Saturday, October 29, 2011

Time For Reconciliation Is Now.....

Time For Reconciliation Is Now.....

I could not help this past week feel a tugging on my heart towards the suffering of so many families in America. Truth being told however, many of the problems that America suffers is self-inflicted. I know that what I just commented here is not at all popular but I have written about similar beliefs and the fact of truth of this issue in the past. In this week's article however, I will address and comment more specific to the dilemmas of families and personal-marital relationships-marriages.

I believe it was no coincidence that recently there have been not only an influx of reports on the demise of the American family but also the progression of failed marriage relationships turned violent. The violence is only the consequence of America's continued failure to look honestly at what the American family has evolved into, which in all honesty is a that likened to a selfish, spoiled child who is in their age span of a two year-old having temper tantrums. I know that some of you may feel like in my comment in my previous paragraph, that what I am sharing may be a bit over dramatizing in what many American's have become, but again if we are all honest, what I am sharing here surely reflects what it is I am stating is true.

Marriage relationships in America currently fails at the rate of 2 of every 3 marriages. This means for every 3 marriages, two will “dissolve” into divorce. This is not only sad, it is also quite devastating upon people's lives personally, on families and most of all upon children of the divorced couples if there are any. The negative consequences of so many divorced has not even come full circle yet in American society and yet we see the on-going negative physical, mental/emotional, financial(the divorce lawyers and judges are the only ones making profit) and spiritual consequences everywhere in our society today. Just looking at the emotional toll to Americans-according to the National Comorbidity Survey (NCS) of the early 1990's “ The surveys estimate that during a 1-year period, 22 to 23 percent of the U.S. adult population—or 44 million people—have diagnosable mental health disorders...( ). Surely this being year 2011, those being diagnosed with mental health issues have increased, not gone downward in America. We can say “thanks” to the increase in those numbers due to our behavior and attitudes towards one another, especially in the self-centerdness “department” so to speak.

There is only one solution to reverse the current dilemma and sufferings we see in America... that is to reconcile one another in and through Christ. The plain and simple truth is that we can no longer afford to do life our own way. Use of psychology and especially the wide use of psychotropic medications has failed. We can also acknowledge if we are being truthful here, that we are reaping a harvest full of unnecessary pain and suffering by refusing to acknowledge what is the root cause of our failed relationships. If only we could see past ourselves and our own selfish desires. The Cross of Christ is what is needed in America today- not $200 per hour psycho-bable. There upon that cross, Jesus Himself suffered, died for the remission of our sins. Yes, He took upon Himself the full weight of the punishment for our sinful lives. His was an act of selflessness, love, looking at the future and what we could become rather than focusing on the choice of selfishness and Himself. The work of Jesus upon that Cross was done so that we could avoid being sent to hell. We have that same choice you know, that is to be selfless rather than selfish with the motivation of love.

Such love should be the attitude of every man and women out there in their marriage. Husbands are directed in Ephesians Chapter 5 verses 25-27 “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.” Wives in verses 22-24 are also directed; “ Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the Saviour of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing. “ The current rate of divorce shows nothing in the way of love or following Biblical examples of selflessness. In fact, I dare to say most Americans have no idea what love really is. American's have become so self absorbed in themselves, they have forgotten what true love is all about.

We above all, should be peacemakers in our own homes. Families in the USA are to often riddled with chaos and violence. We are focused on things rather than one another. Materialism is just one of the side issues here but I do have to ask you; do you really think our nations economy, our children's SAT scores and the like are just coincidences ? No my friends, there is a lack of Biblical wisdom and application of healthy values in our families today. Learning not only to be a peacemaker in one's family is important but also how to reconcile to God and one another is vitally important to the survival of the American family. For those who are unaware, reconciliation involves two important factors on everyone's part; that is forgiveness and restoration. I know for many it is difficult to forgive your partner or ex spouse but you must do it. Please notice, I did not say to forget, I said forgive and there is a difference. Forgiveness involves letting go of what a person did to you while maintaining healthy personal boundaries to prevent being hurt once again. Also, restoration means an active participation and (beyond surface)involvement in reconciliation. The drive to do so is always Christ centered and “we” centered, it is never-“me “ centered. If you cannot get past “me” there will never be reconciliation and feelings of betrayal and hurt. So to those who want peace, if you are the one who is the “offender” or the one who sought a divorce, you need to initiate asking for forgiveness and reconciliation. In fact, if your ex-spouse is still unmarried, go and do whatever is necessary to see that marriage restored. Again, you are responsible and need to be the initiator of what is nothing short of being selfless.

Lastly, I want to give you a link here to a very recent article that all should read. It should inspire you...It is of an elderly married couple that died within hours of one another holding hands. This sort of love at one point in our nation's history was not so uncommon in America. Perhaps, and if this applies to you.. if you are willing to stop being selfish, your marriage will be reconciled and end as beautiful as theirs....

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~"Black Robe Regiment Pastor"

The Yaeger's

Saturday, October 22, 2011

“Don't Forget The Importance Of American Foreign Policy !”

“Don't Forget The Importance Of American Foreign Policy !”

While viewing some of the Republican Presidential debates recently, I could not help but notice something was missing from all the verbal exchanges and attacks amongst those Presidential hopeful candidates. That “something” missing was the importance of and discussion regarding the need of change from Obama's current atrocious foreign policies to the return of a foreign policy that focuses on what is truly best for the United States as well as our seemingly forgotten foreign allies. Looking back on some of those Presidential debates and in all honesty, I did hear a few references to foreign policy from Republican Presidential hopeful Ron Paul, but his view is of a blanket Isolationist and I did not hear much argument that Isolationism for America is wrong from the other candidates. It seemed sadly, that the main focus of these debates was held solely to and focused primarily on jobs, the economy and domestic related issues only and that should not be.

Without the candidates addressing their plans regarding foreign policy, we are missing out on perhaps the number two of reasons how America's economic and social instability will recover. Failing to question candidates about foreign policy lacks bringing full attention to America's suffering at the hands of the current American Presidential administration. Of course our current erroneous foreign policy is something that many Americans are not primarily thinking about because of many economic woes, but I do believe we should all be hearing from the Republican Presidential challengers on this subject matter. We need to hear from them now regarding how they plan to straighten out and eradicate the current treacherous foreign policy of President Obama and that also of Secretary Of State Hilary Clinton. In fact, It is necessary to ask of every Republican Presidential Candidate; what kind of “wheeling and dealing” has the Secretary Of State been making while on her trips to visit foreign heads of state ? As well, it would be great to know if the candidates themselves are aware or privy to what secretive things she has been up to? Also, what would the candidates do to repair the damage already done to our friends abroad due to the current administrations failed relational tactics towards long time foreign allies ? There are important matters of national and international interest to all Americans that have become way to secretive, even much too secret apparently for the ears of the US Congress. Bottom line so to speak; is that some of these current Presidential candidates must raise similar questions such as what I mentioned here in the up-coming debates if we are ever to know what America will look like in the future.

I believe, to not address the need in changing our current foreign policy, would only allow our friendships with other nations to further deteriorate. Ron Paul, who I mentioned earlier in this article seems to be the only one interested in addressing foreign policy during these debates. However, I also mentioned he is wrong to state we need to have an Isolationist view, also cutting off all foreign aide to foreign nations(including our long time friend and ally-Israel). Of course the US Government, nor the American People can no longer afford to blindly hand out our hard earned taxpayer dollars to any nation it feels is in want, but on the other hand we cannot simply abandon our foreign allies while other super powers such as China and Russia are using their wealth and resources for further subversive tactics in bringing America to her knees politically, economically and socially. We, with our Western mindset must change to realize we can not allow nor believe that if we blindly close our eyes that the world will not harm us. Problems do not, I repeat-problems do not disappear on their own. Past history reveals that we as a nation attempted to isolate ourselves during two world wars in the last century. Evil came knocking at our door step anyway(remember the Imperial Japanese attack on Pearl harbor ?). Those seeking world domination occurred despite many American's wanting to avoid interaction and aggression taken by other nations. Should I remind you what happened between England's Chamberlain and Nazi Germany's Hitler ? Take a look historically at other nations as Japan, Italy, and Russia during that time period and ask yourself has the world become a safer place ? History can and will repeat itself if we forget the lessons already learned just a few generations ago.

No, the world cannot get along without us and we need their help as much as we need theirs to eradicate evil. There are new enemies of the USA in addition to old ones that never left us, namely those of the Islamic nations whose religious leaders refer to America as the “great satan.” Some of our closest allies have been also been attacked by those who profess the Muslim religion. In fact, many Islamists around the world are taking aim at our nation and our (thanks to Obama) former allies. This unfortunately was successfully achieved all with the help and blessings of our current President and his administrative aides. We are in a foreign policy crisis mode and it has been purposely created to cripple us as a nation, offend our long-time world partners and ultimately enable negatively(in every way possible) our nation by the hands of President Obama and his administration. This man has single handedly changed for the worse, many areas of our foreign policy by embracing Islamic Fundamentalism, thus taken us as a nation to a harmful position in aiding and encouraging Islamic world domination. This current American foreign policy will destroy the America as we once knew it. For our foreign friends, It means it is not just the USA that suffers, it is as well our foreign allies that have indeed and will continue to suffer because of the current administrations friendship with these Islamists and foes of the American people and Christian way of life.

With a little credit to Obama I suppose, It is wonderful that we are seeing political dictators(including Qaddafi) fall one by one but the question goes back to; at who's expense ? Those of us who are keen to Obama's evil ploy to destroy America know that it is Obama's goal to sweep Islam into America and unto the world. It is ultimately his goal to usher out Christianity, to destroy America, and to aide current Islamic “revolutions” in the Middle East. I know Obama is in hope that these Islamic revolutions(dubbed “Arab Spring”) will spread to Europe and finally to America. My friends, please be aware that these are no ordinary “revolutions.” No, they are the making of something just as evil and just as sinister as the dictators who are being ousted. Islamic religious beliefs, Sharia Law will bring no relief to America and surely the Republican Presidential Candidates are already aware of this, right ?

Ultimately, it is our closest allies such as the Europeans, and others who are now suffering because of our current foreign policy failure to stay vigilant against those who hate America and Judeo-Christianity. We are being destroyed at the hands of a man and his foreign policies which is helping tilt the world towards political and religious wickedness. We need a President who realizes the current presidential administration's plot to bring mass destruction to America via evil religionists.

AP/Isaac Brekken

So, my message to all Republican Presidential Candidates is; to know your enemy, restore friendships to old allies and help bring the world back to God and common sense. We as a nation will never recover until we repair and restore what was lost because of the current foreign policy in place.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~"Black Robe Regiment Pastor"

Saturday, October 15, 2011

“Who/What Is Occupy Wall Street ? “

“Who/What Is Occupy Wall Street ? “

All the attention regarding “Occupy Wall Street” as well as “Occupy” other cities around the USA(and around the world now for that matter) has caused me to do a little investigating and researching on my own to see just who is protesting and what are their concerns. It appears from the onset and continues to hold true, that many of protesters are college students, members of labor unions, and those who also hold to beliefs contrary to Capitalism as a political ideology. When looking at photos and or pictures taken of the protesters, one cannot help but see the old hippies(living in the past and have nothing else better to do ?), labor union “local” t-shirts that people are wearing and the numerous signs for what beliefs they belong. In gathering all this information, I think who they are is pretty obvious. The college students at the protests are fairly easy to identify also...not many in our society are easily employable in most jobs wearing “dreadlocks” or spray painted green hair. Then again we are talking about the main protest being in New York City so just about anything is acceptable there. Bottom line though I think is that I've gotten a real good “glimpse” of who the majority of these protesters are, and I don't like what I see.

Most of my information regarding the “Occupy Wall Street” protests have come from, like many of you you-from the “main stream” media and alternative news sources. It would seem many of the news people at first ignored the occupiers on Wall Street but when the protesters did not go away, the news agencies started to check things out, making local and national reports of virtually every source, giving their own description as to what this “ protest” was all about. Depending on where you have gotten your news reports however, you might have received a different point of view as to the protester's points of demands. Some reports showed protesters demanding “the public” to pay for their college education while other news agencies showed pictures of protesters wanting “Bankers to pay their fair share.” The real agenda of the “occupiers” though has been seeping out in pieces to us  of “John Q. Public” as of late, and as these protesters hold their newest placards and signs, they are identifying their true beliefs and or agendas. That the reality is they on the most part hold to Socialist or Communist ideologies. I could eaily identify who they truly were because I could hear and see even from the earliest news reports that some involved in the protests were demanding that “The rich pay their fair share", “1% of the population owns most of the wealth.” or “Share the wealth.” Believe me, I know exactly where those ideas come from.

It is good that it has been only a very small minority of the protesters who are just “average middle class” folks out there with their complaint that they lost their jobs, homes and most of their personal belongings due to “greedy corporations.” To me, If anyone does have a legitimate “beef” about “Wall Street, bankers or corporations” it would be these average middle class Americans. They have probably have more legitimate reason to be protesting than any one else out there with the the rest of the protesters but let it be known, these “average middle class Americans” want nothing to do with the Socialist agenda, drug use or any of the other non-sense going on out there at these “occupy” protests Thats why you don't see many good Americans out there with the protesters to begin with. The more “news” that I read, the more I am learning, the less I like of this protest.

No matter what this whole “occupy wall street” protests are truly about, it is gaining ground and attention in many other nations around the world, not just in America. Greece has been on fire(as a reference to social upheaval) for several years now and if you want to see what what America and other nations will soon become if these protests continue, just look at what Greece's economy, protests and people have become today. I can tell you from what I see, is that what is happening in Greece and other nations with these types of protests is not good for the USA. I don't like this protest for the reason that many ungodly people are involved, the same as in other nations including Greece. These ungodly type of people are the same kind that also are involved in the protests on Wall Street(and across the nation). I am amazed but probably shouldn't be that some of the protesters are actually calling themselves “Christians.” They are stating ridiculous things like;“Jesus would approve” of their protests. Their statements border on sacrilege and nothing they state could be further from Biblical truth. Reality check can anyone who identifies themselves or collaborates with a Socialist and or Communist, also identify with Jesus or the Bible ? If anything, history proves over and over again that Communists and Socialists hate Christianity. Heck, the Soviet Union's Stalin and Mao of China( and other Communists nations) have (and still are) murdered millions of Christians during their reigns of terror. If people would only read their Bibles and learn from history. I Admit, Jesus and the Bible do have some very tough things to say about the rich and rich oppressors but Jesus never forced anyone to give up their wealth. People have the right to be greedy, stingy or selfish or sinful in America or where ever they are. Sinful actions are not right, but we don't force people to do what is right before God. If people need to be removed for continued sinful and or horrible acts, we better be right before God ourselves ! If people sin all the time but refuse to look at their own faults before judging others; it's called hypocrisy. So is anyone telling a rich man to give up his wealth while the person asking, is he or her also involved in sinful acts towards God ? Get right with God first, then go “take the twig” outta the rich man's eye. Better yet, teach the rich man how to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour so he can be guided by God himself to give his money freely to others without manipulation or new laws.

We must learn our Biblical lesson that we cannot make up laws to force rich people to give up their money(ever hear the phrase you cannot legislate a heart ?) without changing and taking responsibility to who we are both individually and as a nation first. Looking at facts here, and In comparison; many of the “Wall Street Occupiers” do not wish to be told to stop defecating on the street(or on police cars), end their illegal drug use, end their lude behavior and cover their nude body parts in public, etc. Do they all listen ? Oh no ! These protesters just want to do what they want to do. Isn't that the same thing the “rich” are also accused of doing ? Doing what they want without regards to others ? In retrospect, my father taught me a valuable saying a long time ago; he said to me “Two wrongs don't make a right.” I think what my father taught me also applies here to the protesters.
One last point that I want to make regarding“who” these protesters are and I hope this “hits home” for many of you... it is what I have suspected all along, it looks like it is very true that it is George Soros is the mastermind behind these protests in the USA. There are new media reports he is actually paying some of the “ Occupy Wall Street” protesters to bring chaos to the streets of America, and I believe those reports. If you are not familiar with George Soros, I highly suggest you get acquainted and educated as to what and who he is. Personally, I think Soros may actually be the anti-christ. His actions are very evil and I pray that people will get educated and realize that this man is purposely bringing chaos, anarchy and confusion to our nation all to the end for his personal benefit and financial gain.

I want to give everyone here a Biblical warning as I have on other occasions and that is; to be very careful to what and who you lend to and or align yourself with. There are so called “movements” and ideologies out there that on the outside may appear or “ look good” but like an onion, when you peel back the layers, you may find something very different then what you expected and in the end, you may be sorry you got yourself involved in and opened in the first place.

If you want to see what's going on yourself with the “Occupy Wall Street” protests, check out this video from SNL Actress Victoria Jackson, I found it to be quite enlightening ;

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~ "Black Robe Regiment Pastor"

Saturday, October 8, 2011

“Amanda Knox, Italian Justice; American Style”

“Amanda Knox, Italian Justice; American Style”

I am sure many of you caught the recent headlines of the appeals trial of Amanda Knox in Italy. If not, a quick “quip”; Amanda Knox, her Italian boyfriend; Raffaelle Sollecito and an African born drifter named Rudy Guede were all convicted of murdering a British student. It was a senseless murder and the Italian courts initially were quick to convict all three for the crime. Four years later however, an appeals trial overturned Ms. Knox and Mr. Sollecito's murder conviction thankfully, setting them free. Again this was an Italian court and you may be asking why I am mention “American Style” coupled with “Italian Justice” in my initial title above, but believe me, by the end of what I am about to share here, you will most likely agree and understand...

As an American Citizen who has worked and traveled abroad as a Christian Missionary since 1998, I can tell you from first hand experience there are many American Citizens “in trouble” with “the law” outside the national boundaries of the USA. I have personally met some really great and noble Americans, that for reasons beyond their control, they have been arrested, jailed and or are “on the run” in foreign nations. Of course we all know unfortunately from time to time, that this sort of thing occurs, but to the degree that so many American's here(in the USA) are unaware of this fact, coupled with an additional fact regarding the large percentage of American Citizens that are being taken advantage of by foreign citizens(abroad and here in the USA), is truly astronomical in number. Yes, granted some Americans do some really stupid things and they deserve to be treated as criminals when they are involved in criminal illegal activity, but by and large the fact remains that there is a large percentage of Americans, who out of sheer ignorance or being naive, find themselves in hot water while overseas. This is what seems, and appears to what had occurred to Amanda Knox. Some call this sort of occurrence “being in the wrong place, at the wrong time” but I call it; “being set-up” by illicit foreign nationals.”

Of course many of us who have been taken advantage or having been “set-up” by foreign nationals are also fully aware that it is not only Americans who are hauled into a “law violation” on foreign soil, no... Those same type of foreigners also travel and migrate here to the USA. They do this so that they can “pull” similar “stunts” as what they did in their own home countries. I want to make something quite clear, In all my heart I believe that many immigrants do come to the USA with the best of intentions but there are also others who do not. These deviants come to our nation with one intention, and one intention only; to scam Americans and use our laws against us to make money or gain financially by using fraudulent and illegal tactics. By the way, can you say “FILIPINA MIGRATION SCAM.” or “MARRIAGE FRAUD” ?

Anyway, I am so thankful that Amanda Knox had been chosen by the US media to pick up and broadcast her “story.” I can tell you however, that for every “Amanda Knox” that is helped by the American media, there are thousands of other Americans around the world(and in the USA !)suffering in jail, hiding, or wrongfully in trouble with “the law”, all because of some scamming foreign national or corrupt government official. What Amanda Knox was given by way of media attention, was truly a gift from God. The vast majority of the American Media however, ignores injustice for our citizens inside the USA, no less for US Citizens outside our nations boarders.

Although The United States Department of State will emphatically deny putting pressure on the Italian Government to dismiss legal charges against Amanda Knox, we who have lived abroad, know better. Even though “officially” the Untied States Government “stays out of” the vast majority of legal matters regarding American Citizens arrested abroad, We also are aware that If the “right” US official advocates for an American Citizen by contacting a foreign national leader or applying pressure to a high level US State Department employee, proper justice on behalf of the arrested US Citizen is more likely. Someday perhaps e-mail messages, or telephone conversations recorded will be found regarding the American Government's communique with Italian Government officials asking or even demanding Ms. Knox's release from arrest and jail. Sadly, he bottom line again here, is that the American Government, especially the US State Department, never would have been intervened on Ms. Knox's behalf were it not for the American media's attention on this case.

It is equally very sad that so many Americans visiting or living/working abroad or even living here in the USA(for that matter), cannot get justice for any reason unless there is media attention. Amanda Knox was indeed blessed to have that media coverage. In the end, the American media attention probably saved her life. Right now however, I am thinking of all the American men and women I have met and spoken with around the world and also those Americans here in the USA that have yet to receive their justice as well. I myself have an upcoming court date of October 11th, 2011 against a Filipina Migration Scammer, corrupt court officials(judges/lawyers who have hid and buried my most recent legal motion) and also a cop in Batavia, NY who threatened my life. No media attention(thus far) for me and no media attention for the thousands of Americans who suffer injustice around the world. May God intervene and and show us the fact we are all about to suffer great injustice, unless we wake up as a people and nation unless we expose injustice- “American Style.”

Saturday, October 1, 2011

“Of Bullying, Don't Blame The Bible...”

Of Bullying, Don't Blame The Bible...”

This week, I wish to discuss a recent news headlines that was spread across the world. It is a story of how a young boy from the Buffalo, NY area named Jamey Rodemeyer, committed suicide over his seemingly self admitted struggle with a “gay” lifestyle. He apparently left his feelings made known and his being “bullied” by others was recorded on a video that he posted on YouTube shortly before his death. Jamey stated that others who he identified and deemed as “bullies” in his school had called him names and also told him among other things; that “All gays go to hell.” I will lay the true blame for this tragic and sad event and pray that everyone who reads this article will soon understand the critical point in which our once great nation stands before God. The suicide of this young boy is both as I shared already; a sad commentary and true reflection of who and what many Americans have become. We are in a very dangerous place socially in America and we most definitely are actualizing and reaping the negative consequences for our horrible ungodly attitudes.

America has replaced God of the Bible with all sorts of lies, half truths not only in many so called “churches” but also perpetuated and propagated by non-christians everywhere. For several generations now, Christians(who are supposed to “know better”) have granted their children to attend public schools where the children are exposed to such ungodly teachings as the Theory of Evolution, sex education(even in kindergarten !), celebration of Halloween, pagan holidays and other deeply offensive matters before God. Yes indeed, whole generations have been exposed to the lie that we some how come from monkeys and or slime, children having sex is inevitable so “just be sure to wear a condom”, witchcraft, homosexuality, devil worship, Islam, the Easter Bunny and other purposeful misguided items have been sold as “truth” in public schools and brought about the common American teenager's response from a their liberal teacher's constant drilled mantra to her(his) students; “do what feels right”(as long as it has nothing to do with Christianity or your parents). Relativism rules over parent's rights or obligations in the USA all because we parents allow it.

In regards to Relativism rather than Biblical Truth being taught and accepted not only in schools but society also, this attitude has opened the door for allowing the lie that living a homosexual or any sinful lifestyle for that matter, is acceptable. This is far from God's Biblical truth and so is what other students in Jamey's school told him; that “all gays go to hell.” While it is true that homosexuality is a sin and unacceptable to God according to the Bible, students or anyone for that matter who blurts out to a child in a way “All gays go to hell “ is also in not right standing with God nor the Bible also. Above all else, the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 16:14; “Let all that you do be done in love.” All indications are that there was no love in the statements made from the students that condemned Jamey for his sinful lifestyle. There was no call for repentance to Christ Jesus, there was only condemnation for Jamey. How can anyone escape hell if what is sin is not known to a sinner as sin, then also the need for Jesus as saviour to then turn from a sinful lifestyle and place that sin upon the cross of Christ? Children especially need love. In no way am I saying that this child's gay lifestyle was some how less sinful than an adult's sinful actions but please remember, Jamey was only a young child. Children are very impressionable and need Godly and right instruction. Immerse a child in wickedness and ungodliness, enable a child in evil behavior,in doing so, don't expect that child to do well towards Godly behavior. The Bible in Proverbs 22:6 states clearly that parents should “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” Wasn't Jamey Rodemeyer's sinful homosexual lifestyle not only a reflection of bad teaching in public schools, pagan ideology but also of his parents failure to guide and teach him that homosexuality is sinful and a shameful act before God ? What parent accepts sinful behavior of their children and does not reap a broken heart later ?

There are most definitely more to blame here for Jayme's suicide beyond Jamey's parents and classmates. Let's look now at the “Gay Community” that Jayme reached out to for help. By Jamey's own words in his Youtube video, he speaks of individuals that supported him emotionally in his “gay 
lifestyle; that homosexuality was normal, acceptable and that he was somehow “born this way.” How is that we parents, Christians and good people here in America allow homosexuals to propagate such lies among themselves, and get a hold of our young children's music, Internet, media and minds ? Why is it that Americans have come to accept this sickening behavior as “normal” and letting others outside us who know good from evil dictate what is right for our kids and nation ?

Next group of individuals that contributed to Jamey Rodemeyer's death is the “main stream” media. Oh they make me just as ill as this young boy's, student peers that called Jamey names without the benefit of repentance and restoration to Christ. When the whole issue of Jayme's suicide came about, the news media by and large made inappropriate and editorial introductions of the news that Jamey's committed suicide. Many a broadcaster on TV introduced the “bullying story” that homosexuality should have been an “accepted”,“acceptable”, “celebrated” and “tolerated lifestyle.” I have said it before and state it again here folks, the “main stream” media is an advocate of devilish things for the most part and wishes to have no part of God or Biblical things. You take a high risk when viewing or reading their “news” items. The “news people” are not interested in Biblical truth, only higher ratings so they can make more big bucks for commercial air time. So beware of the “main stream” media's influence on your children, family, home and our nation. If they can push a demonic agenda while making money doing it, they will. That's their bottom line. They are not interested in Jamey's suicide, just making money from his tragic death.

There is one last group clearly to blame for Jamey's death. In fact, the largest portion of blame for this poor child's death, belongs to the “Church.” Yes, the so called “Church.” Some of you are going to get angry at me again for blaming the “Church” but while many churches in America are off turning a blind eye to sin, trying to “build numbers up” in their churches by compromising with the Word Of God, ignoring the Biblical responsibility of teaching parents the Biblical principles laid out in Titus Chapter 2(yes, your homework assignment if you are unaware of what it speaks) and teaching “other gospels, children like Jamey Rodemeyer and his parents go through life doing horrible things without the corrective and loving supportive help of Christians. In fact, most Christian do little to nothing about “bullying”, “homosexuality” or helping those in sin understanding God's best for their lives through Jesus. Too many are busy in their own little agendas outside God's perfect will to do what is right(OK, now look up Luke 9:23).

Folks I am not sure if you are aware, but before Jamey Rodemeyer committed suicide, he reached out to popular(with some people) music singer named “Lady Gaga.” Lady Gaga payed close attention to Jayme and his words and “bullying dilemma.” Like the homosexuality community in Jayme's area, she took time out of her day to reach back out to this little boy. The problem is however, Lady Gaga only enabled Jamey's homosexual and sinful lifestyle. After news of Jamey's suicide, from a music show she was performing in, she publicly called Jamey Rodemeyer a “hero” from the stage. Later, she even went so far as to the White House to talk about Jamey Rodemeyer and advocate for homosexuality and press for “anti-bullying” legislation.

Like Lady Gaga, another voice has sprung up against so called “bullying.” That voice is none other than Senator Reid and President Obama's “right hand man;” Senator Charles Schumer of New York. I will warn all Christians and good Americans right here and right now, you better believe Mr. Schumer will use “bullying” to further destroy our first amendment rights to free speech and religion. He will 
make sure that his continued agenda to silence as many Christians preaching, speaking or sharing the consequences regarding sinful acts, be denied by law. Senator Schumer is already looking for several co-sponsors for an “anti-bullying bill” that will include arrests for “hate speech.” I know, that I know, that I know that will Schumer will somehow coincide “anti-bullying” with Christian proselytizing. Get ready my friends, evil is about to take another bite out of the Body Of Christ. One word that “homosexuality is a sin”, you will be locked up by the police faster than hungry ants running at Aunt Sally's dropped sweet apple pie.

Lastly, what I am about to share, took much prayer because of my own on-going dilemmas with evil minded people. Most of you are aware of my dealing with a cop who threatened to murder me a few years ago plus a Filipina Migration Scammer and corrupt courts here in the USA that I am focusing on however, I wish to make myself available to Bible believing pastors and or churches, groups who need help in understanding the Biblical precepts of speaking Truth verses condemnation. I want all to understand the difference between Biblical Truth and bullying, Biblical Truth and sarcasm and so on. I want to help children, parents and churches everywhere and will utilize not only my knowledge of the Bible, but as an experienced counselor, and trained professional regarding family related issues.
If you wish to contact me to invite me to your church or group for help, please do so at

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~"Black Robe Regiment Pastor"

 “[Why] should not the Bible regain the place it once held as a school book? Its morals are pure, its examples captivating and noble. The reverence for the Sacred Book that is thus early impressed lasts long; and probably if not impressed in infancy, never takes firm hold of the mind."~ Fisher Ames (author of the final wording for the First Amendment )