Thursday, January 24, 2013

“What Does Obama, The Clinton's, Lance Armstrong And Manti Te'o All have in Common ?"

“What Does Obama, The Clinton's, Lance Armstrong And Manti Te'o All have in Common ?

With all the attention of the latest news about all of those mentioned in the title of this article, you probably have guessed; “lying.” While the “jury” is still out about Manti Teo's imaginary girlfriend and whether he really believed she existed, well I'm not so sure we will ever really find out. I can tell you that beyond all these folks lying, America has a problem. I kind of touched on this subject matter in previous article entitled; “Lying, When Is It Ever Allowed ? “ ( There is the root issue however of lying and how well people lie these days that has yet to be identified. Indeed, many people in America and around the world have rejected Jesus Christ and the Bible and thus has created a vacuum or sorts. That “vacuum” is of lack of morality and has led to what can only be described as an American society and as well, a world problem with pathological liars everywhere.

As what my friend Bill Windsor, who is a documentary film producer and director of Lawless America(I've mentioned Bill in a few articles now) has sadly found by his work with some self-proclaimed “victims” of abuse, corruption and other horrible crimes... not everyone tells the truth. I don't know Bill well enough to say for sure, but I feel confident at this point, and after meeting him; it would seem Bill is much like me, he is willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. That attitude of openness to everyone and willingness to want to see the best in people has gotten me in trouble in the past. Bill has also seemingly suffered like I have because, well... people can and do lie and are just so convincing sometimes and we fall prey to those who appear to be sincere(yep...”looks can be deceiving). I don't think wanting to believe people's stories regarding personal or other matters on the onset is such a bad thing. I am however tired of getting “burned” by the liars.

I have seen people in my lifetime, and without a bat of the eye, a flinch in the face, or absolutely no crack or variance in their voice; tell some of the most outrageous of lies(and get away with it !). There are people with hearts so black that they have actually become expert liars. Now, I'm not talking about someone who is simply in denial or in the need for acceptance whether someone else is telling the truth, No---What I am sharing about are people who willfully, deceitful and make a conscious effort to destroy someone, or something. It can be a marriage partner, a co-worker, a friend, an associate, whomever. The bottom line is that there are actual people in this world who are lying their butt's off just so they may gain an upper hand and or destroy someone/persons or something.

Folks, it's getting mighty scary out there in relation in who we can trust and believe. As some of you have shared with me publicly as well as in private; the so called “Church” is not immune from bold-face liars as well. There are many wolves in the pulpits that if you were not knowledgeable of the Bible, you could really start believing many of their half-truths that they spew every Sunday morning. That's the thing as well... These are dangerous times, many Christians don't know their Bibles and they get caught up with these wolves quite easily(2Cor. 11:14). Sadly, it would seem in fact, that Christians who do get confronted with Biblical truth in regards too wrongly taught(usually feel good, touchy-feely, “mo' money” theologies) not only willing refuse to acknowledge error, they willingly protect the wolf who taught the willful error as well !

What can be said about “protecting” evil and enabling wicked acts by anyone in society; in or outside the Church ? I mean the Bible is full of “Do Not's” and “avoids” regarding keeping away from evil/wickedness and the like. I could also rattle off a couple dozen Bible Scriptures right here proving my point(s), but I won't. I will just state “for the record” that we as people who know better, must expose this gross sin and attitude that is so prevalent in our wold today. Obama, the Clinton's many people like them just lie and lie and the cannot and be allowed to influence us nor our families. It's like these type's have an auto pilot “lie button” switch on them somewhere. With a straight face these people lie and have no intention of stopping. The news media, whole segments of society, and others willingly enable such lies by not only not holding liars like them accountable, and what is even more sick is that these enablers know the lying occurs but actually encourage that twisted immoral act and want our children to act the same way!

What could we as a nation and a world ever do with so many liars and enabling of evil ? I mean we cannot incarcerate millions of liars can we ?. That would cost trillions of dollars and would take years and years of work to eradicate. Besides, you cannot legislate an evil heart. Haven't we learned that with our drug laws ? If people want to kill themselves, murder their minds, ruin their children's minds and ruin their own family relationships with drugs, we can make all the laws we want but that won't stop people. Should we just give in to sin and wickedness then allow “legalization” of drugs, and other harmful things like lying to also become “legal”? No... That would only enable sin and wickedness and God's judging hand would be even heavier upon us than it already is. The issue as all problems are; that what we suffer is a matter of the heart. Here's the issue in a nut shell...our world has many sick hearts and that needs mending. Only one person can mend a heart and His name is Jesus Christ of the Bible. Truth be known; If we focused on what the Bible said instead of self serving desires, we would already have dealt properly with these liars(probably as children)long ago and we wouldn't have this pervasive problem(s) plaguing our society and world as we now see it.

Healthy people don't need to lie, they don't need drugs or alcohol, they don't need to steal, kill, maim or murder. Healthy folks don't enable evil acts as well. In fact, healthy people know how to set healthy boundaries and say “no”(when the heck was the last time you heard that word in a healthy context ????). In our entitlement and relativistic driven societies, when was the last time you actually did hear a parent, a citizen or a government agent(like a judge or a cop) for that matter say “no” to evil and wicked behaviours? I am looking at the rems of video files sent to me with factual allegations that judges and cops(and others like them) have, and continue to partake in immoral and even illegal behavioir... all gone unchecked of course. There is little to no accountability for liars and evil doers in our world any longer including those who are supposedly people put in authority over us. In fact, for the most part, the majority of folks around us just keep voting in the same(type) of bad people who lie,cheat and steal on a regular basis, just as if there was nothing wrong with “lying, cheating or stealing.” What does that say about us ? Yes... I said “us” because many of “us” who grumble, complain but “we” do many of the same(or similar) things that those whom we complain about ! Like I said, “many are sick” but won't admit to it. The Bible calls that behaviour as being “hypocritical.”

There once a time when a man's word and a handshake on a promise was all that was needed in this world. That time however is long-gone. Many people today will shake your hand and promise you things that they never have any intention on keeping(anyone got a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer in their life ?). We should have all along done what the Christian Bible teaches us, and that is to keep (force ourselves if necessary)ourselves and others in being accountable. Lying must be brought to a place once again where it is viewed as unacceptable behaviour and there must also be consequences for that bad behaviour. So, the days of looking the other way, or burying your head as what most supposed “Christians” do, is as it always has been; completely and Biblically speaking-unacceptable.

What is your intention in making sure that liars and those who willfully act in sinful and wicked acts like lying, especially for leaders of our government, media, and others who are influential among us are held accountable ? I hope and pray it is more than with typed or empty words or rhetoric. I also hope to see you standing or sitting at my side, whether on the streets or in the offices, but vividly in some form of action against those who need to be confronted of such pathologically and willful evil behaviours as lying.

Learn to say “No” in a healthy way and no longer tolerate lies.

Isn't that right Nenette ?

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, January 18, 2013

“ Do You Know The Difference Between Justice And Vengeance ?, You Better !”

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“ Do You Know The Difference Between Justice And Vengeance ?, You Better !”

Because of the rapidly increasing hostility towards the U.S Constitution and actions of physical assaults towards fellow American citizens by those who hold authority in and through our governments, We know hear more than echos and in plan of stopping practically every action conceivable stopping such illegal abuses of our God given and Natural Rights. Now, there is nothing wrong with voicing one's opinion when it comes to expressing one's view regarding removal of evil and those who break such God given and Natural Rights. However, lack of knowledge and or allowing emotions to rule our words and actions can be quite problematic.

The worst thing we can do as a people, and as a nation is to allow such things as chaos and anarchy to enter in when there is already evil festering. What I mean is, that we should not allow anyone to remove evil in any such fashion as they feel appropriate. We are a nation of laws and have a Constitution in which we can clearly see works for us. IF we are willing to follow the Constitution of the USA, and as God has ordained, we may have our nation back. Let me say this; just because there are many current government officials, government employees(in all three branches of govt.) or those who have influence over our government through receivership of government loans, grants and the like, does not mean we can just take “the law” into our own hands. As my father taught me at a very young age; “Two wrongs don't make a right.”

As many(not all) of our American Founding Fathers were Bible believing Christians, they knew right where to get not only their source of personal strength, insight but as well, also for the very foundation of our United States Constitution( and laws of the land. We need to pay close attention to what our Founding Father's laid out for us as it's original intent for “We The People.” What the Father's of our nation found, was that as I expressed earlier in this article; that we should not be a people engaged in chaos, anarchy and I also will mention here that we should not also be a people not engaged in evil acts on any level. In fact, “We The People” separated from King George III of England in 1776 because of his(their) tyrannical, oppressive and evil actions. I get a “kick” out of so called “christians”(note the lower case letter “c”) today who say that our American Fore Fathers were “rebellious” and we never should have rebelled against King George the 3rd. Many of these so called “christians” today are the same one's cowering in their church pews and behind their pulpits calling their “sheep” to only pray and or just lay there or to do nothing about removal of evil. We all know(well, at least we all should know, there are the willfully ignorant out there unfortunately) that the attitude of these “christians” are quite unscriptual and show themselves to be quite cowardly and opposite of what the Christian Bible has called all of us to be.

Now, keeping with the theme and title of this article, we must know the difference between what is vengeance and what is justice. For sure, God is interested in justice and He is also interested in vengeance. For His people however, vengeance is something in totally avoiding and not in taking part in. We can plainly see that in Romans 12:19, the Word says that vengeance is God's business, not ours. Vengeance involves chaos, it involves anarchy and if partook in, would make anyone of us just as guilty as the person who acted against the U.S. Constitution as well. We can clearly see what vengeance looks like in our nation; Remember the riots in L.A. When Rodney King was beaten by the mostly Caucasian police ?( The actions of those who were supposedly in support of a victim, went and looted stores, stealing items, burned down minority owned businesses and cost billions of dollars in damages. Now those actions were acts of vengeance and is nothing but acts also of chaos and anarchism. This is also vengeance in it's purist form... there was no gathering for justice for Rodney King, only actions to get something for free and hurt any innocent bystander who was unfortunately in the way of those participating in acts of the “vengeance for Rodney King.”. The source of Rodney King's Constitutional rights were not attacked during much and mostly during those riots, but instead, many innocent people, businesses and others were instead destroyed. Indeed this is exactly why God says not to take vengeance.

God has His perfect ways... He has given us a clear path utilizing a document with the Christian Bible at it's foundation. Again; the U.S Constitution is our guide. God says it many times in the Bible about His caring about justice. Just one of many Bible Scriptures quoted here... In Isaiah 1:17, God Himself declares; “ Learn to do right ! Seek Justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.” I don't see how much clearer it can be what we are to do as far we as a nation must seek and gain righteous justice. There are clear ways that our nation has set up laws to provide for justice and if those that are supposed to provide justice for us fail at doing their job, they must be removed. God demands it, He demands justice. God however is a God of “order, not confusion, He is a god of peace...” 1 Corinthians 14:33

Were you aware that even the Bible believing church is supposed to have it's own built in justice system outside the pagan's ? Indeed, We as Christians are warned in the Bible not to sue one-another as well. To my knowledge, there is not one bible believing church that sets up it's own court with biblical justice being dispensed. This is not only sad, this is unscriptual. Our Founding Father's built our nation's foundational laws as such upon Biblical principles( and we as a people have gone astray by allowing evil to settle in rather than the rule of law. Evil men and women this day “rule the roost.” One can not define evil other than what it is. No matter what talking heads will say on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS FOX News or the like. Evil is evil and that is what we have in current form of leadership in government and as well, many in the hearts of people in our nation today. If what I was declaring was not true, this nation would not be suffering(at it's own device and making) the murderous tirades or “mad men” as of late.

In our nation, our leaders(in all three branches of government and on every level) who partake in evil are currently allowed to go unchecked and continue in their damage upon all of us. For sure there are those who may be planning some sort of maneuver or plan to remove them but let me ask this important question of them... is what you are planning vengeance or is it justice based? We have a Constitution whereby men may be appointed to Grand Jury's, laws allowing men that may be hired as law enforcement, jailers outside of corrupt institutions and persons and the like. Why would anyone allow more chaos in our nation by partaking in an action(vengeance) that would perhaps feel good for the moment but in the end, allow more evil and bring to our nation more chaos and possibly anarchy in the end all of our destruction ?

For sure God has a plan. His plan for America and every nation is for good. Indeed and once again, I acknowledge that all evil must be removed( However, let us not do so with vengeance on our lips, hearts or ways, for that is God's job. Instead, let us remove evil in an orderly, Godly-lawfully fashion. In so that we may see God's hand in bringing restoration to our land and not in it's further destruction, which is the current course in which we are headed.

Remember, God has a plan !

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~ Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, January 11, 2013

“Why Is Evil Pushing, And Good Buckling Under ? “

“Why Is Evil Pushing, And Good Buckling Under ? “

I have to wonder what and why the reason for the lack of good men and women of God are lacking courage these days ? I have come to the conclusion after seeing so much evil in the world that what Jesus said in Matthew 7:22 that “many” would not be allowed in heaven is a reality-especially for this generation on earth. No doubt there are “many” who talk a good game when speaking of Godly things, taking actions of righteous justice, helping the suffering.... but rare is it today to see good and Godly people rise up against evil and the things that evil people say and do....

To shore up my comments here...let's look at some recent events, that just in the past few years, all of us should take notice and truly evaluate where we stand with Jesus of the Bible and in fighting back against evil...

*Unions... Labor unions at one point in our nation's history were necessary against evil men who owned corporations. Those corporate owners at that time which exploited workers...especially children for cash. Because of labor unions, child labor laws came into effect and existence as well as a “minimum wage”was founded for all workers. Those things were good but today, many unions represent matters of evil, especially in the political world. Unions often side with Communist and Socialist dogma and have themselves turned into the “greedy monsters” that once was labeled only towards corporate owners and managers. In today's world-wide economy, many are suffering including corporations. Why on God's green earth would any labor union go and protest and or strike against any company thus purposely putting them out of business ? Got a Twinkie anyone ? Who is standing up against these labor unions and telling them to use common sense ? There should be flocks of people (yes, I said the word “flocks”) who are engaging these labor unions out in the street and right there at their own “labor halls”, telling them that they need to stop harassing businesses for money they don't have. If you want a job-work. If you want to live out on the street, go on a labor strike at your job.

*Media... The vast majority of media today is pro-Communist. Let's face the reality here. It's not just Piers Morgan. There is a major campaign by most of the media to purposely turn this nation upside down and impregnate the people of this country with lies of the devil. While Al Sharpton with his recent idiotic rants on MSNBC regarding (any subject matter he opens his mouth to) gun confiscation is just the tip of the iceberg as far as identifying who in the American media hates the United States and our Christian beliefs. For those of you who view and are fans of Fox News or get the major portion of your news information from the “catholic lawyer channel”, beware. Much of what you see on Fox is of entertainment value only. Not only that, you will get a distorted view of what is really going on in the world from them. They are just like all the other “news organizations” in that they are ratings driven, not truth driven. Why is any news agency or news reporter/anchor allowed to state half-truths or no truth at all in their reporting anyway? Most folks don't bother to call or write the producers of these news programs--- calling them out for their agenda in making entertainment and not reporting facts nor truth. In fact most of these so called reporters and news anchors hide behind their masks as “commentators” not as those who give the facts of the news worthy items. No American should be allowing half truths or tainted news stories to be aired-ever. You do have a choice---turn that crap off and write the producers that you turned their programming off.

*Obama and Congress... Here we see a very tiny portion of the populace but with 99.9% of the power. Without anyone stopping them, Obama and Congress does what ever they want, how they want...whenever they want. Unfortunately most of what Obama and Congress does are purposeful acts of evil. Let me ask you something--- When was the last time you muttered something like “You can't fight city hall” and other lies like it ? What of “Fast and Furious” ?--- where Eric Holder and others had direct knowledge and participation in this scandal, leading to a US Border Agent's death. Those who allowed by Congress and Obama to remain without being incarcerated for their crimes yet today remain free... why ? Where is the outrage ? How about the Benghazi scandal... Why is Obama, Hilary Clinton and others not in jail ?...and what of the many members of the US Congress that lie over and over and over again to the American people ? For sure Obama and his “team” are the most evil and corrupt politician’s ever recorded. Likewise, John Boehner(and all the RINO's), Barbara Boxer, Dianee Feinstein, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi should have all been jailed long ago along with many of the other corrupted members of our legislative branch of government yet they remain free... why ?

You aware that Corporate America owns the majority of our government, right ? Billions of dollars flow through the hands of our so called “elected officials” via corporate special interests groups and lobbyists every year. The reality is that if you stand for evil, and or or have enough cash... you can easily have practically any Congress member introduce and get passed any legislative bill you desire. Don't believe me ? Why did “Obama care” get passed and Planned Parenthood receive yet another year of tax payer funding ? These are just two of the hundreds and thousands of evil bills passed through Congress. So... Why aren't citizens of this nation mobilizing to take back their government and eliminate these evils ?... You know...“by the people, for the people” ? How could it possibly be that Obama was re-elected ? There should have been a “march on DC” with millions of very angry Americans a long time ago in throwing out all these dirty rascals a long time ago.

*Judiciary Corruption.... Can I say “holy crap !” ? This is one of the most corrupt and evil segments of our American(and world-wide) Society. If there is one segment that will bring God's damnation of America, this is it !.....I cannot emphasize how evil our judiciary is here in the USA. Evil judges, lawyers, cops, court workers and others employed in and or through the judiciary system in America is overflowing and oozing with graft and corruption. Judges taking bribes, violating their own “laws” freely and without check... lawyers who purposely lie, cheat and steal as well do anything they want without consequence for their evil. Police ? Wow ! Cops beating up and or incarcerating innocent citizens are posted up on YouTube, take a good look. For me---

As my friend Bill Windsor, who is continuing to film those who have suffered from judicial corruption has seen and shown many times already with his YouTube video posts, evil is sadly alive and well in our judiciary and government's. Just why are people allowing themselves to have their children, families, homes and property purposely stolen, abused or destroyed without retribution for real Biblical justice ? Does not God in the Bible say in Isaiah 10:1-2 Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people, making widows their prey and robbing the fatherless. “ ? Does not God Himself demand we take justice. Does not the “Chucrh” know the difference between justice and vengeance ? I'm afraid most American “christians” are “jesus butterfly believers”.... Not Biblical Jesus believers.

Throughout this article, I have just barely touched on how the issues of evil knocking down “good” without “good” responding properly or at all, is plaguing America. In all honesty, I am disgusted at especially the so called “Church” which hides and cowers under the church pews and pulpit rather than standing and responding for what is right before a Biblical God. The “Church” should be ashamed of it's self for not taking a righteous stand against evil. Right now, the “world” is out shinning the “Church” in the area of pushing back evil. That is exactly why Jesus said “many” in Matthew 7:22 wouldn’t get in heaven.

There isn't much time left. America is about to cease to exist unless.... yes....unless, especially the “Church” starts to take it's place in a Biblical stand and push back against evil(Ephesians 5:11, James 2:17-20. So...If you seen a woman being raped, would you stand there and just pray only or would you take action to stop the rapist and save that poor woman ? If you answered that question replying that you would rescue the woman... praise the Lord ! Now, your children, your family, your neighbors and nation are all being raped ! Go and stop the evil ! In Jesus name stop the evil and remove it before it's to late for you and everyone else. For those who stand by and do nothing...God will judge you for your inaction and in doing nothing and I will be there to help point you out !

Proverbs 24:11-12 11 if you hold back from rescuing those taken away to death, those who go staggering to the slaughter; 12 if you say, “Look, we did not know this”—does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who keeps watch over your soul know it? And will he not repay all according to their deeds?

Black Robe Regiment Pastor-Pastor Paul Waldmiller

Friday, January 4, 2013

“Obama And Those Who Sow To The Flesh”

“Obama And Those Who Sow To The Flesh”

You may or not recognize the flesh sowers. To help you along a little.... let's just say that these are the people who often tell others things they like to hear but there's an evil motive behind their sowing. At work, maybe you call some of these flesh sowers; “brown noser”or “suck-ups.” Perhaps it's someone you know that is always trying to “stroke” you for something they want. Come on--- you all know what and who I'm talking about here. Obama is a flesh sewer, he knows just how to make people feel empowered using words that will not inspire people to do good, his intention is just like the “suck up's” who manipulate their already twisted hearts into doing something awful. In fact, it was Obama, during the 2012 Presidential Election you heard him say things like “get revenge” and also told his supporters how much he “loves America.” He went on however to distort truth in many ways only to purposely bring divisions between genders, classes and race's across our nation.

Likewise the religious these days also sow to the flesh... you know them also. Those are the “prosperity gospel” preachers you see on TV or just up the road from you with their “mega churches.” You can hear them right ? With their phrases like “God give me mo' money !” or --- “sew a seed of $285.17 and God will bless you a hundred times over, he'll make you rich beyond what you can ever imagine.”Oh, these are also the kind of so called “pastors” who try to make you believe they are super religious also. They are “jesusfied” with their 11th, 12th and 13th commandments. You knew according to them, there are thirteen commandments right ? No ? Well they sure do act that way. Here look at what they believe according to the flesh(Jesus said you shall know them by their fruit). I'm sure you have met some of them some where in life if not already seen them on your television sets....

11th Commandment “Thou shall answer every problem only with prayer. They will insist there is no action required in ridding evil or or in doing right beyond prayer. They say things like “Let God take care of it sister.” They have also been known to say things like; “Just pray and let God handle it.” This unbiblical attitudes goes against what the Bible teaches in Ephesians 5:11 and James 2:17-20.

12th Commandment “As a pastor, we never speak. We stay silent when we hear something we don't agree with, we let the Holy Spirit speak to people.” What a load of crap. Hosea 6, again Ephesians 5:11 and James 4:17 straightens out that lie from hell.

13th Commandment, much like the 12th so called commandment... “Thou shall never speak ill will of another pastor no matter what they may say or do.” Ugh ! Jesus said Himself to beware of ravenous wolves ! How will “sheep” know who belongs to the devil unless the pulpit warns the sheep ! Romans 16:17-18 and Matthew 7:15.

I remember some years ago a so called pastor(who I found our later was a documented peadophile) would usually greet me with words like “Oh great man of God, how are you today.” I would cringe inside every time he greeted me. God's Spirit inside me knew just who this man belonged to and how he was trying to appeal to my flesh. Praise the Lord I did not fall for his antics and later separated myself from him and exposed him to others.

Pastors, politicians, news casters(yes, even Fox News), matter who it is, those that follow the flesh rather than Gospel truth, are dangerous. Dangerous you may be asking ? Yes.... dangerous ! They are such because they react to, report on behalf of, and then follow or get others to follow half-truths and lies rather than whole truth. Sadly and unfortunately, there are many such people in our world today who are easy prey of the devil and his scheme of flesh sowing. Because of increasing matters such as unforgiveness, hatred, bitterness, malice, unresolved grief and trauma all around us, these people have become easy targets for those who can and will often take advantage of them and manipulate them in doing evil. We can see the evidence of those most often who have sown to the flesh and how they sold their souls even for a couple of dollars. Just take a look at your local news some time for example, that's all it takes to see what I mean. For me personally, I've seen with my own eyes flesh sewers manipulate others all around the world... In the Philippines for example, I have seen some people there jump from one religious belief to another all depending on who is giving them the “better deal”(more cash or goods.) Like wise, look at all the people in America who voted for Obama for the simple price of a so called “free” cell phone or a few words like “revenge” or “ make them pay their fair share.” Also just like Obama, most politicians, lawyers, cops, news reporters and others engaged in “public service” have also become very good at sowing to the flesh and sadly, people believe such garbage and lies from them. Heck, In fact, you could probably refer to these types of people enlisted in our government and the news agencies as “professional flesh sowers.”

People aren't crazy these days, people are just plain and simply...dangerous. Who would think that they would sell their/our own children, families, country....even their very own souls for cash ?.... Wow ! No matter where we go it seems, people are doing it... they are allowing themselves to be suckered in to matters that do not involve truth but rather those things that for a moment anyway, makes them feel good and they don't care whom it hurts, or who it destroys.

The Christian Bible is clear. In Galatians 6:8 it states; “ For he that sows to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption, but he that sows to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap everlasting life.” To many people these days play political, religious, legal and other like minded dangerous games. If you yourself have concern as to how to recognize such people involved in fleshly things...there is but only one way to recognize who these people are and that's through having a real and personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. We are in the last days and there are wolves like flesh sowers are everywhere. They will gladly try to trick you into following evil and live according to the flesh of sin. Don't be fooled folks, get to know who these ill intentioned people are. Once you find them, pray for them and make sure you tell them the truth. Until they repent of their evil actions however, warn them of their impending destruction from God's judgment, then go on to warn others of just what evil these flesh sowers are promoting to others as well.

My Biblical advice to you.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor