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Why I Am Not Supportive Of Charlie Hebdo

Why I Am Not Supportive Of Charlie Hebdo

I want to express my condolences to all the family member who's relatives were recently killed via the Islamic terrorists in Paris, France. My heart goes out to each family member who suffers yet today for the horrible and murderous acts via those evil men who took it upon themselves to kill many there. That said, I want to express that although I support the idea of unity against evil, including Islamic terrorism, I also want to express that all of us should totally reject the articles and cartoon work of Charlie Hebdo. In this relatively short article, I will share some points as to why you too, should reject these articles and political cartoons of Charlie Hebdo. I do realize that wounds are yet fresh from the terrorist attacks via the Muslim terrorists, but I feel it necessary to alert and warn folks what they are supporting when they post support for Charlie Hebdo on social media sites, they are inviting to themselves nothing short of solicited trouble.

So that there is no mistake made by anyone and as I shared in my last blog article, you need to be aware that the overwhelming number of French Citizens are Atheists and believers in Secular Humanism. Unlike the American Revolution in 1776, France's Revolution in 1789 was all about liberty without God. Thousands of French Citizens were beheaded during that time. It wasn't just the French Nobility that were sought after(men, women and children) to be beheaded, there were also many Jews who were also murdered as well. France has had a distaste for religion including the Bible for over two hundred years now. Because of over two-hundred years of anti-religion sentiment in France, many Frenchman today openly mock not only Islam, but also other religions such as Roman Catholicism and Judaism.

Bringing you  up to to date regarding France's culture some more, we see many French Citizens who like also many Americans, all religions are considered fair game when it comes to mocking and attacking. That of course includes the use of sarcasm. I'm not a religious kind of guy, I'll say this however--- I believe in two things, 1) That all religions are man made and only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can save any person as well as any society and 2) That attacking any religion, or group of individuals by utilizing sarcasm to rid of it, only invites disaster upon those who use that sarcasm. If you were unaware, Charlie Hebdo has attacked with their sarcastic style, not only Islam, but Jews, Catholics and Christians as well.To me, not a very good and effective use of humor nor less that of exposing or ridding of "evil."

In college many years ago while training to become a therapist, I was taught that “sarcasm is a form of expressed repressed anger.” As I shared earlier, it's not just the French who enjoy utilizing sarcasm, Many Americans also love the use of sarcasm as well(got Jon Stewart anyone?). The problem with using sarcasm however is that it's use is extremely ineffective to bring about any sort of positive change. When you use sarcasm, all you are doing is attempting to manipulate a positive response by using a very negative means. Let me ask you this, do you enjoy being manipulated ? Probably not. When there is evil and you use an infective means to remove that evil such as by utilizing sarcastic cartoons that only pisses off the group or person you're trying to change, how effective is that ? It's like poking a bear in the eye with a small stick. Try that sometime and see what happens to you !

That is what many in France and America do however. The use of “poking the bear in the eye with a stick” is employed by those in the Media all the time. Many of you watch Fox News and I can tell you clearly that Sean Hannity and Megan Kelly are king and queen(respectively) of the use of "poking the bear in the eye" tactics. They have on guests on their programs(ie. Imam Choudry, Bill Ayers, etc) who just about every FNC viewer is well aware who is "the bad guy" as one of their TV program guests. Indeed, Americans are keenly aware, but for the sake of raising their TV program ratings, they bring on guests to their TV shows to "poke the bear in the eye with a stick" so as to negativity elicit responses from their guests thus making Hannity and Kelly look like they are providing some sort of “investigative journalism" however all Kelly and Hannity are doing is using a form of sarcasm to get you to watch their TV shows.(Does it work?)

If you are going to expose and remove evil, use effective methods. Making fun of someone or something is a very ineffective way of getting at the root of the issue. Islamic terrorism is a very real and evil act and obviously growing problem. If the fight against evil, the use of sarcasm and mocking is a major(or even a small)part of your “arsenal of weapons", you're in big trouble. If you want to make some person and or group pissed off enough to take further action against you, “poke the bear in the eye with a stick” through the use of sarcasm. If your interest however is to truly in removing evil, then go remove evil. Stop playing useless and stupid mind games.

Psalm 1:1 “Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers...”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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