Friday, March 29, 2013

“Standing Up And Doing The Word 'NO' “

“Standing Up And Doing The Word 'NO' “

It would appear that many Americans have lost the notion of just how powerful and equally important our words are coupled with action. Arguably, here in the USA--- I believe the word “No” to be the most powerful word in the English language. In fact, saying the word “No” to someone, anyone...depending on how the word is used in context, can arouse so many deep feelings in the person receiving and hearing “No.” There is no word completed with the following through of action that can result in such tremendous as well as devastating consequences to a person or organizations ego. If American's only knew just how powerful this word was and is. If only cultures and nations around the world also only knew how powerful this word is as well. The word “No” used in the right context and with the correct application by a majority, even a minority of people, can and does change whole countries including policies and attitudes. I repeat... there is no more powerful word then the word “No.”
Unfortunately, many American's have learned the power of expressing the word “No” but have increasingly used that word in the wrong context and for the wrong and unhelpful reasons. In fact, a great example of what I am expressing here is the fact that most Americans have responded saying “No”, to others when being asked to stand up and remove evil here in our nation. Equally important and the truth also be known, many Americans have also said “No” when there are opportunities standing right there before them to get up off their butt's and do something about all the evil that overwhelms our nation today. How horrible and tragic instead, most Americans do not seize the opportunity to remove evil through “No” in action, but do nothing instead but watch their “boob tube” and drink their beer. Sadly and unfortunately, while other nations and even our own government plots and takes actions to destroy us and our God given rights, poison our food, murder innocent men women and children, the majority of US Citizens when called upon to take a real and substantive stand against evil, just say “No” by doing nothing. It is the obvious mind set that these same folks who do nothing, believe that their American government has their best interest in mind. Crazy as it may sound, these same foolish people also believe that the US and it's State Government's are there to protect them or is actually there to help them. They are sadly mistaken and will be find themselves among the first to soon be slaughtered because of their idiotic belief system.

Speaking now to those who have simply been hesitant in using the word “No” in action against evil, what the heck are you waiting for ? I am pointing my question to all those “Oath Keepers”, “militias” and others who purport to be “defenders of freedom and the US Constitution.” How much longer do you wait in saying “No” in action while everyday the US Constitution is being increasingly raped and innocent American Citizens murdered ?You are telling everyone to“promise to uphold the US Constitution” but without action, words become meaningless. How much more evil and destruction of our US Constitution and nation do you wait until your “No” becomes “No” with action ? Personally, I don't see this nation rebounding because to many people are full of “hot air” when they say to the devil; “No.” Evidence and fact prove that this nation slides further and further into the pits of hell. Homosexuality, abortion, Islam, Communism, Feminism, and other sinful and evil issues plague our nation. Cannot people see the increasing negative consequences of saying “No” to evil without action ?Warnings from Godly Christian pastors and Christians are everywhere but very few are listening and responding in repentance. Surly, the word “No” in action against all forms of evil cannot be communicated, expressed in action-enough. 

Those who love God of the Bible and all those who are lover's of good now see their latest actions of petitions, grievances, protests and marches against evil especially government sponsored evil, have become useless, and impotent. There are no longer enough people in America who care. Apathy rules the hearts of many Americans. It is so very evident that if Christians and others had stood up and declared “No” to evil years ago, we wouldn't be in this horrible predicament today. As they say though,... "It is what it is"... Now all of must make a conscious decision to either say “No” and mean it or go along with the program of increasing evil. I pity those in the end who believe in their heart that they can some how hide or pretend to be on the side of evil just to get a long. My friends, if that is you, you are making a very bad mistake. In the end, at some point... you will have to make a decision of whom and what you believe and what you avoid today, will eventually need to deal with anyway.

Today is of the final days of standing up in action and saying “No” to evil and government sponsored terrorism against it's citizenry. What does this mean for you ? This means no more agreeing to and allowing to government sanctioned evil. For some of you, this will be very difficult as you will no longer be allowing your U.S issued Social Security Number, your state issued Driver's License and other government ID's and documents to be used for government profiteering and exploitation of evil. You may even like I, give up certain government issued licenses and go on in life to follow God and Natural Rights instead. Saying “No” to government and evil manipulation, control and other wicked acts should never be tolerated by anyone, doing so is how this nation got to be in such a demonic mess to begin with. Our government elected and non-elected leaders, courts, police and others are steadfastly engaged in matters which God calls wrong. My warning to all; If you “go along to get along”, you are doing yourself a disservice. Equally, if you believe that your decision to do nothing about evil makes no difference, you are wrong... you have in fact chosen the side of evil.

Indeed, utilizing the word “No” with action is powerful if used for the right and Biblical reasons. People can come up with many excuses in not using this word in action properly. I do hope and pray that everyone reading this article “gets it” now. There is no more wiggle room for folks to do nothing about the one-hundred percent removal of evil and standing up with the word “No.” You are responsible and you are required to act in concert with what God tells you to do and act. With that, I advise you to use the word “No” in action and in frequency every time evil raises it's ugly head.

Matthew 5:7 “But let your communication be, Yes, yes; No, no: for whatever is more than these comes of evil.

Rev Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, March 22, 2013

“3 Years Dead; Senator Nancy Schaefer, More Yet Being Murdered”

“3 Years Dead; Senator Nancy Schaefer, More Yet Being Murdered”

This week marks the three year anniversary of the murder of former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer. Since the one-year anniversary of her death, I have taken the time to write about her death. Also in sharing my thoughts to some degree, about what occurred to her and update all, as to the progress of the truth about what sadly occurred to her, her husband and Nancy's film documentary producer/director; Bill Bowen. Yes, it is sad...they were all mysteriously found dead and the cover-up and lies about their deaths continues even to this date. To many who knew and know of this tragedy, It really is more than unfortunate that three innocent human being were killed and there are government agents as well as others who killed them/others yet run free and even to this date still partake in the cover-up of their deaths

My newest readers of my weekly blog article may very well have no idea who Senator Nancy Schaefer and Bill Bowen were. This makes sense to me as seeing the degree of what many State of Georgia officials, United States Government agents as well as much of the “lame stream media” has done to actively suppress even the knowledge of what dirty “business” Senator Schaefer and Bill Bowen were exposing just before their deaths. For those who unfortunately may be unaware of that business, please allow me to summarize their work as this; “exposing corrupt judges, lawyers, police, CPS agencies, Domestic Violence Programs and others involved in the destruction of families for financial profit.” Nancy and Bill were successful in sharing what was occurring at the time in our government in the way of families and children being destroyed for cash, and when Nancy and Bill's first film came out exposing the truth about these fore mentioned evilists, many eyes were opened(Part 1 of the film... We all know(well, at least I'd like to think at least most are awake enough to be aware) the atrocities and terroristic actions our US, it's States, Counties and others were taking against families all in the name of cash. Innocent families destroyed, innocent parents jailed, separated, children being wrongly placed in foster care, adopted out all so that unconstitutional and illegal government agents could make cold, hard-cash. Bill and Nancy made yet another film shortly before their deaths. That film is currently, well... we will just say, in hiding with someone for “safe keeping.”

To bring everyone up to date as one of my goals here in this article as stated earlier, I will simply acknowledge that these sort of murders, illegal incarcerations, separations and more that Nancy and Bill exposed, have not changed. As a matter of fact, there are more instances of these types of horrendous actions occurring not only in the USA, but all around the world today. No doubt that evil still reigns in this world all around us... satan has not taken a holiday since Bill and Nancy being both murdered. Those of us who have suffered and labored very hard in exposing evil such as what Senator Schaefer and Bill Bowen have also done, continue to suffer greatly. For the readers here who are not aware, I myself am a victim of a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer named Jennie Basal who was able to conspire with corrupted Genesee County, NY judges, lawyers, teachers and others to have a City of Batavia, NY cop threaten to murder me as well as illegally take my children, house and all property from me. In fact, to this very date of this article being written, the Genesee County, NY Clerk has refused to give me transcripts from court proceedings. I and others have asked and asked and asked for nearly one year now for those documents and others but to no avail. This is the sort of evil and illegal manner that millions of other Americans, just as myself have been treated and endured as well. You see, It's not just me. But as others just as myself, there are many others also who are waiting for persons such as Jennie Basal and her Genesee County, NY officials to actually make good on their threat to murder I and others Please take special note, it's not that I'm afraid... no... make no mistake about it, I am simply stating here that I am waiting and prepared and I'll leave it at that.

Yes, murder is a scheme being used by the devil and his people and for those who are ignorant of that fact, children robbed from homes via Child Protective Services, Family Courts, judges, lawyers, cops, social workers, domestic violence program workers, teachers, psychologists, Filipina Migration Marriage Scammers and all others like them, are all in the murder for hire and murder for cash business It is what it is, there is no other name for murder for cash. The history and facts speak for themselves. When good and honest people speak up for what is good and demand justice in our nation.... as what Senator Nancy Shaefer, Bill Bowen and others often times did/do---they are often and wrongfully demonized by those who are active in destruction of families and kidnapping children for financial profit schemes. It is so obvious to me that Former Georgia State Senator and Bill Bowen could not be demonized to the point of being silenced, even though through threats, they were told to remain silent about the kidnapping children and destruction of families for cash schemes(that still go on today without check). Thus, they were murdered by those involved in “cash for kids” and "destruction of families for profit" schemes for continuing to expose those horrific evil acts of our government and others just like them.

For those who were and still are close to Nancy and Bill in heart... in what they stood champion for, there likely will come no peaceful end and solution to the evil we still see yet today. I increasingly see bizarre video's often times posted on places like YouTube and equally bizarre statements being made on social websites of folks who purport to be also “victims” of Family Law Government Agents. However, these sort of folks often use a type of murder to kill off good folks and the real victims of the Family Law Government Agents as well. Often using character assassination, false propaganda, dissension and “divide and conquer” techniques, these types of people are often successful in maintaining confusion, causing wasted time and effort as well as resources in fighting them off so that good minded folks who have been raped via Family Law Government Agents can get justice. I cannot help but think and believe there are many Jezebel's and Ahab's that work for the US and it's State's propaganda machine. Thus, we see the influx of false “victims” infiltrating those who are the real victims of what also Bill and Nancy exposed. To the wise in heart and equally to the wicked judges, lawyers, psychologists, CPS workers, domestic violence program workers, cops and Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers, and others like them... we know that the evil one is hard at work trying to distract from truth, but for those of us who know truth, we will never quit exposing you...never.

We that are fighting for our families are fighting a vicious army that has no qualm of letting up on it's evil actions, we know through their actions that evilists enjoy equally the taste of blood and of money. The sad reality is that Senator Nancy Schaefer and Bill Bowen were not the first victims of this evil war on families and children for cash. No, and they are certainly and sadly will not be the last. Personally, I am praying fervently and working hard towards revival in our nation and our world. Of course the Lord Jesus Christ's move through the Holy Spirit does not depend only on me and what I say and or do. In reality, it depends upon everyone's repentant hearts to turn from wickedness and the move of God's Spirit to bring much needed reconciliation and peace as well as end to families and children murdered for financial profit. In the mean time though, until that day when all evil men and women repent of their indulging in wickedness, I educate, I expose and I remove evil wherever and whenever possible. I do earnestly pray that all people everywhere, irregardless of where they live(and read this article), will indeed repent of their wickedness before that “shot heard around the world” is fired. If we do not have that wholesale repentance, we can only expect to see more blood shed. Upon that day and time, it will be to late for many, the blood will flow more than we have ever seen or witnessed before.

Let us pray and act so that the deaths and murders of all families, children, Senator Schaefer and Bill Bowen were not in vain. Those of us who are on the side of truth, especially Biblical Truth are “all” Senator Nancy Schaefer and Bill Bowens' now....The God of the Bible demands justice. Do your part before it's to late.

Proverbs 24:11-12 “if you hold back from rescuing those taken away to death, those who go staggering to the slaughter; if you say, “Look, we did not know this”—does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who keeps watch over your soul know it? And will he not repay all according to their deeds?

Rev. Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Saturday, March 16, 2013

“Beware Of The Republican's 'Big Tent' Fiasco”

“Beware Of The Republican's 'Big Tent' Fiasco”

I heard the phrase a few years ago. I cannot remember which national Republican Party member said it first, but it was definitely a Republican leader. Whomever it was, I believe it was first coined as a phrase in response to that political party's choice of Mitt Romney for their pick as the US Presidential bid. Somehow though, someone in that political party felt that they needed to gather as many votes as they could find, even from normally unlikely and unfriendly sources. As of late, especially after Romney losing the last race for President, the Republican's are now utilizing more frequently the terminology of; “we are a big tent party.”

Governor's Jindal of Louisiana and Christy of New Jersey use it now, and I even hear some Conservatives using the phrase. Karl Rove and other RINO's like him such as Chris Christie of New Jersey however seemingly utilizing that terminology the most. That's what's so frighting to me, when the RINO's use that terminology. Let's face it, “big tent” can mean many things to many people. As a matter fact, I'll bet you(if I was a betting man, which I'm not) if you put 10 different Republican Party members in a room and asked them individually what was meant by their Party's phrase; “big tent”, you'd probably get eight to to ten different answers. It's so vague but in all earnest, I believe it's meant to be that way. The RINO's use of “big tent” cannot have anything good for America meant by it's use.

I'm not one much for deceptive politics’s, never have been, never will be, that's just me. Others love it, roll around in it like pigs in mud. but for me anyway... I don't like the smell of it. About the whole Republican Party “big tent” thing; I know that I know, that I's all about the Republican Party leader's deception and certainly contains nothing good for America. The Bible states clearly; “let your yes be yes and your” I know what's coming from those blasted Republican RINO's and their leaders, they in reality are like men who are transvestites. You know; “men on the outside, but feel like women on the inside.” These Republican's want to trade in what's left of “God” in their political platform for such things as; “softening their political stances” on issues such as abortion, homosexuality(Newt Gingrich and Rob Portman are already proponents of homosexuality), illegal immigration and whatever else they think they can get away with to gather more votes, even if it means recruiting the devil himself. These evilists would compromise their own mother's lives if they thought they could garner more votes for the Republican Party. Isn't it bad enough that the Democratic Party openly hate God and mocks Him as well? Now we have the Republican's trying to slime their way in the hearts of Americans doing the same thing ?
History shows that God of the Bible judges such wicked nations as ours who compromise with Biblical morality and truth. Aren't we a wicked enough nation already ? and haven't we already seen enough tragedies in our nation because of it all yet ? Come on !?! Isn't Obama terrorizing you and I enough yet ? Don't you believe there was God's hand in allowing Obama to be first elected then re-elected once again ? No, look at's not only those “stupid Obama voters” that people keep talking about who are ruining our nation and world. Even with all the voter fraud that took place on Election Day, 2012, God still allowed Obama's re-election and so did the Republican Party by putting up (yet another) RINO-compromiser. When we now have so many RINO's in Congress and also putting them up for the Republican Party challengers for the Presidency, God is not pleased. How can He be ? Who do you think God was more pleased with on Election Day last time around ?... a Muslim-Communist, or a Mormon-RINO ? In God of the Bible's eyes, they are exactly the same. Thus, our nation goes on in suffering.

It appears many American's haven't figured it out yet that you can't keep “pissing“ God off(I don't normally use that phrase but it seems it's the only way some people will listen !). I know what the jesus butterfly believers will tell you but, unrepentant... they're going to hell too with the other unbelievers(read Matthew 7:21-23) as well, please don't listen to them. The Republican Party's “big tent” theory is in reality a reach over to that base of people who will compromise with God's Word and are ignorant of what God says He hates. Unfortunately these days, that's a lot of people here in America. It would seem there are still many folks remaining in our nation who haven't suffered enough yet to change their minds and hearts back to God. These people are still hearty foolish enough to believe every word(which many times are blatant, open lies) that spews from a politicians mouth... both Republican as well as Democratic Party's.

Sometimes when writing each week, I wish I could write more “flowery” and “happy tone-sounding” words to people on my blog articles. Personally, I'm tired of needing to always point out matters of how sick our nation and world has been becoming all in an effort to wake people up. I know...2Timothy 3:1-13 and all the rest of the Bible Scriptures that talk about how bad people's attitudes will get in the “end times”, but I am in real hope and prayer that there will be one last great revival before Jesus' return. I want to see marriages restored, minds and bodies healed, I want to see hearts totally surrendered to the risen Saviour Jesus Christ. The problem that stands in the way of all this however is the millions and millions of hardened hearts in America and around the world. Politics, religion, hatred, greed, unforgivness, adultery, homosexuality, abortion... these and many more sinful acts and or agreement with them prevent many from being whole and restored as they really wish. These types of sins growing, just plain stops me from sharing messages of those “happy-tone sounding” messages I wish to convey. The sad reality is, these days... only the false profits are spreading those kind of messages because we live in a time of spiritual upheaval and darkness.

The message of the day is what the Bible declares as true; “There is nothing new under the sun.” The devil's schemes never changes, he just gives those schemes a new name, The devil's tricks are always the same ol' ploy each and every time. Don't be fooled by the Republican Party's “big tent” message-that's my point here. It's a con job by the Republican leaders, and if those who belong in the Republican Party also continue to “compromise” God's word any more, we can all say goodbye to what was once known as “The United States Of America.” God will spare no one who compromises His Word, no one. Hope that's not you friend---hope that's not you.

James 4:4 "Adulterers and adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God."

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Saturday, March 9, 2013

“Do You Have A- R.A.T.T. As A Neighbor Or In Your Family ?”

“Do You Have A- R.A.T.T. As A Neighbor Or In Your Family ?”

Do you know a R.A.T.T. ? Most likely you do. Just who are these R.A.T.T.'s. And what the heck do they want ? The short but simple answer to those two vitally important questions are; that they are not your friends, they are not your allies, they are not wanting you to do anything but to choose in either becoming just like them, or if not; to die. R.A.T.T.'s. may be your neighbor, in your family, perhaps even a “friend” on Facebook or on another other social media internet website. I'm referring to R.A.T.T's, those are; “Recognizable, Authenticated-Terrorist Threats.” The terminology of who R.A.T.T.'s really are again is fairly self explanatory. That is to say that people who voice opinion or violate in any form the US Constitution and or Godly principles of this nation is in the short, or in simplest of explanations, of what is a “Recognizable, Authenticated Terrosristic Threat” are. They're bottom line desire is to force you to drink their “kool-aid” and drag you down to hell with the rest of the country or as I shared earlier; to die.

The Next question you might want to ask is, how does one recognize a “R.A.T.T” “ Well, there are many examples. The simplest way in which to identify a Recognizable, Authenticated Terrorstic Threat is by listening to their own words, and or in viewing who they follow and or believe in. See that “Elect Obama” bumper sticker on that car ? Yep.... They're a R.A.T.T.(s) How about those anti 2nd Amendment folks ? Yepper, you bet !- more R.A.T.T.'s. How about those cops who hand out speeding tickets or protect those corrupt judges and lawyers-yep, more of the same ! The USA is full of Recognizable, Authenticated Terroristic Threats--- let's see, we else can add to the list ? Oh yes !... the Feminists, the Jesus haters, Socialists, Communists, Democrats, Liberals, the vast majority of politicians, lawyers, CPS workers, Domestic Violence Program workers, The Southern Poverty Law Center, ACLU also- the list goes on and on. Let's not forget our “friends” in the “media” as well There are many, many more R.A.T.T.'s just like them all across our land. Our American, and as a matter of fact, at every level and in all three branches of government whether on the Federal, State, county, or local level, there are many R.A.T.T.'s. Let it be known, these folks have decided to “drink the kool-aid” of evil or of “Obama”(same thing). Some may say I'm being a bit harsh here in identifying R.A.T.T.'s, but the bottom line and sad fact shows all of us that you cannot trust a people who hate God and the US Constitution. Once again, it's their goal to permanently remove you, exterminate you, kill you if you do not also drink their potion of abomination as they have already done.

To many American's are lost in their foolish pious religious or arrogant thinking to recognize how really bad this nation has been infested with R.A.T.T.'s. These type of people have given up not only every aspect of common sense but even worse; sold their very souls to wicked men and women, just like Obama, the Clinton's, Eric Holder and others. Like I said, to bad so many are like them. I wish to warn everyone however, don't just blame the so called “church and christians”...Recognizable, Authenticated-Terroristic Threats come in every human size, every race, both genders... both male and female alike and every political view known made to mankind. Most likely, you cannot tell a Recognizable, Authenticated Terrorist Threat simply by looking at her or him, you need to see what and who they follow/or believe. What you do need to know is that they will turn you over to the militant R.A.T.Ts for punishment or to kill you the drop of a dime.

The Christian Bible is not only a great guide in telling us how to deal with R.A.T.T.'s but as well identifies for us in plain language that R.A.T.T.'s such as we see today would appear at some point in history. I firmly believe with all the evidence and facts of how we see human behaviour, we are at that time. In fact, the Christian Bible comes with a warning us of this very present moment that we are seeing the beginning of what will only become worse...that in Luke 12:53, Jesus said that “the father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.” You see, even R.A.T.T's are in families as I indicated earlier in my article here. Jesus recognized that one-day, there would be “R.A.T.T's" that would be involved in tearing apart families. It's not just judges and lawyers splitting up families for cash and sport, no... so called family members are doing it to their own flesh and blood as well. In response to even our own family members, friends and the like “ratting us out" for our faith, Jesus identified that some of us who are not R.A.T.T's but true followers of Him, would be actually captured and brought up before the evil R.A.T.T.'s and their leaders. Quoting the Bible once again, our response at that time when being dragged before these wicked men and women should be as what was written in Mark 13:11...“But when they shall lead you, deliver you up, take no thought beforehand what ye shall speak, neither do ye premeditate; but whatsoever shall be given you in that hour, that speak ye; for it it is not ye that speak, but the Holy Ghost.” Indeed for those that are caught, you will be given some pretty powerful words to speak at these evil R.A.T.T.'s I am quite confident the words spoken will cut right to the heart of the R.A.T.T.'s so that if the do not repent, God will leave them with no excuse for their wickedness of following anyone or anything but God. Here take note however, the people who are “Recognizable, Authenticated-Terrorist Threats” are on the prowl, seeking even today they can convert or kill. Be ready, you may be soon called up before “courts” to answer for your faith in Christ and suffer for it such as I and other Americans have already been forced to do.

Keeping the focus on the Good Book, Let's remember a few things here... This is a command and we should follow God's instructions to the “T” in it...just keep in mind and realize this; that despite what the emergent church, cults and nominal christians(note the small letter 'c') these days tell or teach you, use of wisdom must be utilized when dealing with R.A.T.T.'s. Jesus warned all of us in Matthew 7:6 when dealing with the enemy... “ Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine. Lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again to tear you.” We can see much of that sort of casting of “pearls before swine” these days when for example; wicked people like Obama, the Clinton's and others give Muslims Billions of dollars of so called “foreign aide.” Foolish and reckless R.A.T.T.'s have little care for throwing pearls before swine. This is so probably because those “pearls” have no personal cost to them, or that their real desire is destroy everything good and Godly anyway. For sure, we know that R.A.T.T's, in any-case, have little desire to do anything beneficial for Godly or doing anything moral anyway. They are are often self-centered beings and quite opposite of what God calls “decent.” I can personally attest to what I am writing here as true because after returning from a visit in our nation's Capital approximately one month ago, I can tell you all that once again, Washington DC is full of Recognizable, Authenticated-Terroristic Threats. It is sad and most unfortunate that most American's throughout our nation cannot really see who these R.A.T.T's are. As a matter of fact, Most American's still believe the lies that permeate the airwaves that somehow, there somehow remains justice in our land, that the media tells us the truth with facts on the nightly news broadcasts and that our so called “elected representatives” vote in favor of what is in all of our best interest. So a conclusion must be drawn here and sadly stated, that most American's are R.A.T.T.'s themselves and may not even realize it. Because of their willful ignorance, they have become an enemy not only an enemy to themselves, but as well, the enemy that God warns us about in the Bible.

No religion(The Biblical God has nothing to do with religion) can save us from people who are “Recognizable, Authenticated-Terrorist Threats.” Nor can any government or political party or even single human being, can save us either from these type of horrendous evil-doer such as R.A.T.T.'s. The time is here, the time is now that the R.A.T.T.'s have arrived. A special additional note regarding the thought process of these R.A.T.T.'s; The so called “zombies” that the R.A.T.T.'s keep talking about and paying money to police to kill in “mock emergency response drills”, the reality and reflection of what R.A.T.T's look like on the inside are in fact those “zombies.” Rather than looking at themselves as who and what R.A.T.T.'s really are, these “Recognizable, Authenticated-Terrorist Threats” are in reality planning in using their police to kill all of us who follow Christ and love America's Constitutional freedoms. The “zombie attack drill” is their cover for their plans on how to kill all non-conformists towards their evil agenda. If what I am saying here was not true, why in February, 2013, did our American Government(Department of Homeland Security) purchase 1.6 Billion rounds of ammunition, 2,700 Armored Personnel Carries and 1000 machine guns for themselves ? Surely, the R.A.T.T.'s are on the move.

I do hope and pray you get and see my point. R.A.T.T.'s are real...they are not only from foreign shores as our own as our Recognizable, Authenticated-Terroristic Threat Government agents tell us. They are not only from nations such as Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, N. Korean, China and other nations that they indicate... no, they are also home grown evilists that teach in our schools, run our news agencies, run our government(s), and according to our Constitution, have no place or business living in, or being employed in our nation. I have warned all of you many times before; if you do not immediately remove evil, even forcibly and quickly, that evil left alone will fester... will only grow bigger and grow worse. Which, leads me to ask you this vitally important question; isn't it easier to remove a disease when it is first appears rather then waiting until the disease has grown and a person is on their death bed ? R.A.T.T.'s are everywhere in America right now. The Christian Church and pulpit have failed exponentially in not only identifying Recognizable, Authenticated-Terroristic Threats, but removing them as well. The Recognizable, Authenticated-Terrorist Threats themselves are multiplying like... well, yes... rats. This is the time when the resolve of every American man, women and child will be here-on-out challenged... even unto death. Men I specifically I position this question to you; will you “grow a pair” and stand up for what is right ? or will you fall by the way-side and become just another Recognizable, Authenticated-Terrorist Threat like your family member, or neighbor or someone else on your Facebook “friend” list that already has their name etched on the walls of hell ?

As always, God of the Bible never forces us to choose. So, choose wisely, yet very wisely my friend.

Rev. Paul Waldmiller~ Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Saturday, March 2, 2013

“ Big Head-Bill O'Reilly Is About To Be Deflated”

“ Big Head-Bill O'Reilly Is About To Be Deflated”

Poor Bill O'Reilly... his often times arrogant attitude is finally going to get him in trouble. No, when I state here “in trouble” I don not mean by any means that any “man" could do to him. No... what I am sharing here is in regards to what he along with a very long line of very foolish have done throughout history; specifically, that is openly calling God of the Bible a liar. Now Bill hasn't come right-out and called God a “liar”, utilizing that exact word, but he does claim that the Christian Bible is not to be taken literally. Mr. O'Reilly in fact states that the Bible is “allegorical” not literal Bill goes on in the article link I just posted here to state that the Bible actually also contradicts itself... ouch Bill, that's gonna hurt! Again, I really feel sorry for 'Ol Bill but He will learn the hard way I guess.

Let me explain...If you really aren't familiar with Bill O'Reilly, he is well known as a past news correspondent, current author and commentator. He has a television program usually aired on the Fox News Network where he comments on various topics. Many American's have either a love for him or real disdain and or even loathe him. Both Liberals and Conservatives in many ways have voiced opposition to Mr. O'Reilly's “moderate” view points and that has brought many of them also to oppose Bill's views even publicly. There are other various reasons for folks disliking of Mr. O'Reilly though. The largest complaint by far regarding Bill, is his arrogant attitude-plain and simple. Mr. O'Reilly comments on many subjects and if you don't agree with him, he does tend to get into a kind of mean spiritedness. In fact often times you are called a “pin head” by Bill if you do voice opposition to him. Yes, Bill can be correct in his facts and as a matter of fact he is correct more than half-the time I'd say judging by the times I have viewed and listened to him. Mr. O'Reilly's being correct on occasion or even wrong is not the root problem however---Bill's problem is his attitude about being correct (or even when he is wrong). Mr. O'Reilly makes a conscious attempt to degrade people who disagree with him. Hey ! There's nothing wrong about confronting evil but when Bill get's “high on his horse”, there's no knocking him down.... He's right, or else !

Being correct in any matter is a good thing. Most(but not all) American's want fact. Delivery of “facts” however can have a big impact on a person's perception also of the messenger, not just what is being presented as “fact.” Bill O'Reilly's problem often times is his “delivery” of facts and how he treats others. In the past years, Bill has been popularized with his attitude and treatment of others and as a matter of fact, has very high viewer ratings for treating others on his program poorly. That's all good right ? Well, not Bill proclaims on his Fox News program that his is a “no spin zone” program, but Bill is in fact is himself taking a huge step of hypocrisy by claiming in essence the Bible as it is written is not true. By proclaiming the Christian Bible as being “allegorical”, Mr. O'Reilly is doing exactly what he claims he will not allow any guest on his program engage in; “spinning.” He is in essence, calling God, a “pinhead.”

If only Bill's ego would let him see that he is wrong about his view of thee Bible(and other matters). If only he picked up the Christian Bible and read 2 Timothy 3:16 where it is read; “ All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction is righteousness.” I mean it's all so simple to read, is it now Bill ? Adam and Eve... Yes Bill... they really existed and so did every “character” in the Bible. If Bill was smart--- before engaging in writing his upcoming book; “Killing Jesus” Bill should have embarked on looking at all the newly discovered Biblical artifacts found in recent years. As Bill claims there are “new facts” about Jesus, Bill instead looked at the facts that show the words of the Bible are shown to be true. Mr. O'Reilly is treading on dangerous grounds right now. He ought to be extremely careful that he doesn't catch any number of curses and negative consequences mentioned in the Bible for his apostasy and or adding or taking away anything from the Bible(Revelation 22:18-19).

Interestingly perhaps I suppose, I believe, Mr. O'Reilly goes against the beliefs of his own Roman Catholic religious teachings when he spouts such things as the Bible being only allegorical, and not literal. Now, I'm not a “Roman Catholic” kinda guy. For me, I believe in the Bible, not human traditions, but Bill seems so full of himself, that he believes he can challenge anyone including even his own religious leaders. Sure, Bill is probably powerful enough to keep the Roman Catholic Church and their leaders off his back, but does he really think there is no consequence for challenging God and His Word ? Indeed, this is where all men(all people)---eventually go when they become to powerful, Bill O
Reilly also.... these type's get full of themselves and think they can question God and His Word and manipulate God's words to fit any way they want to without consequence. I have good news for Mr. O'Reilly, he can change course(repent) right now; he can read and pray through the Christian Bible with eyes not on his own beliefs and actually read for himself that God says what He means, and means what He says. Mr. O'Reilly can instead though go on in stepping in that land mine and take a chance in seeing what happens. I guarantee everyone one thing, including for Mr. Bill O'Reilly... no man(person) has ever challenged God or His Word without God showing up in ways many would not expect. Yep, I feel sorry for Ol' Bill if he doesn't repent. He's about to get a huge lesson on humility if he doesn't stop his foolish challenge to God and His Word.

Take cover everyone ! God's in control... Bill O'Reilly... You've just entered God's “no spin zone.”

Psalms 18:27 For you save a humble people, but the haughty eyes you bring down.
Rev. Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor