Friday, July 27, 2012

“ Christian Patriot Help Needed; Voting Poll Guardians ”

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“ Christian Patriot Help Needed; Voting Poll Guardians

Election 2012 at the voting booths for most of America is on November 6th of this year. We have seen in 2010 what disruptive behavior can bring to any election with the two of the “New Black Panther Party “ members engaging in terrorist behavior and later literally getting away with the criminal act of voter intimidation. This should never have been allowed in the first place by the police and with US Attorney General Eric Holder and his group of lawyers themselves acting as terrorists, one can only assume with Obama running for re-election, all sorts of chaos and illegal activities by the man sitting in the White House along with their entourage of paid SS mercenary types will once again bring more chaos and problems before and during the election this year. We must be diligent and prepared !

As I asked all of you in my latest Blog article, this nation and those interested in liberty must be willing to take sacrificial action. We must be alert as citizens, we cannot take any of our Constitutional rights for granted anymore. To only whine, complain and angrily throw empty beer cans at our television sets will do absolutely nothing in helping gain our nation back. Anyone can complain but a real patriot recognizes a call of God to stand up to evil when he hears it so the call is going out today; right now for hundreds of thousands of what I am calling “ Voting Poll Guardians.” This is purely a volunteer position. Your pay and reward for taking this position-is your continued liberty(or what's left of it).

The purpose of the Voting Poll Guardian is to ensure that if there are illegal activities at voting poll stations on election day. We want to ensure that any illegal activity on Election Day will be only short lived and also exposed quickly and in the end; those engaged in illegal activity will be removed so that there is integrity at every voting booth. Although as a volunteer Voting Poll Guardian, you may not be allowed inside any voting poll building, but you certainly can keep a watchful eye from the outside. The job entails that you are not a hindrance to the voting process or even draw attention to yourself while there. No, don't wear self-identifying clothing or draw unnecessary attention to yourself or group of Voting Poll Guardians as to your purpose... you are simply there as a quiet group of individuals(at least 10-15) at each voting area armed with cell phone, video cameras, writing pad and pen. If there is any disruption at the voting poll area, the local and or state police should be notified at once and all disruption should be recorded on video and audio so that the police may do their job in arresting those responsible for breaking any laws. In essence, you are there to be a Biblical blessing and help to the police. Do not get caught up in distractive discussions or arguments with those who break the laws, it is your job to contact the police and record every single illegal action so that police and or criminal prosecutors can do their jobs when notified. Again, your purpose is to help be a deterrent to illegal activities as we witnessed of the evilists in the election of 2010 and what they did then.

Now, a bit if advice; if the one police agency refuses to take action, contact the next level of police authority in your area and do so until there are no more police agencies left to contact. At no time should you put yourself in physical harm's way. Do not get in the way of police authorities doing their job... be courteous to them when they need information from you or your group of Voting Poll Guardians. If for some reason there is absolutely no police agency who are willing to take action against law breakers, you cannot take action yourself unless you are covered by law to do so. Please study and familiarize yourself with the following link regarding Citizen Arrest Laws( ) in your state and local area. I am not an attorney nor do I practice law so you should seriously also consider any legal risks to yourself and fellow Voting Poll Guardian when taking any action. This is a serious volunteer position and you must be fully prepared for the devil's tactics before election day.

If you accept this position, you must find at minimum, 9 more wholey trusted individuals that you can pray with, plan with, and on election day; take action with. If you attempt to do the work required with less then the ten in a group prescribed, you run a great risk of being overtaken by the enemy. Word to the “wise”... Take Jesus with you and at minimum-nine other Godly men and women as well ! There is no room in this volunteer position for the ungodly, or wicked, nor“hot heads” or others in dire circumstances or who may put others in their group or even the public in danger at anytime. Choose your team mates wisely and be watchful as well for the devil's imitation government or those pretending to be “patriots” who's real desire is to join your ranks especially right on Election Day...those people will worm their way into your group only to purposely sow distraction and dissension among your Godly ranks.

In the weeks and months to come, I will be periodically be giving other suggestions regarding getting our nation back to those who are as George Washington called for, and this is to us “Christian as well as Patriot.”

I hope to see some of you out there with me on Election Day, 2012.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, July 20, 2012

“Are You Prepared For A Coming War Or Disaster?”

“Are You Prepared For A Coming War Or Disaster?”

Hard to see much of anything positive on the news channels as of late isn't it ? Trying to find good news is very difficult to come by and as a matter of fact, even the weather is to hot, not enough rain, and other so called “natural disasters” around the world increase as foretold in the Bible( Matthew 24) and the American(as well as other national governments) continues on it's fast track of voiding and violating every US Constitution right without warning or apology. Obama himself goes on in his purposeful destruction of the nation; sucking the very life out of nearly every American and US business. It would not surprise me at all to find out in the near future, Obama and Hilary Clinton along with some others in his administration have secretly enlisted nations like China and Russia to invade our nation at some point to help with “gun confiscation” rules made according to the UN agreement Clinton will soon illegally and unconstitutionally sign. In addition, there is nothing positive either looking at the Americans that are leaving behind their US Citizenship in an increasing number of Americans that are moving and or planning a move to our neighbors side to the North; that is a move to Canada in escaping the oppressive regime here and the well known final disaster that waits the United States Of America on it's present course.

In all honesty, I really can't blame all those who are afraid of something that could be compared to something like a only wanting to jump off a train rolling down a hill, out of control at one-hundred miles per hour; no, most people don't and or won't wait around to see what will happen when the train reaches the bottom of the hill. Seems more and more people everywhere are kind of yelling “abandon ship” in America and people are getting out before there is no chance to escape later. I can see clearly that not everyone has the stomach to stand up and fight for what appears to be in most American's eyes; a “lost cause” but for me, I guess my time to run has not come. In fact, I am not so sure I will ever really “run”... Despite the wicked people, despite the evil government and their agents, personally I have decided to stay and fight. It's not a pride thing I don't think, no... It's mostly a responsibility “thing”--- after all, I have children, grandchildren and family that I just will not abandon simply so I can have some personal security. In fact, I personally believe those who leave family behind only to benefit themselves are only selfish by nature. Let them go I say, for anyone who puts self before others is no help to God, family or nation any-how.

I would encourage those who will stand and “fight” for our America, really need to do some work before this nation could ever be properly restored. There are right and Biblical courses of action that must be taken and “building on the sand” will not get you there. As I have pointed out in many of my past articles, our nation's Founding Fathers built upon the Rock; that is Jesus Christ of the Bible. There is no substitution for God being in the plans for anything worth while being built.... history proves my point here. Without God, we can plan, strategize, fight all we want but it will all come to nothing in the end. The Biblical God must be laid at the base of every plan to take a nation to right course-period. Next, Godly leaders must be in place.... I am not speaking of pastors of churches, I am speaking of Godly men who love Jesus and put Him in their hearts above everything. Men of Godly courage, moral and Biblical character must be activated and in charge. Right now, if disaster came to our nation, there would be mostly chaos. There may be some men on the very local level to take charge but sadly; most Americans would only do what they have always done; that is to do for themselves only and later be allowed to be swallowed up by evil later on in the devil's scheme of “divide and conquer.” We need real Godly men at this hour to stand up and lead. No more politicians, only Godly men who have real leadership skills and now how to fight for what's right in the eyes of Almighty God.

As roaming gangs of youth increasingly gather in their “flash mobs” stealing, beating and even mur-
dering people, our nation suffers from just more of what can only be seen as a chaotic nation getting worse. Right now, in cities like Chicago, Detroit and others, crime and violence are out of control. People are increasingly losing their sanity and going on shooting sprees as what we just witnessed recently in Colorado; To make matters worse, the same people with obvious mental and spiritual illnesses(the list of people is to long to mention here) are blaming moral people for the shooting. Even our nation's “President” Obama picks and chooses when to speak out about evil. His game is always racial division, hate and destruction of our nation. Let's be realistic here shall we ? The war of “words” and those who are involved in evil are also taking their evil in action to the streets and also to every home of America by forcing you and I to accept wrong and wicked behavior whether we like it or not. Evil is here ! What will you do now ???

The US Government of course doesn't get a “free pass” here from me and is quite a bit in the way of responsibility to blame for all this. If you have not noticed yet, there is a grand hostility towards Christians and good Americans from our own national and State's governments. Biblical pastors are increasingly being threatened by government agents and even thrown in jail. At what point does all this evil end and people stand up and say “no more !” The answer to that question is that's anyone's guess as more and more Americans choose to lay down rather than stand-up. Oh, I hear some rumbling but as they say “all bark and no bite.” I state that while remembering a young man named Scahefer Cox, he sits in Federal prison but is the Founder of the supposed 4000 plus member of the Alaska Peacemakers Militia. Unfortunately, Schaefer was framed by the Alaskan Government and FBI for crimes he did not commit. It all started when Schaefer would not be quiet about unconstitutional government actions. At first, the Alaskan Government tried to quiet Schaefer by threatening to take his children through their terrorist organization called Child Protective Services. When that did not work, they sent on to the Fed's a request for help and the FBI was happy to oblige. Thus Schaefer was falsely arrested and later “convicted” of crimes he did not convict. But here is where the “all bark and no bite” reference comes in; not one member of the Alaska Peacemakers Militia tried to rescue Schaefer. And Like as I said mentioned previously; “rumbling.”

I put no confidence in any man, all my trust is in Jesus Christ of the Bible, but at some point, Godly men must rise to save and rescue their wives, children, families and nation. These days I hear more and men tell me in advice; “Trust No One !”... Wow ! … now If we can really trust “No One” how can we ever get our nation back ? Are there no more Godly men who are not already taking serious leadership roles in planning, strategizing and helping in getting our nation back ? Having our heads “up” in the clouds waiting only for Jesus to return is NOT Biblical ! There is much more to do than having “ six months of food and water supply on hand.” Yes, buy CB radios, get extra clothes, survival gear, extra medication and the like because when the poo hit's the fan, there will be many people apparently unprepared and riots will soon begin.

Let me leave you with this thought; I can tell you; at some point, there will be the crashing in of your door if people do not immediately take right course according to God's plan in this nation including repentance. If you do not stop all the rhetoric of “barking” with “no bite” in doing according to God's Word, you will be only be left to the rioters or the cops at your door; who's main purpose is to kill, rape and plunder you

As always, pick and choose wisely is my suggestion to you.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, July 13, 2012

“ The Continued Failure Of Social Engineering Worldwide'

                              “ The Continued Failure Of Social Engineering Worldwide”

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As we see more and more Bible prophecy being fulfilled, one can easy point out where each and every society in our present day world is heading by entering into experimentation of enaging in activities outside the norm of what the Bible calls “good.” Everyday, we see nearly every culture spiraling downward in every area. Time after time, those persons and organizations that involve themselves in the practice of social engineering, knowing the outcome, continue any way on a disastrous course of destroying the good that God said to do. It doesn't matter to many who see the bad “fruit” of social engineering that the world is sliding to oblivion and disaster, all they care about are two important matters and I do hope that you take not of what they are; the first is the love of money, and the second matter they only care about is the matter is controlling you !

In history and in any human society where at one-time Judeo-Christian values was at one point an intricate part of every day life, and those values have slowly or even rapidly depleted and replaced with religious, secular and or any form of use of “man's” ideas, rather than God's (of the Bible) wisdom; (again)historically , we can easily see that by using “man's” law is quite sub standard as compared to the Christian Bible. Evidence and fact reveal that the rejection of those who continue on a path of rejecting their once held Judeo-Christian values, only brings upon that culture and or nation degradation, chaos and collapse of society as the end result. With those facts revealed, it is easy to see the end of many societies as we now know it.
Looking further at what appears to be soon to be the “end result”, will soon bring everything negative imaginable and at Biblical proportion to every society engaging in the sin of social engineering and ignoring Biblical precepts. We see that at one time in history, Western Europe, Canada and the United States were once the bastion of Biblical Christianity but now sour themselves in secularism and have all but rejected Jesus Christ(of the Bible). The real tragedy is seeing nations once on fire for God and blessed by God with all his overflowing goodness, now seeing themselves rejecting the Bible and have and in doing so, have lead those same nations to near social, economic ruin. The destrcution and near collapse of these nations is quite evident, easy to see and as they say here in the West; “proof is in the pudding.” It is difficult to believe that some of the greatest Christian Missionaries once hailed from countries like the UK. Names like James Hudson Taylor, Eric Liddel, Amy Carmichael and Mary Slessor were once well known and even considered hero's throughout the United Kingdom but if most in the UK were asked who these men and women were, the vast majority in the UK would have no idea of the great work and suffering they had performed for the sake of Jesus Christ and the souls saved through Him. In the United States as well, missionaries such as William Goodell, Adoniram Judson and John Wesley are hardly recognized by Americans any more either. Looking at other nations once holding to Christian Biblical beliefs sent out their missionaries from nations such as Germany, France, Netherlands, and Portugal(and a few others) but now very few Christian missionaries are sent out or even recognized as part of their nation's history. As a matter of fact, some of those nations such as in Africa and Asia that were loving sent Christian missionaries in years past are now engaged in a form of role reversal sending their own “third-world” missionaries to share the same Gospel of Jesus Christ to the hard-hearted and lost people of Western cultures. This in part, is more of the “bad fruit” of social engineering. We Westerner's have become the ignorant ones and need to be saved from ourselves.

Returning to the causes and failure of Western nations regarding “social engineering yet keeping with the theme of third world nations sending on their Christian missionaries to us; if you had a chance to engage in a conversation as to what third world missionaries to Western nations see as the root causes of social engineering of Western cultures, they would point to as I previously shared; 1) money and 2) power and control. They would probably add one more issue and that would be of many Westerners making self “god.”Coupling with what third world missionaries and pastors have reported to me, I want here now to identify those areas that they and I and as well as others see as being most destructive throughout Western and other nations world-wide I would ask once again that you take special notice of what is being revealed here. I do not want to present the following as some sort of exhaustive study, but rather that everyone will understand their part and equally the share of blame and need for change so that somehow God may restore some sanity in our lives.;

  1. The “Lazy Man” complex. Now as a man myself who takes issue with those who engage in male-gendercide, I wish not to align myself with those who engage in purposeful male bashing but do wish to be honest in my writing and as well as in identifying those who add to and or enable those who partake in the evil and that of social engineering. So here, I wish to briefly go on to share in identifying those men who willingly turn over their God given responsibilities and duty to love, protect and honor their families and in ignoring setting a Biblical example in all things. These men are those who willingly turn over those Godly rights and responsibilities that belong to him and him alone in turning over Godly matters to others, including to governments, his wife, children, others and so on, become a shameful thing to him before God and other men. Men are to set an example and take on their responsibilities and no person nor government has a right to take away those responsibilities from him. Those who engage in such of taking a man's rightful position in society and or family life are only workers of iniquity and that of the devil himself and must be removed and that man's responsibilities and rights restored. all-godly-men-gone.html
    1. “Feminism; This is a dangerous movement that has gripped many cultures throughout the world including in third-world countries. Feminism at it's route, like so many “ism's” is a belief in self empowerment and deletes either in part or in whole the idea of God and the Bible being at the forefront of every society, marriage and family. There are some women and men who hold to what they term as a “feminist/christian” belief system but any belief that discounts the Bible and or God at any level cannot co-exist in unity with God Himself. Equally, those who do profess to combine any “ism” within Christianity must be only engaged in a counterfeit(as what satan always does) spirit of religion. No woman nor man who states they believe in feminism as well as at “christianity” can be in the Truth and are only in reality engaging in social engineering schemes.
    1. “Government as 'god' “... You cannot have different gods(God). You must pick one or the
      as what the Bible declares in Matthew 6:24. Either you believe and follow God and the Bible or not. There is no “lesser of two evils” or having your “feet on both sides of the fence”(Revelation 3:16). Making God of the Bible as your only “master” can get you to where you will be later blessed and helped here in this life and after. Engaging in social engineering only results in the awful bad fruit of allowing government and or others who don't belong in that position to rule more in people's lives. Nothing can be worse than being subjugated to slavery and that sadly, is what many in this world have allowed themselves, their families and children to become involved in.

    2. Government Schools are often breeding grounds for rebellion to God's Word and often teach and enable attitudes in children to be hostile not only towards God's Word but also towards parents and God given parental authority. Schools teach matters contrary to the Bible including sex education(parent's role only), Theory of Evolution and so on.

    3. Government courts are filled with agents of the government that are not only hostile towards men and women of Godly character, Government courts are purposely driven to separate families, destroy Christian churches and remove God from every area and segment of society. The message many judges, lawyers, their enforcers(the police) send to every society is; “God and the Bible are not welcome around here and if you do worship or follow the Biblical God, we will do everything within our power to destroy you and take away your family for doing so”

    4. “Children are expendable” is a sick and perverted attitude seen in every nation of the world and sadly, is growing at an alarming rate. In the United States alone, over 70 million children have been murdered through abortion. The United States has also given away Billions of US tax payer money to the United Nations and third world nations promoting this wicked practice of murdering children. Others engaging in the practice of abusing children at the “alter” of social engineering are the Pharmaceutical companies, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, Child Protective Services workers, Domestic Program Violence employees, Family Courts, schools and many, many more. An example of social engineering gone wrong ate the many male children that have been doped up for years with so called “medications” like Ritalin to do nothing more than make the boys more “quiet and learn quieter, without figgiting, staying focused more like girls” Only in third world nations would we expect to see children being bought and sold in a likeness of a meat market throughout the world, but in many Western countries, we see this practice often also. Aas we all know, the weakest members of any sick and wicked society are always the first and most abused. Our children are obviously the most number one to be on the “to be abused list” .
    1. In tieing up with mentioning partially the atrocities of governments engaging in social engineering towards families and children; I wish to mention the whole horrible matter of divorce. I cannot think of one honest person who would not agree with me(as well as the third world Christian missionaries) that divorce/annulments across the world have reached epidemic proportion. There is not one person engaged in social engineering that does not endorse the use and practice of divorce. There is a madness of the worst kind going on. The social experiment of “it's all about me and what I want” has failed. We are feeding a giant monster called “social engineering” and we are feeding the monster with our spouses, children, careers and even our own souls by engaging in the social engineering course of unbiblical divorce. The promotion of divorce at any level outside the Bible has brought the consequences that you see all around you. There are actually people who make a living and have big houses, many cars and luxury items at the expense of broken families and the social engineers see this as all “good.”

    2. Lastly, the matter of allowing homosexuality and paedophilia is our nation by those in the “Psychological Community” and those who endorse big government is a disastrous concept perceived and hatched by social engineers. I cannot warn people enough about those who promote such gross sins. No society has ever survived when such horrible acts are allowed. As those social engineer elitists continue in their experiment of promoting those things God says not to engage in, I warn everyone; Beware of the soon coming consequences. It will be an ugly death for those who do not repent from promoting such matters as paedophilia and homosexuality. Warning to the “wise.”
      My friends, I have only listed a few of the major issues and consequences of social engineering. We live in a time of separation from God's goodness and chaos around us only continues to grow. We know that every time we add one plus one,it always equals the sum of 2. If we are keenly aware of that consistent answer of that simple equation, why is it that many people across the globe argue and disagree with the consistent answer to the question as to why doing things out of sync with God's Word will only result and bad things occurring ?

                            We must get rid of Social engineering and get back to the Christian Bible now.

                                     Pastor Paul Waldmiller ~ Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, July 6, 2012

“Should Americans Bring Back Tar And Feathering Corrupt Government Officials?”

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“Should Americans Bring Back Tar And Feathering Corrupt Government Officials?”

Quite a question isn't it ? Back in the beginning of our nation and for many years after later, our citizenry had a very low tolerance towards political appointees and government officials who were found to be involved in corruption and evil. Early on in our national history, it wasn't unusual to see those who were caught in such treachery were taken hold by angry groups of citizens to a place near the center of town, then followed by a act of public humiliation towards the corrupt government official; hot tar was poured over him and feathers as well were then dumped all over him as well. As if the man caught in wickedness wasn't humiliated enough, he was lastly run out of town on a rail and warned never to return. Seems to me that was a good deterrent in keeping government officials in check back in those days. Depending on how you view this form of punishment, I guess one might be either delighted or for others; maybe disappointed that tar and feathering has been outlawed in our nation. The fact remains though no matter which side of how you feel about how our American ancestors acted, tar/feathering and running evil men out of town for bad behavior worked and the most wonderful part of the act was that citizenry took action against evil which is quite the opposite view towards taking action against evil government officials by most Americans today.

By now, you may believe I am advocating in bringing back to our culture such extreme examples of punishment as tar and feathering politicians.... in all honesty, the answer to that question is no, however much more in the way of action must be taken by (real) American Citizens rather than just “huff and puff” off some very angry words that are also often laced with profanity and empty promises of doing something purely out of the motivation of frustration. As I have in numerous times in the past written about the unhelpful American attitude also of those likened to a wide eyed dear standing in the middle of the road while an oncoming car is approaching and about to hit it. My friends, Americans once and for all need to let go of their “other gods” that only enable bad behavior, and just rid of them. I am speaking of course(again) of those stupid TV remotes and beer “gods.” I am aware that these two issues are only part of the reason why many Americans do not take pro-active positions in authority over evil, but after 50 plus years of living, I believe the “boob tube” and alcohol/drug consumption are the largest contributors to drawing Americans away from a course in re-taking our nation and instead towards positive and Godly venue.

Again, I apologize for repeating some of the information here that I have encouraged you with in my articles in the past, but what I am sharing with you now seems to have unfortunately largely fallen on deaf ears for most Americans because they in the most part have stayed in their “pig poo” so long, I think their starting to either like being there or at the very least; have become accustomed to the smell and feel of wallowing around in that awful stuff. Once Americans come to a place where they are willing to accept much less than the best that God has planned for them, there is no point in persons such as I pointing out in any repeating fashion, words which are meant to encourage persons towards right-forward growth. To share Biblical wisdom to only be “trampled under swine” as the Bible clearly stipulate, is fruitless. In fact, the Lord brings to mind the Bible verse of 2Timothy 3:7 where the Apostle Paul writes to Timothy that there are those who are “ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” We American's after all, have become our own worse enemy in many ways. By many American's taking on a continued spirit of apathy when evil me arise, we only enable and add on to our very own demise as a nation and a people. Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President once declared; “ America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. I must ask, is there any more of a time in our nation's history that we sit at the brink of falling of the cliff to our own destruction?

Time is ripe to take righteous action in our nation. There is no more time to debate what end of fate awaits us for “maybe's” and for our fellow citizens who's only want are the “TV remote and beer gods” they so cherish and hold so dear to their fallacious filled hearts. The days of ridding unrepentant evil must return to our land and that day is today. There will be no God promise filled healing and blessing our land as He promised us in 2Chronicles 7:14 until repentance is true, and spread wide across every heart of the USA. God expects us to do much more then give an averted wink of an eye towards those government officials who take part in any form of the devil's work. The word “Compromise” has been used to sell lie after lie to the American people and it's use must end now. It matters not what political party you align yourself, there are evil doers in every political association, of every skin color, of both genders and all those involved in government in our nation must be brought down to a place of accountability. Don't believe for one minute that election day alone will rid all of those scoundrels who have already sown their souls to the devil. These perverted politicians and government agents care not if they drag you also down to the fiery pit of hell with them. These nefarious and wicked people will stop at nothing in continuing in their hell bent ways for as long as you allow them. Let the people of God in this nation take on a spirit of righteous anger towards those who refuse to repent for doing nothing against evil has resulted in all the troubles you see in our society today.

Are there 100 million Godly Americans willing to stand ? No ?... how about 10 million righteous men and women then ? Still no ?? How about out of the 300-plus million Americans, are there are only---just one million Godly men of the Lord who desire to preserve their families and nation before the actions of the ungodly here finally pushes our nation to a place of “no return” ? Are there even one million men who are willing to gather together for one unprecedented day of action(no, not just prayer !!!) to see our nation returned to a place of peace and justice before Almighty God ? I am not sure they exist, but if they do, I pray that the Lord would raise up a Moses, to lead those Godly men into battle against satan and his minions.

If you are like me, a person who has had his children, house and property illegally stolen through corrupted judges, lawyers, cops, a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer and others who had a City of Batavia, NY cop threaten to murder me(, then you are probably long ago ready to take out satan. A warning to those who are happy in their pig poo; If you have not yet been raped by our US Government or any of it's states, then expect to be, any time very soon. Your only fooling yourself and if you don't believe the evilists will not eventually come after you as well !

Can you be counted upon to fight in the Lord's army to get our nation back?--- James 2:17-20. I sure hope so because things are about to get real hot around here, and I'm not talking about summer-time temperatures either.

Joshua 24:15“ And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom you will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor