Thursday, February 5, 2015

Jordan's King Shows Americans How To Properly Dispose Of Unrepentant Evil

Jordan's King Shows Americans How To Properly Dispose Of Unrepentant Evil

What a shame, how embarrassing for Obama and his partners in crime have planned, the USA has lost it's place as the world leader in the fight for the oppressed, the lost and for those that have no voice for justice. Despite warnings in 2007 of who and what Obama was then, and how he has become even worse now, Americans overwhelmingly voted for him to become President of the United States in 2007 and 2011. Indeed, what a shame. But what have Americans hopefully learned about themselves through all we've been through because of Obama being elected? By now you would think that as a nation, we would have gained wisdom and learned that whenever selfish people act out as they did when elected and reelected Obama, they care not who else they hurt. And today, boy, do we as a nation hurt !

Despite all the lies, all the pain, all the suffering and anger Americans suffer and express from the negative and often times severe repercussions of electing Barack Hussein Obama, the most we can get from those same angry and hurt Americans in removing unrepentant evil such as that snake of a man Obama, is only more pissing and moaning. Really, how pathetic. While King Abdullah and the world viewed how ISIS burned alive one of his Jordanian Pilots, Abdullah, (unlike Obama when Americans had their heads cut off from members of ISIS)stood tall and swore retribution that ISIS would pay. And “pay” they did. Jordan's King Abdullah wasted no time and had Two ISIS prisoners executed the very next day after the video aired of the murdered pilot. Not only that, but King Abdulah has also sworn that he is not done with ISIS and will take on an even more meaningful action against them. Unlike Obama, and those Americans who sit by doing nothing about the removal of evil such as Obama himself, King Abdullah actually said what he was going to do and followed through with his plan of action in the face of blatant unrepentant evil.

Have Americans become so arrogant and foolish to believe that we as a society have become so “civilized” we no longer need to remove unrepentant evil ? Are “We The People” so full of ourselves that we have no more common sense ? Americans need to take King Abdullah's action as an object lesson on how real men and real leaders stand up towards unrepentant evil. We used to have real brave Christian men in America but they seem to have mostly disappeared. Where did they go to ? Did someone cut off their “grapes” and put them in a jar somewhere ? I remember overhearing a conversation between several members of the “Greatest Generation” of Americans last summer who shared their feelings on how many useless men live in America and also how during World War II,  men in America literally ran to join the armed services when Japan bomber Pearl Harbor. There was no hesitation from those men, as many of them felt is was their duty to fight against Naziism and the Japanese. Where is that same spirit of fighting against evil now ? Seriously, we should as an entire nation be embarrassed at ourselves and take a good hard and long look at how King Abdullah did not hesitate to kill when unrepentant evil did such an evil act, that perhaps even the devil himself may have gasped with shock(if it were possible) when ISIS lit that Jordanian Air Force Pilot on fire.

To prevent this article from progressing into another one of those useless “rants” that you often read in other blog articles, instead, I want to use the remaining portion of this article to point out what actions all of us must take when unrepentant evil rears it's ugly head. That is, unrepentant evil, “foreign or domestic.”

*Let's start with this... Evil should never be tolerated. Currently in America, evil is everywhere and our Government and yes, many Americans are responsible for it either by parting in evil or turning their head and looking the other way from it. So that means that you must take your responsibility of removing unrepentant evil even when others will not. This also means removing unrepentant evil by any all means possible, and I do mean any and all means possible. You're done praying now, so get up off your knees and your comfy chair and get out there and fight the Beast(James 2:17-20).

*Organize with others in relationship already with Christ of the Bible. Also, join a real militia and take action. Don't get involved with people who want to “form a committee to review the formation of a committee, to organize a committee to look at the idea of formulating a committee.” You get my drift. Those folks are useless and not interested in doing anything concrete regarding getting this nation back on track.

*Go with your church and militia members and start making citizen's arrests of corrupted Government Officials and those at local Islamic Terrorist Training Camps. In another words, pray, plan, prepare and follow through. Rules of engagement against unrepentant evil you ask ? There are no rules. Unrepentant evil must be removed. Period.

*Go to your State and Nations Capital's and confront all unrepentant corruption and evil, and if necessary make Citizen Arrests there as well.

*Contact your local, county and state police agencies and coordinate citizen and militia patrols with them and help law enforcement remove all the rapists, murderers, human/sex traffickers, drug dealers, thieves and corrupted Government Officials also. Stay clear however of “law enforcement” officials who serve their paychecks, not the US Constitution.

I love my nation, the United States of America. I hate seeing it being destroyed because allegedly good people are in reality fat, lazy and apathetic when it comes to preserving our God given freedoms. It's great so many of you went to see the movie about Chris Kyle. I too believe he is a awesome hero, but watching a movie does absolutely nothing in removing unrepentant evil and getting America back. Come on ! You've heard this phrase said to you before, “Freedom is never free.” Indeed, there is a cost and a personal responsibility you owe for your freedom. How many of our military heroes over the last two centuries have died so that we may remain free ? If you just sit there, doing nothing but complaining about how bad the USA and the world has become, then you are part of the problem, not the solution.

So what are you waiting for ? Be like King Abdullah !You need permission ? OK, you have permission to defend your God given liberty's and also to remove unrepentant evil. You have the reason, you have the plan, now go out and get your country back in Jesus Name !

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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