading along you are probably saying something like "Boy Pastor Paul, you're tough on us." Well, I've heard that from people previously  at times but I will ask you to do what I have asked some of those others that have heard me share before.... Please stick with me until I have completed this article.

Let me continue, there is evidence, proof if you will to what I stated earlier. Just a few examples; Look at the Divorce and Abortion rates of Christians as compared to the world. They are the same. There should be an inner alarm being set-off by the Holy Spirit within you right now if you belong to Christ. If this information does not disturb you, I'd have to ask you to see if your belong to Christ or perhaps you may only be "religious."

This whole mess we currently have with  our American and State's Governments are way out of control, that responsibility of the mess however, belongs to the Church. For years, some pastors told their congregant's that "Christians don't vote." Christians have been guilty of  letting "the other guy take care of it." while we Christians argue about what food to serve at  strawberry socials and parking lot spot assignments. We Christians, have become fat, lazy and little use to the Lord Jesus Christ, unless(Well, here is where a little of what perhaps you have been waiting for the "good part"...)we have been faithful to not become pew potato's and or as some pastors do, preach messages only to "the choir." God has little use for much of the American Church today(just look at how many "christians" and "churches" celebrate Halloween-another blog article I suppose). We need to take a good long Biblical look at ourselves and "man-up" for the blame, where the blame belongs.

Let me move on to how the True Church ca help save America as a nation; If we repent as an individual, a people a nation belonging to Christ, a True Repentance, we may be able to keep America from being destroyed. Repentance is the first step of healing....

Read 2Chronicles 7:14 in the Bible
 "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."
There is a part here that we as Christians take responsibility in ACTION... We must repent. We are the one's who belong to Christ, not the world. We then pray, then God will heal our land. Will God some how magically make things right without us doing anything more ? That's it? Repent and pray ?  It's just faith you say Pastor Paul ? NOPE, read further....

 James 2: 17-20
Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.
Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.
Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.

American Christians ought to be trembling right now. Many recent arrests of Christians and Pastors(like myself) in America should be a wake up call to the church to take action. November 2, 2010 is only a date set for voting. Voting as we are learning can also be manipulated for evil as we are seeing reported massive voter fraud by both Democrats and Republicans alike. Voting is NOT a guarantee that things will go well in America. It doesn't matter how many of your favorite political candidates get voted for and "elected" That guarantees nothing. There stands no large segment of society that will help show America how to be rescued utilizing honor, integrity and giving Biblical Truth except one.... That is the Church, the True Church, The Remnant of Christ. Those of us who belong to Christ Jesus must be Biblical Armor Bearers. We must be ready to stand for Biblical Truth no matter what the cost. We must always say NO to compromise, No to Secularism, No to Homosexuality, No to non-Biblical precepts. We, The Body of Christ must be ready with action to defend the things of God and to be ready to rebuild America as Nehemiah rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem. Sword in one hand a tool in the other. We must safe guard our lives, families, children and churches while at the same time, utilizing our God given strength to re-build America as how it was founded; by and for Jesus Christ, Lord of our nation.

Philippians 2:15 says we should "shine like stars" in a "crooked and depraved generation" Let's all rise above the evil. Let us all shed any compromise or dullness that we have in our relationship with Christ Jesus. It's time Christian American's to get out from the pews, the pulpits and go full force to reverse what evil we have allowed so the the Lord will restore to us what we have allowed to be lost by our own hands.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Elections Approaching In America, What Color Is Your Cowboy Hat ?

Soon, elections will be upon us in America(November 2, 2010). Many US Citizens have a hope for (real) change. There is though a uneasy feeling on my part however, after viewing and listening to many candidates for local, state and national up for (re)election. This uneasiness goes to the place where I believe America is on a brink of a great let down. To many people have their (high) expectations) in the upcoming elections. There is a lot of rhetoric out there. There are even some voices from the past who are attempting to lead the charge for (real) change. I am thinking of career politicians like Newt Gingrich. Here lays the problem with people like Gingrich... Their words rarely equal their actions. Oh sure, they're great at speeches but when it comes to doing things that are right by "We The People", they fail. In fact, they fail miserably. Many former Politicians become "lobbyists" for (or worse American lawyers-yuck !) for those companies or others that donated heavily towards their campaigns.

It is very obvious to me that the American People want to have a government that reflects their US Constitution, not special interests, foreign ideas and especially not bad, evil and anti-Christian ideologies like  Communism or government control. Unfortunately though, there are those who are running for political office in the USA who are wearing a gray colored cowboy hat. Let me explain about the cowboy hat analogy; When I was a child many, many years ago. I watched TV in black and white color. We didn't have a color TV for some years later. Cowboy movies and TV Programs were among my favorite to watch. It was so easy to know the good guys from the bad guys. The good guys always wore the white cowboy hats and the bad guys always wore the black colored cowboy hat. About the time color TV became popular during the late 1960's, American Society changed quite a bit also. That time presented new types of cowboy movies. Remember Clint Eastwood in those "Spaghetti Westerns" ? Mr. Eastwood played a new type-cowboy character role; the "Anti-Hero." This new character type was neither the good guy nor the bad guy. He was sometimes good, sometimes bad depending on his own wants, desires or selfish needs.  Clint wore a mixed-colored hat-Gray in color in some of those movies. That is exactly what we have for the modern day American politician... They are wearing gray colored cowboy hats. Their hats are a mix of white and black in color(ever notice how dingy and unclean the color gray looks ?)They cannot be trusted,  many of these people running for office are telling us alot of great sounding things, wonderful sound bites but I don't believe a lick of them minus a few. In fact this is a good place to share that the one and ONLY political candidate I am endorsing in 2010 is Mr. David Smith from Texas. he is opposing Ted Poe. David is a good guy, he wears a white cowboy hat.

The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 1:9 that "...There is nothing new under the sun." evil people running for political office will do and say anything just to get elected. The Biblical Truth however is that these evil people running under Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Liberal, Tea Party, Libertarian, etc... will be found out BEFORE THE ELECTION if we are very careful in examining not only the color of the cowboy hat the political candidate is wearing, but what actions they can provide that can prove what they're saying to the American public is true, correct and right before our Almighty God.

Anyone Got a Bible handy ??? I got a few questions to ask y'all...

Don't be a dumb sheep this election, do your homework !

Got my meaning ?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is The United States, It's State, County And Local Governments Engaging In Terroristic Trauma Tactic's ?

I've been doing a bit of historical research the past few days after reading of the horrific news even of an Oath Keeper's son being kidnapped by CPS and some obviously evil cops. My mind went spinning for a time reliving my own tragedy when  "judges" Noonan and Bannister(Bannister stepped in after Noonan supposedly all of a sudden recused himself) gave my children, house, all marital and personal property to a Filipina Migration Scammer . Later, I had the local police contact me via telephone and threaten my life. For sure, something in my mind less then pleasant was triggered from that news report. I started to pray and asked God to show me just what the heck was going on in America ?

The first words I heard in my heart was "Terrorism and Trauma." WOW ! Those are some pretty upsetting words to many including myself. As I began to contemplate those two words further, many people I have met over the years including patients and clients I treated as a counselor came to mind. As well, my heart remembered so many I have also met on Facebook and on the Internet that suffer all sorts of  issues due to "Terrorism and Trauma."

I ran to my computer looking up historical data and trying to figure out just what the Lord was showing me. Much of my time was spent looking at some key historical figures like Hitler, Mao and Stalin. These were some seriously evil men. Each had millions murdered. These dictators had people killed it seemed for reasons like "just because." Yep.... that's right; "just because." As I dug deeper in history, I found some interesting information about these men that led me to some recent events in the United States that bring up Terrorism and Trauma. I am again also speaking of  the child kidnapping of the baby belonging to the "Oath Keeper" but as I dug yet deeper in recent  newsworthy events however,  I found many more cases of child kidnapping by CPS, Family Court Judges, Social Workers and so on. Interestingly, in that research I found similarities to how police terrorized and traumatized people and have been arresting people for growing vegetable gardens. There is a case in California where police, with guns drawn and ready to shoot to kill, "raided" a natural food store. Was the natural food store a "front" for a Meth(drug) lab or a prostitution ring you might ask ? Nope, it was simply a natural food store.

Try taking a video or a photo of a cop doing anything illegal, you will have your camera, video camera or cell phone confiscated and if a gun was drawn out on by a cop, while taking the video, later that portion of the video will be missing or the corrupt courts will justify the cops action saying the cops "felt threatened" or "in danger of his/her life." Give me a break !!!!!

What is behind these unconstitutional and evil acts by government agents in the USA, like the police having their guns drawn on people that have no weapons, in fact, citizens who have no idea that they are some how "criminals" ???  Have you seen many pictures of our police in recent years ? Hooded masks that only show the officers eyes, black uniforms with special padding, special boots so they can quietly sneak up on people,  high tech weaponry, etc.... Police these days do not resemble officers to "bring peace and order" they resemble Middle East Terrorists !

I mentioned earlier in my article here about evil men like Hitler as well as others. Hitler was an expert at terrorizing people. He utilized his SS officers to do ungodly experiments on people in learning how best, to get people to surrender their will and become robots willing even unto death. Are we seeing the same sort of tactics being used by the United States Government's(state, county, etc..) that Hitler and his SS officers used. It sure looks that way. There has been a marked increase in child kidnappings by CPS, raids by police, illegal confiscation of property and much more in the USA as of late. In my research, it became crystal clear that Judges, Social Workers, Domestic Violence Workers, Police, US Government Agents and others know what they are doing, utilizing trauma and terroristic tactics to whip citizens into subjection. Remember, the Citizens being "whipped into subjection" are not bank robbers, drug dealers or murderers here, we are talking about our neighbors, our church members or our family members who just want to live in peace and to do what is right. 

Mentioning again our Oath Keeper, our American Evil Government agents are utilizing tactics knowing that taking away a child from a parent or takes away the livelihood to support themselves increases greatly a person's will to live(suicide rates go up). The Government agents, lawyers, judges, cops, courts, tec... harm people on purpose to cause these suicides. Let's face it, it's much easier for a child to be sold to a foster care agency(and government maakes money from the sale of the child) if the parent(s) are out of the way or easier to force a group of people to succumb to the Government's evil will, if it crushes one of the "rebellious" group members.. 

The United States Government with it's many agents(Courts, Cops, CPS, IRS, etc..) are waging a terroristic war against it's own citizens using trauma tactics to force the people to lose their will and to force the evil government's will upon us all. We are learning to be "good little boys or girls" or we will have our US Constitutional Rights violated and we will have little resources to fight back because most of our American Courts are in on the plot to terrorize and traumatize "We The People."

There is a real war going on against "We The People." The Longer US Citizens have that blank stare on their faces(like a deer looking into headlights of an oncoming car about to hit it), the faster you will become a slave to an evil empire run by an elite few who will control every aspect of your life, and I mean, every aspect of your life.

America needs a good dose of Repentance and Jesus.....

Just say "No" to Government sanctioned Terrorism and Trauma !!!

To those who do "serve and protect" as outlined by the US Constitution-Thank you.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Call On All OathKeepers And Good People In Law Enforcement/Military USA

A recent major problem occurred in America that yet the majority of the Liberal Media/ Press has once again ignored. This issue hit quite close to home for me personally and I am going to state this for all to read quite loud and quite clear HERE.... " I WARNED YOU !!!. "

Many have been ignoring my pleas, opinions and articles here, on Facebook, some of my web pages such as "Corrupt Genesee" @ , and!/note.php?note_id=139696066046232&id=100000913008881 .....
 I want to say TO ALL OF YOU READING THIS ..."I Told You So." and "See What Happens When You Don't Listen?" But I know in the end, these former antagonistic statements will do no good.  In reality and unfortunately, many will continue to just ignore what I share here in this article. In fact, most will not take time to look at the important links/videos and such I am posting here.

What is it that I sound so condescending and possibly so darn self-righteous in attitude about ? Well, it is what I have been warning many all around the world of the issue of government child stealing. Look at this article where an Oath Keeper's child was abducted by Child Protective Services for the mere and only fact that this baby was born to an Oath Keeper....
 The world must be told as well as the police as well as all those fools who work security duty in Family Courts, DHS, CPS, etc... Don't you know(speaking to those police, military, deputy sheriffs, etc...) That monsters always eat their own ??? Look at this article where an Oathkeeper's baby was taken because the father of the baby belonged to "Oath Keepers." WOW ! To those police, military and so on.... I ask you, do you think its safe for your children ??? Even if you choose to "Do my job" without considering the evil you provide these corrupt courts and agencies ?....That there is no way the monster monster won't eat you, your family or children as well later on? Don't you know that once you sell your soul to the devil that your soul is gone forever, there ain't no turnin' back Bubba !

Those of us who knew State Senator Nancy Schaefer of Georgia, or knew her work know why she was murdered and who really murdered her. We knew her hard work and dedication to exposing CPS, DHS, family Courts, Cops, Lawyers, Judges, etc... In fact,  she was working on exposing a Georgia State Government run pedpohile ring  before she was murdered ! We are not stupid. Those of us who aware of the recent suspicious death of the man who produced the video "Innocence Destroyed" (Part 1)  and we know he worked on this video with Senator Scahefer,  both died untimely deaths. Two brave people exposing Child Protective Services, Family Courts, DHS, etc.. for the slimy, evil agencies, cops, lawyers, judges, etc.. that they are, both Senator Nancy and the producer of her documentary film were purposely killed by those who wanted to shut them up ! Senator Scahefer did much work to expose the evil of Family Courts, CPS, Lawyers, Judges, Cops and such... \

Now Oath Keeper's are finding out they are not immune. No one is immune. While 99% of all media ignores the issues of Government child stealing, murders of those who fight against the evils of CPS, DHS, Family Courts, Cops, Judges, Lawyers, many children are also dieing in foster care. Children are being drugged up with unnecessarily prescribed psychotropic medications by government psychologists, social workers and the like.Even when I had my children stolen by a Filipina Migration Scammer in the USA and the courts illegally gave that illegal alien my children as well as my house and all my personal possessions, None of the media stepped in to help me. Rarely does the media ever help in these situations.  I personally contacted Buffalo, NY Television news reporters, Glenn Beck, "Bamboo" Bob, Erik Rush, WND News, others and none chose to correspond back with me except Erik Rush said he would "pray" about how to help and that was well over 1 month ago and I haven't heard anything back. "Bamboo" Bob deleted me as a Facebook "friend: when I mentioned to others he had not helped me. Most Americans either don't care or wish not to know what occurs with Government child stealing UNTIL IT HAPPENS TO THEM !!!!!! Look what is happening now because of America's complacency !!!
Police, Courts and so on are supposed to be our last line of defense for the people. There is supposedly justice but our American Government,States, County's and local municipalities have sold their souls to the devil ! They can't be trusted ! EVER !

Oath Keepers as an organization must prove that they are more than a mouth piece, that they are more than just a organization of talk, that they are also an organization of ACTION. No more talk ! Enough!
I call upon every Oathkeeper in the USA, along with every good Police Officer, Law Enforcement Officer to REFUSE to follow or enforce any more CPS, DHS, Family Court orders that are obviously illegal and that those orders go against the parent's wishes. Am I asking you(Law Enforcement) to take a stand that may possibly lead to you losing your job ? You bet !!!!! Pick and choose a side because time is rapidly approaching that there will be parents, grandparents, families throughout America that are going to say no more to these illegal/unconstitutional child kidnappings and start taking matters in their own hands to protect their children's lives. Would you(as a Law Enforcement Officer) do any less to protect your children from evil and corruption ??? Enough is Enough ! Pick and Choose. If you call yourself an Oathkeeper or a defender of the US Constitution, then step up to the plate ! There are no fence sitters on this one !

There are millions of parents across America who have been wrongfully taken out of their children's lives. Does Evil really think it can kill us all ? I'd say not !!!