Friday, June 29, 2012

“Are You Spitting In Jesus' Face ?-The Refusal To Remove Evil.”

“Are You Spitting In Jesus' Face ?-The Refusal To Remove Evil.”

How does one describe what is occurring in America other than what is written to warn and advise us in the Bible and also of the words of our very own American Founding Fathers of what we suffer? There are so many colorful words that I could choose to describe how by the very second of every minute, horrendous and evil acts are taking place because of our fellow citizens who ignore(d) God's Word and who are in bed with the devil. Hearing and seeing much of America's woes and the consequences of this nations problems are being placed upon Barack Hussein Obama via some people who want good for our land, but few of those who are truly concerned, truly understand the root responsibility for Obama's actions are not only belonging to him, but also to all the Americans who voted for him and evil people just like him. This attitude of blaming only one man is wrong and we must also identify all of those allowing evil that has permeated throughout our land. That is; those who are the majority of Americans who have lost all common sense; many also who cannot see nor hear how their own relativistic beliefs have also brought utter destruction to our nation. The truth is; most Americans have become deaf, blind as well as dumb to truth, especially towards Biblical truth. What was common sense and healthy values handed down from God to our American Founding Fathers has been totally ignored and purposely deviated from the last 100-plus years. These great men of the past not only gave us the words of encouragement to keep our nation from what we are now experiencing at the hands of evil men(people), but they also gave us perspicacious warnings in regards to what would occur to our nation if we allowed our nation to drift towards hellish attitudes, and hell is exactly where this nation lies.

So, here we are.... hell, USA and what are we going to do about it ? I mean it's not going to get any better in our nation unless we learn what we have done thus far hasn't worked and change course immediately, right ? If we want to do the same stupid thing over and over again but expect a different result, isn't that a definition of insanity ? I mean we could keep doing the same devilish things and let it all get worse if that's what Americans really desires. I realize that there are Americans like that out there(devilish), in fact, I just had a discussion several days ago with several men, one of which is an attorney employed in a county Public Defender's office. Neither of the men I had that conversation with(including the lawyer), were receptive to hearing that their man made attitudes and efforts were only going to continue in failure. To sum up what I offered as proof of what they were doing would not work, I went on to share with them a quote from one of our Founding Fathers but however all I received from them in return was them telling me; “shut the hell up.”
When one of our Founding Fathers, Daniel Webster warned us;
 “If we and our posterity reject religious instruction and authority,
  violate the rules of eternal justice, trifle with the injunctions of morality,
  and recklessly destroy the political constitution which holds us together,
  no man can tell how sudden a catastrophe may overwhelm us that bury all
  our glory in profound obscurity.”

should we have not taken heed from such warnings as to avoid what our nation suffers in great distress today? Seriously, when we allow evil, when we encourage wickedness or do nothing to remove it, it's like us spitting in the face of Jesus Christ of the Bible. What good purpose is “spinning your wheels” in the same repetitive and cowardly act of spitting in Jesus' face anyway? People who want to be free from the consequences of tyranny need to learn of repentance, learn that unrepentant people need to be immediately removed and put it all into practice.

As I shared a bit ago, unfortunately, there are those Americans who seem desperate in keeping with their failed attempts to bring our nation back utilizing unfruitful and unbiblical techniques and as I shared also, that their attempts of“insanity” in action, is complete and utter foolishness. How does one wake up a people, a culture to the notion of their impending destruction without telling them Biblical truth? The answer is, you can't. The reality is that hardened hearts only harden further(according to Ephesians 4:18). Without the realization that the Holy Spirit Himself is yelling and screaming at the top of His lungs for people to listen and then to do(repent and remove evil). This failure to “listen then do” has resulted only in a shadow of what people really need. I liken those hard hearted people to those Republican Party members who are in the same exact spiritual condition as Obama supporters....those Republicans who push and totally rely on having their Mormon/RINO prospective nominee in place of what God demands in attempt to solve America's problems. Do Americans have the ability or even the desire to see the mire of problems we suffer, is a direct result of allowing evil to go unchallenged ? Do Americans even care that the ignoring of Biblical precepts has brought our nation to “hell” or that matters will only get worse because of all the continuance of evil and those who choose to ignore the evil that surrounds them ? Ernie Larson used to say; “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” Is anyone out there listening ?? Samuel Adams warned us all a very long time ago
 “Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is
  not making a present or a compliment to please an individual-or at least that he
  ought not to do so; but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human
  society for which he is accountable to God and his country. He may then reflect,
  each one on his own integrity, and appeal to the Monitor withing his breast, that he
  has not trifled with the sacred trust reposed in him by God and his country-that he
  has not prostituted his honor and conscience to please a friend or a patron.”

In other words, what Samuel Adams was saying to us is; relying on a man or voting for him, especially a man with a history of lying, cheating and communicating mixed messages only to get elected(or re-elected) is likened to prostituting yourself in voting for him/her. I don't know about you, but the very thought of prostituting myself or selling my soul to anyone or anything is sickening and not something I am willing to do. Personally, I'd rather die in a civil war fighting on God's(of the Bible) side than being likened to a whore to the devil and his people.

I do hope and pray that any “civil war” is avoided. Those of us who recognize Jesus Christ as the ultimate authority(not man nor religion) see clearly what is occurring and the consequences to our nation for not removing those who elect these bad men and women. No matter how many times the American people elect to government men and women that hold to bad vices and partake in immoral behavior, God will not be like those American's who willingly partake in electing in office or refusing to remove evil. He will not tolerate very much longer the evil people who rejoice in or don't partake in their Biblical duties in removing such wicked people. Judgment has already begun and the fruit of participating in or refusing to remove all evil has begun. Leaving what our American Founding Fathers gave us; Godly and Natural law, has resulted in the Government continuing in oppressing us, steal our children, destroying our families, destroying our Constitution, rape our children with sex education, with unnecessary “vaccinations”, use and abuse of psychotropic medications, sending police to arrest or threaten to murder us, and much, much more action in the way of evil upon us as well. Evil is allowed, so how much more spitting in Jesus' face will you partake ? The Government has trained our own police and military to hate you and they will kill you and violate what is left of your so called “Constitutional rights” the longer evil is tolerated and people enjoy their spitting in Jesus' face. How much travesty are you willing to tolerate by continuing in evil and or your electing/re-electing your own man made political “god's” ? Right now, judges mostly honor what the police do to you because you are considered a slave to them and they will not help those involved in righteousness. Expect little to no relief nor help from them You are after all, only a corporate number and they and the devil own you because you have rejected Jesus and He has had enough of being spit upon(God keeps His promises, please no false gospel jesus butterfly believer comments here).

As if corrupt judges, cops, lawyers, legislators, government elected officials and like minded citizens who elect them continue in their endeavor to destroy this nation instead of repenting, there is no more United States Of America---I guarantee that, for the Christian Bible says so. God has warned the people of this nation over and over and now those who sell their souls, as a prostitute sells her/his body, there is already a sickness and disease upon our land that cannot be cured without the total 100% heart repentance both individually and corporately as a nation to God for that cure. What to expect without true repentance to Jesus Christ will only get our nation more of the worsening of oppression from our national, state and local leaders utilizing their evil cops and “law enforcement” as well as eventual military involvement in our daily lives. In addition, expect more wild fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, incurable diseases in proof of what George Mason, the Father of the Bill of Rights declared more than 200 hundred years ago;
 “As nations cannot be rewarded or punished in the next world,
  so they must be in this. By an inevitable chain of causes and effects,
  Providence punishes national sins by natural calamities.”

My advice to all Americans, everywhere; stop messing around with religion and party politics---get on your knees and repent right now for any evil you're involved in to Jesus and remove immediately all those who continue to spit in the face of Jesus Christ. We cannot afford to waste time on more foolish debates, senseless theological discussions and or waiting for a consensus from foolish people who only want to believe what they want to believe.

For more specific details on how to remove evil, please visit;
Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, June 22, 2012

“The Proper American Involvement In The Syrian Crisis”

“The Proper American Involvement In The Syrian Crisis”

Civil wars are ugly matters in whatever nation that may be involved. The United States had seen it's bloodiest battles not with the matter of the Revolutionary War with King George III and his hired Hessian mercenaries, no the American Civil War cost much more in terms of lives lost and was perhaps the worst war of not only in terms of lost American lives, but also in terms lost dreams, and certainly lost hearts. Those of us who who have learned the lessons of history are fully aware what civil wars are all about; that is the breaking of a nation torn in what cultural norms and also what a particular people of that nation hope to either change or remain in those things some would want to keep-good or bad.

In Syria, there is indeed a split in that culture, within the Syrian people are those who on one side want their ways to continue originally set by a previous dictator and now that dictator's son with much of the same policies to remain in power; that is to say; those aligned with the Assad family dictatorship are embedded in areas of the Syrian nation and have made their lives very comfortable in maintaining as well as supporting that dictatorship. On the other side, that is opposite of the Assad supporters are the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. This particular group has been heavily involved in the supposed “Arab Spring” in which nations that were once ruled by monarchy, dictatorships, other kinds of governments have been toppled by the Muslims sweeping in a whole host of Islamic Laws to rule the nation including the infamously restrictive Sharia Laws.

So, within Syria, we have two factions fighting one another; that is the ones loyal to the oppressive Assad dictatorship and on the other side; we have the oppressive Muslim Brotherhood. Doesn't sound much like a good choice for the Syrian people to me. Two factions fighting one-another to see which will control the Syrian people more. I have heard foolish US politicians like John McCain and others like them who have little interest in getting government out of the “business of war” continues in calling for the US Government to supply the Muslim Brotherhood with weapons to fight against the Assad loyalists, but in all honesty this is a just a stupid idea. When we have helped other Islamic nations in the past such as Egypt and Libya where the Muslim Brotherhood gained power, America not only didn't get a “thank you,” no, The United States instead was told to get out and refereed to as once again as the “great satan”----one minute we are awesome, the next minute we are poison. When the Muslim brotherhood gains power, America is the most evil nation on the world and “every American must submit to Allah, or die !

While Hilary Clinton tears up the Middle East wheeling and dealing for George Soros the Bilderbergs and“New World Order”, American tax dollars are being used to support Islamic revolutions all over the Middle East. Indeed, George Soros is an intelligent man, he is utilizing his money to build up a army of strong and fanatic men that are disguised as faithful followers of Muhammad. Soros knows that with the right “carrot” in front of these religious fanatics, his Islamic “army” can be placed in any nation Soros chooses and thus make any nation his financial slaves- the United States included. Let there be no doubt in you mind and heart that George Soros is one of the most evil and vile men ever to walk the world. George Soros has already given away billions of dollars(that's billion, with a “b”) to left wing and Communist organizations here in the United States so as to help topple our Republic. The end result if we are not careful, will be Soros having total control over ever aspect of our lives and Islamic's ruling our nation. Learn in detail just exactly what this man is doing and you will find everything I just shared here to be absolutely 100% true, this Soros may even be the anti-christ, he is that evil.

The America's economy is basically in the toilet, there is hardly any job growth and many American's have not only lost their jobs, they have also lost homes, families, and food is something that once was easy to purchase, but gasoline prices have cut heavily into family food budgets as well all across our land. What I'm leading to is that our nation has spent trillions of dollars since the Vietnam War, with not much good to show for the money spent-the world is still a dangerous place and we have less friends and allies, not more. We need a newer, smarter and much more practical way to fend off our enemies and protect our vital national as well as our international interests and allies as well. Being financially “broke” doesn't mean we have to flee from our “Super Power” status. We can certainly maintain our military might by beginning with utilizing much better and much more intelligent ways when using our resources and spending our hard earned tax dollars. Beginning with Syria, the USA needs to not supply weapons to either the Assad nor the Muslim Brotherhood forces. Instead, The United States should call upon the factions to have a 72 hour cease-fire. The purpose of the cease fire is to give all Syrian women and children time to temporarily exit the nation to bordering Arab nations as refuges and live there until the hellish Syrian civil war can be settled. The United Nations can use buses, planes, vans, whatever is at their disposal to help get these women and children to safety. Surrounding Arab nations surrounding Syria such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iraq should carry the brunt of the cost in transporting the Syrian women and children, even in terms of cost in setting up “tent cities” if necessary for housing for them. The United States should not have to contribute not even one dollar in this effort. Nations such as Saudi Arabia has more than enough money and ability in helping in paying for transportation and living quarters for these Syrians. In fact, the KSA, has a vested interest in seeing Syria stabilized and through acts of “good will” towards both of the Syrian factions, it would only benefit the Saudi royalty to help defer the costs of helping Syrian women and children in being safe.

For the United States, no need to spend one dollar more towards another stupid war where our Marines guard CIA poppy plant(heroin) fields. Nope, the US Military can stay home this time. The American People need to send Biblical Christian Missionaries to the Syrian refugees to help feed, clothe and take care of the medical and spiritual needs of those who need it. Not one US tax payer dollar should be spent on war----nope, like I already shared; smarter, more useful and beneficial is using American Christian Missionaries in ministering to the lost, dying and hurt. We have larger and even smaller ministries(such as mine and , we are always accepting financial donations as well) that are well equipped in helping just the sort of people who need help in Syria the most-that is Americans who have dedicated their lives in the call to serve others with the love of Christ. Perhaps you are not a true believer in the methods I described here as most helpful...Let me ask you, would you rather spend your (hard earned)tax money(without your consent nor approval-you don't get a choice from the US Govt.!) for guns to be purchased to see a mad man like George Soros gain more corrupted power, or would you rather see none of your tax money spent and you instead through your own choice-yourself give a few dollars to help keep women and children be blessed with a good meal and a safe place to live ? For most Americans, I believe the later of the two choices would take precedent.

We as a people have a choice, we don't need to allow evil people like the Clinton's, George Soros, John McCain and others like them push “ We The People” into more war and conflict. I'm all for a strong military, having one keeps evil nations and evil people in check and helps keep all America safe. There are many more opportunities though where we can “catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Why not let Biblical Christian missionaries do their job and show the love, compassion of Jesus Christ ? It's the Biblical, smarter and cheaper way to go !

Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.”

Pastor Paul Waldmiller-Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, June 15, 2012

“The House That American's Built”

“The House That American's Built”

It would be quite exhausting to go through in this short blog post all of the early U.S. Founding Father's beliefs especially their Biblical beliefs and that of their Christian beliefs added to the Declaration Of Independence, Constitution, even the vast majority of their laws passed that proclaimed “right from wrong.” I am left however needing to to share that those ideals, those beliefs from many of our American Founding Fathers were based on an attitude not gained from other men or of practices of men, but rather from their deep research for matters of the soul. In essence, what I am stating is that our nation's beginning, or as I will liken this article to; as a house being built, this country was erected on a foundation primarily made of Bible Scriptures and faith in Jesus Christ. I realize that there have been vain attempts by American history revisionists to dismantle these very truths and facts as I have explained over some of my past blog articles, but I declare to you this very hour and knowing what bad “fruit” we see in our society is as a result of the “devil being in the detail” of American revisionist history and thus is why I am lead to write this article and affirm what I have previously written beforehand.

The evidence I witness today of the bad “fruit” and also of what the majority of what is inside many American's, has reached it's pinnacle in time. Before the return of Jesus Christ, I cannot envision our nations leaders, government leaders, police and others “in charge in our nation” becoming much worse in all their evil ways than that of their evil today. It seems nearly every level of our own American Government, all the way down to the lowest of grade of government paid employee has been corrupted. I mean not to say all American Government politician and or employee are corrupted but as they say at times; “Poo runs down hill.” If there is corruption, few are taking the chance to lose their jobs to become “whistle blowers”, pointing their fingers and exposing the corruption they see(Ephesians 5:11). To many employed in our government remain quiet, or simply look the other way when they see evil/hear; sin and or corruption. So often people choose their own personal gain rather that of taking a stand to make what is wrong into what is right.

In no way, shape or form are “We The American People” off the hook either when it comes to being blameless, that is; when it comes to allowing evil to progress in our nation and as I shared earlier in this article regarding our nations “foundation”, it was built upon Jesus and He according to the Bible and He was our “Rock.” The American people are currently finding out and experienced what happens to a “solid foundation” if you chip away at it long enough, and that is that the foundation will eventually crack, then erode then finally break. Imagine having a house hanging five-thousand feet in the air with it being held by the strongest material in the world but the vast majority of the 313,500,000 occupants of that house decide to chip at the foundation of that house's foundation all at once--- what do you think would occur ? The answer to that question is; just read today's headline news, then you can clearly see the consequences of all our chipping away. I really cannot explain in any simpler terms to those who really care about our nation what we have done to ourselves, and as people here in the US of A from removing the foundation of Jesus of our nation.

In last week's article(, I shared a bit about consequences regarding any nation not following God of the Bible and His precepts. Although after reading some of the feedback from a few folks who read the whole article through, I am not fully convinced that majority of Americans understand what is occurring to our nation and why. As the consequences of our own citizen's rebellious attitude towards God continues, I see more problems not less. Every religious nut and secular leader is trying to fix our nation with vain words, repetitious babbling prayers and comparatively what could only be seen as “band-aids” for what really is a mountain of a problem. In other-words, the ways of the world still don't work. In Ecclesiastes 1:9, the Bible Scripture dictates to us “...There is nothing new under the sun.” In the context in which I am attempting to share nation is suffering, what I mean is; people are trying to repair a broken foundation of a house(our nation) with everything that has been tried before over the last 6000 years(as stated in the Bible) and none of those attempted “solutions” worked before, so why would they work now ? Again, many of America's government and religious leaders attempts to repair our nation's woe's are likened to trying to place a “band-aide” on a broken mountain-it will never work.

As many of our nations' political, social and religious leaders continue in attempt to use lies, deception, control, manipulation, and vain repetitious for “repairs”, we should all as a people take a step back and closely examine the fruit of their worthless and very unproductive “fruit.” The only end product I(and many other Biblical Christians) see of their work is that of a further along cracked foundation that will soon break, spilling millions of Americans to a lengthy fall resulting in a very sad and fiery death. The real solution for America to find a way to repair their nation's foundation is possible if( that's a BIG IF), the Rock, that is, if Jesus again became the “brick and mortar” of our current wayward nation. I have my doubts though this will ever occur as more and more Biblical Christians are stating publicly; “you cannot stop Biblical prophesy” and they are correct, that is indeed true, but there is still that sincere hope within me that shortly before the return of Jesus Christ(of the Bible) and His return for His bride(the Church), there would be one more “Great Awakening” in our nation as was seen in the 1700's and 1800's. We as a people are long over due for spiritual revival but it must come through way of repentance and turning from our wicked ways. The responsibility for that begins in the House of The Lord and the pulpit, however and with what is being taught and preached in so many (supposed) Christian Churches in America these days, It will be only a miracle and only the full grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to allow a repair of our nation's foundation and a real rescue of the damnation that awaits us as a people for our rebelliousness.
Folks, as our many of our current leaders attempt to fix all our nations problems with empty words and promises, we who know the Biblical truth must stand up. Every Christian must “make his election sure” by sharing truth in and of Jesus Christ to ever one who will listen. Here in the USA, our governments(both Federal and State's) have been increasingly become hostile to Jesus and the Christian Bible and we so desperately need Jesus. These days, good Christian pastors have been put in jail, harassed by police and politicians or even like me; illegally had my own U.S. And New York State Government take away my children, house and all my property, giving all to an illegal alien; that is a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer and then having a City of Batavia, NY cop threaten to murder me. Us biblical pastors need your support and your help, we obviously cannot do this alone. The Body of Christ needs to stick together and be the beacon of light in such a time as this. It is not that there has never been a time to be likened to a “city on a hill” for Jesus, but this whole entire mess has become reality because many of the supposed true believers in Jesus Christ lost their light and no longer shine for Jesus. Instead, they blend in just like the rest of the world as well. Consider this a Biblical warning; “Christians” who are mixing religion, and the use of the world with the Bible will not escape the great judgment coming upon our nation if the “mortar” of Jesus is not used to repair our nation.

My friends, I do hope and pray you are ready for whatever may come. Praying alone cannot save our nation. We need real stand-up, committed followers of Jesus right now. James in his own words in the Bible declared “But someone will say, 'You have faith, and I have works.' Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works. You believe there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe-and tremble. But do you want to know oh foolish man, that faith without works is dead ?(James 2:17-20)

.Are you ready for what comes ? I sure hope so cause whatever does make it's way to our nation; it will mean work that you will never forget for a life-time.

Matthew 7:24-28; “Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: 25 and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock.
26 “But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand: 27 and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall.”
28 And so it was, when Jesus had ended these sayings, that the people were astonished at His teaching”

Pastor Paul Waldmiller-Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, June 8, 2012

“ Romney Or Obama; Calamity And Islam Will Grow In America”

“ Romney Or Obama; Calamity And Islam Will Grow In America”

There are often times I wish Americans would really do their “homework” when it comes to not not only political matters but also and even more in importance; that of spiritual and Biblical matters as well. As the political polls continue to pick up their pace regarding the U.S. Presidential race between Mitt Romney and Barack Hussein Obama, one can clearly see that Republican Party Nominee; Mitt Romney is either in a statistical tie with Obama or in some polls, actually moving a head of Obama. It's a big “no brainer” for those who call themselves Republicans, that they are pushing for Romney to be elected. The one group however of those who are also a self described group of Republicans that are less than enthusiastic about Romney's election, are the so called “Evangelicals.” Those are the diehard Biblical Christians who follow Jesus of the Bible and are in no way persuaded in following religions and or religious cults. With the world waning and wallowing many times in it's own poo because of foolish and ungodly decisions, the Biblical Christians within the Republican Party have decided by and large that despite the advice of the so call “conservative” talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh(who is not a Christian), or that of Fox Television News (aka the “Catholic News Channel”), These Biblical Christians have refused to fall for perhaps the worst (presumptive)Republican Nominee in the history of the Republican Party.

I suppose I could go in this article further regarding Romney's horrible political record but I will keep with the most important matter of this article and that is in waking people up from their spiritual slumber. I will state here however that I am in real hopes that those who read this article will finally open their spiritual eyes to where our nation is headed and what a Romney win will cause our nation(we already know Obama will bring a disaster as well). It is not my job to open people's spiritual eyes; that is the job of the Holy Spirit but the weight of this presidential election weighs much heavier than what most people in our nation could ever begin to understand and in all earnest, I feel a bit like Jeremiah from the Bible telling American's they need to really wake up and seek God in these last hours before the destruction comes. There are so many Biblical similarities between Israel's waning from God's Word in the Old Testament of the Bible and what we currently see in America's attitude of rebellion to God's Word as well. As I mentioned earlier, I do feel like Jeremiah as he then seen his fellow Israeli's laugh at and ridicule him for warning all of Israel to repent and return to God. I (and other Biblical Christians who have been giving warning)also am increasingly be ridiculed and my warnings trivialized. I will however continue to write about those matters that I believe the Lord Himself directs me to write in hopes that as many American's as possible will be as the Prodigal Son(Luke 15;11-32) and come to their senses and also then on to the returning to the Father before it's to late for them.

Have you also like I, felt the Lord's direction to warn our fellow citizen's of the impending doom that awaits our nation and to see our nation remove itself from such dire straights ? Or how America has become so poor not only spiritually, but also economically as well? To answer those questions for those not knowing what I am speaking of here and I will do so with other questions to you and those questions being; Have you actually and truthfully thought that the God of the Bible would look the other way when so called “Christians” also turned the other way and or largely ignored that the nearly 70 million babies murdered in our nation ?, or how about in our nation the allowing of homosexuality to run rampant without check or largely without opposition here or really, any one of the hundreds of ungodly matters American so called “Christians” have allowed through their apathy and or silence ? No doubt this country is being led astray by the millions of wicked hearts that have allowed so many wicked and evil things to occur in our nation and God's judgment is already here(and about to get a whole lot worse without repentance). The pulpits in America are rapidly and increasingly filled with ungodly men who preach “doctrines of demons”(1Timothy 4:1). They are the ones like Al Sharpton, Benny Hinn, Jesse Jackson, Joel Osteen, and Jeremiah Wright....and Speaking of Jeremiah Wright, have you ever wondered why Romney refuses to condemn such men as Wright and his cult of the Black liberation Theology even after being encouraged to do so by the Republican Party Establishment leaders ? Does it not also disturb you that a man who may be elected to position of President of The United States will not call out wickedness ??? Here is the reality of Romney refusing to confront wickedness; Romney can't. That's right Romney can't call out evil as “evil” because Romney himself is a “bishop” in his own cult of Mormonism/LDS. Romney cannot label someone else in a different cult “wrong” as a “heretic”, or being involved in any way wrong in “ evil theology” because Romney is quite keenly aware that he himself will be right away attacked for himself having membership in a religious cult as well.

As If Romney being associated with a religious cult wasn't bad enough, now we are finding out he also belongs to the infamously evil Bilderburg group. Apparently he attended their recent last meeting in Virginia and for those who are unfamiliar with the Bilderberg group, they are a group of various world leaders, famously rich persons and other influential persons such as actors who are involved with George Soros ideals like increasing human depopulation throughout the world. Of course that is only one of many wicked matters this group is involved in. It would take me another entire article to describe all the evil's the Bilderburg Group is involved in, but the fact remains that in all appearances and with witness proof, Mitt Romney attended the last Bilderberg meeting and that should raise everyone's alert status not just here in the USA, but also all around the world. If you wish to learn more about the Bilderberg Group, I would strongly urge you to do so. Here is just one of many sites in which the wickedness of the Bilderberg Group is discussed; .

Biblical and spiritual matters my friends... It's time to wake up and wake up now. Those who are arrogant and prideful will reject what I and others like me are “shouting from the roof tops.” You know, I mentioned the prophet Jeremiah earlier. Biblical history shows us that Israel was not right away destroyed and her people led off as captives to foreign lands at first when the people of Israel rejected God(Jeremiah 16:13 “Therefore will I cast you out of this land into a land that ye know not, neither ye nor your fathers; and there shall ye serve other gods day and night , where I will not shew you favour.”), No--- the Bible tells us that there were warnings from God's men(and sometimes women also) that warned the people to disengage from evil, then repent and return to the Lord. When Israel of old refused to do so, their national borders were invaded with raiding parties and eventually Israeli’s were killed. Soon after when Israel refused to listen to God's messengers to repent and return to God's ways, the land was invaded by foreign armies and finally by God's own hand, Israel was conquered and many Israeli’s were killed. Today, God has sent Islamists to invade our land. They are the curse and plague upon us for rejecting God's Word. Islam and Sharia Law are evil and those who promote the evil of Islam are indeed increasingly invading our nation. Islamic ways are  even growingly accepted by our own American Courts and Government. Obama has widely opened that door to allow Islamic Sharia Law and Islamic ways into our nation and Romney will continue that practice, for he has no room in his own cultic beliefs to condemn such wickedness as Islam. Perhaps you believe my last statement was a bit too strong, if so... then why did this past week as matter of fact, Romney visit a Muslim School ? If Romney is so concerned about America and it's Founding Father's beliefs as we have all heard so often from his Republican Party Presidential debates and campaign speeches( ), then what the heck is Romney doing in a Muslim School and promoting Islam ?

My friends, most American's are being played the fool. The longer Americans keep their hearts closed and refuse to wake up, the worse condition this country will be in. The answer to saving America is not simple but quite direct. The Christian Bible gives the answer; Step number one is to repent to Jesus for all our allowing and even apathy towards evil. Step number two is to disengage from religion and get instead a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Step number three involves removing all evil, first within ourselves and secondly then to remove every single ungodly and unrepentant government leader, judge, lawyer, cop, and person in the pulpit... I mean every last one of them. God of the Bible does not accept half truth nor half hearted attitudes towards Him. The Lord is always looking for men and women to make a real stand and preserve His ways. I pray that if you were unaware of God's Biblical ways, that after reading this article and as of today you will pick up your Christian Bible to read and apply the mantle of God's righteousness and take on as well the responsibility that is yours.

PROVERBS 28:14 “Happy is the man who is always reverent, But he who hardens his heart will fall into calamity.
Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, June 1, 2012

“With 'Friends' Like The U.S. Government, Who Needs Enemies ?”

“With 'Friends' Like The U.S. Government, Who Needs Enemies ?”

As social morals continues to make a nose-dive downwards across our nation since Obama illegally took the Office of President of the United States, so has also a large portion of American Government also “gone south.” One cannot help but notice many nations from around the world have taken a view of the American Government as well as unfortunately it's citizens as being untrustworthy, incompetent as well confusing as to their communication of what we as a people believe in, and to whom/what we put our trust in. I don't blame our long-time international friends such as the UK, Germany, Israel, Japan, Philippines, India, Australia and a few others nations that have been brave enough to stick around with us up to now, but I can plainly see they have been increasingly become nervous about practically “everything American” because of Obama and our current US Government's policies. The leaders and people of these nations previously mentioned pretty much have seen how how the US Government treats it's own people and have also come to a place where they will no longer tolerate Obama and his cronies lies and traitorous acts any longer. It is very obvious that they have had enough, and that of taken up the attitude that they are “on their own” and that “America can no longer be trusted.”

Lack of trust by our allies could not have been relayed to our nation's leaders any better than while visiting the USA a few short months ago, Israel's own Prime Minister; Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech in which he gave all of America including American Government leaders a stern warning regarding making right decisions. He thanked those Americans who have long supported Israel but warned Obama and America to be wise when making future decisions when choosing their “friends and allies.” This was smartly done by Netanayahu when he also gave to Obama a copy of a book from the Bible; that of the Book of Esther For those who unfamiliar with that book from the Old Testament, I would encourage all to read it but will tell you this as a lesson all should learn and learn it well; Just because your enemy looks like they will devour and destroy you, God can and still does deliver your enemies into your hands IF you remain faithful to God. Did you catch what I said ? I wrote “IF you remain faithful to God.” America needs to learn the lesson of “IF you remain faithful to God.”

At this point, It doesn't look like Obama or any in our American Government reps took the time to read Ruth. This past week came news of yet another “friend” of America betrayed. Dr. Shakeel Afridi of Pakistan was just sentenced to 33 years in jail there for allegedly helping the American CIA find and assassinate Osama Bin Laden If all holds true, it means once again, the United States Government used a friend of ours to only throw him/her under the bus later. Obviously, the good doctor isn't the only one that the American Government uses at it's pleasure and then throws away later. It's bad enough our government spits in the faces of our friends and allies abroad but even our own US Government does the same or even worse to it's own American Citizen's of this once great nation as well. At this very moment, I cannot help but think of the thousands, yes---the thousands of US Military Veterans who are stepped on by our own government in the way of sloppy care or even cases of no health care provided for them. I think also of course of our returned military service members that have committed suicide due to lack of support from our government once arriving home also. Beyond our hero's that have served in the military, look at the millions of fathers, mothers, parents, grandparents in America that have had their families ripped apart for government profit especially in cases for economic profit for judges, lawyers, many government agencies including the police. It's all stuff the devil has designed; since Obama has taken office attacks/assaults upon Biblical Christians and Pastors such as myself have steadily increased across America.

In my fifty-plus years of living, I have never seen our government so hostile towards it's own citizens and those whom they are to “protect.” Personally, I live homeless-that is, I live place to place and without a driver's license, a car, no health insurance(I have Diabetes and Hypertension), I have no money and forage most days for food. It is crazy but my own government both in New York State and the U.S Fed's teamed up with a illegal immigrant here in the USA to try and destroy me. It is a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer who helped corrupted Genesee County, NY judges, lawyers, cops and some others to conspire to have a Batavia, NY cop contact me via a telephone call and threaten to murder me. These wicked government agents of death were not satisfied with threatening me with murder--- one of the two judges in my case; Tracey Bannister(from Buffalo, NY) told me I could not be with my children because of my “Biblical Christian beliefs.” To this date they have not recanted nor repented for their evil. If I thought it would help them, I may like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu give these fools a copy of the Book Ruth and warn them that indeed, don't discount the God of the Bible.

My particular case of my own government acting treasonous towards me and violating my God given and Natural rights is not at all rare here. Nope, in fact in the United States, you can hardly find a representative such as an elected government official or Federal/State employee who's job it is it is to protect the innocent from Government abuse to actually partake in protecting you at all. If you are however a bully, a person evil minded or involved in disrupting people's rights for the purpose of government gain--- you are loved, adored and appreciated by the Government hierarchy and probably eventually promoted within that wickedly designed government agency. All this “Benedict Arnold” stuff sounds crazy but all this is true. You may be familiar with the old saying; “As the leaders go, so also goes the nation.” In all honesty, I cannot blame all of this current government abuse and down right evil attitude of backstabbing our international friends and my fellow American citizens on Obama. The actions of those that take part in this kind of evil goes way back before Obama of course but backstabbing to nations like Israel and even towards and directly at good American Citizens such as myself have grown exponentially under the Obama regime of terror.

American's have turned their heads away for far too long now from their oppressive and often evil minded government who makes us citizens look like idiots or worse towards our friends abroad. It's time that American's start taking the initiative to remove people in government who do and say things contrary to and about most Americans and their beliefs. I know myself that we Americans, at least the majority of Americans are not interested in backstabbing our friends, following false religions like Islam and leaving behind or abandoning good people like Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani who has been sentenced to death by the Iranian Government. We have no earnest desire to send confusing messages to our friends or even our enemies as to what we believe in and to what is right verses what is wrong---We as Americans need to send a very strong message to our government leaders, judges, lawyers, police---all that are entrusted in positions of authority, they better straighten themselves out because we refuse to be part of treachery towards our friends both internationally as well as here at home. We Americans have no desire to be part of our American Government's plan of making us eventually slaves to our enemies or even of our current Government leaders.

The God of the Bible is watching us dear friends. Every moment we hesitate in removing evil and repairing our once good reputation around the world, only gives more time for enemies of our nation which are both foreign and domestic to plan out our entire destruction as a people and as a nation. Voting is only one small way you may very well to help in getting our nation back. To help set our nation back on the correct course, we may very well need to take other necessary actions. Whatever “We The People” decide to do, we better take the Biblical Jesus with us and decide in our hearts right now to Pick and choose our so called "friends" wisely. America, do it quickly as well as Prudently in the Lord.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor