Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Government Is Also Kidnapping The Elderly For Cash

The Government Is Also Kidnapping The Elderly For Cash

Yes, it's true. No longer is the Federal, State and Local Government's involved in just stealing children for cash via your American tax dollars(Federal Title IV and Violence Against Women Act monies), the same usual evil players are now also increasingly stealing our parents and grandparents, specifically the elderly. “ Who would have known” you may be asking....well, I and others knew this was coming and it was just a matter of time before more of our helpless citizens became terrorized by our government. In fact, we knew because of the inaction of Christians regarding the removal of evil, those who participate in such evil practices of “legalized kidnapping” are finding the stealing of the elderly to be quite lucrative and easy. Billions of US Dollars are filling the coffers of those who participate and it appears that very few are trying to stop them.

How does this work ? How exactly are the elderly being “stolen” and kidnapped for cash ? Well, it works like this.... Just as children have so called “protectors” such as “Child Protective Services:, adults also have in many of the same counties and States; “Adult Protective Services” also. Although the thought of any type of Government sponsored protection for children or adults(Domestic Violence Programs included), brings doubts to the minds of many of the very ignorant, the truth of the matter is; every one of these Government “services” is not only a bastion of greed for cash, they are also programs specifically designed to kidnap those who are less able to defend themselves from the true terrorists, that is, those who lie to the Federal Government to gain access to those Billions and Billions of US Tax dollars designed to “help” them.

What we are seeing is this--- social workers, “Adult Protection Services Case Workers”, “Department of Social Services Social Workers”, psychologists, lawyers, cops, judges, Domestic Violence Program Workers are all looking for elderly who may be “abused”, either through the actions of others or the elderly person allegedly abusing or neglecting themselves. It is not unusual at all to find these Adult Protection Workers or the DSS Social Workers, DV Workers, and others like them, snooping around neighborhoods looking for elderly to kidnap. All it takes is one report to any number of money hungry judges from one of these evil Government or Government paid employee's and as fast as you can say “Snatch Them !,” here comes the police and an ambulance to haul off grandma and or grandpa to the county home for the elderly and if that grandparent or parent is yours, you will not, I repeat, you will not be allowed to remove your parent/grandparent and may only be allowed very little access to them while they are forced and held against their will until a hearing can be held as to “determine the best interest” of the elderly adult kidnapped. 

So if grandma/grandpa, mom/dad is being held against their will in one of those facilities, you find yourself in court, and you will spend thousands of Dollars of your hard earned money to pay for a lawyer and have the firm belief that justice will prevail and the truth of your parent/grandparent being wrongly taken will set him or her free right ? Wrong ! The case get's dragged out for weeks, then months. For many who have had this occur to them, they know and have experience their case going on for years. Despite what your court owned lawyer tells you, the truth of the matter is this, the case being dragged out on and on and on is being done so purposely. There is a reason for this... it's called “cash.” Your elderly parent/grandparent is on a Federal Title IV money making “list.” That's right, and the longer your county, your state via their Social Workers, Court appointed probate attorney's, cops, judges, etc keeps your grandparent/parent on that “list”, the more cash they make(works exactly the same for Child Protective Services and Child Support cases)... The judge in the case, the county Department of Social Services, the cops, the lawyers all get a”piece of the pie.” So, just as children are illegally snatched from good parents for the sake of making cash illegally, the same game, and the same source of funding is also used to kidnap for cash the elderly also. God help you if your elderly parent/grandparent has money, the Probate or Family Court Judge will appoint a lawyer friend of his/hers as the “adult guardian” and will allow that “adult guardian” access to pay themselves a “fee” to keep your elderly parent/grandparent on that Federal Title IV list and in court for as long as possible. If you and your elderly parent/grandparent find yourself in this situation, do not expect the “adult guardian”(lawyer) to leave one penny left over. Every Cent will be used up in “legal fees.”

I do realize many of you reading this article had or have no idea that this sort of criminal and terroristic activity is actually going on via our Government and it's evil allies. What surprised me however was a recent discussion I had with a “home health aide” who should have known better. He asked me why his one-hundred year old client had 6 different county social workers “visiting him” nearly on a daily basis. Of course, they were snooping, looking for a scratch on his body so they could run to a local Probate and or Family Court Judge to lie and say “he hurt himself” or “he is being physically abused by his children” or “abused by his home health aide.” There is nothing wrong in protecting the elderly, but the fact is that the vast majority of these government social workers, cops, Domestic Violence Program workers, judges and lawyers lie so that they can get paid more money. One last time, the motivation is cash. Indeed, Billions and Billions of Dollars are easily there for the taking through illegal and immoral means, and those fore mentioned evil doers take advantage of the easily gained cash anyway they can. They don't care who they hurt by taking part in their terroristic activities. Money is their god and they will do anything, even murder or have someone kidnapped to achieve it. 

There is only one proper and Biblical answer to fighting this type of evil. As with all cases of evil that have been allowed to grow to this point, the answer is simple yet difficult in many ways to enforce. The answer however is this; those who are true Christians must be prepared and actually gather together now to remove unrepentant evil. Everyday that Christians do not take part in their Biblical duty to remove evil, the worse matters will become. Our Government is no friend nor ally of the family. We who are “awake” and alive to what the Word declares, should already know that evil must be removed and done so quickly. Simply complaining is not enough. If the Church fails to do it's job in ridding our society of all evil, including those who partake in kidnapping elderly for cash, at some point, your parent, your grandparent will be next in being stolen and terrorized. Save a child, save a parent/grandparent, save a family today.... remove the unrepentant evil doers of this world now before you too are judged by God for being silent and turning your head from seeing wickedness of this world.

Proverbs 24:11-12 “if you hold back from rescuing those taken away to death, those who go staggering to the slaughter; if you say, 'Look, we did not know this'—does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who keeps watch over your soul know it? And will he not repay all according to their deeds?

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gypsy’s Aren't The Only One's Stealing Children, Your Children Are Next

Gypsy’s Aren't The Only One's Stealing Children, Your Children Are Next

Notice in the title of this article, I shared “Your Children Are Next.“ In today's world of lightning speed Internet service, social websites and the availability of news web-sites, you would think that many folks would be well informed and acquainted of all the social ills our nation and world suffers including when children of different ethnic and skin colour are living with a band of Gypsy's. Sadly however, willful acts of ignorance and focus of “god of self” reigns in most people's lives rather than Biblical righteousness and holiness. That is, until something bad happens to them personally and all of a sudden these people become “awake.” The reality and sad fact is, by the time “children are often taken/stolen” it is only then that people become “awake.” By then however, it's to late...with what has occurred to them, they then become like all the others that have come before them who have had their children and families lost. Complaining, reaching out asking others for help, support, screaming for justice all falls on deaf ears by most in the public as well as many others in society who are “supposed to care.” Soon, reality sets in and those that have had their child lost or stolen learn that all the massive letter writing campaigns, petitions, marches, e-mail messages and meetings with local, and national government leaders all leads to no-where as well. After a time, the reality that all efforts are futile and frustration, even total despair sets-in for many. There are some however who do for a time become “religious” in attitude and also begin sharing their deep(lack of justice for their children and family) concerns with so called “clergy” who are “supposed to help”, but all the concerns and complaints all are diverted by the “clergy” to religious non-sense and non-biblical advice giving. This leads those who are at the “end of all things” to come away with no help, no aide from so called “religious leaders” and all efforts in asking the majority in the public, all in becoming futile, falling on deaf ears.

If you have ever been victimized by having your child or family stolen, you most likely can relate to everything or most of what I have just shared in the previous paragraph. In fact, you do not have to have your child “stolen by a Gypsy” to understand what I am sharing about here in this article. For others like me, we realize that the majority of the world's population just don't care about bad things that occur to children, in fact most won't even care enough to pay attention to this article. The fact remains, most in the public are quite apathetic when it comes missing, stolen or exploited children. In fact, because there are those who engage in child kidnapping, exploitation, etc are well aware of the public and media's apathetic views, many times children are easily and illegally taken. Now, some of you are already thinking of “child kidnapping alert systems” and other so called Government and Law Enforcement programs that are supposed to help catch child kidnappers and recover children safely, right ? Yes, those type of programs can be helpful but my question to you is, what if the child kidnappers, the exploiters of children is the Government and Law Enforcement that are supposed to protect my and your children ?? Most Americans anyway, are quite willingly ignorant to the fact that The United States and it's State's Government's are the largest child traffickers in the world. In fact, I have written regarding that issue in the past but few care to know about it(judging by the number of readers of t article).

Beyond the hundreds if not thousands of mostly blonde haired little American and European girls and women that have been kidnapped illegally and trafficked and then sold in the Middle East in the Sex Trade Industry, (what most are once again willingly ignorant to the fact is that) the US Government anyway has purposely looked the other way from what has occurred to these little girls and women in the Middle East. Why would our Government turn it's head from human and sex trafficking of it's own citizens you ask? Well, it's all about the money, the power and gaining political allies of course. Go ahead, tell your “Congressman” or “Senator” what has occurred to a child overseas or even here in the USA, you will have to tell and deal with the “gatekeeper”, that is the Legislative Aide first and I will tell you, nothing will happen. Oh sure, you'll get plenty of promises that these demonic “gatekeepers” “will look into it” or “I'll tell the Congressman/ Senator” but nothing ever happens. They lie, they never ever “look into it” no less “tell the Congressman/Senator.” Government leaders and their aides are pretty much the same all around the world...they lie, cheat steal and don't care who gets hurt or murdered, not even children because they get paid for your child being stolen or kidnapped. Isn't that last statement true Mr. Kyle Glenn, Legislative Director for Congressman Dennis Ross and Christopher Grant, Chief of Staff for Congressman Chris Collins ? 

So, if a child can be illegally snatched and taken all the way to the Middle East, what chance does a parent have if the US and it's State's Government's(or any government around the world) engages it's self in stealing children from parents for profit ? What ?.... you mean you are yet still unaware that our very own (US) Government's engage in child kidnapping ? Indeed, thousands of children are stolen from many good parents and sold via the Government. What I'm sharing with you in this article right now cost former Georgia State Senator not only her own political career( as she stated so in her very own words) but it also cost , her very own life as well(she was murdered ). To date, there have been hundreds of thousands of children purposely targeted and stolen via CPS Agencies, Family and State Courts, corrupted judges, lawyers, cops, social workers, teachers, Domestic Violence program workers, psychologists and others who benefit from the lucrative Federal Title IV and Violence Against Women Act monies available all for the taking because of a false allegation or a lie that becomes “true” and “founded” because money can be had by those who can and do make profit.

I believe that most would agree with me that children are the most vulnerable to evil in any society. Here in America and via the many news stories that reach me, children all around the world in this “Post Christian Age” have not at all benefited in any way. In fact, the reality is that if anything, children have become more vulnerable to evil then at anytime during the history of mankind. I mean, what kind of sick society allows Governments to steal children then sell these same children to be sold off to the highest bidder ? Foster care agencies, adoption agencies, pharmaceutical companies , State run Child Protection Agencies, Police
Agencies, Domestic Violence Programs and others all line-up for the Billions of US Dollars available for “legally kidnapping” children to make cash. The sad fact is that many children around the world(including here in the USA) become guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical companies and are paid quite well by the government to conduct evil experiments on our children. These same children are placed in foster homes where a high percentage of the children are raped and when turn 18 years of age, are sent out in to the world where they become drug addicts and prostitutes. How we treat our children ? The Government and the “clergy” are often complicit in the crimes of stealing kidnapping children for financial profit because they either help pay for the problem or they do nothing to stop the evil practice of harm of the children being kidnapped/stolen.

Indeed, if only people would stop being so willfully ignorant so we could rescue all children from harm. The way things look however, it doesn't look like that will ever happen. If you love your children, if you love all children(which you should), it is your job not only to “educate others”, it is also your job to rescue these children. Recently a father publicly asked for help for his son who was in trouble. He was quite open and honest in his public plea and even said that the government would get him in trouble if he rightfully disciplined his child, but no one came to his aide(Where the heck was the Bible believing Church, pastor and Christians in his area ??????) and in the end, Child Protective Services took his child from him and that poor parent may never, ever see his son again. I guarantee you right now, that boy who was “legally kidnapped” via CPS, Family Court and cops is doped up on all sorts of psychotropic medications and is not in any better condition or attitude than before he was “legally kidnapped” and wrongfully taken for the sole purpose of financial profit by the Government.

The world is screwed up and the children are suffering the most because of it. Do what you need to do, rescue the Children. We have only our children who can change the future of our world. If we will not rescue our children, the world will only come to a rotten end. Your children are not safe, don't be fooled...go rescue them and all children now.

The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children. 
~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, October 18, 2013

When Christians Destroy Marriages And Families

When Christians Destroy Marriages And Families

Not everyone who call's him or herself is a real Christian. This couldn't be more clear and evident than what we see in how people who call themselves by the name of Christ in relation to one-another in terms of marital relationships and family matters these days. As a former Chemical Dependency Counselor and Family Counselor/Mediator, I have seen more than I wish to remember, the number of Christians and so called “Christian Pastors” aiding in destroying, and not helping marriages or families in crisis. Unfortunately, many so called Christians and Pastors these days have left the wisdom of the Bible and now propagate such man-made ideas such as psychology or relying on “feelings.” Rather than the Word of God being the instrument of wisdom on such matters, sadly many are instead running to read and learn from James Dobson or Mark Driscoll books instead.

With the rise of Feminism over the last 40 years, the Spirit of Jezebel has sadly not only worked it's way into the hierarchy of our Government and courts, it has also wormed it's way into our educational institutions, schools and even into many American churches as well. I remember some years ago meeting a man who was a radio program and television host who proudly touted to me and a few others how his wife was a “Pro-Life Feminist.” My reply to him directly, (while editing his program) was that what he was sharing with myself and everyone else in the room regarding his wife's beliefs could be compared to “jumbo-shrimp, an oxymoron.” As you can quite imagine, he was not too pleased with what I told him but he was not a Christian, but he was to some degree, very religious. I went on to explain to him the facts surrounding rebellious attitudes of Feminism, Machoism and gave him some Bible Scriptures to back it all up. What occurred after that, was he became so incensed about what the Bible declared, I never seen him again. He chose like so many involved in “religion” and “feelings” to become irate over Biblical truth rather than accept it's wisdom. Feminism and Machosim(“love 'em and leave 'em) attitudes and ideologies belong to the devil and have no place in a Christian's heart nor a church.

That's the main problem with many so called “Christians”, they are not abiding by the Bible but instead, are following some sort of religion which may have a claim to Christianity or appearance on the surface of Christianity, but in reality is far from what the Bible plainly teaches. Specifically in regards to marriage and family, as I shared earlier, most Christians destroy God's design for marriages and families much more than help them. I believe some of the largest and visible evidence of what I am sharing here is that of divorce. What does Jesus plainly say in the Bible regarding divorce ? Well, Jesus spoke of only one reason to divorce(if the offended chooses to do so), and that is for adultery(Matt 19:9). I have heard so many so called Christians and Pastors advocate for divorce for a multitude of reasons over the years calling it “a form of adultery”(marital infidelity) justifying a divorce, but these Christians and Pastors are doing great harm and doing the devils work instead. There is no “out” of a marriage in the Christian Bible for domestic violence, arguing, rebelliousness and so on. I know some of you are saying “Oh ! pastor you are sooooooo wrong, you have no idea what she/he did to me !!!! ” I can tell you that I have been greatly abused, both physically and verbally. I could have divorced and could have found plenty of so called “Christians” and “Pastors” to enable me to do so, but I didn't. I can tell you also that in the Bible, it does mention regarding “separating for a season” but most have no real Biblical venue to get their marriages repaired while “separated” for the purpose of healing. Real Pastors with Biblical authority know exactly how to stop a man/woman engaged in terrorizing their spouse but sadly, they love their IRS 501c3 tax Exempt Status more. Often times, so called Pastors these days only end-up choosing sides or give up and let the marriage get destroyed. Thus, even if one party in a marriage wishes not to be divorced, they get dragged before the corrupted Government and attorneys anyway, thus the devil wins again and the marriage and family destroyed.

Pastors these days do not hold folks that attend their churches accountable for their actions. Sadly, most Pastors in churches these days are more concerned about their pay, their parking spot or getting their Starbucks Coffee then they are about following the Word of God. Marriages and families suffer greatly and teachings such as what is written in Titus Chapter 2 regarding teaching/following family values/roles are totally ignored. The void of good Biblical Pastors in our nation has led to more Mark Driscoll's out there who put beds next to pulpits and teach openly and inappropriately about sexual matters to their congregations. The lack of sound Biblical teaching in most churches in America has allowed men and women to divorce and remarry over and over again with little to no real accountability at the local church level. I hardly know anyone alive in America who has been married just one time in their life time(I'm not speaking of a spouse dying and remarriage). The vast majority of American adults these days are either divorced, divorced/remarried or cohabitating. None of these fore mentioned interpersonal type relationships are Biblical. Divorce and or Biblical separation should be rare. But they are not. This is not only a problem, the negative consequences of such is playing it's self out in the nightly news everyday. 

So, the churches, Pastors and Christians are involved in unbiblical actions regarding marriages and families. The best you can get and hope from many of them to “help” is either a “Divorce Recovery Workshop” or a “Men's or Women's Bible Study Group.” Neither of these are very helpful other than possibly being a good place to vent. Other than that, they are useless. The fruit of Pastors and Christians involving themselves in wicked things such as divorce for unbiblical matters, has allowed an increasing amount of children alienated from their parents and an increasing amount of men(who have little to no social support) who are killing themselves and or others The blame for all this is squarely blamed on Christians and their Pastors who ignore the Bible and marriages as well as families in crisis. As Child protective Services, corrupted family courts, lawyers, domestic violence programs and cops increase their illegal activities in stealing children from good parents all to make cash(Federal Title IV Funding). It is only Christians and their pastors that can be blamed for ignoring these same marriages and families being purposely destroyed. Equally sharing in the evil, I have been finding more and more so called Christian “Attorneys” who are just as much to blame for the failure of these same marriages and families. Perhaps there is a special place in hell for those so called “Christian lawyers” who screw people out of a lot of money, refuse to help and in the end, the troubled marriage end up divorced, lose their children or in end-up in the “poor house” anyway. Someone must call “foul”, and I'm calling out so called “Christians”, “Christian Pastors” and “Christian Lawyers.”

The bottom line here is this; if you dare, yes...that is dare to call yourself a “Christian” or even more so, a “Christian Pastor”, your job, your command, your Biblical responsibility is to help heal, help teach, help enforce Biblical teachings, not to do as you “feel.” Stop feeding the devil and go help a marriage and or family in need today !

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Thursday, October 10, 2013

No More Government Sponsored Marriages For Christians

No More Government Sponsored Marriages For Christians

That's it, no more...all done. Yep, that's right no more... “and by the (blank) State, I hereby pronounce you man and wife.” What has precipitated my ending and calling all Biblical Christian pastors and Christians to call it “quits” with Government ordained marriages and this often-read portion of almost all “church weddings”? Well there are several reasons actually... the first is the wide-spread acceptance of the Homosexual lifestyle which of course according the the Bible, is a sin. I really don't care what the Liberal's, Fox New Network(aka the Catholic Lawyer Channel) or the Roman Catholic Pope and other so called religious nutcases like Joel Osteen tell you and I, the act or even thought of partaking in homosexual activities is a sin and wrong.

The Bible teaches us as I shared earlier that homosexuality(as is all sin) is bad, is wrong and should not be partook in. There are negative consequences for such acts. If you don't believe me, just look in today's news headlines. This nation(and other nations around the world) are in deep trouble, why is this ? Many suffer these days not just socially, but economically and in many other ways as well. Those with their heads up in their clouds keep telling us “all we need to do to correct this is ...” when in reality the whole issue of our suffering is based on the rejection of God's Word. Plain and simple folks; If God said something is bad, don't do it or.... well, once again...just take a look around you. As well, there are folks who are today suffering because of someone else's activity in sin. I really don't care who your favorite talking head is on television or who in Government you choose to support these days, it's not what they tell you or what to do that will get you where you need to go. Nope, with more and more American's accepting homosexuality and other sins as described as such in the Bible, what sin is now “normal” and acceptable, we will only see this nation continue in declining someday(probably soon) to come to implode.

Marriage like many areas of the Bible where God instructs us Christians to have responsibility over just as in other areas such as, taking care of the poor, widows and orphans, has been wrongly taken over by our Government. It is not, I repeat NOT the job of the Government to do our job as Bible based Christians. I realize there have been religions past and present that have faked their way into what the Bible declares us real Christians to do and have greatly abused our Biblical mandates, but that should not prevent us Christians from doing our jobs. The Bible quite clearly tells us to separate ourselves from such evil acts and quite frankly from the world as well. Homosexuality and marriage(“civil unions”) and anything to do with joining intimate relationships is God's business and His business alone. It is not the Government's job nor responsibility what-so-ever. Homosexuality has polluted the sanctity of marriage in our nation(and world) therefore, I and all Christian Pastors and Christians should no longer attain “Government marriage License's” or marry couples or get married according to the “State.” That's correct, no more Government sanctioned marriages should be partook in. Instead, we should only be performing and participating in “Biblical Covenant Marriages” with no mention or interferences of the Government.

What does a “Biblical Covenant Marriage” mean ? This means the Government has no right to interfere or intervene in your marriage for any reason. No Government divorces, no Government taxes, No Government Family Court actions in your marriage and so on. The Pastor and Church should be the only (as in the Bible) entity to teach, instruct, intervene in any marriage/family issues. Rather than a wife or husband running to wicked Family Law attorneys regarding disputes, the Pastor and the Church would have authority to help reunite, counsel, help, bless and teach husbands and wives how to love, respect and help one-another in and through Jesus Christ. The Church would keep record of such marriages and if and when the couple moves and needs to attend another Biblical Church, that record with a letter from the pastor would be sent to the new church home and the new pastor as to the marriage and if the marriage is in right standing or not. This is all quite Biblical and simple which is probably why the world will hate those who participate.

The whole idea of “Biblical Covenant Marriages” is to keep sin and an increasingly wicked Government and the world out of God's business. If you follow the Biblical Model for marriage, you won't be able to get some Government sponsored benefits I suppose because according to their evil documents, the Government will not recognize a “Biblical Covenant Marriage.” The sacrifice is worth it however in the long-run. Keeping away and keeping out Government intrusion and money hungry lawyers, judges, cops, CPS workers, Domestic Violence Program workers, teachers, counselors, politicians, psychologists is key to the survival of not only your marriage but this nation. That brings me to reason number two(2) for advocating only for “Biblical Covenant Marriages.” As with much of our Government, money and control are motivators to destroy husband, wife and families in general. Billions and Billions of Federal, State and County tax payer paid monies are used to purposely destroy families. Let's face it, the Government will do whatever it can to make a little cash from you, however it can. Sadly, there are an increasingly amounts of so called “christians”(small letter 'c' used purposely here) who seek out the Government and or Government paid agents to terrorize spouses, children, parents and their very own family members. Real Bible believing Christians need protection from those who turn their backs on Jesus Christ and use Government sponsored terrorists and their evil tactics to come after them.

So, let every good and Biblical Pastor reject all Government sponsored marriages. End all relationships with evil and the world. It is in 2 Corinthians 6:14-15, the Word declares, “Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness ? And what communion has light with darkness ? And what accord has Christ with Belial ? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever ?” Fairly simple to understand, you don't need to know Biblical Greek to understand this. It is time to end the wrongful(from the get-go) relationship with Government. No more Government sponsored marriages. That's it, the end, no more. The one and only way Biblical Christians should get married from here on out is through a “Biblical Covenant Marriage.” If you are considering getting married, I highly suggest you and your future spouse find a real Bible based pastor and church and do what is right before the Lord.

It is my hope to write more in the near future regarding family and Christian issues. Please look for the articles soon to come. Thank you and God's blessings for those who follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor