Friday, November 30, 2012

“ So In Return, We Should Spank the Democrats and Liberals ?”

“ So In Return, We Should Spank the Democrats and Liberals ?”

Did you hear what radio program host Mike Malloy said recently about taking violence against those who identify with the Tea Party Movement ? If you already heard his words, then you know what I mean when I say WOW ! I have definitely noticed that the Democrats have been more aggressive in their words of venomous hate speech towards Christians, Jews, people who call themselves
Conservatives” and so on. I see most hatred coming from people like Mike Malloy especially towards God of the Bible, and Christians, but now we have words of actual violence being perpetrated towards those who consider themselves as part of the Tea Party movement. His actual words here minus the blot out of one offensive word(let's try to keep this blog “rated PG shall we ?) were “These Tea Bag *&%&&%$ who by the way, I wish would all go away-or, like Passover, I just wish there was an angel of the Lord that would pass over-instead of killing the first born in all the households of Egypt just wipe out all the Tea Baggers.”

What do you with people who spew such vile things like that ? No....Seriously, what do you do with them? The US and State Government don't do anything to remove evil these days(the truth being told, the government is the active and largest participant in acts of evil aggression) part of the answer to my question no doubt can be found in Matthew 5 where Jesus said to “pray for your enemies” and indeed we should love them enough to do so but if you take a look at this Mike Malloy character, he is adamant and certainly not alone in his attitude of wishing death upon good people in America and around the world. The fact is, there are many others just like Malloy who are increasingly becoming not only verbally violent but also in the matter of physical attacks against those who are Christians, Conservatives and good people everywhere, including us who are 'Tea Baggers.” As I mentioned earlier regarding the issues of our evil “government”, it is not interested in helping us, only hurting us by not stopping such evils as the growing practice of roving gangs attacking people with motive of racial hatred and in doing so, are acting out just what Obama advised people like these gang members to do. In his own twisted ideology when he spoke to his Liberal, Democratic, Socialist and Communist supporters Obama told them to “ get revenge.” Today, even after the election, you can still hear the coded words by Obama to his supporters to bring on violence when he says such things like... “elections have consequences.” Such words can only bring division through unjustified or imaginary hatred already in twisted hateful hearts and Obama is well aware of this. In fact, Obama being the master manipulator that he is(just like the devil), is quite aware of the evil that lurks in many hearts here in America and he uses such evil hearted people at every chance he can get to bring about the destruction of our nation that he so desires. It's all about their war of “us verses them” mentality.

Mike Malloy is one such evil hearted person that is being used by Obama. To say such wicked things as what Malloy and many other evil media commentators state can only “egg on” already twisted hearts to take violent actions as I shared before. In Obama's book entitled; “Dreams From My Father , we see that the current “President” outlined in various ways how he envisioned an America that would be “radically changed” and to be “less influential in the world.” Obama's plan of action for America was to change the entire nation to a form of Communism where labor unions, Feminists, and others who hate God would tear down Capitalism, Christianity and everything good about our once great nation and everyone would instead become part of the “new America” where a Communist government plan that the government is god, not God of the Bible. We know through lessons of history however, that Communism and through lessons of history are well aware that Communist agitators use “workers” and labor unions as well as those who have the feeling of have been “oppressed” to rise up in unity and “over throw” legitimate governments. We have been warned in the past about people like Malloy and Obama who speak out of “both sides of their mouth” to divide us through Communist propaganda but I'm afraid many American's have already forgotten these important historical lessons. Remember this short movie ?, perhaps it is an old film but is worth viewing...

What we are now seeing in our society today, are mouth pieces for violent Communist revolution favoring Obama and his wish to change the US into a purely Communist State. Have you noticed all the propaganda and lies coming from much of the media these days ? News Agencies such as MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS(don't think you're getting away with your propaganda either FOX News !) and others are as guilty of promoting evil as they are in purposely omitting the truth when they do report news items with a purposeful distorted version of “truth.” Propaganda is propaganda and as far as I'm concerned, very few news outlets these days don't participate in manipulating news to fit in favor of Obama and his deceptively evil ways. It's scary in a way that there are so many people who are fooled in believing these news organizations, it really is frightening. In fact, so much so in the way of American's believing much of what they see and hear from people just like Mike Malloy(Ed Schultz, Alan Combs, “choose your poison”...), that people actually voted for Obama, and he won the last Presidential election.

It is no mistake that Obama won re-election. Every trick was used by him and his entourage of evilists to get people to vote for Obama(legally and illegally). If you noticed, labor unions, people of color, illegal immigrants endorse and promote Obama and people like Mike Malloy. Now I'm not trying to say that everyone who belongs to a labor union, is a person or color, or legal aliens supports Obama-no that would be utter non-sense, but facts are facts and we need to look at how now that Obama is re-elected, the violent rhetoric by these groups/individuals fits a certain pattern of people with hearts of past hurts or feelings of being rejection and thus easily influenced by evil. It is all becoming increasingly violent, all with Obama's approval and endorsement you can hear and now see the boldness of evil doers to make real threats and acts of violence against people who have no or very little power to change someone else's circumstances. If you cannot see what I see, then I ask you to look at the US Economy, which is increasingly getting worse, why would more and more labor unions take on the idea of large scale strikes against American industry ? With our economy going down the toilet, why would any person who really wants to work, vote to not accept a contract to save their job and so that a company would not close forever ? Was not Hostess Corp. just closed forever because of such tactics ? Why now with the US Economy ready to collapse is Walmart, McDonald’s and other companies that are still hiring folks being picketed and targeted by labor unions ? Do we not remember the labor unions harassing ordinary citizens with physical violence during the national elections? Cannot people see a pattern here that labor unions are part of Obama's plan to take our nation to a Communist State and do so in violent means if necessary ?

So what is the answer with all this increasing words and actions of violence against us people who love God and America ? Should we only pray ? Should we defend ourselves ? What should we do now so that we can get our nation back ?Well, looking at the Bible(oh, the jesus butterfly lovers will hate me more now), “yes”, yes” and “do more than pray” is the answer to all the questions I asked. In fact, God demands justice for what he considers in doing good. He hates lies and violence against those who purport injustice. So we are left no choice really... It appears as everyone is clearly choosing up sides, in this war that I, “Tea Baggers”, Biblical Christians, Jews, Conservatives and others did not choose to be involved, we must do what is right and defend ourselves from those who do evil. That means in my house anyway...”we will serve the Lord” and if need be, I'll keep the spanking paddle handy for those who feel the need to bring destruction to me, my family and or Natural and God given rights/freedoms.

Don't be afraid, some of you have met the “Board Of Education” before, haven't you ?

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, November 23, 2012

“ Divide And Conquer, The Devil's Game”

“ Divide And Conquer, The Devil's Game”

The Bible declares in Ecclesiastes 1:9 that “there is nothing new under the sun.” Indeed, the devil has been worming his ways into individual lives, families, political parties and religions since the beginning of time. So, it shouldn't surprise us to see the world wax's worse and worse in attitude towards one-another. Here in America, we are not invulnreable to such matters, in fact, it is quite evident that we no longer have God of the Bible at the helm of our government, it's simple to see that many instead have willingly thrown God out of practically every area of our society, even in many of the so called “churches” The United States is a highly volatile nation where the devil uses mindless men and women to easily divide marriages, families, communities and even very our nation. We here in America could easily be branded with the title of “Empire of the divorced and divided.” American's divorce their spouses, parents, children, whole families, and even themselves from society. Sadly for any trivial notion, and rather than seeking restoration, we often times seek out how to manipulate a way to destroy and assassinate another person's character, rather then face up to our own personal short-comings. Yes, welcome to new America, the land of the Jerry Spring Show up close and personal.

Is it right to divorce and divide one's self in such a manner ? Well, the Bible does speak of separation of the righteous from the unrepentant in many areas of the Bible. However, what I am sharing about is not in regarding the righteous separating themselves from the unrepentant wicked.; rather what I am speaking about is specifically in regards to those persons who allow themselves to listen to a voice, perhaps from the devil himself, or a person who is a willing tool of the devil to bring on further erosion and destruction of a relationship purely out of negative and selfish reasoning. So many people around the word including right here in the United States now find themselves in a place where because of their attitude of ignoring the Biblical wisdom including that of knowing God is pleased with restoration and peace, not unrighteous division, are today living a form of “hell on earth” all because of ignoring that very thing that calls all human beings to come together, not pull apart.

Indeed, the devil takes no holiday when it comes to acting out evil and manipulating the minds of those whom he owns. Here in the USA and at the time of writing and posting of this article, we just celebrated “Thanksgiving” which supposed to be a holiday where families come together to celebrate a year of bountiful harvest and blessings from God. Well, by looking at all the families separated not so much by miles, but rather because of self-inflicted attitudes of hate, unforgiveness, anger, spite, and murder, etc... many families this Thanksgiving holiday was celebrated by many Americans either alone or without certain family members included. Holidays in America, thanks to those who willingly follow the devil, in many ways no longer represent family and community unity, instead of participating in holidays like “Thanksgiving” and Christmas, many American's opt out or decline to participate. Holidays that were designed to be a joyous time, are now dreaded times where the suicide rate goes up and people feel the need to (jokingly I hope they do this) to post on their Facebook walls; cartoon pictures about the need to inject Thanksgiving turkeys with psychotropic medications so that family members will all get along when they actually meet together during the holiday celebratory meal.

Some of you reading this article may at this point of reading about what I am sharing regarding“Divide and conquer” may think that my views which reflect Biblical values; are “extreme” or just “non-sense.” I've heard some people express views like that before about Biblical values and during our obvious end times being fulfilled as spoken in 2Timothy 3”13, that Bible and Jesus hating is all expected. The sad reality is however that many Americans walk around in denial about their selfish attitudes and the consequences they now suffer because of ignoring what the Bible says about the devil's ploys and those who willingly chase after those ploys. So, the same selfish and evil attitude that was at the time of Noah building the Ark, where people mocked, ridiculed Noah and his family for building a large boat type structure are doing basically doing the same now. Here's a clue for those that don't quite get what I'm driving at---today as in Noah's time, people often mock those who follow God's commands. Those who who ignore God's ways of doing what is right, involve themselves in doing every evil thing imaginable and with absolutely no thought of negative consequences to themselves nor others and believe me as far as consequences go, you haven't seen nothing yet.

As I mentioned earlier, the devil takes no holiday. He delights himself in destroying people and families everywhere. Those who turn themselves over to the devil through acts of hate, un-forgiveness, polluting children and family members against another family member for the sole purpose of retaliation or manipulation for selfish gain are nothing short of tools of the devil. It makes me all so ill to think of all the children who suffer from Parental Alienation Syndrome because of the ugliness of a former spouse who has also probably the instigator for the divorce, and most likely for selfish and unbiblical reasons as well. Hatred is a non-christian belief and action. Justice and forgiveness is God's way of doing things, but in today's world who is following the Biblical script of doing things anyway ?

I want to ask those of you who are willing participants in following your own will rather than that of the Bible's... who really gains when you lie, cheat and steal to get what you want ? I am sure there was some sort of cost in getting what you wanted, was there not ? That cost is undoubtedly and in the end, going to also cost you-your very own soul, have you thought about that ?, do you care ? Think of the other costs as well, would you--- your children and or families souls will most likely be tormented for years to come also because you decided to allow your own self-serving desires to blockade love, mercy and forgiveness. If you are an abuser and or manipulator(maybe the two favorite kinds of people the devil loves), you most likely have paid(in some form)persons such as family members, friends and or lawyers to influence to go against someone you once said you loved and cared for. In fact, If I was a betting man(which I'm not), I'd bet you that especially those lawyers you paid to lie, cheat and steal for you had just enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday meal with their family at your financially paid expense, all because of your willingness to be a tool bringing on the game of “divide and conquer” against someone you promised at one point in your life to “love and cherish forever.” Here is just one of the millions of examples of what I am sharing about.... Please think about it, the millions of people all across America and the world who make lawyers, judges, corrupt politicians, cops and the devil himself very, very happy; . Is this you also ????

America is the devil's play ground. “Divide and conquer” is being used all across the political spectrum as well as the family dinner table all across our land. “We The People” have allowed ourselves to accept the words “divorce” and “divide” to be part of an acceptable vocabulary when God days plainly that-that attitude is wrong and sinful. Folks may not want to hear the truth about “divide and conquer” but the truth of the matter is that “divide and conquer”are not good words in any sense of their meaning. If there was ever an opportunity for the devil to completely steal and wipe out this nation, it is this very day, because this nation and it's people are highly divided and divorcing against itself from God. America is ripe for an invasion by a foreign land. There shouldn't be any surprise when I state that there are many American's who would eagerly and willing act as vessels of the devil, welcoming an invading army to be our oppressors. Sounds demented doesn't it ? Well, America's values are largely demented. One only needs to look at the dinner table(not just on holidays) in most homes across the USA to find that out.

President Lincoln said it when he was sitting president of the United States Of America then and still applies to us in our nation and world today; “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Surely, this nation is about to fail for there are many factions here who look to selves, rather than God. The devil is winning at his game of “divide and conquer.” No nation ever in recorded history has even maintained an existence very long with a people with such a wicked and divided heart from God of the Bible like we see at present here in America. Count on evilists like George Soros, the Clinton's, the Obama's and many nations like Russia, China, North Korea, all the Islamic nations too to use the tool of divide and conquer against us...why not, it's been working all along, why stop now. I however pray and work towards my own family and nation's unity under God's authority. I equally pray and hope that you will do the same as I.

It's way past time people to stop being willful tools of the devil.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, November 16, 2012

“ Are You Part Of 'Lawless America' ? “

“ Are You Part Of 'Lawless America' ? “

Now you may be reading the title of this week's article you might think that I am sharing about the high crime rate across America, or even perhaps regarding so much corruption being perpetrated by politicians, lawyers, judges and others against “We The People”---well, you would be partially right but perhaps not entirely. People involved in corruption are indeed everywhere in our nation and world but there is one man of what seems to be a very few and of a select group of people who despite risk of being harmed or even murdered by corrupt and evil people; has taken the brave course in setting out to expose as much corruption as possible and give “equal justice” a rightful and God given place back in our lives.

What is this brave man's name who has taken on the task to expose evil and corruption in our government, courts and other places ? Why his name is William Windsor. I met “Bill” through a social media web site some months ago and what a blessing Bill has become... not just to me, my wife and children but also to thousands of Americans suffering injustice all across our nation. If you have ever met Bill, you are aware that he also has his own story of how corruption from our US Government has negatively impacted him( Mr. Windsor is different than most American's suffering from evil however...when seeing corruption being propagated against him, he has not done as most American's do when confronted with corruption against them; which is pretty-much only whine and complain, thankfully Bill instead has decided to take positive action in exposing and removing it.
Through his pain and suffering of what many others as well and increasingly many more American's have come to see in their own lives these days of Government and corporate corruption, William has come to a place where he see's that people generally cannot on their own win against corruption. He has found that if through unifying victims, there is a much better chance of exposing and removing evil. I couldn't agree more with Mr. Windsor’s mindset in exposing and removing evil. As a matter of fact, As I have shared with Bill personally, I myself am a victim of a Filipina Migration Marriage Scam, corrupt courts and a death threat from a City of Batavia, NY cop (, and so I personally stand with Bill Windsor in doing what even the Bible calls all Biblical Christians to do... expose and remove evil(read Ephesians 5:11).

Speaking of the “Church”, It is so sad that the Biblical Church has failed in it's Biblical mandate to expose evil and in many ways has instead either remained silent about evil and corruption in our government's or even worse; joined in acts of evil itself. Mr. Windsor has picked up that Biblical command to Christians and has been putting together testimony of many who have been wronged. Through a film documentary he calls “Lawless America-the Movie”, Bill is going to use the film to expose corruption many American's suffer and even plans to give a copy of the film to members of the US Congress on January 9th, 2013

Bill hasn’t stopped at Film making in his endeavor to get justice for all. He has devised a plan to rid corruption and even arresting those government agents involved in illegal acts. His plan to do this is through joining a political party and implement through numbers of people, a unified front in removing evil doers. Indeed, William Windsor is a man of action. I am so glad that Bill is doing all he is because so many others who have suffered injustice have given up or have ulterior motives in helping people. In fact, I have met people who have said that they want to help me but later found out that what their real motive was either for making cash or for their personal desire in being “in charge”(stroke their own ego) or both.

As far as I am concerned, the world needs more William Windsor's. I am sure Bill is not perfect, none of us are but the bottom line is that Bill Windsor isn't sitting around and just whining and complaining about his awful situation. Bill instead is doing even ding what us Christians in the Bible commands us and is willing to do so in taking a personal risk to his life in putting together this film called “Lawless America.” How many American's or others around the world would be willing to take up such a task ? Sadly, it seems not very many. I do hope and pray that especially the Biblical Church will learn from William Windsor's stance, then stand up and take notice. It's horrible that the world these days has more guts to do what the Bible declares than the Church. I am not trying to shame any one person or Christian denomination in doing what in Biblically commanded, but as is “often said”... “if the shoe fits...”.

I want to please encourage everyone to pray and support William Windsor, for every area of his life including safety. Please also pray for and HELP(James 2:17-20) your neighbors and fellow countrymen who have gone to “the government” for help (as what the government is supposed to help) are supposed to give, but folks like Bill, I and others(perhaps you also) instead have been thrown further “to the wolves.” God certainly can use the movie “Lawless America” for His glory and give justice to those who currently suffer. You are probably like me in that you see our world in a deep crisis because of evil and corruption. You probably are also like me that you would rather have a peaceful means to exposing and ridding evil than through further bloodshed as we have seen done by corrupt government agents to persons like former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer. Please pray for success and support the “Lawless America” movie, so that justice to prevail, and soon. We would all be much better off if “Lawless America” the movie and matters of justice are handled in a Biblical way.

I've quoted it before and quote it here again because it needs to be said again and again until justice comes. Don't sit around with your head up in your clouds; “ Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people, making widows their prey and robbing the fatherless. “~ Isaiah 10:1-2

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Thursday, November 8, 2012

“ Obama Wins ! Is The Answer Revolution, Civil War or Jesus ? “

“ Obama Wins ! Is The Answer Revolution, Civil War or Jesus ? “

So here we are....

Obama wins the Presidency of the United States Of America once again. As some blog article writers and journalists are already laying blame on Romney's failure to get in to the White House on such matters as “voter fraud”, the “new Black Panther group members”, the “Liberal media” and a whole host of other matters not the reason....Obama will remain the President of the so called United States of America. That is the bottom line....Obama remains and no one, but no one can change that fact, minus an act of God himself in removing him.

I know what I am about to share will turn a lot of people off but it all must be said. We must all now recognize that what the majority of American's wanted...they got it. Obama by cheating or in real votes -gained, has won. If there was cheating, lying and or voter fraud, very few are going to go after those who have violated the election laws. I haven't heard one Republican politician or legislator going after Obama in court trying to reverse the election decision, have you ? Nope, not a Obama is here to stay.

The reality is, while many Americans are walking around with our heads up our clouds, evil runs a muck. That's the problem here in the US of A, people who wanted to compromise and vote in their Mormon cult RINO lost and instead of doing what's right long ago in demanding a better run of candidates from the Republican Party elites, settled for evil. I mentioned this many times over well before the election and all I got was people mad at me and deleting me from being so called “friends” on social media sites. Well guess what, you can ignore all the Biblical Truth you want but that doesn't change what needed to be done then and what is needed now to clean up this nation.

That Biblical Truth I just mentioned---matters. We have three choices in getting this nation back as I ee it. First, we can either have a wide spread revolution against our evil and corrupt government, or secondly; we can have an outbreak of civil war... the US and it's State's Governments(a large percentage of the US Military)along with the Liberals, Communist and Socialists verses the Conservatives, True Christians and perhaps some Libertarians... both ideas resulting in many body bags filled or, the third and most effective way and by the far the most peaceful, we can get our nation back through repentance and accepting Jesus Christ as Lord/Saviour of our lives and King of our nation.

Killing one another is the easiest solution believe it or not. The ways of the “flesh” are always easiest. Practically anyone can pick up a gun and shoot it. It takes a man and woman of deep conviction as well as concern for more than “self” to say “I was doing life all wrong” then pick up the cross of Christ and follow Him. Yepper, that's the much harder route because “self” is put last, not first. In fact “self” is just what got this nation in trouble to begin with if Americans can ever get honest and real with them selves. Folks got dependent on political party's rather than Jesus Christ. There's a statement for you huh ? Guilty as charged ? Well---maybe you're not there yet.

My friends, forget about our National Anthem with the words; “...home of the brave.” The only brave people left in our nation are like the few in our military who still believe in God of the Bible, the men and women who have not divorced their spouses and the extreme few politicians who will not compromise on Biblical principles. There are not many of us brave souls left. Most Americans have compromised their Biblical beliefs(were they ever real Christians to begin with ?) and the day is becoming increasingly into night here and around the world. Folks who have been hiding in their church buildings for years will soon be dragged out to their death by the homosexuals, the socialists, or the police and our own US Military. Like wise,we will soon see Feminists cutting open pregnant women’s uterus' right out on the street killing unborn children and their mothers for all to witness, and peadophiles will be surely be granted lawful permission to grab and rape any child they want and any parent or adult trying to prevent it will be arrested and jailed on site by the police(for we know the vast majority of police love their paycheck much more than the US Constitution already). Think that what I share here will never happen ? Then you are willfully blind as well as foolish. The day and hour of this nation already belongs to the devil-God allowed the hearts of Americans to keep evil Obama for God's purposes. You may enjoy Fox News or any number of so called “Conservative pundits” who write their journalistic opinions in various paper or on-line newspapers but they cannot rescue this nation nor give you proper perspective on why our nation is dying and how to really get America back. Ideas on how to gain our nation back from evil can all be floated around all day long, and they have been voiced over and over and over again up to this very day by many so called “conservatives” but the fact remains...unless that “idea” includes a 100 percent surrender to Jesus Christ, America will soon completely cease to exist.

Ask yourself today these series of important questions---Have we as American's not had enough of evil ? Have we not woken up to the idea that we really do need to do things God's way as He has commanded ? Has not America already suffered enough ? Can this nation really survive on humanistic and secular ideals ? Before you answer... first, take a good hard look at Europe. We are heading to be like the next Greece, the next France and Obama as well as his supporters will ensure that when they die, they will take all of us to the grave with them. Is that truly what you want America ??... to go to your grave and be dead forever ? I surely hope not but without Jesus Christ of the Bible(no, not as the false wolves you see so often on TV proclaim or perhaps attend and hear at their religious buildings currently), there is no hope.

I am in no way saying to put away our guns, not in protecting our children and family from evil but those efforts made are only with the flesh...carnal weapons. We all need to realize what will really work in getting America back... All must pick and choose Jesus Christ. If you so desire; continue to ignore me, hate me, delete me but you can't delete the Biblical Truth no matter how hard you try. Bible Scripture or American Founding father quotes on your “Facebook wall” is not going to do a dern thing seeing America restored. The bottom line is you have two choices in getting America back and it will take all action(not just prayers or words) that is either through massive spilled blood and death everywhere OR through the only peaceful means... through widespread repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Some may tell you out of their own religious ignorance that it's to late--- we all just should just give up, wait for Jesus' return and pray only because “we are all doomed.” Nothing in the Bible declares such things. Our job is not to hide, our job is to share Biblical Truth and be the light of Jesus irregardless of our circumstances. There may be one more revival before we all go before the Lord in Judgment, you will never know though however if you follow the plans of the devil and follow further into carnal and man made ways.

God's plan is the perfect plan in restoring America(2Chronicles 7:14). As I have made myself available many times in the past, I am willing to travel if necessary to those groups that wish to hear the Gospel message, I pray if you are a true believer in Jesus Christ, you are willing to do the same.

So pick and choose very carefully America. Not only does your very soul count on your decision, but so also the life of your neighbors and nation !

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, November 2, 2012

“ They Tell Me;..'Trust No One ' “

“ They Tell Me;..'Trust No One ' “

I hear the phrase more and more often. I have been hearing these words now for over three years...the very sound of those words to the ear of an unbeliever in Christ Jesus can be actually quite discouraging and to those who do not recognize the time in which we have reached according to the Christian Bible. However way you choose to view the very words of someone speaking; “trust no one”, the reality is that these words are indeed being increasingly voiced these days from many throughout every society-everywhere. Biblically speaking, many hearts are at the place of end times, spoken of in 2 Timothy Chapter 3. You can hear it from housewives, pastors, businessmen and to every different vocation and walk of life. There is a fast moving and rapidly growing attitude among many here in America as well as across the world that we should no longer have trust and or faith in man made organizations, governments and or ideals. It has even come to some of our own family members and near-by neighbors--- they have become at times-suspect in the travesty of mistrust. I believe there is wisdom to be learned here from our decrease in trusting one-another. The matter however will mean full acceptance of the root cause of the issue, and this means of course we will once again need to look at the condition of the human heart.

Today, unfortunately it has become the norm I'm afraid, to see our world fall to such a place that just cannot rely on others as we once could in the past. What's worse, we are seeing an epidemic of everywhere with an attitude of many not only being unreliable in regards to their willingness to help out a fellow human in need, but I'm equally afraid it has gotten much more worse than that in respect to how people treat others in general. Sadly, the new “norm” we now realize seems to be acts of abuse and or in taking advantage of persons in need rather than in helping them. What I mean is this; I have seen where the poor, homeless, or those with financial or family/relationship needs of help, are often reaching out to churches, government agencies, neighbors, friends, even other family members, only to be often times; to become rejected, or worse; manipulated into doing things that run contrary to human decency and or respect, just so to get a little bit of assistance or financial help.

This attitude of, and acts of manipulation on the part of those being asked of assistance can often times turn into something quite dangerous. By dangerous, I do not only mean physically dangerous, but emotionally and spiritually dangerous as well. As an example, we see women who have gone to social services where feminist social workers, or domestic violence program workers will tell women seeking assistance from the government to divorce their husbands(although there is no domestic abuse or marital strife)so that they may receive government assistance(or greater assistance)or they may even become demanded of that they give up their children to/for foster care and or adoption. Men often fare no better... they are often targeted for their ability to be put on government “lists” that will financially profit ungodly and wicked government agencies and further the government's devilish plan to purposely erode the family unit. The one supposed “hospital” of all society; that is the “Church” has sadly often times become no better than government agencies according to the accounts of many. Although there are some reading this article that will attribute all of the “Churches” problems and pagan type attitudes due to a 501c3 IRS tax exempt status (here in the USA)that many churches hold, this idea is simply untrue. A churches unbiblical attitude, in stark reality has nothing at all due with a government piece of paper. The stark reality is however that plain and simple... churches because of self-centered and unbiblical attitudes, more often then not; find ways to wiggle out of their Biblical responsibility in helping people(I for one, am thankful for attending a church with some helpful and quite Biblical Christians in attendance).

No doubt that governments which often abuses it's citizenry are the main culprit when it comes to abuse of people causing the attitude of mistrust that many across the world hold to these days but the Christian Church does not lag far behind in regards to it's contribution to this attitude of harming folks as well. It appears that many so called “christians” attend weekly church services and or go about proclaiming publicly their being “Christian” to others but when “the rubber hits the road”, there is little to no evidence of their Biblical beliefs visible. So it has become, “christians"(note the small letter “c”) have infiltrated the Church giving true Christians and yes, even pagans good reason to suspect all Christians...true in faith, or not. I for one, have personally experienced lack of Biblical support and help in the past. In fact, on many occasions my only offer of help from “christians”(but people calling themselves “Christians”) was the offer only of prayer or of meeting a “good group of guys at the church men's breakfast meeting.” For the nominal christian, perhaps even reading this article now, they would say that prayer alone is enough, but for those of us who know our Bible's(seems not to be an awful lot of us folks out there), we know that prayer alone is only a portion of what true Christians are called to do for those in need.

There is an old saying that's been around the true Church for as long as I can remember. Maybe you have heard it before, the phrase has been used about certain so called “christians” and their churches(again, please denote the small letter “c”)... “christians are the only ones who take their wounded behind the wood shed, beat them some more then after...shoot them.” have you heard that phrase previously ? I have... and more than once. Now, that is not to say that people who are engaged in unrepentant sin or are active in unbiblical activity shouldn't be confronted and dealt, that would be entirely unbiblical and wrong in attitude... all unrepentant sin mus be addressed. However there are plenty of people such as I, when for example, I tell people about being victimized by a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer, being threatened with murder by a City of Batavia, NY cop, having my children, house and all my property taken away from me due to my “Biblical Christian beliefs”,( often times “christians”, then begin to act strange, get a glazed look over their eyes, or start treating me like I had the Bubonic plague or something worse. It shouldn't be that way, but that's the reality of people even in the so called “Church.” People in the church love you when you pay your tithes, shout holy-holy and have no problems or needs to speak about but have you a problem ? Bam !uh-oh ! People often begin to treat you like you just spit them in their face. The attitude with them becomes; How dare you share that you have problems in life !

To shore up my point here, I'd like to share a recent event that occurred to my beautiful wife and I. Unashamedly on my part, I can share with you that I experienced a horrible event due to so called some people I met who quite poignantly, call and refer to themselves as; “Christians.” I was informed these folks were “Christians” by some others who call themselves by the same, but after a short time, I found out that indeed, the whole lot of them believed in a different jesus than the Bible. In the end, their actions caused me and my wife to live in dog feces, dog hair and dog dandruff and in plain and simple--- put our lives in danger. No matter how much my wife and I cleaned the dogs dandruff, feces, and hair in that house, as well as all this women and her son's garbage strewed across the same house, we were always wallowing in and eating the filth because this women would allow her four dogs to leave their excrement all over and then roll around in it and then leave it all over in the house on a daily routine. I tried my best in a brotherly fashion(I thought at the time she was a “Christian”) to set healthy boundaries with her but she refused to oblige in healthy living, The bottom line for her was that after telling her of the dangers and setting a Godly example in helping her routinely clean her house for her, she thought only to reject every notion of the unhealthy and unsafe living conditions and instead asked a con man to move into the house with her to shore up her unhealthy living conditions.

My wife and I set out to be as we told this woman a few months previous; to be “a Biblical blessing” to her and her son, and of course she liked the idea and in seeing that my wife and I would clean for her, sometimes cook for her and her son, and even do extra chores for her despite already giving her monthly rent payments. Indeed, she enjoyed that notion of receiving Biblical blessings but when it came to Biblical correction in love(regarding our health and safety), she would have no part of it. She wanted to do with her life what she wished without acknowledging the effect upon others living with her and as well certainly wanted no part in hearing how our health was impacted. Of course the evidence of her vile heart showed much more. She often would exercise herself, playing baseball, tennis jogging, etc... and saw to it her body was in shape but in regards to her son, he was not so fortunate. Her son being only 12 years-old---was allowed to eat whatever he wanted. There was(is) absolutely no diet of fruit, vegetables or other healthy foods for this young boy. His food intake daily was about the same... hot dogs, corn dogs, pizza and or tacos.... that's it. That was, and I'm quite sure still is to this very day, his entire daily diet of food intake.

One day, we noticed that this women came home early from work. Apparently her son called her to come home, he had not excreted for several weeks(again, according to her) and for one week following, was now giving her son daily enemas. Her sons feces was left all over the bathroom floor, bathroom floor rugs and in the bathtub from sometimes hourly rectal enemas. All the “mess” was left by her for us to clean up. Her son went to the hospital for 4 days soon after, apparently, this boys colon shut-down. I don't doubt it after seeing the boys diet. My wife and I though in our Biblical minded attitudes scrubbed everything with bleach several times over and again offered her and her son even more Biblical help. I even shared with this young lad and his mom information regrading the importance of having a healthy diet and why. All this help put into practice on our end, but my wife's and my “reward” for being a Biblical help to a mom and a son in crisis---It was in the end, the rejection of our most earnest desire and in practicum of help, and most importantly, to see all of us live in a healthy and safe home. In the end, This woman decided that her dangerous ways of living, her son's continuing to eat and harming her son's body was what she wanted, and did not wish to hear any longer of the dog feces smeared throughout the house or the dog feces, hair or dandruff in our food. She, in her heart of hearts, decided to call the police to have us thrown out. Her last words to me and my wife were; “I don't care !”(believe me, that's a whole story in itself, The way that-that foolish cop acted, thank the Lord that neither that cop nor I died that day).

So it goes...lesson learned... “trust no one” is the thought once again echoing in my head. Now, if I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ of the Bible, I would undoubtedly have become bitter and unforgiving through these experiences. The reality of this experience however has taught me a valuable lesson that indeed, we all should have firmer boundaries with others before helping them or when entering into any relationship from here on out. As a true believer in Christ Jesus, it is my “job” to love on others as I am able, but from here on out also, I will be even more cautious when dealing with others, so called “Christian” or otherwise. After all, I believe the days of the evidence all around us, the days of the anti-christ is fast approaching... Matthew 10:21 “And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child; and the children shall rise against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.” The fruit of many hearts these days shows us that we are almost there.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor