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“Repentance” And Why You Might Skip Reading This Article

“Repentance” And Why You Might Skip Reading This Article

It's no shock for me that many don't want to hear or read truth these days. Most folks are living life the way they want and really don't care about much unless it personally impacts upon them. So, for those of you that have gotten this far in this article, congratulations, you're in the minority and sad for all the others who don't really care, they should care because what I share in this article will most certainly impact upon them personally. For those that understand truth, we live in a day and age where offending someone is considered a “normal “ act. There are few folks saying, “I'm sorry” anymore when confronted about wrongful or offending behaviour. For a true Christian however, the word and act of saying, “I'm sorry”, that is “repentance”(being sorry plus not doing that act again), is a major part of their walk of faith with Jesus Christ. It doesn't take a seminary graduate, a theologian, a pastor, or a Christian Leader to understand how important repentance for sin is not only individually, but also corporately as a people or a nation as well. Sadly, most folks who refer to themselves as Christians these days do not understand the importance or the need to repent from sin. It's not that they haven't ever heard of the word “repent” or “repentance” before, no they have heard the word at least a few times during their life time, but have either taken the word out of their heart-vocabulary totally, or if they are “Christians”, many take to purposely locate a church where the pastors or teachers there also remove the word from the pulpit messages on Sunday Mornings as well.

Sad, very sad. The truth is that many will just live out their earthly lives without repenting of their sins and end up in a place the Bible refers to as “eternal judgement.” Right now as you are reading this article, millions of other folks around the world are looking at the title of this article and basically shrugging their shoulders and moving on without reading the importance of why they need to repent to Jesus Christ for sins in their life. Think about that for a minute, let it sink in---there are millions of folks that could care less about who they offend, “toes that they step on”, the condition of their soul, their end place when their body dies and how they could get saved through Jesus, and the real need for repentance but reject the entire Biblical notion to do so.

So what is it that keeps so many people from being interested in or having the desire to find out why repentance is a key component in someones life to say with a pure heart “I'm so very sorry” and to others and God as well? Pretty simple answer actually, but the answer to that question is, “pride.” I've traveled in a half a dozen or so countries around the world in my life time. and everywhere I have traveled, there were prideful people no matter where I went. Of course not everyone I visited or met was prideful, but many were. It takes humility to admit that you are truly heart sorry and need God in your life, and humility is a difficult commodity to come by in most folks. Doesn't matter where you go in life, you will always find people who are prideful and see no need for God and or need to repent nor say from the bottom of their heart and apologize for wrong doing. The lack of humility and having pride is the root of this dilemma.

Over time, the notion that there is no God or have no need to repent is something that has brought ruin to many cultures and nations. Christians are supposed to be examples of Christ and what “I'm sorry” and “repentance” looks like, but what occurs when Christians and or Christian pastors stop or do not practice and preach repentance, is that the world's temperament becomes worse. A modern day example of a world temperament waning worse would be what we see currently in the United States, Europe and much of the world. Let's face it, there is a huge moral crisis in the world right now and the negative consequences from God;s very hand is allowing “man made and “natural” disasters to occur because of Christians not repenting of their sins and also in allowing evil to run a muck. I suppose the majority of the blame for all the world suffering it's current woe's can be placed on so called “Christian pastors” who teach a false narrative in what is called “cheap grace” or “salvation without repentance.” Those are pastors who will call people to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour but do so without first(or not at all) calling them to repent of their sins. Totally unbiblical. So, why would a “pastor” take on such an unbiblical task as to purposely communicate the removal of the vital need for repentance of sin before entering a relationship with Jesus Christ ? Most “pastors”, “Christian” Leaders and lay people do it because they want to build a “mega church” or desire to fulfill a church growth program. Those sort of programs are unbiblical and entirely man made. Only the Holy Spirit can bring someone to salvation through Christ Jesus, not another human being. God may use someone to deliver the message, but God Himself is the one who brings a soul and spirit to Him.

The fruit(as the Bible refers to the consequences) of such unbiblical acts as keeping repentance out of a preaching message to those attending a church service or anywhere, may make a “pastor” popular” with what the Bible refers to the “itchy ear” folks, but in reality, is a very bad act indeed. Having a church filled with people may also make the “pastor” fat with money, houses and power as well as seeker friendly, but he and many in his congregation and that whom he teaches will also all end up in Hell because they did not get the covering of the blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross where Jesus died for their sins. In other word's, Jesus took our sins upon Him and He died to cleanse us from our sins, If we do not admit and confess our sins before Him, Jesus died in vain. I have seen for myself in the past to what I refer to as the bad and unbiblical fruit of purposely keeping the message of repentance for sins, from folks. Unfortunately in the past, I was part of a “church” and heard a “pastor” in Batavia, NY(City Church) where he called people to accept Jesus Christ in their lives but never to repentance. What was the obvious fruit of that unbiblical act ? Many of the same people in the church would return to the front of the church sanctuary whenever there was a public call to accept Jesus Christ in their lives. These folks would come to front of the church to receive(unbiblical) salvation over and over and over and over and over again. It was very obvious to me and another “associate pastor” there at that time that the “pastor” was not preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.Nope, he was preaching a different jesus.

Christians are not perfect. No, not perfect at all, but that is why the Bible speaks for the need for all to “repent” whenever one sins. No one likes a hypocrite. I know I don't, and that is why I with the help of the Holy Spirit always do my very best to quickly repent to God whenever I sin. Am I special ? No, I am only following the Bible like millions of other real Bible believing Christians. Religious folks and non believers also need to repent of their sins, just the same as I, but most will never do it. It's not that God has not revealed Himself and his truth to folks, I'm sure He has done so many times over. God loves everyone around the world very much but as I shared earlier, lack of “humility” and “pride” keeps those same folks from the desire to know that God's complete love only comes through repentance of sin, accepting Jesus Christ of the Bible in their heart, and a life time of picking up their very own cross, and following Him.

“Repentance”... Will you also be like the millions who will the title of this article posted somewhere but pass it by without reading it? Will you also be like the Billions and Billions of others who are right now crying to God for mercy while being tortured in Hell and begging for another chance they will never get in repenting and receiving Jesus Christ in their lives ? You have a chance right now. Don't waste it.... Say you are sorry to God right now and also to others that you have offended. repent of your sins and come to Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour.

Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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