Friday, April 27, 2012

“America Has A Character Problem.”

     “America Has A Character Problem.”

Recent headline news this past week has brought me to the conclusion that indeed, many Americans including in our government have a character related problems. Although the most noticeable of all character problems have come to light in the news lately as the Secret Service scandal with prostitutes in Columbia, Obama and Romney's constant lying, the many other recent government scandals including in the US Justice Department, the GSA, and to many more to list here... those that are actually being brought to light are in reality, just the “tip of the iceberg” so to speak. All put together, the news of all the scandals this last week was a bit overwhelming and shocking, I am not sure why-- especially with so much evil and corruption in America(including the hypocrisy of the corrupted Congress and Senate doing the investigating) why I should be surprised these days, but the one news item that really made me upset and nearly to tears was the story of a father who's autistic son was verbally abused in a school by a teacher and teacher's aide; .

Sticking with the topic of “character” by continuing to examine the story about the dad and his autistic son, I believe this particular story not only “hits home” for me, but also really gets to what I see Biblically as the “heart” of the character issue/problem is in America. If you are unfamiliar with what occurred to this boy and his dad, I want to really encourage you to read/view the link I provided in the previous paragraph of this blog article. What you will hear and read in that article may shock you or in the end, it may not at all, It all depends I suppose on how exposed you've been to what is really occurring in our public schools and society all around us. Personally, I am not so shocked with the report of this story about the abuse of this autistic boy and his daddy because like them; I, my son and family have also experienced such similar horrible and even now being currently maltreated and even having continuous illegal activity against us as this child suffering also in the video has. My son who is also diagnosed with “autism” has in the past and even now is currently being maltreated by the City of Batavia, NY School teachers and administrators. He is being taken advantage of for financial profiteering by a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer in conjunction with corrupt lawyers, courts, domestic violence workers, a psychologist, a City of Batavia, NY cop who threatened to murder me and the school system as well as others in and around Genesee County, NY. The root of all our children's suffering is a deeply seeded core of wickedness and dark hearted related character issue that keeps a person involved in hurting children for profit. I expected proper help for my son and children long-ago, but with a school system that had a school assembly to help all students to “accept” and “understand” a transsexual teacher, what could any parent expect ? Evil does as evil is. The dad in New Jersey with his autistic son is having difficulty gaining justice as well. It is that ungodly Character issues; front and center for all to see and hear, but who is heeding the warnings of evil's actions ?

Looking at this story even more, evil certainly reigns in many public schools across America. Many of our special needs children are maltreated and taken advantage of in public schools. Feminism is especially prevalent in our schools and purposeful destruction of our kids. In fact, feminism has contributed nothing good to our society, especially towards boys as evidenced by the female teacher calling the autistic boy in the news item a “bastard.” Feminism has taken it's root in almost all public schools, as well in much of society and the purposeful destruction of boys and men are mostly targeted. The acceptance of bad character and the lies of Feminism is at a root issue of this child being abused in New Jersey as well as all across America. As an example, lets look at some of the facts about treatment of boys in our public schools; according to the CDC; approximately 5 % of all boys are diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD(Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and trend is growing .This statistic shows boys are twice as many diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD or both as compared to girls. When looking at the ADHD as well as the ADD diagnosis, we see most of those boys are simply over diagnosed for the convenience of the teachers to control the boys in the classroom(who are the majority female in the teaching field). Boys naturally, “fidget ”, move around and process information while seemingly “not paying attention.” Feminism and those with corrupted character issues do not recognize natural and human gender differences, they are bent only on forcing others to see a distorted view of their own agenda. Again, Feminism which has at it's roots in the purposeful destruction and demasculation of all boys and men, is also at the root of treating boys and men with contempt. Acceptance and the use of Feminism itself is a evil character issue but the acceptance and use of Feminism is just one of the many, many character related issues that our nation suffers from. Like all evil which has it's root and brings about bad character, It does not belong in the scheme of doing things in a Godly and Biblical manner and is destroying our boys and sadly all of children; both boys-- and girls in our society.

Character “building” was something I was exposed to throughout my early life including as a child. I was a Webelo, eventually a Boy Scout and even later than that as an adult, while in the police/corrections academy then even more so later than that; boot camp training that character building was instilled in me as well as others as having the importance of having and maintaining “morally correct” virtues. We rarely see character building any more, not even so much in the Body of Christ which is where the real teaching of character building belongs. To often our children are exposed to politically “correct” thinking rather than what God and or the Bible, or even that the term “morally right” is used any more in teaching them. Think about this statistic would you ?; There are well over 2.3 million Americans incarcerated, more than any other nation in the world as a matter of fact ( )and one can easily make the argument that lack of Godly character has put many folks behind bars. Children often imitate what they are taught, see and hear do they not ? So does not the responsibility of what our schools and society is teaching our children including calling a child a “bastard' or “acceptance” and teaching of evil such as transsexualism put schools and society at fault ????

To many Americans sit idly by and watch their children get abused, sucked into ungodly behaviour reinforced by our morally evil public schools, and worse; abused by our even more wicked government and court systems. The question of “character” and what it truly means needs to be brought back to life. Right now, character especially Godly character, is on “life support.” How can we in reality expect our future Secret Service agents, our government employees, police, military, judges, teachers and other positions that we once in society held in high esteem, ever be brought back to a position of honor ?('honor”; another issue of character????). When we do not examine now what our children are being taught or not taught, what character of behavior can we expect from them when they later become adults ? This I believe is a crucial question that requires each one of us to take a good, long hard look at ourselves. Our nation's future as to it's very existence will be answered by honestly answering it with God of the Bible in heart and mind.

1 Corinthians 15:33 “Be not deceived: evil companions corrupt good morals.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, April 20, 2012

“There's Something To Be Said About Repentance”

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 “There's Something To Be Said About Repentance”

This weeks article topic is not what I was originally intended to write about but as The Lord generally is the one who guides me as to what He would have me share with all of you weekly, It is rather late in the week but what to finally put down on paper so to speak is definitely now written and thus this week's title on the topic of “repentance,” was born.

A little background on how this topic was actually brought about I believe would be insightful in explaining my points about why I am writing about repentance as being so poignant in our world right now stating as such, please let me now explain; In the last two years, I have been viewing a television program entitled 'American Idol.” Some of you maybe be familiar with this program. I normally would not view this program especially because of the title denoting the phrase“idol” but the reason I have been viewing the program is because there have been a few of my “kababayan”(Filipino unrelated family) in the finals this year as was also in last years series. A little cultural background for all that may need further clarification; In the Philippines, singing and other talents are highly appreciated so my wife and I have been enjoying viewing and listening to Filipino-American contestants on American idol. Rooting for my kababayan is part of the cultural norm.

Anyway, beyond being entertained by our kababayan on American Idol, one of this years contestants; Colton Dixon(not a Filipino) proclaimed throughout his time on the program that he (was) is a “Christian.” Of course hearing him from time to time share a little about his faith in Jesus Christ was exciting. I enjoyed hearing him share his faith in Christ Jesus but in all honesty however had reservations about his faith as he would sing “worldly” songs and do so willingly and seemingly without hesitation. This week, Colton sang a “Lady Gaga” song. This was most disturbing to me for several reasons; the first reason for my concern is that Colton chose to sing a song by this notoriously evil woman. Second; the song selection that Colton Dixon chose to sing from “Lady Gaga” repertoire, was a notoriously evil song called“ Bad Romance.” If you are unfamiliar with that song, the song contains not only disturbing words that creates sick and immoral images, there are also words that are associated with Babylonian god worship and satanism.

What would cause a “Christian” young man to choose to sing such a wicked song on national TV none the less ? I can only speculate what those reasons might be but, what I believe the main reason probably being; the pressure to conform to a worldly TV Program coupled with worldly “judges” and largely a worldly voting television program audience. Being popular with the judges on American idol is not enough, you have a voting audience out there listening to your choice of songs to be sung on American Idol and you must must be good enough and popular enough to win. This whole singing for purely popularity reasons creates a problem for any “Christian” really. It's the same dilemma for any Christian who decides to slip into competing for anything in the world's way of doing things. The end result is always the same when doing that; always ending in deep disappointment and dissatisfaction. I can think of many so called “Christians” that take on the notion and approval of chasing after rewards the world has to offer. Such “Christians” for example; will gamble on Lotto and scratch-off games and most likely do not do gather God's rewards by ignoring the Biblical principle to tithe to their local church. They put their hope instead in “luck”, not God. The truth about such gambling is generally that the vast majority of people who put their hope in gambling and in worldly ways for that matter only wind-up losing money and eroding in their own faith as well as becoming ultimately lost in disillusionment that somehow the world has something that can reward them.better or easier than that of God's ways.

Well, Colton Dixon took his gambling chance earlier this week in stepping into looking for his rewards through the world. If you were watching American Idol just a few short days ago like I, you are aware what occurred to Colton. If you are not a fan of American Idol, let me fill you in: Colton was voted off the program. Colton had taken his chance and in all appearances, God stepped in. In Galatians 6:7 The Bible declares; “God is not mocked, a man reaps what he sows.” The Bible also warns in James 4:4 “Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. “ I earnestly believe God orchestrated Colton Dixon's exit from the American Idol for his purposeful wandering into looking for worldly reward system. Stating that, I want to share what I heard and observed from Colton that he more than likely “got it” and that he messed up with God. When it was time for Colton to say goodbye and sing his last and final song on stage, he first commented to everyone; “I'm sorry, I messed-up.” When I heard those words, I believe in my heart that Colton was apologizing for more than singing a “Gaga” song, he was apologizing to everyone including his brothers and sisters in Christ for what I believe was his drifting off from putting his Saviour Jesus Christ 2nd to the world.

When Colton Dixon began singing his final song on stage, he immediately got on his knees and sang a Christian song proclaiming his love for Jesus. Perhaps the action of humility of being on his knees, singing what sounded like a worship song to Jesus was perhaps Colton's way of saying... “Ok, I left you Lord, I drifted away but I'm back and I'm sorry, I've learned my lesson; you are number one and I've come back to you.” The action of Mr. Dixon reminded me of King David after being caught committing adultery with Bathsheba; eventually God dealt with David and in the end, David too also repented and God restored him. It may very well be that God like with King David, He heard Colton's heart and seen what appeared to be repentance on Colton's part. If indeed if all what I had seen, heard and is most importantly it is what God has seen, He will indeed restore Colton Dixon's life but it will be only for God's glory. I at least hope this is the case because if there was ever a time this nation which is filled with a very wicked government, widely selfish people, and apathetic society, we sure could use a Godly example of a man repenting to Jesus Christ and being restored back to God. Yep, right now-yes, repentance sure could be used right now.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, April 13, 2012

“Race Relations In America Suck-Again”

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“Race Relations In America Suck-Again”

Before I write forward in my article, I would like to extend my condolences to Traevon Martin's parents and family. I empathize with your loss, a loss of a child is a traumatic and heart wrenching event and I pray Jesus would heal your pain and suffering soon........

What would Dr. Martin Luther King think of today's race relations in America, he might look at all of the headliners soaking the airwaves and newspaper clippings and very well say of our present racial relations; “ they suck-again.” Beyond these words, I am quite confident he would as well be disappointed with Jesse Jackson and indeed disgusted with Al Sharpton's choice of words and actions in discrediting what he(MLK) envisioned for America's future. For those who have forgotten or perhaps were unaware of what that vision was, let me quote Dr. King from his “I have a Dream speech(in part) ” in which he publicly declared “...little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and little white girls as sisters and brothers...” King often spoke in terms of a Biblical mandate for change, not a “social gospel” these men propagate. Myself, I am horribly saddened and angry over the whole deadly Traveon Martin shooting. Racial hatred has been once again charged in this case and the media(MSNBC, NBC) and race-baiters as well as plenty of others(to numerous to mention here) are to blame for making what should be a clear cut and simple police matter into a frenzy of political propaganda and using Traveon's murder as a way to increase a way for personal notoriety and financial gain. It makes me all very ill just thinking about it.

As a man who's ancestry includes that of a darker skin pigment, I can say without a doubt that every time this nation makes another step forward in repairing and making progress in race relations, some evil person comes along and takes this nation two steps back and I'm tired of it. I'm tired of the criminals and the Jesus pretenders that interfere in genuine Biblical love between human beings. That love I speak is of course is the love of Jesus Christ. Were you aware there are black churches in the deep south that if I tried to attend I would be asked to leave ? No, primarily not asked to leave because those attending were prejudice against my skin pigment which appears as white, no they would ask me to leave because if the local KKK or other black skin pigment haters found out I attended their church, The darker skin pigment haters would burn down the church or harass the folks attending the church. Equally in the USA, because I am married to a person of “color”, I am not safe in the deep south as well as up north in some churches because there are those who reject the notion of mixed race couples in the Caucasian as well as in, Hispanic, Asian, Black and other racial communities. Prejudice for skin pigment is in every community, every town, and all across America, but it would subside if only the skin pigment haters would shut up and read their Christian Bibles.

In the north, I have attended some churches where the entire congregation is black and most, not all were very loving and warm. I was often greeted with hugs and kisses on my cheek(made me blush at times really). There were however those African-American folks there who gave me that “angry black” man/woman look as if I weren't supposed to be there-their evil just promulgated all over me. After living more than fifty years now, I am happy to report that by and large however I have seen and experienced race relations on the local level improving in America. The problem however of racial hatred is largely controlled on the national level by those with deep pockets and loud voices, not the Bible and not with common sense. The sad fact of the matter is just about whenever there is a black person shot, killed, murdered in the USA, there are many “national” black leaders willing to automatically scream the word “racism!” These same black leaders are practically doing nothing about “black on black crimes” and the disintegration and decimation of the African-American family(shows you really what they care about). Those who scream such words of racism without even a clue as to what really occurred, only adds fuel to the flame of racial prejudice and adds to the problem and resolves nothing ! Then again, there are those who project themselves as guardians of the people as I mentioned earlier, but the truth being told, those “guardians” by and large are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing. These wolves exploit other people's tragedy’s for their own personal financial gain and gain of personal notoriety. Think about it; if they didn't have hate, deception and doing things the devil's way, what would they be doing for a living ? Without pouring salt on old wounds, what what else could they do to make a dollar ?

As far as the Bible is concerned, racial hatred is of the devil. Whether you are a neo-Nazi, Black Panther member or sympathizer, your name is Frederica Wilson, Currine Brown, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or David Duke, it matters not, hatred is hatred. When we have national leaders like Barrack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder who refuse to do their jobs, to purposely and maliciously look the other away from criminal activities such as those like the New Black Panthers who blocked a voting place in 2008 and recently posted “dead or alive” wanted posters for George Zimmerman, we indeed have a more than a simple problem. These people are the true haters, and exploiters of hatred for personal gain and attention. When I hear new Black Panther members call for “war” against “those crackers, honky’s” and so on, the natural man in me gets angry. Thank the Lord I have Jesus, not to let my anger turn to sin. These people however are violators of God's Word and if there is ever going to be racial harmony in our nation, haters and those who promote such hatred should no longer be tolerated(of any skin pigment color !), they should be removed from the ability to speak of such ungodly hate and propagation and promotion of such putrid and demonic works. Satan is the “father of all lies” and there is no way the people of the One True and Living God should let these promoters and enablers of wicked works go on in their deception.

A bit of Godly and Biblical advice for all those of us who are who are Bible believing Christians parents.... we have a God given Biblical duty to teach our children and our families right from wrong. Those who promote the allowance of worldly ways like clothing, IE...” hoodies” and baggy pants for our children only give permission to emulate evil. If you are not aware, the clothing style I just described is often the style of clothing worn by gang members and rap music who call themselves “thugs” and “gang members”. The Bible is clear in Romans 12:2 “And do not imitate this world, but be transformed by the renovation of your minds, and you shall distinguish what is the good, acceptable and perfect will of God“(Aramaic Bible in Plain English). If you don't want to bring trouble upon yourself, the Bible is clear; act like Jesus, not like a criminal. Why allow our children to invite unwelcome hatred and suspicion or wrong doing in their and our lives by acting like the world. The Body of Jesus Christ in America is infatuated with entertainment in the church and the world has gripped many Christian families and the trouble that we often reap is due to the influence of the world upon our lives. I suspect had Traevon Martin not dressed like the criminals that he assimilated in “street wear” he may very well may have been alive today. 3John 1:11 states; “Our beloved, do not imitate evil, but the good. One who does good is from God. One who does evil has not seen God.”

It is my understanding that Pastor Terry Jones of Florida is holding a rally of support for Mr. Zimmerman[ Traevon Martin's shooter. The rally is said to ensure George Zimmerman's Constitutional rights. I support that idea, however I would also ask of Dr. Jones that before he holds such a rally(if he hasn't done so already) to contact all Biblical pastors in the area in which he will hold his rally and also hold a meeting with those (all skin pigment colors) Bible believing pastors as to have a time of prayer, fasting and a like minded and Christ filled Spirit of unity before taking to the streets. If I were pastor Jones, I would want as many true loving brothers and sister in Christ of every skin pigment color standing with me in wanting to see true Biblical justice for all included, that of course includes not only George Zimmerman but Traevon Martin as well.

On an ending and personal note with plenty of on-hand experiences, true justice is very difficult to find in America these days. “Justice” especially in the court room is really like a “crap-shoot”, a game of chance. With so many judges, lawyers, that have become political extensions of the “left” or “right”, true justice is rare, especially for poor folks like me and possibly you. Indeed, rarely is justice given in the courtroom with so many political games and legal "maneuvering" occurring. I am not so sure that if innocent, George Zimmerman nor for that matter even Traevon Martin either will ever get justice and I highly doubt because of how “the law” inside and outside the courtroom operates, we will all know what really occurred the day of the shooting and death of Traevon Martin. People like Sharpton, Jackson, the “New” Black Panthers, the neo-Nazi's and KKK have all interjected their voices in the Traevon Martin-George Zimmerman case as of late, and will soon bring themselves to clash possibly with violence during on and or after the trial. All America(again) is being sucked into a dangerous legal situation that would have on the most part been done well for most "players" to be left out. People who are race-baiters and haters of skin pigment do no good towards evil, they only help add fuel to the fire of hate and that's the bottom line here. I am all in agreement with Dr. Jones to achieve his goal of seeing George Zimmerman's Constitutional rights protected, however I also want to see God's way; those who will find injustice and expose it to do so Biblically; that is with truth and love. Let me quite clear; I stand with Biblical justice because the Biblical God demands Godly justice done but let me as well be quite clear here also, that the God of the Bible does not use a demonic social gospel nor evil's such as lying or suppressing truth for personal or other evil gain as well. If you want to expose evil, look at yourself first(get that plank outta your own eye first) before setting the world straight on such matters as race relations as God would have it. Let all Biblical men and women demand Godly justice His way, not of those who hate for profit, notoriety or for any other evil reason.

To all race-baiters and skin pigment haters-Go Home in Jesus name … Go Home !

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, April 6, 2012

“Of Tim Tebow, Al Qaeda And NY City's Future...”

 “Of Tim Tebow, Al Qaeda And NY City's Future...”

What a time we live in-in the world today isn't it ? All one has to do to see where we are chronologically in terms of Jesus' return, is to simply read our Bible and look out our windows or watch the TV nightly news-Praise the Lord for that. For any Bible believing Christian's faith, how wonderful it is for those of us who have been faithful to the Lord despite persecutions of our faith that was predicted many years ago. We who stand firm in our faith are promised crowns in Heaven for remaining faithful and yet we are also sad knowing that some yet still have not given their hearts to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour as prescribed by the Christian Bible. I am not anxious for the people I know not yet saved through Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, but I do sincerely wish not anyone to perish-I'm sure many of you reading this article feel the same. Jesus returning soon, unfortunately, those persons not yet given their hearts to Christ, may very well may need to go through the full force of the Tribulation Period as outlined in the Book of Revelation to receive eternal life. It is very sad just thinking of some of my own relatives and friends who are still stuck in religion, going to church, or even holding church offices; yet have no real personal relationship with Jesus Christ of the Bible. Indeed, this issue concerns me greatly. I love them all dearly but ultimately, I cannot be the One to change their hearts.

As our nation rapidly continues to decline morally due to the direct correlation of the rejection of Jesus of the Bible and Biblical principles, I am often drawn to one particular city when thinking of God's judging hand against our nation. Now you may be thinking of that city I mention as being “Sin City”- Las Vegas, but that is not the city believe it or not. Of all the cities in America that God lay's on my heart often regarding judgment is New York City. For those who may believe I feel this “judgment” against New York is only because of the “911” terrorist attack, I can tell you that I have been to New York City many times, all on business starting in 1986 and I had a very uneasy feeling about the moral condition of “the Big Apple” long before “911” and even more of a larger concern for the moral decay of that city up to today. I am not condemning every person in New York City of course, that would be unbiblical and immoral. After all, I am aware that there are some very loving and faithful Bible believing Christians there, and there is no need to lump them here with the morally corrupt that God will bring to judgment however New York City by and large holds some deep evil secrets and there are many there who continue to engage in awful, sinful activities, including insidious acts against children.

When we look at New York City historically, by and large it was and is filled with some morally bankrupt individuals that had(even up to today)a long history of evil, corruption, and has chosen a path through tainted elected government officials to take up pride of their stance against the Biblical God and have even taken up the position to curse the very God that made them. Mayor Bloomberg is just one of many such elected and non-elected New Yorkers to take up such a wicked attitude. I have written about this man in the past and have given all ample warning about him(see ). To be fair and truthful, as I stated, Mayor Bloomberg is just one of many individuals in New York City willingly setting his face against God and the Bible. To be sure, there are many, many more evilists in the Tri-State area of course and bottom line is; God sees it all and is trying in His merciful way to get everyone's attention about the whole ugly affair of rejecting His son Jesus Christ and the Bible there.

Prior to 911, there had been several terrorist attacks in NY City. God had been allowing these terrorist attacks to wake up America and New York from it's spiritual slumber. Certainly God was desperately attempting to get our attention and more importantly; get our hearts focused on repenting of our evil as well as repenting of allowing that evil to grow. Although there were some weeks of growing church attendance and prayer vigils after the 911 terrorist attack, most Americans quickly slid back to their daily routine of ignoring God and relying more on their own ways of handling life than allowing God to transform a very sad and horrific situation for good and for His glory. Unfortunately, the sad reality after the 911 attack was that the vast majority of “tough” and very hard hearted New York City residents and Americans for that matter returned back to their sin filled life style. Repentance for evil and returning to God never took root.

Not much in the way of Godly transformations has occurred in New York City in the last ten plus years since the Twin Towers were hit by the planes and over 3000 people died that day. Nope, hearts are harder than ever for most there. The streets may be cleaned up a bit since I've been to NY City for the first time in 1986, but many hearts, the thing that matters most to God remain just as dirty. For you see, the Biblical God, the all important matter- are matters of the heart, not what's on the outside. Because of the heart condition of the vast majority of New Yorkers, God is about to shake things up again in NY City. That is why I believe you see a young man being sent by God there. This faithful young man if full of love for Jesus Christ but his Christian faith is also hated by many where he is going for that faith. This young man's name is Tim Tebow, If you don't know about Mr. Tebow, I suggest you do some research on your own, let's get to the point; that Tim is no Biblical prophet but he certainly is just as important. He is a faithful man who follows God despite what men may throw at him(literally at times) and in case you were unaware; Tim Tebow was recently traded from a NFL Denver team to a New York team. The news coverage about that event raised quite a ruckus amongst New York area residents, in fact, it has already caused great concern for God haters all over the New York City area. Many NY City area sports commentators have all ready jumped in on the anti-Tim Tebow “band-wagon” objecting to Mr. Tebow even taking to the football field any where near NY and the Tri-State area where they know Tim will eventually give a silent praise to Jesus Christ for any good play made. Let's be clear here about all this hate of Tim Tebow, the hate is not in reality directed at Tim Tebow, the hate is for giving to and of the name of Jesus Christ-this is the real issue and the real heart of the problem. That heart issue in itself, For God and His Word, is the rejection of God's Son Jesus Christ. This is a big problem for all humans and God is going to use Tim Tebow and his boldness in Jesus Christ to bring judgment upon every God hater in NY and to show He means business. Hang on to your hats folks, keep your eyes on the hearts and the people of New York City because when Tim Tebow arrives in the New York City area for spring training, God is going to do something, and at some point, it's going to be big. Don't think that there is no correlation between Tim Tebow coming to the New York City area and Al Qaeda's new threats. People need to pay close attention !

Remember God is a merciful God(Deuteronomy 4:31) but also, do not forget as well; God is not mocked, a man reaps what sows(Galatians 6:7). God sees everything in the hearts of people. There comes a point where God begins to show men that their foolishness and their rejection of Him has dire consequences. God never took the threat of attacks from Al Qaeda out of our nation because despite our best human efforts, we never did what God asked us to do; which was to repent of our evil ways, return to Jesus and make our lives right before Him.
God will use both Tim Tebow and Al Qaeda as tools for God's impending mercy and or judgment upon America, New York City included. I would hope that Biblical Christian New Yorker's will take the time to pray for revival rather than waiting around simply to see the destruction of their own city and nation. God can do powerful things, In the end of all things, I wish to see repentance and revival in New York City perhaps more than anyone because I know once real Biblical revival hits the “Big Apple”, it will spread throughout our land quickly and God will indeed remove Al Qaeda and we can rest once again rest upon God's blessed hands of protection for all.

Choose wisely New York, choose wisely !

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor