Friday, July 26, 2013

Apathy And Laziness, Contributors Of Loss Of Your Freedom In America

Apathy And Laziness, Contributors Of Loss Of Your Freedom In America

Are you apathetic ? Have you lost all or most concern for what is occurring in America and the world ? If so, you're not alone. Sadly, there are many just like you. Your action of inaction are among the biggest causes of allowing evil to run a muck and current tyrannical condition of our nation. This nation, and indeed the entire world as we know it, is deeply fractured and has needed folks to step up to the plate so to speak when it comes to getting our world back on track, but few are found in getting involved nor helping. We can debate all day long about root causes of apathy and laziness of many Americans but the bottom line is, most Americans have become for a myriad of reasons useless and a self-serving torpid people.

I do hope you enjoy “bottom line” or “to the point” articles or speeches, because for the remaining portion of this article, that is exactly what I'm going to give to you. I realize that very few folks enjoy taking a real long and hard look at themselves, but that's what needs to be done. Let's begin here then shall we ?---This world has gone mad in so many ways, I hardly know where to begin. I will however start by stating this; there is no better place to get a nation's sanity back, then by each individual examining themselves for fault and ridding one's self of negative behaviour. I realize many Americans don't even realize what the difference is any longer between right and wrong, but we need to start somewhere right ? Let's face it, It's much easier to finger point at others and tell them their fault then it is to focus on “me”, but it is paramount that we start with ourselves. Opposite of what you may view on crap TV, we need to own up and take responsibility for our actions or inaction’s when it comes to being involved with evil behaviour. Now, once we have come to that place where we have messed up and realize it, where do we go from here? Quite simple, Biblically and poignantly and assuming enough people in America would come to that realization, I guess one could then ask WWTFFD ? That is... “What would the Founding Fathers do ?” By examining documents written and considering the level of intolerance of evil by the majority of the American Founding Fathers, I'd say that some sort of revolt is due(yesterday). Yep, I said “revolt.” I don't care about the corrupt American Government getting upset about me or anyone else saying such things. Does it bother you ? If It does, Good ! Let me be quite clear... Your petitions, grievances, marches are not being heard, nor noticed. In fact, many of your phone calls, e-mail messages and the like are being laughed at and buried by Republican as well as Democratic Party politicians and their gatekeepers as well. Once again, referencing the American Founding Fathers and “WWTFFD ?”, It was Thomas Jefferson who said; 

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”~ Thomas Jefferson

Now I'm not saying there should be bloodshed in the streets, however I am saying that I'm not sure there are enough jail cells that should already be filled with corrupted politicians, lawyers, judges and law enforcement in our nation. There is no doubt in my mind that at very, very least, our Founding Fathers had they been alive today, would have gathered in small and as well, very large groups armed with pitch forks and muskets going out to drag those involved with corruption to either a jail cell, run out on a rail, or hung them from a tree. What does your American History Books tell you ?

To those that say “we are more civilized now, we don't do things like that anymore” or “we can, and or only need to pray for them” or in additional non-biblical and or in equally ignorant terms say things like; “simply vote them out” ...Oh boy ! when I hear things like that, I want to vomit. There is only one thing worse than a Lying Liberal and that's a so called “christian” with their head up their clouds who's blinded by his or her own willful stupidity(I warned you this article was going to be “to the point). I have written on many occasions in many of my past articles, that answering evil with “only prayer”, flopping around like a fish outta water on the church building floor, or measuring a woman's skirt or hair length is NOT Biblical Christianity and WON'T rid the world of wickedness, To many so called “christians” with their “feel good and do nothing theology” are the biggest problem to our world(yep, I'm blaming the biggest problems of this nation on fake Christians). Perhaps they along with their “prosperity gospel” pimping-preachers should be run out on rails as well along with their equally iniquitous and corrupted politician cohorts.

Our nation is overflowing with corrupted government leaders, their gatekeeper's and law enforcement employee's who are out to rob of us of everything we own, tell us what we can and cannot eat, force us to eat their poisoned food, breathe their poisoned air and steal our children's mind's as well as their souls. In fact it's so bad in the USA, our own Government not only steals our children, they also brain wash our children and turn our own children against us. By now, if this nation was truly in a right place with righteousness, every real God fearing-Christian Church each week would have a “Help Wanted, Real Men Needed” sign in the front door. Inside real Christian Churches, and again, every Sunday, there would also be “sign-up” lists for men who would volunteer to stand up for Godly principles and do whatever is necessary to save their souls, their marriages, their families and their nation. These men I write about are armed and ready to defend our nation from the further onslaught of evil agents of death, especially against those “government paid patriots” who peddle the devil's wares of Socialism, Machoism, Feminism, Atheism and rebellion against God's Word. I am reminded of how real Christian Pastors and real men behaved once in this nation with the story of Rev. Peter Muhlenberg during the American Revolutionary War....
on January 21, 1776 in the Lutheran church in Woodstock,   
Virginia, Reverend Muhlenberg took his sermon text from the 
third chapter Ecclesiastes, which starts with "To every thing
there is a season..."; after reading the eighth verse, "a time of
war, and a time of peace," he declared, "And this is the time of
war," removing his clerical robe to reveal his Colonel's uniform.
Outside the church door the drums began to roll as men turned
to kiss their wives and then walked down the aisle to enlist, and
within half an hour, 162 men were enrolled.”

How many “Christian pastors” do you know that would be willing to take such a stand ? Better yet... How many pastors or men do you know that are actually involved in taking back our nation right now ? I'm not talking about “get out the vote” projects now. Come on ! I'm talking about going out and getting in the faces of Congress Members, legislators, Governors, Judges and the like. Is your pastor or men you know(or yourself) taking on such tasks ? What ? you mean to say you “don't attend a Biblical church” ? Oh I see, so you're what they call a “Lone Ranger” huh? You're telling folks around you including your own family your gonna keep stuffing your face with food and beer, while watching that stupid sports program on your big screen TV. Yep ! you're going to “let the world go to hell.” I see, I have news for you Bubba, you're part of the problem, not part of the solution. Get your butt into a local Bible believing church make yourself accountable, throw out the profane words from your vocabulary, throw in the trash your pornography(throw out the big screen TV and computer if you have to), pour the alcohol down the drain, and for your soul and family's sake ! Get down on your knees O man everyday and pray with your family ! If you don't have a local church to become accountable near you, then start one ! Enough whining, sniveling and excuse giving.

Beyond the “christian Church'(small letter 'c' placed here purposely), there is plenty of blame to go around that's for sure. However, the bottom line, as I mentioned earlier in the begging of this article is that we need you to become pro-active. There’s no more excuses for those of you who have been on the side-lines so to speak waiting for “others” to do the dirty work” for you. You need to get yourself motivated and your butt in gear NOW. You cannot get your rights back without you first taking on your responsibility of first getting right with God. Not caring, being lazy, and remaining engaged with evil, nor being involved with removal of unrepentant evil people in power will not work in getting any nation back where it belongs. If your not going to make an honest attempt in looking at your yourself, ridding the evil that you've been taking part in, moving forward in getting in gaining our nation back, then it's time for you to pack your bags and leave. Yep, I said it. If you're not going to repent at all, get out there and fight for what's right, then expect at some point in time, probably seeing others, like minded as myself, coming to put you on a ship, a plane or some mode of transportation and sending you out of the country. We don't want nor need you here. God's hand of judgment is at our throats, it hurts and we are tired of taking a licking for your “lifestyle.” I'm done with begging people, and I know many of you who read my articles are also. The first ship to go out will probably be to Kenya. Ask yourself....Will I be on it ? 

"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men."~Abraham Lincoln

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Feelings Of A 'Hellish' Life For Whistleblower's And Exposer's Of Corruption

The Feelings Of A 'Hellish' Life For Whistleblower's And Exposer's Of Corruption

With the flood of sorts of many Whistleblowers now coming forward in all the latest Government scandals including that from the IRS, Benghazi, New York State Senators being arrested and “Cuomogate” and many other scandalous incidents all across the USA, you may notice that those people who “tell on” those involved in wrong doing, do so with great courage, but also do so with hefty consequences. You may even be a
“whistleblower” or exposer of corruption yourself and know exactly what I'm sharing about here. Either way, all American's should be educated and learn of what these men and women(or yourself) of conscience have gone through and most likely, even years after the fact, are still living a life of great pain and suffering for exposing wrongdoing of others. Unfortunately, If you are like most American's however, the image of a “whistleblower” or someone who exposes corruption is only pictured in the mind of the masses as usually just some low level government employee somewhere sitting at an office frustrated with “the system.” Nothing could be further from the truth however. In reality, many so called “whistleblower's” and exposers of corruption are indeed government employee's but not all. Everyday in and outside of America, there are many kinds, or types of “whistleblowers” and exposers of corruption. Yes... they may be Government employees, but they are also Corporate workers, “Blue Collar” workers and others such as US Military personnel, who see their own “brass” and “contractors” who hoard, as well as waste Billions and Billions of US Tax Dollars on unneeded Government programs and developments. In fact, with many private Government Contractors it is not at all unusual for to them to have “friends” in high places in the Pentagon. By the way, have you ever wondered just how do all those high ranking Pentagon, US Military Officers afford those big houses , luxurious vacations and jewelery for their spouses ?

Many of you, that is my avid “friends” and readers of my blog posts may consider Bradley Manning, the US
Army private who leaked Government secrets as a whistleblower. You may also consider Edward Snowden, the NSA “leaker” as an exposer of Government involved corruption as well. As they say “the jury is out on that one” for me. I haven't made a decision about that. I will say this however... America is definitely split on whether these two men are “hero's, or zeroes.” This is what I know.... there is a fine line between exposing evil, corruption and wrong doing vs. letting our enemies know important national and or corporate secrets that protects all of us. So stating as such, I am left is it a man or woman can expose wrong doing without also doing harm to any corporation or our own national safety ? It is nearly impossible, that's a fact. Let me share this thought...despite Senator Rand Paul's stances of supposedly being pro-whsitleblower and pro persons who expose corruption especially in our government, his advice for Americans, including that Snowden should have reported the NSA issues to him and “other Senators” is nothing but nonsense. I can tell you from a recent personal experience with the Senator Rand Paul's DC Office, that in-fact Senator Paul's Washington DC Office is filled with lying-gatekeepers. I exposed government corruption to several of his office staff and I was told by one of his staffers to send on my information, which I did. I was also promised that Senator Paul himself would reply to my message and report of government wrong doing. After receiving a facsimile e-mail message to me regarding an unrelated matter a week after I sent that original message, I called Senator Paul's DC Office where I spoke with another young man who said and did everything he
could to make an excuse why the Senator will not help me in anyway including responding to my message regarding government corruption to him. This is the reality and frustration that myself and as well, many whistleblowers and exposers of corruption go through, perhaps such as Manning and Snowden as well. There are supposed avenues and “channels” that we go through to “do the right thing” as Senator Rand Paul calls it, but in the end, many of us us get it right up the ….. and stabbed in the back so to speak, for reporting the wrong doing from the very people including Senator Rand Paul for following his advice.

Having the feelings of being frustrated is often experienced by many whistleblowers and exposers of corruption, not just me or a few others. Those who decide to take an act of serious risk taking to expose wrong-doing, do so not only with one's personal job-career at great risk, but also of one's personal life. Unfortunately, and sadly, just about any whistleblower and or exposer of corruption can and will tell you that they have to fight many more then those whom he or she is accusing of wrong doing. In fact, it is often just as an ugly, and difficult issue of fighting a very apathetic attitude towards corruption on the part of the public that makes life difficult for all whistleblowers and exposers of corruption. Very often, those who expose evil and wrong doing do so at their own personal peril as I mentioned earlier. There are those who actually put their own and or their very own family member's lives in harms way for exposing such wrong doing. No one is spared from such evil...I think of State of California Attorney Richard Fine who spent over one-year in jail being mentally and physically tortured for exposing judicial corruption ( ). How very frustrated one must feel to not only have “the Law” on your side but also know “the Law” inside and out, yet to be incarcerated and tortured in jail for exposing others(corrupt judges) for crimes. Just think, if this can occur to a lawyer, think of the hundreds of thousands of American's who are non-attorneys all across our nation sitting in jail(or beaten, tortured or even dead) just for the non-criminal act of exposing real criminal acts of government officials and others. There are as well many, who have paid the ultimate price of being murdered for exposing government corruption also. One such person, a great woman, former Republican Party affiliated and Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer is just one of those who was killed for exposing many who partook(even to this date still do so) Government sanctioned stealing of American children from good families for financial profit, that is human and sex trafficking( There are many whistleblowers and corruption exposers here in the USA that have been raked over the coals so to speak. Senator Schaefer certainly wasn't the first, and sadly, probably won't be the last to be killed for exposing evil and corruption. In fact, In case you were somehow unaware and missed it in the article , I too am also an exposer of Government corruption. While being victimized by an illegal alien and Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer here in the US, I found myself actually not being helped by the courts in New York State. In fact, I started to get quite a thrashing of sorts while in the courts. I was confused as why I would be maltreated for speaking and sharing truth in my legal motions, initially through hired attorneys. After I was forced to delete all my finances for attorney fee's and ordered to pay 120% of my pay for child support and maintenance, nor couldn't even get enough money for myself for my Diabetes and Hypertension medications, I became homeless and also began to report on all the self reporting of former female client's of mine as a Addiction Counselor who shared with me how they were trained by local Domestic Violence Program (female) workers and lawyers to falsify reports to police officers and courts falsely accusing husbands/boyfriends of Domestic Violence acts. Instead of receiving help, one evening, I found myself being on the receiving end of a conversation via a City of Batavia, NY cop who was sent via some judges, lawyers and that illegal alien threatening to murder me unless I stopped making complaints in and outside the courts among other things. What I found out over time is, and what I had(even to this day)experienced was not anything unusual, rather it is something that takes place all the time all across the USA. I have not been allowed to (illegally) see my children in four years, court hearing documents that apparently somehow grew legs and disappeared from Court records and much more in the way of cover-ups for illegal actions against me continues to takes place all for exposing corruption and fighting back against evil. This is just some of the price we all can and do pay for exposing evil, corruption and government graft

You may be asking yourself by now, why doesn’t the media report more of these abuses by the Government and corporations ? Like I mentioned earlier about most of the Public as well as the American Media/Press... they are largely apathetic and even afraid. You may be asking “afraid of what ?” Judges, lawsuits and lawyers, that's “what.” Indeed, “not news worthy” is mostly the response from news reporters when whistleblowers tell their stories to the press. It's not like many years ago when even local TV Stations had reporters on staff just for nightly or weekly reports on “investigative reporting.” The days of Programming like “60 Minutes” did on CBS, died years ago-and is long-gone. Once in awhile though you will get a brave soul like John Stossel who will take segments of his Television Programs on FNC or in print and have a story or dialogue on whistleblowers. He should be commended for taking on such news items as "whistleblowing" however the vast majority of the press just doesn't care and in my opinion, most in the American Press are cowards and only interested in chasing Liberal ideologies rather than exposing real wrong doing and covering stories about whistleblowers and folks who expose wrong doing. I'm quite sure a FBI Whistelblower named John Roberts would agree with me in whole regarding everything I have written in this article. Mr. Roberts reported government corruption within the FBI to CBS in 2009. His story of great abuses and cover up within the FBI went far and wide when interviewed by Ed Bradley for the 60 Minutes Television Program back then. After the Director of the FBI Robert Mueller heard of the interview, he assured everyone publicly that Roberts would not be punished for his act of whistleblowing and telling his facts on the 60 Minutes Television Program. However, it was only 3 weeks later that Roberts found himself being “threatened , intimidated and humiliated for exposing what he said has become a pattern of misconduct at the highest levels of the FBI and that has gone unpunished”

I could go on and on, telling so many true stories of how “hellish” life is like for whistleblowers and exposers of corruption. In fact, I could probably write am entire book on the subject, but have written as much as I can here in this article. So, think upon this...when you hear that terrorist Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the US, his partner in crime... Barrack Hussein Obama or just about any Government leader(Federal, State, County Local), Agency or even Corporation spokesman out there for that matter, deny wrong doing, think about the hundreds of thousands of American lives they have destroyed and continue to destroy today without check all because good people like whsitleblowers are largely ignored and punished for doing good in exposing corruption and evil acts. Most likely, you may not know it, but you probably have a neighbor, a friend or even a family member suffering right now for exposing corruption or evil and they need your help. Empathy is nice, but actual help and support is much better. We are here, fighting not only for ourselves, but for you and our entire nation.... lend a hand. We need it.

If you are a whistleblower or a exposer of corruption, I stand with you, locked in arms with you in destroying those unrepentant, who promote evil and wrongdoing. Stay strong in the Lord and stick together. Feel free to post on this article a short summary of your experience
as a “whistleblower” if you so choose.

Psalm 37:40 "And the LORD shall help them, and deliver them: he shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in him."

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, July 12, 2013

Black On Black Crimes, Who Cares ?

Black On Black Crimes, Who Cares ?

I Care !...

While many Americans have apparently drawn up sides on the Zimmerman trial case and are not only awaiting the jury's decision(at the time of the original time of posting of the article) but also to many are also awaiting to see if there will be rioting done by those who would be unsatisfied with the jury verdict. While we are awaiting, I want to take time to explore an issue that much of the media, in fact, much of America plainly ignored and continued to purposely ignore; that being the outrageously high percentage and high number of African-American's who commit crimes against those of their own skin color and culture. I am in no way attempting to draw anyone away from the Trayvon Martin issue where George Zimmerman is accused of murdering Trayvon Martin, no not at all. I am however in all honesty sharing in this article matters that are much, much deeper than the death of Tayvon Martin and the guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman. I would like as many Americans, that is...Black, White, Latino, Asian, etc... to take a real hard look and “picture”of, so to speak and realize, that in all honesty not only the bulk of the American Press does not report on when it comes to 'Black on Black crimes”, but also how our Government, and of those whom I term as “agitators”, “provocateurs” and “profiteers” not only purposely create an atmosphere for Blacks to commit crimes against other Blacks, they most often do so for financial and personal gain, control and or power.

As if racism is not enough, we have had for quite a number of years now here in America a segment of society that has chosen not only to live in a sort of unreality, or as I refer to as a “bubble” of willful ignorance when it comes to the growing problems of an ever increasing “Black” prison population in our nation. Most American's want a lawful and orderly society, that is a good thing I think we can all agree on. However, it is the disproportionate number of African-American men, women and youth incarcerated in out US jail and prisons compared to Caucasians, Latinos, Asians and other sub-cultures represented in the US that should concern us all. The greatest concern of course should be strongest among all Biblical Christians of every “race” as we as believer's in Christ Jesus are not only concerned for justice, but even more so, for salvation through Christ to “'every culture and every nation” as prescribed in the Christian Bible by Christ Jesus Himself. Looking specifically at those high percentage of African American's incarcerated(, it is very obvious that there is something very wrong, and increasingly getting worse within inside the culture as well as pushing from outside the “Black Community” that is negatively impacting many Black's to become involved with crimes, thus incarcerated. We as American's, especially the “Church” have no more real excuses to give when we ignore the number of Black's committing crimes. No longer can anyone as a matter of fact, give any excuse for ignoring the crisis that we see within the African-American Community when we read and now have seen all across our land, the 200 Blacks recently killed by Blacks just in Chicago alone.

We all know(or should have knowledge) for years now, that elements(mostly from outside Black perpetuated) commercial billboards within African-American Communities heavily target especially the poor there with Tobacco and Alcohol ads. Of course we know this targeting is purposeful and actually ads “fuel to the fire”, that is helping to perpetrate feelings of desperation then on to criminal acts. When it comes to the stress of being poor, feelings of oppression and overall feelings of hopelessness, that will eventually translate into criminal acts. If you want to keep someone in negative behaviour, just give them the tools to do it by breaking them down spiritually, morally and economically, and chemicals such as alcohol and tobacco. It is not only that businesses target poor Black's in their own neighborhoods but also there are other obvious profiteers, such as local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies that make millions and millions of dollars through “criminal activity”, “crime victim”, “gang activity” and other so called “criminal justice revenues” as well. In fact the most very, very recent evidence of this example is our very own US Justice Department that in 2012, had sent millions of tax dollars and also US Justice Department Personnel to the Sanford, Florida area establishing and shoring up “Trayvon Martin Support Rally's” and other “activities( future riots ???) This all being said and shared as obvious fact, there is however a question regarding the matter of personal responsibility that comes into play. Nobody likes “being played the fool” and this brings me to the next obvious question's here... when does one's knowledge and partaking of harmful behaviour become personal responsibility ? I mean, when is it time for the African-American Community as a whole take a real and honest look at how they have been manipulated to respond in a negative way so that not they, but others gain financial and in other ways ? It is the basis of these important questions that we should all as a society be interested in. It is that each of us holds personal responsibility for our actions. One can only claim “ignorance” of wrong doing, and take it just so far.

It is the claim of the Liberals and of some so called “Black Leaders” and Black profiteers of this nation that have not only used “ignorance” of African-American's participation in wrongful and illegal acts, it is the excuse of “culture” for illegal acts that has also been used as well. I can tell you that both “ignorance” as well as “culture” are very poor and very ill gotten excuses that “don't fly” with me, most American's nor with God Himself. The African-American culture so to speak has gone through quite a sociological change since the late 1960's, early “70;s”, not for the better so much but for the worse. Although many Black's have made great strides both sociologically as well as economically since that time, there is a large segment of the African-African culture where by there has not been gain, but rather regression in terms ( up-word social status movement. There are those within movements in the Black Community themselves that keep Black's purposely poor so that money can be gained through government sourcing. An excellent example of this is Family Courts, where you will see mostly minority men jailed for “child support issues.” For those unaware, county and state government's gain billions of Federal taxpayer paid dollars by locking up men delinquent on child support payments. There is a built in system for many judges to illegally order child support far above the lawful minimum child support standard's. Not only that, but the sociological changes that we see in the Black Community since the late 1960's(where community and family was much stronger) has now brought about a much higher percentage of co-habitation(not being married). We today see an outrageous number of Black teenage mothers, unwed mothers, fatherless children, and gang violence( and thus detains Black's largely in a cycle of spiritual and economic chaos and regression as well as oppression. As the Bible calls it, It is “the love of money” that is at it's root cause of keeping many Blacks in a state of having the inability to move socially upward. This is being done from both outside, as well as inside the African-American Community.

No longer do we see as I did in the 1960's, the extended African-American Family caring for one another. When “Aunt” Shelly was not really your aunt, nor was she your blood relation, but you treated her like your own mother. You respected her though, and didn't dare “mouth off” to her because your mama or father would give you “a beating” if you did. There was a great deal of love and community as well as support in the African-American Community in the “60's”, but sadly, not any longer. True love and pride of being “Black” is gone and today means something entirely different and today especially with youth, it means to be “bad.” Racial epithet’s degrading other Blacks or other races is common place and used as freely and also as common place as drinking alcohol and drugging. So now we've reached in our society a sort of pinnacle with Black on Black crimes. It is obvious by lack of news reports and vocal outrage from especially the “Church”, few care about it because it is a “Black problem” and taboo for the Liberal media and even other African-Americans or anyone else to speak about. So called “Black Hip-Hop” and “Black Rap Music” glorifies this culture of Black on Black crimes and it is often accepted as the “norm” in most homes. Often in their so called “music” it is profanity laden, they talk proudly “rap” about, “capping”(murdering) another Black man. Often in this music you can also hear the “rapper” referring to Black and other women as “ho's”(whores). There is actually a glorification of Black on Black violence including belonging to that of gangs and participating in gang related violence in their music. Truly, the days of “Whitey keeping the Black man down” are largely over. It is now the Black man keeping himself “down” by hating on himself through words and action.

It is long past due for real Black Pastors and Ministers to take hold of the African-American Community. Oh how I wish Dr. King were yet alive today. Perhaps he would model after Jesus Himself and go into some of these mega Black(and Caucasian) Churches and turn over tables and make a whip and chase some people around in them. There's all to much hanky-panky and false teaching going on in the African-American (many, not just Black)Church's today. Enough with all the titles of “Reverend”-this, “Evangelist- that, “Prophetess”-this and “Deacon- that, all those self serving titles don't amount to a hill of beans with God nor me without Jesus and true Biblical motives in a heart. It's time that the Black Community Leaders, especially the so called “Pastors” and “Preachers” get into the homes of Black families and folks to start teaching them right from wrong according to the Bible. That's right, get rid of that “BET Channel” attitude on Sunday Mornings and get back to the Bible and teach folks to stop listening to that devil's music about Blacks killing one another and start treating one-another with respect and love. Hey there Mr. Preacher, don't forget to tell parents to take all their children's so called “Rap Music” glorifying violence, lust, hate and unbiblical values and just dump it all in the garbage. Realize that it's not just Caucasian private prison owners, Government, and “Law Enforcement” keeping Black folks down but it's also, the majority of the American Media/Press, and Black provocateurs and profiteers that have their hands in the pockets of your “sheep”, keeping them “down” as well. The African-American Community has plenty to celebrate in the Bible and in life. We in the Body of Christ need to love one another and hold to Biblical Truth in all areas. Let's work together in exposing those who would make dishonest gain through hurting one-another, that includes like I shared previously...the “White” media elites and the “Black” provocateurs and profiteers who use us all to make a tidy sum and personal empire's from “Black on Black” crimes and from the false allegations of “'Racism” from the 'Government” as well as the pulpit. Let's rid all that evil now.

Finally, just a quick note. I am well aware there will be those who are ignorant, race haters and anti-christian bigots who will attack me for writing this article. It's all good... I know my family's history and know whom I belong to. I am speaking as Bible believing Christian here, speaking not only with concern, but also in Biblical truth and in Biblical love. Receive the article in that way.

Ephesians 5:29 “ For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as the Lord does the church.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, July 5, 2013

Hey America, How Much Evil Are You Willing To Tolerate ?

Hey America, How Much Evil Are You Willing To Tolerate ?

According to the Christian Bible, a nation's survival is totally dependent on how much the people in that nation and or society will follow the precepts and Commandments of God. History has shown quite true, that nations that follow God and His ways become blessed and quite successful. This realization was quite noted in the American's Founding Father's writings and thus the great deal of blessings many Americans have come to reap in the past. Yes, as I just highlighted and shared here... I used the word “past” because by and large, America has lost many blessings it once enjoyed for abandoning God's ways. It's not that there has not been some hardships or trials in our nation's history even when most followed God's Word, but it was often the heart and resolve of the American people to repent and then then on externally towards removing unrepentant evil and rely on God's strength, courage and success during those hardships and trials that kept the American people in continuing in God's favor.

Looking at recent events in Egypt as well as not so long ago historically also in Thailand and the Philippines, it would appear that those people in those nations have learned the lessons that most America's have forgotten, including that of having little to no tolerance for evil. En mass, the people in those foreign nations previously mentioned, have largely gathered to remove the wrongs and evils their government leaders engaged and refused to repent from. They took to the streets in mostly peaceful protest demanding the ouster of Presidents and their tyrannous government leaders. With their successful campaigns to free their societies from tyrannous evil, they had at some point obviously decided they had enough of their personal liberties and human rights being trampled on. In fact, history records that there rose among themselves common persons who took great chances of harm towards themselves including arrest and or being killed by the government for organizing, leading and actually going out to demand the ousting of corrupted and tyrannical government leaders. Unlike the majority of Americans today, one could simply say those that arose against evil government and government leaders had the moral fortitude and actual “grapes” to do something about it's removal.

With so many effeminate men now living in and ruling America, it is really no surprise to me that many men have no stomach to remove evil and even have the audacity to hide behind strong women like former Alaska State Governor Sarah Palin and current Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann. To the absolute delight of tyrannous evil here and around the world, there are very few men here that will actually take a (physical)stand against evil. Men of America are so much different and unlike America's historical past when also the Lord was still blessing America. It was often the Godly men such as Rev. Peter Muhlenberg, Rev. Abiel Foster, Rev. John Foster and many others who led not only their church congregations to remove evil but also outside their church walls as well. They often set to demand repentance from wrong doing, of course starting within themselves and then pleading and demanding of others. They did not hesitate to state and stand in their words with action and in the absolute need to take up arms against those who would force tyranny down the throats of honest men. We rarely see men like that in the pulpit today. More often then not, instead of Godly and brave men, we see “hirelings” and “wolves” propagate the idea of false gospel teachings including that of “prosperity”, “feel good”, “prayer only” and all too many other false gospel teachings that frequent the pulpits in “churches” today.
American's by and large have no fear of God and evil. This growing open “love affair” with evil has even brought us the very recent event that even Satanists have chosen to distance themselves from pro-abortionists who outside the Texas State Legislature protested with chants of “hail Satan” Tell me, how is it no man was outside chasing these evilists who proudly shouted over and over “hail Satan “ ??? Are there no more men in Texas who fear God more then mere men ? The State of Texas with it's proud Governor Rick Perry recently signing into a law allowing “Christmas” and the multitude of mega churches there contains not even one true Godly man who who will go toe to toe with these quite evil people ? This incident in Texas tells a much larger story about the hearts(especially) of most American men. It is a sad day and time in America where evil runs free to do what it wants, where it wants and how it wants, without direct challenge from people who claim to be “God's very own.” What kind of sick and cowardly society allows people to openly and unashamedly shout out in public “hail Satan” ?

As many of you already know, our Federal, State and County Government's are a facade. As I have mentioned in a number of my past articles already, I have been to Washington DC and have witnessed who really runs our Government. So that the remaining ignorant may no longer claim their folly, let the truth be told that it is the endless army of lawyers, special interest groups and lobbyists that control our Government, not your so called “elected government officials.” As the many of your American Government elected an non-elected Leaders and Officials plead ignorance or flat out lie about their knowledge of wrong doing(laughing at the hypocrisy of our tyrannical Govt. as I think of the many Congressmen and Congresswomen who demand from Obama appointed Agency Department Leaders in hearings their knowledge of illegal activities, yet those same Congressman also use “'gatekeepers” like the Obama appointee's who keep knowledge of illegal activity from Congressman/women), it's not that American's don't pay attention to the vast amount of God Given and Natural Freedoms that are being taken away by our own Government on a daily basis, no not at all. In fact like me, you probably hear fellow American's “pissing and moaning” all the time about all the corruption and tyranny occurring in government all the time. Yes indeed, American's are well aware of what is occurring but largely unwilling to do anything about their own evil in cleaning up their own mess, no less participate in dragging evil out of the White House, Halls of Congress or even the Supreme Court. To the delight of Obama, the Clinton's, Holder, Cuomo, Judges Robert Noonan, Tracey Bannister, Lawyers like Julie Falvey, Donna Haslinger, Larry Friedman, Lisa Robinson, CPS, Domestic Violence Programs, illegal aliens like Jennie Basal and many other evilists in our land , the majority of men of our nation that desire their freedom and liberty back from tyranny only keep their focus of their “war on tyranny” by making more social media groups. There are very few men in the USA that have the real courage to leave their (false sense of security) home and challenge those who willfully violate our US Constitution by the minute.

Consider this last and final comment on this article a personal challenge of every America male's “manhood.” Whether you are employed in “Law Enforcement, or a “stay at home dad, or whatever your vocation may be, I'm challenging your “manhood”...God is not looking for evil hearted men, nor men who compromise with evil, not even at what some may consider the smallest percentage. God is looking for real men who will clean up their own lives, their marriage, their families and then go out to challenge other men to do the same. Additionally, God of the Bible is also looking for more than men who know how to call out orders, shoot straight or post “American history trivia challenges”on Facebook to somehow encourage other men to “fight against tyranny and evil.” God instead is looking for real men like King David, that is... a heart hard after God and wanting to rid their lives and their land of evil so that all around them in the end may live in peace by displacing evil with Godly good. Take this now as personal challenge to you.....Will you be like most men and keep hiding behind your mama's skirt and just piss and moan some more with other like minded men ? Or will you take up your Godly place and rid the evil within yourselves then on to remove unrepentant evil in our Government other places ? Let's see what you will do... I'm ready any time you are. In fact, I've already taken steps to challenge evil to it's face and have no plan in ever stopping my actions(even alone if necessary)until all evil and tyranny are completely eradicated. How about you ?(Women, this your chance to also challenge the men in your life as well). Surely if men in third-world nations(like Egypt) who know not God of the Bible can do it, why can't you ???

Psalm 27:1-3 “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear ? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid ? When the wicked came against me to eat up my flesh, my enemies and foes, they stumbled and fell. Though an army may encamp against me, my heart shall not fear; in this I will be confident.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor