Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Ministry Announcement

New Ministry Announcement

New Ministry Announcement...

As some of you have been so good in the way of patience waiting for this, my new announcement, I want to take time to thank each and everyone of you for doing so. As many of you reading this message already know, God's timing in everything is indeed important. I would never wish to get ahead of God nor ever to be late according to His will.

With that said being said, let me share this and probably all that you are already also aware.... America is in big, big trouble.

God has been laying on my heart many things and of course it involves the continued fight for my children, getting justice from the death threat against me from the City of Batavia police officer as well as that death threat being via judges, lawyers and an Illegal Alien/Foreign Immigration marriage Scammer. Beyond those issues however, it is also the spiritual condition of our nation as well as the many problems that many of you have either shared with me or asked me to help you with, that also greatly concerns me.

As I continue on a very limited basis in my ability to act as Director of Global Family Outreach Ministry, Because of the fore mentioned issues via criminal actions against me and my children, I have and have had the inability to be gainfully employed since 2008. So my time has been more free than what I actually wish to have. Trying to use my time wisely unto the Lord, I continue on my quest and wish to get justice and have been working hard to do that but those who in our Government who hate justice, hate Christians and probably hate you as well. Sadly, those in charge to help us in our Federal Government especially, have decided many times over, not to help us. It is plain to see that those who refuse to do their God given duty to help us but not doing so is an issue much larger than what I and or you can handle alone. Therefore, I have decided with the Lord's guidance...

  1. That especially Washington DC, the politicians, lobbyists, those workers there all need Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  2. That without Jesus Christ back at the head of this nation, this nation is finished, done, no more.
  3. That DC needs Christian Missionaries, not Lobbyists.
  4. That those who need suffer need God's help... a messenger of God's ways, His Word to declare to those in Washington DC just what God wants, what he expects and how ignoring God's Word only brings judgment and harm to our nation.

With that being said, American Citizens need help and God's guidance too. At my latest speaking engagement at the Million Christian Patriot March in Washington, DC on 9/11/2013, I heard for the umpteenth time a similar message I have heard from other Americans all around the USA... who said, to me....“I live in Nebraska and it's hard to find a good Bible based church these days.”

I wish to put up a web page dedicated to getting our nation back with weekly blog articles and video messages from me until enough money can be raised to video messages with church worship/messages so that those who don't have or can't find a Bible based church can have some sort of spiritual feeding and help. On this web page I will also start with announcements of Christian missionary trips to DC periodically where I will share the Gospel, Christian concerns and the message of the Bible to all in DC... politicians, lobbyists, government workers, contractors, businesses, etc. I will do this until I have enough financial help to move closer and live near Washington DC so I may spend more time there sharing God's Word, His ways with those who are in influence and need of salvation through Jesus Christ there. Once again, I will invite Christian pastors/Christians to join with me.

I understand that there are a few so called “Christian” lobby groups and “ministries” there in DC. Quite frankly and by the evidence of what we see in these days in DC's actions, these lobbyists and ministries have failed us and all Americans miserably. I have found long ago, you can never compromise with the devil and when the devil raises his ugly head, you cannot play “nice-nice” with him nor his minions. My main goal is to share Jesus Christ and carry a message of blessings for following for God's Word or judgment and destruction of this nation if God' as the Bible declares, if His Word is not followed.

Perhaps you are a person who can relate to all what I'm sharing here. You are the person I'm speaking to right now. God is laying on your heart that we need change in DC, back to the Jesus way. We need Jesus back in our land, our churches, in our families and our communities. I am willing to organize a ministry and to take the lead. Others of course are welcome to join me, especially true Bible believing pastors and Christians alike. I am willing to preach, guest preach, speak on (cell phone video is all I have access to right now) TV, radio, practically anywhere including Washington DC to help get God and Godly ways back to America.

Now, here is where “the rubber meets to road.” As I shared I am not employed, I am unemployable at this point as I indicated from the illegal actions of an Illegal Alien and her demonic Government and other demonic cohorts. I haven't held a job since 2008. I cannot afford to travel, speak, get up a website or do much of anything without your help. I don't want a salary, I want America back and I most of all want Jesus back to America. As I continue my fight for my children, justice for me, I can also make my fight into something much bigger and Godly for all Americans. If American's want our nation back, quite simply and as many of our Founding fathers found out, it's going to take sacrifice and money to get things doesn't grow on trees. I don't wish to sound rude but riding someone else's coat tails to get your own needs met won't work in this ministry. Prayer is nice and necessary but "prayer alone" is like the "money fairy" it doesn't exist in the Christian Bible. Prayer must be coupled with action to get our nation back and this ministry to be used to do it. James 2:17-20.

Right now, a website just to get things started will cost $189.50 I don't want you to send me the money if that's you who will help with that project. I will certainly ask that if you want this ministry to begin, you pay for the website to be put in place directly. I won't ever ask for money for me unless it's for expenses and most likely will ask you, those of you who believe this is what the Lord wants and is orchestrating... to pay directly for what is needed for the ministry in getting Jesus and His ways to those who control our nation. I'm not fighting for me or for you or sharing the plan of salvation and Godly ways for financial profit. I do this not for me, but to save our families and our lives and nation that's in deep, deep trouble, I do this for the very soul's of the lost and the love for our nation.

So, I put this ministry in God's and your hands as to it's begging all the way to it's end. Many of you have asked me for help, I am limited just like you but I believe by sharing Jesus Christ, His ways and sharing the bad and evil things that have occurred to you with those in power, we can get our nation back. Surely God will destroy this nation sooner than what most all around our nation believe. Just turn on your TV and watch for 10 minutes if you have doubts.

I will entertain questions for those sincerely and honestly wishing to become engaged in supporting this ministry. I am not open to suggestions. I know what God has placed on my heart. I will reply only to those who are willing to support this ministry and want our nation back as I indicated. Please do not contact me in any other form regarding this new ministryother than by contacting me at this temporary e-mail address ....

Thank you and God Bless,

Rev. Paul Waldmiller

Friday, September 20, 2013

Shooting In DC, I Warned Them, They Only Laughed At Me

Shooting In DC, I Warned Them, They Only Laughed At Me

It was a blessing to be invited to pray and speak at the Million Christian Patriot March on 9/11/2013 in Washington DC via my friend Carl Boyd Jr. If you are unaware, Carl is a radio program host in Nashville, Tennessee and perhaps just like you, he is a dear Christian and Patriot. When Carl first contacted me to speak, I knew in my heart right away just how important that invitation was and I certainly took very seriously my invitation to share and to also pray. I also knew that this was indeed a special event because I've come to learn and understand, when the Lord provides financially and in other ways to not only attend such an event, but to speak as well... just how really important such an event must be for His glory. This may sound strange to some of you, but me being financially poor has placed me in a position where I must solely rely on God and His people for everything. For me, being given to financially for various ministry tasks is a great indicator as to what the Lord's will is for my life. Don't get me wrong, I'm not thankful for being poor, no not at all but through poverty, I've learned to discern (perhaps like you) in knowing where God wants me. I have been left homeless mostly since 2005, minus several years of being unexpectedly stranded oversees. Also being a victim of a Filipina Migration Marriage Scam and corrupt judges, lawyers, a few others and a City of Batavia, NY cop who threatened to murder me, has all brought me to poverty but God has saw fit to use it in His own special way. So, on with God's leading me to Washington DC, I was indeed God-intended to go to DC on 9/11/13. Without a “hitch” as they say, I was able to get on an airplane here in the USA without being harassed via the TSA or others in law enforcement, as well as all my transportation cost provided. It just proved to me God approved and wanted a “Christian Patriot March.” The message I was to deliver there indeed had a divine purpose and no man could stop it. 

When I arrived in Washington DC and in all honesty, when I looked at the numbers of people attending, I was disappointed in the amount of folks that came, but I needed to take into account the other two larger events taking place at the same time, those being the “Biker Rally” and another “Freedom” Rally scheduled also on that day. The event took place as promised, however and when it was my turn to share, I stood in hand with my prepared notes but as usually how the Spirit of God operates, I needed none of those notes minus one quote I was looking for from Charles Finney. Perhaps you've heard of Rev. Charles Finney and have read this quote I shared with all in attendance....let me share it here... “If there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the press lacks moral discernment, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the Church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the world loses its interest in Christianity, the pulpit is responsible for it. If Satan rules our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it. If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it.” I'll say this.... judging by the looks of some of the faces of the participants of the rally, as well as by others listening to me there in DC, America is in trouble. What I witnessed was nothing short of folks with the look and stare of being “stunned” by the things I shared, and that look of “stunned” grew to increase when I shared that the Finney quote was penned not recently, but in the 1850's. 

Because of the use of a microphone and large speakers used at the event coupled with our proximity next to the US Capitol Building, when I was speaking(I was really preaching) and doing so quite loudly that day, there was quite a draw of folks who worked in the Capitol Building coming outside to hear exactly what was being shared. I did see and study as I shared earlier, some of their faces when they came near by me. I noticed many appeared well dressed which I'm quite sure is part of their protocol to wear business attire, but I also noticed how very young many of those US Capitol Government employees(possibly Interns as well) looked to me. I'm fifty-two years old and many folks look increasingly young to me but the fact remains, that many of the faces that came out of the US Capitol Building appeared to be ages in their early to mid 20's. When concentrating the best I could looking at them, it appeared many had facial expressions as if the very things I shared from our nation's history including our Christian heritage, the moral lessons of “right vs wrong” via our Founding Father's and a whole host of very relevant issues facing our nation today, were quite foreign to them. In fact, I will never forget the faces of these young people who were laughing quite hysterically and recording me on their cell phone devices.

I found absolutely then, and absolutely nothing now, nothing at all, or what-so-ever in the way of amusing or funny regarding the moral decline and condition of people's hearts in America. Equally, I find nothing amusing or entertaining about the warning I gave to all who were within listening distance of my voice that day. When I noticed the inappropriate giggling, laughing while recording me on cell phone devices by these young US Capitol workers, I leaned in so to speak to specifically give to all who heard me, a warning, yes a very stern warning to all of an increase in disasters via God's judging hand. I informed them of the negative
consequences for their evil was coming in forms of both natural as well as man-made disasters. I told them that these tragedies would visit America more because of the non-repentance of evil and or the allowance of evil by many. I specifically mentioned in my speech those in the U.S Government, it's State Government's and those American's who elected such people to political office in my warning. Even with such public pronouncements and warnings that should have gripped the hearts of some there, I still found myself being laughed at by those young people who were listening to me. As sad as it is and was, I'm sure much of the laughter of those US Capitol workers/Interns ceased when on September 16, 2013, just five days after I gave a stern warning of God's increasing judgment on America, a man took up arms and killed as well as shot many in the Navy Yard just two miles away from where I publicly pronounced disasters were on their way if American's did not repent for their activity of evil, “pulpits” included.

The shootings, the disasters, both man made and “natural” are not going to decrease. Call me a “buzz-kill”, that's fine, call me all sorts of names, I don't care, I'm used to it... God has clearly shown me in His Word that America is under God's judgment, and that disasters in this nation are only going to increase, not decrease. We as a nation have become a living, breathing example to all real Biblical Christians all around the world as to how NOT to behave. We are equally in essence, become an object-lesson of what occurs to a nation that turns it's back on Jesus Christ. I boldly tell all who will listen---without true repentance and ridding of unrepentant people in authority and leadership positions in our nation, this nation will eventually cease to exist and will in the end, be destroyed. No law can save us, no human can rescue us, no political party or religion can help us, not even your favorite “Conservative” radio or TV program host can get done what America needs to do. It's all on you, that's “You” have a choice to make... you can examine your heart, repent if needed, go on to gather with other en mass to remove unrepentant evil, or, you can continue to do the same things you've always done... “piss and moan” and not do much else other than throwing some empty beer cans at your big screen TV when the nightly news comes on. The choice is yours... laugh if you want at what the Bible declares and that also of what I echo. Pick and choose....peace or destruction. Read the Christian Bible, it's all there for you to examine if you don't believe me.

I've warned everyone now for over three years now in this blog. It may be to late. It's on you whatever may happen. There may be but a short time, I'm not sure, whatever time is left, better use it wisely.

Please join with me in prayer and action as I prepare to possibly begin a whole new ministry to go "on the road" and begin a media ministry to address Biblical answers and solutions to America's issues.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, September 6, 2013

“Million Christian Patriot March”-Will You Be Attending?

Million Christian Patriot March”
Will You Be Attending?

On September 11, 2013 it appears that we will be finally seeing some action coupled with faith as described in James 2:117-20 by Christians confronting evil in our nation. All I can say is: “It's about time!”

In case you have not heard as of yet, a Conservative-Christian Radio Talk Show Host named Carl Boyd, Jr. Boyd is heard every Sunday on 99.7 WTN ( and is organizing an event that will--in all hopes--draw many more than the “million Christians” he is seeking to show up and protest in Washington, DC on September 11th. The issue and question for me and perhaps other true Biblical Christians is: Just whom and how many Christians will indeed show up to rally for Godly good and demand the removal of evil in our Nation's Capitol?

Let me give you some background information about Carl to alleviate any concerns or fears of getting involved with what brother Carl is organizing. If you are curious or unsure about him, I can understand that concern to a certain degree. Clearly stated on one of his websites, Brother Carl shares that he is an “ordained preacher.” He attended American Baptist College and Immanuel Bible College. He believes, as an African American Independent Christian Conservative, it is important to stand with the Word of God on social issues and not waiver. That pretty much tells exactly what this man stands for and should give all of us reason to stand behind Carl in his efforts in DC. Carl has been featured and interviewed on CNN, MSNBC and the Fox News Channel. He has also shown himself to be a fierce fighter of what is Godly good and right--going after scandalous politicians in his radio programs. Surely Carl Boyd, Jr. is a man after God's own heart in wanting America to retake its Founding Fathers' principles by putting the Bible and its precepts back into our government (,_Jr.). 

What will it take for Americans, especially American Christians, to get up off their butts and rid unrepentant evil? I have been asking this question in written form here on this blog for nearly four years now. The spiritual condition of this nation teeters on falling off into hell itself soon unless people wake up, step up, and take action! We now have a real opportunity to stop complaining, whining, and moaning about our nation and our government being in such an evil mess.

The question I have for you is not only, “Will you attend?” but also “What will you sacrifice to get to this march and protest in Washington, DC? I have shared many times in the past that sacrifice is part of removing evil. There is no more hiding in the church pews, behind the pulpit, or throwing empty beer cans at your TV when evil shows its ugly face on the nightly news programs. It's time, yes---it's that time, folks. Whatever you need to do to get to DC on September 11, 2013 to march and protest Islam's evil presence in American government (federal, state, county and local), here's your chance. The way our nation is heading, this may be our only chance at making that change and removing evil.

The actions of many Americans who are looking the other way from evil have realized their “fruit” for doing so. We here in America are reaping what many have sown in the way of folks burying their heads in the sand, so to speak, when evil first raised its ugly head many years ago. Our nation is on a fast track to imploding. So, I must ask you, will you be part of the ongoing problem, or will you be part of the solution in removing wickedness? The choice is yours and yours alone.

If you will be attending the “Million Christian Patriot March”, we will be meeting at 11 AM at the “Upper Senate Park” at Constitution Avenue NE at Delaware Avenue NE in Washington DC. As brother Carl has invited others, I also invite you to join with us on September 11, 2013 in Washington, DC to stand united as Christians and Patriots in a peaceful counter response to the 'Million Muslim March'. By attending this march and rally, we will show our US government that we are tired of their propagating evil and wicked ideals that are contrary to God's Word on the people of the United States of America.

Acts 5:29 “But Peter and the other Apostles answered and said; 'We ought to obey God rather than men.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor