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"K-1 Fiance Visas, How They Allow Terrorists To Enter America"

"K-1 Fiance Visas, How They Allow Terrorists To Enter America"

On December 2, 2015 America witnessed yet another terrorist attack. Although the U.S.Media along with their usual United States Government partner in the propaganda war against truth, attempted to hide the fact that it was indeed Muslims who killed 14 that day in San Bernadino, California, the American public through social media pushed hard for answers. Not only did we learn that the two suspects were Muslim, but also that one of them, a female named Tashfeen Malik immigrated to the USA via a K-1 Fiance Visa. Obviously, the wife, who came here on that K-1 Visa, immigrated through fraud. Her sole intention for immigrating here was to do us all harm and sadly, she was successful

Personally, I knew this attack was coming. I've been watching and warning folks now for the last eight years of these terrorists types who have come here to America via K-1 Fiance, and other "marriage" type visas. In fact, I have known that--- "Sham marriages are a threat to Homeland Security. they subvert our immigration laws and our efforts to ensure proper and legal identification of those who enter and remain in our country. those individuals who take illegal shortcuts to citizenship, or assist in that activity, will be investigated and prosecuted."~ U.S. Attorney O'Neil. The above quote is taken from a website( dedicated to exposing the huge problem America and Americans have had with those foreigners who come to the United States through Visa/Marriage Fraud including misuse of the the K-1 Visa system.

For those who are like me and familiar with the flood of Foreign Marriage Scammers who have entered the United States specifically to defraud and harm us the last twenty years or so, the news of the terrorist attack in San Bernadino, California via a Muslim woman who came here on a K-1 Marriage Visa was absolutely not a shock. Murders of American Citizens via immigrant spouses have been occurring for a very long time now. However this particular terrorist attack which was committed on a grand scale, it is only now that the media is giving attention to the problem. Up until now, the media's liberal political agenda and self loathing of being American, has kept them from reporting about the on-going murders of American Citizen's via immigrant spouses or several decades. Despite the fact that our Government and media are hiding who many of these "immigrants" really are, America is finding out the hard way that many have come to our nation's shores only to bring us misery and harm.

An "FYI" in case you truly were not aware, the United States Government is well aware, and has been aware for a very long time now of the many crimes being committed by K-1 Visa Immigrants including murders of innocent Americans on U.S. soil, but our Federal and State Governments have mostly chosen to do little to nothing about it. In fact, there are over 1 million of these Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers currently residing within the U.S. that are living here illegally and engaged in all sorts of crimes against us. On a personal note I and others have specifically traveled to speak with members of the US Congress, including Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator Schumer and also Congressman's Chris Collins, Congressman Vern Buchanan and others who all rejected the notion of helping to protect innocent Americans from terrorists attacks via Foreigners who fraudulently come here on K-1 Fiance and other Marriage Visas. I want you to specifically know that our Federal Government has only sought to encourage more of these criminals to emigrate here and do their criminal activities through the use and implementation of the Fed's purposely giving to State and County Governments, Billions of YOUR tax dollars in the way of Federal Title IV funds as well as Violence Against Women Act Tax Payer Dollars to Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers like Tashfeen Malik who are bent on terrorizing Americans.

As I mentioned earlier, the media  is keenly aware of the terrorists that have infiltrated our nation through K-1 Fiance Visa fraud. Yes, a few such as Greta Van Susteren from Fox News have gone on-air only to pretend to not know of the severe magnitude of K-1 Fiance and other Marriage Visa terrorist issues. But I'm here to tell you, the American Press are all fully knowledgeable of the million or so terrorists that live among us through K-1 and other Marriage Visas. This is the same media that has the gall to interview our members of Congress on their news programs and ask them why there is little vetting of these foreign K-1 and other Marriage Visa holders when the media already knows the answer to that issue and that they are part of the problem. Being a little facetious, isn't it interesting that despite the hundreds of thousands of letters and e-mail messages sent over the years to the INS, ICE and Homeland Security regarding accusations of Visa Fraud, our government has largely sat idly by and allowed these terrorist attacks against us to go answered. Until now that is.

As finally some in America are just now waking up to the fact that our tax dollars have been used against us to purposely allow terrorists in our country via our U.S Government and their puppet-propaganda media, it is my hope that television programs such as "90 Day Fiance" airing on The Learning Channel(Cable Program), will be viewed more often, and the issues identified in those episodes will also be taken more seriously. I mean all you have to do is view one episode of this TV Program and you will clearly see and understand the magnitude of K-1 Visa and Marriage Scams and the potential to terrorism that often accompanies Marriage Visa Fraud.

Here's my suggestion to help combat the terrorists that enter the U.S. through K-1 Fiance and other Marriage Visa fraud, contact your Federal and State Legislators. Inform them that you are aware of the million or so terrorists such as Tashfeen Malik that currently reside, and have immigrated here through K-1 and other Marriage Visa fraud. Direct them to this website link: and tell them to introduce laws that will protect Americans, not harm us by allowing these terrorists to remain here. Finally, demand of your member of Congress/Senate that Homeland Security should immediately arrest and deport all over 1 Million Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers. Enough is enough!

Why isn't our U.S Government doing as they promised?---"Marriage fraud will not be tolerated. It is a direct attack to the national security of the United States." said director Redman. 'The process of detection from marriage fraud begins the moment an application is submitted to our agency and later when a couple comes to our offices for a marriage interview. So, beware. The job of our adjudicators is not just to grant or not and immigration benefit. It is also, and most definitely, keeping our country secure.'"

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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