Saturday, July 30, 2011

BIG sin Verses little sin, what's the difference ?

BIG sin Verses little sin, what's the difference ?

I had to recently ask this question to some Filipino Government officials and Philippine National Police Officers after they were visited by me and they to my apartment after once again, I had had some or my personal property stolen. The short of the long of the situation is that their response to what was stolen of mine, that if there is what was described to me of a “lesser value” of something stolen , I should just “ignore” the theft, however, if I had something that they believed (in their own mind as valuable)was a “large enough” value, the thief would be arrested. Yes indeed, they really did say this to me although there is not “batas”(law) saying such. I was not entirely stunned as as I have seen this issue of distorted and non-biblical belief systems before with a Filipina Migration Scammer in the USA. I do want to immediately share that I know this non-biblical attitude is not prevalent only here in the Philippines, in fact every culture throughout the world is ignoring Biblical justice, commands of Jesus and Biblical precepts as a whole. This goes without saying but I mention this so no one feels “picked on.”

It is very interesting to me however that this latest crime committed against me, recently there was an article written by a friend of mine about youth crime exploding in occurrence here in the Philippines. Attorney Melanio Mauricio Jr who wrote the short blog article and not knowing these issues I had endured here, also posted his blog article( )sharing his thoughts regarding teen criminality and crime in general in the Philippines. I was delighted in part of the truth he spoke but at the same time saddened when he also truthfully stated; “ It is good that the United States Embassy (here) in Manila is staring to notice the criminality that is afflicting the Filipino youth noawdays, with it's warning to American tourists in the Philippines to be wary of teen criminals where ever they will be in this country(Philippines).” I am so blessed to have Attorney Mauricio as a friend. He is not afraid to stand up for Biblical principles and speak Biblical Truth when needed and in this blog article he unknowingly ensured and reinforced what I have been preaching and telling people for years; that is to “ do what is right according to the Bible, do not make up rules as you go along in life, you will only be only taking chances of offending God if you don't and will be sorrowfully disappointed in judgment day if you do. “

I believe I can speak for Attorney Mauricio, myself and every Biblical Christian when I say that indeed there is an rapid increase regarding hardening of hearts around the world. People are justifying sin and are not at all happy when you confront them regarding their wicked actions. In fact many people are increasingly becoming hostile to hearing God's Word. They will attack you verbally and or physically if and when you quote God's Word. To them. It comes to mind what Jesus said in Matthew 24:9 “Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. “ Praise the Lord for blessings but it doesn't always make it easy to go out and suffer for Christ's sake nor His name. Those who get abused for sharing God's Word would be lying if they said it “was all easy” and “People are listening without resistance.”

Indeed, we see as an increase of the allowance of “some” sin as acceptable in our world. As I mentioned earlier, here in the Philippines, my exposure to “small in value stealing” being allowed, we now know that all will be increasingly attacked as was I, for speaking up regarding God's Word and Truth. Already some of you are aware through my writings that an American attorney by the name of Brad Janson in Warsaw, NY told me that if I wanted to follow the Bible rather than man's law, I should move out of the country(USA). Pretty bold and bad huh ? No, not really. This is the world in which we live. We need to accept here and now that people will continue to become worse, and worse and worse. The Bible says so in 2Timothy Chapter 2 and in Mathew 24:37 when Jesus said “But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. “ What were the days of Noah like you may be asking ? Well, in Genesis 6:5, states “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” After reading that Bible verse and simply reading or watching the TV News daily, or hey, for me, just looking out of my window, I can see the rottenness of people's attitudes and smell death all around me, perhaps around the world, you can too. I(as hopefully you are as well), am through God's grace though it all, trying to be as the Bible says... “To be a city of light on a hill”(Matthew 5:14) but we cannot ignore that fact that people are increasingly choosing to live a wicked lifestyle and living justifying sin, rather than what God calls us to do and be in a Godly/Biblical lifestyle.

My dear friends, there is only one true way to combat such evil and is through first and foremost taking personal responsibility of turning from our own wicked ways in repentance of our sins and then immediately turning our hearts to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour(John 3:3). Next, we need to offer others to do the same. Jesus said (yelled) as is stated in Luke 13:3 “I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. “ Then finally, if those who will not repent and turn from their evil ways, then they must be exposed and removed(Ephesians 5:11). This of course includes those in government and or “power” or “authority” who take part in wickedness according to God's Word. Remember there is a evil cycle in people's lives that goes from generation to generation, and that evil cycle must be broken or it will continue to grow. As I explained to the Philippine National Police here and the Philippine Government officials; “You do not give a drug addict or an alcoholic (more) money- why ? Because you know that the alcoholic and or addict will take and use that money to purchase more alcohol or drugs despite the lying promises to you(again) that they will only use the money you gave for food, housing or something else they made an empty promise of. No, evil must be cut off and stopped. I've said it before, and I will say it again. No where does the Bible justify sinful behavior(small or large) or allow anyone to play with, toy with and or negotiate with evil. Sin is sin, is sin-is sin.

Time to tell the Biblical Truth, despite the consequences. Got Guts? Serve only Jesus !

Sunday, July 24, 2011

"It's Pronounced “sak-ruh-fahys “, Know The Word ?"

It's Pronounced “sak-ruh-fahys “, Know The Word ?

Perhaps in today's world of “It's all about me”, this word; “sacrifice” is basically a non-existent word in our vocabulary. Many people have read this word somewhere perhaps, but truly know not it's meaning. Beyond Veteran's Day and a glimpse of about a “hot” 3 seconds of reflection of what hundreds of thousands of military veterans have given for our nation and freedom, most American's have no idea what the word sacrifice really means. Unfortunately if you were to ask the average “Joe” out on the streets of America what it means to them to give up something up of themselves, you would most likely get a response to something like they “(I)gave up that extra large fries and drank a diet Coke instead.” Many Americans including so called Christians just don't get it. We've been so accustomed to getting our own way, pouting, scramming and throwing tantrums like little 3 years olds when we don't get what we want, when we want, how we want it, we wouldn't recognize or understand the need for true sacrifice even if it stared us in the face.

Our American Founding Fathers Knew exactly what the word “sacrifice” meant. Many in the end of their lives lost everything.... homes, land, family and more. They gave sacrificially not only of their time and resources, but they also gave of their very own lives as a living sacrifice for others. Did you read that ? I wrote “others.” America was not only a nation to be birthed only of those fighting Colonists during the American Revolutionary War, but for all those who sought liberty within the original 13 British Colonies. All would benefit from the action of a minority living within it's boundaries. Can you imagine getting the benefits of what others have done sacrificially for you ? You can't ? Really? Well guess what ? You are already reaping many benefits from those before you who laid down their lives sacrificially for your freedom. Unfortunately, people today have become more accustomed of “grabbing” freedom rather than fighting for it as did our American For Fathers.

When writing this week's article, I could not help but reflect on the life of American For Father George Washington who before he was even President of The United States Of America, spent many years in preparation as well as in war itself. Even after war, he spent many more years as President and away from his wife Betsy Ross. George Washington suffered great losses of his own spending much of his own personal money to build a new nation. He already had by the beginning of his presidency, lost many American patriots (under his command) in battle, and spent many years away from his wife. Now that, that is sacrifice. How many of us can honestly say we would be willing to sacrifice so much for the benefits of others ? I also here speak to myself as I write this, for I know a day is coming soon that God is calling me back to the USA where I will have to sacrifice yet more. Already as some of you who are reading this article are like I, you have also had your home, children, property stolen by an illegal and evil American(or other) Government. I say to myself as well as to you; now is not the time to shrink or hold back, now is the time to press on harder then ever before.

Looking at the sad state of America as a nation, No sane person could ever imagine or act alone for that matter to attempt to bring back America to it's one time greatness. We need God to intervene. We need real and sound Christians everywhere to rise up together as one, to focus not on themselves or church denomination or church by laws or dogma. No, we need Godly men and women who will instead focus on the cross of Christ and resist the devil. There is no escape from that fact we need to repent and bring Jesus back to America. We have wandered into satan's territory as a nation and no man or women, no group, no protest, nothing without the help of the God of The Bible will ever work to get America back without God's people rising up in repentance and in righteous action. We must resign ourselves to the fact that all the evil we suffer is due to our own self-centerdness, apathetic, non-Biblical, and allowing of evil-attitudes.

Jesus set the example my friends on the cross. He died there not just to die but he did so as a loving sacrifice and example of what real men and women do when satan gets busy and tries to destroy a nation and a people. It's time for sacrifice. I don't mean throwing a few extra dollars in the church collection plate on Sunday. Keep your money ! God is looking for true hearts who will stand irregardless of the cost to to self. I believe God is (and I) looking for like minded Christians who will not only call for repentance, but grab onto the collars of those who refuse to repent and are trying to sow their evil deeds in our land. There need not be any Social Web Site Groups, names, insignias, official doctrines, and so on. When God called little David to go after Goliath, there was the king's army who was terrified, then there was David with a heart hard after God. That is what God (and I) are looking for, people with not only sacrifice but guts to say “NO !” when wrong is wrong and to take immediate and unhesitant action against evil doers. People with a heart after God must be ready also to set a Godly example in their lives, as Christ, to lay down their very lives for their children, spouses, family and friends. This is no game. Sacrifice is serious business. Are you not only willing, but are you able ?

I am a clergyman, it is true. But I am also a patriot—and my liberty is as dear to me as to any man. Shall I hide behind my robes, sitting still at home, while others spill their blood to protect my freedom? Heaven forbid it! “~ Rev. Peter Muhlenberg

Sunday, July 17, 2011

“Sorry Mr. Ball, Many Didn't Care About You And Still Don't.”

“Sorry Mr. Ball, Many Didn't Care About You And Still Don't.”

A recent tragedy that was barely mentioned in some news sources occurred last week and that had nearly brought me to tears. Those that truly know me, know It's very difficult these days for me to get that emotional since God Himself Is the one holding back my tears, but indeed, I was effected emotionally. This photo I was seemingly memorized by, was quite emotionally moving as well as disturbing to me. I really couldn't help but stare at the horrible photo of where a man took his life. In fact, as I stated, I had a difficult time keeping my eyes off of it. My emotions were not that of unbelief however, no not at all, because this sort of death was all to familiar to me and I had seen previously where especially men had taken their lives in this fashion. I did eventually stop staring though and I began to write this article.

The Photo I was looking at was of Mr. Thomas Ball, a man, a father who like other daddy's before him, poured gasoline on himself and then proceeded to light the gasoline and himself on fire outside a Family Court House building. Mr. Ball died a horrible death from his protesting action. Here was another life needlessly gone. Another parent brought to death by government officials who emotionally and spiritually tortured this parent until he felt he had no other recourse but to take his very own life. Mr Ball like millions of other parents in the USA, are left by courts/governments with feelings of hopelessness, and rejected purely for being a parent or of the wrong gender. Mr. Ball made the decision in his heart though, he had enough. Looking closely at Mr. Ball's actions though, he did not “go out in a blaze of glory” in my opinion as some may suggest. He instead only made a statement largely “preaching to the choir” of pain...people also like him, feeling largely powerless and desperate. His action may all of have been in vain.

I am sure Mr. Ball thought by taking his life, he would make a point, a strong enough point “and show the world” what the U.S, Massachusetts's State Governments, his ex-wife and courts were doing to him, were all just plain evil. He was wrong. I may get some flack for making this point but please let me explain. There were errors in Mr. Bell's thinking. He made the first mistake thinking his protest would cause evil people to “care” about him and his relationship with his children. This thought was a misjudgment on the part of Mr. Ball. In reality, evil people could care less if good people live or die. They lack a soul to care. Their souls are already sold to the devil and they have only one way to get their souls back and it doesn't look like repenting of sin and accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour pays enough cash to care about themselves or anyone else at that matter. This is especially true with corrupt government agencies, courts, judges, lawyers, cops, domestic violence program workers, CPS workers, and the like. In fact,( they won't freely admit it) but I am sure there were many of these previously mentioned groups/people that were laughing it up in their offices the day the news of Mr. Ball's death was made public. They may have been like the Palestinians on the day the Islamists crashed the planes into the Twin Towers on 911. You know, with laughing ,celebrating and gift giving when all those 3000 + American's died. Yes, in comparison, our own American government employees and representatives as well as publicly funded group organizations really do act evil like that and celebrate when we give up hope. I've seen it all before.

In what appears to be the next mistake poor Mr. Ball made in judgment was that he assumed the general public would be empathetic to his cause and at least his children would get justice. This was another unfortunate miscalculation on the part of Mr. Ball. Let's get real and honest here shall we ?....most people in the USA don't care about anything unless it personally impacts on them. You want to hear an American outraged, yelling, demanding justice, threatening violence against an evil and oppressive government ? No problem, just take away something that belongs to her or him, you'll here all the ranting(that's about all you'll get … ranting) you want and you will heart it at a mile a way at that. Those of us though who have already had the government and or their agents invade our lives and do damage, sit by on the side, waiting for that newly outraged person to calm down enough so that we can say to her/him “We tried to warn you, and get you involved but you didn't care enough to listen to us.”

Somewhat similarly in misjudgment by Mr. Ball was regarding the press/media. I am sure he thought his actions would be outrageous enough to turn the world on it's axis. Here again, is the issue... that there is an assumption that most or even many people would care. The fact of the matter is, most in the “main stream media” also could care less about a distraught parent who is illegally and or immorally not allowed to see their very own child or falsely accused of abuse as was Mr. Ball. If it has anything to do with truth or exposing evil, the vast majority of people in the media just aren't interested unless it can some how bring in the big bucks for a commercial sponsor or is a popular( “in the media's view”) enough of a story to write about or tell. A father or any parent wrongfully held from seeing his or her children, even for a father committing suicide with gasoline and sadly, lighting himself on fire outside a courthouse is just “not news worthy” even for the likes of Fox News and WND.

I pray to God there are no more person's wanting to take action as was Mr. Ball's out there. I have spoken with so many distraught parents over the years.  I really wish I could have spoken with Mr. Ball before he took his life. I have had plenty of parents unfortunately contact me with lethality issues though. My advice to them and possibly you is that self preservation is always the answer, not suicide. Hurting ourselves will not prove a darn thing to anyone. Don't believe for one minute that your “children will understand” or that in hopes some family member will take the take time to tell your children “the truth” about your or anyone else's suicide. The stark reality is that suicide is a selfish act, you can't take your actions back. If you really want to make a statement to an evil government, evil group, evil person, then stick around. Find a way to tell your story in a productive and healthy way. Stick around in this life to fight back, fight for your children and fight for your family. Don't take “the easy way out.” I and some others I know care about you and your relationship with your children but the reality is most people in power don't give a rat's tail about you, your relationship with your children including the “people” who stole your children. More good advice; give the evil people “heck” not “help” in doing their job because by you “being out of the picture”, it just gives evil people more power to ruin your children's and your family's lives in the future.

If you come away from this article with anything, please remember this; despite what modern psychologists will tell you, people are people and are generally selfish and not good, God (Biblical)is the only one good, He is the one who help you win your battles, He is the one that will never leave you nor forsake you. Put your hope and trust in Him and Him alone. When you do, I guarantee the game will change but shhhhhhhhhh, don't tell the evil people about God, they might get the idea that they need to repent and then say they're sorry later.

"The thing that separates the American Christian from every other person on earth is the fact that he would rather die on his feet, than live on his knees!"~ George Washington

Sunday, July 10, 2011

“Bibles Or Bullets ? “

“Bibles Or Bullets ? “

Perhaps you are already aware that is was Robert Winthorp, an early Speaker of the House of Representatives who said; "Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled either by a power within them or a power without them. Either by the Word of God or the strong arm of man, either by the Bible or the bayonet." I am sharing my article though in a similar and perhaps updating thought to Congressman Winthorp's quote that it has come down to American's choosing the Christian Bible or the (US Government's)bullet that we Americans must swallow. It is after all “men who need to be controlled” that remains an issue today just as it was for our American Fore Fathers. This indeed is a matter of the heart. Jeremiah 17:9 declares “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Let's all finally be honest and settle it in our souls that we as a nation and a people have largely rejected God and instead, have placed “man” at the helm of our country and we are in deep dog do-do because of it. I know I am already making many “Libertarians” burning red with quoting Congressman Winthrop statement of “being controlled” however the disaster in it's making for our nation for the rejection of God' Word has not even reached its fullness of potential yet regarding calamities, but I'm telling you; unless American's repent individually and corporately to God, we “ain't seen nothin' yet !”

It's all as if America has become schizophrenic towards God and His Word. If you are not familiar with the mental illness of schizophrenia, it might be difficult for you to understand this sickness and correlation between our nation and the issues carried with the disease. Schizophrenia is a mental illness by which it takes a person's mind captive to disillusionment and we see it manifested in untreated or undiagnosed people's lives though activities such as speaking with imaginary persons, or that they themselves are someone that they in reality are not. Some would say those with schizophrenia act like a contradiction of who they really are. America has become like that... a “contradiction” or perhaps we might call ourselves instead an oxymoron in terms of who we are as a people. Here, let me clarify further, we call ourselves “Christians” but we in many respects do not follow the teachings of Christ. We call our nation “home of the brave” in our national anthem, but we are terrified to do anything about corruption or unconstitutional activities by many of our government agents(sorry Bubba, but I tell you again and again that throwing empty or even full beer cans at the TV don't count). We call our form of government a “republic” but by and large, our nation is run by and controlled by a small percentage of (non government)bankers and individuals called the “Federal Reserve.”

This past week, I viewed some TV broadcasts from the USA of the Casey Anthony Trial. I heard many of the TV pundits, reporters, commentators that were “outraged” at the “not guilty verdict.” Some of those TV folks were very angry and visibly upset at this verdict. I was not surprised however, nor was I “floored”, “overwhelmed” or anything else described by many of these TV guests/hosts and so on. I only viewed more of America's “schizophrenia” and therefor I see America getting a glimpse and or reflection of it's real self. That's right, a poor little baby girl was murdered and a women who did not report her child missing for over 30 days, lied to police, went out partying while her daughter laid buried and hid from others and it shows America really who and what we have become as a nation. We are after all, a “schizophrenic” nation. We want justice for this baby girl murdered but we the allowed over 50 million(that's million !) babies to be murdered through abortion. Why haven't we heard outrage at those 50 million babies being killed ? We want justice for all but only when it's convenient for us right ? No you say ? Well, How about that pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag ? Is it not stated in the pledge in part; “.... and justice for all.” Hmmmmmmmmm, seems like another “schizophrenic” issue for America doesn't it ?

In keeping with the topic of Casey Anthony murder trial, and America's schizophrenic attitude, I wish to conclude by sharing this thought; many legislators in the State of Florida and other states are calling for “Caylee's law” where by a parent must immediately or within a specific time period report a child's death to the police. This for some is a good new law proposal and or a “no brainer” and something necessary. I ask you however, what can be said of any society that makes yet another law to legislate the heart of the people ? To my knowledge, the USA already has more laws than any other nation in the world. People still break laws and we have more people incarcerated in jails and prisons than any other nation in the world despite more laws than any other nation. We cannot continue to have a split heart, we cannot continue to live as a contradiction of who we are. More laws will not help. We have become schizophrenic due to our own negligence towards the Christian Bible and God Himself. We are either followers of God who is all loving, all faithful and knows the very best for us, or we are secularists following “man” willing to be governed to “death” with a final bullet to our God given liberty and freedom.

Times a wastin' Which do you want ? Bibles or Bullets ?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

“America Needs Real Hero's”

“America Needs Real Hero's”

America is in crisis. America is falling apart in every area including physical, emotional and spiritual. Every segment of America is indeed in deep, deep trouble. While Obama plays golf and “Rome burns”, his wife is out taking pleasure trips around the world at tax payer expense. Government Legislators, judges and courts provide a frontal assault on American Citizen's civil and constitutional rights and are chipped away in huge blocks daily. Many American Citizens really haven't done much to address this and other evil elements in our nation's and state's capitals. The amount of arrogance and audacity this current American President and government leaders like him is beyond belief but yet we do not find the vast majority of “We The People” doing much about it. Sure, there is the usual whining and complaining found in homes, empty beer cans thrown at the nightly news on TV, shouting at a few congressional “town hall meetings” and the like, but few have addressed the real cause and solution to how to rid our nation of it's current woes and deep rooted problems of evil.

Our nation has changed in attitude towards evil so very much the last 60 years or so During World War II, The US Government found that Hollywood was a good and resourceful ally in the fight against America's enemies-namely Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany and Mussolini's Italy. Many American's flocked to movie theater's to not only watch a good “war flick” on how we “were winning the war” but news reels of the war effort were as well shown along with other US Government advertisements, to purchase U.S War Bonds and to encourage people to save up and recycle household products for the “war effort.” There seemed to be a real collective effort on the part of most U.S Citizen's to fight a real and proven enemy both abroad and here at home. The vast majority of American's partook and were proudly behind the war effort to rid the world of the likes of Adolf Hitler and other “enemies of freedom.” Christian churches were many times full of anxious family m members seeking God's family in time of crisis. Looking at these past attitudes, we should not surprised as we were attacked by Imperial Japan on December 7th, 1941 dragging the USA(After a number of years taking a semi-isolationist and non-committal attitude to entering WW II) into WW II and The U.S Government found many Hollywood film makers and actors an ally In helping American's win the war and ridding the world of evil.

My friends, as they say; “ that was then, this is now.” There is a whole different enemy and quite frankly, “Hollywood” cannot be trusted. Yes, there are a few current film producers and actors that see like you and I, that America is in crisis in many ways, but many of Hollywood's actors, film producers and the rest have become the same as Barack Hussein Obama(Barry Soros or whatever his real name is)“the enemy with in.” Some in the American film industry for sure recognize that America is in trouble. As of late, some in Hollywood have tried to use as what they used in the past to motivate American's for “good.” This time around however, what they are utilizing is nothing more than “entertainment” to make us feel better. Hollywood is resurrecting some old comic book characters to help with the “fight against evil.” Supposed “hero's” such as Captain America, Green Lantern and other currently and or recently released movies are now resurrected and truthfully, may make us feel good for a few moments but in reality, these movies have no real impact on people to “step up to the plate” to take America back from evil as we seen during World War II. You see, movie “hero's and entrainment in itself is the devil's way of getting us to focus off of truth, especially Biblical Truth. The vast majority of the U.S Government being an agent of evil, they have no problem with Hollywood producing “feel good movies” because it takes the attention of the evil the U.S Government produces, off of them, and onto something that has no ill impact on the evil they cause. What I mean by this statement is that American's will spend millions of dollars on entertainment and entertainment in of itself is harmless to evil and changing evil to good.

To expound further regarding evil and entertainment, I believe entertainment gives false hopes and dreams to people. Many so called “Christian” churches use entertainment to appease blinded heart seekers of a “comfortable life christianity” where people just all pray, read their Bibles, have their heads up in the clouds and there is no confrontation of evil, there is no real standard in Biblical Truth and there is no focus of a persons life on the Cross of Christ. In many churches across America, there are false beliefs being taught to ignorant “sheep” that everyone is going to Heaven no matter what a person believes or follows irregardless of what the Bible teaches. The lies of the devil have invaded much of the Christian Church in America and if many so called “Christians” have swallowed the devil's “kool-aid”, think how much more that non-christians have done the same !
The American Revolution was a movement of like minded and more importantly, like-hearted people who loved Jesus, the Bible and freedom as well as justice. Many of our Founding Fathers of the USA were Bible believing Christians. Their motivation for change was so that every person within the 13 Colonies(and beyond) could serve not only Jesus Christ of the Bible, but also for all citizen's to be free of tyranny. Unlike the French Revolution, many of our Founding Fathers were hero's sacrificing not only time and resources but their very lives so that you and I could go on to worship the Biblical God without fear of government oppression and or evil. If possible, I believe the vast majority of our Founding Fathers would be turning over in their graves today from the lack of zeal in “We The People” towards God, country, family and most certainly, lack of love and action on the part of American Citizens for freedom.

America needs real hero's(Yesterday !), not fictitious “feel good and entertaining “hero's.” America needs men and women of Biblical Truth, with a whole lot of (uhhhummmm) “grapes.” To stand up and not only point of what is evil, but to gather other like minded men and women of Biblical boldness and courage to go to evil, call evil out and confront evil head on. America is about to die off as a nation and a people. The length and listing of evil participated by U.S and State's government leaders and their agents would alone take volumes to write here. Many of you know already what is being done to our beloved nation. It's PAST time my friends to look for your courage. It's also time for some of you that put away your courage in a mason jar some place, and hid it “for safe keeping”, to go dig it up ! It's time that YOU became a man and women without fear of evil and take your place as a “hero” to help restore America to what our Christian Fore Fathers meant it to be.

So I say to all Americans, This July 4th Holiday.....” Save a Republic, be a hero ! “