Wednesday, July 30, 2014

“Children Are Never Appropriate Targets For War”

“Children Are Never Appropriate Targets For War”

With military style and other wars waging and on the increase all around the world, including right here in America(I'll explain “here” more later in the article), truth be told, more than any other victim of these wars, are indeed children. We live in a very sick world that is dying off in an increasingly rapid pace of wanting self-destruction. Despite what evil desires adults may have and the evil wars they wage, the Bible however describes innocent children as being “precious”,despite how sick and how quickly the world wants to kill itself off. Equally and despite the Bible's words regarding the right treatment of children ,the reality however of how many children are being maltreated in most societies these days is nothing short of that of being reprehensible and I cannot think of a more disgusting act than that of the willing heart of any adult targeting an innocent child and or children to be killed. I mean, to purposely kill an innocent child, or purposely putting a child's life in danger is nothing short of an evil act worthy of the punishment of death for the perpetrator. Although nearly every human should be instinctively of the fact that killing children is wrong, many children around the world are still, and yet purposely targeted to be killed. There is practically no nation on this planet not guilty of this crime against children, including right here as I already stated, in the United States of America.

At the time of this article, we see throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa, Islamic Terrorists deliberately targeting Jewish, Christian and even Islamic children for death. In case you have missed the many photos and video's streaming to the entire world from within those areas, children by the thousands have been raped, stabbed, shot, hung and mutilated all in the name of “Allah.” In the Gaza Strip located within Israel, the Terrorist Group Hamas has consciously placed their missiles and missile launchers in Palestinian schools, hospitals, homes and other areas where many of their own children are located.
Cowards that they are, they force their male children to become soldiers. Hamas agents and their Palestinian counterparts also have vowed in their official charter to kill off all Jews and non-Muslims. To those who belong to Hamas and other Islamic Terrorist Groups, killing off children is part of their “jihad”(Islamic holy war) against non-Muslims and if their own children get killed in during that process of 'war”,“better for our children” they say. It was Dietrich Bonhoeffer who said “The test of the morality for a society is what it does for it's children.” Every word he spoke was very true as evidenced by the treatment of not only non-Muslim Children but Hamas' own children as well. Very sick indeed.

Jesus also said in Matthew18:6 that it would “better to drown with a millstone around a neck then to maltreat one of these little ones.” Indeed, we will be greatly judged on how we treat children. Sadly, many around the world including so called “Christians” treat their children with utter contempt. Here in America and Europe, especially since the early Twentieth Century, there has been a clear and purposeful war waged on children. Margret Sanger, the Founder of Planned Parenthood as well as others like her were all very open regarding her hatred in exterminating the children of poor, minorities and others. Today, the American war against children through the act of murder/abortion has so far(officially) totaled over 55 Million. The number of deaths through abortion in America is higher than the total of all Americans killed during all the wars combined we as a nation have ever fought---from the Revolutionary War all the way to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don't think for one minute that it is only the secularists and or atheist women waging a war against children. Nope ! depending where you are at in your relationship with Jesus of the Bible, you may or may not be surprised to learn that many of the women who committed the violent act of war against their own child, willingly call themselves “christians.” How's that for hypocrisy ? Then again, there are many Americans who willingly condemn other nations, other cultures of wrong-doing but they themselves are guilty of the same and or similar crimes, against children as well. What did Jesus say about hypocrisy of committing the same sin in Mathew 7:1 ? This is one major reason Islamists hate America, because of many who act with hypocrisy. We call ourselves a "Christian” nation yet we either act out greatly in sin or we ignore the sin all about us.

I know what I'm about to share here now may sound surprising, perhaps even shocking, but the war against children is indeed largest here in the USA, as compared to any other nation around the world. I share that statement not just because of the over 55 Million children murdered via the war against children through abortion, but I say this also because of the millions of other children that are as well victimized by wars between ex-spouses, and also via corrupted judges, lawyers, cops, Child Protective Services, Domestic Violence Program workers, psychologists, teachers, social workers, foster care agencies, Homeland Security, adoption agencies and others. Since especially the 1960's, there has been a gender war going on(in case you missed that also). During the 60's, Feminists and Machoists alike left the Biblical teachings on family, marriage, child rearing and literally, all hell broke loose here because of it. It wasn't long before men and women began hating one-another. That whole “free love” thing in the 60's didn't last long very long. I mean, truth always told(in my articles anyway)---the Bible does say that “the devil comes to rob, kill and destroy.” So no shocker for me anyway. Consequences of leaving God's Word through such actions as divorce, having children out of wedlock, etc. all began to take their toll and continues to take it's toll on the world today. Therefore, it is no coincidence that evil Family Law lawyers, judges, cops, CPS, DV Program Workers and others had and are having a booming business all because of this gender and anti-child war. These evilists in the West are having a field day raking in Billions of dollars for themselves each year. Who got(get's) the worse end of this war against families ? well, like in any war, the short-end of the stick so-to-speak are always the children. I see it, can you ?

Many Americans have no real concept and cost as to what this war and open rebellion to God' Word has cost this nation especially in regards to it's own future, namely the children. In fact, most Americans and Westerner's have no idea of the many children and also now(survived)adult-children that have gone through the “pure hell” that they(go) have gone through because of “mommy and daddy's war.” There are millions of (adult)children who have as a child, been wrongfully, purposely and unfairly alienated from their natural parent all because of a poisoned and murderous minded ex-spouse, a evil-lying lawyer, money hungry judge, a cop “just following orders” or another adult who either profits through finances and or power. The war against the family here in America and in the West has caused a near moral collapse of our nation's. We have seen and continue to realize an increase, many children contemplating as well as actually follow through with acts of suicide. Substance Abuse among children of “mommy and daddy's war” is much higher than those children who have 2 biological parents who remain married. Not only suicide rates are higher among children survivors of the war against the family, but so are criminal act rates higher as well among children who come from fatherless homes. It should be common sense by now with all the statistics related to the negative
consequences children suffer from the war against them, that the war against God's way of engaging in “families” is a losing proposition, especially for children. Awake yet ?

Perhaps by now, you believe you've learned enough about the war against children, including right here at home that you have all the information you need to know to rescue innocent children from harm and death? Wait ! I have not finished, there's more ! I haven't even begun to tell you about the million or so children that have been stolen via Child Protective Services all in the name of making cash(Federal Title IV Monies in the USA). I must also share with you the Billions of U.S. Dollars generated each year on behalf of U.S. Pharmaceutical companies that give “kick-back's” to psychiatrists to prescribe psychotropic medications to children, many of which have no real(these children are used as “guinea pigs” or “lab rats” for pharmaceutical companies benefit) mental health diagnosis to justify for those medications prescribed. The worst of this is occurring with foster care children and children also placed within adoption agencies. Destroying children for money, greed, and hatred of children is a big problem here in America and the West. Please do not tell me there isn't a war on children being waged here in USA and around the rest of the “free world.” Every year, thousands of children are kidnapped all around the world including right here in the USA and sold off to sex traffickers and pedophiles. The latest war against children targeted for destruction however seems to be that of parents who purposely leave their infants/children alone left to die in a hot vehicle. Unless you are severely intoxicated with some sort of chemical, no good or decent parent/adult, “forgets” or leaves a child alone in a vehicle-ever. Indeed, there is a real war in our wold against children and millions are killed around the world each year because of it !

Indeed, children are being sought out as purposeful targets of war. There are indeed military, but other kinds of wars being waged against children from all around the world, including the West and right here in America. Despite what our American Terroristic and other Government's tells us, it is the duty of every adult not only to protect innocent children, it is also our duty to punish those who harm these children. I don't care if you have to drag out evil, kicking and screaming. Those who purposely target innocent children for harm/death need to be stopped and when I mention the word “stop”, I mean by any and all means available. Whoever purposely murders the most innocent and weakest of our world deserves nothing short of death themselves. God of the Bible is still interested in justice and the duty of His people to protect those who cannot protect themselves is a Biblical mandate. It cannot be said and emphasized any clearer than that. God help those who need to repent, and help us that love Him, to stop the waging of war against children. Execution of justice is required.

Luke 11:42 "Woe to you Pharisees, because you give God a tenth of your mint, rue and all other kinds of garden herbs, but you neglect justice and the love of God. You should have practiced the latter without leaving the former undone."

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

“ Is It Time For U.S Christians To Secede ?”

“ Is It Time For U.S Christians To Secede ?”

Christian persecution is everywhere around the world including right here in the USA. Most Biblical Christians are suffering for their faith here in America while the world pretty much ignores all persecution against Christians everywhere including in America. I look around me and I see mostly apathetic Americans, who don't seem to care much about anything unless it personally impacts upon them. When confronted with the many issues of graft, corruption and evil rapidly growing all about them, their routine answer to the problems are usually just that of pissing and moaning. Yes, admittedly I do see a very slight increase in Americans getting angry at our Government and some of the evil, even some doing the right thing by joining militias, but the vast majority of Americans however, just don't give a crap about the United States to actually get up off their backsides and turn off their idiot boxes, throw away the beer and do something about getting our nation back.

I have to ask myself and I am asking you now, if our very own Government is terrorizing us this much, coupled with all the politics as usual in Washington DC and also in State Capitol's with the answer of “We The people” usually of only a few thousand angry protesters showing up to tell Government Officials how angry they, how the heck is this nation going to get back on track ? We need millions to protest. How concerned and fearful are corrupt politicians going to be so as to revert back to following the U.S. Constitution if only a few thousand around the country get out and do something to remove evil? Seriously, who really thinks Government officials with their “law enforcement” protectors are really afraid of wrong doing when “We The People” just get a little moody when we see corruption and there is violation after violation of civil and human rights all day long ? How useful is your “lobbying”, protests, letter writing campaigns, petitions when you send them to politicians? For U.S. Marine Andrew Tahmooressi who is wrongfully locked up in a Mexican Prison for months now, there is no relief even with more than the required 100,000 signatures on a petition was sent to President Obama to take action on Tahmooressi's behalf Of course this brave Marine is not the only American suffering injustice, perhaps like millions of other Americans, you are as well suffering injustice and can't get help from other Americans either, I know I and my children can't,

Perhaps also like I, you've also grown tired of the cops beating up and killing innocent civilians nearly on a daily basis. Equally, you are also tired of the Government scandal after scandal and nothing substantive being done by our elected Government officials to expose and rid those who partake in criminal and evil acts. Maybe you are also tired of seeing a small minority of Americans upset enough to come out and at least protest or join a militia to take back our nation ? Let's get down right dirty and roll in the muddy truth of what is occurring in this nation and what we are looking at here... that is many of Americans don't want what's going to work...that is,“Plan A”, which requires the majority of Americans to repent of their own participation in evil and also repent of allowing evil to destroy the remaining portion of America and plainly ignore what the majority of our Founding Father's prescribed for us. Nope, “stuff” keep's getting worse here because “Plan A” is rejected. Those Americans who envision “Plan B” of “electing more Republicans” is a joke ! This nation doesn't need more compromiser's with evil such as John Boehner, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, John McCain and many of the other Republicans like them. Let's be honest, the vast majority of politicians on every level whether on the Federal, State, County or Local are pretty much the same, Democrat or Republican. Nearly every elected Government Official(Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches) are out for themselves and don't give a darn about justice or ridding of evil unless they can personally and politically benefit from it.

The United States of America is on a collision course with death. If you can't see it and smell it, there is something seriously wrong with your connection with God. This nation is heading in a path of destruction. There's no other way to state it and there's no sense in pussy footing around with the truth. Seems to me the majority of the one's fighting to keep this nation afloat and attempting to steer America back to the moral high ground are Bible believing Christians. It certainly isn't the religious folks or the Atheists trying to do this so I have to ask myself and you also, is it time American Bible believing Christians start their own nation where God of the Bible is glorified and followed ? Most of you are probably cringing of the thought of leaving some of our family and friends behind but think about this--- there has been millions of others from around the world, especially early in the beginning of this nation being settled, many left their families and had come here because of being persecuted for their Biblical Christian beliefs. Think about the Puritans and others. Think of those who left England to come to “The New World” so that they could worship God as they pleased. Ponder the millions of Germans, Irish, and others who came to America for just that reason as well. Now, American Bible believing Christians are being persecuted for their faith in Christ Jesus so just as some of our forefathers sacrificed family relationships, personal wealth and “things”so that they could be free to worship Jesus Christ of the Bible, perhaps we too should find our own nation, carve out our own land so that we also can be free from the God haters and their oppression ? 

Think of the benefits of having such a Christian Nation, no more perverted doctrines of demons allowed like Joel Osteen, Oprah Winfrey, TD Jakes, Rick Warren and others like them. Our Government would have a wonderful Constitution whereby many rights and liberties would be granted coupled with each having their God given responsibilities along with them. No more garbage on TV like pornography and profane words where especially God's name is used in vain. The main theme of the nation would be of Biblical love for one another. Where there is a need, no one would need to beg for help, only ask and many fellow believers of Jesus Christ would overwhelm those in need with prayers, love and physical support of every kind. Some of you believe that what I am declaring is just some made-up utopia. If you feel this way, you are indeed wrong, many of the earliest settlers including in Jamestown followed those Biblical principles I just described. 

In the Biblical Nation, police would be few but our military for defense would be large. Every male would be required to serve 2 years in the military branch of their choice. All males age 18 to 60 would be required to belong to a local militia and own a gun. Husbands would be trained in their local church to love their wives as Christ loves the church and to lay down their lives for their wife and family. Wives would respect their husbands and children would also respect their parents. Divorce would be rare because men and women would all belong to accountability groups with older men and women instructing them also in their local church. Pastors and “shepherds” would also have accountability within their local congregations and as well with one-another. You would choose the church and fellowship of your liking. Big church, little church, home church. Baptist, Pentecostal, Independent, whatever.

God would be The Headship of the nation and secularization would be rejected and never accepted. If there were those who were of need of a justice issue, as prescribed in the Bible in 1Corinthians Chapter 6, wise and older Christian men would be appointed to hear and decide such matters. With Biblical love as the main point and center theme of each resident in this Biblical nation, Repentance, Forgiveness and Restoration would be sought from each party involved. Think about it, little need for cops and no more need for lawyers or judges ! No more courts, no more attorney fees ! No more CPS, No more Domestic Violence Programs either ! There would of course be elected Government leaders but their scope of duties including levying of taxes would be for a very limited purpose such as for the military, roads, bridges, etc. There would be no more “sin taxes” because liquor would not be sold, nor would tobacco. Foods would not be allowed with GMO's and imported products would be deeply inspected for any unhealthy traits. You can better believe that there our sky's wouldn't be poisoned with spraying and alternatives to such chemicals as fluoride would be used as well.

Is everything I am describing here all to good to be true ? No, not really, I am no fool and you are probably not either. We all know there is no such thing as a perfect person, nor a perfect society however we must come to the conclusion that most Americans have become more of a lover of sin than that of good. If we stay and get persecuted for our faith in Christ Jesus and Americans come to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, we should stay, but that is not occurring. In fact, there is a “great falling away” from Biblical Truth here in America. Look all around us and see with your own eyes and listen with your own words the blatant evil and disrespect for God's word that is all about us. We could have a beautiful and peaceful nation in the United States of America if most Americans really, really wanted it
Sadly, the reality is, the vast majority of Americans are to fat, lazy, and apathetic to care and get it so... The choice for real Biblical Christians is this, do we stay here with our families and continue the battle here for the USA or do we move on as our Bible believing predecessors did and move on to a new nation and build what what was originally planned to be in the USA, a Christian nation ? The choice is ours. The choice however if made, must be made very quickly because there isn't much time before America will soon implode and there won't be time to plan and prepare for a proper exit. I'm waiting for a very short time before making my decision, how about you ?

“ If the Tiber rises too high, or the Nile too low, the remedy is always feeding Christians to the lions.”~ Terullian 

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Knocking 'Stupid' Out Of The Stupid

Knocking 'Stupid' Out Of The Stupid

Well ahead of writing this week's article, I struggled with the title of this article because at first glance and when thinking of it, The title of this week's article does in fact come across quite harsh. While it is true that I did have sort of a semi-rough week last week when thinking about the title and subject matter, the very thought of just how stupid so many people have become in their attitudes has been proving to be a growing concept for a few years now and not just because I had a tough week. The more and more I thought about the title '”Knocking 'Stupid' Out Of The Stupid” the more I seen clear evidence of what people were doing in the way of harming themselves and others. So, I just couldn't see why I should need to change the title what-so-ever. I mean, right up until I sat down to write this thing, there was a barrage and a whole lot of “stupid” going on all around me. Seriously, I'm not trying to throw down a total rant here, that is not my purpose in writing articles here at all. In fact, my purpose has always been to shed light on bad situations and how we as a people, with God's help can make things right in our community and world again. This week however, things are a bit different, I firmly believe there are people here in America and indeed, also from around the world that just need a firm slap up-side their head whether in a spiritual sense or other, so that they wake the heck up from their stupid acts in either of self-destruction or in harming others as well !

Addressing “stupid” and as is always the case, the largest problem are those so called “Christians”...I see a large number and increase of folks still calling themselves “Christians” in this nation while at the same time doing “stupid” things like putting people like Glen Beck and others above Jesus Christ and the Bible. Let me ask can anyone put up a Facebook or any other social website group with “Christian” in the group's title and say that you love Glen Beck or anyone else more ? Well, C.t Stewart feels that way. He's not alone, just today while opposing a measure to give homosexuals, lesbians and “transgender's” extra rights and protection in the Hillsborough, Florida Commissioners meeting, I publicly heard several men calling themselves “pastors” supporting the measure(I opposed on Biblical grounds) as did also a self described “Deacon in a Baptist church” support the measure, who just happened to also to be one of the County Commissioners as well. Many of you are aware of what the Bible declares, but for my readers who may not be so Biblically inclined, the Bible declares that “teachers” and others will be held by God to a greater judgment than those who are not. There is no doubt according to the Bible these so called “Christians” and “teachers”(deacons, pastors, etc) are in for a big and rude awakening when Judgment Day comes for them. That being said, I am not so much concerned for the “stupid” they are declaring, but instead, I am extremely concerned for the hundreds and thousands that these supposed “pastors” and “deacons”are dragging to hell with them all because of their so called (unbiblical)”Christian beliefs” endorsing homosexuality and other matters the Bible specifically calls sin. Now if there was ever a reason to knock “stupid” out of someone, I can't think of a better person than fake(apostates) “Christians” to get that spiritual knock up-side their head or backside, wherever it is they have their brains so that they come back or to their God given senses.

Perhaps a relative of these so called unbiblical “Christians” are the Obamaites. Indeed, after four pain staking years and torment under the Obama Regime tearing up this nation, these same Obamaites again voted for Obama in 2012 and also the same kind of wicked politicians(Democrat and Republican both) much like him all got re-elected. How much “stupid” is in a person to not only vote for Obama once, but twice ?!?!? I want to make it clear, there's almost as many stupid Republicans as there are Democrats. We keep seeing “stupid” people voting in those same RINO “Republicans” over, and over, and over again as well. As I watch on the TV News some of the African-Americans from Obama's home town of Chicago complain about their freebies disappearing and instead being given to Illegal Aliens flooding across our national
borders, I have to laugh. I'm laughing because there is no common sense, no ever getting healthy or wanting to improve, when one's situation is full of “stupid.” Of course with Obama and other politicians happy in keeping folks in the “stupid mode” by giving them taxpayer funded “free” items like “Obamaphones”, those “stupid” folks who voted for Obama, just keep getting burned over, and over, and over again. In Chicago as a matter fact, crime including murders rates are up. So is the African-American unemployment rate as it is all across the USA. Yep, “free” ain't so free is it ? That's “stupid” for you though. How do you slap “stupid” out of people who keep voting for and putting career criminals into political offices ?

Honestly, what it's going to take to get “stupid” out of people ? Many especially Americans walk around as if there are no negative consequences for bad behaviour. Do they feel that way because many Americans have already allowed evil folks such as Obama, much of Congress, lawyers, the Judiciary and cops to go unpunished for their crimes against us all ? Whoa ! I have news for folks who feel just that way ! Just because you or someone else get's away with wickedness doesn't make it OK with God or with anyone else here on Planet Earth. Whose toes you are allowing to be stepped on, or are yourself stepping on when you act out against the rest of us or more importantly God Himself ? No one ? Think again ! There comes a point when even God of the Bible who is said to be “long suffering”(patient) also has limit of allowing “stupid” as well. Don't believe me ? Just check out what occurred to Ancient Israel and Judah when they got “stupid” and refused to change course from their evil and wicked ways. Perhaps you don't like reading the Old Testament, that's OK, because Jesus had his times of yelling at “stupid” folks and shouting “Repent or perish” at them. Don't forget that Jesus also told off the rebellious religious leaders of His time as well.... no “stupidity” was left unchecked by Jesus. Oh ya, this one as well...Jesus also had that turning over tables and hitting people with a whip thing going on as well. Ya, “stupid” people, what do you do with them ?

It's quite evident to me and some other devout Biblical Christians that I know who see the Biblical times in which we live. We all agree that there's a lot of “stupid” going on. Far be it from any of us from getting in the way of either God's wrath or enabling “stupid” people's behaviours either. Our problem is that for the vast majority of folks that suffer from having “stupid” thoughts of opposing God and the Founding Fathers' concepts and Biblical ideologies, don't really have a earnest desire to give up being “stupid.” Why is that you ask ? Well, for the simple reason I have repeated throughout this article already... There hasn't yet been enough “negative consequences” for doing what people want to without even taking a nanosecond of thought that what they are doing is “stupid.” They haven't had it knocked into their thinking yet that acting out their “stupidity” is adding and heaping curses not only upon themselves but everyone all around them including you and I. Yes indeed, negative consequences for “stupid” people doing “stupid” things against God.

This week's article has been short and well, not to “sweet” for some of you. It's been specifically designed that the point. Our nation is dying, our world is also dying all around us as well. The world is imploding and all of us have a stake in what happens or does not happen here. Please don't take anything I have written here lightly. I mean every word I have written here(and in all other previous articles I have written). I highly suggest to everyone reading this article to do a self-test and see if there is any “stupidity” that is in need of (repentance and)removal. If not, great, then I suggest for you to go find someone who does fit the description and criteria here of “stupid” and have a firm talk with them about the negative “consequences” for continuance of acting “stupidly.” After your heart to heart talk with them, and If they happen to come to their senses, you've won a small battle against the war of “stupidity”, congratulations, now on to the next case of '”stupid.” Don't worry, there's plenty to help out there, so you won't have to travel very far to find them.

Proverbs 12:1 “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Will Terrorists Bring Ebola Disease, Black Plague Across The U.S. Border ?

Will Terrorists Bring Ebola Disease, Black Plague Across The U.S. Border ?

I'm not an alarmist, or someone who enjoys seeing folks getting all riled up over nothing but I have to tell you, the article I am sharing with you this week should really raise everyone's senses to what is occurring to our nation and what could potentially become a very real disaster here. As we see the thousands of especially children and women come racing across our U.S. Border via Mexico from three nations, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, we see that a high percentage of them are disease ridden. There are reports of children and adults being infected with Chicken Pox, Measles, Scabies, Tuberculosis, as well as also being infested with lice Now I'm not surprised at these reports. I have been on two short-term Christian Missionary trips to Guatemala in the late 1990's. I have seen how poor many are there, especially in the Quiche Region. We were warned by our host missionary hosts while in Guatemala to always, always wash our hands, do not touch our faces and as much as we wanted to hug the children there, do not do it because we could become infected with a disease and or get head lice.

What America is getting streaming across our U.S. Border to the South are human beings who are entering here with the impression that they can get a better life in America. Of course they don't care about being disease ridden or infecting Americans with the diseases they carry, that is not at all their concern. Their concern is to come to America and get what they believe will be “a better life” including “free food, housing,” etc. However, whether their belief system is right or wrong is insignificant in my opinion compared to the dangers these Illegal Immigrant children are facing here in the USA including being forced into sex/human trafficking, drug smuggling/selling and or gang activity. Not only a large risk to these children but equally and just as important is the real and documented danger these children and their family members are to the health of many Americans as well. As I mentioned earlier, there are many of these children that are disease ridden. Yes, most Americans are immunized against some of these diseases but with such diseases as Tuberculosis, the vast majority of Americans are at risk because there is no current effective immunization injection that can be given or ingested to prevent this highly contagious disease. Even if there were such an immunization against T.B., that would still leave many Americans with low resistance to viruses and diseases such as infants and the elderly at high risk anyway.

I believe most of my readers are like me, very compassionate. Compassion however also must be married to common sense, having healthy personal boundaries and self-preservation. As Liberals such as Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and also Libertarians such as Glenn Beck want to take in these children to our nation, on the surface that sounds very loving but in reality, their attitudes are very dangerous(to the children through exposing them to human/sex trafficking, drug dealing and gang activities here in the US) and are also enabling of the very good possibility of killing off millions of legitimate American Citizens while they do their “loving.” If these foolish minded folks want to let these disease ridden Illegal Aliens into our nation and continue in the dispersing of them all throughout our nation, I say that we place about a half-dozen of the virus and disease filled Illegal Aliens in the homes of Beck, Pelosi, Reid and as a matter of fact, let about 100 of the children infected with Tuberculosis live with Obama and his family and see how that all works out for them. That's right, let them all get ill and a taste of what they are doing to the rest of America. Please don't tell me that Obama, Beck and the others aren't informed of these Illegal Aliens being ill. It is after all, Obama and his fellow Government Terrorists telling the medical staff who are screening the women, children and others coming across the U.S. Border illegally, to “Shut Up” about all the diseases these Illegals are carrying. In fact, if the doctors, nurses, other health care providers open their mouths about what's really going on where these Illegal Aliens are being “processed”, our U.S. Government is threatening them with being arrested ! Notice that this last link was copied from Glen Beck's own news group !

The very recent news of many drug cartel gang members entering into the USA illegally as “children” should also raise quite a few eyebrows of Americans. These gang members not only sell and distribute drugs in their home nations, they were also very active in what drug gangs do, that is, kill and murder others. I don't suppose many of my readers have their heads buried under a rock somewhere, but in case there are a few that are doing that sort of thing, there has been a gang war streaming across the Mexican border into America now for many years now, Not only have hundreds of American Citizens been kidnapped and murdered via these Mexican drug cartel gang members here, but thousands and thousands more have also been murdered in Mexico and where these “children” are from as well How are allowing these type of Illegal Aliens here beneficial to the USA ? The answer is, they are not at all beneficial and should not be allowed in the USA under any
circumstance but “lucky us”, we have a terrorist Government allowing disease ridden, gang member, Illegal Aliens into our nation.

You can bet your bottom dollar that all our enemies around the globe are watching Obama and his Government terrorists allowing these disease infested Illegal Aliens invade our nation. We already know that there are plenty of Al Qaeda terrorist members living in Mexico and periodically traveling here across the Mexican border with Mexicans, Guatemalans and others They certainly see and read how already one U.S. Customs Agent working in one of the detention centers housing these Illegal Immigrants has contracted Scabies. How easy would it be for any of our enemies including Al Qaeda to infect those future children and families coming here with the deadly Ebola Disease currently killing thousands in Africa or even the Bubonic Plague that wiped out half or Europe and Asia a thousand years ago? Yes, the Bubonic Plague(“Black Death”) is still around and has even been seen here in America in the past few years

America can stop this spiral of tragedies that are increasingly occurring here. This Illegal Alien issue is not just a social problem we have here in the United States of America. Along with all the many and increasing corruption scandals in our Government as well as the senseless murders and beatings of US Citizens at the hands of cops all across our nation as well as the other issues we suffer here, there is a greater issue at hand ! Indeed, this nation is suffering from the idiotic acts of many Americans turning their backs on God of the Bible and allowing evil to flourish. When I started writing articles in this blog format four years ago, I shared in numerous articles since that time how this nation would only suffer worse and worse issues if many Americans, especially so called “Christians” did not do two things...
1) Repent and 2) Remove Evil from themselves and those around them who refused to repent of evil attitudes and actions. God in the Bible gives all fair warning of suffering negative consequences for either participating in, or ignoring evil. Welcome to the negative consequences for not heeding Biblical warnings to do what is right before God of the Bible. Social programs, money, American patriotism, American “exceptionalism”, electing Republicans nor Fox News Channel can rescue America for all the horrible and negative issues that are occurring to us right now including the thousands of disease infected Illegal Aliens plaguing us. There is only one, that's right, only one correct and proven(over time) answer that will rescue this nation and it's people and I will repeat it once again...Every American needs to 1) Repent of evil, and 2) Remove unrepentant evil. Couple those actions with a Biblical, personal relationship with Jesus Christ of the Bible(no, not a Kirsten Powers, Mitt Romney, Al Sharpton, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, TD Jakes kind of false jesus), only Jesus of the Bible in each and every American's heart, will begin to see this nation get back on track including securing our borders quickly and properly.

My earnest hope and prayer is that every American follows through with what I just shared from a Biblical point of view. I also hope to see many American Christians go not only on short-term missionary trips to evangelize their neighbors here in the States, but also to foreign nations such as Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and many other poor nations where they too need to know the true love and compassion of of Jesus Christ of the Bible. It begins with you !

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

“These Illegal Aliens The U.S. Govt. Refuses To Deport”

“These Illegal Aliens The U.S. Govt. Refuses To Deport”

While thousands of children and their mothers/relatives are exploding across our borders illegally as of late, there is another type of Illegal Alien that for years now, much of American society and indeed the US Government has largely ignored. Yes, the type of Illegal Aliens that I am discussing throughout this article also cross our borders through illegal means as well, yet the media, the U.S. Government and indeed, the vast majority of U.S. Citizens as well, also ignore them. These particular type of Illegal Aliens costs in fact are so devious, they cost the America Tax payers Billions of U.S. Dollars each year in what they term as “Free” benefits including housing, food, medical care, college tuition/books, police protection and more. For years now without hardly a hiccup of notice or care from many here in America, these Illegal Aliens have grown to over one million in population in the United States of America. With so many Americans including our own Government simply ignoring them, these type of Illegal Aliens have not only found a way to scam Billions of your and my tax dollars, they have also found a way to get themselves elected to political office here as well !

Just who are these illegal Aliens that I am referring to ? I am speaking to the over one million men and women that are here in America illegally through marriage fraud. Yep, these foreign men and women know and are well aware of how to scam and American Citizen's into marrying them. Often, but not always, we see these foreign marriage scammers invade our nation from third-world countries. Within these third-world and other nations from where many of these marriage fraud scammers come from, there is a wealth of knowledge and shared knowledge on how to scam and American(or any Westerner) into marrying them. Actually, all a foreigner has to do very simply is get a visit from and American in their 3rd-world (any)nation and the process of illegally but efficiently immigrating to America begins. That's right, all it takes is one visit from an American to anyone in a foreign nation and the process of getting (illegally) to America and “Free” U.S. Tax Payer benefits begins ! How can that be so ? Very easily actually... A woman living in another nation can get a visit from an American man in her nation. They have some photos taken together(which is very typical), she secretly looks at his US Passport for some identification purposes. When this woman see's the American man boarding the airplane back to the USA, that's when the dirty and illegal work on her end begins. She bribes(bribes run most 3rd world nations) a mutual friend in her country who “knows someone” in the Government)and receives a fake marriage certificate with all his information on it including his forged signature. Then she claims she has been “physically abused” by this American man while she was married to him. She then simply goes to the USCIS Web Site ( and fills out the documents to immigrate to the USA citing that she has been victimized by “Domestic Violence” from her new husband. She has another friend give her a few bumps and bruises on her body and has it all documented by her own local physician where she lives. Her false claims along with her bumps and bruises, coupled with her doctors report and forged marriage certificate then all goes to USCIS at the US Embassy located where she lives. All the forged documents and false information is seen by the U.S. Embassy worker, then the scammer is given a US Immigration Visa and U.S. Tax Payer Benefits for “Free” housing, college, food, medical care and more once she arrives here in the USA. All very easily done and this sort of scam occurs all the time and I do mean, all the time.

Oh yes, the U.S. Government... Homeland Security, ICE, our Federal and State Courts, the cops... they all know about these Illegal Aliens with their falsified documents but the Government is part of the problem. It's not just that they really don't care. No, it's more about all the Federal Tax Dollars that these judges, lawyers, cops, politicians and others get for keeping this type of Illegal Alien here. Let me make sure you really understand what I am saying here... there is a built in financial incentive for not only foreigners to come here illegally through marriage fraud, there is a financial incentive for so called “law enforcement”, judges, lawyers, politicians and others to keep them stay here illegally as well. Through the Violence Against Women Act and Federal Title IV Dollars, you get to pay a lot of your hard earned tax dollars to these criminals who come to the USA illegally. These dollars were set aside by our Federal and State Legislators for real victims of Domestic Violence, however Domestic Violence Programs are also more than happy to claim these Illegal Aliens as “victims” also, even if those employed at the local DV Program are fully aware these Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers are not real victims at all ! Indeed, DV Programs get their grants/funding’s “per victim”, so it is a corrupt system, just like the cops, judges, lawyers and politicians that also get some of the money set aside for DV funding because they are “aiding” the “victim” of Domestic Violence also. Not all Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers come here through the way I described in the previous paragraph however. No, in fact many wait to make their false DV claims once they are here in the USA, thus making it much easier to preserve their illegal stay here in the USA. These Illegal Aliens know very well though that once they set foot on American soil, their chances of staying here are about 99.9% even if caught in their Immigration Marriage Scam, which is extremely rare. Once again, to really emphasize my point here, these are Illegal Aliens but it is an extremely rare occasion to see any of these type of Illegal Aliens ever deported as they all should be.

How bad is it really with these Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers in the USA? Really bad. I'd say worse than the current “crisis at the border” we are seeing at the time of this article being written. At least those at the border now will admit they are entering America illegally. Those who take part in Foreign Immigration Marriage Fraud coming Illegally to the USA, come and make false claims as “victims of an American(s) Citizen.” They use and abuse our courts, our immigration system as well as steal our hard earned tax dollars. As I shared earlier, there are those Government agencies that can and should take a hardened stance with these Illegal Aliens but refuse to do all because of YOU, the generous tax payer who primarily ignores these Illegal Aliens. It's all a shame, I say that because so often these Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers(both women and men) make false allegations of domestic violence and the real American Citizen victims of domestic violence often do not get the real help they need from our Government. Isn't that how it works though in America ? American Citizens including many, many of our current U.S. Military Members often get “screwed over” by these Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers and our Government(Federal, State and Local) ignores them. The reality is, while foreigners, including Illegal Aliens get Billions of U.S. Dollars in Aide from us each and every year, American Citizens cannot get justice and see these type of Illegal Aliens deported.

Indeed, if a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer can get elected to the New York State Assembly, be found out(very recently) that she/he committed marriage fraud to illegally enter the USA and not get deprted, ...seriously, what good are our U.S. Immigration Laws if they will not protect U.S. Citizens and punish those that come to America illegally? If our elected Government leaders at every level will not protect us from these criminals who's sole purpose is to illegally enter our nation and steal our money and victimize American Citizens through marriage fraud, how can this nation remain safe as well? Illegal Entry in the United States through marriage fraud has become an epidemic issue here in America. Foreign Immigration Marriage Scams are on the increase by leaps and bounds and certainly not a “dirty little secret.” Some of the public may not be aware of these types of Illegal Aliens here in America, but much of our Government and media are quite aware of it and has been for years now

It's high time that our United States, State and local Government's begin the process of immediately locating these well identified, over one million Foreigner Immigration Marriage Scammers and begin the deportation process immediately as well. This nation can no longer afford Illegal Aliens here no matter what “type” they are. We as a nation are over 17 Trillion Dollars in debt ! It is one thing to help someone truly in need and who wants to come to our nation legally, it is an intolerable act however to come to this nation illegally, especially through breaking a woman or a man's heart through the act of deceit and lies, while at the same time, scamming Billions of hard earned U.S. Tax Payer dollars from all of us.

Contact your U.S. Congressmen and Senator's Today. Tell them to deport all Illegal Aliens including the Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers plaguing our nation and stealing the Billions of our hard earned tax dollars each and every year ! You can find your U.S Congressman and Senator here...

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor