Friday, February 21, 2014

Be This Guy !

Be This Guy !

How simple of a statement can it be ? Can I be any more direct when it come to stating what needs to be done when confronting unrepentant evil ? While millions of Americans including millions more of “christian” Americans walk around with their heads stuck so far up inside their clouds, they wouldn't do a thing no matter how much “education” about the reality of evil you forced on them. It's the way people are these days. Simply put, those of us with the good sense that God gave us, need to grab the devil and his minions by the horns, and toss them to the ground and arrest them all in Jesus name. Not the devil or any of his advocates should ever again be allowed to be let free. Not a one.

I asked in a previous article written some months ago and very few answered it, Why so few comments in response(good or bad) to the question I asked ? The answer is simple, the majority of Americans don't want to be bothered with evil action unless it personally impacts them. Here's that same question, see what you think...
If you were out on a walk by yourself and you came across a person being raped by 2 others, would you.....
    a) Pray only.
    b) Pray then call 911.
    c) Call 911 only.
    e) Jump in and physically help rescue the person being raped, praying then call 911.
    f) Do nothing because your to busy or don't want to get involved
    g) Call your pastor and ask him what to do?”
Oh, don't get me wrong, there's plenty of Americans who like to piss, moan and groan, but beyond that when evil shows it's ugly face, many Americans just close their eyes and cover their ears. Americans haven't figured out that their lack of courage and righteous anger is absolutely needed in order to remove evil. By Americans by and large not engaging in their duty to remove evil, it has actually allowed only one thing, and that is to allow evil to become pervasive in every segment of society and to push even harder in forcing everyone to become evil just like them as well.

If you haven't heard, evil government and evil “law enforcement” owns your children. Oh yes they do ! You can be in denial all you want. Anyone who's been through a divorce, sent or sending their children to public schools, etc will acknowledge this to be true. Because there has been virtually no push back from Christians and morally good Americans, evil is in fact very open about owning your children. Your children can be “legally “ snatched for any reason the Government chooses and “law enforcement” will always follow the Governments orders to do it's evil bidding. I recently came across this article, I suggest you read it just in case you are in the “I didn’t know that” crowd... Perhaps you are one of those very lost souls as well that I mentioned earlier that truly believes “it won't ever happen to me or my children.” You better take a real long and hard look all about you, yes, it is not only possible to have your children stolen and family destroyed, it is most probable will indeed occur to you and your family. If it happened to the Pelletier Family in Boston, Massachusetts unsuspectingly, then why not to you ???

As Evil pushes harder and harder, our Government is allowing that same evil to do whatever it pleases and whenever it wants. Politicians will tell you, especially the ones in Washington DC, they love to stay in power and whatever will keep them in office, they will follow that agenda. If evil is the pervasive attitude of people they represent, then evil will be the agenda of the politician in power as well. Folks, this isn't rocket science here. It was Edmund Bourke who coined the phrase nearly 300 years ago, “ All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. “ How many times does one have to hear that phrase over, and over and over again before it sinks in that more good people will be destroyed from our Government and their terroristic “law enforcement” agents, until folks finally stand up and fight back ? I can't answer that question. I do know this however for me, I have had my children illegally stolen from me from corrupted judges, lawyers, and a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer who also had a City of Batavia, NY Cop threaten to murder me( Will I ever give up on fighting for justice. Nope !, Never. I will fight the good fight of faith. I will push back against evil as hard as I can. In fact, I know I am not alone when I have traveled to Washington DC (three times now) to demand justice for me and other persecuted American Christians who are also suffering. God is with me, I'm never alone. God of the Bible loves justice, as a matter of fact, God demands justice and calls His people to expose and remove injustice and inequity everywhere. I'm doing God's bidding. I don't know about you, but for me, I'm going to get justice in Jesus name. I'll pray for my enemies, but prayer is only part of the answer to getting justice. One must also take righteous action as well. James 2:17-20.

Sometimes people get upset with me about mentioning “law enforcement” being corrupted and evil. I am told periodically that “there are some good cops out there.” My response often to those who make such statements to me is this; “if there were good cops, why aren't they arresting the bad ones??” That should make you more then think. My response should actually get you motivated in doing something to fight back against evil including corrupted “law enforcement.” Will you ? As I mentioned earlier, I was threatened to be murdered by a City of Batavia, NY cop. I will never allow myself to be arrested or harassed by “law enforcement” ever again. I'm not looking for trouble, I'm looking for justice and you should be as well. Know this, the only way you can put a bully and or a terrorist in their proper place is to fight back. I will not worry about winning a law suit if I get beaten by a cop. After all, there's no guarantee I will survive such a beating or being shot by a “law enforcement officer.” Don't know about those who also say “ justice is coming, people are waking up”, I'll tell you, your too late. Sorry, I can't help you if your not already fighting back. If the extent of your “fighting back “ is only watching your big screen TV, drinking your beer and whining, pissing and complaining, I'm not helping you either.

America has a lengthy history of fighting against evil. No longer are we doing as we have though in the past. America along with her allies removed the likes of Mussolini, Hitler and the Imperial Japanese Army during WW II. In fact, we so loved our allies and showed them our kindness, it was when the Japanese Army was killing American Soldiers(after Gen. MacArthur fled the Philippines abandoning thousands of American soldiers, sailors and Marines), many brave Filipino's returned our fruit of kindness and hid thousands of those American Servicemen and civilians throughout the war so they would no be captured by the Japanese. In Europe the US Military was instrumental in freeing many Jews that were in death camps sprawled out throughout Europe. I could give many more examples of America's engagement historically of doing good and fighting against evil. We know what it is already to fight back against evil right ?. We know right from wrong correct ?, or do we ? If we know what is right, then why aren't many Americans doing what is right and fighting back against evil as they are supposed to know or already be aware?

Yes, to some I suppose reading this article, I sound harsh here. To the uneducated and the apathetic I am sure I do. To the real and true Godly folks however, they are with me, understand me fully and also like me, are not only prepared(even at 3am) for removing evil, we are active in removing and engaged in removing evil at all times as well. Are you ? If not, “Be That Guy !”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, February 14, 2014

Top 10 Stupid Attitudes Keeping Americans In Bondage

Top 10 Stupid Attitudes Keeping Americans In Bondage 

Not a very good sounding title for an article is it ? There are times however that truth must be told not with flowery speech and images of butterfly's floating in the air reflecting and attitude that “all is well.” Not when in days in which evil runs a muck anyway. Let's face it, as I've been writing in my articles these past three plus years, this nation is in big trouble. The root issue of “trouble” as a matter of fact is not our tyrannical Government and it's relentless attack on our human rights and God given civil liberties, no... the core issue is and has been all along the people that have allowed those Government officials and their murderous law enforcement officials who protect them, to be put into power. Bottom line is, if folks weren't so stupid and idiotic in their attitudes, we wouldn't be in the place we are right now. Suffering you say with high taxes, high unemployment, the Government stealing your children, family, home and assets unfairly and unconstitutionally ? Hey Bubba, you ain't seen nothin' yet unless people stop being so stupid and ignoring just what this nation was founded on; that is, good and Godly principles all rooted in the Christian Bible.

I am listing here the top ten reasons as I see it, of the stupidest attitudes that keep America in bondage to the devil and will eventually kill off this nation and all of us in it if we keep seeing fellow Americans having those crappy attitudes. Perhaps some of those things I mention or list below you may or may not agree with. You may list them in a different order than I. Makes no difference to me. What matters to me is that people wake the heck up and realize that their stupid belief systems are killing not only them but also killing the rest of us off as well. What can you do with people who just can't “see the light”, eventually you have to remove them I've been also saying that now in my articles for several years as well. No nation can stand what God has in store for a nation of people who turn a blind eye to folks who are insistent and bent on evil and pushing evil on others as well. James 2:17-20 tells us that prayer is great and necessary but without action, that prayer and faith is useless. We must get to the business of showing people that bondage to stupid ideas and ways will kill us all off not just them only, the person with that dumb belief system.

Here are the “Top 10 Stupid Attitudes Keeping Americans In Bondage ” as I see them. Again, maybe your list is different than mine. Perhaps you are one of those people who sees things as being “fine” and there are no problems. With matters of senseless violence, destruction all around us, it's obvious to me any way that our world is about to tip over because the willingness on the part of many Americans walking around with having no good sense at all and have a willingness to keep their attitudes of stupidity.

Here is the list starting from “least worse” leading up to the worst of all stupid beliefs....

  1. “The Government giving me 'FREE' stuff is really free and doesn't come from tax payers.”
    9.“My children and family and I are safe in Government sponsored schools/programs/courts/with cops.”

    8. “If I protect myself or family from being attacked and shoot someone, I will be automatically found 'Not          Guilty' by a judge or jury.”

    7.“If I am physically beaten by a cop, I can will survive and simply sue and win a lot of money.”

    6.“Abortion is not murdering a baby.”

    5.” Legalizing drugs including Marijuana doesn't hurt anyone and God says it's OK”
    4. “As a Christian, I only have to pray for people and only need to help people I feel like helping and I can          simply look away from any evil I see, no action required.”

    3.”Everything or most said/told on television and radio news is true.”

    2.“The food, air and soil around me is all safe because corporations, Governments tell me so.

    1 .Everything or most everything the Democrats, Republicans and Barack Hussein Obama state are true.

I do hope very soon people who have these stupid attitudes will wake up and wake up very soon before it's too late for all of us.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Grab A Piece Of Leadership Pie !

Grab A Piece Of Leadership Pie !

Leaders are supposed to lead by example. We have a lack of good, moral and Biblically-Godly leaders here in America. Pardon my being a bit crude here but, there is way to much whining, pissing and complaining going on in this country and not enough righteous action. What's worse, there are more and more what I term as “pretend patriots” crawling out from the wood-work that have no real intention of getting involved helping this nation back to Jesus of the Bible or to the US Constitution. I'm finding more and more folks on social media website with their “selfie” picture portraits hold some sort of weapon pretending that they will some how use it if confronted by ungodly terrorists, foreign or domestic. The Bible declares you shall know folks by their “fruit.” That is, by not only their word(or “selfies”), but by their actions as well. I've asked many times over since my returning once again from Washington DC for others to please write follow-up letters, send an e-mail message or make a phone call to help out this country, and I can't hardly get anyone to do those things( Now, do you really think if folks won't even take ten minutes to write a letter or make a phone call that they are going to actually pull that trigger when trouble comes knocking at their door at 3 AM ? I highly doubt it !

It's about time those who are fond of speaking or attending “Second Amendment”, “Tea Party” and other forms of rally's and protesting in safety start taking real action as well. What do I mean by “taking real action”? I mean by actually going up to evil minded folks, getting in their face and confronting them for their ungodly and unconstitutional, corrupted and illegal actions. There's no other way to handle the mess we have on our hands in this nation. “Grabbing a piece of leadership pie” means that you(yes you) be that person with God's help and has also the courage to gather with others to make real and substantive change and difference. Look, if evil groups such as La Raza, the Muslim Brotherhood, the New black Panthers, corrupted judges, lawyers and cops can take ungodly and evil action, why can't you take a stand for Godly principles ??? Folks have to stop being afraid and having the piss poor attitude of “let the other guy do it and let's see what happens to him first, if he's OK, I'll get involved.” I cannot say it any clearer than this, if you are tired of evil triumphing, then you have to take on the responsibility for change by you, yourself grabbing a piece of leadership pie. If everyone just sits around in this country(as many have been doing) and just throw empty beer cans at their big screen TV whenever there is more news about your Constitutional Rights being taken away, nothing will ever change. Ernie Larsen said it right when he said “nothing changes, if nothing changes.”

Where real leadership is supposed to be bred and raised, that is the Biblical Church, there is little to none, Instead, we see especially see that men in the Church have become weak kneed weenies and Femen just like the world has. I was shocked to find out recently that a well known as a false teacher and documented false gospel preacher in Tampa, Florida named Rodney Howard Browne is engaged in Constitutional
matters. He is pretending to be an advocate of America Second Amendment Rights sucking more ignorant folks into his web of false gospel deceptions. It make me more than sad, it makes me down right angry to see this occurring. Jesus warned the Apostles and all of us of wolves like this that would rise among us. Sadly, Browne will most likely succeed in having his rally at his “church” because so many Americans have become fat, apathetic and lazy and not knowing the Christian Bible and also not taking a piece of the leadership pie themselves. This all to allow a faker, a wolf, an imitation of God's best, to suck in countless many to their destructive end. That's right, God does not honor those or those things that the devil put's in place. If you are one of those being sucked in by Rodney Howard Browne or any other what the Bible calls as a “wolf”, then “buyer beware.”

I believe God has called many men to take on a leadership role to see Jesus of the Bible glorified and this nation rescued from it's own evil self but sadly, many of these men told God “No, I won't do it !” Instead, God continues to raise Godly women in this nation to take on the evil that confronts us as a nation. Men, if you are saying “That's fine, let the women do it”, then you are an ignorant fool. God is raising women in leadership roles as a shame to you ! All men are called by God to take on leadership roles. It is our responses to God that determines the fate of our family, community, nation. and world and that dictates our final results/outcome. There are no more excuses before God to either wait, procrastinate to or even turn over our God given responsibilities to others. Action must be taken now. You must grab a piece of the leadership pie now. 

My friends, there is no where in the world you can run and hide when the poop hits the fan and the world collapses because those who were supposed to lead, failed to do so. I don't care how many times fake “patriots” tell you you will safe in Canada or somewhere else. I love Canada, it has some very nice people but many there are a very liberal minded people and if the USA goes down the tubes, Canada will soon fall under the demonic reigns of Socialism as well. Here are your choices, you can either take up the mantle of Godly leadership coupled with real and tangible action, or you can keep doing what you've been doing that is, “whining, pissing and complaining.” The choice is yours. It is not only your family counting on you to rescue them, but many in our nation are also waiting for you to have the courage and the fortitude to stand tall among the weak and do the things God has called you to do !

Be a Godly man ! Grab a piece of leadership pie today !

Isaiah 6:8 “Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, 'Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?' Then I said, 'Here am I. Send me!'

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Monday, February 3, 2014

Jan. 2014, Washington DC Outreach For Evangelism And Justice

Jan. 2014, Washington DC Outreach For Evangelism And Justice

As I shared in my blog article dated September 13, 2013, I shared that eventually, I would make ( my first evangelism trip to Washington DC. I in fact made that trip on January 27th and January 28th of this year(2014). My purpose in traveling to DC,was three-fold. One, was to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with as many in the Congress and their staff as possible. Reason two, was to advocate for the release of Pastor's Bae from a N. Korean Prison, Pastor Abedini from an Iranian Prison. Reason Number three, was to address other important justice and Christian persecution issues here in the USA, including many of you, my faithful readers and as well my own family and myself being persecuted here in the USA for our Christian faith

While in Washington, DC, I was able to hand out a couple hundred salvation tracts, speak with numerous Congressional staff members, most of whom were cordial, not very receptive, but cordial none-the-less. The only hostile Congressional Staff member I encountered was from Senator Charles Schumer's Office. I was not at all surprised nor taken aback with their response as I have had these sort of negative and adversarial attacks upon me with his “people” during previous discussions as well. In fact, I can attest to, that Senator Schumer himself hates Christians, hates Conservatives and could care less about Pastor Bae or Pastor Abedini both or any other Christian rotting in foreign prisons for their religious faith as well. As much as I explained that “as a Christian, I love(d) Jews, Muslims and Hindu's also”, I was verbally rejected anyway.
I was able to catch-up with Congressman Charlie Rangel by one of the staff elevators. I was not only able to introduce myself to him, he willingly accepted one of my salvation tracts. He surprised me by asking me to pray for Congress and as a matter of fact shared to me that “Congress needs your prayers right now, Congress is a mess.” Perhaps Congressman Rangel was genuine in his request, I'm not sure. I will tell you this however, that it was Congressman Rangel who invited Pastor Bae's wife to sit in the special visitor gallery during President Obama's State of the Union address later that day. I am sure that Mr. Obama was none to pleased to see her there as he spoke, and was equally a thorn to him as he gave his address as well. I do believe God appeared to touch some very hard hearts while I was there in DC including Congressman Rangel. Praise the Lord for it.

I cannot tell you how much of a real privilege it was for me go to many Congressional Offices, speaking with staff on behalf of not only Pastor Bae and Pastor Abedini, but for advocating for all of you as well. I was so blessed to have several great American's donate money so I could go on this missionary trip to Washington DC. I cannot tell you also how much I am so looking forward to my next trip to DC to do the same kind of work for all American's once again. It is my earnest hope and prayer as I pointed out earlier in my New Ministry Announcement” article, that I wish to eventually move permanently to Washington DC, advocating for Godly and Biblical principles as well for all of you in a full time position. In fact, it is my earnest desire to have some of you come along side me on my next missionary trip there, hopefully soon until I can move to DC.

As I hear of a rumor that there is a retired US Military General requesting folks to come to DC on May 16, 2014, I am not sure if that will materialize, or even help or not. If God of the Bible is in it, then for sure I believe the Lord will do something on our behalf. If it is in fact of God, perhaps I will attend as well. We will see what the Lord does. I will say this however, I know many Americans are complaining and not doing much of anything in regards to action to getting our nation back. Complaining makes people feel good, get's frustrations off our chest as they say, but in reality, doesn't do much to resolve the core and root problems of getting matters fixed. It is my resolve to get to DC more and more and help our nation get back on track. This means with God's help coupled with your help, we can get this done. It's all up to you however if you're going to get involved.

I'm going to keep pressing forward in the Lord. Many of you who believe in God of the Bible cannot go on a missionary trip to DC no less move there as what I wish to do. If that is you I am speaking of, there are ways for you to still help get our nation back. One such way is to help me get to DC and stay there to keep the pressure on Congress, their staff and others. I can tell you that DC is a mess ! There are many, many political and other lobbyists there who do not have most of what's good for America(that's you and I) in their mind. These lobbyists are literally buying up votes in Congress and leaving you, the common American Citizen, “screwed” and without recourse. You however have a chance to have a voice there via proxy and I am willing to go to DC and work hard for a Godly and Biblical voice. As I shared however, it's all up to God and His people. I don't ever manipulate.

God raises-up His people to do His bidding all at the correct time, it's our responsibility to respond correctly to that call of God when He calls us forward. For me, I still remember “Judge” Tracey Bannister in Genesee County, NY with her corrupted fellow “Judge” Robert Noonan, attorney's Julie Falvey and Donna Haslinger along with an Illegal Alien named Jennie Basal that employed a City of Batavia, NY cop to threaten to murder me. I also remember quite well also when “Judge” Bannister told me during a court hearing that I was “not allowed to be with (my) children because of (my) Biblical Christian beliefs.” At that point, I had a choice to make, as all of you also may have a decision to make. Like you, I had and you maybe have now, either lay down, wither-away and just complain about our situation, or make the decision I made, which was to rise up and fight back.

I'm pressing forward. I do hope you will also press forward to help our entire nation, not just yourself as well. Many of our nation's Government is ill and in need to Jesus Christ as the repair. I'm in.
Are you all in ?

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Isaiah 50:4 “The Lord God hath given Me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary. He wakeneth morning by morning; He wakeneth Mine ear to hear as the learned.”