Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015 ??

Welcome 2015 ??

Here we are once again, yet another new year. Happy and blessed New Year to all of you reading this article. A little update for those who are unaware, I hadn't written any new articles for the past few moths. The reason being, I re posted many of my past articles on social websites. Seemed to me, many American's just weren't really getting what's going on in the world so in a sense, I wanted to drive homes so to speak some of my past messages that showed what was going on and where we as a nation as well as a world were/are heading.

That brings me to now, that is 2015. Just where are we heading as a nation? As a world ? Well, to me any way, it appears that hearts will continue to get harder and colder as the Bible said it would in “the last days.” You can read more about why I state such a thing in 2Timothy, Chapter 3:1-13. If it were up to me and perhaps also like you, I wish folks during 2015 would be more reasonable, loving and kind to one another, but my sense is, it won't happen.

My spirit tells me also that during 2015, governments including right here in America will continue to get out of control and increase their tyrranic and corrupt behaviours.  Republicans with what the US Media termed a “big win” on Election Day 2014, have already proved that (many of them anyway) they are not really interested in ridding of the Obama's corrupted policies. Instead, legislative leaders such as McConnell and Boehner, continue in their corruption and immoral behaviour. As I have quoted Ernie Larsen many times over in this blog, I'll quote Ernie here once again, "Nothing changes if nothing changes."

We as Americans always have a choice with our responses towards evil, not just during 2015. A new year however presents a new opportunity to serve God of the Bible rather than ignoring Him and His precepts. I mean let's be honest and real here, I don't play's gotten really bad here in the USA regarding the flourishing of evil,  I see an increasing amount of Americans spitting in God's face. That said, I believe once again, Americans that do such wicked things can turn things around for themselves and all of us, by taking advantage of the loving grace and forgiveness that Jesus Christ of the Bible offers all of us through our repentance of sin and acceptance of Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. By the way, this Jesus of the Bible I am talking about here,  is the same Jesus Christ that most of our Founding Fathers also believed in. I'd love to see us all reap blessings upon us, as also blessings fell upon our Founding Fathers for following Jesus Christ. Will it happen  though ? I'm not sure.

Personally, I'm tired of the rift, hate and outright allowing and acceptance of evil in our nation. Let's all take advantage as well as the opportunity during 2015 to truly take out the garbage around us, starting with our own lives of course. "Repentance" is a good word, "action" is also a good word and when you put those two words together, you might just find yourself in being blessed as well as contagious in a healthy way. Biblical love spreads such as easy as evil, but as always, it's a choice.

Rev Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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