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Why Do Westerners Refuse To Listen To Their Godly Prophets ?

Why Do Westerners Refuse To Listen To Their Godly Prophets ?

I remember very well the day that America's greatest-Biblical and Godly Prophet died. His name was David Wilkerson. It was a very sad day when I and several million other true believers in Christ Jesus of the Bible learned of brother David's death. Pastor Wilkerson often spoke of things that were related and relevant to what God's people and the world was suffering from because of unrepentant sin in their lives. Frequently in brother Wilkerson's messages from in and outside of the pulpit, you would see and hear his weeping for America and the world that often was then, as still does today go it's own way rather than following Jesus Christ of the Bible. Everyone of David Wilkerson's messages were filled with Godly love for people and always rightly connected and approximately related to Bible Scripture as the source of how ignoring God's Word was directly related to our suffering. In nearly every message, he also made sure to give a call to repentance so that every person, every community, every nation would have the blessed hope of restoration and salvation through Jesus Christ of the Bible.

Brother David is gone now...gone on to Heaven, and with the Lord. God has not abandoned us, He still gives each nation Prophets to speak to His people despite David's death and even today, other minor prophets still remain. These Prophets are both men and women who are in right and true relationship with Jesus Christ. They put forth the very word they hear from the Holy Spirit into the ears whom they were anointed and appointed unto speak. Of course, satan always has his false prophets in pulpits across America, Europe, Australia, and the entire world as well. Satan has his imitators and liars, and until he is cast into the Lake Of Fire, satan will always have his people to act, lie and lead people astray. For the benefit of not only Christians but also the world, we need to hear from God's people, and refuse the voice of satan's people. We need the Prophets of today, probably now more than at any other time in human history. Without those who hear directly from God and speak the word's they are anointed to speak, a nation will instead listen to satans' false prophets and in the end, head to, or continue on a path of suffering and eventual destruction such as we see so many doing presently in the West. God's Prophets are sometimes pastors, ordained Christian ministers, but more than likely, a true God-ordained Prophet is a man and or woman who holds a deep relationship with Jesus Christ, and as well, carries a humble spirit about and regarding their gifting to speak for Him. Unlike satan's spokespersons, as well as many selfish and title loving “christians” and “churches” of the West today, most real and God-ordained prophets do not put the title of “Prophet” before their name and make public spectacle of themselves as such. Real Prophets are not interested in having others glorifying them, no... real and Godly Prophets always walk humbly as servants of the Most High, and do His work by speaking to, and whom God tells them to speak. The glory is never self-seeking or self-glorifying for any real Prophet of God(or Christians), their words are always spoken from, and glory given to Christ Jesus.

So As I asked in the title of this article... “Why Do Westerners Refuse To Listen To Their Godly Prophets ?” As I and others see it, the answer to that question and reasons are actually three fold from our Biblical-vantage point, and are shared and listed below...

Number One , God has his Prophets, and satan has his. In today's world filled with crisis after crisis. Obviously something has gone very wrong in our world. We need to hear and heed the messages and warnings that God's Prophets share with us to help us restore peace. If you hear the voices of God's Prophets today, they are loud with warnings towards all people who walk this Earth. Are Prophetic words always that of “warning”? No, but in today's world of many catastrophic dilemmas due to so many also ignoring God's Word, real and Biblical Prophets these days are appropriately giving warnings to all to “repent.” While God's Prophets speak of warnings of tragedy if we do not repent of our sin(individually and corporately), there are at the same time, satan's people and false prophets at the same time informing you and I to “just relax, remain calm, everything is alright”, also...“it will all work out in the end”, “just get along”, “just pray”, “coexist”, “God will take care of it”, “just love everyone”, “agree with political correctness”, compromise”, etc. Here lies the problem for most Americans and those who live in the West pertaining to why many in the West ignore God's Prophets... Folks in the world and also in the “church” as well don't want to hear about (as David Wilkerson put it) “Gloom and Doom.” Seemingly, many in the Church chase after the “ear tickler's that tell them things opposite or not in the Bible. Seemingly as well, most in the West either have the inability to differentiate between the voices of God's people, verses satan's. To think of the Billions of people around the world who are not only hearing satan's fake prophets telling them, “just be happy”, but that they also actually listen to that false hope messages and follow the devil's advice as well, makes me absolutely ill to my stomach. Folks with these types of attitude reminds me of the Bible passage where in 1Thesalonians 5:3, The Apostle Paul writes and warns, “When they shall say, 'There is peace and quiet', then suddenly destruction shall arise upon them as labor pains upon a pregnant woman, and they shall not escape.” Think about this; Billions of people in the West right this very moment are greatly endangered of allowing themselves to be thrown into Hell because they cannot nor will not properly discern the voice of God through His Prophets and instead are looking to and listening to the voice of satan's people which always leads to dire consequences, even death..

Number Two, The “It's all about me” attitude has absolutely infiltrated, overtaken and overwhelmed many Western Cultures. Psychiatrists and Psychologists term such attitudes of “self” as “Narcissism”, but the Bible plainly calls it “vanity.” Whatever you want to call it, there are Bible verses that speaks of being vain and the bad fruit of having such self-centered attitudes. One verse that is probably the most relatable to this article and it's subject matter, can be found in Ecclesiastes 2:1 which read's, “I said in my heart, 'Come now, I will test you with pleasure; enjoy yourself.' But behold, this also was vanity.” What the writer of Ecclesiastes is saying in that Bible Scripture also speaks to us today. Filling one's self with pleasure rather than pleasing God is a huge problem not only in the World, but also in many churches in the West as well. Satanic teachings of “It's all about me” types of false doctrines find's itself in the church and being taught asthe prosperity gospel”, “Once saved, always saved”, “Calvinism”, “the social gospel” and other false teachings where “self” and “I can do what I want no matter what, Jesus still loves me” attitude has sadly replaced the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified(for the atonement and forgiveness of our sins, a completed and finished work). It's bad enough that millions and millions of religionists who wrongly call themselves “Christians” believe the devil's indoctrinations such as the requirement of “works for salvation”, that on top of that, self centered attitudes of replacing Jesus Christ with “self”(selfishness), making self as god, has infiltrated and overtaken much of the Body of Christ as well.

Number Three, The real and Biblical Church has failed to do it's job to evangelize, equip, teach the Bible without error(without satan's influence) and be a major influence in the world in the West and around the world as well. Sounds like an overwhelming amount of fault on the church's fault right ? Well, it is. The Body of Christ which does not exclude what I call “lay people” in the church(everyday believers in Christ Jesus of the Bible) are largely at fault for the world not paying attention to, and listening to the voice of God's Prophets today. What do we expect though ? Look at how the world laughs at Christians still, yet today because of so many so called “Godly” men and women who especially in the latter half of the Twentieth Century, had television and radio ministries, but either fell from grace or were not exposed for being frauds in the first place. Why did this occur ? because no one held accountable those women and men who fell from grace or were fake minister and or evangelists to begin with. Most non-Christians today treat real Bible believing Christians with disdain and are even laugh at Christians as well. Also, when Godly Prophets speak they are ignored because of the lack of real repentance on the part of those “TV and radio Preachers.” The church “screwed-it-up” as far as their witness before the world and because of that, much of the West will not listen to God's Prophets. Personally, I hear negative remarks all the time because of the damage done by unrepentant TV and Radio Preachers and fake Christians. The fall-out from those who have ruined God's name because of the acts of false Christian “leaders” is huge. You don't have to talk to many about Christ before you begin to hear... “All you want is money”, and they that make such statements only reflect the attitudes of many that did fall from God's grace or were fake TV Preachers. All they did and or still “want is just money.” But the bottom line so to speak as to why many in the West are not listening to Goldy Prophets is this, there is very little accountability for so called “pastors”, “preachers”,”ministers” and “prophets” still these days, and it shows by the way the world treats and reacts to even real Biblical Christians today. Should we really be surprised or shocked when these aforementioned “Christian Leaders” acted badly, that now also the world greatly rejects Christ and refuses to listen to God's Prophets ? In case you were unaware, the World is watching and counting all the Marijuana smoking “Christians”, the Alcoholic “Christians”, the selfish “Christians”, the divorcing “Christians”, the hypocritical “Christians”, etc. I'm not trying to be (non-biblically)judgmental here. No, I will be the first to tell you as also the Apostle Paul first stated in the Word, “I am the chief of all sinners”, but I have enough smarts and God given intelligence to know that when I sin, I quit doing it and repent quickly! Apparently most “Christians” also refuse to listen to Godly Prophets and those of the World are asking themselves, “Why should I listen to those so called Godly Prophets, the Christians don't listen to them, why should I ?”

God's Prophets are speaking to all of us right now. Their voices are an echo of what God's Word states and declares for us in the West(the entire world)today. It's not hard, nor difficult to see that the world is a mess and getting worse. Even some of those who belong to the World are able to clearly see that. My question however for you as a “Christian” however is this... If the people who are of the World can see the entire planet in turmoil, and even some of them are hearing and agreeing with what God's Prophets are saying and warning us of, why aren't you as well ? Biblical History teaches us(who will learn)the lesson for not listening to His prophets. I do hope and pray that those in the West stop listening to satan's unrepentant spokespeople, and instead, begin to listen to God's Prophets. Haven't you had enough chaos in your life yet ?

Jeremiah 29:17-19 “Thus says the Lord of hosts, behold, I am sending on them sword, famine, and pestilence, and I will make them like vile figs that are so rotten they cannot be eaten.I will pursue them with sword, famine, and pestilence, and will make them a horror to all the kingdoms of the earth, to be a curse, a terror, a hissing, and a reproach among all the nations where I have driven them, because they did not pay attention to my words, declares the Lord, that I persistently sent to you by my servants the prophets, but you would not listen, declares the Lord.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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