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ISIS Killing Christians, The U.S and State Government's Killing US Christians In The USA

ISIS Killing Christians, The U.S and State Government's Killing US Christians In The USA

I recently attended a Family Court hearing of a Dr. Mario Jimenez Jerez a few days ago where he became among the thousands of other Bible believing Christians here in America that have had their parental rights violated by yet another corrupted judge and court. What was Dr. Jimenex Jerez's “crime” that would precipitate such a drastic decision by a magistrate to violate a basic human and religious right to parent your own child ? He simply prayed to Jesus with his child. No joke. In Dr. Jimenz Jerez's case, he is not being allowed by the corrupted Family Courts here in the USA to be with, nor have contact with his daughter because he “prays” with her to Jesus of the Bible. Sounds like an insane thing to occur to someone you say ? Well, unfortunately you are one of the very many that have for whatever reason, not been paying attention to the mass persecution that is sweeping America and taken place everyday against American Christians. Please understand, I am not talking about Cuban Christians or Chinese Christians here, I am referring to American Christians being persecuted right here in the USA and the source of that persecution is not coming from Muslims nor ISIS as perhaps you may believe or what many in the so-called Main Stream Media is telling you. No, persecution against Christians in the “land of the free, and home of the brave”, is largely being actuated via our very own Government whom you employ.

I'm quite sure you have never heard of Dr. Jimenez Jerez nor of his legal case where he and others like him are being specifically persecuted for his Christian beliefs. I'm quite positive also that despite my many times of me sharing here in my blog articles and all over (even had a few complain to me about the frequency) social media, many of you are also not knowledgeable of the issue of me being persecuted for my Christian faith and just like Dr. Jerez, I am not being allowed to be with my children because of my “Biblical Christian beliefs.” The only difference between our own cases is that I was defrauded by a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer and her protected by dirty lawyers and judges who sent a City of Batavia NY cop to threaten to murder me. Equally relatable to the subject of Christian persecution being taken place via our own Government, I feel quite confident that many of you also are unaware that Christian children are being specifically targeted to be kidnapped, unnecessarily doped up with psychotropic medication by psychologists and physicians with also the aide of unscrupulous, Government lawyers, cops, CPS agents, Domestic Violence Program workers and others. Why you ask ? Because for a lack of better word's I suppose, I will put it this way...there's a “witch hunt” going on to do as much damage to Christians in this nation as possible and the Jesus hating Liberals in and outside the Government's and Courts are the terrorists on the front lines so to speak doing the “dirty deeds” against all believers in Christ Jesus.

As we see ISIS Terrorists targeting and persecuting Christians all over the Middle East, one cannot but help notice(weeping, if you are like me) all the murdering and raping of Christian's (and children) all over the Middle East and also in Africa. Yet at the same time, there is very little to no report of all the Christian children here in the USA who are also being targeted for extermination and murdered as well. At the hands of our own Government(employee's) and their courts. Probably the most prosecuted for their Christian faith in the USA at the hands of US Government terrorist, are the children being Home Schooled. They are the favorite of all children to target because Home School children in America are the most separated from the evil influence of Government schools. In fact, right this minute many are being targeted for kidnapping via Government agents( for that reason. When I say “kidnap” I really mean “kidnap.” Often Government Child Protective Services and cops are the ones which all to often make false child abuse allegations against Homes Schooling parents and the sad fact is many of these same children kidnapped often leads to children dying in Government sponsored care. How do these children die ? Christian children are purposely often NOT placed with other family members of the child kidnapped, nor with Bible believing Foster Parents either. Instead, especially Christian children placed in foster care are placed with homosexuals, known pedophiles, Atheists and others who hate Christians. Although many States have written laws pertaining to “CPS” and “Family Law” instructing Family Court judges to place children with family members first before considering foster care, more often than not, many children(Christian or not) are placed with so called “Foster Parents” and or “Foster Care Homes” where many (Christian also)children are often and unnecessarily doped up with psychotropic medications( and many of those same children end up abused and or dead at the hands of degenerates, pagans and Government agency and or controlled (via funding and rule) institutions. Obviously, Foster Care is a dangerous place for children, especially Christian children. If children cannot or will not comply with the degenerate and pagan “Foster parents, social workers, teachers, foster families and Government agents(cops, judges, lawyers, D.V. Program workers, etc), those children will be given so many psychotropic medications, where many of these same children die in Foster Care, run away-become drug addicts and prostitutes, or they end up dead from the very hands of the agents sworn to protect them (

Of course, U.S Family Court's are not the only place where Christians and their children are persecuted. It is a well known fact that within many Human Services Communities across America, most social workers, psychologists, judges, lawyers, cops, Domestic Violence Program workers, teachers and others associated and or affiliated “Human Services”, hate Jesus of the Bible. That may sound like a very strong statement to make, but as a former Internationally Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor and also one who had also been employed for many years as Forensic Specialist working within many courts, I have seen and heard the Jesus hating statements of many that work in that industry with my own ears. In my past positions, part of my job descriptions was to network with other Human Service Agencies as well as train judges, magistrates, judges, attorneys and law enforcement officials. I can say without a moment's hesitation, that there are indeed many of those I mentioned earlier that are without a doubt, Left-leaning monsters employed in the “Human Services industry” who take pure pleasure in having the power and control to destroy Christian lives. In fact, many of them also take special pleasure in destroying the God given authority of each family, that God ordained authority being Christian husbands and fathers. You need to fully understand, these monsters do not, nor hesitate at any point to spit in Jesus' face everyday by purposely seeking out the death of Christians, whether through the effort of their own hands(by decree or action), or via through the proxy of others who willingly take the life of an American Christian.

Let's discuss those who that take on the job of killing American Christians via “proxy.” As I already mentioned “Foster Care Parents”, “Foster Care Homes”, and “Psychiatrists” early on in the article and are proxy's of the US Government war against Christians here, please be aware that there are also persons and or agencies purposely partaking in the persecution and murder of Christians here at home. Who are the proxy's of the US and it's State Government' s terrorizing American Christians ? Well, to start with, I can tell you that the funding of murdering American Christians comes directly from Washington, DC. The politicians in Washington DC and the President as well are all guilty. We can certainly put them at top the proverbial food chain. They are after all the one's with the highest power to give and grant money to State's and their agents of purposely killing American Christians ? Not so sure ? Think on this, The US Congress and the President passes and makes laws that gives Government run and endorsed agencies their operating funds. Every year, billions and billions of Federal Dollars in the way of grants(VAWA, Federal Title IV, etc) and other funding to these politically inclined groups and agencies purposely have their hands dripping wet with the innocent blood of Christians. Specifically, Domestic Violence Programs, Child Protective Services(DCF), the ATF, the IRS, Department of Homeland Security, just to name a few agencies have been caught terrorizing, targeting and killing American Christians. They use your tax money to purposely bring harm and bring death to Christians here in America. As I already mentioned earlier, the Main Stream Media does not report(more than likely refuses to report on because of their own Left leaning bent on truth) but there are actual “head hunters” in each of the agencies I just mentioned where by those “head hunters” specifically hunt down the “political enemies” of the U.S and it's State Government's, and it's you that pay with your tax dollars for those head hunters and government agencies to kill persecute and kill American Christians.
Perhaps you doubt me and are saying, “OK Paul, give me an example.” OK then read this... I remember that it was just a few years ago, a young man named Schaeffer Cox who led a small militia in Alaska and was also a leader in the pro-Constitution Movement as well as a Christian pastor, was being pressured to stop teaching others about the violations of the Constitution against U.S Citizens at hands of the Alaska State and Federal Government. One of the very first actions the State of Alaska attempted to take in order to quiet Schaeffer from exposing the truth on such issues, was to send CPS agents to try to terrorize and kidnap(and possibly kill them) his children for no other reason than for trying to force quiet Schaeffer for his exposing Government corruption( Mr. Cox was eventually arrested after repeated attempts and failures to take his and his family's lives as were perpetrated by Government agents.

I could write on and on where, and while the U.S, it's State and local Government's act as the world's largest liar and hypocrite when it comes to speaking of supposed outrage against the persecution and killing of Christians in the Middle East, let it be known far and wide that in reality, the US and it's State Governments are actually the largest State Sponsors of terrorism against Christian Americans yet and no, it's not ISIS(They are evil also but not the largest threat against American Christians). There is no doubt and plenty of proof that our very own Government's and their court's are actually engaged in purposely prosecuting, terrorizing, killing murdering innocent American Christians here at home. I could write on and on about the many more cases of Christian persecution being taken place at the hands of our very own Government. Let it be known and never, ever again denied by our Government, nor the media, nor “We The People”, that American Christians are indeed being persecuted and being killed for their faith in Christ Jesus by our own Government's.

Lastly, and for the doubters of everything I have shared thus far, I leave you with yet two more case of persecution of a American Christians at the very hands of our own Government, and this next case hits close to home for me personally... It is the murder case of former Georgia State Senator Nancy Scahefer, a Biblical Christian and former member of the Southern Baptist Convention. She was murdered by, and then her murder covered-up by Georgia State officials including members of the State of Georgia Law Enforcement agents. She and her husband Bruce were targeted and murdered Because Senator Schaefer exposed the Billions of dollars spent on what I shared regarding earlier in this article, that is, the kidnapping and murdering and as well, purposeful destruction of (Christian) families and children for “religious persecution”, financial profit and the hating of Jesus Christ( Nancy was in the midst of producing a film exposing specific State of Georgia Officials who were(are)involved in a peadophile ring. The other case I leave you with does not involve being murdered, but that of our U.S Government purposely allowing the future murder of American Christian Pastor Saeed Abedini, who(purposely on the part of the US Govt.) remains rotting in a jail cell in Iran while our own US Government is doing nothing to help him. In January 2014, I spoke with the staff of over 50 members of the US Congress to help me retrieve Pastor Abedini. All I asked for from them was simply to have them return to me my US Passport which was illegally confiscated by the US State Department several years earlier because of the illegal acts of an illegal alien and corrupted judges, lawyers and a few others also here in the USA that hired a City of Batavia, NY Cop to threaten to murder me for exposing their corruption and stealing YOUR tax money. Unfortunately for pastor Abedini and despite me having a Christian Ministry that specifically helps secure the release of persecuted Christians world-wide(Global Family Outreach Ministry).,no one in Congress would help Pastor Abedini or help me to bring Pastor Abedini home. Nope, not even so called “Conservatives” and “lover's of freedom and liberty” such as Senator Ted Cruz would help.

Persecution of American Christians and they being targeted by our US Government and it's agents needs to be exposed and ended. It is the responsibility of those who claim to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ of the Bible that hold the sole responsibility to end such persecutions against Christians here in America. If you count yourself as a Christian, you have a Biblical duty and obligation to end this madness and demonic activity around the world towards your brothers and sisters in Christ. At some point, and without a doubt, you will indeed be held accountable whether you like it or not. You can either “pay me now, or pay me later.” Best to pay(action) now by helping end Christian persecution world wide including right here at home in the U.S of A.

Proverbs 24:11-12 “ If you hold back from rescuing those taken to death, those who go staggering to the slaughter; If you say, “Look, we did not know this”-- does not He who weighs the heart perceive it ? Does not He who keeps watch over your soul know it? And will He not repay all according to their deeds ?”
Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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