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Why Is God Allowing Muslims To Attack The West ?

Why Is God Allowing Muslims To Attack The West ?

I think this is a great question and deserves an answer. My problem however in answering this questions is two fold...1) The venue in answering it here only gives me a very small and limited space to address the question. Blog articles are certainly not books and in all honesty, a book on the subject matter/question really is required. The other issue regarding answering the title's question is also this---there may very will be those who are not Biblical Christians much like myself who will completely not understand, or “get” the Biblical points that I make in giving an answer. Indeed, both are very valid points for NOT writing this article nor attempting to answer the question asked. But I feel it must be addressed anyway.

That all said, I believe it is the Good Lord who does want me to point out a few matters concerning just why He is allowing Muslims to(increasingly) attack and terrorize the West. I wasn't going to write this article at all, or at least delay writing it because in part, I felt a bit afraid folks reading it were not ready to hear the answer and would on the most part, be very hostile to the answer I gave and to me personally. However, the Lord has shown me in my personal Bible reading and meditation time that I should not be like Abram. If you remember Abram in the Bible God, He told Abram to travel and out of fear, Abram mistakenly as well as purposed not to tell the Egyptians that Sarai was wife and instead told the Egyptians, Sarai was his sister. Telling that lie out of fear got Abram in a lot of trouble. I don't want to be in trouble with God, so I'm doing as I'm directed through the Spirit and sharing this question with a Biblical response.

Anyway, to answer the question that I asked in the title above, I firmly believe that God(of the Bible) is indeed giving all nations in the West a wake-up call to repent of evil and is using Muslims to purge nations from unrepentant sin. Let me explain further, when you read especially in what is called the Old Testament in the Bible, you read in many parts where prophets warned Israel and Judah alike to repent of their unrepentant sins. You can read of such accounts in the Books of Jeremiah, Isiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, etc. As I shared earlier, I would need to write an entire book to explain and quote all of what these and other Prophets of the Bible declared and the Bible verses along with them.

The bottom line is this, God loved and still loves the Jews today. In fact God loves all people, all nations. However it is especially the United States of America that was founded on Biblical principles(despite what lies some American History Revisionists propagate) and many Western nations that were swooped up in the Spirit's work during the time of the European Reformation time period up until World War II that we read thousands of Bible believing missionaries go out and evangelize(in the name of Biblical Jesus) to “all the corners of the earth.” Bible believing missionaries from these once great Christian nations are few and far between today. No longer is Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Christian countries. By the very definition and words out of the mouths of most folks who live in the West, they deny Jesus Christ of the Bible, His existence and even when asked what religion they are, more and more reply with the answer, “none.”

I mentioned Israel and Judah earlier, God never gave up on them. We clearly read that in the entire Bible. God will never give up on the West either but what God allowed Israel and Judah to go through because of their rebelliousness towards God, the West also will suffer because of their rebellion towards God at a graduated level of consequence as well. God is allowing the same as what Israel and Judah suffer because of their and our stubbornness and rebellion towards God and what He called not partaking in sin(they did it anyway). God allowed at first, border raids and terrorists to harass and kill Israelis and Judeans. When that didn't work, God allowed Israel and Judas's enemies(foreign nations) to attack them. When Israel and Judah just wouldn't repent of their sin and rebelliousness, God allowed both Israel and Judah to be invaded and many of their citizens to be taken captive and used as slaves in foreign nations. A quick history note for those unaware, this occurred more that a few times in history because following the sin nature was more important to Israeli's and Judeans than it was for them to follow God, so the same process happened to them again, and again, and again. We are seeing that same process here in the West now.

America and the West are in big trouble. Most in America and the West are not following God of the Bible. Most outright reject Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. We have forgotten God and His precepts, we murder our babies through abortion, we divorce our spouses, we hate our own parents and our children, we have the most corrupted courts and governments the world has ever known, we purposely and out right accept or turn our heads from what God calls sin. Whether it's gay marriage, lying, cheating, murder, adultery, cowardice, arrogance. what ever flavor of sin it is, most Americans and those in the West accept sin as the “norm.” Well, I believe God is using Muslims to shake us all from our (corrupted and sinful)foundations and if God is allowing this as I suspect, then no amount of money, guns, weapons or illegal wire taps and or gun confiscations via crooked and evil government officials will save any of us.

You want to rid the world of these Islamists who terrorize the world ? Repent ! Repent to Jesus of the Bible I say, and Remove those in authority who refuse to repent. Repent to Jesus of the Bible and return to Him. He can and will do exceedingly more than what you could ever do in your own strength. He will remove the curse against us that is Islamic terrorism and have we brought upon ourselves, if we repent.

2Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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