Friday, November 29, 2013

Stabbed In The Back By Your U.S. Government, 'Christians' And Their Lawyers

Stabbed In The Back By Your U.S. Government, 'Christians' And Their Lawyers

Now, those of you who regularly read my weekly blog articles, will indeed notice a recurring theme in my recent writings including in this particular article. In fact, this article will be received as most, as it many these days fear truth, rather than accepting it. “Why ?” then you may ask, that I continue to write such things that for many either ignore or are quite frankly, are “turned-off” or afraid by?, Well, I can only tell you this; the Church in America is widely dead and America as a nation is about to be wiped-out, flushed and never to return again. I can't imagine anyone wanting to suffer pain needlessly and that's partially why I keep writing truth. Keeping with the theme of truth here, Americans by-and-large have become fat, lazy and and apathetic and suffer from their own doing or as you will read later, also of “not doing “ as well. When God's people as a whole do foolish things and ignore evil matters, God calls out His own to “repent” from such matters, correct their course and on to do what is right Biblically. In my articles(and my very action toward God's righteousness in my own life/action), I take deadly serious what evil can do and what God says to do always what is right. I see that the evidence of America soon failing and be overtaken and destroyed is strong in evidence. My repeated call to all to repentance and(truth telling in my articles) also in partaking in removing evil is (A) On purpose, (B) Directed via the Holy Spirit and (C) should be taken deadly-serious. Please read on.

Sharing the above information begs the questions; why do so called “Christians” keep walking around with their heads stuck up their clouds ? Also, why do they keep pretending “all is well” and operating in ways contrary to the Bible ? Are folks really that dumb ? “Yes” , is the correct response to all. To some reading here, all I'm declaring here sounds quite harsh but in reality, it is what in reality needs to be said/done to wake up the so called “Church” and “Christians” in America. For those unaware, it is the “Christian”, not the worldly person that is called to walk in righteousness and to bring a nation back to God. Sadly many Christians in the USA are not listening to the Bible and what seems to be needed now in our nation in such a time as this, is a Jesus overturning tables and chasing folks with a whip wake folks up. I share that thought because there are very few outraged enough real and Godly Americans to do anything about the enormous abuses being done to our brothers and sisters in Christ in and outside the USA, especially what evils Governments and so called “Christians” and their lawyers are doing to us. When I read the Bible, I clearly see that God Himself commands His people to “repent”, “act” and “pray.” The world is heavily evil and clearly has overtaken the Church's role to “shine in the darkness.” There is no place “darker” in the world, then here in the USA. Surely, this nation has drifted from the light of Jesus to the overtaking darkness of the devil himself. Let me share more here...

Because of the Church's lack of Biblical responsibility of action and to fight especially for those who cannot gather justice, many suffer needlessly. Think about just this one issue, we as a nation, have blood dripping from the door posts of many churches that ignore the over 55 million dead babies murdered from abortion. What ignorant fool would ever think for one minute that the blood of these murdered children would not cry out to God for their justice ? Beyond dead babies and their blood upon the “Church”, there are so many real American Christians being persecuted and ignored as well right in the USA. Everyday, our US Constitution is assaulted by our own Government and by the terrorists who run it. Do you not think God does not hear the pleas for justice from those who suffer from those Government terrorists and those who ignore such evils? Indeed He does, and He also see's the ambivalence of the heart of many Churches regarding the suffering of injustice of God's very own. That same ambivalent attitude has carried itself all the way to the American pastor who is sitting right now all the way in an Iranian prison. In fact, not only an American Citizen pastor sits in an Iranian jail as you read this article, there are also several other US Citizens needlessly sitting in an Iranian jail as well.

Yes, during recent “Nuclear Negotiations”, the U.S Government did not even raise the issue and names of jailed US Citizens there in Iran. Our U.S Government has shown itself time and time again that it is evil, it has not not at all our best interest or even our lives as important to it. To make matters worse for all including the Americans sitting in the Iranian prisons, there was no real and substantive pressure on the US Government from American Christians demanding the release of Americans illegally being held in Iran. The best so called “U.S Christians”could do was to sign some sort of useless petition put on by a money hungry US Attorney named Jay Sekulow. It is so sad that many Americans have been duped time in and time out again by this Jay Sekulow and His ACLJ. For the unknowing, they are both a farce, and a facade. Sekulow is just another corrupted lawyer who takes your money to “represent” high profile cases and gets his notoriety from representing only those fleshly high profile cases(like “Christmas Trees”)from stupid sheep. Don't believe me ? tell me then, how much money did he and his ACLJ staff take in for salaries and so called “work” for drafting a useless petition and a few letters on behalf of Pastor Abedini who's sitting in the Iranian Prison? I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it until folks wake up... Beware of so called “Christian Lawyers !” many(not all, but many are) of them are no different than the world. They use the name of “Christ” to rake in lot's of money all to make themselves fat, live in big houses, and buy other luxury items themselves. Again, I ask if you don't believe me, go ask Sekulow and other so called “Christian Law Firms” how much they bring in and what their salaries and perks are. Go ahead and try, see how far you get and what their answers are. (“Since 1998, the 2 charities have paid out more that $33 million to members of Sekulow's family and businesses” I'll even go on to share this, In my own quest to get justice here in the USA from being threatened with murder via a City of Batavia, NY cop who was told to do so from corrupted judges, lawyers and also my children, house and property all given to a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer and Illegal Alien, I've received more help from non-christians and non-christian attorneys who belong to the world, then so called “Christians” and their “Christian Attorneys”( What does that say about the condition of the so called “Church” and it's roll to help those who cannot help themselves ? Sad when the “world” outshines for Christ more than the “Church” does.

The “Church” is often guilty of thrusting a knife in the back of true believers. I am constantly bombarded with personal and public messages on social websites telling me of all the horrific occurrences that so called “Christians” and “pastors” have done towards other “Christians.” Now I'm not so naive to believe every story told to me. I'm well aware that there are many who suffer from mental illnesses and some messages to me show themselves to be quite evident of that fact. However, many stories I am told are filled with reasonable evidence of fact, and make them quite believable. I think of one man's credible story regarding how useless especially the so called “Church” has become. I think back not to long ago to September 11, 2013. On that date, I was speaking in Washington, DC during the “Million Christian March” where I shared about how far this nation has drifted from Jesus Christ and Christian attitudes. After my speech, a man approached me named “Jim.” He shared with me that he lived in a small town in Nebraska. One day he went on to share, that an elderly person lost control of their vehicle and crashed right into Jim's house, smashing the picture window and many bricks that surrounded it. As you can imagine Jim shared, in a small town, the news of the crash traveled quite quickly and neighbors and people from his small town came over to look at the damage done to his house. Jim went on to share with me how many in his town were “Christians” but not one of them offered to help and his wife pick up all the bricks knocked down out of his house. He shared with me “many only offered prayer but it was only later that one man and his wife came by to help me.”

Lesson learned through Jim's story ? I don't think we should be surprised at the level of lack of righteous actions to help one another in this nation when evil and bad strikes at good people. Being that evil is being propagated by our US and it's State Government's as well as unmolested or stopped by Christians, should we be shocked or surprised ? It is after all, even the evil ignored by many so called “'Christians lawyers” or even Christians themselves here in the United States that has brought us to this point. As millions of America just celebrated “Thanksgiving” at the dinner table, we see just how clearly evil this nation has become. The evidence of such shows us as a people who are fragmented and divided. Our hearts as well as our families are divided and we are very far from God's direction for all of us. Many U.S families and children's lives destroyed daily, via the sick and twisted minds and hearts of those who go running to the US and it's State run court system to screw someone over, is evident equally among “Christians” and their “Christian Lawyers” as it is among “the world”(Divorce statistics tells us that) The saying, (Matthew 12:25) “A house divided against itself cannot stand” comes to mind right now as I write this article. It was Jesus Himself that said it is the devil who came to divide and bring division. When a nation has so very many what I term as “pretend” or as others call “nominal christians”(small letter 'c' purposely placed here) in it, it is not long before that nation and it's “true colors” are revealed and whom those people belong to is plain for all to see. When Jesus declared in part in 7:15-20 “You shall know them by their fruit”, He surely was giving us a warning not only to be aware, or as some these days like to say, “be awake”, but He also was telling us not to be as the world show's itself. Stabbing one another in the back, ignoring evil, gravitating towards making cash for selfish gain are the world's ideas and views, and has no part of belonging in a Godly Government nor Christian's life.

So what can we take away with from this article ? If anything I believe, all too often, we see that many American's fall in the devil's trap of deception and lies that the Government is “good” and also that anyone who calls themselves a “Christian” or a “Christian lawyer” is “believable” as well. Not only that, but hopefully through this article, many of these same people who I mention in this article will stop making excuses and justify either participating in evil or ignoring it completely. With those that take part in such spurious activities, we all now know that if they continue to allow a very evil US, it's State's Governments and nominal christians and their lawyers to run a muck and without accountability, they will only reek more havoc in our lives. I suppose I could write a whole book regarding all the many more reasons why those I've named here in this article as evil and in wrong doing or participating in satan's tactics do what they do. The sad fact is however is this, they are doing it and and as well, are trying to kill-off as many own innocent fellow citizens as possible.

Finally, this leads us to the fact that not only is our Government evil, it's also the high number of Americans who claim be “Christians” and that including “Christian Lawyers”, that are in reality, nothing but false christ and religious believers out to take advantage of others for their own self-benefit. The evidence is clear. Remember, as I shared earlier, Jesus said “you shall know them by their fruit.” It is very clear that the devil reigns supreme not only in the US, it's State's and Local Governments, but it also reigns supreme in many American Churches as well. If what I just shared were not true, Pastor Sayeed Abedini and many American Christians who are suffering injustice needlessly, wouldn't still be suffering today.

Now you think about that. Better yet, you do something about that !

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~ Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Increased Roving Gangs And Killer Cops, Do You Also Belong To The Army Of The 'Flesh'?

Increased Roving Gangs And Killer Cops, Do You Also Belong To The Army Of The 'Flesh'?

If anyone is to be honest about the condition of our world, our nation(USA), they would have to say it is increasingly hostile, angry and violent. Indeed, it's not your imagination, it's true... “the world has gone nuts.” I don't care how many government propaganda “statistics' say there is less violent crime/acts and people losing their minds and doing stupid and unnecessary violent things, but factually, many people have indeed “lost it.” Just watching the most liberal main stream media news channel on TV tells you violence and “crazy” and bizarre acts are way up. I'm 52 years-old and have lived long enough to know “fluff” when I see and hear it, and there's a lot of “fluff” being excreted from the mouths of most so called “news agencies” out there who are themselves either involved in stupid/evil acts and or hiding/enabling those acts as well. It's everywhere, even within the so called “fair and balanced” news network also. It is sad fact that by the end of this article, most Americans that will have both read it, but will also continue to chase after fleshly things. Most American's just won't “get it” because they don't want to “get it”, and will just continue on with the belief that they are not to blame and the world is “'fine”, “we just need more Republicans” or “we just all need to calm down and smoke more weed.” Being honest and admitting the truth about one's sick condition is the very first step in getting help/recovery, but the question here is this, are there really enough American's willing to admit why and how very sick, violent and wacko we've really become ?

As I have written in previous articles, many(the majority) of our Founding Father's were Bible believing Christians. That is why many of our founding documents mentions “God.” Also, as I have declared many times previously, as our Founding Father's also knew and I say often myself to others... “No Jesus, no peace.” Let's cut to the chase here shall we ? Those who do not believe in the Biblical Jesus are enemies of God(Romans 5:10). The Bible speaks over and over and over again, not to be of, or be in use of the “flesh.” To do so, means that you are engaged as the enemy of God and in reality combating Him. To the non-Biblical Christian, they have little to no idea what the word “flesh” even means. So, I take this time now for their benefit and for those whom I am referring and reading my article here now, and for your education an explanation of the word “flesh”... when the Bible and I mention the word “flesh”, this refers to your own idea, your own actions outside of God's Biblical plans(yes it really is that simple, so simple a child can understand this but adults cannot). God's plan is always the best and works 100% of the time. Thus, those who do, speak, act, think, plan outside what God calls us all to do, those things are of the “flesh”, that is; sin and evil as well as hated by God. I know many will want to debate, intellectualize or use their own “logic” against all this stated here, but they are simply an enemy of God and are only attempting to rationalize their own evil and sinful thoughts and actions. They will get no where. 

“Enemies of God” are not exclusive to God haters only. There are many fleshy “pastors”, priests”, religious types who will tell you that “God loves you” but with deceit on their lips. Indeed God loves you, but(this is what the fleshy pastors and others who hijacked the Bible for their own selfish motives won't tell you) God's love also chastises those whom He loves(Hebrews 12:6). Not only that, but God does not contradict His Word and look away from, or gives grace to you so that you can sin more(Romans 6:1-2). God only blesses those who follow His Biblical precepts(Psalm 119:2). In fact God is clear that when one does evil, follows the flesh rather than His Word, there are negative consequences(Jeremiah 6:19). When it comes to the flesh, that is “sin and evil”, the opposite of the flesh(sin and evil) is God's plan as written in the Bible. In fact, It is much more than the 10 Commandments as most might suspect. That plan always works well, but the reality and contrast of what God calls good is this today... the vast majority of American's don't want to be involved with God(of the Bible) and His plans for personal living and thus, evil grows. It's difficult to believe, and I suspect for most Americans it is very difficult to understand this proven Biblical value--- but when a nation, a people vary from God's plan via the Bible, disaster visits that nation and those people suffer greatly and immensely. I know what I just shared from the Bible goes against a lot of those Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, Hinn, Rick Warren, Oprah Winfrey(others) types out there, but the fruit of what I declare is staring right at you(if you're willing to open your eyes). It might very well be shocking also for many so called “Christians” in America to also accept, but God places most of the judgment and blame on those who claim to be in Christ, not people of the “flesh”(2Chronicles 7:14). It is a very dangerous matter to call yourself a “Christian.” I say this not because of real persecution for real Christians, but rather because when you call yourself a “Christian” you invoke a war upon yourself from Satan. If you are not truly covered by Jesus Christ and His shed blood upon you and have Him not in your heart as Lord and Saviour, you are inviting disaster and the devil's mischief upon your life and those around you.

I want to make it very clear, according to the Bible, God does not cause evil, however, He allows it for a specific purpose(example, Job Chapter 1). That “purpose” is always to wake people up somewhere spiritually, so that they will repent of evil and return to Him through His Son Jesus Christ. For those who are spiritually “awake” already, we know with many of the horrible and evil occurrences in our daily news reports, we can see obviously whom belongs to who. What I mean by that last statement is this... those “Black roving gangs “ who are playing “knock-out games”, cops beating up and killing innocent civilians all over the USA as well as increased psychopaths who are tearing apart families, businesses and governments, coupled with many other such evil occurrences as “strange” weather phenomenon’s...“late season tornado's”, are all a direct result of forsaking God's plan to forsake evil. Many have forsaken God and we are all paying a hefty price for it. Matters will soon increase from bad to worse very soon unless people leave the army of the flesh.

I never would have imagined in my life time that I'd have to tell the majority of Americans(and world) that it is never “normal”, acceptable or should be compromised with in any shape, form or way to engage in aborting a child, endorse or partake in homosexuality, religion, lying, cheating, stealing, voting for “the lesser of two-evil's” or partaking in what God calls evil under any circumstance-period. God certainly see's all sins on equal footing, for the Bible declares in James 2:10 “For whosoever shall keep the whole law and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.” The same goes for any level of “looking the other way” from evil as also... there are negative consequences for allowing and or turning and looking away from what the Bible calls sin and evil. All bring on very negative “consequences.” For sure these consequences are real and right in front of our noses, yet many cannot and will not choose to see them. In fact, they will just keep operating in the flesh(like so many others in the army of the flesh) and think the day of disaster will never touch them. Sadly, they are very, very wrong in their beliefs. Think of what occurred to ancient and Biblical Israel and Judah when they forsook God's plan for God's best. The vast majority of Americans have engaged much in the same way in leaving God and brushing Him to the side as did Israel and Judah had done and now we see similar consequences they suffered also. Those who choose and engage in such actions as being an agent of the flesh are not real “Christians” but in actuality, are just part of a large army of folks owned by the devil and heaping upon us all, God's hand of destruction.

Roving Black gangs and cops are a result and a curse allowed by God Himself, they are hurting and killing us at an alarmingly and increasing rate for ignoring His Biblical precepts. Indeed, US, State's and Local Government terrorists and psychopathic people grow in large numbers every day here. They are agents of evil but they don't have to exist. Indeed, these types of evil doers will continue to grow, kill and hurt more and more American's until Americans finally wake up, repent to Jesus and remove all the evil in and around them including the gangs, psychopaths, foreign and domestic terrorists, and cops. Notice that the first step I mentioned(once again)however is to “repent to Jesus.” This means not attempting and trying to remove evil from others first, you have to come clean and change first. God will not honor more “fleshly” actions and if you try to remove evil in and on your own strength, you will lose. In fact, you may very well wind up hurt or even dead if you try. I'm not necessarily against marches, petitions and letter writing campaigns to rid evil but these things tried and failed, don't work, nor are effective. As a matter of fact, you can “talk” with evil all day long until your lips turn blue, that's not going to change a thing. If you do nothing to remove evil such as what many so called “Christians” and their pastors are so very often involved(or should I say, lack of involved in removing evil?) in these days, you will also end-up hurt and or dead just like them as well. The end result for both is exactly the same....partaking in or ignoring evil will get you in the same exact position that you will not want to be in.

So, to sum up here... everyone must decide if they belong to the “army of flesh” or are partaking in God's plan for Biblical-daily living. There are many who want to live life as they whatever they want and make up life's rules as they sit fit without any accountability to God of the Bible. In fact, many of these who belong to the flesh army don't even believe in God or they have made up their own god they see fit to serve(like butterfly jesus). Partaking in such has brought upon us all,(that's all of us) all sorts of miseries. I don't know about you, I'm tired of suffering for other people's foolish and evil behaviors, religions, and belief systems. I have done and am doing my part to eradicate evil on a daily basis. I always though start with myself. I am looking for others who are doing the same so that if possible, we can with the Lord's leading, we can get this nation back. “Keyboard commandos” need not apply when there is evil to be removed. God is looking for individuals and groups of people who are heart-willing to serve him by following His precepts without fear and a willingness to serve. God most certainly is not looking for religious or non-religious folks, nor those who do life on their own terms.

So, pick and choose America(and world) what you will do and whom you will serve. The consequences are yours. You own them all.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pilipinos, Typhoon Yolanda Was Your '911', Run To Jesus(Tagalog/English)

Pilipinos, Typhoon Yolanda Was Your '911', Run To Jesus

Written in Tagalog and English....

Ito ay isang espesyal na artikulong sulat partikular para sa aking mga Kababayan. Hindi ko alam kung gaano karami sa aking Kapamilyang Filipino at kaibigan ang makikinig, panahon lamang ang makapagsasabi at ang bunga't kahalagahan sa makikinig kung ano ang aking isinusulat ay magsasabi sa dalawang pangyayari; alinman higit pa sa maraming sakuna o ang Pilipinas ay magiging isa sa mga pinaka-pinagpala at maunlad na bansa sa mundo.

Alam na namin ang kasaysayan ng Pilipinas. Hindi namin alam anong sumpa ang ibinaon sa Pilipinas ng mga Conguestador na Espanyol kung saan pinagsamantalahan ang mga tao at ang bansa. At ang sumpang yan ay hind pa rin nabubunot o naaalis. Opo, ang Pinunong Kastila ang nagdala ng relihiyon, pero ang relihiyon ay hindi makakapagligtas ng sinuman. Mayroong isang tao lamang ang makakasagip sa bansa, mamamayan, komunidad sa sumpa at pang-aapi, at ang kanyang Pangalan ay si Hesu-Kristo ng Bibliya. Ang pagtanggi kay Hesu-Kristo ng Bibliya ang nagbigay ng sumpa sa ating bansa at sa mamamayan ng higit na pagdurusa. Kahit sa nakaraang panahon, mayroon ng mga mananampalatayang Kristiyano na naniniwala sa Bibliya na naghasik ng Magandang Balita ni Hesu-Kristo bilang Panginoon at Taga-Pagligtas at ang tanging kailangan at sinabi ni Hesus sa Bibliya upang maging isang “born-again” o “ipanganak na muli”, karamihan sa mga Filipino ay tumanggi sa Mabuting Balita ng kaligtasan sa pamamagitan ni Hesu-Kristo. Ako mismo ay nakarinig na maraming sa aking mga kababayan ang nagsasabi “Ipinanganak ako dito sa (relihiyon) na ito, at mamamatay ako dito sa (relihiyon) na ito. Kung ano ang kanilang sinabi, yan po ang katotohanan at nagiging sumpa sa kanilang sarili at ang pagkamatay ng maaga, pero ito ay espirituwal na kamatayan sa impiyermo na kanilang pinili. Ang pagiging matigas, matigas ang puso at matigas ang ulo ay nakita sa karamihan sa Leyte, Panay Island at iba pang mga lugar "patay sa kanilang relihiyon."

Kaya, ang Pilipinas ay may pagkakataong manumbalik ang kanilang bansa. Di kagaya sa America, pinahintulutan mismo ng Dios ang Muslim upang ang eroplano ay wasakin ang Twin Tower sa New York City, and Pentagon at Pennsylvania, ang America ay hindi nagsisi sa maraming kasalanan at hanggang sa ngayon na kinasasangkutan. Opo, sa maiksing panahon, kagaya kung ano ang nakikita natin ngayon sa Pilipinas, ang mga simbahan sa America ay bumabaha sa panalangin pero ang panunumbalik na yan ay matatapos din at ang mga puso ay hindi nagsisi sa mga kasalanan ng homosexuality, paglalaglag ng bata, pangungurakot, katiwalian, kasinungalingan, pandaraya, pagnanakaw, pangangalunya, pornograpiya, pandaraya sa mga dayuhan, at marami pang mga kasalanan. Opo, sa ngayon marami sa Pilipinas ang nagdadalamhati dahil sa pagkawala ng buhay, pagkasugat, sira ang mga bahay, mga ari-arian at mga pananim pero paano kikilos ang aking mga kababayan mula ngayon? Sila ba ay manunumbalik sa Diyos sa pamamagitan ng tunay at tapat na pagsisisi ng mga puso sa kanilang mga kasalanan at sankot sa relihiyon o sempling kagaya sa mga Americano na pagdating ng mga ayuda at mga pagkain at mga supplies, mga Pilipino ay muling magdedeklara ng kanilang “Pinoy Pride” at babalik sa kanilang masasamang gawi kagaya ng pagtanggap sa homosexuality, kasinungalingan, pandaraya, pangungurakot, pangangalunya, sugal, pang-aabuso sa alak, paggamit ng droga at lahat ng mga kasalanan na tinatawag mismo ng Diyos na kasamaan? Ito ay patungkol sa puso. Ang America ay nasa bingit ng kapahamakan dahil karamihan ay naging tamad at nagpapataba at nakalimutan na ang Diyos at ang Kanyang Bibliya. Sa katunayan, ang tanong ay, ang mga Pilipino ba ay tulad ng mga Amerikano ay mawawasak rin dahil hindi nila pagpansin sa babala ng Diyos?

Pisikal at espirituwal na kamatayan ay direktang konektado sa kanilang pananampalataya kay Hesu- Kristo ng Bibliya o hindi . Ngayon, tinutukoy ko ay si Hesus ng Biblia , hindi relihiyong hesus. Sa mga nagbebenta sa inyo ng mga ideya na may maliligtas “sa pamamagitan ng relihiyon, simbahan, at o kaya sakramento”, “gawa”, “pagbibigay ng pera o limos”, o “paghahasik ng salapi”, o anumang relihiyon na wala sa Bibliya ay kasinungalingan at hindi pagsabi sa inyo ng katotohanan. Napakaraming mga relihiyon sa Pilipinas na pinaniniwalaan. Gayunpaman ang Diyos ay hindi bangko, ang Kanyang layunin at ang Kanyang Salita (Bibliya) ay hindi sobra hindi rin sinabi upang “yumaman”, “manalangin sa mga patay”, pumunta sa simbahan at ang simbahan ay magiging“rocket ships”, magsuot ng ibat ibang “panloob na kasoutan”, o paniniwala na si Jesus ay isa sa maraming diyos. Kaya, doon sa mga naniniwala sa mga maraming uri ng relihiyon sa Pilipinas sa katunayan ay naniniwala sa relihiyong kulto at hindi kay Hesus ng Bibliya. Napakarami ng mga turo sa Filipino TV at Radyo ngunit ang karamihan sa mga ito na tinatawag na “preacher” katulad sa USA, naghahasik na ayon sa Bibliya ito ay “doktrina ng mga demonyo”.

Marami sa aking mga kababayang malungkot at taos pusong tinanggap, ang naghihirap sa sakit. Itong mga natural at gawa ng taong mga kalamidad ay higit na maiiwasan kung meron lamang taos pusong pagtanggap kay Hesus ng Bibliya sa kanilang mga puso. Kinakailangan ng mga mamamayan na talikuran and kanilang relihiyon at kulto, kinakailangan nilang magsisi sa kanilang mga kasalanan. Hindi lamang sa mga taong may kinalaman sa Pork Barrel Scandal ang kailangang magsisi. Sinasabi sa Bibliya na lahat tayo ay makasalanan at hindi nakaabot sa biyaya ng Diyos. Doon sa hindi totoong nagsisi, tinanggap si Hesu-Kristo sa kanilang mga puso bilang Panginoon at Taga-pagligtas, at dumalo sa tunay na Bible believing church ay nagdala ng sumpa at malakas na bagyo sa Pilipinas. Ang demonyo ay sinungaling at sasabihin sa inyo na ang bagyo at ibang “natural na kalamidad” ay galing sa global warming.” Muli, lahat ng kasinungalingan ay galing sa demonyo. Ang sumpa ay mananatili sa Pilipinas gaya rin ng lumalagong salot sa America at Europa dahil sa pagtanggi kay Hesu-Kristo ng Bibliya.

Tulad ng aking ministeryo ay patuloy na ibabahagi si Jesus sa aking mga kababayan sa loob at labas ng Pilipinas , at hindi ko maaaring pilitin ang sinuman na tanggapin si Jesus gaya kung paano itinalaga sa Bibliya. Ang pagpili ng mga karagdagang kalamidad ay sa inyo. Maaari ba akong manalangin para sa inyo, ipakita sa inyo ang dakilang pag-ibig at pagkalinga sa pamamagitan ng patuloy na pagbahagi kay Hesus ng Biblia at ang Kanyang plano ng kaligtasan, pangalawa magpadala sa inyo ng tulong sa mga mahihirap, ngunit wala akong magandang magagawa at ang iba kung ikaw o ang iba kong mga kababayan ay mamamatay sa inyong mga kasalanan at patuloy na mamamatay sa inyong relihiyon kaysa magkaroon ng personal na relasyon kay Hesu-Kristo. Ang ugat sa isyu na ito ay puso at kung sino ang nagmamay-ari nito. Ang aking pinakamabuting payo hinggil sa Bibliya sa inyo ay ito; Huwag tumulad sa karamihan sa mga Americano/Americana, ay, sa halip magsisi kay Hesus ng Bibliya at tanggapin sya sa iyong puso. Iwanan ang iyong mga paniniwala sa relihiyon at tumulong sa iba na gawin din ang ginagawa mo. Kung, at ito ay isang malaking "kung", ikaw at ang sapat na mga puso ay talikuran ang relihiyon at kasalanan, lumapit kay Hesus ng Biblia, ang Diyos mismo ang mag-aalis at puputol ng sumpa sa inyo at palitan ang mga sumpa ng pagpapala. Muli, ang pagpili ay sa inyo.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


This is a special article written specifically to my kababayan. I'm not sure how many of my Filipino family and friends will listen, only time will tell and the fruit of them listening to the importance of what I am writing will be told by one of two occurrences; either more devastation or the Philippines becoming one of the most blessed and prosperous nations in the world.

We already know the history of the Philippines. We are aware of the curses that were laid upon the Philippines when the Spanish Conquistadors raped the people and the land. That curse has never been lifted. Yes, the Spaniard rulers brought religion, but religion will not rescue anyone. There is only one person who can rescue a nation, a people, a community from curses and oppression, His name is Jesus Christ of the Bible. It is the rejection of Jesus of the Bible that allows curses over nations and people to suffer greatly. Although for many years, there has been Bible believing Christians who have sown the Good news of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and the absolute need as Jesus said in the Bible to become “born-again”, the vast majority of Filipino's have rejected to Gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ. I my self have heard many of my kababayan say “I was born in this (religion) and I will dies in this (religion). What they say, they say is true and curse themselves not only often times with early death, but a spiritual death in hell that they chose. Being stubborn, hard-hearted and hard headed has seen many in Leyte, Panay Island and other places “dead in their religion.”

So, the Philippines has a chance to get back their nation. Unlike the United States, when God Himself allowed the Muslims to fly airplanes into the Twin Towers in new York City, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania, American's never repented from the massive amounts of sin they were and to this day they are involved in. Yes, for a short time, just like we see now I the Philippines, American's flooded churches to pray but that return soon ended and hearts never repented of the sin of homosexuality, abortion, graft, corruption lying, cheating, stealing adultery, pornography, scamming foreigners and more sins. Yes, right now many in the Philippines are grieving because of loss of life, injuries, damage to homes, property and crops but how will my kababayan act soon from now ? Will they really return to God through a real and honest repentance of the heart from their sins and involvement in religion or, will they simply be like the Americans and when the aide and food and supplies comes, Filipinos will once again declare “Pinoy Pride” and return to their wicked ways like accepting homosexuality, lying, cheating, graft, adultery, gambling, alcohol abuse, drug use and all sorts of sins that God Himself calls wickedness ? It is a matter of the heart. America is on the verge of being destroyed because most there have become fat and lazy and have forgotten God and His Bible. Indeed, the question is, will Filipino's be like the Americans and also be destroyed as well because they did not heed God's warning ?

Physical and spiritual death is directly connected to one's faith in Jesus Christ of the Bible or not. Now, I speak of Jesus of the Bible, not religious jesus. Those who sell you the idea you are saved “through religious the church and or sacraments”, “works”, “giving money” or “sowing seeds of money” or any religion outside the Bible are liars and not telling you the truth. There are so many religions in the Philippines that are believed on. God however is not a bank, His purpose and His Word(Bible) is not too nor declares to make you “rich”, “pray for the dead”, go to churches that will “turn into rocket ships”, wear types of “underwear”, or believe that Jesus is just one of many gods. So, those who believe in the many types of religions in the Philippines actually believe in a religious cult and not Jesus of the Bible. There is plenty of preaching on Filipino TV and Radio but the vast majority of these so called “preachers”, just like in the USA, are sowing as the Bible declares as “doctrines of demons.”

Many of my kababayan sadly and willingly, un necessarily suffer pain. These natural and man made disasters could all greatly be diminished if only there would be a a whole hearted acceptance of Jesus of the Bible in their hearts. People need to leave their religions and cults, they need to repent of their sins. It's not just those involved in the Pork Barrel Scandal that need to repent. The Bible declares that all of us are sinners and fall short of God's grace. Those who have not truly repented, accepted Jesus Christ in their hearts as Lord and Savior, and attend a real Bible believing church are bringing on curses and super typhoons upon the Philippines. The devil is a liar and will tell you the typhoons and other “natural disasters” are from “global warming.” Again, all lies from the devil. The curses remain against the Philippines as it is also there are curses growing and plaguing America and Europe because of the rejection of Jesus Christ of the Bible.

As my ministry continues to share Jesus with my kababayan in and outside the Philippines, I will not and cannot force anyone to accept Jesus as how the Bible declares. The choice of further calamities is yours. I can pray for you, show you great love and concern by continuing to share Jesus of the Bible and His plan of salvation, send aide to you who are poor, but none of what I and others will do any good if you or other of my kababayan die in your sin and continue to die in your religion rather than a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The root issue is your heart and whom it belongs to. My best and Biblical advice to you is this; Do not be like the majority of American's, instead, repent to Jesus of the Bible and accept Him in your heart. Abandon your religious beliefs and help others to do the same. If, and this is a big “if”, you and enough hearts turn away from religion and sin, come to Jesus of the Bible, God Himself will lift the curses off of you and replace those curses with blessings. Once again, the choice is yours.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, November 8, 2013

America, On Perfect Track For Total Destruction

America, On Perfect Track For Total Destruction

Election Day 2013 tells the story. On that day, The Illinois Legislature approved Homosexual Marriage, New York City Residents elected a Communist to the Office of Mayor, the Commonwealth of Virginia with the aide(or should I say lack of help) from the Republican National Committee elected one of the Clinton's evil aide and supporters as Governor. It get's worse... New Jersey Citizens re-elected Chris Christie, one of the biggest RINO's, Islamic terrorist supporter and Christian hater 's in all of the US Governor's and also, New York State continued in it's downturn into corruption and evil by approving a ballot measure establishing 7(seven) new gambling casino's. There was a ballot initiative in the State of Colorado for certain counties there to secede from the state. Although the measure was not passed, there was enough votes to cause great concern for the Government there and as well, there is no doubt that more “secession” ballot votes will be seen in Colorado and other states where voters are tired of Liberal ideologies being put into place in local and state government's. 

No doubt, it's getting ugly out there and America is falling apart. Our nation is being besieged upon by government regulations and their Nazi style “SS” type tactics being utilized by so called “law enforcement.” We see every day more and more assaults on innocent US Citizens via cops, even to the point of death. The most violated, the most murdered are men/fathers who are either protecting their children/family and others. I know the answer to why this occurring especially to daddy's, you may also, but for the benefit of those unaware, it has always been part of the devil's scheme to break-apart families. God's(of the Bible) design is for men to head the home and take responsibility for providing for and taking care of their family. By eliminating “daddy”, the Government, Feminists, homosexual groups, Liberals and many others can control the women and children. Welcome to America where the most endangered are not only children and women, but also “straight”, daddy's who love and protect their wives and children

Speaking of men, I'm still asking this question of my fellow US Citizens; “Where Have All The Godly Men Gone ??” Seems that question never got answered by anyone ... ( As Obama replaces more and more of the real and Godly men in our military with his “femen”(as they like to call themselves), we are seeing more and more limp wristed men speaking with lisps take over our military(sports, media, everywhere) and in doing so, bringing our nation's security to great risk. You must become aware that it is not at all helpful to our nation for rejecting any standard that God gives us in rejecting evil. Embracing evil has it's negative consequences. You and your friends may not be able to see or understand this Biblical precept and reality, but you will, and very, very soon if you keep endorsing and or turning a blind eye to what God Himself calls sin and evil. As well, let me be sure to tell you this...I don't care if you like Fox News Channel or not. The majority of their on-air personalities push and endorse homosexuality, Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson, Shepard Smith, Greg Gutfeld and the majority of their co-hosts.. they are all God(of the Bible) haters and you should not be “liking” them on social websites or watching their television programing. Again, there are negative consequences and we as a nation are deadly on track for our own destruction as a nation. 

“Obama Care” is as well an enemy to the family and nation. “Home inspections” are part of Obama Care and cops, social workers, CPS, Domestic Violence Program employees and others “contracted” with Federal and State Governments are not required to have a warrant to demand entry into your home. You are not allowed to refuse them entry, if you do, you will be arrested and or as we are seeing increasingly here in America, the cops will just shoot you dead There is no escaping evil in this nation without whole heartily repenting and returning to Jesus Christ. We must all come to the stark reality that the United States of America does not belong to God of the Bible any longer. Oh sure, there is the “remnant of Christ”, that is, those true believers in Christ, but we are very few in number. Therefore let's put this nation and it's current situation in it's truest color of where we are at and what we are heading--- America is owned by the devil, and that's what the majority of American's want. The majority of American's voted for Obama and now his “Obama Care”has come home to roost. You are getting now exactly what you deserve if you voted for evil.

No one can nor should ever force someone in America or anywhere in the world for that matter to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. However, we who belong to the real and Biblical Jesus must understand and come to grips with the reality that unless many American's do as what I shared earlier... repent and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, America will soon be destroyed. Does that mean we should “just lay down”? No, I hear that we should do just that from fake and nominal christians all the time though. Pay these types no-never-mind. They have their heads up their clouds and don't know what they're talking about. They wouldn't know the real and Biblical Jesus if He stood right next to them. There are so many voices on TV, radio and other media venues vying for your attention and if you believed on most of them, you'd be suckered into believing that all your and our nation's problems are “only because of your lack enough faith” and to get your life “blessed---
you need to plant a faith seed of “285.16” so God can change your situation.” Fruit cakes and liars sowing doctrines of demons, every one of them. Don't listen to these wolves.
This nation suffers because of hardened hearts. This nation and the majority of it's citizens have spoken very loud and clear. They want no part of God, they in fact want to spit in Jesus' face instead( There's no other way to put it. I know, what I share is sounds harsh, but what I'm sharing is every bit true. We are all suffering in a great spiritual crisis here in America. While some here in the USA(and around the world)believe flopping on the floor like a fish outta water is some kind of “spiritual” awareness and blessing, it's not. The so called “Church” in America is full of either emotionalism and or legalism. This nation is in the Biblical need of a good ol' fashioned heart repentance and revival if it is ever going to recover from it's current “full speed-ahead train wreck.”

So the only thing I can leave you with is this; you must pick and choose what and whom you want to serve. Judging by what not only Obama the Muslim and the vast majority of terrorists who rule this nation are doing to you and I, but as well, what the majority of American's voted for on Election day 2013, we may not even get a chance to elect a new President in 2016. In fact, we will soon cease to exist. The answer to what most American's must do to get America from the brink of disaster has already been stated a few times now. This is all up to you---if you really belong to Jesus Christ, you must either begin immediately or continue to fulfill the “Great Commission” as stated in Matthew 28:18-20 or, if you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, you must repent of all your sins and then become born-again as declared in John 3:3, you must do so also immediately. You can see more and specifics here...

No nation has ever nor ever will survive maintaining evil as it's course. The choice is yours... survival with blessings from Jesus(of the Bible) by following Him, or stay you course and track of evil then soon be destroyed. God's love is full of mercy, but you must surrender 100% of your life to Him to receive it.

Pick and choose wisely.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor