Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Integrity Lost In America, Subtitled... Thou Shall Not Lie !

As many have been communicating with me as of late of the growing issues of American and State's Government abuses and corruption. I have been sincerely praying about what people are sharing as those examples of governmental corruption and as well as the solutions they are also proposing. I have been told and been given many examples of both evil acts of Government agencies and or their employees and the self prescribed solutions people feel would be most fitting to correct our failed national and local governments. I must say to date, I am extremely concerned for the lack of Biblical World Viewpoints and insights being shared with me. I am so concerned of lack of integrity as what is described in the (Christian) Bible on the part of not only our American Government, but also many of “We The People” I decided to write this week's blog article about my concerns.

Let me share that I fully understand the anger and hostility that many American's feel towards our government leaders. I will tell you first and foremost that this “issue” is not an “Obama” issue only. America has been suffering a good long period of time of Government made atrocities against it's own people since around the year 1900. People in the past, some of them historians have tried to show American's truth regarding what our national leaders have done in the past but to a large degree many of those attempts were unsuccessful. That is why I am very grateful to people like former Professional Wrestler, later elected, Governor Jesse Ventura for bringing truth to where many media outlets would not go.... That is “Conspiracy Theories.” His Television Program is allowing us to see truth and fact being brought to the American public that, “We The People” have been duped for years. We have been told to “trust” our elected officials that we live in a “Republic” that represents everyone with very few faults. Now, skeletons rattling in many closets, anger has risen to a place so terrific in America, there is apt to be something done about the years of lies that our Elected career politicians, Judges, and others employed in government have sold us that turned out to be nothing but lies and purposeful evil propaganda.

My concern at this point is not only the lies that have been exposed, but the solutions being proposed to make all this “corrected.” I hear a lot of rhetoric stating one thing or another but I must say the majority of solutions being proposed will also fail miserably because those supposed solutions are based on more of “man's”(people's) idea of truth and justice. Wasn't it Sir John Dalberg Acton who said
“Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely” ?? We certainly cannot trust any man made political system that relies on people's ideas alone, for we know that in the end, every person without Christ is corruptible. There have been some that have suggested that religion should play a limited part of America but what we know of “religion”-again is corruptible because “religion” is man's idea of who a god is and we know that “man” always gets his “sticky fingers” into manipulating religious rules and doctrines. So what is left that can really bring America to a solution without the misery and continued problems of mass corruption that we see today throughout America's land in both the Government and in homes of many Americans ? That can only be that of a (Christian)Biblical solution and of Godly Precepts.

When was the last time you seen a career politician in America, or a father in his home for that matter open their Christian Bible and read it to their family “ Or that a politician to her fellow legislators or magistrates ? Contained within the Bible are precepts that worked well enough for our American Forefather James Madison(among many other American Forefathers) to quote and apply America's
Governmental beginnings from the Bible. The particular quote I share here in this article has a significance, because it is a quote of wisdom and of what America needs to return to today; “We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We’ve staked the future of all our political institutions upon our capacity…to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.” [1778 to the General Assembly of the State of Virginia]

Our Government leaders in America, have lost their integrity, they have lost their way ! To many politicians are quick to compromise with evil and avoid Biblical precepts. We see even in our courtrooms that those who seek justice from wicked oppressors are being attacked as the villans. We see how American attorneys, Child Protection Workers, Socials Workers, Domestic Violence Workers and ex-spouses are allowed to commit perjury, lie (penal law) without any legal repercussion. In fact, many judges are encouraging and entertaining liars to support the most vilest of crimes against parents in America. There is such an incredible act of evil at every level of American and State's Government including our court rooms, that God is about to bring a large hand of judgment across America and there will be no return for our nation. For no nation in such a clear disregard for justice can sustain itself very long... God will bring down judgment for sure. So again I say, we have the right to be angry, but my question remains, what will be the solution ?

I agree with the absolute Biblical mandate of removal of unrepentant evil from our government but as I shared in a previous article, “We The People” share part of the responsibility and blame for our current mess in America. The Bible was not meant for American's(any people or nation) to sit on a shelf to collect dust. We want God so desperately when we have trouble(Remember 911 ?) and when God gives us the solution and that by the way He also provides a blessing for any people which follows Biblical (God's) precepts, many American's just insist on doing it instead the “Burger King Way”(Have it your own way...).

We as a nation need to stop looking to ourselves and our so called “elected leaders” for solutions. We and they without God(of the Bible) are easily swayed and corrupted to operate in our own limited knowledge and power. Problem being is that if we continue to do what we've always done, we will always get the same result. That of what I just shared is a definition of insanity !

Ending my article here, I have a few key questions for my fellow Americans.... Can a cockroach turn into a butterfly ? Emphatically not ! But, a caterpillar can turn into butterfly if enough pressure is applied within a cocoon. So, fellow American, what do you want to be when you come out from the pressure...To remain as a Cockroach, a Caterpillar or a beautiful Butterfly ?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You Can't Fight City Hall – Or, Other Lies Big Brother Has Taught You

Oh the dreaded words that in the years past, they even came from my mouth ! How many Americans have said these very words; “You Can't fight City Hall.” What a horrible lie from the devil ! Us Americans have been conditioned to become like fat pigs for the ultimate slaughter. The Financial elite of the world have their butchers ready to carve us up anytime now. We even squeal and complain like pigs at times and the sad fact is, we are being dragged off like fatted animal stock for slaughter as well. We complain, complain, complain but do very little. We think our petitions, marches and rallies are “showing them something” when in all reality, the US Military and police are also exercising in “Emergency Terrorism Drills” to herd us all back in the coral like good little piggy's after we have our little “hissy fit.” Soon, if we don't rise up and do something, any piggy that dares to speak up will be immediately butchered or shot(which ever will make a bigger examples of what happens to naughty little piggy's who don't listen to Big Brother).

I can almost hear the groaning s of some of those who call themselves spiritual or even “christians” saying “Pastor Paul doesn't Romans Chapter 13:1 state that we are to follow the rulers of our land ?” I say of course ...yes ! But, go on to verse 3 “For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil.” Isn't it interesting that Governments/rulers are not a “terror” to good works rather to evil. That is very revealing especially since we know in America, the United States Government has been recruiting religious leaders to teach their religious members to be (good little piggy's) and to follow just what Paul said the Romans in Chapter 13, verse one. The American Government is hopeful(and I'm afraid they have this theory correct) that most American's don't really read their Bibles and will not take a gander at Romans 13:3 which plainly shows we have a rebellious (terror)government involved in evil, not a Godly representative what-so-ever.

Next logical question would might be(for a piggy)... “Isn't our USA Government doing good? “ Wow !, I really hope no one has asked that question(perhaps they've been hiding under a rock?). Our current American Government is so far (please forgive the street lingo) “outta whack”, that the word “good” isn't even a compatible word associated with the USA Government any longer. We need a realistic look at our current American and States Governments. They are mostly corrupt, evil and wicked. They no longer (Constitutionally)serve the people and many in our Legislative, Executive and especially our Judicial Branches are indeed filled with selfish tyrants that involve themselves in a whole array of sinful, ungodly and unconstitutional activities including but not limited to taking bribes, stealing children, separating families for financial profit, etc....

Our American Government and it's agents are using increasingly coercive tactics against it's own people. The past week or so before this article was written, numerous stories have been published of physical abuse, torment, sexual molestation of persons who wished to take flights from airports but were unduly berraded , molested and the like as earlier mentioned by Transportation Security Association “Screener's(terrorists). We've already seen a marked increase in Police brutality cases and also horrid US Constitutional violations by Police around America, now the TSA Airport Screener's. What gives ? Why all the hostility ? Are “We The People” being conditioned to being pushed around purposely ?, Are we being led to a “norm” of having our US Constitutional rights violated ? Seems that way to me. Many who also notice thee incredible injustices of our American law enforcement doing this evil, are commenting to me...”Well just sue them in court.” That's not the answer my friend. Millions of dollars for litigation and years later possibly until getting justice, thats not it, no, you cannot trust the Judicial Branch of Government... remember ???? They're in on the crime. At some point, guaranteed; your judges and lawyers are just going to “pull the plug” on giving some you back your constitutional rights. You cannot trust them !

The answer to this serious dilemma is simple but difficult. In my last blog article I spoke of sacrifice. “There is a time for everything” the Bible says in the Book of Ecclesiastes. Now is not the time to shrink back. Now is not the time to look forward to our favorite TV Programs on our big screen televisions. Now is the time we must put away pleasure, and it's time we get serious about getting our government roped back in and our nation as a whole back to Jesus Christ and the US Constitution in which our nation was founded. We cannot sit back and “let someone else take the hit.” Everyone is needed. No voice, no person is to unimportant in this fight to gain back our freedom.

Let me say once again here, please don't expect to much from our newly elected leaders. They will be bogged down by the elite already in place for years in Washington, DC, State Capitols and the courts around the nation.

If you decide in your heart to go to battle, Please post a sign on your front yard before you head out....
“ No Pigs Here, I Can Fight City Hall, And I will Win In Jesus Name !”

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

America's Choice Between Continued Apathy or Sacrifice.....

As the United States readies itself for the celebration of another Veteran's Day Holiday. Perhaps all American's everywhere will be looking at something that many American's have not had to consider in their own lives.... The ultimate sacrifice. What is the ultimate sacrifice ? That is none other than giving one's life for a cause even unto death. That is a mighty high price but many who have served in the US Military over the years have willingly paid that price. In fact, If you are a current/past member of the U.S. Military, the people of America owe you a great debt of gratitude. Thank you and Happy Veteran's day.

The American people though, are getting ready to experience something that is normally associated with U.S. Military experiences. This "something" is beyond simple feelings of, concern, anger, frustration and even fear. This "something" is called "ultimate sacrifice." America has brought upon herself something that no person would even wish for... a choice between Death or Life. That's right... Death or Life.

For years now many American's including those in the "Church" have done what they wanted without reference or adherence to "Biblical Truth." We know that there are negative consequences for such anti-Godly actions. Galatians 6:7 states that God is not mocked, a man reaps what he sows. For sure we see the reaping from years of purposeful apathetic behavior and evil in America. Shall I mention all the un-Godly acts that America has allowed ? It would perhaps take a entire book to list them all but just naming a few are ; Abortion, Divorce, Murder of innocent people, Legalization of drugs, Homosexuality, Government child kidnapping and or murder and one that many American's tend to forget.. Looking to God for direction rather than man.

I recall a conversation I had with a "government appointed" American lawyer I was assigned during my initial legal issues with the Filipina Migration Scammer a few years back. With my father present in the attorney's office's with me, this American Lawyer told me; "Mr. Waldmiller, if you would rather follow the Bible and your Christian beliefs rather than man's law, I would highly suggest you move out of the country."

Because of un-Goldy attitudes such as what I described here on this article earlier, It has now come to America that even after the new elections, times in America are about to become worse, much worse. More and more recent news items carry a message that American's need to "stock up on food and supplies for 6 months." There is also news sharing that the "Retirement age in America will need to be raised to 69 years-old. Here's a news item that may catch your interest; How about Microchips being placed in your medication ?   Don't believe Big Government won't want to continue running your life because of un-Goldly attitudes of American Citizen's??? Couple these related stories that have been going on with others, this is way beyond "It's Obama's fault." No my friends, Obama is only one of many who have become the "elite" who want to destroy America and "We the People" have allowed it through God's process of "reaping and Sowing". That's right, we have allowed it and many just don't get it(yet?).

To fix this issue(If it is fixable at this point), we need to find that our America needs to do something that is typically "un-American." Yep, I said un-American, we have to swallow our pride, acknowledge we messed up(Big Time) and acknowledge our "elected"(newly or otherwise) are not going to fix our problems. We have to repent for what we've done and make right with God(Biblical God)  and to be able to correct our attitudes, our hearts, as a people, as a nation. Next, we have to remove all evil. This means starting with ourselves individually. We cannot ask others to clean up their lives without making ourselves right before God first(Mathew 7:5... Are we a hypocrite ?).

Sacrifice is the order for the day. Looking to "clean up our act" by removing evil from every area needs to be established immediately if not sooner. If there is evil, it must be removed. We cannot toy with, experiment with, fool-around with or even have the luxury of compromising with evil. It must be removed at all and at every cost. To simply try to pray or wish it away will not work(James 2:17-20). God Gives mercy but he also requires a sincere and faithful heart. Evil, is not going to leave quietly. Evil will undoubtedly fight, claw and bite back. Some will get hurt, some may even(sacrificially) die.  However, we must move past our earthly and religious understanding of life. We are reaping the consequences of "self." These negative consequences are leading us all over a cliff. I for one am not willing to jump off that cliff but someone else(foolish or evil) may try to pull or push me over. If I must die, It will be through the way of sacrifice(Luke 9:23) and not a jump into the pool of wasted selfish desires.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hey America, What's That Smell ?????

The American elections of 2010 are over. Many questions still remain including what ever happened with the early elections in 11(eleven) states where there was wide spread voter fraud ? Were they simply "swept under the rug"? As well, I am asking just who really are these candidates are who won ? Seems the Republican Party did fairly well in the US Congress but did not manage to do the damage they hoped they would achieve by also taking over the US Senate. All in all, it seemed to be a sizable gain however for the Republicans. Not being a Republican myself, I am not at all impressed with the win. I do recognize however that Republicans can and sometimes are, more conservative in their voting record that those of the Democratic Party. What conservative person would not be elated at the notion of Democrats being removed from office ? Another question though is; What are the real beliefs(not rhetoric) of these so called Republicans who were newly elected? This last, I believe is the most important question of all that I have listed.

Lot's of words spouted before the election by politicians but those of us who are keenly aware of how American politicians operate, we know that politicians will say just about anything to get elected. Couple that issue with the reality that Washington DC changes people and not the other way around(as what politicians would have you to believe), causes me great concern at present moment.

Relating more to concerns are that (American)States that some say "haven't gotten it yet" meaning the people re-elected or elected politicians who are obviously a threat to America as a nation and the freedom's American's enjoy. Re-elected were Barney Frank in Massachusetts, Boxer to Congress from California, Jerry Brown was (re)elected to Governor there. Nevada re-elected Harry Reid and New York State Re-elected Schummer and Gillibrand to the US Senate and then also elected Cuomo as Governor. I could list more  evil minded politicians that were elected or re-elected but the bottom line is, there are people who "just don't get it." Evil is evil and evil is still in power and control.

Even if the majority of the American Public have now elected persons for public office who are an improvement over those who were tossed out of office, there still lingers evil. I can still smell the foul stench from Congress, Legislators and Court Rooms that will be more than just a thorn in the side to the American People in the foreseeable future. For sure, there are many more politicians, judges and others who were just elected or re-elected that will add to the stink of those politicians I mentioned earlier. What's wrong with a little evil(poop I call it)when most what we want, we are OK with, you ask ? This questions reminds me of a story of a preacher whose children wanted to participate in "just a little" sin and the preacher-father made brownies with just a little poop. Of course his children would not eat any brownies no matter how small amount the of poo that was mixed in the batter. So, moral of the story as they say is; "We The People" should not accept evil (poop)no matter how small or insignificant it may appear to us.

The smell that permeates the air in America currently is that of compromise(more smelly evil). Rep Boehner from Ohio who is rumored to be the next Speaker of the House Of Representatives set (perhaps as a slip of the tongue) a tone of the upcoming Congress when he offered "compromise" with Democrats on many issues. Mr. Boehner has a history of "reaching across the isle" to Democrats in compromise deals. This is not at all what America needs. In fact, compromise with evil is just how we as America got in this position we are currently in now as a nation. America needs a whole sale change in it's heart. Compromise with the devil never works, it only leads to more disasters. I think of so many Bible stories where God warns His people to avoid compromise and avoid the poop as well. The one story I am thinking on of the most, can be found in Joshua Chapter 7. Achin took somethings that God said not to. All of Israel suffered for just one man's evilness. You see just a little poop makes what is good into something unusable.

There is something to be said about righteousness, honor and integrity. Those are usable Godly qualities and America has not seen qualities like that in a leader of our nation in a very, very long time. America is indeed in trouble. Elections(prediction time) have not produced nor will produce much more than compromise with the devil for the foreseeable future. Don't believe me? Then why do the Congressional Republicans wish to eliminate the Obama Health Care Plan one line item at a time rather than eliminating the whole plan at once? What is in the Obama Health care Plan that is worthy of keeping? Perhaps the law that all American's must have an RFID Chip implanted in them? Is that it? If it is, then there is more poop than batter that was elected to office.

It's time American's clean's out the house(nation). The use of nice smelling deodorant sprays no longer cover the smell of evil. It's time to route out what stinks.

Save a nation, Say no to compromise with the poopy devil!