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Netanyahu's Speech, America's Last Warning To Repent Before Destruction ?

Netanyahu's Speech, America's Last Warning To Repent Before Destruction ?

I'm sure many of you that are my regular readers so to speak listened to and or watched the Prime Minister of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu's speech to the US Congress. Whatever your political flavor, and or political party affiliation, one must agree that Mr. Netanyahu's speech was both poignant as well as serious in nature. Those who would deny the reality of how powerful Bibi Netanyahu's speech was to our joint session of Congress, would only be fooling him and or herself. I myself listened for both Netanyahu's words as well as the details and intention of reason, or use of those words. As often with Jewish culture and Hebrew language, indeed Netanyahu gave a speech to America that was filled with a plethora of efficacious information but sadly as so often the case in USA, most Americans do not abs were not paying well enough and close enough attention to hear those underlying statements and indeed, warnings to all Americans listening.

It is a matter of fact that Barrack Hussein Obama who was elected and re-elected as President of the United States. It was and is “We The People “ whom elected him. Despite those who state that Obama “was elected through election fraud” and even if that last statement and quote were true, it is also true that no one American took up this cause to petition and remove the man sitting in the White House for the crime of "fraud." after the elections. So, Americans through either legal or illegal means, allowed Obama to remain as President. Therefore, Americans are guilty of electing a lying Muslim who is also a Communist sympathizer who speaks and acts on behalf of ALL American people. And if Obama does not treat America right, All of America is guilty by association because wickedness in America was not rightfully(and Constitutionally) removed..The bottom line on Obama not attending Netanyahu's speech is this. while God had sent an emissary to speak and to warn Americans of impending doom and destruction to not only Israel and the world, all because of Iran's actions, "We the People's" and their President in essence, are all spiting in God's face, by refusing and or heeding the warnings given to America through a man called Bibi Netanyahu.

Unless you have been living in a cave some place, you are well aware that the world has become a very dangerous pl;ace. Dangerous not just  for “the others outside of America”, but also for all Americans as well. To blindly believe that America or Americans are safe from harm of those totalitarian regimes such as North Korea, Iran and others, makes anyone who believes such things as not only making them willfully ignorant, it also makes them ignorant fools as well. And I will say this, I am ashamed that America has living within it's borders, far too many ignorant fools. Americans as a whole had better wake up to the fact that America is being exposed to danger because of it's very own rejection of Jesus and the words in the Bible that God Himself have given us all regarding living a Godly and righteous lifestyle. In the past, we were once a great and mostly moral people, today however, we Americans are mostly now known to may throughout the world as a devious, greedy, selfish and a godless society. No longer do we as a nation receive respect and praise for our love of God from other nations, instead, we are often mocked and laughed at. Our immoral behaviour is as well scorned by many who once wanted to emigrate here because of our freedom to love God. Those same people have changed their mind and remain in their home nations because they have realized, their is no difference between their abominable, God hating nation overseas, nor the Godless nation known as America as well.

Bibi Netanyahu's speech was given before Congress but was a message to the entire people of the United States of America. You may not of heard it, but for me and others with God given spiritual ears, we heard Netenyahu's words as an encouragement as well as a mandate from God Himself(even if you fail to hear or understand that fact)for all Americans to not only side with Israel and to reject allowing Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. Indeed, his message was to America to understand that as what is written in the Bible(Old Testament), that there are specific blessings for those who side with Israel, and curses on those people and nations who decide to not side with Israel. Muslims like Obama of course reject such Biblical promises irregardless of the fact that they are indeed true. But Obama has allies among those who reject God's promises of blessings or curses as well(the Babylonian witch Valerie Jarret) from those who plot against Israel. Obama and his minions are not the only guilty parties. Also, many of the Liberals, the Democrats and even the Libertarians care not about God nor his promises. In fact I was disgusted with US Senator(Libertarian)Rand Paul's polite claps and remained sitting with his Democratic and Liberal friends in Congress while at the same time Conservatives and Republicans Congressional members gave Netanyahu standing ovations time after time for speaking the truth. I'm not saying God loves or endorses one political party over another here in America. In fact, I believe most Republican Party and members of Congress are traitors and should be put in jail for much of what they have done against this nation. The fact remains however, that there are promises of blessings for, and curses against those who set their face's against God's People, the Jewish People.

Sadly in America, most here are only satisfied with religion or acts of religion, even so called cultural Jews such as Diane Feinstean and others who do not believe in God(if she and they did, they would most definitely follow the Torah, but obviously never do, read Romans 9:6)are religious in nature, but desire to have nothing to do with God. Religious folks absolutely reject anything to do with, as well as, God's Word(the Bible). They have no idea as well that Mr. Netanyahu's speech that was delivered before Congress, was given the day before the Jewish Holiday and Festival of Purim (http://www.chabad.org/holidays/purim/article_cdo/aid/645309/jewish/What-is-Purim.htm). These religious people fail to understand the significance and God ordained timing of Netanyahu's speech. This holiday and festival celebrates the brave act of a Jewish girl named Esther who helped deliver the lives of her Jewish family and people from the Persians who today, we call Iranians nearly 4000 years ago. God allowed Bibi Netanyahu to speak a message to all Americans as well as the entire world telling all who listened... God has not given up on his people, the Jewish People. That is, the God of Heaven, the God of the Bible will in fact reject His people. That is, God will deliver Israel  with or without the help of The USA. America has a choice, either stand 110% with Israel and also against those who would wish Israel ill and harm, or suffer defeat and or destruction, for forsaking God's chosen people, that is the people of Israel, the Jews.

My advice to all those in America(and around the world)who spit in Jesus' face, those God haters, those Liberals, those Democrats and Republicans, those dope smoking, sin lusting and selfish Libertarians as well, you better wake up. You better get your heart's ready for one of two events that are fast approaching for this nation. You will either stand with Israel, repenting to Jesus(of the Bible) for your allowance and or endorsement of what the Bible calls sin so that God will will forgive and bless you... or, if however, you  wish to remain "a stiff necked" people", refusing to repent and as well continuing to turn your heart and back against the Jewish people, you will be diminished and destroyed. Those are your only two options and choices. And by the way,  there are no bonehead "John Boehner compromises" available for you as well. My encouraging message to every American is this, make sure you choose wisely !

Joshua 24:15 “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom you will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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