Friday, August 31, 2012

“It's Not Just The Economy Stupid”

                                                   “It's Not Just The Economy Stupid”

Yes I know, I'm kind of stealing and making a play from a line from Bill Clinton's Presidential bid in the 1990's but believe me, I'm no Clinton fan, no not “Bubba” nor Hilary. If you don't believe me, go ask Vince Foster----whoops ! Did I mention Vince Foster ?

No kidding, I mention the economy and the economy as we are all well aware is basically in the toilet. The real unemployment rate here is above 20%, millions of Americans are on Food Stamps, and people have been losing there homes and increasingly their sanity as well. Even myself, although most of my readers are already aware that I am a victim of a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer, corrupt judges, lawyers and others that conspired to have a City of Batavia, NY cop threaten to murder me, has caused me to not have a paycheck since October of 2008. Indeed the economy being in such a horrible state doesn't make it easier on me nor anyone else looking for a job no matter what the reason.

With acknowledgment from even most politicians that the economy is so bad, one must come to the conclusion that jobs must be available to get our nation back on track. With both Romney and Obama talking about “plans” to get us all working again, the thought of being once employed would give most folks a bright hope for the future----but not me. Let me explain; all this this talk from our politicians and their plans to create jobs may sound good to you, and most folks but the stark reality is; the plans being offered to us often misses the main ingredient to make our economy grow; that is the “ingredient of God.”

Wait a minute now, before any of you start getting all upset and having a hissy fit saying “Oh, there goes that pastor Paul again trying to put God into everything and every problem”, let me share something with you---- This nation of ours is in a bigger mess then what you might think. Just in the news today, there's a report of yet another shooting, a rumor that the shooter was a former US Marine. If you haven't noticed(gee, I can't see how anyone could miss it), the level of anger and hostility has grown exponentially in America in the past few years and people are increasingly getting “pissed-off.” Some of the reasons people are getting quite upset about are justifiably in some cases but extreme in their responses. Being unemployed is just one of a myriad of problems this nation is facing. In fact, if we look at just how many Americans treat their own family members, the economy is nothing in comparison in regards to major issues. This nation(as well as many other nations around the world) of ours is heading to a place of “no return” unless we get our priorities right.

Not only is there tension and hostility growing in many American homes, we also see a great influx of crime, abuse, hatred, injustice in our nation and world that are all growing at an alarming rate. Can the loss of employment and the economy be the sole or primary reason for all the increase in societal upheaval we see today? No, not at all. For all of you that may disagree with me, let me quote a couple warnings that were given to us as to what would occur and has occurred to our nation when we lose and have lost sight as to what should be our primary focus to keep our nation from experiencing job loss, a wrecked economy, and social chaos. See if these 2 quote from just two of our American Founding Fathers resonates with your spirit and perhaps puts “things” back in proper perspective for you as to what and whom we should put our trust;

“ If we and our posterity reject religious instruction and authority, violate the rules of eternal justice, triffle with the injunctions or morality, and reclessley destroy the political constitution which holds us together, no man can tell how sudden a catastrophe may overwhelm us that shall bury all our glory in profound obscurity”~ Daniel Webster.

I believe this last quote from Daniel Webster could not make matters any clearer in regards to what we as US Citizens have done and allowed by putting God next to last, if not absolute last and putting our priorities and reliance's backwards--- that is by making politicians gods and God practically non existent in our lives and our nation. No doubt catastrophes exist and grow here daily, including economic ruin because of our ungodly attitudes, but let me share one more quote to sum up my point....

“Finally, ye...whose high prerogative is to.... invest with office and authority or to withhold them and in whose power it is to save or destroy your country, consider well the important trust...which God(has) put into your hands. To God and posterity you are accountable for them...Let not your children have reason to curse you for giving up those rights and prostrating those institutions which your fathers delivered to you.”~ Rev. Matthias Burnet

The consequence’s of our backward thinking is here upon our nation. Politicians are increasingly focusing on the economy in their promotion of getting elected or reelected but what they are doing by not promoting God of the bible as the answer is only setting bait for Americans to be trapped for more disasters stored up against us at a later date. These politicians have not a focus on a Biblical God nor promoting how rejection of God and instead clinging to and promoting ungodly beliefs such as abortion, feminism, legalization of drugs, acceptance of homosexuality, peadophilia, Islam, Atheism and more...will eventually destroy us all. Equally, as evidenced by our Founding Father's writings that I shared earlier... the answer to our problems is not a “stimulus plan” nor “trickle-down economics” nor “jobs.” No, the answer to getting our economy, our families and even our sanity back in this country is by repenting of our foolishness in believing in the notion that a politician or his policies and doing life “my way”(minus God) can cure our land including “creating jobs” and “economic growth.”

Let's get our nation back by getting Jesus Christ back in our lives and making Him first above all else---for the Christian Bible declares in Matthew 6:33 “ But seek you first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Let's trust God, not politicians who speak with forked tongues. Want a job, want your family and or sanity back ? Make God of the Bible first... His promises are always “yes and amen”, he never reneges on His promises, unlike every politician I have met on “both sides of the isle.”

I hope and pray many Americans have learned their lesson about politicians by now.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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Friday, August 24, 2012

“Are Organizations Like The Southern Poverty Law Center, Terrorist Organizations?”

            “Are Organizations Like The Southern Poverty Law Center, Terrorist Organizations?”

With the recent shootings including today's shooting near the Empire State building in New York City and of course also the shooting at the Family Research Council in Washington, DC, one might wonder what in the world is going on in our world regarding all this increased violence in our society. Well, those who are spiritually aware of our “societal temperature” sure do understand where our world is at and soon heading. Christian prophets as a matter of fact have been warning nations, including our very own USA for years now of the impending disasters (we now suffer)f people did not stop entertaining and compromising with evil at every turn in their lives... but guess what, that day the prophets warned us about regarding leaving God's spiritual best is indeed here now and sadly, many can't or won't see it.

That's just it, many people don't understand spirituality and the Bible in America any more. Many people have their own concept of good and evil and then run with it, and run they do... unfortunately it's often in the wrong direction and chaos and disaster often ensues. Even Rush Limbaugh who is usually well equipped with an opinion as to how to deal with those whom he disagrees with, recently spouted off on his daily radio program the other day that he was at a loss when speaking about “what do we do with people who vote for Obama ?” I have news for Mr. Limbaugh and others like him who are at a loss for what to do with people who seem dim witted; our society is not just suffering from some sort of temporary “lapse” in good judgment like those voting for Obama... People have seemingly lost all common sense and reason and are now growing in number daily and not only themselves rapidly deteriorating in mind and the ability to reason, they are (maybe without knowledge ???) contributing to the overall destruction of the world around them without a care on who they take down with them.

Pop psychologists and “Dr. Phil” types clamor about the ever growing and increase of mental health issues people are suffering from and of course even there, these folks cannot be counted on for definite answer as to why people are “losing their minds”, but most of them in fact simply just look to “Big Pharma” for more “happy” pills to prescribe to people with rather than getting to the core issue of why people suffer. Gee, if only God were be allowed in our nation again and recognized as the one to go to when there was a need....but oh no, we don't want that,(sarcasm) no... we don't want to hurt people's feelings like the the politically correct, the Atheists or even the homosexuals-that might offend them. We have to remain politically correct and leave God out of the conversation. After all “God is only a figment of our imagination” and God has nothing to do with common sense and our county Right ? Well, that's how many of our nations leaders, psychologists, teachers, and others profess and believe and looks like God hating is the number one to do if you want to be in the “in-crowd.”

The war against God is real and it's negative fruits are here as evidenced by the increase in shootings and attacks especially against Christians and others. Indeed, there is a real war, the war against God and the Bible and organizations like the American Civil Liberties Organization, The Southern Poverty Center and others like them who “pump up” those who are already filled with sinfulness and hate towards Jesus as well as all, and everything the United States and most of Western Civilization was built on; that is Christianity. The more Christians want to talk or share about Jesus the more action hate and those that enable terrorizing groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center provide. It's not just Biblical Christians that should be concerned about there safety with all these increase in shootings, it's other groups like “militias, patriots and conservative groups” that should be concerned. If you look at the the SPLC's website, you can clearly see that they are lumping true hate groups such as White supremacists, Black Liberation Groups, Neo-Nazi Groups and others along with Christians and those of follow the US Constitution. There is an absolute purposeful hate agenda against Christians and good people who love the USA all grouped together with real haters without provocation on the part of Christians by the Southern Poverty Law Center's website. Websites like this is where those who love evil and sin obviously gain there wrong minded justification to act out in violent ways against Christians and good people of our nation. Hate has played the game of “blame the victim” and now victims are being shot at and murdered.

The SPLC has no reason to hate Jesus of the Bible, and those like them who spread hate against Biblical Christians have no factual justification to hate on persons like me or you(?). The Christian Bible is rooted in love, but there is of course consequences for hating God and living a foolish lifestyle but the “messenger” should not be blamed for truth telling as to consequences for living like hell I nor other Biblical Christians should be shot at or murdered for telling the truth. We are not to blame for the violent society we live in. The answer that people are looking for as to why these shootings occur and are now rapidly growing can be firmly placed on the Jesus haters themselves and not on whom those haters seem to blame-us Biblical Christians. We as a society need to understand that those who often cry “foul” these days are the actual instigators of the trouble that they claim
to be victimized by.

Please don't look to political parties like the Republican Party that is allegedly the “guardian”' of our liberty and freedoms in America for help in this issue of the SPLC, ACLU and other groups like them enabling terrorizing of good moral Americans. Instead, look to Jesus of the Bible.... because terrorizing and Jesus hating apparently will not end anytime soon. Groups like the SPLC and the ACLU are only going to continue in enabling evil people to hate and take violent action against good, decent and moral Americans as more and more Americans refuse to repent and make things right before God in our nation. Wicked people have no desire in stopping the evil nor the hate, their task is to divide and sew destruction so that wickedness may abound even more and that means obviously by some rhetortic and action seen as of late, killing Christians to silence Biblical truth is also on their agenda . The truth is, these people are seemingly willing to take whatever action necessary to get them and all of us, to that destructed end. The question for you who love God and our nation however is; will you let them ?

May God have mercy on the souls who forget God's justice and His ways.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~ Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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Friday, August 17, 2012

“ When Is Lying Ever Allowed ? ”

                                                         “ When Is Lying Ever Allowed ? ”

No doubt for many centuries now, men and women have been looking for the answer to that very question---- “When Is Lying Ever Allowed ?” Whether out of fear, taking advantage of someone, hatred, scamming someone, taking revenge, or for any myriad of  reasons, people have been looking to justify and make any excuse possible for making not having to tell the truth whether in part, or in whole.  My experience as a Bible believing Christian and pastor as well as after reading the “Good Book” itself ,over and over r the same 20-plus years, I can tell you that not once does the Bible ever speak to us in justifying lying. In fact, right away Numbers 23;19 comes to mind where the Bible tells us the very nature of God is “truth” and that “ God is not a man, that he should lie...”  The Word of  God in which most people my age or older, were taught not to lie from the teaching of the 9th Commandment of the Ten Commandments. Do you remember or know what God states in that Commandment? Well whether you remember, are aware or not, here it is for you; “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”  I am keenly aware that some of you reading this article may not believe or follow any of the Ten Commandments, but I want to make it quite clear that the not believing or desire in following the 10 Commandments does not negate the great impact they have had and still have upon most Western nations today. In fact, as folks may make their way looking to wiggle out of following any one of the Commandments, we can also find perhaps some of the largest culprits of “wiggling” from following God, and she/he is like the “lawyer” of yester-year and even that of modern times. All one needs to do to see this attitude from past to even to present is in reading Luke 10:29, we can read that it was a lawyer “.... wanting to justify himself, said to Jesus, 'And who is my neighbor? “ Looking at people's hearts today as well as our government and judicial system, nothing hearts and minds still look for reason and excuse to lie whenever possible. Indeed, even from the time before Jesus, nothing has changed, the lawyers, judges and the whole host of government and police agencies that support have in all sorts of excuses in their making and justifying lies.

Jennie Basal(Waldmiller) Filipina Migration
Marriage Scammer.

                                                                                              Donna Haslinger-Lying

We are all aware, I am sure that matters of lying goes on everyday in court rooms and as well in hearts all across our nation. Staying focused on the professionals who engage in lying as part of their we just to see how two opposing lawyers in a court room operate. They both tell their side of their story, but neither story matches with the other- how can this be ? Most people have come to accept that when a lawyer lies in court, that is justifiable because she/he is representing their client. Likewise, judges may make awful and prejudicial rulings against anyone they want at anytime. There is no recourse against this sort of lie other than to go to a higher court on appeal and hope to get the bad judges prejudicial ruling overturned. Nothing “bad” will ever happen to the judge for she/he has absolute immunity when ruling from the bench. Judges lie all the time, especially in Family Courts despite their being a code of conduct for judges(lawyers also) but because of the attitude of their sticking together in their “Ol' boy's club” attitude amongst those in the local and or state Bar Association, very, very times will you ever hear of a judge or lawyer getting in trouble for lying. Matters and decisions of the law are always justified in the courtroom, even to the degree of lying.

Corrupt Genesee County, NY Judge Robert Noonan

Of course if lawyers and judges can “legally” lie, so can those who protect the judges and lawyers in and outside the courtroom; that is, the police. The Supreme Court of The United States of America has repeatedly made in it's decisions that the police may lie to you at any extent in getting or manipulating a person to admit guilt in a crime. Despite Perjury Laws that prevent people in making false statements to police, testifying under oath in the courtroom, police are allowed to lie to you at anytime if they have reasonable suspicion that you have been involved in the act of committing a crime. Apparently...police, judges and lawyers are all exempt through immunity from what the rest of our society is not allowed to practice.

Corrupt Erie County, NY Judge Tracey Bannister

Of course lawyers and judges are obviously not only the only group of people who justify lying; religious people lie also. Perhaps you are familiar with the word “Taqiyya” where by both Shi'a and Sunni Muslims utilize their teachings from their Qur’an to lie to others either for reason for protection or to take advantage of an “infidel”(non Muslim believer). If you haven't noticed, there is absolutely no shortage of Islamists in our nation and their numbers are growing daily here in America. Even Mormons/latter Day Saints are allowed to lie in their religion in which they apparently call “Lying For The lord” . There have been also Roman Catholic theologians who have justified lying in the past also Seems to me, an awful lot of religious people justify lying. I'm glad I'm not religious, Jesus of the Bible declared lying wrong and as a matter of fact, it was my Jesus of the Bible who called out the Jewish religious leaders of his time in John 8:44 saying; “ You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father the devil, and the desires your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.

Corrupt Genesee County, NY D.A. Larry Freedman

                                                               Julie Falvey-lying lawyer  
Indeed, people will lie for any reason really. Inevitably, most people lie to gain control over someone or something. In America and all across the world really, many people have wrongfully accepted lying as an acceptable practice. Barack Obama lies, Mitt Romney lies, the vast majority of politicians lie whether through an out right lie or through omission ( Interestingly I see that although the vast majority of the electorate are aware that these politicians lie, hose very same people will still vote for the lying politicians anyway ! Think about that for a minute would you?... What can be said about any culture or people group where people knowingly vote to elect liars ? So many people these days lie to one another, it has become and epidemic and so many people these days lie as becoming natural to them just as eating a meal or like riding a bicycle. In fact, so many people purposely lie these days, it is difficult to know when people are telling the truth.

I have people contact me all the time for one reason or another but, what I am learning about the great degree of lying occurring in our world is that these days I need to be very cautious when communicating with so many of people because until I really get to know them, I never know if what they are sharing with me is truth. There are so many people these days with spiritual, mental health, emotional issues and or devious motives it is getting more and more difficult to know whom to trust. Perhaps the most watched for lie that I look for are those who tell half-truths, that is to say that people will not tell an entire lie but tell me or someone else truth mixed with a lie. In other words, truth and lies are mixed, and to me, that is the most dangerous sort of lie because truth is enmeshed with a lie as well. The Bible warns all of us to be aware of such half-truths in 2Corinthians 11:14 “and for no wonder, even satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” The devil is always active in people and half-truths are the lies he uses the most to do his dirty work.

As I have been already victimized by a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer who used already corrupted judges, lawyers to help defraud me and even to use a City of Batavia, NY cop to threaten to murder me and deny and violate my Natural, God given and US Constitutional rights as a Bible believing Christian the lesson here hopefully learned for all in this article is this; we ought not ever to lie ( )
 . There is never a time lying is allowed by God of the Bible. Those who do engage in lying need to repent to Jesus for their act. Being there is no excuse for lying and those who are put in charge of leadership of any nation should be the first to repent to set a Godly example for the rest. I do as the Bible so declares, that If those leaders who engage in lying or any other ungodly act will not repent, they should simply be removed. There is no place in any society for unrepentant liars or for any other unrepentant sinister act as a matter of fact. Let's all get our hearts right before Almighty God, not just in the area of lying.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller ~ Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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Friday, August 10, 2012

“Exposing And Dragging Evil Into The Light”

“Exposing And Dragging Evil Into The Light”

As a sort of supplement to last week's blog article regarding taking a righteous stand against evil, I wish to continue this week in sharing in the all important matter of exposing evil by pointing to and if necessary, dragging evil to the light. I have shared in numerous previous articles that the Bible is quite clear that we as Christians should expose evil and have nothing at all to do with evil. A simple and quick read of Ephesians 5:11 proves this correct, but what I quickly wish to do is get to my point and a very important question to all of you; What does the Church need to do when those engaged in evil utterly and in all determination, refuse to repent and change from their wicked ways ?

The simplistic answer to this question can be found in Matthew 5:13-16 where Jesus describes that it is the position of Bible believing Christians to be, that is to act as the “light” in every opportune moment, and that is for us to show what is right before God and never to lose that “light” before others for if we do lose our “light” we will be useless as those who know not God and be thrown away as those who are in the world. Here, we read Matthew 5:13-16 which clearly states.... “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again ? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men. 'You are the light of the world. A city on a hill can not be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on a stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven.”

There are some religious folks out there who will tell you that “good deeds” only encompasses
that of giving away food to the hungry, to give used clothes to the needy or perhaps any number of deeds that looks and appears charitable, and I whole heartily agree that those are indeed Biblical “good deeds” but those are only partial act of the Biblical meaning of “good deeds” and the reality is that those previously mentioned acts are only touchy, feely, nice-nice things that has limited Biblical fruit. When Jesus spoke of “good deeds” He was also speaking of those matters that Christians through their “light” also shinned upon the darkness, that is---those involved in evil, in being shown, even forced in seeing the error of their ways will in the end hopefully repent. Oh now, before you start getting all hot under your religious collar about me mentioning forcing evil to be in the light, as yourself; isn't that what we are already doing with those who engage in rape, burglary, murder and other crimes? Indeed, we do not(well except for Obama, Eric Holder, Goldman Sachs and others who are apparently above the law) allow those who harm others walk around freely do we ? We bring them before fair and impartial judges(cough) do we not ? And if found guilty, those criminals who engaged in darkness are put in jail by the “light” correct ? Here is a sad truth about the “Church”---It is so sad that so many in the world can plainly see that many Christians these days do not like talking about, nor do many pastors also enjoy preaching about or engage in “shinning light on darkness” as it is a very “uncomfortable” and “not so politically correct” to expose wrong doing from within the confines of the church walls any more. Most Christians rather talk about and hear a sermon more in tune with jesus butterfly beliefs, that is to just stick with the “nice-nice” and comfortable portions of the Bible rather than have to acknowledge the Bible wants Christians to expose the wiles of the devil out there in the world irregardless if people are dying and going to hell over it.

It is so sad that so many people who call themselves “Christians” leave it up to the world to try to “be the light” in their own unbiblical way in exposing wrong and evil doing. Why is not the Church of Jesus Christ not engaged in exposing evil and at the same time assisting those who have been wronged in coming to know Jesus also? We can see plainly on the network news every night that millions of Americans and folks around the world need assistance beyond a hot meal, a warm blanket and a tout of Christian exclaiming“ Jesus loves you.” Indeed, there are millions of Americans and others around the world who would come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour if only Biblical Christians would get out of their safety zones and go out and stand for righteousness on behalf of the oppressed in the world. There are millions of unsaved Americans who are instead of having a Biblical Christians helping them fight for righteousness and justice, are simply being ignored and thus the opportunity to gain a soul in heaven is being washed away by the devil who often uses alcoholism, drug addiction, divorce, suicide and even murder to blind people to fact that Jesus Christ is the answer and that He has a wonderful plan for their lives if only they would live life God's way.

Indeed the world is tired of being enslaved to injustice of the corrupted and the terroristic governments that enable those corrupted people. Those people who have been enslaved for sometimes generations are now rising up to meet their oppressors but the Church is no where to be found in helping stear those who are oppressed into the right and Biblical direction. Oh sure, there are the religious and the devil's cheap imitation of godly leadership by those such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and many others like them, but very, very few are the “real McCoy's”, that is those who stand for Jesus Christ of the Bible and make salvation through Jesus Christ paramount and above all in seeing people helped and rescued.

The world as I said has finally risen against ungodly and wicked behaviour of governments and it is people like William Windsor who's Lawless America film documentary is in the works and only after a few moths of being filmed, there is already talk of a nation wide weekly television program possibly produced and aired. Where are the Bible believing churches in banding together in their own film or work in victims of injustice; helping people getting to know Jesus Christ and also in getting Godly justice ? I don't see any Christian film makers our there or churches nor Christian denominations saying to people like William Windsor; “Hey Bill, how can we be a part of what you are doing ?, we also want people to get justice but we also want to love on them and want everyone even those who do evil, to repent then get to know Jesus in their hearts, so they don't hurt people anymore.” Nope the Church is again AWOL on this thing called “injustice” and looks like many Christians lost their “saltiness in the world.”

Another recent lost opportunity Biblical Christians lost out on in their “saltiness” in regards to the area of exposing injustice and where the world in fact had to do the job of the Churches in exposing unrighteousness, was also been projected on a film. This particular film project was just released recently and although there are some well meaning mentions of religion in the film, but one cannot help notice that Jesus and the Bible are missing from the film's contents. The film shares about what many people struggle with in and outside the Church and that is the issue of divorce and the evil US and State's use of Federal Title IVD, Chapter 666(I kid you not !!! 666 !) funds. As millions of Americans go through divorce each year, the Biblical Church largely stands on the side-lines doing little to nothing to stop this scheme from the devil even from within the confines of the church building walls. The guilty verdict is all ready out on divorce but the guilty verdict is not upon all the Christian men and women who didn't ask for a divorce, no the guilty verdict is upon the churches that treat those same divorced Christians like a disease ridden parasite. Oh yes, I'm sure a few church folks prayed for the person suffering through an unwanted divorce, but why didn't the entire church congregation get up off their fat pew potato butt's and march down to that court house whip out some “saltiness” and give that rebellious spouse seeking a divorce, the attorneys and the judges(as well as those cops guarding the court house) a good tongue lashing or two ? The end result of the church NOT partaking in helping poor souls getting justice is plainly seen in the statistics that show the divorce rate in the Christian church higher than in the world. I want to encourage everyone, Christian or not, to view this film documentary entitled; Support? System Down which can be viewed for free for a brief time at .

These days, social websites are filled with an increasingly hostile and very angry populace and the Church is missing in helping to bring the Biblical answers to people in desperate need to expose evil. The world's governments in response are preparing against people by hiring more police who are now using military grade weapons, APC's, and tanks to harm and kill the angry populace who have had enough. Even with armed government insurgents growing, the Church remains largely apathetic even to the pastors in the USA are wrongly and increasingly incarcerated also. Most of the Church does little to demand justice for anyone, even their own. I think in particular Sheriff Arpaio in the State of Arizona who many Americans say they love and admire, and who has gone way out of his way to ensure what he calls “Constitutional integrity” regarding Barack Obama's illegal activities but yet he has a Biblical pastor sitting right in his own jail and that pastor being held unconstitutionally also. The reality is “Sheriff Joe” is just like so many Americans in many ways even the so called “Christian Church.” All pick and choose convenient times to stand up for what is right and always only for their own benefit. This is what happens when the world dictates what “light” is; this sort of imitation of Natural Law is distorted and certainly unbiblical in nature.

The world is wasting away towards evil and the opportunities for the Church to be “salty” in exposing evil and showing what evil looks like under “the light”, are wasting away. To the “Church” I say; this is not the time to have your head up in the clouds, standing around praying or worshiping all day. Jesus' earthly ministry was spent not only in times of worship and prayer with the Father, He also spent a great amount of time being “salty” to a sick, depraved world that was deeply oppressed by earthly and religious rulers a like.
The Church better put the light on evil so all will see what it truly looks like, time is short.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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Friday, August 3, 2012

“To Get Back Our Nation, We Need To Do More Than Eat Chicken.”

                                                  image via

“To Get Back Our Nation, We Need To Do More Than Eat Chicken.”

Congratulations to Mr.Truett Cathy; the owner of Chick Fil A food chain for taking a Biblical stand on marriage. I see with the recent news regarding the of “Support Chick Fil A Day”, many Christians and good people of America responded with a rousing support of Mr. Cathy's stand for Biblical based marriage and we all appreciate his willingness to stay the course regarding what God intended for all of man-kind when it comes to healthy marriage relationships.

I am pleased as many of you, including those readers and viewers of my blog articles here in seeing such a resounding gathering of Americans in taking a stand against the sin of homosexuality, but I want to confess that I also have a concern that what was done in terms of supporting “the right thing to do” will only turn out to be like other events or tragedies we "came together" in America, where people get involved only to dedicate themselves for a cause in a short-term period or time. I think back to the 911 tragedy where for about one or two weeks after the planes hit the Twin Towers and we eventually learned that over 3000 people died during this horrific event, even when we as a people were stunned, shocked, deeply wounded and even angry but even when even when people flocked to the churches to seek God for help and divine intervention, in the was only short-lived and that is what I see with the problem of a one day “fling” in of support of anything of “Biblical values”in America today, people don't really seek God for change.....for their hearts are interested only in removing ache until matters “go back to normal.”

Oh I know, on the most part, people's hearts were really for supporting Mr. Cathy's personal stand for Godly righteousness and that's a great thing but it was all to much about a heart for religious reprieve rather than repentance and having a contrite heart for a righteousness God. In fact the whole day may be looked at like how most people view and attend churches these days---. Let's face it; going to a Chick Fil A restaurant was fun, people went when it was convenient, it was entertaining(lots of people took pictures after all), and it was something people only had to dedicate themselves to one time and in the end--- didn't have to make any real commitment to anyone other than the cashier when purchasing for their food. Please don't be confused, I'm not trying to compare going to a Chick Fil A restaurant to a church but the sad fact is that many people in America do think and want churches to be like a Chick Fil A restaurant... well maybe a Burger King ? You remember... “you can have it your way at B.K.”

Already people are calling for another something like a “Support Chick Fil A Day" on our national Election Day with wanting hoards of people rushing to voting booths to some how without God in mind nor heart, take our nation back. Do I believe voting is important ? You bet ya ! But there is much more to getting our nation back then the support of our favorite candidate at the voting booth whether he is Biblically grounded or not. What I mean is this; of the two major American political parties, neither political party in 2012 is offering a true candidate which reflects real Christian Biblical values. No one can be honest in telling me that either Obama nor Romney, hold Christian Biblical values or that they will not lie now to get votes then later do opposite of their pledges to follow the Bible. Don't expect also I nor God for that matter, to simply hold our noses when pulling the voting booth lever for any ungodly candidate this November. Some of us like Dr. Alan Keyes will remain loyal to God, not political parties in our selection for President this year and I hope many Americans will also.

This whole matter of “support Chick Fil A day” was a great idea that was meant for one day event but a one day rouse for God and liberty is not enough. This nation and many of it's government leaders, judiciary and others are corrupted to the hilt. Sadly and in all honesty, many Americans have joined in with the corruption but are in to deep of denial to see it. They have become so accustomed in living a life without Biblical accountability, they cannot see that although they hate the corruption from all in Washington DC and all government, they themselves are also part of the problem. You can only point the finger at someone in doing wrong only for so long and eventually, we need to get honest with ourselves and admit our faults and take the responsibility, that is our share of contribution to the problems and the mess we are in today.

Evil has run a muck for a long time now in America and it's “time to pay the piper” for our contributions of turning our heads away when evil rose up it's ugly head. Such evil's disguised as “good” have been accepted widely in the USA among “Christians” and as well even good Americans in our nation have been too willing in accepting the unbiblical beliefs of “tolerance”, “political correctness”, “not judging others”, and worse.... we often compromise our Biblical and moral beliefs just to “get along.” We are learning the fate of our nation now because of all the neglect in following the Christian Bible. Taking a one day stand in doing what's right before God is not enough ! We must be willing to pick up our cross and carry it daily, not when it's fun, easy and or convenient. We are losing our nation at an alarming rate... there is much hard work to do. When there is a crisis in any nation, a one day labor to get a nation back is and would never be enough. Look at It this way.... it took our American Founding Fathers many years of personal sacrifice to make a new simply was not “fun, convenient nor easy.” They lost family members, land, homes, property, even loss of life.

Despite our commendable one day effort to support one Godly man and his company in choosing to stand up for Godly righteousness, there is the continued need to turn from from our wicked ways, to repent ourselves to Jesus and then on to remove those unrepentant evilists who refuse to change to good....for if wicked people are not eventually removed, we all will continue to see wicked men grow and our Godly liberties destroyed even more. That my friend is of God's design and for now.... Good job for one day's event but now you go seek Jesus Christ and if needed, you repent for what yourself have been wrongly involved in then go out and get your nation back !

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

**** Reminder, be sure to get your Voting Poll Guardian Groups together very soon !