Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Call To Action/Protest Alert !!! SAVE THE DATE FEBRUARY 14, 2011 !!!

A Call To Action/Protest Alert !!! SAVE THE DATE FEBRUARY 14, 2011 !!!

I have been approached by someone outside of the USA who has asked me for support and help. After hearing his idea and explaining to him that I shall indeed think and pray about his suggestion, I believe that I agree that the idea that he expressed to me was and is a good idea. The call to action I am calling for in this article requires no small emotional sacrifice. To complete it's mission and goal will be more than anything, very emotionally challenging to all of us but I believe with enough people participating, those of us who suffer injustice will be heard.

Let's get to the challenge shall we ? I have taken on the idea and now reformulated a plan that all Mommy's, Daddy's, Grandparent's, And in fact ALL Family Members who have been unable to be with their children(grandchildren, niece, nephew, etc..) because of Parental Alienation Syndrome, Government Agencies stealing children and and as well all who are negatively impacted by terroristic ex-partners, ex-family members, judges, police, lawyers, CPS, Family Courts, Domestic Violence Programs and the like... those who have suffered from these terrorists, take and place children's toys at specifically strategical sites around the world. The goal is to make a very, very loud statement and protest against such previously mentioned terrorists. What is our protest statement by placing children's toys in strategic areas ?? … It is that We Demand Our Children Back and We Demand Justice NOW !.

OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES; I am asking that all person's who have been negatively impacted by these aforementioned evil groups and or individuals and live outside of the United States on FEBRUARY 14, 2011...go and place children's toys on the property of US Embassy's. If you are able, place pictures and a letter accompanying the toy as to “Your Story” of how you and your child were(are) wrongfully separated and the injustice you suffer. Again, every person who has suffered injustice from not being able to be with their own child or child from your family is invited to participate.

Some who are reading this article may be asking right now why am I asking for non-US Citizens and those who live outside the US to Protest the US Government Embassy's. I believe this to be an appropriate question and the answer I give you here is that quite frankly, it was not my idea rather that I have been approached in the past several months by non-United States Citizens who have the belief that the “United States is a world leader of Democracy.” When I heard this statement from these individuals during our conversations, I was shocked because much of what the American national media reports in the “news” in the US, tells us that primarily, people really don't respect the US and that “Democracy” really isn't important to many nations around the world any longer. So, I am taking these two individual's statements as a real challenge to my own beliefs and after thought and prayer, I have now seen clearer how perhaps the Founding Father's of America envisioned something larger, much larger than helping 13 Colonies establish a free nation and liberty for all.

Don't quite believe me regarding the USA and it's part in leading responsibilty to the rest of the world ? The following quote is from a December 26, 2010 World Net Daily Article and quotes Dr. Patrick Fagan as stating "Bluntly put, the United States will not be able to maintain its leadership role in the community of nations unless its parents take a leadership role in the communities they have built: their families, which are the fundamental units of our society. If the United States desires to be a leader in the world, pursuing what is good for itself and other nations, its parents must first be leaders of their own homes and children,"

INSIDE THE UNITED STATES; For all American's with-in the Unites States, On FEBRUARY 14, 2011, I am asking that you take your children's toys, letters, photos to places that count. Place those items at Police Stations, State and Federal Legislative Offices, CPS/Social Service and Family Court Buildings. Please limit the toys to those 4 areas. I ask all to limit to those areas because I believe the terrorists who hide there make the biggest decisions that impact children and families and need to hear from us the loudest.

Again, the date for this protest is FEBRUARY 14TH, 2011. The date is important as we love our children and FEBRUARY 14, 2011 IS VALENTINES DAY. What better day to take toys, photos and letters to US Embassy's outside the United States and Police Stations, State and Federal Legislative Offices, CPS/Social Service and Family Court Buildings inside the USA ? I can't think of a more appropriate day in all honesty to show support of love for our children.

We now all know the date, and the reason why. Now we need to show support for the idea and one-another. Let us all who are concerned for terrorism against us, our children and family members, let us put away any petty differences we have with one-another so that we may unite for this one day, one occasion and get our justice.

I for one am willing and ready, are you ??????

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tenacity Of Courage On Christmas.......

Well folks, it's that time all the Liberal, Communists, Atheist haters of Jesus come out of the wood work. That's right-It's Christmas time in the USA ! This year is worse than the year before as there are more haters of Jesus and the USA than ever. Where is the majority of the American Christian "Church" when Scrooge roles his ugly head around and tell us that Christmas and Jesus ought to be banned ? Well, where else, remaining within the church walls complaining and back biting one-another where they have been for years. What a shame that Christians by and large beat each other up then shoot one another like this. It does make satan's job a whole lot easier though to discredit Jesus all year long including Christmas Season when we kill each other off like that.

I really want to express in this article another reason why America needs Jesus and specifically how in the past, one very brave soul that decided that despite what others were saying about him and a war in which he was told was "un winable", he would press forward, rely on Jesus' strength all to prove his "nay sayers" wrong. The man I am speaking of  here is General George Washington who had in December 1776, along with a "rag-tag" of fighting men who were tired, hungry, cold and exhausted stepped out by faith to defeat the enemy of America. General Washington at the time was involved in the American Revolutionary War. It was said by many in the "colonies" at that time, the war "unwinable."  George Washington knew it was hard enough to defeat the enemy but he knew right were to get his source of strength to carry on despite all those who sat "on the sidelines" and did noting to help. That source of strength ? That was none other than Jesus Himself.

So On December 25th, 1776, General George Washington travelled at night during a snow blizzard with his "rag-tag" army of soldiers to capture the Hessian(mercenary) Soldiers of the British Crown. With bravery, George Washington devised a plan where he and approximately 2,400 of his soldiers would capture the Hessian Soldiers. Upon landfall early the morning of December 26, 1776, General George Washington and his soldiers attacked the Hessian Camp and met little resistance. By God's grace, the plan worked.

There is a dangerous plan today to eliminate (Biblical) God from our nation. I am not going to personally force anyone to believe in (Biblical) God, that is not my job. But my "job" is as an American Christian to remind all American's that America was founded on Christianity., not religion, paganism or anything but Christianity. Brave souls who sacrificed their lives over the 200 plus years of the history of America have died for this great nation. Many of those who died, including those who stepped out on boats on December 25th(Christmas Day) to cross an ice Delaware River in 1776, were Christians and who loved (Biblical) God.

Look in America's rich history of sacrifice, and you will see many (Biblical) Christians who were among the first to stand for liberty. They were among the first to say "It is my life to give so others may live free." The banner these fine young men and women wore across their lives were that of Jesus Christ who was the one who gave the example of freely giving in sacrifice.

America needs Jesus and brave souls right now. Jesus was born to die so that we may live(forever). Other American's understand this and it is high time others do as well. As was on that Christmas night on December 25th, 1776, it is time to take prisoner the enemies of our nation, our land and our fellow citizens. Now is not the time to relax or let others take our part. Every (Biblical) Christian and good American needs to remain vigilant, strong, committed and also to move forward in letting the enemy of (Biblical) God and our nation know we will no longer stand for taking away our right to declare Jesus our Lord, Saviour and King of our nation !

"We Recognize No Sovereign but God, and no King but Jesus!"~ John Adams and John Hancock [April 18, 1775]

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Pre-Christmas Message To All, Seeking Jesus and Self-Preservation Is Key......

I want to write a special message to everyone who is hurting and lonely because currently, so many are especially impacted due to added stress during the Christmas Season. First, Let me share I want to encourage everyone to remain strong in Christ despite what you circumstances may look like to you. I can in all honesty say I know what you are going through, as I myself am writing this blog article on my son's birthday whom I have not seen(any of my children) in nearly 1 and a half years now. I am not able to speak with them as they given to an evil Filipina Migration Scammer by some corrupt Government officials in the USA. My focus though as I also encourage you as well, is to keep trusting Jesus through our current unpleasant ordeal. We should not allow others or our circumstances in allowing us from defocussing in regards to what is most important. During Christmas, it is very easy to become distracted and de-focused because of what Christmas represents to many and that is family, being happy, and being loved and giving love to others. I will share with you here however(as a reminder to some), the real reason for Christmas, is the focusing on Jesus the Christ and what he later did for us on the cross at Calvary. You see, Jesus paid a heavy price for our sins on that cross. Jesus being God, knows all about what you are suffering right now. He knows all about having to deal with disappointments in life and that there are people who hurt others on purpose.

Many of us have desire to live a pleasant life-I know I do anyway. I know not one person who wishes to suffer but please remember... hurt, pain and suffering will come. You see, we live in an evil world where Satan is allowed to roam around and do much damage. In a real sense, we human beings are in a war between good Vs. evil. Yes, a real war. In that war, we all freely get to choose sides. Wouldn't it be great if people would choose to be on God's side only ?, you know... “The Good Guys”, but unfortunately, that's not the reality of life. There are people in our life time that instead of choosing to be good, they will choose to be evil....and because they choose evil, they care not whom they hurt. If you are in an evil person's way, you well know very well that you will be used, or pushed out of the way. Let's face it, evil people are interested in only one thing, and that is pleasing themselves. Being abused or used by and evil person, we become a victim of another person's selfish plans. We become a casualty in a war we never asked to participate in. You may already know this already, but let's keep the information handy so that we can keep a reality check right now.

Several years ago, I heard a pastor preach a message about “casualties” in wars between God and Satan. The pastor shared that “there are always casualties in war”(I thought to myself at the time...yes that's true) but the pastor went on in preaching, sharing further and minimizing about casualties and that that those who become hurt or die in war are simply “casualties” and that “we cannot focus on them(casualties), after all there will always be casualties in any war.” In all honesty, I cringed when I heard that part of that pastor's message. I couldn't disagree more with that pastor. I know this pastor had no military experience and probably never heard the United States Marine Corp motto “We don't leave ours behind.” I believe that motto says a lot about also a Biblical Principle you can find both in the New as well as the Old Testament in the Christian Bible and that is That " the Lord will never leave you, nor will He forsake you.” I am in agreement with the USMC motto(and the Bible of course) that there are wounded that should be taken care of and brought along with the remainder of the troops. After all, We are in a war right ?

I believe many are in need right now to keep focus and on priority of what life is all about. We should bare in mind always that we cannot change evil people. That is the job of the Holy Spirit the Bible declares. We need to focus instead on self preservation so that when they enemy of God (good) strikes, we can bare up under the pressure through the help of Jesus and refuse to buckle under as our enemies wish. You are aware that there are (evil)people, groups and governments who purposely try to manipulate you to die, commit even unto suicide ??? Yes, This is very true. You don't need for me to give you detailed list of names of people who are involved to do these wicked things do you ??? You should be keenly aware of who these agents of death are. Of course, these evil people know who they are as well. Their days are numbered and unless they repent of their wickedness...they will pay a heavy price for their wickedness. It is your job however not to quit, not to succumb to these evil people's wishes. Remember God cares about you and the Lord Jesus will guide you and encourage you to stay strong during this Christmas Season. Don't ever give the bad people an indication you are suffering. You keep strong by being with Jesus in prayer and other like minded Christians. There are other real Christians out there and who are going to help you win the battle in due season if you stay faithful to the end. Stay safe, sober minded, vigilant and strong in Jesus at all times !

Amen ?..... Amen !!!

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~ "Black Robe Regiment Pastor"

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Removing Evil Through The "P" Process...

Waiting for the correct time for everything is important in life. If we choose to move to fast or to slow we can certainly miss an important opportunity. Biblical principles are equally important regarding timing for everything. We must learn to wait on God and His direction. If we are Biblicaly literate, we are already well -aware of these Godly principles. God's design for everything... including timing is absolutely essential.

 Regarding timing, I have been waiting on the Lord and for Him to show me how and when to address the essential process of removing evil. The time is no longer near, rather the Biblical time frame is now, to begin the painful process of removal of evil. Why do I share here as removing of evil as being painful you may ask ? Well, I will not spend much time here explaining how the world has become so wicked. I would suppose there is much of the blame to be shared  for the allowin g of evil in America, including to the "Christian Church." The point  however is now, Christians and good people everywhere in America need to start cleaning up their mess and there is going to be evil minded people who will get hurt during the process.

Are you ready for the "P" Process??????

Step #1 PRAY.... The Bible says to pray. Pray to Jesus and repent. Ask Jesus to get our own hearts, minds, motives and actions right before Him. That we would be "blameless and pure." The actual Bible Scripture reference is Philippians 2:15 "That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world." Without Jesus Christ making us, "We The People" as individuals right with Him, we will be doomed to fail in all our efforts. God must be with us in everything we say and do. Not one of our efforts as human beings alone will last as it is not built upon the stable rock. The "Rock" being Jesus Christ(Luke 6:48). Once we have repented individually and corporately, God will heal our land. When reading the (Christian) Bible, you can plainly see that God keeps his promises to restore a nation that repents of their wickedness, Those of us who know Jesus in an intimate way must lead they way.... 2Chronicles 7:14 states "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." We must Pray and Repent before we can take any of the further "P" steps to remove evil. Without prayer and repentance, God will NOT honor our efforts.

Step #2 PREACH.... We must preach the Word of God and call for the removal of evil everywhere. We must call attention to the need of people everywhere to read their Bibles and know that they need to do things Biblically. There are precepts in the Bible that bring either blessings or curses. Right now, the USA is a cursed nation for forsaking God and His Biblical principles. At one point in history, America was a very blessed nation because many people accepted who Jesus said He was and Biblical Christianity was permeated throughout American culture. God wasn't "just for church on Sundays." The Lord Jesus was taught in our schools and homes. Many fathers opened their Bibles and took it upon themselves to teach thier children Biblical Precepts... right and wrong... good vs. evil. Rarely do we see Biblical teaching in American homes today. In fact, many Amereican homes don't share a mommy and a daddy together no less a Bible being opened to a child any more..

Step #3 PREPARE and PLAN.... There is a need to prepare for repentant hearts. We don't need bigger church buildings, we instead, are in need to prepare to teach those who come to Christ and or repent; how to live a life pleasing unto the Lord. Encouraging people in Biblical Principles is essential.
There is another area we need to prepare... that is for those who wish to continue in their evil and wicked ways. We need to prepare in how the Lord will use us to remove those individuals from our society. We must be prepared even unto death !

Step# 4 PRACTICE To Be Scaraficial... Jesus died on the cross at Calvary as a sacrafice for our sins(John 3:16). It is our job to be loving and selfless like Jesus(Luke 9:23). That means we can show the world Jesus which will then result in minimal removal of evil later on. Would you rather remove satan with 100 of his minions or 100 million of his wicked ones? Which do you think is easier ?? Unlike many Americans presently today, instead If we practice Biblical hospitality, love and doing whats right before God with one another, the Holy Spirit will move in the hearts of  even the evil people around us to change... and that is to be also good, as the Bible declares.

Step #5 Do Not PANIC.... The devil will want to bite back. Satan and his minions will not give up their evil without a fight but you must put up a good fight of faith. 1 Timothy 6:12 states ...
"Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses." No matter what the devil and his minions tell you, threaten or try to manipulate, we must stand firm in Christ and remember, there is no playing with, compromising with or toying with evil-EVER!. Plan on sticking to God's plan no matter what.

Step # 6 PERSIST.... Be sure to persist on doing right before God and doing things Biblically. Don't take actions that would be non-Biblical. Persist on reminding others to do the same. Be relentless in telling others(after you are sure you have been doing right also) that they need to stop being involved in evil. Give fair warnings to others and tell them they do have a choice... "repent or perish" in the Judgment of God but here on earth as well, they will also be held accountable individually for their evil actions. Unrepentive evil will not be tolerated as in the past in our nation because we who do right before the Lord. Evil people need to fully understand that we do not wish to any longer suffer at the hands of God's judgment here in our nation for other's who particpate in wickedness as described in the Bible. In Luke 13:3, Jesus said " I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. " If evil persists despite warning, it must be removed.

Step #7 PUSH, PULL or PLUCK-OUT... When the devil and his minions refuse to budge, you must push, pull or pluck out. Push the devil to leave. Pull satan's minions over the wall if necessary. There are times the devil and his minions must be picked up, escorted and shown the door on the way out. Again, don't expect the devil to be happy or agreeable with being removed. The devil has many words and manipulative tools at his disposal but the entire job of his removal must be seen through.  Most of the time, satan and his minions will just give up after awhile as they see Godly people turning from their wicked ways...James 4:7 states "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." There are those wicked ones that must be carried out the door however. Always remember that.

Step # 8 PHYSICAL REMOVAL.... This should be the last and final step. This step is a sad step because it means there are yet unrepentive hearts to Jesus. There will be those unfortunately that will insist that evil is right and no matter what you tell them, they will continue to cause chaos, evil and even death. These are the people who contribute in shedding innocent blood either directly or indirectly(Proverbs 6:16). There are people who just see fit in serving satan. The Bible states in Proverbs 14:12 "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof [are] the ways of death." Some people will never change their minds and hearts. It is their life's goals to be self serving and spawn wickedness here on earth during their life time. Those who choose unrepentance and insist on bringing for the evil and the judgment of God upon our nation must inevitably be removed by God's people.

As a Biblical object lesson, I submit here to all of you how Evil presented it's self as righteousness, but later as evil always does, wickedness was exposed and good people found a way to pluck-out, push and pull as well as remove evil. Please view the Biblical object lesson at the following link....

I pray that the world may find Peace but please remember the Bible says there is a time and season for everything, some people will never change(regretably)...... Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace."

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor