Friday, December 27, 2013

2014-Your Job-Clean Out The House, All Of It !

2014-Your Job-Clean Out The House, All Of It !

There was never a time in this nation's history that we are more at danger of dissolving, outside the American Civil War, than today. One would have to be either living in an underground bunker somewhere or doped up on drugs in not having the ability to see how awful and dangerous it is to live in the United States of America these days. What was once said by Abraham Lincoln many years ago, is coming true,”... If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be it's author and finisher. As a nation of freeman, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.” In fact, in many forms and ways, we are killing ourselves. Everyday, headline news tells and shows the world just how wicked of a people we've become. As evil is allowed(by many) to grow largely without check or becoming unmolested by leaps and bounds, evil people even have come to pursue in killing off every good and Godly persons here. Nothing but lies and death are spewed from so called religious leaders, news reporters and the Government alike. No one is safe, not you, not I, not our children, nor our grandchildren. It is therefore, time to clean house---no, not just the “U.S. Congressional House” as you may think and or believe I am referring to, I mean every house and home inside America. In fact, what I'm about to share here is only an updated version of what I told(not just recommended) all to do in late 2010. The only thing that has changed since the time I wrote that article, is that matters have become much, much worse because few heeded my warnings and what our US Founding Fathers and the Bible clearly says to do in such a time as this

Indeed, we have largely become a Godless nation. Who's fault is it ? It's the fault of no other then that of the so called “Christians” here who have allowed it. If we are to ever get out nation back, the “cleansing” must begin there. We must first then do this by examining our own hearts and also to rid ourselves(those of you who have allowed it) those matters that God calls evil or ungodly. Let the Christian Bible be your guide.
Matters and tolerance of religion, idol worship, murder, lying, greed, hatred, divorce, unforgiveness of your brethren(true believers), bitterness, laziness, slander, teachings of “doctrines of demons” and so on, have become a familiar pattern and common practice in the so called “church” and within the USA. Jesus said in Matthew Chapter 7, verses 1-5; “ Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with what measure you use, it will be measured back to you. And why do you look at the speck in your own brothers eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, 'let me remove the speck from your eye;' and look, a plank is in your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.” Clearly Jesus was speaking to the hypocrites who called out sin against others, but they themselves committed the same sinful acts. That being said, sadly many who foolishly call themselves “Christians” wrongly use and interpret this verse to justify sin and fend off those who call out their sin. The real and Biblical Church must make a tangible stand in seeing all believers in Christ Jesus repent fully of what individuals and as the Church have allowed not only in that local church but in the political climate of this(every) nation as well. How can the Church call out evil upon the world while the Church itself is involved in so much evil and prostituting it's self to the devil ? It's way past time for a real and measurable self-check of the (believers in Jesus Christ)Church. Yesterday is past, and already was the time to remove all rebelliousness acts towards God. Gone this very minute, must not only be those who refuse to repent of evil in the church, but also those who refuse to stop preaching “doctrines of demons as well.” Run them out on “a rail” if necessary if they refuse to repent and leave. Judgment always begins with the “house of God.” 1 Peter 4:17.

Next, there is an absolute need of the removal of those citizens who flaunt evil and spit in the the face of Jesus also must be removed Everyone who refuses to repent, from Liberals to homosexuals, to God haters, to religionists, to corrupted government officials must be removed. Clean them out. As God commanded His people in the past to avoid idol worship and avoid worshiping foreign and false gods, He still commands His people today to do the same. This nation was founded upon as a Biblical Christian nation(despite what lying Jesus haters will tell you). The further we drift from God's Word and in allowing people to not only engage in evil, but as well as flaunting it, the worse problems we will all suffer. Do you see what your (only)sitting in your church pew, along with burying your head in the sand has gotten you ? No Jesus, no peace, No action, no peace. God demands the removal of unrepentant evil. “Cleaning the house” means removing those
matters and people who are unrepentant about flaunting evil. Good and Godly folks(perhaps just like you) are suffering today not necessarily because they are engaging in awful, evil and sinful acts, but because they are either ignoring the evil or just plain have their heads stuck up inside their clouds. How can you praise God with your lips while you tolerate or look away from evil ? God will never-ever allow it. You will continue to suffer for allowing and or tolerating wickedness. You must do more than pray ! James 2:17-20.

Yes, your wicked Government leaders must be removed also. It was William Penn who said “ Men must be governed by God, or they will be governed by tyrants.” So, “cleaning house” must mean that all the wicked people in all three branches of government, including “law enforcement” must also go. You have a choice on how to achieve this. The longer you wait however to remove evil, the stronger evil will become and the more difficult it will be to remove it. That being stated, It must also be said(as I quote) “It will be either by Bible or the bayonet.” Tyranny and evil will either rule, or be removed by the righteous and Godly. The choice is yours. “Cleaning House” is everybody's job. I would never have enough time or space to write about all the wickedness and evil that needs to be removed from individual lives, homes, churches, media, government and every area of our sick, twisted society. The bottom line is this, if we don't immediately get on to the job of removing evil, God will further allow Hell to over run this nation and everyone in it. Your choice in how to proceed.

“Smart meters”, government controlled cars, appliances, computers, electronics, phones, cameras, flying drones, evil “law enforcement” are everywhere and rapidly growing in size and wicked behaviours. The U.S. Economy, military, and all areas of government, Christian leadership... that were all designed to protect us, have been raped by wicked people. Wolves in the pulpit, and as well, those in and out of government-by Democrats and Republicans alike, purposely make bad and wicked laws to harm us, even so far as to murder us. Many have already sold their souls to satan, they will remain until you(yes-YOU) remove them. These aforementioned people have believed many of satan's lies and if you allow them further harm to us, these evil doers will drag you and your nation down to the pits of Hell if you sit idly by watching your boob tube, guzzling your beer and smoking dope. Once again, I remind you... “by Bible or by bayonet.” We all stand on the edge of the cliff overseeing the shadow of Hell itself. Guns, education and “self determination” are not, and never ever will be enough to bring back a nation from where we stand today. Unless the vast majority of American's(as well as those all around the world) are fully prepared and actually full repent themselves and then on to remove the unrepentant evil doers in 2014, This nation and world will never recover despite what the people with their heads up inside their clouds tell you.

“Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled either by a power within them or by a power without them; either by the Word of God or by the strong arm of man; either by the Bible, or by the bayonet.”~ Robert Winthrop

Have you suffered enough bad consequences from unrepentant evil doers yet? Clean out the House...All of it !

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Of Men, Boys And Single Mothers

Of Men, Boys And Single Mothers

I don't expect this to be my most popular article ever written, but I'll share it anyway. There is an increasing and equally very damaging war occurring in our nation and world right now. The fact is, this particular war has been raging since the days of World War II. No, the Nazi's nor the Imperial Japanese Armies are still active. I am speaking however in regards to the gender war that has been in effect for quite some time now. For those who find themselves completely lost as to what I am referring to here, I am sharing about the war between men and women, “the battle between the sexes.” Much has happened in the early days just around the time of the Second World War between the sexes but sadly, as many of you will probably agree, the greatest casualty in this war as it is in every war, are the children. When it comes to the gender war, a child's viewpoint is sadly the last anyone ever takes time to think about. I hope by the time you completely have read this article, it will have made a profound impact upon your need to to look outside your “self” world-view and you place your heart in right-position with God and His plan for us all, including and especially that of children..

Here in America, there has been a very long and dragged out divide between “the sexes.“ A radical movement for so-called “woman’s rights” that is clearly outside of what the Bible teaches has been engaged in, has been active in every segment and context of American Society for decades. In fact, it is not unusual these days to hear conversations between women on how they “control their men” or how to make false claims of abuse allegations in order to get a divorce with maximum financial benefit and hurting their ex-husband with the most devastating damage to him as possible. On the other side of the coin so to speak, are also men who are very willing to give up their Biblical responsibilities(lazy) so as to cause women to “become equal.” We also see in the USA, many men who simply relinquish their God given responsibilities to teach and interact with their family/children. Many homes in America find men sitting in front of the “boob-tube” watching sports and drinking beer instead of having constructive time with family. These aforementioned variances from God's best and indeed, social experiments, are all ideas far removed from God's plans and probably the largest factors and contributors to the gender war and negative consequences(in children shooting, suicide and other negative behaviours) we see from it in our societies today. So pervasive, engrained in and so devastating(to) are these long held and unbiblical belief systems in our culture, that we have come to accept as a way of escape from our marriage husbands and wives, actually killing one another and or causing suicide to take place In fact, regarding murder, it was just days ago that a newlywed wife, just plead guilty for pushing her husband over a cliff to his death ttp:// For the one and only positive out of this true and recent story of the wife killing her husband, was that the couple had no children and thus, there was (thankfully) no need to go through a hearing within an all to familiar corrupted Family Court system to determine who would get custody of their children.

The word “divorce”, had at one point in our nation and world was considered a very dirty and shameful word. In fact, “until death do us part” was actually meant until natural death, not when one spouse beat the crap out of the other, or hired a hitman to kill their spouse. The very notion and shame of mentioning a divorce in America at least, is long since gone in America. Children have little to no say when parents get a divorce. Couple such ungodly acts of divorce with the sinful issues of acceptance of homosexuals marrying, folks marrying “threesomes”, marrying animals and or even inanimate objects... is it any wonder many children and adult-children days are so confused, screwed up in their thinking and don't know how to act in a relationship ? This is really the major point of the article, many children and adult children here in America and the Industrialized parts of the world have had little to no real and Godly role models in their life. In fact, I can tell you that from the many years of counseling couples and families, it is the current sufferings of the father-daughter and mother-son relationships that are the results of so many plaguing problems in many areas of society today. If the father and or mother is missing and or has little positive interaction with not only their children but also the biological mother/father of their children, their(own)children will be damaged emotionally and most will drift further into chaos, even unto implosion and extinction.

How many of you, your friends, or others you know grew up with a single-mom and with little to no contact with your biological father due to a divorce or break-up ? If you could answer me, you'd probably tell me either “most” or “all.” Growing up in the Industrialized world today without your biological father has become a norm, especially here in America. I know politicians love to point to the “needs of single mothers” to gain votes, but many single-mothers(not all, but most) chose to leave their relationship with the child's father and often, “abuse” was never a factual basis for that separation as many women from Feminist ideologies lay claim(There are real victims of Domestic Violence, both men and women but DV is often used as a claim for a divorce but not proven). The consequence however of growing up without your daddy is as I indicated early on in my article, part of the casualties of the gender war. In fact, the presumption by most of your Government officials is that you, or woman, you will become married and divorced at least once during your lifetime. There is no doubt that your Government has become so well prepared for you marriage and eventual break-up, that is has passed thousands and thousands of Family Court rules and laws to guide how and what the family will look like when you two(husband and wife) have spent thousands of dollars on attorneys. The Courts you will attend all have ensured that many Government agents and their sponsored agencies can and will control your lives and your children from that point on. As you may already be aware, those “agencies” are highly prioritized over your personal belief systems so as to ensure that they get their piece of the Government tax payer paid financial revenues for their services provided. There is a purposeful Government and many Government sponsored agency's incentive to drive a stake through the heart of your marriage for financial gain. Through the Government courts and services, you quickly learn that your children will be force-indoctrinated and taught that all men are potential rapists or abusers, homosexuality is an accepted lifestyle, religion is bad, the government is good, premarital sex is fine, use a condom, however, if you get pregnant, don't tell your parents, tell the school nurse or a teacher that you can trust so you can get an abortion without informing your parents. Indeed, desire for a divorce puts your children at high risk of death and or dying and you wonder why so many of our children and also adult-children are in the news killing one another either as young children or adult-children.

As I eluded in part in my last paragraph regarding the Government agencies including that of schools to the problem of harming our children, I cannot help but bring up all the Feminist and Liberal garbage that is interlaced and taught throughout many of our public school systems and throughout the USA today. For years, many(not all, but many)school teachers, counselors and their psychiatrists have attempted to emasculate and make boys more like girls their thinking and in their behaviour as well. After failing to diagnose the majority of young school age boys as either with Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder so as to make all boys “more docile”, it appears that these Liberal and Feminist demagogues have instead, found their nitch in destroying boys by making it immoral and non politically correct to make hand gestures as guns or that even of bows and arrows It has come to a place in the US, that boys are no longer allowed to be boys in a school's social context. To make matters even more bizarre, Feminists and their Liberal counterparts apparently even suspend boys as young as 6 years old and label them as a “sexual predator” when they kiss a little girls hand in school as well Our schools have become breeding grounds for stupid ideas, leaving the core context of what God has ordained as “right” and “good” as something less than desirable. In fact the vast majority of our schools here in the US teach our kids to hate God, hate Jesus Christ as well as ignore the Bible's positive messages...and folks wonder why we have all these school shootings ?

Ah, the good ol' days, I miss them, when folks revered Godly principles as well as when boys were boys, girls were girls men were men and women, were women. Those days along with accepting God's providence in our lives are long gone I guess. No one knows how to act anymore, that's for sure. The talking heads on the CNN and the “Catholic Lawyer Channel”(Fox News Channel) keep telling us the “family is broken” while they at the same time, have all those wacko psychologists, so called “journalists”, and others on-air as guests who keep giving us their version of the need for more social experiments as the answer to the broken family dilemma, but we all know that crap doesn't work. Every day, and increasingly so, folks just walk around in chaos and confusion as the families and the world disintegrate and rapidly deteriorate all around them. So many folks today are so blinded by their own hands of wrong doing, they refuse to see the mess they made out of all our children, grandchildren and families. Sadly, they won't look at all that is occurring to them and their children/family is all a result of their own bloody choices in ignoring what God instructs all of us, including that of families, men,women and children alike

The world is very sick, twisted, dark and evil. Few living in this world know who God of the Bible is any longer. False and fake christ's and religions rule and reign in ever town and with all of it, more and more willingly lap up all the sick behaviour like a dog to it's vomit. God never designed men and women to go to war against one another. Equally, He did not devise the mess that men and women have made with the way relationships go on most of the time here. No, He intended men and women to get along and made each gender to help support the other. In Marriages(despite the lies that Liberals, Governments, Feminists and Machoists tell you), men have the great responsibility to not only love but take care of and protect their family. Wives, are designed to care for and love their husband and children. Children, were designed primarily to have two parents who are united in flesh and spirit for life. Feminists, lazy men and Liberals don't like those Godly principles. The devil cannot be blamed for most or even in part of this gender war including that of the gross issues of single mothers, broken families and Government's destroying families. Nope, it is the hearts of those who drift from God's perfect plan for all that have directly contributed to the destruction you see all about you, including what horrible things that have happened to our kids.

You have a choice. You've always had that choice. You can quit the “gender war”, quit blaming your “ex”, your family, your friends or others and get back on God's track, that is if you want to rescue your children and grandchildren and what's left of this nation and world. If you are not interested in changing for the better as I have indicated(Biblical God's way only), if you really don't care, you wish to stay self-centered and are apathetic and just don't give a crap--- then, stay the course, but remember this... there are always consequences for your choices, now and forever.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, December 6, 2013

Kirsten Powers-Poster Child For A 'Different jesus.'

Kirsten Powers-Poster Child For A 'Different jesus.'

Lot's of folks get easily misled these days, especially those nominal christians. Now, for those who are unknowing and not familiar with the term “nominal christian”, don't feel bad, because many folks these days aren't unfamiliar with the term either. Simply explained, “nominal christians” are those whom believe a different jesus, that is, a different jesus from that in the Christian Bible. There are plenty of those "different jesus” believers here in the USA so it comes at all no surprise to me and other Biblical Jesus followers to see the touts of folks posting news articles reporting news commentator Kirsten Powers as a “Christian.” Truth being (always truth told with facts to back it up in this weekly blog) told, Kirsten Powers is not a true follower of the Biblical Jesus and I want to explain to you why...

Now I know already and without ever being surprised by it, I will receive some hate mail on sharing this true information regarding Kirsten Powers and many others just like her here, but hey ! Before you get your computer keyboard all uptight and in a wad and ready to send off a “nasty gram” to me, let's take a look at what Kirsten Powers actually believes in compared to what the Bible says shall we ? Let's start here, in an interview recently with the Fox News Channel and Howard Kurtz doing the interviewing(, This is where Kirsten Powers freely admitted her anti-biblical views and just how far she is from the Bible her beliefs really are. In that recent interview, she said(and I quote)“The media is not the most Christian friendly place in the world for the most part. At the same time, a lot of these Christians bring(persecution) it upon themselves.” During the interview, Powers made another clearly anti-Biblical Christian attack(regarding criticism and persecution against Biblical Christians) for declaring that the tragedy of 911 was “not God's judgment against America” and once again stated, “Christians bring (persecution) upon themselves for saying such untrue things”(

Every real and Biblical Christian in America is well aware that America is currently suffering under God's judging hand for allowing, even endorsing sinful acts such as the 55 million(plus) babies murdered through abortion. Not only abortion, but also the allowance of homosexuality, other religions(foreign gods) being worshiped/allowed here, and all the other many sins alike as well. If you don't believe me, you're not alone but I would challenge you as I do many others to read Pastor Jonathan Cahn's Book,“The Harbinger” to see if I am indeed right or wrong. In fact, I highly suggest that you get hold of a copy of this book, like yesterday. I myself was blessed and fortunate to have been sent a copy of this book via a loyal reader of my weekly blog articles here. After reading the book, you'll definitely see all what I am saying here is indeed correct. What the loyal reader of mine had shared with me before sending on to me a copy of 'The harbinger” was the “similar warnings” as what I also had wrote in the past to our nation, as also what was written by Pastor Cahn in his book. So out of reading similar prophetic writings, my reader sent on to me the book(The Harbinger) to confirm what she and millions of other true followers of Jesus Christ know, and are seeing occur in our nation today because of-false jesus believers and their being deceived. Let me say this here and now to confirm what I'm saying all together and to get my point across to you; If a person, society or culture is so blind and ignorant to the fact that there is indeed a spiritual and real correlation between the allowance, the acceptance, even that of the turning a blind eye to what God Himself calls evil and then that of the result of an increase of devastation because of those acts or “allowances”(via God's own judging hand) then indeed, that “person, society or culture” is in big trouble and about to be erased. That's a fact.

Another fact, I have yet to hear or read from Kirsten Powers in her many recent commentary writings or on air(radio or television appearances) that she whole heartily rejects for any reason abortion(not just in certain cases). As well, and equally important facts are that, I know that Ms. Powers opposes “gay marriage” but does unbiblically, endorse “civil unions” for homosexual couples Also, I have yet to read or hear her opposition towards feminism(or Machoism) in any sort of fashion as well. I ask you, How can anyone condone sin yet call themselves a believer and follower of Jesus Christ of the Bible ? Where does the Bible allow abortion, homosexuality or selfish acts such as in Feminism or Machosim ? Does not the Bible clearly say not to do partake in sin in Romans Chapter 6 ? This is a major issue, not just for me but for what God says He calls His own. I am well aware that some will here and without reading this entire article, will state that God will help Ms. Powers come to the realization some day of what sin is and she will change for the better at that point, that is, I mean- more Biblical in action and attitude. Perhaps that is so. However, no where in the Bible does anyone become “born-again”(John 3:3) “and go on sinning”(Hebrews 10:26). Not only “keep on sinning”, but endorsing sin as well ! I have never found anywhere in the Bible where true believers in Christ Jesus ever made a true conversion “over time” or while at the same time, ever endorsing sinful acts. In my own life and as well as all my brothers and sisters in Christ(around the world), we all rejected worldly ways in full on the day we surrendered our lives and hearts to Jesus Christ(of the Bible as it is written in many places in the New Testament including in that of in Luke 9:23.

In today's world and especially here in American culture, I can see how easy it would be for one to call them self a “christian” and keep on sinning, even endorsing sin and unbiblical acts. After all, with the likes of Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, Crefol Dollar, TD Jakes, Rick Warren and so very more like them on the television and other media airwaves these days, it would be very easily to be fooled by their “doctrines of demons”, as the Bible points to their teachings as. “Easy christianity” is also what I refer to it sometimes. There is no holiness needed in those non-biblical “christian” belief system,. nor in need to follow what the Bible teaches. In all what I've shared here, I don't want anyone to believe that we are at all saved by, or through “works” in fact, the Bible is clear we are not. However, what many nominal christians(there's that phrase again) believe in is, are matters outside the Bible and holiness is not included in their vocabulary. These folks want to fit in with the “world”, so they will call themselves “christians” and sound, look, feel, taste like the world to those who fit in the world(non-Christians). Oh, yes these folks like Kirsten Powers will say things like “jesus loves you” and yes, I'm very sure that Kirsten Powers' jesus loves you, and will accept your ways no matter what you believe in whether the Bible call those beliefs sinful or not. If you are a homosexual, “It's “A-OK” as long as you don't get married according the Kirsten Powers. By her jesus, sin apparently is no problem.... It sounds as if she is saying like so many other nominal christians also say today, “my jesus loves you just the way you are.” “Repentance ?, um.... what's that ?...we believe in jesus here.” Note the small letter “j” for the unbiblical “jesus” they believe in.

The world is full of false Jesus of the Bible-converts. Secular celebrities, musicians, actors and the rest. We've seen them all come and go... everyone from Bob Dylan to Charlie Sheen. It's really a fad for many of them until they meet the real Jesus Christ of the Bible, then as the parable of the reaper and sewer that Jesus taught us(Luke Chapter 8) declares; many simply jjust “die” off or “wither away” when they must make a choice to follow the real Jesus or not. So for Kirsten Powers, her christianity may just be a fad, I'm not sure, but I do know this for sure, her jesus certainly is not Biblical. What can we do for Kirsten to help her know the true Biblical Jesus Christ, you know---the one who died on the cross and shed His blood for the remission of all our sins and told all to “follow me” ? Well, first, pray for her salvation through the Biblical Jesus. As well, and soon after, write her a letter explaining how Jesus of the Bible views her wrong-held religious beliefs, give her Bible Scriptures such as I have done here in this article to back it all up. Let her also know at the end of the letter that you care about her and are telling her these things outta love and concern for her soul. She would probably appreciate that. After you're done with the task of helping her, I have one more suggestion for you... there are millions of other nominal christians just like Kirsten Powers also here in America that need to know Jesus of the Bible as well. Will you also please take time to let them know about the Biblical Jesus as well ? You are after all, called to the mission field aren't you ?

Matthew 28:18-20 “And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Amen.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor