Tuesday, April 29, 2014

“Open Letter To Gov. Mike Huckabee Regarding Justina Pelletier”

“Open Letter To Gov. Mike Huckabee Regarding Justina Pelletier”

Former Governor Mike Huckabee,

I appreciate your enthusiasm in helping Justina Pelletier and the Pelletier from her plight. I viewed your program on Fox News last weekend and much of what you shared at that time, I whole-heartily agree with you. I am pleased and blessed that you have taken on the mantle so to speak in bringing Justina's unjust imprisonment in the State of Massachusetts to an end. Justina needs and deserves a voice on her behalf. It is after all, unjust and disgusting what the State of Massachusetts and their Department of Children and Families along with their Family Court Systems have done to Justina and her entire family. As you had shared on your television program aired on Fox News, Justina's health has deteriorated as well as her civil and religious rights violated since being wrongfully and illegally taken from her family. Indeed as you have, this issue must be continued to be addressed until Justina is fully returned without further interference from the State of Massachusetts of any other Government interfering..

Beyond Justina and her family, there are also several million families within the United States that have also had their civil and religious rights violated much like Justina. By the grace of God as I mentioned earlier in my letter, you have become the voice for Justina Pelletier, bud sadly, several million other families who also to this very day suffer from corrupted and illegally acts of their Federal, State and County Governments including that of those Child protective Agencies and Family Courts also wrongly suffer. Their children also have been wrongly taken and have purposely been “legally kidnapped.” I can tell you from personally meeting several thousand families from around the US myself, children are illegally kidnapped and stolen via Government agencies on a regular basis. Because of Federal Title IV Funding’s that are given to States and Counties, Child Protective Agencies are rewarded with cash for every child they take/kidnap into their system. Often times, State and County child protection Agencies take children from indigent families that have little or no way to legally fight back against false child abuse allegations in an already corrupted Family Court System. In other words, as you are also aware because you were Governor of the State Of Arkansas, “victims” which in this case are alleged “abused children”, equals cash for the state and counties.

I want to make it clear in my letter to you Mr. Governor, I am not advocating in anyway or speaking of children truly harmed to be ignored by Child Protective Services. I am sharing however that even children that are truly abused, often also like non-abused, kidnapped by the State children, find themselves in just as abusive situations with foster families or foster care facilities. Hundreds of children that should be given to natural other family members for care when their child abuse is found, are instead given to outside care, non-family members and are often doped-up with psychotropic medications(to keep them docile), murdered or found dead due to acts of negligence on the part of those foster parents of foster care facility. Again, corrupted Family Courts and Federal Title IV Funding’s are often the root issue and problem. Corrupted judges, lawyers, social workers, CPS Workers, Domestic Violence Program Workers, psychologists and others often financially benefit from tearing children away from their natural families and those children wrongly placed outside the natural family number in the millions here in America.

I believe sir that if there is a national voice calling for justice on the part for Justina and her family, there should also be a voice for the millions of other children and families that are also being purposely destroyed for the reason of making cash by the hands of corrupted Federal, State, County and Local Government's as well. I am quite positive as Christians, we would both agree that all abused children need protection and deserve a voice. However, that being said, those children being wrongfully kidnapped for the reason of making cash to benefit Government's should also have a national voice as well as Justina Pelletier. You have that voice Governor and I implore you to do several things to help. First, pick up the mantle and provide a national voice for other children just like Justina, and also secondly, please take the time to meet with me and several others who have also provided a minor voice for children and families, and which we also speak against the wrongful Government practice of destroying families and kidnapping children for financial gain. We have some information that we would like to share with you, and are in the belief would also be beneficial to you in our common fight for justice on behalf of children everywhere.

If you are indeed sincere in this fight for Justina Pelletier and all children as I believe you are, my hope and prayer is that after our meeting together, we will have become strengthened in our fight against those who would harm the most innocent and defenseless in our society, our children and grandchildren. You may reach me Governor at my twitter account to schedule a meeting. I hope to hear from you soon

Thank you for your attention to the content and request for a meeting with you in this letter.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, April 25, 2014

“ I Needed Help Picking Up Bricks, Where Were You ?”

“ I Needed Help Picking Up Bricks, Where Were You ?”

On September 11th, 2013 I was invited to speak at a “One-Million Christian March” in Washington, DC. After I gave my speech in front of not only many Christians but also politicians and their aides as well as interns, I found a semi-shady place to sit and rest so that I could hear the next speaker. I was approached however by a gentleman named “Jim.” He wanted to personally speak with me about something on his heart as was related to what I just finished publicly speaking. Giving him my full attention, he shared with me how he was encouraged by the words I shared and the Bible verses I also quoted as well during my sharing time with him and the crowd. He also went on to share a short story with me how he could personally relate to what I shared with him and all the others. Jim shared his true experience that he is from a town in Nebraska where everyone knows their neighbors and on average, and most folks are fairly friendly towards one-another. One day Jim went on to tell me, an elderly person lost control of their vehicle and crashed into Jim's house. As a matter of fact, that driver actually drove right through the picture window of his home, dislodging many bricks that surrounded the picture window. Apparently, many of those bricks that were dislodged by the car, went flying all over in and outside the home.

Living in such a “tight” community, Jim went on and shared with me soon after the crash, many of his neighbors started to arrive to investigate what occurred to Jim and his house. Jim told me that many of the neighbors that came, were known to him and were self-described as “Christians.” They appeared to be a bit empathetic towards what occurred to Jim and his house, they even offered to “say a prayer” for Jim, however as he went on to share with me, “no one offered to help me pick up the bricks, which is what I needed at the time.” When he shared that information with me along with his feelings of what (lack of)occurred, he was acknowledging what I also spoke to with the crowd earlier that day, that there are lot's of people who talk a good game when it comes to helping others, getting our nation back and other so called-action that they take, but in reality most Americans only “talk the talk, but don't walk the walk.” In fact in my speech, I mentioned that if we want to get our children, family's, community and nation back, prayer is a great necessary first step but that being said, as James 2:17-20 tells us, we then need to immediately move on to action after the prayer is said. 

It doesn't matter if you agree with my following statement or not, but our nation greatly suffers for several reasons. The first reason is that Jesus Himself(of the Bible)has largely either been thrown out of America and or very much ignored. A close second reason as to why our nation is teetering on the brink of
collapse(rotting from the inside out) is the large segments of Americans who are apathetic towards others such as Jim who suffer. Let's be honest here, unless most American's are directly impacted negatively, they don't give two poops towards anybody or anything else in this world. That apathetic attitude permeates here in America. Our society is all about “ME.” As Jim found out, many folks call themselves “Christians”, “humanitarians”, “loving”, “kind”, “generous” but as the Bible describes “their fruit”(of salvation), shows instead that most Americans are in reality not at all Christians, helping, kind, generous or much else good as they self-describe themselves. For the unknowing, praying is easy, requires little to no sacrifice. Praying for someone also costs no financial burden on self and rarely offends anyone. Again, prayer is an essential and important first step, but without action behind it, prayer or calling yourself in terms of being “good towards others” is useless unless it is coupled with righteous action.

There are many Americans as well as others all around the world who are suffering right now. In fact, you may be one of those who I speak about and are in need of help yourself. I myself am often bombarded with requests for prayer and or requesting help myself. Perhaps like you, I am limited to what I am able to help folks, but I don't just say “I'm sorry, I can't.” What all American's should do is look for ways to help others despite the often false belief that they can't do a dern thing to help anyone else. In other words, if you see a problem, don't simply say no, or wait to be asked for help, if you see a need, then go fill that need. If that problem is so large you cannot fill that need on your own, go ask others to join with you and help out the person in need. That is how it used to be done here in America for many years until the late 1960's when the “all about ME” movement began. In fact, relating to volunteering yourself and getting others to help someone else in need, I remember when I was a child if a man lost his job and or a family had no money, my Blue Collar, lower-middle class family would not hesitate to join with other families to go buy groceries and drop off some bags of groceries to that hungry family. Although there may be food banks these days to aide
  hungry folks, it's not the same as other family's gathering around and helping out others. Families helping families and individuals helping others helps builds healthy communities as well as reciprocity. Food banks and Government welfare does no such good thing. Let's face it, everyone needs help at some time in their life. Maybe you don't need help now, but someday, everyone will need a helping hand at some point. Also, food given to food banks are often times food given by corporations, not private individuals. When neighbors give and help, there is a face coupled with the act of true charity and love. In essence and related to Jim's story that I shared earlier, bricks are picked up.

Often times, American's whine, piss and moan about problems and do little to nothing to change their circumstances no less actually help when others ask them for help. Equally sad, many Americans make the big mistake to do nothing and wait for others to come rescue them. They wait for the Calvary to come, which to them is usually either the Federal and or State Government, or perhaps a “church” and often times either way, end up with only feeling sour because the Government agency and or church did not do much to help, or not at all. Let's be honest and real some more here shall we ?, most Americans don't know their neighbors or even have formally met them ever as well. That's sad and relates to America suffering from the “It's all about ME” syndrome I spoke about earlier. America with approaching 314 million living here, the majority of Americans rather not know their neighbors unless it's so they can have some “dirt” on them. We are allowing many to suffer needlessly because we are so self-absorbed and apathetic as a people.

Figuratively speaking, there are “bricks” that need to be picked up in and around millions of homes all around the USA. We have to stop depending on Government and church organizations to help pick up all those bricks. It's high time that many Americans stop waiting to be asked for help, or just plain ignoring the others who cry for help as well also. Apathy needs to also end today. When you see a need fill it. Can't fill that need alone, go get others to help you fill that need for that person who asked you for assistance. No more excuses, when there is fire or trouble, quit burying your head in the sand and or pretending it doesn't exist. Run towards the fire, not away from it. Indeed, bricks lay all over our nation and each brick requires your assistance in picking them up. To those not doing God's business of helping, Get Busy ! To those that already are, thank you and God bless, don't quit.

Matthew 9:37 “Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Saturday, April 19, 2014

“ Militias Saved Cattle, Now Save The Children And Families”

“ Militias Saved Cattle, Now Save The Children And Families”

In January 2011, I wrote an article entitled, “Two Things Every Christian And Every Good American Must Do In 2011(http://blackroberegimentpastor.blogspot.com/2011/01/two-things-every-christian-and-good.html).” In that article, I explained clearly what was occurring to our nation including the moral decay and the many abuses that was occurring at the hands of our own Federal, State's and even our local Government's. I also explained in that same article, that having Biblical Christ in our hearts and answering back evil with a back lash of righteous justice would help restore our nation. By looking at evidence or what the Bible calls “fruit”, not many American's heeded my strong suggestions at the time. In fact, if anything, many Americans have instead have either continued in, or more likely become even more withdrawn and apathetic as we see today that chaos has ensued and evil have taken over much of our nation. Moral decay has at least quadrupled in the last 3 plus years, Biblical Christianity is rapidly on the decline and many purposely turn their heads or bury it when it comes time to confront wicked behaviour. Fortunately however, there is a small percentage of loyal Americans who had never left Jesus Christ and even a smaller number who have come to realize that what I shared in my article was the correct pursuit in gaining our nation back from the brink of disaster. They indeed seen that it is Jesus Christ, forming and joining militias, and as well as what the Founding Father's of this nation set as the cornerstone of this nation as, was and remains today to be our best hope for the future.

When Cliven Bundy made his request known to all Americans to come to his ranch to help rescue his cattle from the US and State of Nevada Government sponsored terrorists, folks showed up. The number of which shocked not only me, but I believe many Americans as well. It was in fact many God fearing(not
Government fearing) Americans in militias who showed up to help Mr. Bundy in fact. To actually see those God fearing militia members with their weapons, ready and prepared to confront those Harry Reid, Obama and Eric Holder Government sponsored terrorists was quite a site to see. I am quite confident that when the militias actually showed up, it kind of threw the fear of God into the Government sponsored terrorist's hearts. A small victory has been won(even if it's temporarily) for Mr. Bundy and his cattle during this battle. We as a nation almost seen a point which almost caused blood to flow for several days on the Bundy Ranch, I'm glad it didn't but also hope and pray America has learned a valuable lesson about fighting back against evil. At last, America got a chance to see how a Godly plan of action against satan and his minion's actually works.

For much too long now, folks that have been trying to use powder-puff action to get justice against a terroristic Federal, State and local Government's, finally got a chance to see the effective and appropriate response in how to confront evil. In fact, I feel a bit vindicated myself as I have been saying what we seen the Militia Groups do in Nevada should have been occurring all along to get out nation back. I have repeatedly told many here on this Blog(in past articles) and in other venues, that “protests, marches, letter writing campaigns, petitions are all useless, will go nowhere and are only being laughed at by corrupted politicians, judges, lawyers, cops, CPS agencies, Domestic Violence Programs and others like them.” I have been ridiculed as a matter of fact at times for making such statements, but as often the case, I know my Bible and know the history of our Founding Fathers of this once great nation so when it comes to combating
Government sponsored terrorism, I was correct in my analysis in 2011, and with what occurred at the Cliven Bundy Ranch in Nevada, I believe I remain correct in my analysis for what remains needed for correction to remove American Government sponsored terrorism in our nation now and forever.

If I had a chance to speak with millions of families all around the USA such as the family and parents of Justina Pelletier, I am quite sure they would agree with my analysis that many more Americans need to accept Jesus in their hearts and join a militia as well. If I believed in luck, (which I don't) I'd say that the Pelletier parents are the lucky ones. I say that because they have had national, even international news coverage on what has illegally occurred to them and their poor abused(by the Federal, State and local terroristic Government's) daughter. Not only that but they have had attention of State law makers and met members of Congress in asking them for help. Despite all that attention(that millions of other Americans who have been terrorized by Federal, State and or local Governments have never been given) they have received no help. Is it no wonder then that today in America, there has been and remains, millions of American children and families being terrorized by the US, it's States and local Governments by the way of kidnapping children for cash through so called “Family Courts”, along with their also corrupted judges, lawyers, cops, CPS agencies, Domestic Violence programs, social workers, psychologists, teachers and others? Surely the use of Godly Militias to get back Justina back to her family is what is clearly needed here to negate all the actions of the corrupted Government sponsored terrorists. I know it would help me and my children and family (http://www.corruptgenesee.com)

Indeed, if Americans, especially so called “Christians” would ever get their heads unstuck from them having purposely shoving it up inside their clouds, we could get our nation back. Religious and Secular actions are pointless and useless as are those foolish petitions, letter writing campaigns, marches and protests as I pointed out earlier. As I also indicated earlier in this article and in my last article(http://blackroberegimentpastor.blogspot.com/2014/04/tolerance-is-dirty-word.html), you must meet evil with an equal force or greater force in order to effectively to fight back. The US and it's State's and Local Government sponsored terrorists know this, why don't most Americans ? So when you see so called “law enforcement” utilizing a “shock and awe” tactic to overtake an innocent American Citizen, it is done do purposely. This tactic is not only done to overwhelm the person who has allegedly “committed a crime”, but it is also done so as a warning towards others, what will happen to them if they oppose Government sponsored tyranny also. Don't think that those armored military vehicles now being purchased as well as being used in local, state and national “law enforcement” agencies are just for show either. Those vehicles are being used to terrorize American Citizens and done so purposely to instill fear in you so you will be to afraid to take action against evil and tyranny.

I repeat my call now as I did now as I did in 2011, if you want your children, family, homes, community and nation back, you'll have to stop messing around with useless tactics that have never worked. Not only that, but the clear answer to your and my problems with our Government sponsored terrorists is this 1) make Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of your life, and number 2) join and participate in a militia. As always, the choice is yours. Either remove unrepentant evil or continue the life of being oppressed with the Government sponsored terrorist's boot on your throat while they steal your children, family home and property.

Proverbs 21:15 "When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers."

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Saturday, April 12, 2014

“'Tolerance' Is A Dirty Word”

“'Tolerance' Is A Dirty Word”

Tolerance as a word alone does not mean anything bad or wrong, however in American cultural context as compared to God's Word, indeed it is a negative. For many years now, American's have allowed themselves to tolerate evil to the point of bringing on God's judgment and destruction of a land many American’s still refer to as “the land of the free, and the home of the brave.” In all truth, America is no longer free and certainly not home of the brave. If anything, America is deeply bound to acceptance and involved in what the Bible calls sin. If bravery is a supposed to be a character of every(or the majority) American Citizen, well, then most American's sadly fail that test if that is of being compared to standing up tough against what God calls sin. Let's be honest, the majority of Americans are willing to accept just about anything attitude and illicit behaviour around them no matter how evil it might be, as long as it doesn't personally impact upon them. There is even a political movement and political party in the USA dedicated to such an idea. It's called Libertarianism. You may know two popular Libertarian's involved in politics right now , that being Ron Paul and his son Rand. Both project an laissez-faire attitude when it comes towards confronting what the Bible calls sin and evil. They are very open to the ideals of “personal liberty as long as it does not interfere with others.” In fact, both (purposely I suspect) completely ignore the many writings our American Fore-Father's writings and even warnings on the importance of utilizing the Bible in maintaining our Republic through Godly (Biblical)principles. The problem with Libertarianism and those like them who ignore sin, end up with the same consequences of those who engage in acts of evil that Libertarians say that they disagree with, even hate. In fact, many Libertarians are well known for their vicious defense of their beliefs, even attacking others who disagree with them, so much for “tolerance.” Of course it is not only Libertarians who tolerate evil. There are plenty of Democrats, Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives as well who engage in and tolerate evil as well.

Do you remember at some point in your life seeing photo's or cartoons of the three monkeys with the phrases under them that stated “'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”? That is a perfect word picture for what tolerance means in America today. That sort of attitude of tolerating evil has landed our nation in hot water. By purposely closing our eyes ears and refusing to call out against evil as well as refusing to take righteous action against evil, many Americans' have tolerated sin altogether and brought upon
disasters(natural and man made)upon our land. Americans may have tried to fool themselves and might believe they have not tolerated evil by ignoring it or avoiding it, but they have, and by altogether avoiding the issue and tolerating sin and evil, they have indeed allowed both sin and negative consequences to grow. Let me give you some examples of what I'm sharing about and how “tolerance” of evil really works... Let's take for instance Islam. Being a Muslim is not a crime in America. In fact, we as American's should love Muslims as Jesus said to. That being said, Biblical “love” does not mean tolerating sin nor evil. This is a difficult matter for many Americans to understand because they either believe in the American version of a jesus and are involved in cults, or they are agnostic, atheist or or have some major mental health issue. Getting one's Biblical head screwed on straight is helpful when talking about the Biblical Jesus and knowing that Biblical love never equates itself with acceptance of sin and or wickedness. Plain and simple, Jesus never, ever tolerated sin. In fact, 1Peter 2:22 declares that “He was found without sin and no guile(deceit) found in his mouth.” Jesus confronted all non-repented sinners including the Jewish Religious rulers of his time, both Jew and gentile alike. American false jesus butterfly followers will not acknowledge that however, and they will instead just keep tolerating sin, not only from others and even themselves, without repentance and instead only call upon God's grace as their covering. I've have visited some of their American false jesus religious buildings and seen their “praise bands” which resemble rock concerts with strobe and laser light shows and their “preachers” and “pastors” appear to be nothing short of humanistic or religious sounding motivational speakers. They all sell and tolerate a different jesus which will clearly land the I hot water with God.

It's too bad so many Christians and American's haven't figured out that when evil people call out to be “tolerated”, those that say such things, really mean they want control and to totally wipe-out anything at all good, moral, decent or Godly. One only has to look at how far reaching homosexuality has become in America to see exactly what I am sharing about here. It was only in 1969 that homosexuality was still considered a mental illness by secularists. Later that same year however, and as America was rejecting God to a tipping point, it was the American Psychological Association that back peddled on their diagnosis of homosexuality as a mental disease due to political(not scientific) pressure and to no longer carry http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/07/supreme-court-gay-wedding-photography_n_5104699.html) and of the cake maker who refused to make a cake for a homosexual couple(http://www.advocate.com/business/2014/01/08/california-caterer-refuses-serve-gay-wedding-over-christian-beliefs). Homosexuals want all Americans to be tolerant of their sinful lifestyle but if one has a hint of a personal rejection or to claim the Christian Bible to be their guide, then homosexuals will force those to object accept homosexuality anyway.
homosexuality in their Diagnostic Statistical Manual. Yet even today, despite proof that the homosexual lifestyle is physically dangerous and highly susceptible to disease(AIDS, Hepatitis C and others) as well as anatomically unnatural in sexual relations, homosexuality has been pushed as “natural” and all American's have been told to “tolerate” such unnatural and sinful behaviour although the Christian Bible once again, calls that behaviour sinful. These days, if you stand opposed to such things as homosexuality, you run the risk of being verbally and even physically attacked. Even lawsuits forcing real Christians and their businesses to accept homosexuality have plagued our courts. Two recent lawsuits that you can see proof of what I speak I'll share here with you... one is a photographer in New Mexico(

Today, because “tolerance” has leaked into every crevasse of American society, “anything goes.” Not only is it the ungodly act in the name of “tolerance” homosexuality being forced upon us, also radical Islam(those who want to kill us because we are not Muslims) is also on the rise, and so are other evils such as Religious Cults, Peadohilia, Feminism(the purposeful killing and destruction of men, fathers and boys)and
  Machosim(love 'em and leave 'em). Many American's haven't figured out yet that when evil and sinful people demand you tolerate them, they don't want 'acceptance” or 'equality” as they tell you, what they really want is to destroy any fabric of what God calls good. I repeat here one of my favorite quotes as of late, “You are what you allow.” What does that quote mean exactly? Very simply and poignantly, the quote refers to the fact that if you tolerate anything God calls immoral or wicked, you yourself are also immoral and wicked also. You are no better then the willful evil person whom you are ignoring and or “tolerating.” Tolerating wickedness and evil is a travesty for all. As we see a huge upheaval in our nation including that of corrupted politician’s cops, courts, lawyers and others, they are only a result of the fact that many American's tolerate them(Obama was elected twice !!!). Too many Americans believe that dishonoring God of the Bible carries not a heavy and negative consequence. They also believe that murdering 60 Million babies through abortion carries no penalty against a people of that nation. Fools that they are, the US and it's State's Governments abusing citizens, stealing children and families for cash, robbing homes and entire communities of it's resources, Cops beating on and killing innocent civilians are all a result of tolerating and looking the other way from evil and sin. How was this past winter season for you ? Cold enough ? How about sinkholes popping up everywhere now, enjoying that ? How about all the wild fires and floods in America ? Enjoying them also ? I have shared with you several times now that tolerating sin and wicked behaviour carries negative consequences.

Your personal liberty, your religious beliefs, your foolish tolerance of evil count for nothing good before God of the Bible. I give you all fair warning now, if you do not immediately(not next week, next month, etc) cease tolerating sin, then the loss of life, liberty and further destruction upon America(and other nations who also tolerate evil) and will continue, and all who tolerate evil will as well continue to be judged harshly as well. There is no doubt that those who are allowed to engage in evil and pursue evil will grow worse unless you STOP tolerating them ALL now. God is a patient God, yes He is but there comes a tipping point and if you are at all just the least bit knowledgeable in the Bible, you know that God's tipping point has already begun.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Saturday, April 5, 2014

STOP Allowing Yourself In Getting Arrested !

STOP Allowing Yourself In Getting Arrested !

There is no doubt in the past ten to fifteen years, there has been an explosion of law enforcement abuse against citizens here in the USA. No one can dispute the record number of citizen beatings and murders at the hands of police here either. It is nearly on a daily basis, news reports of Americans being wrongly beaten, tasered, and also being murdered by cops is indeed occurring. Since the introduction of YouTube and video camera's on cell phones many, perhaps thousands of cops have been caught and or recorded in their abuse of power and the US Constitution that they took an oath to uphold and protect. Although there may very well be a clear indication of abuse by a cop against you or anyone else, you may be surprised to learn that-that is no guarantee that you or your family(because you are dead from being killed by a police officer) will receive justice and or financial compensation (http://thefreethoughtproject.com/crazy-cop-held-couple-gunpoint-returns-work-paid-vacation/).

No, indeed, many who have been wronged at the hands of law enforcement here in the USA have never receive their day in court or their fair justice and or compensation. The reason for that is fairly simple, the cops are an extension of the already corrupted judiciary and just who belongs to the judiciary you may ask? That would be judges, lawyers, cops, anyone who works for the “court system” or receives Government funding that works withing out courts. So, say for instance you are beaten by a cop and you have pictures, medical reports and go marching in to your lawyer's office and want to use him or her to file a lawsuit against the police officer and or police agency he or she works for, that lawyer may not take your case. In fact, they may take your case and purposely not do a very good job for you. Oh yes! They will take your money but not at all help you. Is that done on purpose ? Yes, the reason being, lawyers are “officers of the court” also, just like cops and “the Judiciary.” Lot's of illegal things are done and discussed “off record” in courts and if you don't have the right attorney, well, let's just say “you get screwed.” You'll never get your justice and just lose a lot of your hard earned money. 

If you ever do make it in court and have a jury trial against the cop who abused and or beat you(or your family suing because that cop murdered you), you also run another high risk of losing your court case as well. How so ? any good and decent lawyer will tell you that with jury's, you cannot predict how they will decide no matter how good your facts and evidence are. There's no other way of saying this to you, but there are a lot of idiot's who have no common sense here in America. You want fruit, evidence of what I am sharing here that what I'm saying is true ? Sure, no problem, just look at all the people who voted for Obama, not just once but twice ! No doubt you will have at least one or two Obamaites on your jury and they don't understand common sense no less “justice” or anything else in life. So again, there's no guarantee how things will work out for you having a jury trial either.

Not only is your freedom and preservation of your civil rights a goal for you whenever you are approached by law enforcement, It is however that your primary goal should be that of your personal safety. It's a terrible shame to have to tell you that you cannot ever trust cops(local, state, federal) but you cannot ever trust cops-ever. The Supreme Court decided several cases many years ago that law enforcement officers have the right to lie to you when ever they want(http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/2014/0221/How-much-can-police-
lie-to-suspects-N.Y.-rulings-suggest-there-s-a-limit). So, when you here a cop tell someone, “I'm going to handcuff you for your safety as well as mine”, that a blatant lie. You will have little chance of ever defending yourself from being physically attacked by a cop once your are handcuffed. Don't believe the lie. There are many lies cops tell in order to force you to say or do something unlawful so they can twist it and turn what you say or do into the end result of you being arrested and or beaten. In open(gun) carry states such as Texas, lot's of cops get shot and killed because of their idiotic and often cocky attitudes that includes “power trips.” Because of so many in law enforcement in Texas that were killed in the past by innocent citizens, many cops these day's(not all) there have learned an important lesson about treating all (legal)US Citizens with respect. 

“Respect” is something that all of us should have towards other human beings. There's something about many men and women however when you give them a gun and a badge, that they think they can abuse their power when ever they feel like it and literally get away with murder(and often do). Unless men and women start saying “NO ! In Jesus name” to unlawful abuse and corruption via cops(any in government), more Americans are going to get hurt and or die. Let me make sure I really clarify what I just said... if you are doing something illegal and ungodly such as acts of murder, rape, stealing, cheating, corruption, etc., you have NO RIGHT to refuse law enforcement to arrest and incarcerate you ! In fact, if you have done such acts and have not yet been arrested, you need to go to your local police station right now and turn yourself in. That being stated, if however you have broken no Godly law, you need to do anything and everything to protect yourself. If you are being abused/beaten, tasered, being shot at, etc. by cops(or anyone), you have every right under God of the Bible to protect yourself and or anyone you seeing abused. In fact, if you are a Bible believing Christian, it is your DUTY to rescue those being abused anyway(Proverbs 24:11-12).

What should you specifically do to protect yourself ? Well, as I was taught long ago and will pass along to you, “take as much action necessary to protect yourself from harm.” If someone uses a fist or a hand to harm you, you will need to meet that force with equal or greater force to protect yourself. As the threat of violence or harm escalates against you, so must you meet that threat or harm with equal or greater force so as to protect yourself as well. God wants us to pray for our enemies. He also does not want us to be doormats either. God of the Bible gave all of us common sense and it's up to everyone to use that common sense. If someone, anyone, government officials, cops and those like them are abusing and or threatening you with harm, God wants you in the very least to protect you and your family from that harm and or abuse. Don't listen to the false non-biblical jesus butterfly believers who tell you to just allow yourself to be abused and only pray. If it was up these false christians, we'd all just lay down and die at the hands of evil. Those that have such unbiblical attitudes will have a lot to answer for before God and Hell will be their reward. God expects us to protect ourselves from the evil acts of others.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor