Friday, February 6, 2015

Obama's Real Meaning Mentioning 'Christian Crusades, Inquisition And Jim Crow'”

Obama's Real Meaning Mentioning 'Christian Crusades, Inquisition And Jim Crow'”

At yesterdays National Day of Prayer Event, Barrack Hussein Obama gave a lengthy speech condemning those who he stated justified their misuse of Christ's Name in committing atrocities. To back up his claims of those abuses, he gave examples as the “Crusades during the Middle Ages”, The era of the Spanish “Inquisition” and also the time of “Jim Crow” Laws here in America All those examples that he gave were true. Indeed, Obama was truthful about all three of those events in world history where the name of Jesus Christ was wrongly used and unjustly used to bring harm and kill others. It is a fact, despite what the lies that American Catholic League President, Bill Donahue has spread that the Inquisition was a hoax, a “made up lies from Protestants”, the Spanish Inquisition was a real event and primarily the Roman Catholic Church priests and church hierarchy murdered thousands of people including Bible believing Christians. They were jailed, tortured and even burned at the stake for such things as reading the Bible or translating it in their own language. I'm not attempting to make a dig or ridicule my Catholic friends here but, the Spanish Inquisition as well as The Crusades were Roman Catholic Church actions, not a “Christian” act. In fact, it is a well documented historical fact that some of the Catholic Pope's lead the charge against the Muslims during the Crusade. The bottom line here is this, Obama was correct about the misuse of Jesus' name, but what you really need to know, is not necessarily a history lesson from Obama, or myself regarding use of Christ's name, but why Obama said, what he said, and for that reason, you as a “Christian”or “Catholic”need to prepare for either death or war, because your very life may soon be taken.

Let me explain further, in case you were unaware, Obama and some of his Jesus hating friends employed in law enforcement, such as in Homeland Security, the FBI, ATF and other Federal as well as some State law enforcement agencies are meeting together this month(February 2015) to come up with and define “terrorism”, and who constitutes a “terrorist” What does Obama's
speech regarding the misuse of Christ's name have to do with this month's meeting regarding defining “Terrorism”? Simple, he is giving notice to all who recognize his words and rhetoric for what they are, words that condemn Christians and not Islamists. Obama and his evil pal's are getting ready to define “terrorism” in very narrow view and definition of who and what is a “terrorist.” This means that if you in any way call yourself a “Christian” or a “Roman Catholic”, you will be on a US Government Terrorist watch list. It' will soon be even worse for you if you are a Christian gun owner. If that is you, be prepared to receive a “no knock” raid of your home in the future and if any guns are found in your home or possession, you and your family will be arrested and jailed. No joke, God forbid if you belong to an 2nd Amendment Organization like the National Rifle association or partake in Tea Party events or on social media advocating for gun rights. What I am sharing here is plain and simple as it gets. Those who are and have been watching how Obama has been operating through his override and dismissal's of Constitutional Rights, have been waiting for this moment. Sadly, Obama with the blessings and help of the new Republican controlled Congress are making ready to turn you into a terrorist without you even lifting a finger.

Obama is an Islamist, a Muslim. He has no wish to allow, or bring harm to any Muslim Terrorists. Not even those like ISIS who want to blow up our nation and kill us all. Obama is right now meeting with Muslim Terrorists planning our destruction behind closed doors. We have all watched Obama and his Babylonian Witch advisory(She is an Iranian)Valery Jarret, plan America's destruction and also in allowing Muslim Terrorists to invade our homeland through allowing thousands and thousands of these terrorists to enter our nation via the use of Federal Refuge Laws is no doubt in the mind's and heart's of many Americans already that Obama's plans are for the destruction of the USA through the misuse of our laws and by purposely bringing in Illegal Aliens including Muslim Terrorists. These Muslim Terrorists are training in their camps on our homeland right now and on Obama's word, these same terrorists will annihilate millions of us US Citizens That means that the Obama is coordinating the incarceration and death of millions of Americans through the use of
 Federal, State and Local police agencies and Islamic Terrorists.

I do hope and pray you realize what time it is in America. It will not take much more to lose this nation forever. If Obama and his fellow real terrorists are not removed soon, you can kiss your freedoms and indeed, your life away. What I have stated in this article cannot be shared enough times--- Obama is planning and actively getting away with the coordination of law enforcement and Islamic Terrorists to murder you, your family, your friends and your neighbors. What is the justification for jailing you and taking away your Constitutional rights? Simple, you dare to call yourselves a “Christian” or a “Catholic” and are willing to speak up and tell the truth about what and who is really evil. You see and read it in the daily news, there is a large and growing anti-Christian movement in America. Now the choice is yours.... you can wait for the no knock raid on your home and live out the last moments of your life begging for mercy from the Government and Muslim Terrorists, or you can get on your knees right now repent of your sins, ask Jesus of the Bible in your heart and then go out and destroy Obama's evil plans.

What will you do when you are labeled by your very own Government as a “Christian Terrorist” ?

Hosea 4:6 “My people perish from a lack of knowledge.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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