Friday, February 24, 2012

“ Who Else Is Sleeping In Bed With Your Spouse ? “

“ Who Else Is Sleeping In Bed With Your Spouse ? “

This weeks article takes us to part 2 in a series of commentary and a discussion regarding the need to share and in helping all Americans understanding as well as fully implementing the return of our nation to common sense and Biblical principles. This particular article raises the following questions; Are you married or wish to be in the future ? Then, who else is or will be sleeping in bed with you and your spouse ? Interesting questions perhaps? If are interested thus far, then please read on and pay close attention to the information given in this article.

If you were like me up until some years ago, I was not fully aware of how truly ingrained the U.S Federal and State's governments were involved in our personal lives. I mean, I was aware that to some extent there was an increase or a creeping in of our Federal and State laws purposely forcing and enabling evil things such as abortion, homosexuality, and other areas like it in our personal lives, but to the degree of evidence and facts arising against our very own government in purposely subverting our God given, natural and Constitutional rights, I really was not that aware. Since that time however, I have found that there is no area of our lives that our nations leaders have not left untouched in violating Godly and Biblical precepts including that of the sanctity of marriage. As an increasing number of states pass laws such as allowing homosexual marriages and or unions, anyone with open spiritual eyes and that understands common sense can see that there is a furthering in our nation's moral decline and Biblical thinking and in turn, we have now lost our favor with God. Of course, most evil people do not recognize this, for wicked minded people care not what God thinks or even that they believe in the God of the Bible so why should they care right? Well, to answer my own question here; yes and no..... It is true most evil people care not about God or believe in God for that matter but the bottom line is they should care. Even a Roman Catholic like Rick Santorum(I'm not saying I endorse the man for President) has a very good understanding that violating Godly and Biblical precepts invites God's wrath and that means in the end, good as well as evil people will also suffer,0,6346449.story . We should all come to an understanding that all people suffer at the hands of God for ignoring evil and refusing to apply practical precepts of Biblical good rather than the acceptance of evil. Every Christian's responsibility for removing all evil is a Biblically sound New Testament as well as an Old Testament idea. It seems the only “Christians” that may disagree and argue with me here about this idea are those of a(theologically wrong) American “feel good and itchy ear christian” belief system.

We who can clearly see where allowing such evil and anti-biblical acts such as allowing government sanctioned gay marriage or homosexuality to be propagated, endorsed or even encouraged in America(or anywhere for that matter) is quite dangerous for our nation's health. We true believers need to continue in raising our voices in warning our fellow American Citizens of the dangers of allowing such unnatural, perverted and anti-biblical acts such as homosexuality and “gay” marriage or even instituting government over God. There is something else we need to do to get our nation back on track, and that is to separate ourselves from this and other acts of evil in it's entirety. As our nations elected and non-elected officials in all three branches of government take actions that offends God and His people, Biblical action is required on our part in returning our nation back to God. What I mean by this specifically in regards to homosexuality and marriage as well as forced government evil mandates is that the “institution of marriage” needs to be returned back to the church as outlined in the Bible. The American and state's governments have placed itself as god in the institution of marriage and this is where the problem needs to be addressed. Get government out of the business of marriage and return marriage and other areas of our society back to the Bible believing churches and America will in part, begin to be restored.

To really understand the issue as well as the severity of unbiblical and immoral government involvement in our lives, we should understand that marriage as well as many other areas of government made regulations forced upon us takes root in contract law. American and state's government being full of lawyers, have taken upon themselves(many years ago) to make marriage part of government control and their contract law. This is why a person will “sue” for divorce in a government courts(The Bible teaches against this in 1Corinthians 6:1-11). Rejected by the American Government and courts even for Christians is 1Corinthians 6:4 which states “If then ye have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church. “ No government should be allowed to interfere in a Christian's life or where the Bible clearly states for men or government not interfere, allowing homosexual marriages included. There is a built in financial incentive however for the government to be involved in every area of every American's life and family, Christian or not. In the USA, a couple cannot get legally married without signing a government contract for marriage. When you, I or anyone else signs a contract, of course we are legally bound to it. Perhaps you are, or were, like I had believed in the past that a marriage contract signed, was only between myself and our spouse(male and female), how wrong that belief is ! When anyone signs any government contract, whether a marriage “license”, tax return, driver's license, social security application, pet license, any government ID and so on, we are bound to the government and agree to them as part of that area of our life whether we want the government there or not. A government marriage contract in America today means that a government official figuratively lays in bed between you and your spouse. This also means 24 hours per day, seven days-per week, 365 days per year, there is a government official overseeing your marriage and ready to intervene in every aspect of your marriage and family life. There is no escaping forceful government intervention including on behalf of the anti-God homosexual agenda. The sad fact is, once you have signed that government marriage “license”, Family Courts, Child and Adult Protective Services, Domestic Violence Program workers, social workers, teachers, school officials, judges, police officers, lawyers and many other “agents” of Federal, State, County and Local Governments can invite themselves into your marriage and or family uninvited anytime they wish and tell you what is or is not acceptable behavior or what is a healthy belief system according to their man made ideas-again, whether you want them there or not !

Yes, it's time for marriages and families to be governed by the Biblical churches once again, as God says so. I believe as well that we need to institute Jesus Christ back in the marriage as the “third strand” as declared from Ecclesiastes 4:12 and take the government out. There is a real war of the heart and soul of all Americans. The US, States and other Government officials would like to convince you that evil is good, just ask “judge”Tonya Parker of Texas who would love for you to reject God and follow her evil belief system to accept gay marriages; The American Government never should have been allowed to been involved in Godly and Biblical mandates to begin with so taking government out of marriage in it's entirety will help our nation in being restored to Godly blessings. Rejecting the government from any and all marriage and rejecting all evil precepts such as homosexuality or “gay marriage” may take some hard work on our part such as instituting marriage certificates and holding our own records rather than the government doing so, but what ever is done, that in the end, I believe all the work to remove government and evil mandates from our lives is well worth the blood, sweat and tears we may shed in the process.

Don't be afraid, I have already had a death threat from the Batavia, NY police, had my children, house and property illegally confiscated by corrupted US and New York State government officials for my siding with Jesus and the Bible, but that does not dissuade me nor should any threats from evilists also deter you from doing what is right in the eyes of God as well.

Acts 5:29 “But Peter and the other apostles answered and said: “We ought to obey God rather than men

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


Friday, February 17, 2012

“True Biblical Restorative Justice, And Tax Free !!!”


“True Biblical Restorative Justice, And Tax Free !!!”

I am in hopes that in this and the next few articles presented as in a series, I will be able to share and help all of America to understand as well as begin implementing the return of our nation to common sense through Biblical principles. All of the articles will include Bible Scripture quotes to reinforce each area discussed. I pray that not only the “common man” will benefit from these articles but also that of Legislators, those of the Executive Branch and all in the Judiciary will pay close attention to these principles as well. I cannot think of any time in our nation's history other than right now, that we need the Lord Jesus Christ and His help for “We The People.”

In case you were unaware, the USA has more laws on the books of all the nations in the world yet, we also have the most incarcerated. Many Americans are under control of probation, parole and other types of supervision throughout the U.S., State and of local Governments law enforcement agencies. Statistics via the U.S Bureau Justice Statistics specifically shows us that;
  • About 7 in 10 persons under the supervision of adult correctional systems were supervised in the community (4,887,900) on probation or parole at year end 2010, while about 3 in 10 were incarcerated (2,266,800) in local jails or in the custody of state or federal prisons.
With so many Americans increasingly participating in illegal activities, we must take a real and honest look not only at these persons committing the criminal acts but also at the judicial system which punishes people for laws broken and any“illegal infractions” made. Stating as such, let's now have a short overview of American law and it's origination shall we ? We know, and all should be keenly aware that the origination of our nation's laws were designed to have minimal intrusion but at the same time guarantee protection of all it's citizenry from those that would go astray from common law and do us harm. Most of you understanding and probably agree with me with this precept of early American History, we can also most probably also agree that our nation's laws have become a facade for what they were originally intended. They have become a false or fake representation of what our American Founding Fathers presented to us as what was best for the “government of the people.” It would seem that many of our current laws in the USA are no longer designed to protect us but rather they are designed solely for the purpose of the class of profiteering elites such as government officials, judges, lawyers, police officers, and their special interest groups. I believe an appropriate example of such laws passed and utilized for profit gained for these elitists are Traffic Laws. Here, we see that laws that were originally designed so that government agents could be hired to guard our roads and highways In reality however have become “punishment for profit”laws. These laws are solely designed for a financial reward incentives  for these elitists previously mentioned. Traffic “tickets” often carry a mandatory fine for the local government/court where the infraction was made plus there is often a mandatory “surcharge”(TAX!) for the state level elitists as well. Many government officials willingly admit to, and without shame utilize traffic law “offenses” to raise revenue for themselves. A local or state government is low on cash ? No problem.... just send the cops out to “catch” people “violating” alleged Traffic Violations. How about this one; were you aware that in New York State and in other states, for every “guilty” plea in Traffic Court, the judge presiding over that court receives a “fee.” I call that coercive justice, others may call it “the law”- you choose the wording you like.

Perhaps placing enough blame here in the article against our government and the many unfair practices of the government elitists, let us not refrain from also taking time now to look within ourselves and see how we also contribute to violating laws that we know are only designed for our benefit(there are some yet still). For not all laws exist to profit a special class of people in the USA, some laws were actually designed to help guide us and truly keep us safe from evilists. These certain laws (that I believe most of you will agree with and that) were looked to as the foundation for all our laws by the Founding Fathers; they are called The Ten Commandments (Deuteronomy 5;1-17). Those are laws we should all abide in.... after all, I don't really think any of us should be involved with murder, adultery, lying, cheating stealing and all the rest of what the Bible declares as evil do you ? Again, our American Founding Fathers knew that the Bible, that is; Biblical principles are what gives us freedom as well as the blessings in following them. These men who wrote our earliest American documents were also keenly aware of the curses associated with not following those Biblical precepts as we can see from James Madison's quote; hear

tWe’ve staked our future on our ability to follow the Ten Commandments with all of our heart. We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We’ve staked the future of all our political institutions upon our capacity… to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.” [1778 to the General Assembly of the State of Virginia]. 

Our Republic was made so that there would be fair and Godly justice dispensed and those who violated those laws would be given fair justice. Today, we can see that it is not only our government agents who willingly violate Godly precepts, there are many in the USA who also willingly violate God's mandate to follow His plan for our lives and our nation. We need to restore our own lives and our American Government back to what our very own U.S. Founding Fathers envisioned for our nation and that is to place the God of the Bible at the helm of our nation, families and personal lives so that there may be a clear understanding that following God in all areas brings happiness, blessings and avoids God's wrath upon our nation.

To the degree of true restorative justice, we need first to take the personal responsible act of repentance before Jesus Christ for sinning and turning away from Him and following our own selfish desires. Every American, rich, poor, elitist and other needs to abide in repentance-you cannot purchase or bribe your way with God. Repentance for all is step number 1, the second step is that we need to corporately as a nation, a a society and as a people do the same. This means our leaders must take affirmative action in coming before God and making a change not only in their own personal lives, but also in their man-made laws they have allowed to violate God's precepts and principles. Thirdly, and perhaps lastly, those leaders in our government, churches, anywhere that hold authoritative position over us who refuse to repent, must be removed. One cannot Biblically restore a nation of people without the total removal of evil. 2Chronicles 7:14 states " if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. “ Upon this last Bible verse quoted in this paragraph plus the faith combined upon the finishing work that Jesus Christ did upon the cross at Calvary is what America needs now. Always has been, and always will be what America and the world needs. We as a people and a nation have drifted far left of God's righteousness and His ways. Justice and government is often corrupted in America and an increasing number of us, sadly, ourselves stand on the wrong side of God. Justice will return to us as we repent and honor God in our lives and nation once again.

Every bible believing Pastor, every Bible believing Christian has the ability today to do what the Bible declares. Each Bible believing Christian has the ability to teach Godly precepts and principles to others, especially in America with so many Christian resources such as Bibles, teaching books, CD's, DVD;s, and many other resources available to us. These resources are not “treasures to keep to our selves”, they are to help others. The Bible declares in Proverbs 27:17 “ Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. “ Every church in the USA should have an outreach ministry to arrested, incarcerated men and women across our land. The vast majority of people incarcerated are not first time offenders, rather they are multiple arrestee's who very often also come from fatherless and parent-less homes themselves; ...

  • Approximately 70 percent of men in prison come from fatherless homes. Additionally, 85 percent of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes
There is a need for Christians not only in the jails to teach and mentor men and woman Biblical precepts, there is also a need for that connection to a local body of believers in Jesus Christ to government leaders as well as the incarcerated. As the United States Government spends billions of tax payers money on wasted government programs that provide little in the way of stopping jail recidivism, the correct and only taxpayer FREE program that is tested and proven reliable time after time is a person restored Biblically.
To see a person wholly restored through Jesus Christ is one of the most beautiful acts you can ever witness. I have seen where Biblical Christians have acted as a sort of mediator between a criminal and his or her victim to see genuine repentance and lives restored. They understand and are convinced the same Jesus that lives in them also will deliver life to a person who is spiritually and emotionally dead...

2Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. 18 Now all things are of God, who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation, 19 that is, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not imputing their trespasses to them, and has committed to us the word of reconciliation."

For some of you reading this article perhaps you are thinking this is some sort of political liberal “get out of jail free card” or being “easy on criminals”, it is neither. What I am sharing does not reduce a jail or prison sentence nor does it enable a convicted criminal to commit more crime or re-harm their victim. What I am sharing is mostly contingent upon a government agent, convicted criminal’s or our very own heart; whether they or we are truly sorry and also wishing to make right to a victim what has been done wrong. Some victims will never accept repentance from an offender at any stage and that is their right to do so but many victims do want to see their own lives restored after being violated and will receive a truly repentant offender's true cry for mercy and forgiveness. For a victim, true repentance can certainly help in the healing process as well as likely prevent a convicted criminal from re-arrest and incarceration. It's a win-win for everyone involved when there is Biblical justice applied.

To my fellow Americans, we stand at the crossroads of either further cultural disintegration or returning to what our American founding fathers knew worked best. Which would you rather have, continued incarceration and an upsurge in crimes in America coupled by our government participation in the  wicked cash making and spending business at our freedom's expense ?  or would you rather follow the Bible, and see our freedoms restored ? Personally, I will take the Biblical way every chance I can get.

Isaiah 61:8 "For I, the LORD, love justice; I hate robbery and iniquity. In my faithfulness I will reward them and make an everlasting covenant with them.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, February 10, 2012

“ Who is Left In America With Biblical Spiritual Discernment ? “

“ Who is Left In America With Biblical Spiritual Discernment ? “

This particular question has been on my mind for quite sometime as I see an ever increasing number of pastors, Christians and church leaders who act or speak things outside the proper definition of the Bible. I have also encountered as of late a couple people who have indicated in their communication with me that my “religious” views “makes people think” I am “crazy.” I am not sure whom these supposed “people” are they are referencing that allegedly think that way(perhaps they are secretly Communists), but we know from 2Timothy Chapter 3, that we are in a time many will ignore and be hostile to Biblical Truth. One of the two(only 2 of my 3700 plus Facebook friends have ever shared the very thought) who shared such a statement to me is a self-described “Irish Catholic”(whatever that means ?) He shared with me in the recent personal correspondence that he is also proud that his own first name is associated with the same name of one of Jesus' Disciples in the Bible. I don't dislike the man at all but I noticed this man has also posted on his social website of his alcohol drinking/drunk exploits which to me nullifies anything good he was trying to make of himself out to be, or according to his religious beliefs previously shared with me. His words and actions really only reinforces what I am about to share further in this article which is that religious people in general as well as Atheists, Secularists and God haters spew their unbiblical opinions which only ends badly for them as they are often left to their own devices and problems because they reject God's understanding of Biblical spiritual truth. Equally sad to me, are the many Christians who also react with unbiblical ignorance and or lack of understanding of spiritual matters or their consequences. We are sadly apt to see and hear many Christians act/respond in unbiblical ways that instead of helping, actually add to or often enable those who purport anti-christian behavior rather than doing what is Biblically correct and necessary to help folks understand God's spiritual design which always challenges the belief system of those who reject the Bible and Cross of Christ. My hope is that by the end of this article, all will be able to understand the root cause of so many problems in our society, and that all these problems we suffer can be traced to the lack of recognizing of Biblical spiritual discernment it's application as well.


In the remaining portion of this article, I will be using my “home town” area in the USA as an object lesson to illustrate what can and does occur to a people, a community and nation that loses it's Biblical and spiritual insight. This means we will be first taking a look at we see in the international media news recently which being that fourteen girls plus one adult woman from the LeRoy, NY have been affected with Tourettes without known cause, even with several environmental tests, as well as a battery of physical and psychological exams. Of those impacted, there has been no concrete reason established why these girls and the adult nurse suffers from the Tourrets . Interestingly, and although many various tests were administered, to my knowledge, what has not been examined in this matter is probably the spiritual cause/root of these Tourretes. In all honesty, I am not sure if there are any Biblical Christians remaining in LeRoy, NY or any Christians that have the ability to discern such possible spiritual matters as this but what I do know and am fully aware of is that historically, I had attended a Bible believing church in LeRoy, NY some years ago but when the founding pastor of that church left, a man who was not a Bible believing pastor was brought in by the elders of that church to take over and this same man later became friends with a known documented pedophile from the next town over(Batavia, NY). In fact, this documented pedophile in Batavia, NY also claims to be a pastor of a “mega church”as well. He does have many attendees from what I have seen but to the degree of understanding or not understanding spiritual matters, many of his attendee's are fully aware of his pedophilia and unbiblical doctrines but choose to attend his religious building and activities anyway. This is an open door for the work of satan and disastrous occurrences in people's lives, attending that “church” or the one in in LeRoy, NY; it opens windows and doors for satan to walk through. I am glad that the church in LeRoy has seen many people leave(including the elders of the church) since being taken over by the false shepherd but sadly, spiritual matters have actually become much, much worse in LeRoy, NY because of the false biblical teachings there and the “pastors” friendship with the pedophile. Incidentally, these same two “pastors”(both in LeRoy and Batavia) also purposely helped the Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer who harmed me and my children, she also lives in the Batavia, NY. Area. .

Coincidence you say ? My friends, nothing is by coincidence in life as some might tell you. Evil begets evil and when evil finds another just like it, they work together to destroy God's workmanship. It is after all a spiritual principle. Just like Christians are called to love and help one another and work together for God's glory, so those under satan's control will work to corrupt God's Kingdom and destroy God's people. I hope the lessons learned thus far from this article is that when purposeful
wicked action is allowed, evil has of course negative and disastrous consequences outside one's own personal life-it can and does impact upon many with often disastrous consequences. Many Americans who claim to be Christians unfortunately have a lack of understanding that there are Biblical blessings and curses for everything that we speak and act. In fact, there are just as many problems associated with a Christian's inaction as well as in their actions. American “christianity” with it's “pray now and do nothing later” attitude has crept it's way into many a church in the USA including LeRoy, NY and the surrounding region. It is so very sad that many churches no longer teach Spiritual discernment and those matters of spiritual consequence. In fact, what I just shared with you is what is occurring in LeRoy, NY. Everything negative occurring in LeRoy and the surrounding areas are spiritually plain as day to me and also to those who have the (praise the Lord) God given ability to discern Biblical spiritual matters.

Sickness, disease, mental health issues, injustice issues and all sorts of evil have in their roots spiritual beginnings. Just look at the U.S statistic that over 26% of all Americans suffer from mental illness. If that statistic is true, that means more that 1 in 4 Americans are mentally ill . Does anyone really believe that stat? If it really is true, I believe what Smith Wigglesworth said many years ago is true; “ "When things are not going right, there are satanic forces in operation. What is my solution? To rebuke the condition of sin, death, disease, or whatever it is. I can pray in the Holy Ghost, and that prayer is effectual to bring down every stronghold of the enemy.” The issue goes back to recognizing spiritual matters. Many Christians claim to somehow know Jesus Christ but are unfamiliar with whom the Holy Spirit is or of the devil's hold on their personal or family's lives. As we dig deeper into what is occurring in LeRoy, NY we need not to go very far to see other evil matters at root that is also reinforcing and enabling of what is occurring right there. Right next to LeRoy, NY is a town called East Bethany, NY which has a local WICCA Witches group there hosted from also nearby Rochester, NY There are witches from that evil group that have also been employed in the Batavia and Genesee County, NY Domestic Violence Program which is also known to have their employee's teach female clients to falsify police reports of domestic abuse against men. Looking even deeper yet at spiritual consequences of people's inability to recognize the evil located near LeRoy, NY and that contributes to the current Tourettes issue, you can look south towards Hinsdale, NY; the number one “tourist town for ghosts” in New York State. Houses are actually built with stairs leading into walls for “ghosts” (demons) to travel in and out from the “spirit world.” . A few minutes drive further from Hinsdale, NY is the Chautauqua Institute. For those unfamiliar with it, The Chautauqua Institute has hosted world leaders for various meetings and also the hosting of the godless Humanist Manifesto . In fact just by looking at the entire region of Western New York, we see decaying condition of the surrounding and nearby Buffalo, NY (Buffalo in places looks like Detroit-empty and dilapidated buildings, high crime and drug use everywhere). I have heard of pastors from national and international ministries say that you can feel the “spiritual oppression over that the entire Western New York Region.” This of course encompasses LeRoy, NY which is obviously inundated with an abundance of evil. I know I'm not making any friends here from my “home town area”, but look also at Buffalo, New York's two professional sports teams; The Bills and the Sabre’s. Even many of the local and national media writes articles questioning if Buffalo is a cursed town; . If the secular media has a basic understanding of spiritual matters although highly ignorant according to the Bible, why can't Christian Churches and Christians “get it” ?

Ignoring important spiritual details and matters like prayer has it's consequences. Knowing how to pray is equally important as to what pray. I was informed early in my Christian walk that Billy Graham and his evangelistic team wouldn't come to the Buffalo, and Western New York Area for an evangelistic outreach for years because pastors were told by Mr. Grahams evangelism team to pray first for one year before he would come to the Buffalo area. The pastors in the Buffalo, NY region could not or would not commit to praying for that length of period so Mr. Graham declined hosting an evangelistic outreach in the area for years. Surely, lack of Biblical spiritual insight, understanding and fulfilling Biblical precepts is to blame even amongst our so called Christian leaders and is another door or window of opportunity for satan to destroy lives and families.

Today, millions of Americans go though life spiritually blinded. Many who profess to be “religious” have no clue what is really occurring to to them when problems or chaos floods into their lives. They are often fighting against the flesh in what is truly spiritual matters. The Bible says in Ephesians 6:12 “ For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. “ So what I am sharing here should be quite clear regarding Biblical spiritual matters to many by now but I also want to those who are reading this article; what I am sharing does not mean swinging from ceiling lights, flopping on the floor like fish outta water, looking for gold dust or money falling from heaven nor does it mean being filled with emotionalism.

We have to be in the Spirit to know the Holy Spirit. First things first though for every one of us no matter what we wish to call ourselves if we want to see and tackle Biblical spiritual matters correctly and that includes seeing our school children healed from attacks with physical ailments like Tourettes. That is we all need to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Without Jesus in your heart, don't ever expect to recognize truth or spiritual matters, even if it hits you in the face.

Finally, to my friends and family in LeRoy, Batavia and Western New York area and all across the world; my wife Jorlyn and I are praying for y'all and praying also the Lord's leading to bring you to repentance, salvation through Jesus, revival and mighty healings in God's favor through Christ Jesus and uses His ministries including my own ministry if the spiritual door is open for God's glory there and abroad.

God has a perfect plan for your life and it's all in the Bible-Amen

God bless !

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, February 3, 2012

U.S Government- The Largest Human Trafficker Of Children In The World.

U.S Government- The Largest Human Trafficker Of Children In The World.

In the United States, most Americans have no idea and extent of the horrible things that our Federal, state, county and local governments do to it's own citizens especially children. Now I fully realize there are real child abuse cases and they need to be dealt with swiftly and accordingly however most child “neglect and abuse” cases in America are complete fabrications made for the benefit of selling children for government profit. Now you would think that with all the legislation in the USA and laws that have been passed regarding so called “protection” of it's own citizens and all the hollering and complaining our own government does in the United Nations against other nations such as China, Thailand, the Philippines, India and the like in regards to child trafficking, that in fact our government would have a spotless record and be an outstanding example of how to protect children from human trafficking. However, just the opposite holds true, yes the word hypocritical can and should be appropriately applied here to all American Government agencies in regards to all U.S children. If one just took a few minutes to do just a little research on this important subject matter, you would discover indeed that our American children are being bought and sold by our own government and just as sadly, the Christian Community does very little about it !

Something else most Americans are not well enough informed about nor take Biblical action is that their hard earned tax dollars support various state, county and local programs where by children are “legally” stolen for profit. How can this be you ask ? Fairly simple as it turns out; The culprit is the Federal Title IV programs where by states, counties and local municipalities/ Family Courts and other courts as well as foster and adoption agencies are that are awarded billions of tax dollars annually to take children from good and healthy parents. Were you aware of actual “head hunters” who are are also employed through social services and various government agencies that look for children to steal ? I'll bet you(if I were a betting man) that you were unaware of this. You see, the system operates so that state, county and it's social services agencies can easily take children from good parents and make a huge financial windfall on each child taken. Children are taken from good parents through false allegations of abuse and the children are later often times sold to foster care agencies or adoption agencies. Federal monies are easily gained as the more children that are as identified (often times) as being “in crisis”(These children are often from poor families and typically blonde in hair color and also have blue colored eyes), the more cash courts and governments make. Profiteering at the expense of children's lives though use of false abuse and or neglect allegations against parents has made many a judge, lawyer, court and government employee rich through these government monies as well. Now you may be asking yourself, what kind of evil person does, this? Well, It's a well documented fact that many Child Protection Workers, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, cops, teachers, judges, lawyers lie to snatch children from millions of parents in the USA each year. It's the cold hard cash that attracts these evilist's to do such diabolical and wicked things as take lovely children from great mommy's and daddy's. See video-

Domestic Violence Workers have also been known to get into the act since it is their desire to eliminate men and families as God intended anyway, you can see these Domestic Violence workers visiting schools talking with teachers, children and school officials trying to drum up business. They also get a huge chunk of Title IV Federal monies as well and just like the other fore mentioned evilist's who participate in stealing children for cash, many of these Domestic Violence Workers also lie to gain cash. It's a feeding frenzy for the evilist's these days. Our legislators and even those elected to to the Executive branch are well informed of the child stealing and profits made but these government leaders by and large want nothing to do with changing the system and ridding the lies. Corrupt Federal Legislators like Charles Shummer are quite content with the billions of dollars that flows from our Federal Government to these legislators pockets and their home political districts. Millions of children are stolen illegally from corrupt government agents and there is little protection in the law from them. I suppose if you had enough money or have a personal relationship with one of these corrupt government leaders, a phone call to the “right people” could be made on you and your child's behalf to rescue them from the claws of these wicked people but in reality, but who of us has a political friend and ally to get what is already guaranteed to us in our US Constitution ? We should not have to be concerned about, nor have fear that our child will hurt themselves playing or have an accident and then CPS, Government agents, cops, teachers, DV workers and the like will be like vultures that will come and take away our child making false allegations of abuse against us- . Please remember, if you ever are hauled into Family Court or in front of CPS agencies, the law says everything must be decided “in the best interest of the child” meaning the government can do anything it wants at anytime with your child and you have NO legitimate claim nor recourse. You are at the total mercy of the judge and or government agency. As a parent, you can be court ordered for all sorts of psychological, physical and other tests, all returned finding you without fault or issue yet for no real or appropriate reason, your children can still be taken away from you, and that includes having your parental rights terminated for no real or appropriate reason as well.

Parents who home school their children and or Christians in the USA are especially vulnerable to being falsely accused of abuse these days and should take special note of what I am sharing here and prepare for action to protect their children and their families at all costs ! Please note that anytime the government cannot control, manipulate or indoctrinate persons with government propaganda, the entire family becomes suspect and is put on a watch list by various government agents who look for an open door to destroy the family unit. The family unit in America is in a purposeful cross hairs for destruction by government paid workers with their wealth of taxpayer funded Federal Title IV programs.

As well, In case you were uninformed, children in foster care and adoption agencies are inappropriately and horrifically often times being drugged up with psychotropic medications as young as three years old . I can tell you as a professional therapist that there is no child at the age of 3 that will need to be medicated with psychotropic medications for any reason-ever ! The only and sole purpose of medicating the vast majority of children while in foster care and or in foster care type housing is to cause them to be domicile, that is to force the children in care foster care more compliant and more easily to manipulate. The social experiments that have been occurring especially with our boys in schools for years now have also been extended to all children and adolescents in foster care and adoption agencies. Since Feminists have been the ones mostly insistent to destroy the male gender, they are also the main force behind our male children with mental health diagnosis such as Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder then pollute their minds with psychotropic medications such as Ritalin. These anti-christian women's groups for years now have looked to destroy God's plan for the family, there are many so called trained mental health professionals that are in place already to destroy more children as children are often seen as a liability and not an asset to these feminists.

We are commanded by our Lord Jesus to pray for our enemies and that we must do but unless Biblical Christians get up off their butt's soon and fight back at all costs, most of our children will be gone. There are over 50 million children that have been murdered through abortion in the USA so children living outside the womb are the next obvious target by evilist's. We need Godly men of action(James 2:17-20).This is and can be a very frighting situation and season for the ill equipped Christian and or family. Families should take this article as a very serious call to action and a warning to beware of just what the U.S and all it's states, counties and local governments are involved in. The US and it's states governments are largely not interested in helping people in their God given liberties of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as documented in our Deceleration Of Independence. The question for you and I has become; do you love your children and family enough for America to once again become “home of the brave” ? Meaning that we stand up and protect our children and families from wickedness, or do we stand aside and let evilist's go on with their onslaught against our family, friends and neighbors ???

Please be sure to view all three of the videos in this article. It will hopefully ignite your soul to do something to fight back and get our children back !

Psalms 37:17 For the arms of the wicked shall be broken: but the LORD upholdeth the righteous.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

** Reminder; Don't Forget That On February 12th, 2012 To Have Your Christian Pastor And Or All Christian Pastors Around The World To Preach Against The Purposeful Destruction Of Families At The Hands Of Governments.