Friday, June 28, 2013

Putin; 'America Is Sodom And Gomorrah', Is He Correct ?

“ Putin; 'America Is Sodom And Gomorrah', Is He Correct ? "

If there is one thing the Lord Jesus said that He found absolutely incorrigible, it was that of the act of being hypocritical. Jesus in fact, was often quite harsh with the religious Jewish leaders of His time when confronting those who engaged in hypocrisy. It comes to my mind the very words of Jesus that He used when confronting those hypocrites, calling them “of your father the devil” and also calling them a “brood of vipers.” That being said, I suppose any real American at first would be quite offended at Putin's comparison of the United States of America to that of “Sodom and Gomorrah” but are we being arrogant and hypocritical as a people when we hear the word's of Putin ? I hope to explore that question and Putin's statement here in this article. That being said, the sad fact is, and I must acknowledge that I'm afraid it may very well be that many Americans do not actually know what “Sodom and Gomorrah” was or what the reference to “Sodom and Gomorrah” means.

Because of the lack of basic teaching and knowledge of the Christian Bible in America, the logical step here, is to give my readers some necessary background information about what Sodom and Gomorrah was and is in the Bible. If you are already familiar and knowledgeable of this story, please forgive me for taking time to share the section of the Bible that infers what I am sharing, but I do not wish to assume that all are familiar with the Biblical account of Sodom And Gomorrah. That being stated, please now go to Genesis, Chapters 18-19 and there you will find the facts why God destroyed those cities. As a summary, there is no doubt that God Himself found the level of evil in Sodom and Gomorrah at such a place beyond that of willing-heart-felt repentance for those evil acts, God destroyed the cities and everyone in it(minus Lot and his family). In fact, we find that in Genesis 19:5, that “level” of sin was so egregious, the men of that city were calling out to Lot to surrender the (angels who were visiting and warning Lot of the city's destruction) “men” to them so that they could force sex(rape) on them. Homosexuality was a pinnacle (primary)reason for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Surly the sinful act of homosexuality was not the only act that brought upon the death of those in those cities but it was arguably the paramount reason as indicated by the Word of God.

Taking two very US Supreme Court rulings favoring in part that of the sin of homosexuality, we are in a day and age that approval of the “gay lifestyle”, and is now widely accepted by most here in the USA. As they say; “it is what it is.” What I share here is absolutely true, As the days of Sodom and Gomorrah's acceptance of evil including homosexuality, so is America today. There may be doubters by some however that America has by majority embraced homosexuality, but in most recent surveys taken of the American public, we see that it indeed a growing favor of the sinful lifestyle ( Those who take part in the homosexual lifestyle are comparatively low in number in comparison to the general population of the USA(estimated between 2% and 4 %) but yet have gained enormous support despite what the Christian Bible clearly calls sin. So, with everything I have discussed here in this article thus far, could it be said that Putin is correct in his analysis comparing the USA to Sodom and Gomorrah ? has in some way, Putin become a Biblical Christian ? Putin is certainly sounding correct in his comparative statement but is hardly in any form a Biblical Christian, in fact if anything, Putin may be at the same level of evil as our Obama here in America. That being said, there must be something that Putin knows and is, that brings him to a conclusion that homosexuality is wrong and pointing his finger(figuratively through his words) and calling the USA “Sodom And Gomorrah.”

The Bible often points to “fruit” to indicate where someone stands in Christ or the “world.” Interestingly, although Putin is obviously not a Bible believing Christian(as I believe we all can agree), Putin has taken real and concrete steps to stop matters of evil growing in Russia including not only of homosexuality, but of stopping Islam as well. In fact, Putin has helped to formulate and get passed in the Russian Legislature a law that prohibits (and other nations) couples from adopting Russian orphans( ). The reason Putin took a strong stand against the adoption of Russian Children by American's was because of a murder of an adopted Russian Child here in the United States( ). Putin was very wise as was the Russian Legislature (for those unaware), because all across the USA, children are widely and routinely abused in adoptive homes as well as in foster care. It seems to me, Putin is hypocrite in many areas of his life, his attitude towards his own people in the way he denies basic human rights and justice towards his own people, but he recognizes that at least children should not be exposed to such abuses as the sin of homosexuality and murder. He can see that, but American's are widely(willingly in most cases) blind to the fact of our children being illegally stolen and abused via our own American Government's. It is very interesting to me that Putin has denied gay pride events and marches. Strange as it may sound, I keep getting the sense that his belief system includes a bit of the fear of God, much unlike that of Americans.

Does Putin then have a sense of what is morally and Biblically Courageous ? I highly doubt it, however, I believe God is using him. Just like Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible, Putin has knowledge of God of the Bible. Putin is not a stupid man what so ever, in fact, being a former KGB Agent, he is quite intelligent. The matter however of the fear of God to push a man up to, then hold them to a certain point and tolerance of evil is more likely a reality for Putin. There is no doubt that Putin is a hypocrite, engaging in unrepentant sinful and evil acts in much of what he speaks and does. The man however does appear to have at least one eye open to what is occurring in the USA. He is a student of history and he most likely knows with those who claim to know and love God(of the Bible) then turn their back against God, that nation in the end will be destroyed. As an increasing amount of Godly men disappear and effeminate men continue to grow in numbers here, this nation will continue on it's path towards destruction. I shudder to even think about what will occur to America in the near future unless those who engage in evil get on their knees in repentance to Jesus Himself.

My final thought on Putin and calling America “Sodom And Gomorrah” is this; God used a donkey to confront evil(Numbers 22). If God can use a donkey to bring (confrontive) words to point out and stop evil, the Lord God certainly can use a hypocrite like Putin. Americans better wake up, God is using even an evil man like Putin to wake those up who engage in unrepentant sin. Time is ticking and the way things are going here and around the world, there isn't much time before judgment lands in every home and place across the United States of America.

Luke 17:26-30 "26 And as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man: 27 They ate, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all.28 Likewise as it was also in the days of Lot: They ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; 29 but on the day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. 30 Even so will it be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed."

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, June 21, 2013

“ Armed Protest In DC July 4th, 2013, If Not Now, Then When ?”

“ Armed Protest In DC July 4th, 2013, If Not Now, Then When ?”

Before I share my thoughts regarding any attempt of an “armed protest” in Washington DC by anyone, I want to share a several important points that all should consider... The first is; in this article, I'm going to make some people really angry at me by saying what I am writing here in this article. Let me say right away that I'm sorry ahead of time for sounding offensive to some but there truly is no way to communicate effectively to those who need to hear what needs to be written without making some folks very upset. Secondly, the absolute seriousness of even considering and discussing such an issue of an “armed protest” put's me at greater risk of being murdered as was promised to me via a very corrupt cop in the City of Batavia, NY. Indeed, I am taking a huge personal risk in even undertaking such a discussion regarding the very topic of this article. As already a victim of a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer here in the USA along with corrupted judges and lawyers along with a few others who conspired together in having(as I already shared) a Batavia, NY cop threaten my life, I have enough troubles in my life right now. That being said, I also want to tell you that I have come to the realization that unless the truth is told here, especially Biblical Truth, my children, grandchildren and their children may end up in a way much worse way then I am in already if I just stay silent. Lastly, I know this article is a couple of paragraphs longer than what I normally write each week. You may be enticed to skim over, or just look for “highlights” of my points. Please don't do that. Please take the time to read every word and everything I share here. In fact everything written is important and could easily be taken out of context if not read in it's entirety and completion.

As the many reports of U.S and it's State's Government's involvement in corruption, illegal activities, and tyranny continues to come to light by the minute, I want you to know that I took the time in my preparation for this particular article and my attention was brought to an important historical event that took place in our nation's history on March 5th 1770. This was at a time when Britain’s King George III had nearly brought the American Colonies to an unbearable point of tyrannical rule including what we would refer to in our time, as a “Nanny and Police State.” While King George was engaged in the wide spread abuse of his “subjects” in the American Colonies on this particular date, a British soldier named Hugh White got in an argument with a young 11 year old boy. White at some point, thought it best to strike that unarmed child with the butt end of a musket during that argument. Historical accounts of the event also shows us that many of the colonists came out of their homes to confront the soldier and a near riot ensued. White and some other British soldiers shot and killed 5 Colonists who confronted White for striking the child. In the end of all things, the soldiers who killed the Colonists were arrested , however most of the soldiers were defended in court by Crown Loyalist attorneys(what we would call Democrats, RINO's and or Obama supporters today) and four of the six soldiers put on trial were thus acquitted. This event is what we American's today refer to in our schools as the Boston Massacre(well if American history is still being taught in our schools) and helped in leading(among other tyrannical events by the British Crown of that time) to the “American Revolution.” My point here ? My point here is two-fold actually--- first, I am sure that those five American Colonists that went out to confront the British soldier and who beat on that young boy had no thought they would ever be killed for the matter of demanding justice for a boy beat by a soldier(acting as law enforcement) but the 5 men killed were not afraid. Secondly, my other point is that we should all be absolutely aware that just as the day's of King George III, as it is (worse) now when wickedness rules and reigns, there is a cost, a very, very dear and serious cost for freedom from that of tyranny, even up to death of those who object and stand up to it.

This point of “death” brings me to this portion of the article... Once again before any consideration or discussion of any type of protest should ever be discussed, we need to get to what our nation according to what the founders and framers of the USA established and meant for the USA. From what I and many others can tell us after looking at how far away we have strayed as a nation from the Founding Father's meant for us, in all honesty, we are all nearly good as dead. I realize this is a very strong statement, however know what I mean by that statement...we have left God. This “God” is the One which most of our our Founding Father's believed in and wrote into many of our important documents including the Deceleration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. In fact, Those who signed the Deceleration of Independence acknowledged quite plainly that the whole premise of our freedom and basis for Natural Rights comes from the God of the the Christian Bible, not Kings nor men. If we abandon God, the Giver of our rights, who are we to deserve anything but slavery and death ? Most Americans not only do not realize this fact, they reject the very God our Founding Father's said that gives all “free men” these rights. We are a very sad and pitiful nation that is suffering of our own doing's. At present, we are in no condition, not only physically or mentally to fight evil, but most importantly we are far as well from spiritually right before the Lord to engage in any kind of warfare against evil and or tyranny. There is an absolute need to also realize that if there is ever going to even begin any hint of a discussion at all about the effectiveness or having an “armed protest”, one had better know the very condition not only their own soul but, also what is the primary goal of wanting more freedom ? Ask yourself right now; “is wanting to have my “freedom” to escape from tyranny so I can do more evil and engage in selfish acts away from God ?”, or is it to rid our nation of wickedness including that which lays within our selves ? Getting it yet ?

Sticking with the “theme” I suppose of “God”, and the desire and need of an armed protest, I wish to alert all the readers here and now, any attempt of any “armed protest”with this nation's current spiritual condition will only result in unnecessary bloodshed and as well, end in complete failure. Call me a “buzz kill” or a “kill joy” or any other number of names, I don't care. What kind of pastor and “man of God” would I be in endorsing the very notion of an armed protest believing and knowing that many of those who attended in protest and or serve as "law enforcement" protecting tyranny, may all very well be taken away from the event in body bags ? Don't kid yourselves people, without God going with us, any attempt to rescue this nation without the right spiritual condition of each person participating in such a protest, will only end in a horrible disaster and make matters worse for everyone left behind. As they say, "I know that I know" what I share here is true. I say this because of not only my own walk of faith through Jesus Christ I have been in many "dark places"(including sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with former and current Communist rebels in the mountainous regions of the Philippines with no other American's with or near me for miles) that many of you have never experienced and I came through unscathed because the Lord was with me. I believe this way also because of the many messages and communications I have received from other Americans. I am sharing here specifically about the "statistics" portion of my blog. I see what words are used to find my articles. Among the most popular words typed into search engines to find my articles are the following typed words; "Where Are All The Godly Men ?" Apparently I am not alone in my beliefs regarding what should be our nation's priorities. People are looking for Godly(unafraid) men to get this nation back, not with hot-headed, beer guzzling, Playboy centerfold gazing, sports watching, Big Screen TV watching, "keyboard commando", and "wannabe patriots" holding guns.

There is so much evil, so much corruption in not only the Federal Government, but also in every State, County and local Government as well. Truly, our Government is a facade, it is mostly run by thousands and thousands of special interest groups, corporate lobbyists and lawyers. Among the worst and guilty of corruption on the state level undoubtedly New York State(isn't that correct corrupted Assemblyman Hawley and and Senator Razenhofer ?) and also California. Certainly though, corruption is at it's pinnacle in every level of government and in all three branches and every state. There are very few of those elected or not-elected officials and government employee's that are not engaged in evil and corruption, even if they lie and cover it up(right corrupt N.Y. State Senator's Borelli ?). The very few good politicians that are in our government are impotent in getting us our nation back. They are to few and have no real power to change the corruption. I have been to DC, have seen and witnessed the corruption with my own eyes(ask Congressman Chris Collins, he's guilty). For sure, It is not only I that has been violated by a crime perpetrated by an illegal alien and our so called Government(Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches) covered it up. There are millions of us who have and continue to suffer injustice all day long in this nation, we who have been violated by our own terroristic Government are awake now. This being said, and as you sit there reading this article and despite being widely exposed for their corruption and illegal activities, corporations and businesses with the "blessing" of our Government leaders, are poisoning your water, poisoning your food and increasingly moving American jobs overseas. If that isn't bad enough, our own Government leaders are fully engaged in "politics as usual" and engaged in corruption. These people have no shame, no one has been able to bring about negative consequences for them. They operate without fear because they protect one another and the cops/law enforcement helps hide their crimes. If you think that perhaps the media will help you, and if you don't know yet, you need to know what the media reports to us is of no good to many of us and is just as untrustworthy as the Government. None are to be trusted with their tainted news reports not even that "Catholic Lawyer Channel"; Fox News Channel(Megyn Kelly's Feminist rants, Shepard Smith's pro homosexual remarks, the countless "RINO" guest commentators presented as "Conservatives", etc, etc...). We are the key to getting our nation back. What we do and how we do it will make all the difference in the world.

I am in the firm belief that a "armed protest" is needed. However, in the spiritual condition of many including my friends in 'Militia's", OathKeepers and other's with like minded beliefs, I can tell you that we have no one to trust but God Himself if we want our nation back. What we know is that we are being besieged with assaults of tyranny, but "going in circles" of debate and ignoring God's Biblical principles only wastes time, energy and resources. We know that by engaging in those types of "circles" the enemy of God and freedom only gets stronger and our nation get's worse. What our Founding Father's would have done by this time to rid the evil and of what we all currently suffer, cannot yet occur. We are no where near the amount of courageous and (real) Biblical and Godly men with "grapes" big enough to organize and lead a successful "armed protest" and confrontation of an evil army of DC police, national Guard and Government employee's; elected and non-elected. Nope, our nation lacks the moral fortitude to make a stand and make a real difference. As if corrupt politicians, lawyers, judges, cops, teachers, illegal aliens, and many, many like them aren't enough, our nation has to deal with supposed '"Christians" who continue their unbiblical pursuit of religion, jesus butterfly's and :feel good" and "get rich" theologies, all the time evil tyranny grows against us.

I want to finish this article by endorsing the idea of an armed protest, but state also that "not yet." Even with (evil)Muslims planning their September 11th, 2013 "Million Muslim March", we must know who and what our enemy is. If God of the Bible is not for us, then He is against us. That being stated, If the armed protest is organized and led by real Godly men and women who love God of the Bible, their families and nation above and beyond themselves, count me in. That's right, I'm there, I will attend and happily show my support in both prayer and in openly confronting evil. That being said, I am putting my faith with my action in place as exactly what he Bible declares in James 2:17-20. I have read and apply the Bible, not as those others who at present are only calling for a "day of prayer and repentance" (without action), later on September 11th of this year. These folks are those I mentioned in my article earlier... they serve a false jesus, a jesus that sat around and only prayed about matters. The Biblical Jesus I and other like me serve not only prayed but He also acted upon those prayers. We are in a war and no man, no nation has ever won a war against evil by simply praying and also asking others to simply pray and repent of evil. Hitler was not removed that way, Communism was not removed that way in the Soviet Union and Obama,and his wicked and evil acting agents and protectors will not and cannot be removed that way either. As a historical reminder, It was on many occasions that our Founding Fathers called for "fasting and prayer" in their public proclamations but obviously through other historical accounts, they seen it was necessary to go against public opinion of the majority of the colonists and take to war against evil, thus we had the action of the American Revolution. Those who believe such things as "we are only called to pray" are involved in religious "circles" and a job half-done as well as are foolish. We all know that a job half done, especially a Biblical job half-done, is a job not done at all, nor completed. God of the Bible is not interested in "jesus butterfly's", a job half done, or doing things without His guidance and direction. That's why I choose not align myself with "wanna be patriots" nor fake Christians either. I want to see a protest against evil as soon as possible, but not done in haste nor headed by those who hate God or simply use the name of God for personal favor or gain of finances or glory(like Jay Sekulow, the ACLJ and others who have made themselves millionaires on the backs of us Christians who suffer injustice or hyping people up in making cold-hard cash while telling people we need to save Christmas Trees for public displays).

I hope I have communicated effectively several important points not only why we need that there is a need for an armed protest, but also and equally important, what many American's(both men and women) need to do personally and as well corporately need Jesus in their hearts first so they can realize the protests to be really effective and come to fruition. This nation is in big, big trouble. Our Government(s) are saturated and dripping in tyranny and corruption but let's all be honest here, we allowed it because we left "our first love" of Jesus Christ, who is also the Prime Director and Driver of what our Founding Father's believed in and placed at head of our nation..To get our nation back, the focus should be on ourselves getting God back to the "head" again, and everything else will fall into place soon after.

Unafraid people who love God are welcome, Contact me when you're ready. I'll be waiting......

Proverbs 3:5-8
 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart,And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him,And He shall direct your paths.

 Do not be wise in your own eyes;Fear the Lord and depart from evil. It will be health to your flesh,And strength to your bones.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Only People Left Who Still Trust The Government's--- Are Dazzled With...

“ The Only People Left Who Still Trust The Government's--- Are Dazzled With...”

Yes indeed, believe it or not there are people who are United States Citizens who still trust the U.S. and it's State's Government's despite all the crazy things going on in recent and also past outrageous - alarming headlines. I mean holy crap(can I say that here ??), there is so much evil being exposed in what our government is involved in, it's really getting difficult to keep up with anymore. It's more than just the lies, lies and more lies pouring out of the mouths from that which we hear over and over again from 99% of all politicians. It's not only these lies but also all the detestable actions of both Republicans and Democratic elected and non-elected Government leaders/agents(like Peter King, Karl Rove and Dianne Feinstein, James Carville) that engage in protecting and in maintaining the status quo of evil that pisses me off(can I say that here also ??)the most. Is there justice in this nation anymore ?? While many American's are watching the scandals of the NSA, IRS, the FBI, CIA, Department of Homeland Security and other Government agencies, I know for me anyway, I'm still waiting for an investigation against Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the USA for justifying acts of terrorism which took place by the Black Panther gang (terrorist's) who blocked and intimidated Caucasian voters on Election Day, 2008(don't hold my breath right?). Here we are coming up on five years later and still there is no justice. So my questions are; should there be any real surprise that there are so many more scandals and acts of injustice under Barack Hussein Obama that have taken place, then at any other time under our nation's history ? And also...despite the very many reports of evil acts and scandals at all levels of government, what is it that keeps people in trusting such a corrupted government(s) ?

As the title of my article indicates, I want to make it quite clear by the evidence of so many news reports regarding government made scandals (we all can plainly see in news headlines on a daily basis), that there are in fact, people who still trust the United States Government despite so much intentional evil occurring in our nation and from our government. I believe those who put their faith in the government despite all the evidence of wrong doing, are more than just a handful of adults who still believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and that “professional wrestling” is real. In fact, according to many national surveys taken, trust for people in our government like Obama, approval for him has not waned much despite all the scandals under him. In a recent Politico Poll, 45% of Americans rated an “approval” of how he is handling the Office of the Presidency. That is nearly a half approval rating compared to 49% disapproval rating for Mr. Obama( For the life of me, I cannot imagine any person approving of any leader that has so many deaths(of people) under his “watch.” More and more, Obama and his fellow cronies in government are being caught “red-handed” not only in lies but also bullying and even putting his political opponents in the way of physical harm. I know some of you are thinking of, and coming to mind that of Ambassador Stevens and the three other American Citizens murdered in Benghazi, Libya but I'm also thinking of Agent Brian Terry(remember him?) and others who were killed because of (once again) Eric Holder the U.S Attorney General, and that of Barrack Hussein Obama being involved in systematic and purposeful- evil acts then covering them up. At this point in history, we may be at a point where Obama has actually caught up (or surpassed)with the number of bodies piled up by former U.S. President Bill and Hillary Clinton during their reign of terror in the White House.

Asking myself just how could Obama and his cronies get away with so much wickedness, I have come to the conclusion that those who still trust Obama and those like him in government(like Holder, Cuomo, many in Congress, others) in America are simply“dazzled with non-sense”(yes, I had to substitute and interchange a word here for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ but you know what I mean). These are the folks that are like the screaming teenage girls and “silly women laden with sin”(as the Bible calls them), help elect and get re-elect Barrack Hussein Obama to the Office of President. Equally, effeminate men(a rapidly growing population) no doubt helped as well. On a spiritual level, let's be clear just who these type of people are, and the other Obama endorsers as well--- those also who trust the U.S. And it's State's Government's; they are blinded, deaf and dumb. Yes, very sad to say, but true. As some of you are still chuckling at how very true in what I just stated here in my comment regarding; “dazzling...”, don't laugh, sadly “dazzling people with non-sense” really works with people who operate “in the flesh”(as the Bible declares). I mean it's not just Obama using the “dazzling people with...” sucking them in and getting them to trust him despite all Obama's evil acts. I recently caught a news story where the Governor of New Jersey( considered by some stupid people as an “Conservative” but is a Obama supporter), was recently once again on a late-night comedy television program singing with the comedic host. On a “news” program that frequented the Chris Christie singing escapade on late night TV, they actually found their ratings jump higher due to running the story of Governor Christie singing ! There are apparently stupid American's that eat that “stuff “ up. Like I said, “dazzling people with non-sense” apparently works due to the folks who want a “rock star” not a leader of a nation, a state or local area. What's wrong with people ??

American's can only be “awake” as much as they want to be. You cannot force or manipulate people to stop being evil or blinded, deaf, dumb or wanting a “rock star” instead of a leader with integrity and good character. There is a segment of society that will always gravitate towards evil, we can preach truth to them all day long and also until our faces turn blue, but it is the choice of people's hearts that will lead them to either righteousness of their own destruction. With that being said however, we must come to point of accepting that we as individuals do not change hearts, that's the Holy Spirit's job. However, like mosquito's drawn to the “blue light” of a bug zapper, it's always the choice to be drawn to the path of destruction on the part of the mosquito. We who know better, those who refuse to be “dazzled....” need to do more than warn others seeking “rock stars” and in wishing to be dazzled by....” Yes, keep warning those fools who continue to trust Obama and all government, but know that there are those who will willingly go to their grave early because of their own choosing, their own way of thinking and their own heart of being allowed to be “dazzled by non-sense.”

In next week's article, I hope to challenge everyone in taking “the next step” in removing the “rock stars” who lie and protect their political butt's and that of their endorsing the status quo of evil.

1 Corinthians 15:33 “Be not deceived: evil companions corrupt good morals.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Friday, June 7, 2013

“ Isn't It Time To Abolish The IRS ? “

“ Isn't It Time To Abolish The IRS ? “

Welcome to the question many are asking themselves these days. In light of all the crazy and insane things that our Federal, State, County and local Government's are doing to us, including violating nearly every aspect of our United State Constitution, there is no doubt in my mind as well as well as the mind of many Americans, it seems high time we start to disassemble our government and “default” to year 1776. In all honesty, I couldn't think of a better government agency to begin with in regard's to disassembling the Federal Government than the Internal Revenue Service. In talking with both “Liberally” and “Conservative” minded as well as politically inclined folks on each end of the spectrum, most all agree with me--- it's time to say “bye-bye” to the IRS.

Let's discuss why here....

The Internal Revenue Service was and is to this very day being used as a agent to bully people. As it has also been brought to light in the course of this nation's history from time to time, once again we see and read in the media that the IRS was targeting “politically conservative groups as well as Tea Party's groups.” It appears that applications for IRS Tax Exempt Status for 501c3 and 501c4 during years 2010, 2011 and 2012 were largely either held up and or strange and unconstitutional questionnaires from the IRS were sent to the groups seeking the Tax Exempt Status and were used to solicit information not required or just plain illegal in the asking by the IRS. I want to make it quite clear, the Obama Administration of using the Internal Revenue Service as a agent of bullying is not the first to do so. As a reminder to those with short memories and or have forgotten, it was Bill Clinton who was also caught using the IRS to bully his political enemies as well. “At least a dozen Clinton witnesses-including Sexgate accusers Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Elizabeth Gracen and Juanita Broaddrick-were targeted by audits during the 1990's. Conservative groups critical of the Clinton Administration were also audited, including the Christian Coalition, Citizens for a Sound Economy, the Freedom Alliance, the Heritage Foundation, the NRA and others” Make no mistake about it, sending the IRS to bully people is not just a Democrat problem. In fact, it was none other then George W. Bush who could have stopped the attacks on some peace loving Mennonite friends of mine in New York State in the 1990's but instead, let the IRS attack- dogs do their worse to this very loving and kind family. Because of all the government abuse and injustice, the Lapp Family no longer are citizens of the USA. They have instead migrated to Costa Rica where they live, work and help others. Make no mistake about it, Republicans as well as Democrats have used their power to utilize the Internal Revenue Service to harm those whom they see as their “political enemies.” The Lapp Family is just one of many families who have been abused by such power

The Internal Revenue Services violates the US Constitution by putting people in prison. The United States Government had eliminated putting people in “debtors prison” ( but routinely incarcerates those who owe back taxes whether they have means to pay or not. Most of our Federal and State Government as well, both routinely extort money from it's own citizens for matters those citizens object to. Important and conscientious as well as moral decisions are made on behalf of citizens whether they agree or object. The vast majority of US Citizens have no say so when it comes time to having a say so in regards to how their tax dollars are spent. Since our so called “elected representatives” are in the pockets of corporations and self serving lobbyists, he wishes of the majority of tax payers are often just plain ignored and “political and elected representatives” do as they like instead. Some examples of what the IRS forces citizens to pay for are matters such as that of the killing of children through abortion. Also, the waging of what is seen as an unjust war, or the use of extorted tax funding in clear violation of US Constitutional Rights such as the freedom of Speech, freedom of religion, or even the freedom to own and use a firearm. The Internal Revenue Service is being used over and over again to forcibly collect money from good people who do not agree with using their hard tax revenue for “blood money” and to harm others who are also peace loving people.

The IRS will be overseeing “Obama Care.” If that wasn't bad enough, the Federal government will soon begin to newly hire thousands of IRS employees to oversee and to insure you are paying “your fair share” towards your Obamacare “benefits”(including shaking you down with fines and or jail if you don't). Get this though... the IRS is also overseeing your medical health records ! Think that's insane ?!?, wait, it get's worse.... the Internal Revenue Service is now stock piling shotguns and ammunition. What the heck for I ask ??? . Do we really want the IRS making our health decisions for us and if we don't like their answers or decisions, should we have to live in fear that armed IRS agents will come crashing through our front door at 3am hauling us all off to some FEMA Camp in the middle of the night ? Sound Orwellian to you ? It sure sounds that way to me ! Isn't it bad enough we have to be concerned about our local and state police beating us up and or handing us some sort of unconstitutional traffic violation “ticket” without the Fed's(IRS) also giving us a hard time or trying to kill us also ?

Again, I couldn't think of a better Federal agency to start dismantling then the Federal Government by beginning with the Internal Revenue Service. Yes, we need to collect taxes, I know the basics of having a government. You know what though, instead of keeping around a government agency that is so corrupt, so arrogant in throwing away our hard earned tax dollars, so eager in wishing in putting us all in jail(well many of us anyway), let's just get rid of the IRS. A flat tax can and should be implemented. We can do this... the fewer people wanting to abuse me or kill me, the better off I and may family are. I believe most of you would agree, right ?

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor