Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What Happens When People Fear 'Man' Rather Than God ?

What Happens When People Fear 'Man' Rather Than God ?

After reading some of the comments I received on some of my recent posts on social media and as well recently learning of terrorist threats from ISIS at the Mall Of America, plus all the current terroristic actions of our own U.S Government against us, I want to take the time and share with you regarding what “fear” is, and how fear is often a debilitating response to what appears to be a uncontrollable situation on the part of those who hold to that negative feeling. Those like ISIS and our Government(s) which terrorize us as well, all use the tactic of fear mongering towards us and are fully aware that fear also keeps us from getting and acting on our natural and God given liberties and rights as well. We've all experienced fear at times in life, but some folks have not as of yet learned that they need not be fearful in reaction to situations or people who try to make us feel that way. As a matter of fact, as a child, we may have experienced the unpleasant feeling of fear in the past and may have actually saved us from being involved in some catastrophic event or even saved our lives at some point. The fact is however, we are adults now, and we should all have matured enough to realize and understand that fear is not an emotion that we should hold to, nor have present in our lives today. For those of us that have especially matured in our walk with Christ, we have learned to have respect for situations and with people that present danger and or are a threat to our existence, but instead of having the child like reaction and emotion of fear when that danger presents itself, we respond properly to fear by rejecting it..

Those of us who have learned that being fearful is not necessary nor helpful, reject the tactics of those who purposefully manipulate people to fear them. Those who manipulate and purposely elicit on feelings of fear, are called “bullies” Almost all of us knew a bully when we were in elementary school. That bully, whether boy or girl, would do things to us to make us fear them. Bullies like these knew what made us “tick' and how to get a fearful response out of us. Often times, their very presence would literally make us quake in our shoes because we knew not what he or she was going to do next to bring about some emotional and or physical pain in our lives. They made our lives miserable, and they were happy about making our lives miserable at that. Every time we showed any signs of fear around bullies, he or she would just push us just that much harder to make us fear them even more. As adults however , we all should now realize what occurred to us at the hands of those childhood bullies, but also now realize that bullies grow up and don't always stop tormenting us if we do not learn how to fight back against those bully's. Seems many bullies never grow up to either mature and stop being bullies, and actually go on and become employed as either bouncers in bars, government agents, politicians, judges, cops or other vocations where they feel they have control over the lives of others, and enjoy pushing us around and or bullying us and others some more.

The vast majority of you reading this article know exactly what an adult bully can do to elicit fear out of you. They love to manipulate that response of fear from you, and you hate feeling fearful(we all do). You are not alone, in fact, bullying has become a huge problem here in the USA. Unfortunately, the Liberals, Democrats and the Politically Correct people who act as a sort of police agency, and decry that they are “victims of bullying”, are actually the bullies(a favorite game that the devil's people do) and have gotten a hold of the “bullying issue” here and instead of the real bullies getting marked, the real bully's terrorize Christians, Conservatives and others who are good, and then wrongly designated them as the “bullies" crazy right ? By utilizing the mostly corrupted courts, politicians and their “law enforcement” officials here in America, the “P.C. Police” have labeled the wrong groups of people as bully's and have gone on a bullying rampages themselves by trying to manipulate other bullies in the courts to label good folks such as (probably) you and I, as bad or as the bullies. Often decrying “ violation of human rights” as a basis to mask what is good as evil, those P.C. Bullies actually elicit lies of satan to carry out there real agenda to destroy the very moral fabric of this nation on which the Framers of the United States of America was built upon.

Unfortunately, there are some folks(adults) that have never gotten over being bullied as a child or young adult so now when the Liberals, Jesus haters, and other evilists attempt to bully you to silence you, or manipulate you to stand down from your opposition to their evil acts, you once again do as the bully's tell you to do. In essence, they are telling you... “shut up sit down and do what I tell you to do” and you fall for it(again). I don't care how many Facebook “friends” you have nor how many you have in your Facebook “groups”, unless you take real and concrete steps to shut down evilists(bully's), your “posts” and “comments” are proved to be nothing but hot air that in the end, bully's only laugh at. So now you have been terrorized and you've allowed the terrorists to manipulate a negative response of fear from you gain. They love it and you hate it, the bully's win again. As I shared earlier in my article, for those that have matured in Christ, we have learned to respect the power of situations or people who present a real danger in our lives. Respect however means that we understand that we have many positive emotional and physical responses towards those persons or situations around us that may appear to be dangerous. We fully understand that depending on that situation or person, we can choose to stand up and or fight back instead of being fearful and running away from the devilish schemes of others. Call me “king of options and choices”, whatever... but I am grateful that God's Spirit lives within me so that on the day the devil and his people come to me and attempt to pressure me to buckle under with a negative and self defeating emotion, I can instead stand and make wise choices on how to defeat those who wish to attempt to terrorize me into negativity and or bring me emotional and or physical harm.

I remember the evening I received a death threat on the telephone from a City of Batavia, NY cop. I absolutely did not flinch in my stand in opposition to what he was threatening me with. I refused to give in to his threats of harm with a response of fear. I understood the very serious nature of his threat and the tone of his voice in attempt to frighten me and to try and make me feel fearful. Instead, I stood tall(by the grace and mighty power of God) and was very firm in my words back towards him. Unlike those who know the power of God to fight against satan and his people, to many Americans today are worried about the demonic activities of bully's and feeling fearful of speaking out and or in doing what is right by shoving the devil's words back down his throat. Too many Americans fail at fighting back against the demons out there because they are fearful of “being on a Government list” or being labeled as an “extremest.” Apathy is not the only killer of your God given freedoms and responsibilities taken away. As I have noticed more and more, the spirit of cowardliness had crept into this nation and grabbed on to the hearts of more and more men, women and children. That wrong response to fear must end and end right now in Jesus' Name.

It takes more than “grapes” or “gut's” to stand up against bully's who terrorize us. It takes the anointing and power of God through His Spirit(Holy Spirit) to be able to stand and fight back against the devil's people such as bully's like ISIS, the Government(agents) and Liberals who use terroristic tactics to attempt to invoke feelings of fear into our lives and also attempt to manipulate us into bowing down to their false god or demonic power and control for satan's glory. “Man”(men and women) holds no power over you unless you allow it to. Godly and moral character far supersedes the belief of cowards who hold to a false sense of security and belief that “being rational”(trying to appease terrorists with compromise) in the eyes of (a sick)society is the “only proper response.” Those who willing compromise with wickedness are gutless, useless agents of the devil's schemes and do not have, nor hold no place in the Kingdom of Heaven. In fact, those types of enablers of terrorists and bully's are vomited from God's mouth because they are neither hot, nor cold(Revelation 3:16). To compromise because you feel manipulated in the emotion of fear, will in the end, only bring you harm. Responding and bowing to the pressures of those who manipulate you to fear them so that you take part in evil, even at only a level of one-millionth of one percent, opens the door enough to allow bullies to keep up the pressure on you until you totally buckle under and eventually succumb to the demands of those evil bullies and terrosistic ultimatums that they give you("or else!"). Understand this, bullies always mean this...”comply to my evil plan or else to suffer my wrath.”

God gives us all a spirit of strength and power to oppose evil(IF we want it), whether it's to avoid sin and wickedness in our own lives, or in standing up and shutting down the fear mongering tactics of satan's people such as ISIS or Government agents and Liberals who ARE destroying our nation. The matter of having His Spirit to fend of feelings of being intimidated and fearful though is dependent on our personal relationship with Christ Jesus as is only outlined in the Bible. Religion, Secular Humanism, Atheism, serving false gods and idols will never empower you. Only God of the Bible will(read 1Kings Ch.18) give you a right mind and a right attitude and the heart-desire to serve Him and as well fight against the wiles of the devil and his wicked agents who put fear in your heart. Many in the USA sit behind a computer and or make public, proud claims of standing against evil, but few, very few are out “in the streets” actually fighting evil and physically removing it. Fear has kept them from actuating and translating their words on the Internet to actually taking action. How about you ? Have you actual proof that you take meaningful action against evil and bully's and eliminating the fear mongers? Or are you like most where terrorists have likened you to a paper tiger ?

Psalm 18:39 “For you have girded me with strength to the battle: you have subdued under me those that rose up against me.”
Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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  1. God Bless you brother. We need a lot more like you.