Friday, April 26, 2013

“Boston Bombing; Why So Many Conspiracy Theories ? “

“Boston Bombing; Why So Many Conspiracy Theories ? “

In another blog article that I wrote nearly two years-ago, I discussed a similar issue as to the constant conspiracy theories that were driving our nation's opinions into a frenzy everywhere and the root issues for those theories at that time Not much has changed since the writing of that previously written article except for the incredible amount of conspiracy theories that have exploded since the Boston Marathon bombing event. In this article, I will re-explore some of the issues that I mentioned in my previously written article(link posted above) and will as well explore and share with you what needs to be done so that we can rightly divide truth from that of suspicion.

Let's start with the first and probably the biggest issue of cause of conspiracy theories; that is or are; “lies.” The amount of lies being purposely being poured out by our US and other world Governments as well as most of the media can be no better thing then that of “propaganda” for the purposeful change of our society towards Communism and that also of Secularization. Many years ago, It used to be that most of what we as US Citizens were informed by our Government and media were told and presented with fact. I'm sure no one here is ignorant enough to believe that our own Government and it's agents always told the truth back then but we must acknowledge that there has always been lies and deception from some, but in today's Government, the vast majority of what we receive in the way of communication from those in power are purposeful lies and deceit. I'm not going to waste my, or your time in trying to defend any political party regarding which one tells more or less lies because both political party's have their liars and they lie a lot. Same goes for the media as well. Most of our media(Fox News Channel included) is not “news” per se, it's more of commentary and manipulation of facts twisted to fit a corporate paradigm to make money and bring about a public mind-set to benefit those in power who are doing the manipulation for such change. Make sense ?

Let me break it down to you like this; “Trust” is the most important and essential element in any relationship. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship it is. Trust is the key element to and in communicating in/with any healthy relationship also. If someone lies to you, your trust diminishes(at least it should) regarding what you can, or cannot believe from that person. If what “news” is being reported to me is not factual, but instead is filled with commentary, manipulating those “facts” to be presented with a tainted or untrue outcome, then that person who is giving me so called “facts” cannot be trusted and I must go elsewhere(or on my own explore) to get my facts. Conspiracy theories grow tremendously from such events of having persons, those in power... violate principles of trust. Get it now ?

Personal experiences play a lot in our decision making and trust related issues. There are those however who also contribute to untrue theories about conspiracy's because of their view on life in general is tainted due to mental health and or spiritual related issues. I have provided to my readers here on my past blog articles statistics that show that 1 out of ever five American's has been diagnosed with some sort of mental health issue. After many years of counseling clients professionally, both with substance abuse as well as mental health issues, I'd say that the twenty percent calculation of Americans who suffer with mental illness and or spiritual related issues is actually very low. In fact I'd say that the number of those suffering such issues is much higher then what's being reported. I found a recent article written and posted in the World Net Daily regarding an increase of people suffering from mental illness, quite accurate in fact;

Acknowledging and exploring why so many Americans suffer from such mental and spiritual health related issues is quite important when discussing and understanding conspiracy theories. This is so because many so called conspiracy theories have an element of truth in them. However, what a person may suffer from because of past experiences to bring on such issues does in fact influence how a person see's reality. I can think of some of the folks that like I, that have suffered issues as me having been essentially and purposely raped of our US Constitutional rights via US and other States Governments)but there are folks do devastated from having (like I) children illegally and unconstitutionally ripped from them, now suffer mental and spiritual related issues. Those same folks can and some, project theories of manipulative “mind control” and “rays” or “beams of light” being placed on them via “the Government” or of from “space aliens.” What I'm saying is and point to is this...indeed, the human mind without Jesus Christ being at the center of a heart and mind is quite a fragile thing, and those who have corrupted power, such as courts, lawyers, cops, politicians, teachers and others like them, are well aware of that and use it tho their advantage to gain that power. Am I saying there are US and other Governments that take illegal actions such as “legally kidnap” children, take homes wrongly from citizens, either directly or indirectly take acts of murder against us ? Yes... that is what I'm saying and I can prove with facts, not fiction that there is a purposeful push among those in power(government, media, others) who take such wicked actions so as to manipulate responses to make impotent the masses(people). This is no conspiracy theory, this can be proven quite easily. For those that may still doubt me, as an example... a better example for you would be for how gun confiscation is being operated in the name of classifying our military veterans with “mental illnesses” in our nation which is currently under way. Indeed, it's bad enough folks are going “insane” from their own actions of being involved in a unrepentant and willful-sinful lifestyle, but we also have a government and media that is purposely pushing an agenda that drives unsaved(through Jesus) people insane. This exacerbates driving conspiracy theories that may, or may not (in part or whole) be true. So, the next time you see posted on a social website another conspiracy theory, find out what drove that conspiracy theory to be developed. Ask yourself, is it true in part or in whole ? What are the facts of what is going on ? Is the person who is reporting a conspiracy “crazy” or is there really evidence proving what is being reported ?

In this day and age of lies and “everybody is doing it”, we must be wise and have Godly discernment whenever a new conspiracy theory pops up on your social website “wall.” From here on out, I wish to encourage everyone reading my article here, get to the root issue/cause of why people tell you things. I still remember my first pastor who gave me some wise council when I first became a believer in Christ Jesus. I will pass that on to you as well...he said “always ask yourself why someone is telling you something.” Again, getting to the root issue of such communication will help us decipher between what is truth and what is simple a theory, conspiracy theory or other type of theory that may or may not be true in fact.

There are many people who who would love to do enough evil to you to make you think and act wronly. Don't let their lies and manipulation as well as evil allow it. Get the facts. Right Larry Friedman of Genesee County, NY ?

2 Corinthians 10:5 “ Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, April 19, 2013

“Beware America: The Enemy Is Prodding For Your Weaknesses “

“Beware America: The Enemy Is Prodding For Your Weaknesses “

Low and behold, more tragedies... This time the Boston Marathon in Massachusetts. Are you really surprised ? Bible based prophets such as David Wilkerson before his tragic death two years-ago this month, had been warning the USA and the world In fact previously for years of the impending doom that awaited the USA and other nations that abandoned their foundation based on the Christian Bible. He was as usual, correct. In fact, Brother David often Biblically and rightfully called for repentance of the so called “Church”  in his sermons but unfortunately, up to this day, the Church carries on as “usual” in remaining in it's act's compared to whores chasing after false religious and ear-tickling false doctrines. I realize my “tone” here may read a bit harsh but it's not just I nor David Wilkerson that has warned others of the consequences of engaging in sin without repentance. There is of course, the past voice of the Founder of the “Moral Majority”, Jerry Falwell. Sorrowfully, many of those Godly men such as these two who sounded like trumpet blasts in their messages to the world warning all of the consequences of leaving our “first love” have now gone home to Heaven already. In fact many of the so called “Giants of the Christian Faith” are all but gone now. Perhaps only a few remain. This “taking away” is by God's design I believe, and has left us with few prophets to warn us of impending doom. Thus, hearts must choose wisely; life or death without the voices of warning. I pray we are not at the point “of no return.”

Many Americans today are left here on Earth to deal with their own hearts and the consequences of their own sinful devices. As I shared earlier in this article, the voices that in he past rang aloud on Sunday Mornings in our churches regarding the consequences of sin, have been largely been silenced. Instead, in many church services we hear of “feel good theology” and “moral relativism.” We very rarely any longer hear about Hell(“Lake Of Fire”) and those places that unrepentant sinners go to when they meet God on Judgment Day. Yes, is it any wonder that our nation is suffering worse and worse consequences of those who have abandoned the faith and commands of Christ ? For me, no... I'm not at all surprised. Let me share this... It was when I suffered the open and public persecution of my faith in Jesus Christ of the Bible my eyes were opened wide. There was little offer to help for my children and I from so called American “Christians” when tragedy hit my home. In fact, the so called “Christian” Lawyers, whether known nationally or locally, all refused to help, either because I lacked financial resources to pay them or because my case was not relevant to(as my friend attending law school put's it) “saving Christmas Trees.” Indeed, since that time, I have met other Biblical Christians and pastors like myself suffering the same fate as I. Burying one's head in the sand (unless you have cold-hard cash)in the time of persecution against Christians has become the hallmark of what American and other so called “Christians” often do when adversity hit's a fellow believer in Christ.

So making excuses to “get along to get along” is the now the song sung amongst most Americans, especially in the so called “Church.” We don't want to offend the “PC” crowd any more now do we?(sarcasm). Most American's seem to have no problem in avoiding “pissing-off” those who are vocal and quite open about their(pushing very hard their) sinful lifestyle such as being involved in homosexuality, religion, getting intoxicated, adultery, divorce and so on through and by staying quiet and avoiding calling out sin in a loving way to those engaged in such sinful behaviours. Equally it would seem, when it comes to “pissing off” God, these same folks act as though there is no consequences for allowing sin and saying nothing to people about being engaged in sin. I have to ask ? What the heck are people thinking these days ? Is it really come to our nation that what the Bible describes as evil and that turning our heads and looking the other way from evil really believe that doing such won't bring negative consequences upon us all ? Think about something.... over 55 million babies have been murdered through abortion, more States are “legalizing” homosexual marriages, and “Peadopholia” is now being largely accepted in California as yet just “another gender”( ).

For those who know their Bible even just a little bit, we know what America is doing and seeing in the way of disastrous consequences, is to be expected. Ancient Biblical Israel and later also Judah suffered the same results and disasters that America is tasting right now. Just take a look in one Book of the Bible; Jeremiah--- and you can read how Israel was warned and warned by God, utilizing Jeremiah to speak to the Kings of Israel and Judah to repent of allowing worshiping of foreign gods, allowing debauchery, adultery and other gross sins across the land. God warned Israel and Judah that not only He meant what He meant but God said He would show mercy if only people would repent. Of course we know by reading the Bible Israel refused to repent from her wicked way then began to experience invasions and “raiding parties” from foreign lands testing to see Israel's strengths... not only militarily, but to see the strength and weaknesses of the heart of the people. Yes, Israel and later Judah progressively seen disasters grow worse over time because their Kings and the people in those two nations refusing to repent and change from their wicked ways. We see the same thing occurring today. Just as we see America making the same disastrous choice to ignore God and His Word, we too are now are suffering invasion of our enemies(Islamists), people are losing their sanity and killing one another here, and natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes grow more frequent and in number each year all because the heart of many Americans refuse to follow God and his Biblical script for blessings.

Our enemies of “liberty” grow stronger while our “freedoms” founded(by the majority of our Founding Fathers of this Nation) was built upon through Christ. Today, we have widely thrown God out of our homes, nation and family's and because of the lack of responsibility for those “liberties” and “freedoms”, our nation's survival has grown dim. Our enemies are already in our land(in Washington DC) because we wanted sin, not Jesus. We suffer because many hearts want to do anything they want and call it “liberty”, but care not to hear of the negative consequences for allowing those ill-gotten voices to be listened to and applied. The Bible is clear; If you want peace in your land, if you want prosperity in your life and you want true victory with “liberty and justice for all”, you need to put “God” back in His rightful place in your heart, your life, your community and your nation. No other nation has been so blessed in the past as the United States Of America but we can only expect our enemies to continue to prod us for weaknesses and plan our eventual destruction unless we collectively as well as individually bring God of the Bible back and to the forefront of importance of our nation.

Luke 13:3 “"I tell you, no, but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, April 12, 2013

“What Is Your Primary Weapon Of Choice ?”

“What Is Your Primary Weapon Of Choice ?”

Every American utilizes and has a primary weapon of choice whether they realize it or not. When it come to resistance of ideas or feelings of being threatened by emotional or physical harm, we all have them even if we will not readily admit it. As our nation and world around us obviously crumbles and erodes by the minute, many people are in fact getting on with their “target practice” using those “weapons” most liked. Speaking of “liked”, some folks actually enjoy using their “weapons” quite frequently and with great ease also. By now with all my descriptive words being used here, you have probably put an image in your mind of some sort of “assault weapon” or gun. I can see how easy that would be, especially after using the title of this article as I have. As we will discuss further in this article, although guns are indeed weapons, they may or may not at all be the primary weapon of choice people actually use nor be the most effective.

After many years in the past as a professional therapist, I have observed often times rather than guns, most Americans have chosen what the Bible calls other types of “carnal weapons” instead. Although guns can be a strong weapon of choice to defend one's self or “go on the attack”, probably the most used and unfortunately the most effective(because of the carnality of so many American's) is the use of “character assassination.” This is used not only by what I term as “everyday-average American's” it is as well often used by those in the media and greatly used in our judicial system also. Folks who use this weapon often blurt out any lie, outrageous claim or say the most bizarre thing so as to implant a thought in the listener or target audience. Their end goal is to gain something(usually nothing good ) through the use of an outrageous false claim. Although there is little to no truth at all in the claim being made, those who partake in character assassination hope others are carnal minded enough to at least believe part of what they say. Of course the person having the false allegations made against them often spend much time and resources defending themselves against the attack. Perhaps the best example of character assassination are attorney's in Family or Criminal Courts which know that allegations are false but blurt them out anyway. No fact or truth involved... just blurt it out anyway. Of course judges often times being attorney's themselves, allow this and enable this demonic tactic as well.

Another type of popular weapon of choice among many Americans seems to be the emotion of “anger.” The appearance or actuality of having the “angry look” keeps most folks witnessing that “angry looking” person on their toes. Let's face it, if you see someone who looks and or sounds angry, the first response for most is to totally avoid these type of folks. Being and that act of being“angry” seems to be almost en-vogue these days, have you also noticed it ? This is especially true on media outlets. “Everyone is doing it”, if you're angry you fit right in... it say's to people... “don't mess with me.” Being or acting angry all the time takes a lot of work, but often that sort of manipulation tends to be very effective. I'm so glad I'm not like that however. It's not that many of us don't have the right to be angry...especially in today's wacky world where we are often violated, but the effectiveness of being angry all the times doesn't work well after time. Often all we are left with in the end, are just a lot of miserable looking people. People tire of it after awhile.

Sarcasm is as well another weapon of choice of many American's. You know sarcasm, you have probably used it at some point in your adult life. Using sarcasm or any type of passive-aggressive behaviour(like any type of carnal weapon) may feel good for the moment, but in the end doesn't get you very far. If anything, you will probably be sure to alienate someone or even groups of people, even make an enemy of the person you are using it on. Just as “anger”, using sarcasm will wear people thin, even your so called “friends” and family will tire of it eventually. I believe we should leave sarcasm to the “comedians” on the “Comedy Channel.” Equally, we should be well aware that people will only tolerate this sort of communication for just so-long and using sarcasm as a weapon only “pisses people off” and does nothing to resolve issues, not even in getting our nation back.

If you didn't catch it in the beginning of the article, guns are a carnal weapons also. Just like “anger”, “sarcasm”, or even “character assassination.” They are effective but only up to a point. Before you go “all NRA” on me, I affirm that gun ownership and the right to use those guns is part of our unalienable rights as described in the United States Constitution. What I am however saying is, that the effectiveness of guns as a weapon are only the helpful to the degree they can be used. With the anti-weapons that many American's carry and utilize called “apathy', guns are only effective to a point. Call it “drinking the Obama kool-aid”, call it “stupidity”, call it “insane thinking” or any number of names, it all comes down to this... many American's just don't care if their Civil and Constitutional Rights are violated or not. We see it everyday in their eyes... yes, like that deer staring in to the headlights of a car about to hit it.” We all know Obama supporters are beyond reach and reason but sadly, so are many so called “Conservatives” who rely solely on political and secular reasoning alone to rescue our nation. Already, so called “Conservatives” are turning and redefining “Conservatism” to and in allowing homosexuality, Islam and “middle ground and compromise” on what the Christian Bible plainly calls “evil.” Gun Rights are on the fence and being pushed on hard by even so called “Conservatives.” Should we be concerned, and is there a “primary weapon of choice” that will not fail nor compromise with evil and push back on the “anti-weapon”, Obamaites and secular minded people? You bet there is !

The Bible declares in 2Corinthians 10: 4 that .”...the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses.” I realize (before you attack me) that this Bible verse has been abused by many so called “christians”(yes small letter 'c') and pastors” in enabling them to do nothing, to take no action at all in removing evil, and in remaining fat and lazy while evil run's it's course... I am well aware...believe me. My point however of utilizing and sharing this particular Bible verse is so that everyone will “get it” that carnal weapons alone will never get our nation back. I don't care what kind of gun you own, what kind of “marksman” you are or what kind of “military training” you have had. You cannot get or win back your nation without putting Jesus Christ back in His proper place of Lord of your life and of your country first. All the efforts of putting together the world's largest “militia” will come to nothing but blood and body parts spewn everywhere unless God Himself is sought after and put at the center of our efforts. I write this with all seriousness and sincerity. I know what it is to suffer injustice from my own American and New York State Government Thus, even more of a reason to listen to what I am sharing with you here in this article.

Obama is “king” of the flesh( He is good at bringing like minded flesh lovers to their deaths, he would love nothing more than to suck you down to hell with him. Just like Obama, there are also Jesus haters and only think of what they can “get.” Don't you be carnally minded like those who sow to the flesh. Know what primary weapon will get you the furthest and with the least in effort. Rid yourselves of attitudes, people and ways that keep your “wheels spinning in the mud.” Finally, take a full inventory of your weapons and put Jesus of the Bible at the top of your list. Take Him with you everywhere you go and use Him in “target practice” against the devil and his minions daily. All other weapons as compared to God, fail in their effectiveness against evil.

You decide how to proceed, “but for me and my household, we shall serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

Rev. Paul P Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, April 5, 2013

“2 Prosecutors Dead, Dead Cops, Legislators And Teachers Arrested... I Warned You”

“2 Prosecutors Dead, Dead Cops, Legislators And Teachers Arrested... I Warned You”

In January 2011, I wrote an article regarding abusive police and others connected through government corruption with law enforcement backing. In that same article, I took the time to explain the dilemma of seeing how nationwide here in America, we were then seeing a marked increase in the amount of police brutality and police that also were abusing United States Citizen's Constitutional rights( of US Citizens. In no surprise at all to this date, I have found since writing that article, those issues of abuse and brutality have actually escalated, not de-escalated as I had hoped. What we now see in fact, because of an increase in what can only be described as a sinister and purposeful execution of a plan to terrorize American Citizens with physical intimidation and violence, the media is proving on a daily basis what I predicted just two short years ago in other also written articles, That is that we have become wilful subjects of secularization and government authority. To this point we also read reports of a backlash of sorts from those, who are not necessarily of evil wronging “good”, rather we are seeing that “back lash” via those who actually are enemies of all that is good. What I mean is this; evil is eating it's self and it is largely the violent convicted criminals who are doing the attacks on the corrupted government and it's agents like the prosecutors and the police.

Is anyone really shocked and surprised when we see the media reports I know some of you reading my article here may not on the onset agree with grouping corrupted prosecutors with cops, but let's look at the reality of the recent rash of a couple of prosecutors in Texas murdered shall we ? We don't here a lot about injustice in Texas, but it's a reality there as well. I'm not surprised at all about the shootings there and I feel quite confident that people like Randy Kelton from Cherokee County, TX who was falsely arrested and put in jail for months until the FBI and some Federal legislators got involved and got him out(, is probably not shocked either. In fact I have met many good and fine folks in the State of Texas who have been wrongly accused of things they have not participated in, even with oodles and oodles of proof but yet had their children snatched by Child Protective Services and then sold off as commodity to foster care and adoption agencies via Corrupted Judges and lawyers there as well. The “Great” State of Texas may not be all it seems to be, and if Texas, which has boasted of it's “freedom loving” attitudes including love for “God, guns and liberty” is not all it appears to be, then what of the rest of America ? Seems like America is rotting from the inside. Has America(Texas now included) all become a lie corroded because of the facade of justice ?

God does not tolerate such lies and abuses. So as two state prosecutors have been killed by also evil people, cop killing is also on the rise. Just yesterday, a police officer in Jackson, Mississippi( was murdered right in his own police station !. There has been a rash of police officers being killed including in courts all around the USA. Most of these killings are from dangerous(just as evil as the cops who are partaking in illegal activities) and of those who have committed crimes in the past. For sure, there are those however who are taking matters into their own hands because of the insidious and unconstitutional as well as, ungodly behavior of politicians, judges, lawyers, cops and others and murdering prosecutors and police, but I don't agree with this manner of taking matters into one's hands for vengeance. I have warned everyone however of---in my article of January, 2011, what evil consequences has “come home to roost” because of participating in wicked things like injustice. For those that may be unfamiliar of just what warning I am speaking is that Biblical warning I gave at the time; Deuteronomy 27:19 “ Cursed is the man who withholds justice from the alien, the fatherless or the widow: Then all the people shall say Amen.” Surely, the Bible shows us all who are entrusted to “serve and protect”, those that are allegedly to dispense “blind justice” and let non-guilty parties go free, have engaged instead in terrorizing good people for financial profit and for personal notoriety for “being tough on crime.” We repeatedly see all over our nation, people who are innocent--- that prosecutors, lawyers, judges, police and others, will put good and innocent people away in jail anyway. Take my advice, NO !, I take that back... take the advice of Brian Banks, If you are innocent of any crime you may be being accused of now or in the future; DON'T take a “plea deal”( If you do, you will regret it for the rest of your life !

That Biblical “curse” that I described and posted previously is taking shape and form all throughout American society. It is not just the cops and prosecutors being exposed and suffering negative consequences for negative actions. No, we only need to look at recent headlines from New York State. In fact, there are those N.Y. State Legislators(three up to this point) that have been arrested for engaging in illegal acts of bribery, graft and other illegal activities like them. Nothing escapes God's punishments, nothing (—city-councilman). No doubt that there will be more legislators and politicians to be arrested soon, but what of the scandal and illegal activities that still go on-on a daily basis all throughout New York State, Look at where this American society is at, If we cannot even trust our public school teachers with our children, who can we trust ?
County and local/city court rooms via corrupted judges, lawyers, cops, CPS, Domestic Violence programs, County Clerk's Offices, etc ?? The Biblical curse against those who partake in injustice is just beginning to take shape and take hold. Those that are engaged in matters of filling their coffers with cash while at the same time engaging in injustice are just now beginning to see their fruit of darkness coming forth. Apparently, not even our public school teachers are immune from taking part in illegal activities for cash, they also have sown to their own demise and destruction.

Prosecutors and cops killed, legislators and teachers arrested... evil is eating it's self, injustice is imploding ! Indeed as I also posted elsewhere in my same January, 2011 article, I quoted, Proverbs 28:5 which reads; “Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the LORD understand it fully.” I understand justice, I also understand the Biblical principles of blessings and curses. What many prosecutors, cops, politicians and others are now reaping is of their own making. In fact, soon, God may be visiting some very corrupted and evil judges, lawyers, cops, a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer and as well, others who participate in injustice in Genesee County, NY( I will not need to lift a finger against these evil doers, as God Himself will continue to knock on their hearts to repent of their evil. If they choose not to repent and restore to all those(including to all the wrongly arrested and jailed from the African-American Community there), God will orchestrate something against them and it will not be pleasant. I do pray these evil people repent before something tragic does occur. It's not my call though---it's theirs.

God demands justice, he will not let His children cry out for justice forever. God will move on the behalf of those who suffer persecution and evil. Beware evil doers, you are marked and without repentance for your wrong doing, you are marked by God Himself. Repent before your world implodes upon you. Jesus is the answer, not evil. Make God's ways your ways.

Proverbs 29:7 The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.

Rev Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor