Saturday, March 31, 2012

“ Nancy Schaefer's Murder; 2 Years Later, Nothing's Changed.”

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“ Nancy Schaefer's Murder; 2 Years Later, Nothing's Changed.”

Two years after former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer's death, not much has changed. I'm speaking not only of the request of thousands of people for the State of Georgia and or the Fed's to do a proper investigation into her death, I believe I am also speaking on behalf of the millions of parents who have and continue to be raped of their children and families by the entire corrupt Family Court system here(and around the world)in the USA.

The lie that Senator Schaefer who was supposedly killed by her husband two years ago in a supposed “murder-suicide” as reported by the Georgia State Bureau of Investigation continues to have the same “holes” in the report as was first reported. The ridiculous report including that Nancy's husband; Bruce, had cancer and that is why he shot Nancy then himself is believed by very few. Anyone with having been employed with a forensic investigation background such as I can see that all of us “John Q. Public” were supposed to be fooled by the coroner's office in Georgia in relation that Bruce had cancer ( Again, another LIE just like the other floated by Georgia State representatives LIED that the Schaefer's had had “financial problems” as also what the Bureau also floated around as speculation for Nancy's murder( ). Nope, lie, after lie, after lie were precipitated by those who did at that time, and continue to lie to cover up Senator Schaefer's death today. Oh yes, for sure Nancy was murdered, but all indication is, it was not by her husband Bruce. Who exactly were the murderer's then ? Now that question, we can only speculate. With the State of Georgia NOT doing their jobs and actually stonewalling a proper investigation into her death, we must go on to asking the next logical and easier question to answer; Why was she murdered ? That is much easier to prove as she shared publicly and on record, she had been told by her Republican Party leadership NOT to continue exposing the corruption in CPS, Family Courts, as well as the illegal and corrupt actions of the millions of lawyers, judges, police, psychologists, domestic violence workers and all the rest in the destruction of the family for profit scheme.

Those who knew Mrs Schaefer at the time of her death also were aware of Nancy's film project(with Bill Bowen her film director who was also found dead 5 months after Nancy's murder) exposing a pedophile ring within the Georgia State Government. Nancy had already exposed other state governments that had held “auctions” to sell off American children to prospective person's interested who were willing to pay cash for these children. Nancy (who will always be a hero in my “book”) put her life at high risk (despite threats from our government)for exposing our ever so increasing corrupt government which brings me to what else we are aware of since Nancy's death two years later; that is that our government leaders wax worse and worse, not better. Not only have the vast majority of our state leaders aligned themselves with evil, so have most of our elected and appointed Federal Representatives. Those of the Judicial Branch also have aligned themselves with evil by not only purposely covering up the gross sin and illegal activity of stealing children, the destruction of the family for cash, but also these same government employee's willingly participate in these evil actions as well and sadly two years after Senator Schaefer's murder, it seems very few are willing to stop them.

As before Senator Schaefer's death and up to now; Republicans as well as Democrats are just as equal in their participation in destruction of the family. Don't let supposed Republicans and or so called “Conservatives” fool you with their “pro-family” rhetoric. Later this year(2012), We Americans will be choosing our next President as well as a handful for the Federal and State Legislative Branch. None of the candidates for President have come out and spoken about changes needed in the Family Court, CPS, domestic violence and child stealing for profit problem. I have seen in a video tape interview where Ron Paul stated he is opposed to Federal Title IV funding to the states which is a great idea but even if Mr. Paul were elected this coming November, the vast majority of Congress and the Judiciary is involved in pro-family wrecking and are in love with the idea of stealing children and destroying families for cash. So then, even Dr. Paul(whom I am not endorsing for POTUS) could never get his wish to remove the financial incentive for family destruction for profit. The reasons for these crooked politicians and their evil cohorts in the Judiciary and in the Executive Branch is simple; it's their love affair for wickedness and is also all to obvious as well that the vast majority of our government leaders are lawyers and that in itself should tell you everything about evil for cash. Another reason for the bond between child stealing and family destruction for money making is the love affair of both Republicans and Democratic political parties with controlling people's lives. Don't let any politician fool you with their forked tongue election or re-election speeches about “helping working class families.” “You LIE !” has become one of my most repeated quotes when listening to the many politician running for election and or re-election these days.

The bottom line here folks is this; It is our choice and that it is every American's choice to allow this deadly game of allowing our elected and non-elected leaders and those evilists whom they support to carry on in “legal” child kidnapping and family destruction for cash. These evilists will not stop unless we stop them. More parents and children will die at the hands of cops and foster care/adoption agencies for child and family stealing/destruction unless we stop them dead in their tracks first. Don't think for one minute that you can allow the deadly game, that your children can be taken illegally and later at some point, your family will be simply restored by suing the evil police, CPS, domestic violence workers and the like. You very well may not get that chance; you cannot sue from the grave. As like Senator Schaefer, parents and good people are being killed for just voicing their opposition to their families being destroyed. We need to do something about evil, and we need to do something now. As Ernie Larson has said for many years; “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” I am quite sure Mr. William Reddie would agree with me whole heartily if he could speak from the grave; If you are not familiar with Mr. Reddie, he is the Michigan father who was yet another parent murdered by a cop so as his child could be stolen for the government could make cash. The cops LIED about Mr. Reddie's alleged Marijuana use and killed this father just so steal ANOTHER child.

Nope, things haven't gotten better regarding destroying wickedness in America, just a whole lot worse since the murder of Former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer. Personally, I will not go on without fighting against The Batavia, NY cop who threatened to murder me, the corrupt Genesee County judges, lawyers and others who stole my children, house, all my property the gave all to an illegal alien. Nope, I hope you join me in exposing and ridding our nation of Filipina Migration Marriage Scammers, corrupt judges, cops, teachers, lawyers, CPS and domestic violence workers, politicians and the rest who do such wicked things such as steal and destroy families for financial gain once for all.

Let's all have the fortitude and tenacity of Nancy Schaefer, let's make her proud and continue what she started in Christ Jesus( Yes! she was a member of the Southern Baptist Convention and a born-again Christian !).

As my answer to God a long time ago, and I hope and pray it is yours as well can be found in Joshua 24:15 “...But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Saturday, March 24, 2012

“ America The Possible..... “

“ America The Possible..... “

I was born in the united States of America and have lived here most of my life. My heart belongs here and although the Philippines which is my adopted home has become a close second also in my heart, I am a blessed man in saying that during my childhood, I grew up in the greatest nation on earth and arguably, the greatest nation ever to exist. Something terribly bad and wrong has occurred to my home nation however since the time as a youth. People's hearts, minds, and attitudes have obviously gone the way of selfishness, hatred, greediness, covetousness, and many Americans have sold their souls for cheap plastic, metal or wood and or a little fame. America, once the greatest Christian missionary sending nation in the world, now has a growing Muslim population. Many of the converts to Islam in the USA, were once Christians and also who at least in part, knew Biblical truth but rejected truth for a religion that promotes death and destruction.

What has occurred to my America since I was a child ? I made a few general observations about that subject in my last paragraph but, that is such a broad question and I suppose I could literally write a book on that very subject, but I will state here the largest problem in America is our turning our back on God. When I look at America, I see so many people suffering needlessly. I see so many people in hurt, pain and In trouble but need not to be. I look around at our once great nation where families and whole communities that had at one time in the past, pulled together but today, are deeply divided and separated by hatred for one another. I see where after Martin Luther King had promoted to see no more division between people of skin color and race, in many parts of our nation, there has become a even larger issues than ever before. Matters such as race has not become on a scale some would like us to believe as getting better, they have actually become much worse. The sad fact is that the heart of many Americans have grown cold towards one another as well as God since MLK's death. I feel so sad when I look around me and I see so many Americans who have the potential for greatness but because of the condition of their hearts, they live in physical, emotional and spiritual poverty. I see millions of Americans with so much potential for greatness for good and God given intelligence. These are the same people that God has designed to be our nations leaders and even to influence kings and leaders of other nations but again, because of the condition of the hearts of many Americans, The people whom God has given vast talents and intelligence to, will not reach their potential and thus, all America suffers.

America by God's design was meant to be a great nation. If we simply take the time to honestly look at our nations birth and history; “freedom” was realized but with the cost of “sacrifice.” A man's own Sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears to see God honored in his life was not uncommon in 1776 and it was also extremely rare to find a man, woman or child that did not believe in the God of the Bible and the Bible being taught as well as being used in nearly every home in our nation. God took and used the heart of men who loved Him and helped to build a nation not only of prosperity but of influence around the world. Earlier in this article, I mentioned about “Christian Missionaries.” Third world nations now send Christian Missionaries to our nation as to teach Americans about Christianity and attempt to convert many Americans from their evil beliefs in Atheism, Paganism, New Age, Oprahism, feminism, Hinduism and all sorts of other religious beliefs to instead become Biblical Christians. I think it's wonderful that other nations in which we shared the true Gospel of Jesus Christ in the past are now here in our own nation teaching us right from wrong. Only a prideful person would reject their help of wanting Jesus Christ in ever heart and in every home across America. In my heart of hearts, I hope that God sends more of these foreign Christian Missionaries to our land to help more Americans come to know Jesus Christ and also that more Americans can come to know their own vast potential in and through Him. I know what America can and has the potential to be !

I want and long to see America prosperous again ! I want to see every family blessed with their own house, their own car, a savings account with money in it ! I would like to see more Americans paying off their bills not only on time, but early as well. I long in my heart to see families pulling together in loving and helping one another once again rather than with what we currently see today and that is strife and division. Jobs and the economy are being touted as high priority in this years election cycle as well as they should be. Yes indeed, they certainly are however financial blessings and employment are indeed spoke of in the Christian Bible also. Blessings of employment and financial prosperity come not from crooked and lying politicians and and or a government which openly speaks of jailing you or killing you off. No, job creation, personal and corporate wealth are created by a relationship with (Biblical) God(Not the “prosperity gospel either !). Yes, it really is that simple. Communists, Feminists, Atheists and Socialists are run out of every nation that adhere to God's Word because in the heart of the people who seek God, they know and understand it would be utter foolishness to throw their blessings and prosperity away by listening or following such foolish people like that.

What is stopping America from being great again ? What is keeping America from prospering in wealth, health and in every blessing ? The answer is; It's only our hearts. Rejection of evil and repentance to Jesus Christ of the Bible for our selfishness and foolishness is key. Realization that a man and or a woman cannot rescue us is also key. No Muslim President, nor any possible Mormon man nor any person who does not follow the Bible in his life can help lead our country from our current woes. Don't listen to the lying, cheating politicians and our corrupted American Federal and it's State's Governments. They only have their self serving and wicked, evil agenda in mind. America's future will not be fixed upon more lies and propaganda of politicians. If you allow these people to remain in power, they will only drag America further down the pit of Hell.

Repentance of every American towards God for the rejection of His Word cannot come quick enough in order to restore and rescue our once great nation. Without every American repenting for either contributing to and or allowing evil to flourish in our nation, the united States of America will eventually cease to exist(more sooner than later). I wish to reiterate one last time here; no human being through the work of their hands or mind can rescue this nation. The only rescue that will occur of this nation will come at the hand of Jesus Christ Himself when American's humble themselves while on knee and in tears of true repentance for all the wickedness we have been involved in and or allowed.

America has been prophesied by some over the years by some to have one last great revival. I do not see the hearts of the vast majority of Americans ready for that(yet). The return of America to her once powerful great, and prosperous position will not be made by the devises of man's hands alone. No, we will see our nation blessed only when our hearts are ready to put Jesus Christ as not only King of our nation, but in our hearts once again. It's our choice.

Let us see what your reaction is and what you do from here America.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe regiment Pastor

Friday, March 16, 2012

“ In The Spring, At The Time When Kings Go Off To War “

In The Spring, At The Time When Kings Go Off To War

Does this phrase sound familiar my friend ? It should as it is a paraphrased quote from 1Chronicles 20:1. If you go on in reading in the remaining portion of 1Chronicles you read about King David, arguably the greatest king Israel ever had. King David had been in battle many times in his lifetime, even up to and in his old age but he did not go into battle this particular time. Instead, he sent out another man; Joab to lead David's might army into battle on behalf of God's Israel. The lesson learned from David not performing his duty as King is that he got himself in some real trouble with God. If You are unfamiliar with the story of what specifically transpired due to David's disobedience to God, I highly suggest that you read the full account of David's life in the Bible. For those however who need a simple reminder; David's rebellion to stay at home rather than fight in battle against Israel's enemies, resulted in him to commit adultery with Bathsheba, murder her husband and later contribute to his own family being divided against him.

What can we learn from this true story ? What modern day similarities can we compare between King David's lack of taking up his God given responsibility to go off to war and fend off evil as in comparison to today's Bible believing Christian and their responsibility to expose and fend off evil ? Well, we can certainly see that in “the spring time”, Kind David knew his responsibility was to “go off to war.” There was no one else called by God to fight that battle. In King David's case though, he had rebellion in his heart to ignore God's call to responsibilities and thus trouble began by David's next decision to delegate his responsibility to fend off evil to another man; Joab. Problem being; God did not call Joab to duty, he called David. So right away, we can see also that in our American society today, many so called “Christians” also skirt their responsibility to go off to war against evil. Just like what King David had gotten himself in deep trouble for not taking up his responsibilities to remove evil, he and now many American “Christians” also suffer horrible consequences for those inaction’s of cutting down atrociousness. Many Americans have continually and willing turned over their God given responsibilities to others such as pastors, teachers, lawyers and even the most corrupted of all things; their own government !

What has all this “skirting” of responsibility to go off to war to remove evil done to our nation ? Well I believe all one has to do is just take a look around you and clearly, you can see; many so called “Christians” and “Christian” churches laying in bed with the devil. Compromise with the Word of God is the name of their game. Itchy ear preaching from the pulpit endorsing sinful acts such as feminism, abortion and homosexuality which can be heard from the pulpit nearly every weekend. Our schools; from preschool all the way to college are filled with teachers and professors which openly mock God, the Bible and Christianity yet proclaim the “goodness” of Communism, Islam and antisemitism. Our children are exposed to an onslaught of evil and purposeful hatred against God's teachings daily In our Federal and State government's, in all three branches, we hear judges, lawyers, legislators and those also of the Executive Branch openly lie, cheat and steal their way through office. All these evils presently taking place in America with barely a bat of the eye or a peep out of the mouths of our nation's citizens and the Christian Church against such criminal acts.

Evil in America has largely gone unchecked and unscathed. I see many so called pastors and Christians looking for ways to compromise with or “love on” unrepentant evil rather than to challenge wickedness at it's core. Surly the Christian Church has failed and so have most Americans as evident by the amount of evil run a muck in our nation. Right now evil does and says as it pleases because there are very few Godly men that will pick up their cross and their weapon of righteousness to combat evil. I fear most “Godly”men have been tantalized by the TV remote and or their 6-pack of beer. As Obama continues in his fraud and lies, Bill Maher, Al Sharpton(I will not disgrace my Biblical God by referring to Sharpton as “reverend”), Ed Schultz, and many, many others who call good people vile names, and as both Republicans and as well as Democrats also spew their lies and pass laws to rob our natural and God given liberties unchecked without any real challenge to remove them, matters for all of us have become much, much worse.

I hear the complaints, I hear the frustrations of so many of you, but few are willing to do as what the Bible says to do. I have written to you about many ways to combat and remove evil such as with sacrifice ( I have written to you also how to specifically remove evil... ( ). I even had given you and had also previously shown you the fruit of what evil has produced in our nation and the UK ( No, Fox News Channel cannot save you, your Republican Party Presidential Nominee cannot rescue you, it's high time you realize that all your attitude of doing nothing but whining and complaining results in is the evilists laughing at you(us) and more evil.

People have contacted me and asked me; “Pastor, when are people going to wake up in our nation? “(America). Often my response is; “ I don't think most will wake up until it's to late.” I really do hope and pray that I am wrong in stating that. In all honesty though, I don't see nor hear many Godly men making(James 2:17-20) a real stand to defend their wives, their children, their families nor our nation of late. If I say we live in a nation of cowardly men who revere not God nor Godly justice I think that statement may be a bit strong, but as always in pure honesty, I don't think I'm far off from the mark when I make such statements. Truth is truth my friend no matter how much it hurts.

I want to make a real challenge to all Godly men out there, where ever they may be; Don't let evilists rob your children nor your family or even your nation. Get with other Godly men, say your prayers together as men but know the exact time it is in our nation's need. This is NOT the time for more strawberry socials, church conferences, “refreshing meetings” nor things that take our heart's from focusing on removing unrepentant evil. It is as Ecclesiastes 3:8 that states there is a “ A time of war.” Surly this is not time to watch the next sports game on the “boob tube”, nor it is not time to go the party, or even time to clean the BBQ. No; it's “At the time when kings go off to war.” Are you ready and wearing your full amour of God ???

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, March 9, 2012

“The Ignoring Of Persecution And Hating Of Biblical Christians In America”

“The Ignoring Of Persecution And Hating Of Biblical Christians In America”

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As the majority of the American media and the religious churches keeps it's focus on the obvious persecution of Christianity on the international scene, while purposely forgetting the steady increase of persecuted Biblical Christians here at home, I believe we should take the time now and explore the reasons that I believe so many of America's religious and press prefer to look the other way of the terroristic attacks upon the name of the Biblical Jesus in the USA. The first obvious reason for turning their heads from raising this important issue is the issue of money. What I mean by this is that there are few in the national media and in religious institutions that can make any financial profit or gain from exposing persecution of Biblical Christians here at home. Think about it... What would happen to Christian ministries that only have their focus on foreign ministries overseas or from the picture painted of that the national media have enabled the hand to the knife persecuting an American Biblical Christian ? Why, for the religious only in Jesus name, that would mean the religious in America would need to focus on getting their own selves right before God instead of focusing on church strawberry socials, church building parking lot projects and other religious non-sense. It would also most likely mean that ministries such as Voice Of The Martyrs which has done a wonderful job of keeping American Christians informed of the persecuted church outside the USA probably losing a major portion of it's funding due to people waking up and seeing that America has also slipped into the slime of Biblical Christians being persecuted along with the rest of the world. The US media would also be forced in telling the truth that there are Biblical Christians being killed, murdered, harassed, jailed and even threatened with violence here in the “good ol' USA.” Additionally, the imaginary and delusional teachings that so many American “christianity” pastors and churches which profess and teach religious non-sense instead of Biblical truth would go into a frenzy of chaos. Surely a challenge to the feel good and itchy ear preaching that is professed from the pulpit in so many churches across America would be challenged by those church members from the awareness that indeed there is Biblical truth and Christians are being persecuted here at home.

I'm afraid the Biblical truth is becoming very difficult to find in American Christian churches any more. And that has fulled the Jesus haters here in the USA. In fact, there are walls being built by the church “hierarchy”to keep most Christians insulated from Biblical truth. This truth of course includes the persecution of Biblical Christianity in the USA. I myself have been increasingly attacked by so called “Christians” on social websites and by some in the media. It is not only I being attacked of course but I am seeing an ever increasing amount of Biblical Christians also being side-swiped for their Biblical views and have contacted me in their being attacked for their Biblical stances. Beyond the so called “churches” here in the USA, we here have also been helped along in being persecuted by all the American governments anti-Christian rhetoric, calling us of all things; “terrorists” for our Biblical beliefs and even encouraging our Fellow Americans to play games on the computer on how rat out Christians and turn them in to police . With all the occurrences rapidly moving in our nation, I believe we have moved in the Biblical time frame from 2Timothy 3:1-13 now on to an era of Matthew 10:35-38... “ 35 For I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; 36 and a man's enemies will be those of his own household.. 37 He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. 38 And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me.”

Many government patriots, that is; those who are employed by the US Government to track Biblical Christians and also at the same time are paid to sow government propaganda on social media websites have become tag team members for the religious and Biblical ignorant. It saddens and sickens me to see Biblical Christians in America being portrayed as bad people who according to evilists only get in the way of “progressive thinking.” So often in the United States police willfully and gleefully arrest then later beat-up Biblical Christians taking part in their constitutional, Biblical and lawful exercise to expose evil and corruption , praying in parks, protesting peacefully at abortion clinics, and also those sharing the Good News Of Jesus Christ at “festivals.” As a matter of fact, as I write this letter, I am thinking of the US and it's State's abuses of power against Biblical Christians not only against myself but others also such as Scaheffer Cox, Rev. Darren Huff, Lt Col Fitzpatrick and of course the murder of former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer(whom I will be writing a 2 yr anniversary article about later this month), and some of you reading this article plus many others.

When will this hate and these terroristic actions end against American Biblical Christians ? Probably not until Jesus returns to take us home. As Biblical Christians however, I believe our respnse should be on defending ourselves and at the same time sharing the Biblical plan of salvation for all of mankind through Jesus Christ. This means much more than doing as the demonic false belief of American christianity that all we have to do is pray. We must have action... James 2:17-20 kind of action to be more specific. We must as the Bible states in 1 Peter 3:15-16... “15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear: 16 having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ.”


Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, March 2, 2012

“The Fruit Of Wallowing In Pig Poo”

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“The Fruit Of Wallowing In Pig Poo”

On many occasions in my articles I have taken the time to warn Americans and nations of the world of the catastrophe of ignoring God's Word and the dire consequences of allowing evil to remain. As many of us who love Jesus can plainly see in the latest of headline news, very few Americans are heeding the call to reject wickedness and to return to God. While I am saddened by the response not only of most Americans and their refusal to follow the only real way to get our nation back, I am especially disappointed regarding the so called Christian and “Church’s” response to all the madness that surrounds us.

In the period just in the time period of the last week, the news reported that in America we have seen two school shootings, massive tornadoes; killing people and torn down many homes and business buildings. Couple these horrific tragedy's of more news of gasoline and oil prices skyrocketing, the Conservative Journalist Andrew Breitbart's untimely death and most recently, news that a bomb squad was racing to conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh's home. At this point in all that is occurring perhaps we can all agree that “no news is good news.”

As Americans, do you still ask yourself the question; what the heck is going on that keeps the bad news everyday causing matters in our nation and world to go from bad to worse ? Well, I have answered that question frequently in my past blog articles but it looks like it's all still worth repeating... Some people just don't want to “get it “ until it's to late and judging by Iran getting ready to blow us or Israel or some other nation up, coupled with the American Dollar ready to collapse any day now, I pray to God, it isn't to late for America. Really, I mean this when I say; Americans need to repent to Jesus Christ like yesterday and our nation's leaders need to get on their knees and repent also not only individually but corporately for our nation.

America has allowed herself to wander off and jump in a big pile of pig poo and it seems most American's enjoy being there. Now In my heart, I really want to believe most people would want to get out and wash themselves off if ever falling in a pile of pig poo. Doesn’t seem to be the case though for most Americans. The attitude of most in our country seems to be that of wallowing in the pig poo in hopes the smell and poo will go away on it's own or others will jump in the pile of dung getting dirty with them. I know I and other Godly and Biblical pastors and Christians have given plenty of loud and clear warning and even pointed the way for all of us on how to escape the pig poo but few have responded positively, most actually have responded actually with viciousness and anger. Kinda reminds me of the old joke about the man stuck hanging off a cliff; the man cried out for help and God, without making himself visible said... “I'm here to help you” but at the end of the joke, the man replied to God; “is there anyone else out there ?” The meaning of this joke points to Biblical truth that secular strategies for job growth, national defense, lower gasoline prices, the sagging housing market, coupled with continuance on selfish attitudes, greed and self-reliance is not going to work. Long before men became “educated” in colleges and universities God Himself designed the perfect plan to fix all socioeconomic, physical, emotional and spiritual issues and as well all other issues we in our nation all currently suffer from. If American's can ever get it in their heads and hearts that God has ways of fixing our problems by following His Biblical prescription plan, we will all be better off. I am just wondering though as I write this article; if it is all to late for America ?

The Bible contains everything we need to be successful in life. Religion or so called “spirituality” only leads to death and as the Bible puts it in Revelation 21:8, sends people off to the Lake Of Fire. As religious cults continue to grow and claim to be “Christian” some how in nature, the more I ask myself; does anyone actually read and apply the Christian Bible anymore ? Seems since the early 1960's satan has had a firm grip on destroying America from within. Makes me also ponder Abraham Lincoln's famous quote “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Surely, ignoring God and His Word is a massive part of bringing a destructive end to our and any society.

I have been attacked for standing up for the Biblical Jesus from those mainly in the UK and the USA. Both nations were once historically two of God's powerhouses for sending Biblical Christian Missionaries throughout the world. These days, with especially America wallowing in pig poo, third-world nations are sending their Biblical Christian missionaries to to the USA to evangelize the Americans and help them understand that the God of the Bible has a much better plan for people than smelling of animal dung. If we all get real honest we will all see and readily admit that no culture or society has ever been allowed to remain standing very long when ignoring God's ways. In the Bible, you will find that there are promises of blessings upon any nation that follows God's precepts but also curses for every nation that ignores those same precepts as well. Looking at our own nation's history, we can very easily see the blessings that we once enjoyed because most families and community leaders read and applied the Christian Bible universally. Now a days, divorce, family strife, government child kidnapping, Muslim attacks upon our culture and nation, The US Government and it's States trampling on every natural and God given freedom without real challenge form the citizenry, we are all feeling the effect of our society rejecting Jesus Christ as Lord and King of our family, communities and nation. God has allowed each of these evils because we have rejected Him and His Word.

People very often get angry when you show them how to get family, community and national as well as international matters settled effectively and how also that they can only be done through the Bible. I've learned though, it's everyone's choice to remain in the pig poo, but when our national leaders make decisions that forces me in their pile of pig poor or I suffer because these so called government leaders lead a rebellion against God Himself-that's where I draw the line... I'm going to take action to make things Biblicaly right.

How about you ? Got Jesus or are you determined to see it your way and remain in the pig poo also ?

Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of The LORD is the beginning of Knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”
Pastor Paul Waldmiller-Black Robe Regiment Pastor