Saturday, March 29, 2014

Why Fox News Channel's Love Affair With RINO's ?

Why Fox News Channel's Love Affair With RINO's ?

Perhaps like many of you who are my faithful readers, you are also regular viewers of the Fox News Channel. As well possibly like you, I am keenly aware that the most favorable appearance to Conservative values on all the television networks is indeed the FNC. That being said, that doesn't mean the Fox News Channel is at all giving mostly or a majority of it's news coverage-attention to what in fact we Conservative and Biblical Christians are looking for and or favor. Fox News is in my view, a mediocre at best-information news channel. Put up against other cable news networks such as MSNBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and the others, there is no doubt that Fox News beats them in every news category including coverage of some topics that Conservative and Christians are interested in. However as I shared, that does not mean FNC is good at what they do. It only means that they beat out their competition(not difficult to do) in reporting some information we(who want whole truth)are seeking. That being said, in this week's article, I want to post some questions and point out coupled with those questions, some facts about the “Catholic Lawyer Channel” as I often refer to Fox. In fact, I want to get to the nitty-gritty so to speak why they are so adamant in appearing “Conservative” and “Christian” but are in reality, anything but who they claim to be as “fair and balanced” and sharing news stories(in truth) that interest us who claim to be their viewer base.

God's Word is pretty clear when it comes to not faking it and being “neither hot nor cold.” As one watches Fox News Channel, anyone who knows Biblical Truth could never come away feeling truly satisfied with their news reports. It appears in many of their news reporting and so called commentator’s comments, it is that you come away with an uneasiness, as though those reporting news and opinion on FNC, are not telling you the whole story and truth about what they just reported. If you are like me, that's how I feel anyway. It is as if very segment they give to the public, there is important information that is being withheld from the viewer. In fact Fox News gives the impression that they don't want to tell the whole truth on many of their news stories. It's also as if they were being controlled by someone, somewhere, who wants us only to have a skewed point of view wishing us all to be happy with being only somewhat informed. and politically satisfied with being “moderate.” You know what I mean, right ?, If not, I also mean, “not too extreme.” That sort of attitude is also that of the “RINO's”(Republican in name only). RINO's like FNC both match perfectly with their political philosophy, that's easy to see and read. If you were unaware, It is the practice of RINO's to have an appearance of doing what is right, saying all the “right things” but in the end, do the opposite of what they said they would do. Like FNC, RINO's too will tell you partial truth and make you feel as though you don't need to know more or that if you do ask questions, or question their motives, they will just label you as “stupid” for asking those questions or motives(just watch one program with Bill O'Reilly and you will quickly see what I mean).

I remember when Glenn Beck was on Fox News Channel not to many years ago. He had some of the highest ratings from viewers who watched FNC. He had an excellent and informative program that really got to whole truth. Although I do not at all agree with his (Mormon) religious beliefs, Glenn did an excellent job in reporting political and other facts. He was dangerous though to the FNC narrative of “not appearing too extreme.” Beck was exposing the Liberal's, the Democrats as well as the RINO's within the Republican Party. He was indeed making Rupert Murdoch, the owner of FNC(and other news corporations) nervous with his deep investigative reporting techniques. If I were a betting man(which I'm not) I bet, every time
Glenn Beck would mention the wicked things George Soro's was doing, Murdoch would get a phone call from Soros himself or one of his cronies expressing their dissatisfaction with what Glenn Beck was reporting on-air. Eventually, Murdoch got his way and dumped Glenn Beck and replaced his program with a “fill-in” program called “The Five.” That's all “The Five” was supposed to be, just a fill in until someone more “moderate” and RINO loving could be found to replace Beck. Sadly, folks started watching that stupid program and “The Five” wasn't replaced at all and FNC continued to make more RINO television “news” programs just like it, typical.

I know I'll get some hate mail for repeating what many already know anyway, (I say all this in the spirit of loving concern)but anyone who knows the least little bit about religion, is also keenly aware that Roman Catholicism has been “king of compromise” for over two centuries now since it's inception. I don't want to turn this article into a “religious debate” or offend my Catholic friends who view the Fox News Channel, but it is a well known historical fact that the “Judaizers” mentioned in the Bible is where Catholicism gained it's original members( Catholicism and compromise with other religions and the Word of God has not stopped with the sect of “the flesh.” Catholicism in order to gain members brought the world “Easter”(Ishtar), “Christmas”, Mary worship along with many, many other examples of religious ideologies rooted from pagan beliefs. It is no surprise then, that the FNC has(purposely pursued and) hired many Catholic lawyers as “reporters” on the Fox News Channel. In fact it is not at all unusual to hear these Catholic lawyers employed on the FNC about their “catholic beliefs” and are indeed self admitted as “strong Catholic's.” If these Catholic lawyers are already indoctrinated to “compromise” truth because of their religious beliefs, then they they certainly can also easily be manipulated to compromise a personal belief system, including a political philosophy accepting RINO's who also compromise truth and righteousness as the norm as well. If anyone has any doubts about what I am sharing here, go find out how many Bible believing, born-again Christians vs. the number of Catholics you can identify willing to practice such evil's as “Family Law”? I know God loves Catholic's as much as Bible believing Christians or anyone else, but when you do not follow God's (whole)Truth, you will find yourself compromising with the devil. The religious in nature and those who are RINO's, are both(in partnership)following the devil's devil's plan of compromise with truth, not what God calls right and correct in reporting facts and the whole truth.

Motive is everything. You may be asking, “how can I judge motive?” That's easy, by what the Bible calls the “fruit“ of the motive. Clearly the constant appearance of Carl Rove as an “expert” along with frequent interviewing of that flunky Mitt Romney and as well, FNC's constant push of Chris Christie as “The front runner for the Republican party nominee in the 2016 Presidential Run” should indicate who and what Fox News Channel is, and what they are all about. For me, I want to know, who the heck is pushing FNC “reporters” to say such things about Chris Christie ? What real polling did they use ? I mean, the polls I read and see, continually show's Rand Paul and or Ted Cruz as the front runners for President with the Republicans. Does this mean Fox News Channel lies and is involved in something shady ? Yes is the short answer. As I shared early on in this article about the appearance of “being moderate”, being in the middle, and “neither hot nor cold”, Fox News Channel is a RINO lover's “news” station. It is filled with a narrative that feeds only partial truth and never gets to the real bottom line of any real news story. Sadly, all day long they keep folks coming back with supposed “Right vs Left” debates. Sadly as well, many of whom FNC has appearing on their programs as “guest commentators” and representing the so called “Right”such as Carl Rove, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney and others, are truly NOT representative of us “on the
Right”(Conservative and Bible believing Christians) or those interested in whole truth. I hope and pray FNC wakes up and stops messing around with the devil's people like RINO's. We who love whole truth need a television program that dedicates it's self to such a task. I hope you see and agree.

I've been saying it for a very long time, “You are what you allow.” Be careful who and what you allow to rent space in your head, including Fox “News” Channel.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, March 21, 2014

4 Year Anniversary Of Sen. Nancy Schaefer's Murder, We Are All Nancy Now

4 Year Anniversary Of Sen. Nancy Schaefer, We Are All Nancy Now

Four years, indeed it's been four years since the murder and cover-up of Senator Nancy Schaefer's death. As most of my readers are keenly aware, each year, I take time to write an article in her memory. Her legacy is that she was not only a great woman who advocated for children and family rights, but also a Bible believing Christian who believed that those suffering injustice deserved a voice. Those who are really aware of the terroristic operations of the US, it's State's, County's and Local Government's feared Senator Schaefer. She exposed the illegal and unconstitutional acts against children and families not only in the US, but all around the world. Sadly, Nancy was murdered for her beliefs and actions on behalf of advocating for children and families who were being maltreated and sold off as cattle at an auction throughout our nation. As a matter of fact, since her death, the US Government has become even more embolden in it's tactic to murder, rape and destroy the family for financial profit. It was as if when those US and State of Georgia terrorists entered her home on the evening of March 26, 210 and murdered former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband, those Government terrorists became drunk on their power and also with their getting away with killing these two beautiful people who were like angels on earth. No one can deny that since Senator Schaefer's death four years ago, this nation with its nearly one-hundred percent corrupted Family Court and Law Enforcement System's, every single American, whether a child, a teen, an adult, are all and each real danger of being enslaved to the very same murderer's and their evil demonic cohorts that took Senator Schaefer's life just those four short years ago.

I still remember the day I learned of Nancy's death. I was stuck in the Philippines as an illegal alien there. It was late March 2010. I was originally visiting in the Philippines for only thirty-days to visit my two poor children's feeding programs and also to get remarried after I had just left a New York State Supreme Court a few weeks earlier, where I was told I was no “longer allowed to be with(my) children because of (my) Biblical Christian beliefs.” This was all part of a Filipina Migration Marriage Scam, who with several attorneys, including a District Attorney, and a few judges and some local Domestic Violence Program workers, who all conspired to have a City of Batavia, NY Cop threaten to murder me for exposing their corruption and illegal activities in this scam When I was given the news of Senator Schaefer's death, I had already been in communication with Bill Bowen, who was Nancy Schaefer's Film Producer about my case. When I spoke to Bill about what occurred to Nancy, he was besides himself. Until that point, he was helping me to get in contact with Nancy and was also very interested in my case. He was even thinking of possibly visiting me in his travel's on the way to Australia. He told me he wanted to finish however Nancy's film project first which was a film documentary regarding Georgia State Official's and others involved in a peadophile sex ring. Sadly, that film was never completed because Bill Bowen was also murdered in August of 2010.

Indeed, since both Nancy and Bill's death's, matters of children and families lives being murdered, suicides, attacks upon the family unit have all steadily risen. We've seen the likes of the “Kid's For Cash Scandal “ in Pennsylvania where several judges there were arrested for putting many innocent children in “for profit' jails. These two so called “judges” received bribes and financial 'kick-backs” for every child placed in those prisons. Yes, these judges became millionaires from placing many innocent children in these jails but know this, just because the FBI threw the public a bone so to speak regarding a few judges who got “caught” and arrested(, those arrests doesn't even come close however in terms of the thousands and thousands of other judges, lawyers, cops, Child Protective Services workers, social workers, psychologists, teachers, psychiatrists, Domestic Violence Program workers, Foster Care Agency workers, YWCA employee's, court employee's and others who through illegal means, make Billions and Billions of US Dollars destroying family's stealing and selling children here in the USA. In fact if you were still not aware( I can't imagine why someone wouldn’t be aware), the USA is the largest human and sex trade trafficker in the world( and the list of children kidnapped and families destroyed via our Government grows longer every day.

Everything that Nancy Schaefer exposed, all the corruption, the evil's of Family Court, the Divorce Industry, of CPS, Domestic Violence Programs, child stealing and kidnapping, the wicked partnership between Pharmaceutical companies and foster care agencies using foster kids as guinea pigs in experiments with use of their so called “psychotropic medications” have all become much worse. Children being kidnapped from good and healthy American families are on the rise. The amount of Federal title IV and VAWA(Violence Against Women Act) funding’s continue to go up higher and higher each year. Every State and County in America goes out on “the hunt” for mostly “blue eyed and blond haired children” that they can snatch from families who cannot afford an attorney to fight for their children in court all so the Government can sell them off to the highest bidder. Nancy warned many of us at the time in 2009 of what the US and it's State's Government were doing to families, but it seemed the few that actually listened to her, it was the Government and their terrorists who only wanted to silence her by murdering her including those in the Republican Political Party

Many American family's are fighting against those whom Senator Schaefer warned us about before her untimely death. Those who dare to speak out against CPS, Family Court and other evil entities involved in child stealing and the destruction of families for cash, often are attacked and vilified. If they are public servants or politicians, they are told to “shut up” and warned that they will “pay for opening” their mouth(as Senator Nancy Schaefer was told, and she had shared publicly she was told to keep quiet and stop exposing by her Georgia State Republican Chairman) about the corruptions and evil's of the Government child stealing and destruction of families for cash scheme. It was just last year when a Los Angeles politician asked for an investigation into the CPS Agency there soon after, his father was murdered in a “home invasion” a short time after the request. No, things haven't changed with CPS, Family Court and the cops. They are still utilizing the same wicked and evil tactics of murdering those who get in their way for exposing the illegal racketeering scheme's they employ.

Is there a public political representative who is bold enough to speak out like Nancy had done ? It was just a few short weeks ago when one man, a nationally known former Governor and Fox News Television Host, Mike Huckabee who stood in front of the CPAC and spoke of the horrors of “The Government stealing children.” He was of course speaking of the famous Government kidnapping of Justina Pelletier. Even with the mention from a high level former Government Official, the case has gotten little attention in the press. I am aware that a few legislator's in the Pelletier's home state made a poo-poo of an effort to make it look like they were angry and wanted justice for Justina by sending around a petition and a few letters on the Pelletier's behalf, but all in all, as I said, it was all a “poo-poo” move and meaningless, and they knew it. If those politicians really wanted justice for the family, they would have sent in their Massachusetts and Connecticut State Beauru's of Investigation to arrest the judge, the CPS workers and the Government lawyers in the case, but no, that would have meant losing money to the state coffer via Federal Title IV monies, and hey ! More importantly then money, they certainly didn't want to end up murdered like Senator Schaefer and her husband did.

We are all Nancy Scahefer's. If you haven't had your children, elderly parent or adult relative stolen by the Government for cash yet, chances are, you will at some point. Oh yes ! Our Government Stealing adults also for cash is big business as well ! We are all Senator Schaefer's whether you like it or not. You, your children, your family are all considered chattel by the US Government. They will kidnap you and or your family whenever they want. If you dare to put up a fuss, they will simply kill you. That's the way this game is being played. Except it's not really a game, this is all about money and how much evil our Government can make off of you, your children and loved-one's. You better get to destroying evil before it destroys you. It's to late for the likes of Senator Nancy Schaefer, her husband and Bill Bowen who all died for speaking the truth about the Government's participation in all this Government sponsored terrorism. It's not to late for you and I though. Start by making Citizen's Arrest's of corrupted cops and “law enforcement.” Put them in your own jails and hire your own jail keeper's to keep them there for a very long time. Find other citizens to act as a judge and jury, have a trial. If you find these corrupted cops and “law enforcement”(local, county, state and federal) guilty of crimes, move on to the other “players” who are involved in these illegal and unconstitutional crimes such as stealing children and destroying families for cash. The choice is yours... get active in removing this evil, or surrender your children, family and yourself to the wiles of the devil's appetite and allow him to devour all whom you love.

Proverbs 24:11-12 “ Rescue the perishing; don't hesitate to step in and help. If you say, "Hey, that's none of my business," will that get you off the hook? Someone is watching you closely, you know - Someone not impressed with weak excuses

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~ Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, March 14, 2014

Would You Light Up A Joint Standing Next To Jesus ?

Would You Light Up A Joint Standing Next To Jesus ?

In answering my own self titled question here, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that many in America would answer my question with an empathetical, “Yes !”, The sad fact is, they would in fact smoke dope and in fact get drunk, get high, watch pornography and do many other things that the Bible clearly calls sin, is harmful to them, and as well clearly says not to do. In this article, I am examining as well as looking at some of the reasons why so many Americans have such an attitude that they would not see dope smoking as what the Bible clearly calls wrong. No doubt, I am also expecting to get some serious flack and backlash from some Americans(and others) pointing out with Bible Scripture the truth about marijuana use. I even expect that flack to come from called “christians” as well. It is after all if the “elect” are fooled, then why not the world ? Let's be honest, few like to be confronted over their unhealthy and sick, twisted attitudes, so I am sure people will become inflamed, fighting mad with me for pointing out what the Bible says about marijuana smoking. It as they say though... it is what it is. I understand that it is not really me and what I am writing here (each and every week) that makes folks so angry, it is actually the exposure of sin and their harmful attitudes that makes people so darn upset. In fact, I've learned many years ago while employed as an addiction counselor, when folks are that far deeply involved in their sinful activities, often they lash out when told about their negative behaviours and attitudes. I've witnessed folks even becoming violent towards those who even make hint, mention or suggestion(even in a loving way) that there is sin in someone's life. I'm getting a head of myself here, let's move on and discuss it in these terms....

The Bible clearly describes drug use as something bad. In fact if you study the word from where we get our word English word, “Pharmacy”, it's root actually comes from the word Pharmakeia which is Greek. That particular word “Pharmakeia” is synonymous with the word “witchcraft” in the Bible.
(Read and also as well.... Does that mean taking medications that heal us are part of witchcraft ? No, absolutely not. It is however when we knowing take any mood altering chemical or drug that is not meant to heal us, is when we get into trouble with God. Just so you know, alcohol, nicotine and other commonly used chemicals that few actually think as being a “mood altering chemical” can actually be harmful to us. I am speaking mostly in this article about Marijuana though. Why is alcohol legal but Marijuana illegal in most states ? That's a debatable question, the bottom line is that the vast majority of reasons people give for smoking marijuana is to get high. They like the feeling of getting high and God's Word clearly says not to become intoxicated in Ephesians 5:18. Although most folks around the world often ignore God's Word about not getting intoxicated(as well as many other issues God says not to become involved in), that does not at all negate God's wisdom in making our own personal choices. The reason God's Word declares to us to heed to His Word, is not just to tell you “no.” In fact, the major reason isn't what you might believe such as “because you might get behind the wheel of a car and hurt yourself and or someone else.” No, the main reason God says to listen to Him and His word including not to smoke dope, is because when your brain cells are clogged with the “active” ingredient that gets you “high”(Tetrahydrocannabinol), you cannot hear from God. Have you ever been active in sin and wondered why you were in emotional, physical and or some other pain or going through something and you couldn’t figure out why ? Regarding smoking marijuana, having your brain cells clogged(which all that a marijuana high is) distances yourself from hearing from God and his leading and very best for you in your life.

Let's be honest, I have never met anyone that smoked marijuana that don't like the feeling of being “high.” Folks that use mood altering chemicals such as those who smoke dope love their feeling of being high. They have no real reason or motivating factor that they can see as a reason to quit. They can't hear from God, have little to no interest in God, so the marijuana high is what they are looking for. Despite God's command to put Him first and to serve no other god, Pot smokers ignore God's command and have made marijuana their god. Perhaps you think that by me stating that marijuana smokers make pot their god, that I’ve gone to far ? Let me put it to you this way, whatever you have on your mind as well as on your heart the most, that is your god/God. If you are like many pot smokers, you are looking forward to your next “hit” so you can get that feeling of being high, God of the Bible is no where near your heart at that moment. The issue really for folks like those that smoke dope is that they are in no way praising Jesus throughout the day, reading His Word or thinking at all about how they can serve Him. Their most dwelt upon thought is actually this; “ I'd love to smoke a joint right now.” If you do think like that, you most certainly are not praying to Jesus of the Bible. God's Word after all declares in Matthew 6:24; “You cannot serve two masters. You will either love one, and hate the other.” Oh, I realize as I mentioned early on in this article that there are so called “christians” and “pastors” out there as well who will tell you anything your itching ears want to hear like, “Marijuana is natural, it's safe, it's good for you” but once again, the Bible declares to watch out for these false prophets who lie to you. They are in fact agents of the devil. 2 Corinthians 11:14-15 is quite clear about those like that who would deceive you, even about dope smoking and it's negative consequences... “And no wonder ! For satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.” 

God wants us to always have an alert mind. A mind clogged with chemicals is a mind altered for the devil's taking. The Bible declares that satan is like a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour !(1 Peter 5:8). Having a mind clogged up with dope(1 hit from smoking weed stays in your brain cells up to 30 days !) makes a person a very large target for the devil. If you haven't noticed as of late, the devil is very, very active in devouring more and more folks, families as well as whole communities. Judging by what is going on this world, those same folks are suffering from self inflicted sin shots to their own hearts including from smoking marijuana. To those who are not yet convinced of what I am sharing, specifically that smoking weed is sin and very bad for you, tell me, how often does doing opposite of what the Bible declares as right, doesn't bring on more heart ache and more personal pain in the end ? Oh yes, I'm sure there's more then a few of you out there who are in such deep denial, no matter how much you have already suffered, you'll keep smoking dope and doing opposite of God's best for your life. Some never learn, why ? because that's the human heart, more interested in doing “self” then what God asks. How many more relationships with family members, friends, employers will you break until you wake up to the fact that dope smoking is unhealthy and dangerous for you ?

Fictitious stories that dope smoking “cures cancer” and heals all sorts of ailments, only proves that folks will justify anything that will show their sins to be “OK” and also approved by so called “professionals.” Speaking of which, those so called “professionals” also known as “physicians” you read about and see on television promoting smoking dope, they are the same one's who get financial kick-backs from
Pharmaceutical companies. Don't think that these “doctors” don't have a financial incentive to also lie about so called “health benefits of Marijuana use” ? Well yes, there are people that naive that believe these doctors are telling the “truth.” Sadly money and self serving lies continue to destroy many lives but who cares as long as you can high, right ? Think about this, homosexual “marriage” continues to be approved throughout this nation yet thousands of homosexual's especially men, still die from AIDS and HIV related infections each and every year. Don't hear about that in the media do you ? Nope !! you sure don't. Why ? Simple reason actually, it's the same reason you don't hear about dope smoking being a sin or unhealthy for you either. What people want, they get, despite the negative consequences. You can lie., cheat, steal, even “legalize” dope smoking or anything else you want, but that doesn't mean God of the Bible approves or that there won't be any negative consequences.

Folks just better wake up to the fact that God never forces anyone to do what's right before Him. He gives us all free will. You either serve Him or you don 't, it's all a choice. Know this also however, God's Word declares in Psalm 81;12, that God Himself will turn you over to your own sin and your own devices. If you harden your heart to ignore God, do evil, He will indeed allow you to suffer for your sin including your dope smoking. I know it's very difficult for many Americans as well as other folks from around the world to accept the reality that marijuana smoking is bad for you. To be honest and sadly, most folks rather just go on smoking dope and living in an imaginary world along with their unhealthy, enabling friends and family justifying the sinful lifestyle they are currently in. As a former Internationally Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor for many years, I've seen many folks play the game likened to Russian Roulette with their dope smoking and other chemical use. Sadly, many marijuana smokers have had to lose marriages, family members, jobs, body parts, even their lives to car crashes, accidents, and yes, their own minds to psychoses and the worst consequence of all, suicide all because they thought they were smarter and knew more than God of the Bible.

I'm quite sure I'll be hearing from those who think they are smarter than God because of their hardened hearts and this article that has touched their heart confronting their dope smoking. When ever I read their comments to me condemning me, God's Word, making their excuses, justifying, and enabling sin, I'll do like I have always done, I'll read all about their self loathing as well I'll then sigh, take a deep breath, then say a prayer for them. What else can be done ? It's the last days ? Maybe (2Timothy 3:10-13). It was after all, Jesus who told the story of the “prodigal son” who had to “come to his senses” before he ran back in tears of repentance to his father. I'll be waiting for millions to also come to their senses as well.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~ Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, March 7, 2014

The USA Is The Devil's Playground

The USA Is The Devil's Playground

Perhaps like you, I shake my head in disgust nearly everyday regarding so very many things that I see and hear going on in this once great nation of ours. No, it's not so much because of the Liberals, Socialists, Democrats, Atheists and other God haters that bring me to that nauseated feeling. No, actually it is the so called Americans who call or refer to themselves as “Christians.” These folks are purposely violating the name of “God” and also of “Jesus Christ” in such a way that they believe in their sick and twisted minds that somehow God will not at all mind if they blend in a little sinfulness here and with what the Bible says not to do, nor to be likened to. How can anyone in their right mind who declares from their own mouth that they have Jesus Christ of the Bible in their heart yet they say that lying, murder, witchcraft, withholding justice, homosexuality, acceptance of other religions(especially well known cults such as Mormonism/LDS, Scientology, etc.), getting drunk, destroying families, and all sorts of rebellious acts are all to them, now as “acceptable” and “normal” ? I have to ask, when did God of of the Bible die and make these endorsers of sin self-promoted to make new rules ?

Because of the obviously wide spread of sin across our nation(either true acceptance or by default by doing nothing to stop it)our US Military, once the place of pride, now promotes itself as a bastion of open loathing of Biblical morality, even accepting open homosexuality among it's ranks. So wicked and great the openness of homosexuality in our once great military, our Military Chaplains are barred from praying in name of Jesus Christ. It is not that religion in our US Military is rejected, but only that of Jesus Christ. The names of Allah, Buddha and even Satan and witchcraft are encouraged to be worshiped in and outside our military compounds. Heck, even our US Government has hired Islamic Imam's from the terrorist group, Muslim Brother hood. Ya, you know those guys, the same group in other nations like Egypt where they murder Christians and other non-Muslims. I ask those of you who claim to be Christians, how is it that our US Military can brag of ridding of Christians in our military and also of “drag queen shows” on our military bases ? Who is responsible for allowing evil to run a muck in our nation and our nations military anyway? I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it... “You are what you allow.”

Some good hearted Christians are working to stop all these fore mentioned evils listed in this article but but are building truly on the sand, not the Rock(that is Jesus Christ of the Bible). As I shared in my last two blog articles regarding knowing who you may be aligning yourself with to get our nation “back”, especially in regards to whom the Bible clearly calls as “false teachers”, my warnings sadly have not always been heeded( Instead, hearts of those who do not take the time to read the Bible for themselves to find out the very dangers I shared in my former articles continue on their path to self destruction. As a matter of fact, some of the hearts of those engaging in the “Patriot Movement” are doing quite the opposite I shared with them from the Bible. Out of pure spite, pride and arrogance on their part, these so called “patriots” have done what they wanted, how they want and when they want without even seriously considering the warnings that Bible gives all of us(me included) to separate ourselves from evil. Not just some evil, but all evil. I once again take the time here to warn everyone, if you want to save America, do not join with any person nor group that does not put Jesus Christ first. There are many folks that talk about “God/god” but you really have no idea who they are really referring to, do you ? If you aren't sure whom you are enjoining in the “Patriotic Movement”, Jesus said it in Matthew 7:16 “ You shall know them by their fruit.” This season calls for Godly wisdom on everyone's hearts, not brazenness in foolish behaviours nor attitude.

That's really the key to getting our nation back. Let's face it and be real honest here. People will always fail you. Heck, I don't do it on purpose, but I'm sure I fail people also from time to time. Humans er, God of the Bible doesn't. His plans are the best and no matter how many times a person wastes his or her time trying to change, dilute, ignore God's plans, their plans will always fail. God gave us His Word a long, long time ago. It was the vast majority of our Founding Fathers who not only read the Bible on a regular basis, they applied it on a regular basis as well. They understood that their rights as all the rights of free men everywhere did not come from other men, no... those rights came from God of the Bible. Along with that acknowledgment of God given rights, Our Founding Fathers also fully understood the other “R” word as well, that is, the word, “Responsibility.” One cannot simply claim to have God given rights, fighting to remove evil without the also the God given responsibility to keep those rights by and through the acts of Godly righteousness that God demands from us all. 

Defending freedom is a noble act as long as it is for a Godly purpose. Don't get me wrong, there are those in America who promote Biblical principles and have been very active in helping to get our nation back on track, but there have also been wicked imitators and tools of Satan throughout this nation's history even up to today. These faker's as I call them, promote an evil agenda and not a Godly agenda as they so pretend. Just because a man or women invokes God's name, does not mean they are following God of the Bible nor His plans. Remember, some of those historically evil's that also invoked God's name as well; slavery, Naziism, Communism, Socialism, Feminism, homosexuality, and religion in general come to mind. We should be leery of “Christianity” being turned into something that does not belong to the Bible. “Buyer's beware !” Today, it is difficult not to walk into many churches across America and hear the voices of cowardly and demonically controlled men and women in the pulpit who propagate self indulgence, social gospel's, turning heads and looking the other way from evil and even that of hiding under the church pew's from evil rather than going out and conquering evil in Jesus name. Let us know who really belongs to “the Lord's Army.”

America needs Jesus Christ of the Bible. God doesn't need more political commentators or pretend politicians who will stroke “Christians” through lies just to get their votes. We need Godly strong men who did not throw away their testosterone through smoking dope, compromising with God's Word nor by looking like women through wearing girl pants and v-neck t-shirts. Indeed, unrepentant evil needs more than a holiday, it needs to be beat-down, tied up and run out on a rail. To do this we need to know we cannot be involved in sin nor evil ourselves. Taking a stand for the real Jesus is going to be difficult for many but not impossible. Stop following false religious teachings and stay the heck out of sin filled places and avoid fake Christians everywhere. If you want to share the Gospel with those faker's and that's the extent of your relationship with them, then fine, that's Biblical, but for all the other fakers out there, avoid them. In case you are still not convinced, know this, what fake Christianity is building on is nothing but sand, quick sand as a matter of fact and God forbid, when those fake Christians who agree with sin get sucked into the ground because their “house” was not built “upon the Rock”, you want to be as far away from them as possible. Don't get sucked In with them. 

There is no substitute for making Jesus Christ Lord of your life and Lord of this(any)nation. Be very, very careful who and what you allow in your life and your home(media also). God of the Bible has the best and proven way to make America(any nation) up-right again. You have the freedom today to choose. Choose very wisely.

Proverbs 23:4-7 “By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. A wise man is full of strength, and a man of knowledge enhances his might, for by wise guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory. Wisdom is too high for a fool; in the gate he does not open his mouth.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~ Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Connecticut, The Next Shot Heard Around The World ?

Connecticut, The Next Shot Heard Around The World ?

It doesn't take a genius to figure out where America is heading not only physically but spiritually as well. I mean it's not like I haven't been warning Americans for the past four years on and in the Blog that they need to repent of their evil attitudes and wake up to the fact in regards to what they are contributing to as well as allowing to occur in this country of ours. In fact, I have given plenty of specific details as to how to get this nation and world back, but sadly and unfortunately, few are listening and here we are, at the brink of civil war. You think the economy, your rights and Government overreach is bad now ? Ha! As they say “just wait baby, you ain't seen nothin' yet.” There are several State Governors considering destroying the 2nd Amendment by going “house to house” and grabbing all the guns from private citizens. Are you ready ? You better be Bubba, cause the killer cops are coming not only to take your guns, they're going to take your children and either put you and your spouse in jail and or murder you also. Why you ask ? The answer is simple, because YOU allowed it. Looking the other way from evil and or simply turning your head, looking the other way when evil operates results in only one thing. Yep, you're staring at it.

Indeed, “You are what you allow.” I've been saying that phrase for years now. Yes, you can quote me if you'd like, but as for resident's in states like Connecticut and New York, I would much rather you take a personal stand for Jesus of the Bible, repent of your own sins, taking Him into your heart as Lord and
Saviour, then on to rescuing your gun rights after that. Let's face it, all this progression of evil is from the hands of those who have turned their back's on Jesus Christ of the Bible. Oh don't get me wrong, there is plenty of religion in America but religion cannot save nor rescue anyone. In fact, “religion” is of the devil and his people who made it as a replacement and imitation of God's most perfect love plan for all of us through His son Jesus Christ. Let me be quite frank in what I am telling you here, pick any religion/cult leader mix it with “Gun Rights”, “Freedom Fighting”, “Constitutional Rights” or any other sovereign rights movement, and you are only asking for a disaster. In fact I have warned several including “speakers” for the “rally” at cult leader Rodney Howard Browne's religious building scheduled for today(3/1/14) not to go there, nor speak, but few are listening to me. Why are they so hard-hearted ? Because they enjoy the applause of men more than they do of God. I told them and I will tell you all here also, God will never, ever honor anything that does not put Him first, not even an imitation of Him either. Those efforts to please cults, religion and or men are built on sand and will all fail. Guaranteed, because God the Bible say's so.

Connecticut looks like ground zero for the great fall-out of all our Constitutional rights being taken as Americans. My belief, judging by the history of Many Americans, most in Connecticut will give up their guns without a fight. That is the modern-day American, “all bark, no bite.” Let's be real and honest here, all the keyboard commando nonsense on social websites of “shooting back” is all chatter, just like “Oath Keepers” saying they will stand up to tyranny. Guess what, Tyranny raised it's ugly head a looooonnnggg time ago, and nothing has been done to remove it. If “Oath Keeper Cops” were real in fact, they would have already gone in to legislator's office and Governor’s homes a very long time ago and made arrests. No doubt, if real, they would have also arrested all those “bad cops” beating people up and killing them by now as well. We better get out of the twilight zone here and wake up, only a few in Connecticut will actually fire back at the domestic terrorists trying to take their weapons and kids. Reality is the best place we should all be in right now and that reality is that on the day the police along with their domestic terrorsitic military counterparts come busting in doors of houses in Connecticut, their will only be limited resistance.

So who is the “limited resistance” ? Their will be brave real Biblical Christians and others who will fight back for their God given rights and families. I would imagine in fact that their will be Christians and others at their side who will flock to the aide of their fellow Americans under siege from Connecticut State and or US Government domestic terrorists. If that does happen, expect there to be heavy casualties on both sides. If God willing at some point the Christians and their friends in Connecticut start winning, expect Obama to call on both the Chinese and Russian Armies to invade the USA to quell and kill all who resist the illegal gathering of guns in America. When the Government terroristic activities begin, will Americans finally wake up to finally reject their idiotic TV Programs, beer drinking, and moron attitudes that got us as a nation to this point, including the unconstitutional gun grabbing in Connecticut ? I'm not sure. I believe however there are just some folks just so far gone in their stupid thinking that even if shot at, or seeing the armored tanks in the streets shooting and killing their neighbors, they still won't “get it.” Yes, it is my firm belief that there are that many Americans with their heads shoved up that far inside their clouds that they will die screaming but yet will not repent to Jesus of the Bible nor realize that they made the fatal error of “going along with evil, just to get along.”

I am praying that we do not have a repeat of the “shot heard around the world” as this nation experienced in 1775. God can save this nation from such a horrific event., but it will take a real heart ache and repentance of many Americans in what is occurring in this nation. So much of a “heart ache” as a matter of fact, that Americans will indeed repent and return to Jesus Christ of the Bible to avoid such a tragedy. Historically, no evil has ever been waned nor removed in this world without a complete surrender to Jesus Christ of the Bible. The majority of our Founding Fathers realized that important fact, and thank God they did come to that conclusion, otherwise we would all still be British Subjects and under the thumb of tyranny. Well, perhaps if we are honest with ourselves, we may very well realize we are under the same type of tyranny now as we did in 1775 The sad fact remains, the vast majority of Americans do suffer today, all because they reject Jesus Christ of the Bible.

Wake up America, your fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children are all about to shed their blood unnecessarily in a deadly civil war, and it all appears that it will begin in Connecticut. What will you do to avoid such blood shed ? Your move America, what will you do ? It's going to take MUCH MORE than prayers. You better get at it and get at it, soon !

To the kindly influence of Christianity we owe that degree of civil freedom and political and social happiness which mankind now enjoys. All efforts made to destroy the foundations of our Holy Religion ultimately tend to the subversion also of our political freedom and happiness. In proportion as the genuine effects of Christianity are diminished in any nation… in the same proportion will the people of that nation recede from the blessings of genuine freedom… Whenever the pillars of Christianity shall be overthrown, our present republican forms of government – and all the blessings which flow from them – must fall with them. “~ Jedidiah Morse

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor