Monday, December 7, 2015

"K-1 Fiance Visas, How They Allow Terrorists To Enter America"

"K-1 Fiance Visas, How They Allow Terrorists To Enter America"

On December 2, 2015 America witnessed yet another terrorist attack. Although the U.S.Media along with their usual United States Government partner in the propaganda war against truth, attempted to hide the fact that it was indeed Muslims who killed 14 that day in San Bernadino, California, the American public through social media pushed hard for answers. Not only did we learn that the two suspects were Muslim, but also that one of them, a female named Tashfeen Malik immigrated to the USA via a K-1 Fiance Visa. Obviously, the wife, who came here on that K-1 Visa, immigrated through fraud. Her sole intention for immigrating here was to do us all harm and sadly, she was successful

Personally, I knew this attack was coming. I've been watching and warning folks now for the last eight years of these terrorists types who have come here to America via K-1 Fiance, and other "marriage" type visas. In fact, I have known that--- "Sham marriages are a threat to Homeland Security. they subvert our immigration laws and our efforts to ensure proper and legal identification of those who enter and remain in our country. those individuals who take illegal shortcuts to citizenship, or assist in that activity, will be investigated and prosecuted."~ U.S. Attorney O'Neil. The above quote is taken from a website( dedicated to exposing the huge problem America and Americans have had with those foreigners who come to the United States through Visa/Marriage Fraud including misuse of the the K-1 Visa system.

For those who are like me and familiar with the flood of Foreign Marriage Scammers who have entered the United States specifically to defraud and harm us the last twenty years or so, the news of the terrorist attack in San Bernadino, California via a Muslim woman who came here on a K-1 Marriage Visa was absolutely not a shock. Murders of American Citizens via immigrant spouses have been occurring for a very long time now. However this particular terrorist attack which was committed on a grand scale, it is only now that the media is giving attention to the problem. Up until now, the media's liberal political agenda and self loathing of being American, has kept them from reporting about the on-going murders of American Citizen's via immigrant spouses or several decades. Despite the fact that our Government and media are hiding who many of these "immigrants" really are, America is finding out the hard way that many have come to our nation's shores only to bring us misery and harm.

An "FYI" in case you truly were not aware, the United States Government is well aware, and has been aware for a very long time now of the many crimes being committed by K-1 Visa Immigrants including murders of innocent Americans on U.S. soil, but our Federal and State Governments have mostly chosen to do little to nothing about it. In fact, there are over 1 million of these Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers currently residing within the U.S. that are living here illegally and engaged in all sorts of crimes against us. On a personal note I and others have specifically traveled to speak with members of the US Congress, including Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator Schumer and also Congressman's Chris Collins, Congressman Vern Buchanan and others who all rejected the notion of helping to protect innocent Americans from terrorists attacks via Foreigners who fraudulently come here on K-1 Fiance and other Marriage Visas. I want you to specifically know that our Federal Government has only sought to encourage more of these criminals to emigrate here and do their criminal activities through the use and implementation of the Fed's purposely giving to State and County Governments, Billions of YOUR tax dollars in the way of Federal Title IV funds as well as Violence Against Women Act Tax Payer Dollars to Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers like Tashfeen Malik who are bent on terrorizing Americans.

As I mentioned earlier, the media  is keenly aware of the terrorists that have infiltrated our nation through K-1 Fiance Visa fraud. Yes, a few such as Greta Van Susteren from Fox News have gone on-air only to pretend to not know of the severe magnitude of K-1 Fiance and other Marriage Visa terrorist issues. But I'm here to tell you, the American Press are all fully knowledgeable of the million or so terrorists that live among us through K-1 and other Marriage Visas. This is the same media that has the gall to interview our members of Congress on their news programs and ask them why there is little vetting of these foreign K-1 and other Marriage Visa holders when the media already knows the answer to that issue and that they are part of the problem. Being a little facetious, isn't it interesting that despite the hundreds of thousands of letters and e-mail messages sent over the years to the INS, ICE and Homeland Security regarding accusations of Visa Fraud, our government has largely sat idly by and allowed these terrorist attacks against us to go answered. Until now that is.

As finally some in America are just now waking up to the fact that our tax dollars have been used against us to purposely allow terrorists in our country via our U.S Government and their puppet-propaganda media, it is my hope that television programs such as "90 Day Fiance" airing on The Learning Channel(Cable Program), will be viewed more often, and the issues identified in those episodes will also be taken more seriously. I mean all you have to do is view one episode of this TV Program and you will clearly see and understand the magnitude of K-1 Visa and Marriage Scams and the potential to terrorism that often accompanies Marriage Visa Fraud.

Here's my suggestion to help combat the terrorists that enter the U.S. through K-1 Fiance and other Marriage Visa fraud, contact your Federal and State Legislators. Inform them that you are aware of the million or so terrorists such as Tashfeen Malik that currently reside, and have immigrated here through K-1 and other Marriage Visa fraud. Direct them to this website link: and tell them to introduce laws that will protect Americans, not harm us by allowing these terrorists to remain here. Finally, demand of your member of Congress/Senate that Homeland Security should immediately arrest and deport all over 1 Million Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers. Enough is enough!

Why isn't our U.S Government doing as they promised?---"Marriage fraud will not be tolerated. It is a direct attack to the national security of the United States." said director Redman. 'The process of detection from marriage fraud begins the moment an application is submitted to our agency and later when a couple comes to our offices for a marriage interview. So, beware. The job of our adjudicators is not just to grant or not and immigration benefit. It is also, and most definitely, keeping our country secure.'"

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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Monday, November 30, 2015

Trump's Success Also Largely Due To American's Hatred Of U.S. Media

Trump's Success Also Largely Due To American's Hatred Of U.S. Media

As the media largely rants on with their negative attacks against Donald Trump, Mr. Trump's poll numbers only continue to rise. Conventional wisdom so to speak-from the so called News Media Elites such as Chuck Todd from NBC, nearly every "journalist" from Fox News, the New York Times and among all the other of the thousands within the American Media will all tell you, Trump should not be popular as he is today.

As I watch day after day, night after night the television news ripping apart Donald Trump at nearly every turn, Mr. Trump's approval numbers go up, not down. Now, on top of the news media trashing "The Donald", a recent report has been brought forth that the Republican Party Elitists are spending up to One Billion U.S Dollars to bring Mr. Trump down so that he is not nominated as the Republican Party Nominee for President. Clearly, many within The Republican Party and U.S. Media are working very hard to ensure that Donald Trump will never-ever become President of the United States.

To me, all this hard work to spin hate towards someone is just nut's! I mean, I am not supporting Donald Trump for President, but love him, or hate him, attacking Mr. Trump should be about truth, not purposeful slandering the man as we so often see from Republican Elitists and their Media allies. Between all the money the RINO's are spending and all the purposeful media attacks against Donald Trump, you would think by now Donald Trump should be in last place among the Republican Candidates, but he's not.

Indeed, it would appear that Donald Trump is more popular than ever. After attending a Trump For President Rally this past weekend in Sarasota, Florida. I seen Mr. Trump's popularity for myself. Just a bit of disclosure, I did not attend as a supporter, but I went in hope that I would receive press coverage for my own issues, plus I had earnestly hoped to have had a chance to speak with Mr. Trump regarding those justice issues( , that I and the over One Million other American's are suffering from ( ), that being being victimized by Foreign Immigration Marriage Fraud.

While at the Trump rally, I was fortunate to receive some local television coverage as well as from some local Florida newspaper coverage also on my issue. I was also blessed to be interviewed for a French magazine as well. Thank the Lord, my home made sign drew a lot of attention. The press most noticed the sign that I made and were largely fair to me. I however did not like the smirk from the female reporter from the Tampa Bay Fox Channel 13 when reading my sign and interviewing me. Other than that reporter, I was treated nicely and fairly. However, what I witnessed from the many reporters in their TV reporting and articles during and after the Trump Rally, were largely unfair to Mr. Trump. In fact, Donald Trump called out the media for their unfair attacks. Everything from purposeful low reporting of numbers of folks attending the rally, focusing only on a few protesters rather than what Mr Trump was sharing, were just a few of the media's attempt to block out the truth of Mr. Trump's message and the people who attended his rally.

As the American Press plays their games, many American's are angry. I've written about this fact in some of my past blog articles. Up until lately though, the focus of that anger has been largely focused on Obama, Congress and the corruption in Washington DC as well as our State Capitol's. Now, with so much focus of negativity against not only Donald Trump, but the U.S Media pushing pro-destruction of America-attitude coming from much of the U.S Media, Many Americans are also very angry and fed-up with the American Media as well. Polling shows what I am sharing here to be absolutely true and correct

As the media(including RINO/Carl Rove loving Fox News)continues to churn out their propaganda against Donald Trump, Americans in turn are digging in their heels and ignoring the news media. Americans are refusing to listen to those media pundits who trash Donald Trump. So very many are not turning to anyone else as an alternative to Donald Trump no matter how much stuff, true or false the media states about him. Even Ted Cruz lag's far behind in the poll numbers behind Donald Trump. To me this is funny because for the past few years, much of the U.S Media has spent an enormous amount of on-air and or in newspaper print space-hating on Senator Ted Cruz. How I laugh as I see many of those same Cruz haters of the past like Charles Krauthammer, today pushing Ted Cruz as the better alternative to Donald Trump. The hypocrisy of the Republican Party Elitists plus their co-conspirator-American Media friends is almost too much to bear.

Many of the American Media will never "get it." Most Americans actually hate and do not trust them. Every time Meygan Kelly, Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulous and the others open their mouths or express in writing their disdain for Donald Trump, they only help Trump in his popularity. If they were intelligent, they would just shut up if they wanted to see Trump's number go down. But they are not intelligent, instead, they will just do what elitists do, be full of themselves with their own "wisdom" and in the end of it all, die a slow and painful death looking like fools as they do what they do.

Whoever the eventual Republican Party Nominee becomes, whether Donald Trump or anyone else, they had better be ready, because in all appearances, the American electorate is fighting mad and accountability is the name of the game for whomever gets the nomination.

Isaiah 30:1 "Woe to the obstinate children, declares the LORD, 'to those who carry out plans that are not mine, forming an alliance, but not by my Spirit, heaping sin upon sin'"

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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Friday, November 20, 2015

We'll Need To Build A Wall On The Canadian Border As Well

"We'll Need To Build A Wall On The Canadian Border As Well"

God help our friends and family to the North. I love Canada, been to Toronto many times as I have lived most of my life in Western New York and have traveled up there to visit so very many times. Part of loving Canada, meant loving the attitude of people there during those past visits. When you go to Canada, you will find that many of the Caucasian Canadians tend to be very polite people. That is probably due to Canada being a former a British Colony and their polite attitude too. But I can tell you also from experience, Canada has changed over time. Not only demographically, but culturally as well. These days, the Canada of today is very different.

For those that have not visited Canada lately, or ever visited at all, Canada is largely a nation of recent immigrants. When I state "recent", I mean in the last 25-30 years or so. Canada has welcomed in most of their population that you see there today during this time period. When you go to cities like Montreal, Toronto, Alberta, Winnipeg, you will see the kind of immigrants that I am inferring. In fact, it is not unusual to see many of the newer Canadians originally from nations where today, we see much political and religious turmoil such as from within the Continents of Asia and the Middle East.

It was the Canadian Government that opened their doors to bring in these new immigrants. For many years, the Canadian Government has wanted new immigrants so that their economy would improve while at the same time, also pursue their Democratic-Socialist political agenda. That type of political agenda coupled with economic growth meant that screening and scrutiny of individuals for possible ties with radical Islamic beliefs never took a high priority, not even after the 911 Event occurred here in the US. Because of Canada's very open policy for allowing immigrants from nearly any nation, Canada is now filled with millions of Muslims. Not only does Canada have a very high percentage/number of a Muslim population, the Canadian Government holds by and large a hostile attitude towards Christianity. Canadian Christians are often scrutinized for their beliefs, but Muslims are rarely, if ever scrutinized. For example, under Canadian Law, it is unlawful to publicly condemn homosexuality. For a Christian to state publicly or even preach openly about Jesus of the Bible, it may very well get you arrested for a "hate crime." If a Muslim publicly states that he/she hates Christians or homosexuality, rarely, if ever will a Muslim be arrested or even confronted by a Canadian Government official.

All religions are tolerated in Canada except Christianity. Islam is praised and often encouraged in Canada. This is not to say that all Muslims are necessarily bad, but the Canadian Government does very little to discourage Islamic and or Jihadist Rhetoric there. Imam's are often left to preach hate(publicly) and call for Jihad(Islamic holy war) against those nations like America without being removed by the Canadian Government. There is a high degree of tolerance by the Canadian Government for anti-western and Christianity sentiment/statements by Muslims and other extremists as well.

The United States Government knows of some of these Canadian Imam's and Muslims which the Canadian Government by and large ignores. I want to make it very clear, we are not talking about a few hundred dangerous Canadian Muslims, I am talking about thousands of Muslims who have in the past, and or are currently making public, very dangerous threats/rhetoric about waging war against the West including us here in the United States of America. Make no mistake about it, the fact is that the Canadian Government even now is opening it's borders to increase the number of Syrian "Refugee's" which we know after the recent attack by ISIS in France, Canada is receiving more and already full of dangerous Islamists. Now the Canadian Government is purposely engaging in policy to purposely welcome even more in their country. Yes, as an American Citizen, this should concern you and this is why, the Canadian Border along the United States is 99.9% porous. This means that a person could easily walk across the Canadian border into the United States without ever seeing a US Border Agent or checkpoint. We have absolutely no protection from an invasion from the North. We have no protection from any terrorist organization that could simply walk across the border, get into a vehicle and use that vehicle ignite a dirty bomb in a major U.S. metropolitan city somewhere such as New York City, Los Angeles, and or any other American City.

As if the influx of Syrian "Refugee's" entering into Canada wasn't bad enough, with the very recent election of the new Canadian Socialist Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau the threat against the United States via Islamic Terrorism just grew one-thousand percent worse. I say this because Mr. Trudeau is well known enemy of Christianity and hater of Jesus of the Bible. He loves aborting babies, loves homosexuals, transgenders and Muslims alike. He had made it very well known when running for election for Prime Minister earlier this year that he was in favor of allowing many more Muslims into Canada and had little concern for importing likes of ISIS agents and other Muslim terrorists

If you have any doubts about Prim Minister Trudeau's true alliances to everything evil, including his self-loathing for the West, you only need to see him praying at an Islamic Mosque wearing traditional Middle Eastern garb. Truly, Trudeau has chosen his friends, and the good people of the United States are not among them.The United States is in grave danger from our neighbors to the North.

Canada has become a very dangerous place, a harboring nation for terrorists such as those of Al Qaeda and ISIS. I still love some of our Canadian friends who have had no part of bringing in these Muslims or electing Trudeau. But the sad reality is, America must protect itself from people and nations that do stupid things such as what the majority of Canadians have recently done by electing Trudeau and allowing more Islamist's into their nation. For those reasons, we need tighter security on the border with Canada, not just Mexico.  It's going to cost us some money, but what price for our freedom and safety? We cannot control the behavior of stupid people, but we can certainly keep them out.

Ephesians 6:11 "Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil"

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Answer To America's Heroin Epidemic Is Simple

"The Answer To America's Heroin Epidemic Is Simple"

I've seen what chemical dependency can do to a person's life, I've seen what alcohol, drugs and addiction to anything can do to not only a person, but his or her family and friends as well. I share this week's article not only as an former Internationally Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor, but more importantly, as an ordained Christian Minister who has personally witnessed both the suffering of Heroin addicts, but seen Heroin addicts set free from the bondage's of it's use as well.

For many years now, I have seen how chemicals have hurt and killed folks, Heroin included. I have seen the dead bodies, those that overdosed with a needle remaining in their lifeless bodies as their bodies turned blue. I have seen with my own two eyes, all to many a Heroin users life snuffed out and another family devastated. All to often I have endured to witness yet another funeral where all because of Heroin and other drugs, families and friends have gathered to bury another young person who had their whole life ahead of them, but instead died from a Heroin overdose.

It sucks, the pain, the suffering of addiction to Heroin or any drug for that matter, including alcohol. Addiction to alcohol and drugs has always brought negativity with it, but right now here in America, we see yet another cycle of Heroin as being the drug of choice and this time, it's not just young folks, it's the middle aged and elderly as well. Cheap Heroin has invaded America and as you may very well be already aware, addiction does not discriminate. Chemicals. especially Heroin will snuff out your life whether you are male or female, Black, White Asian, Latino, Native, It doesn't matter. You use Heroin, at some point, and more sooner than later, it will take your life. Heroin my friends is a
 very dangerous drug and Americans from all spectrum's of our society, are getting hooked on it.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, I am a former Internationally Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor. I have seen many try to get clean from addictions, but never could. During my lengthy career helping folks as a counselor, I have sent literally thousands of clients and or patients to Alcoholics, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Al-Anon and many other types of 12-Step Meetings, all in an effort to get them help and support for their sobriety. Most of them only only found themselves in jail or worse, dead. As much as I believe some people who belong to 12-Step Groups have beautiful hearts wanting themselves and others to get clean, most addicts and alcoholics fail, that is, and the truth told here, they relapse more sooner than later. That is a fact, and the fact of addiction being very difficult to beat, especially Heroin addiction, is perhaps one of the most difficult to overcome. Not impossible mind you, but few have been able to stop using completely, especially without being urge free from wanting to use again and again and again.

If you have ever heard of Methadone "treatment" for Heroin users, Methadone is a joke. I don't say this is a joke because Methadone is a laughing matter. No, I state this because Methadone was designed as a short term program where an Heroin addict allegedly gets clean over a one year time span or so, but in reality with Methadone use, sobriety is rarely, if ever achieved. Methadone is just another chemical that is quite addicting and addicts get do get high off of. Most Heroin addicts end up being prescribed Methadone for twenty plus years and have become addicted to Methadone instead of the Heroin. If you know anyone in a Methadone Program, ask them how many years they or other Methadone Program clients they know have been involved with using this chemical. Many will tell you that they have been "treated" with Methadone(still getting high) for much longer than the one year subscribed. Methadone is just another drug replacing another.

So what is left? What works all the time to get drug dependent people off of drugs, including Heroin? I can confidentially share with you that there is only one thing that I have actually witnessed work to get people clean and sober 100% of the time. What is that cure you ask? His name is Jesus. Now before you get your undies all wadded up because I mentioned the name of Jesus, stick with me here for the remainder of this article... I have traveled the world, prayed over thousands of sick, hurt, lonely and yes, chemically addicted folks. I have the right and the privilege to tell you that I can easily compare the thousands of chemically addicted(Heroin included) that I treated as an Internationally Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor vs. me now as a an Ordained Christian Minister who has prayed over other thousands. I can tell you factually and as well without hesitation, that I have seen many more folks healed from chemical use(Heroin as well) through Jesus than compared with those who attended any sort of Chemical Dependency Treatment Program(s) and or 12-Step Meetings. There is no comparison, Jesus healed 100% of the time compared to approximately 15% of those who gained sobriety through the use of repeated attempts at treatment programs and life long 12-Steg Group meeting attendance.

Granted most of those healings where I prayed for and witnessed were seen outside of the USA, but that makes sense to me and maybe will make sense to you also, especially in light of the fact that if you are at all resistant to accepting that Jesus even exists, no less heals, you will never receive your healing from Him. The healings I witnessed occurred outside America because most folks outside the West, still believe in Jesus and His working power. Not so here in America and the West. Most here have no faith that God of the Bible even exists, so because of that, the only thing that is left for Americans are the heavily unsuccessful 12-Step Group Meetings and or Treatment Programs that rarely work. Not only do Americans resist believing in Jesus and His healing, they also often resist getting clean in the first place, which is yet another barrier to seeing Americans being delivered from Heroin(and all chemical) use. If you ask any alcoholic and or addict if they really want to be clean and sober(in a non-threatening environment to their on-going chemical use), they will probably tell you, "no, not really" if they are honest. And that my friend is a heart issue. Overseas where I have seen many being healed, people were desperate. There was no money or government money set aside for Chemical Dependency Treatment. In those countries, you had to be desperate to be clean and sober. In the West, most have no real desire to be clean and sober until either they either hit rock bottom, lose everything 500 times over, or, it's to late, they are already dead.

So there you have it, Jesus heals and that's the easy part. Sadly however, the difficult part is getting Americans to a place where they truly want sobriety, and they want to live a life totally free without the urges of going back to chemical use including Heroin. This is a place where they don't have to have sponsors, and go to weekly 12-Step Group meetings anymore. The Heroin Epidemic is quite fixable if Americans really and truly want it. The question is, do Americans have the true heart felt faith to truly and totally surrender their lives to Jesus who will take away their urges and addictions to Heroin and or anything else that ails and plagues them? Honestly, I do not believe most Heroin addicts want to be free from their emotion, physical, spiritual pain and addiction.

Jesus is available 24 hours a day. No appointment is necessary to reach Him. If you are addicted to any substance, or have need for a healing for something in your life and not sure how to reach Jesus, just pray and ask Him for help. If you wish, find a true Bible believing church and ask the pastor to pray over you. Have him anoint you with oil and pray healing and restoration of your heart, mind, body and soul to Jesus. Yes, and again, it's really that simple. The hard part is you(anyone), having arrive at the place where you totally surrender your life/will to Him and have the faith to receive that healing from Him. Are you tired of the Heroin, drugs, alcohol, sin and or anything else negative in your life? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? If you are, your healing is waiting for you. Go to Jesus with your measure of faith to be healed in Jesus' Name.

Luke 8:43-48 "Now a woman, having a flow of blood for twelve years, who had spent all her livelihood on physicians and could not be healed by any, 44 came from behind and touched the border of His garment. And immediately her flow of blood stopped.
45 And Jesus said, 'Who touched Me?'
When all denied it, Peter and those with him said, 'Master, the multitudes throng and press You, and You say, ‘Who touched Me?’
46 But Jesus said, 'Somebody touched Me, for I perceived power going out from Me.' 47 Now when the woman saw that she was not hidden, she came trembling; and falling down before Him, she declared to Him in the presence of all the people the reason she had touched Him and how she was healed immediately.
48 And He said to her, 'Daughter, be of good cheer; your faith has made you well. Go in peace.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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Thursday, October 29, 2015

"How You Treat The Poor, Tells Others Much About You"

How You Treat Poor, Tells Others Much About You

My wife and I frequent a local food store for our weekly groceries. As we have done often in the past, last week we were in the check-out line to pay for our food and there we once again had Michael bagging our groceries. Michael always yells a little over enthusiastically "hello sir" whenever he sees me. It's not that I know Michael from anywhere, nor are we friends, but since my wife and I started shopping at this grocery store this past July, I have seen Michael and have built a little friendly relationship with him. I have noticed since getting to know him, that he is mentally a little slow, dresses poorly and sometimes not shaven. Was Michael in an accident at some point. and had suffered a brain injury of some type and no longer has the ability to take care for himself? I'm not sure, all I know is that Michael does not have the level of intelligence to communicate properly and take very good care of himself.

During other visits to that same grocery store and waiting in the cashier's line, I have also watched how many other customers treat Michael. Most just ignore Michael even if he says hello to them. Perhaps those folks ignore Michael because they have things on their mind. Perhaps they are just in a hurry, or more than likely, the reason that they don't really pay much attention to him is because they do not wish to get into a conversation, or to be bothered by a man with an obviously low IQ Score. And sadly to say, that to often reflects how most Americans hold their attitude towards the poor.

There are literally millions of other "Michael's" here in America that face being ignored and feeling rejected. In America, it is not unusual to see the poor, especially the homeless being bullied, and or being abused and taken advantage of. You may not be one of those Americans who do that sort of thing towards poor folks, but there are plenty Americans that do treat the poor just horribly. In today's world, it seems that If it's not fellow Americans treating the poor with contempt, it's our very own Government who is. With how our economy is today under the Obama and RINO Regime, as I am sharing in the article about how the poor in this nation are being maltreated, perhaps it is your situation of being poor that I am describing here. If you are not poor, then perhaps to the surprise of some of you, I will be quite candid and openly admit that I am one of the poor in our nation. Truthfully, I know what it is to be poor and we that have been in the past, and or are poor yet today, can tell you that we are often abused, misunderstood and treated with contempt. We are also often looked down upon as being useless, and lazy when in fact, many poor Americans could be, and wish to be productive and very useful had we been given the opportunity, or had been given our rightful justice within a corrupted Government Justice System that took advantage of our less than meager situation, then proceeded to take advantage of our financial status and robbed us of our Natural Rights along with our due process when we were wrongfully accused of crime, and or civil complaints. So often, the poor in America are made poorer due to a Government System that purposely keeps them(us) poor.

And I can also tell you from personal experience that being poor sucks. I don't state that to try to make you feel sorry for me, and or anyone else who is poor. Again, I speak from personal experience and also having had lived overseas in a 3rd world country where people regularly die on a daily basis from being poor(no access to health care, food, money). I have helped the poor overseas and have been financially poor myself most of my life. I have experienced being financially Poor for so long that in fact, that I remember my parents telling me that when they were first married, they could only afford cheap food such as white bread and onions so they ate a lot of onion sandwiches(really). In fact my mother told me that when I was a newborn baby, she would often cry because they could not afford the coal to heat their apartment and she could see the steam coming from my breath because it was so cold in the apartment that we family lived in. As my parents will tell you themselves along with many other Americans, being poor does indeed suck. In the same breath though, they may also very well tell you that the vast majority of poor here in America do not choose to be poor. Like many poor, my father has always been a hard worker and so have I. Unfortunately, it has always been those who hold corrupted power, control and finances over us, who purposely attempt to keep us poor. I'm not sure how many jobs Michael, who I mentioned earlier in the article, holds. But I can remember at times during my life holding down two or three jobs to make ends-meat. Even with that, I was barely able to pay my bills and get me and my family nutritious food to eat. Most poor don't work at staying poor, but our Government and greedy people often do their best to keep people poor.

For the unknowing, the poor in this nation costs US Tax payers Billions of Dollars every year. If only Americans really knew what their tax dollars were really doing to, and not for, the poor. I say that because if you have ever been to a " local food bank" or a "church food pantry" during your lifetime, you would already be aware that most of the foods our Government donates and gives to the poor are filled with sugar and starches. These foods usually consist of unhealthy items such as cereals, pasta, white bread, white rice, maybe some sort of processed meat in a can or jar. Also, frozen hot dogs containing some sort of mystery meat is another favorite that is handed out to the poor via these Government and other organizations that "help" the poor. Rarely are the poor here in the U.S. ever given fruits, vegetables and foods that are healthy for them, and if you ever tell the poor to supplement the food you give them with "more healthy foods", you will most likely will only be looked at by them as you having two heads. That is because if they could afford healthy food to begin with, they wouldn't be in line waiting for you to dish out that unhealthy food you are giving them in the first place.

Because of that unhealthy food given, the poor often cannot afford the healthy food so they eat the unhealthy or whatever they can find at the lowest cost. That is why you see so many poor Americans with health issues such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Gout, and other health related issues. Now you may not believe a poor person's health status impacts on you personally, but it does. Often the poor cannot financially afford not only healthy food, they also cannot financially afford good medical care either. They often utilize emergency room visits in hospitals to take care of their health issues. They of course often do not pay for these emergency room visits because, well, they are poor and have little to no finances to pay for the services, thus the US Tax Payers are left stuck paying the emergency room visit bill. You may not like the fact that you are stuck with someone else's emergency room visit bill, but the mere fact that you are paying for these preventable medical bills, should give you a clearer idea of the necessity of you needing to help the poor before they get sick.  Save some of those Billions of your Tax Dollars from being unnecessarily spent, give the poor nutritious foods, not food that makes the poor (more)sick and you can lower your the amount of taxes you pay. You know the old saying, "an once of prevention..."

Most poor Americans are not ungrateful for any help that you give them. Most(not all) are looking for a hand up, not simply a life time of hand outs. It may be difficult for you to understand that being poor, whether it being poor financially, emotionally, mentally and or physically is more than just a challenge for most folks to "get over." Being poor can be down right depressing, and even down right difficult to overcome. I know personally of this challenge, and as I shared previously in this article, I have been, and am yet today considered very (financially)poor. I've been unemployed now for over seven years due to some corrupt individuals in our own (U.S & N.Y. State)Governments who believed it best to illegally aide an Illegal Alien in Batavia, NY rather than me, an American Citizen. I have had to live out of cold damp basements, sleep on wet concrete floors, lived out of a car, I have had as well in order to eat food, need to dig through other people's garbage. I can tell you, like many other poor Americans, I have had to endure some very difficult things in my life just to survive.

If you believe there is a lot of help for poor Americans, you better think twice. Help is most often not available to the poor as you might assume. In fact, many that I have asked for help, even from "Christian" Churches, all but one refused to help. Even though I have had in the past helped feed thousands overseas and helped literally thousands more around the world in the past, when I needed help myself, very few came to help me and I have lost many "friends" because of me being poor and needing to publicly ask them for help. The only reason I am yet alive today and not still homeless, is because of my hard working wife. If it wasn't for her, we would both still be living out of that car. Today, we live in a tiny one bedroom HUD subsidized apartment, don't always eat properly and have many bills to pay, but we are thankfully to be alive.

When I see the poor like "Michael" in the grocery store, I understand about being poor. I see the stigma of being poor carries for not only myself, but poor like Michael and others as well. I have "walked a mile in their shoes", and am walking right along side with them. Regarding how I treat the poor like Michael, I always make sure I greet Michael with a big smile and with an equally exuberant hello back to him as he always greets me. Along with that smile and hello, I make sure that I have a pleasant conversation with him including lot's of thank you's for his hard work bagging my groceries. You might be asking, "Paul, what is your  reward for taking the time to speak with someone who may never ever return to you any tangible benefit?"(other than bagging my groceries) Well, last week he gave me a big hug, not once, but twice on the same day. For me, knowing that he feels loved and appreciated may be what Michael needs to get through his week after enduring lot's of customers who ignore him and treat him as if he doesn't exist. Me purposely having a conversation with Michael when I see him also gives me an opportunity to see how I can be a blessing, and possible help to him. So as you may have figured out by now, helping the poor like Michael is not at all about me, and my needs. Helping the poor is all about the Michael's of the world and that they make it through another day. In fact, that is the perspective that I have been trying to convey throughout this entire article. Helping the poor is not about getting something in return. Helping the poor is simply all about giving and blessing those in need.
May I suggest that we should all allow our satisfaction of helping others come not from having an expectation of getting something in return for helping the poor, but let our satisfaction simply come from having the knowledge that we cared for someone, especially when others refused to care for them in the first place.

Folks like Michael know when they are being genuinely cared about, and loved on. The poor are everywhere.They deserve love, not to be spit on, or treated with disdain as they are so very often are here. Now I know there are what I term as "professional poor" out there that are scamming folks, and tax payers too, but those are the minority, not the majority of the poor within the United States. Jesus stated in Luke 3:11, "...Whoever has two tunics is to share with him who has none, and whoever has food is to do likewise.'" Like Jesus, I believe we should treat the poor with love, empathy and above all, eagerness to help them simply because Jesus commanded us to do so. Loving others may not be your "thing", but it is what the Lord commanded us to do. Please, find both the time and the courage to treat others as you would want to be treated. A little practical compassion goes a long way. You never know, you may someday become poor yourself, and when you want help, you will want to be loved on as Michael also wants and desires to be loved on as well.

Proverbs 14:21 "Whoever despises his neighbor is a sinner, but blessed is he who is generous to the poor"

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Congressional Testimony Proves Many Americans Approve Of Liars

Hillary Clinton's Congressional Testimony Proves Many Americans Approve Of Liars

She got away with it, and again, she's laughing about it. Hillary Clinton should have been awarded the Jezebel Of The year Award for every of the past thirty-plus years for her barrage of lying and all the covering up that she has done. But instead, and as usual, just when when you thought that Hillary Clinton might finally feel the consequences of all the many years of her lying, manipulating and murders that she has caused, she walked out of latest Benghazi Congressional Investigation Hearing unscathed, and laughing once again at all her critics and naysayers.

How did she do it? How does she do it?!? Getting away all these years of her and "Bubba" having people murdered,  embezzling money and covering up of their criminal acts? Has the American Judicial System simply been corrupted? Are those involved in politics just as dirty as the Clinton's? Has America been duped into believing that there are no longer consequences for wrong doing and that there is a privileged class of Americans who are immune from all laws and these people can get away with murder? Yes...yes is the answer to all the previous questions, yes! Let's face it, America has a major character problem and lying is part of that problem and Hillary Clinton along with many in our Government are much of the same.

It would seem that here in the USA, this nation is pretty well divided on most matters of life. Most are at heart either Communists, or on the opposite end of the social and political spectrum, are the Conservatives. It is just a smaller minority of Americans that float in-between the opposite political ends of the spectrum. But for argument sake, and the sake of the title of this article, we in reality(as well for honesty sake)need to put all the Communists, as well as all of the politically "in-between" folks on the same side. In fact, for complete honesty sake, we better also put a portion of our "Conservative" Americans in this group as well. What kind of group are we creating with now what we might call as a "political super majority"? Let's call them the "Liars", the "Propagandists", the "Creators of illusion." These are any of your Government Representatives, Judges, Governors, President and others that yes, that you(the "super majority") put into power and are are ruining our country.

Continuing with our theme of being honest here, let's take a look closer at the members of this "super majority" of Americans. They too are much like Hillary Clinton, as they also lie and condone lying. In fact sticking with the theme of "honesty" some more,("can you handle the truth?") those in the super majority(of Americans)are responsible in the end for Hillary Clinton walking out of her last Congressional Hearing Scot free. There will likely never be any negative consequences for Hillary's lying the other day in Congress. In fact, there will likely never be any earthly negative consequence for any of Hillary's evil and illegal actions from over the years. Indeed, the responsibility for Hillary's lack of consequences for her actions lay directly at the feet of "We The People." That is, all Americans who have condoned her behavior by having taken no right action to end that behavior.

Had good and Godly Americans taken Hilary Clinton and her husband to task 20 years ago when there were so many scandals while they were in the White House, Hillary would have never, ever been allowed to run as a viable candidate for President as she did in 2008 and is doing again today. In fact, had righteous and morally upstanding American Citizens had done their job twenty yeas ago, she would have been incarcerated for her lies, cover-ups, murders and other crimes. So where were those "morally upstanding U.S. Citizens" at that time? Well, it is sad to say that back then, much of America was well on it's way to becoming morally corrupt. Back in the 1990's, the U.S. was already well on it's way to moral decay. The good moral values of the past here in America today are all but gone, and we have only grown increasingly immoral as a people in 2015. Thus, Hilary Clinton continues on her wide path of getting away with crimes, even literally with crimes such as murder.

At this point in our culture, I don't see how Hillary is unstoppable. Just as Former IRS Official Lois Lerner was recently found to not have broken any laws and was released from any legal liability and prosecution. Hillary most likely will experience the same result, on to which she most likely will become the President of the United States unless another Presidential Candidate who could be, either Democrat or Republican, have close to Hillary's same level of scheming, lying, cheating ,stealing, manipulating and murdering. Again, most Americans just don't care about Hillary's lying to Congress because most Americans do the same in their own lives and have elected those who reflect their values. What I'm saying is this, Hilary Clinton is only a refection of most Americans and a byproduct of what America accepts as the "norm." Of course most Americas would never willingly and publicly admit to being as corrupted as Hillary Clinton because, who the heck likes to be called a "hypocrite" and or, "evil minded", right?

So don't blame the media or the "press" for being part of the Hilary Clinton propaganda machine. Don't blame the Democrats in Congress who scream, shout, and make all sorts of ugly contortions of their face when speaking of ill of Republicans and a the same time are defending evil Mrs. Clinton. Nope, don't do it because obviously there are Americans viewing the "propagandist" media, because that's how they get their commercial airtime paid for. Many Americans are also buying or going on newspaper websites to read all those lies, as well. And finally, somebody has elected all those "damn Democrats" and "RINO's" that had in the past, and yet again the other day, allowed the Clinton's to walk away unscathed from more of their criminal activities. Obviously Americans voted in all those "lying, cheating, murdering, no good" Democrats and "useless" RINO's. When does it end? Apparently, never because Americans...well, they must approve of the Clinton's lying. I must be correct in my logic here because I don't see any Americans in the streets protesting with pitchforks, screaming for jail time for Ms.Clinton, do you?

Seems to me the Church and most Americans are just to ashamed to admit it, they're just like Hillary Clinton. Sure, some Americans may whine, piss and moan a little, but hey ! Instead of getting our country back, "let's go smoke a joint: and ask, "who's playing in the World Series?"  Sadly here we are. I've often said in the past, and still say today, "You are what you allow." So America, Hilary Clinton is a liar among many other evil things, she's not in jail, she may very well become President. So what does that make you? and more importantly, how do we apologize to God and get our nation back?

Ephesians 5:11 "Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them"

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Let's Make English The Official Language Of The USA

"Let's Make English The Official Language Of The USA"

Call it the "English Language", "American Language", whatever term you choose to label what most Americans speak. Bottom line, we need an official language here. I'm sure that Illegal Aliens and their criminal enablers will disagree, but our nation is becoming increasingly divided and language barriers are definitely part of the problem.

To help aide the United States to become more unified as "We The People" were designed by our Founding Father's to be, we need a national language where most Americans have already been publicly speaking since this country's existence. The vast majority of us are either legal immigrants or ancestors of legal immigrants to America. Unless, you were from the United Kingdom or some other nation where English was spoken in your native land, you, or your ancestors needed to learn to speak the English Language here once they arrived.Thus, the vast majority of us today speak the "English" or American version of English language.

To speak English here in the United States, and up until recently, was a national norm. Everyone needed to have one language so that we could all communicate with one another. As the world's "melting pot", that is many people immigrating to the United States from many other nations from around the world, one common language helped us not only in trade and commerce with one-another, it also helped us understand each other when we tried to learn about cultures and custom that we were unfamiliar with. It is after all important that as a nation largely made of (legal) immigrants that we all get along and understand what are our needs, wants and desires.

As most of my own family's ancestors were from Germany(the largest immigrant group in the USA), they all needed  to learn to speak the American Language to get along with others here and adjust to their new homeland. I'm not sure how my Great, Great Grandfather Peter handled learning English. I'm sure he had some struggles as most(non English speaking) immigrants coming to the U.S also have. The bottom line though, is that he accepted the change and adjusted to learning to speak "English" here because he wanted to get along and be effective as a farmer and a neighbor. His livelihood after all, depended on communicating with others in a common language, even if whom he was selling his produce to also needed to learn to speak American so they also could buy the products from one-another. Common language helped my Great, Great Grandfather not only become fruitful in selling what he grew on his farm, it also helped him become accepted by others as an American.

Having one common language for any nation is important. I'm sure that I don't need to tell you as an American just how difficult it is to try to speak with someone who doesn't speak the American Language. You get frustrated and sometimes get very upset when you want to say something to someone but they cannot, or will not understand you when speaking to them. And I believe, that there is a big difference between someone "wanting" to, and someone who "will not", or refuses to understand(speak) to you in a common language. As a nation of immigrants, I do not believe most Americans here get so upset if someone is new to this nation but at least tries to speak in the American Language. Trying however is different than refusing to learn and or speak the American Language, and unfortunately, that is where an increasing amount of "immigrants" to the US are at. More and more immigrants here are refusing to learn and or speak the American language. What we are finding today is that Americans are being forced to kowtow to Liberals and Communists here to "Press one for English, and two for Spanish." Equally, we are being forced to listen to, and read Spanish, Chinese and other languages along with our own American Language, thus plaguing us with more chaos and confusion as well as wasting our time, finances(tax money)and resources just so that we can make our nation full of more politically correct "subjects" to the Federal Government and for the immigrants who come here, but hate the United States.

Learning to speak and write a second language can definitely a plus. But forcing upon any American to speak and or learn a language to another American is simply a stupid idea. It must be said that forcing Americans to listen to, speak languages that are unfamiliar to them is a waste of time and resources, especially with regards to commerce. Here in the United States, we at one point in our nation's history had become a great nation economically because we believed we all lived under one nation, as one people. By speaking one common language helped that process immensely. That one language of American is how we were able to streamline services and production to make America the former economic powerhouse it once was. Today however, introducing multiple languages in these fore mentioned processes interferes with those things that had made America great in the past. Loss of revenue due to the confusion of multiple layers of communication does, and only leads to loss of productivity and revenue is the result. Why do we need to hire American translators to speak to other American (immigrant)workers so as to get maximum productivity ?

I know Democrats and their Communist allies won't agree, but I believe to force Americans to have to learn and or speak multiple languages so we can all communicate here, is also an arrogant proposition. To think that most immigrants coming to the United States today do not have the inability to learn the American Language and then amalgamate here is a ridiculous notion. Since the inception of our nation, and for well over 200 years now, it only has been until recently that some immigrants, and mostly illegal immigrants, have and are demanding that we learn their foreign language so they do not have to learn and speak the American language. They just don't want to have any part in assimilating here, so why are we allowing them here?

I have spent many years living in, and ministering in the Republic Of The Philippines. Their number one National Language is Tagalog. I have lived/ministered in areas where they also have and speak  local dialects as well. While I was there, I learned, and spoke their language. I never, ever demanded any Filipinos speak in American, and or learn the English Language so that we could communicate(better). What kind of foolish and arrogant idiot would I be to demand such a thing from people whom I was living among? I was a guest of the Filipino People and as well as the Filipino Government. I was expected to speak and act according to their customs and language. Unlike an increasing amount of immigrants(both legal and illegal) here in the USA, I did all I could to learn the Filipino Languages and culture, because I wanted to be a blessing to them, not a burden. I wanted to be the best communicator I could, so I learned to speak several Filipino Dialects.

As I, and nearly all foreigners living in countries outside their homeland believe, it is vitally important as well as respectful to learn to speak in the hosting-nations native language. We believe as well that those who immigrate here to America should also consider it a blessing and a privilege that they are allowed live/immigrate here. They should be doing everything to be a blessing to this nation, rather than being a burden, including any immigrants(legal, or illegal) coming here to enter legally and learn our language. There is no excuse not to learn our American language. There are many U.S. Government programs that support free, and or low cost "English As A Second Language" classes for immigrants. If immigrants here want to speak in their old native language to someone who can also speak their language, that is no problem. To demand however that an American speak any other language but American-English, is just plain wrong, and as well, an arrogant belief on their part.

Let's bring America together under one common language that the vast majority of us already speak here. The American Language is our language, learn it, speak it, make it our Official National Language through an Amendment to the United States Constitution so that we are all unified as one people. Let's stop dividing America through use of "press one for English..." and or tolerating those people who come to America and refuse to assimilate to our common language. Make America strong, speak American.

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty."- Thomas Jefferson

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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