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How Serious Are You About Responsibility For Your Rights ?

How Serious Are You About Responsibility For Your Rights ?

It's really sad to see how far America has drifted from it's original Constitutional Republic. In comparison to world history, the USA remains a relatively young nation. In just a little over two-hundred years however, America has become more of a Socialist State rather than what our American Fore-Fathers established as far as a Government is concerned. The thought of just how far removed we as Americans have allowed this to occur actually keeps me awake at night on occasion. And that really is they key, the action, or should I say, inaction that many Americans have taken to allow America to grow into this Socialist State in which we currently live under.

Being so far removed from what Americans have allowed this nation to drift from it's original intent brings me to the question I am asking in the title of this article... “How Serious Are You About Responsibility For Your Rights ?” I know there are some Americans and probably many foreigners reading this article that can answer my question quite accurately. Sadly, however most Americans cannot. The fact is that although an increasing amount of Americans that are polled share their fear of losing their freedoms and rights here, they do nothing constructive about preserving or gaining back those lost rights and privileges. Sure, many Americans get angry at all our rights and freedoms being eroded via the US and State Governments, but few do anything tangible about it.

Oh I know, some protests, some march, some sign petitions, some make calls or send letters to legislators but as I have asked plenty of times in previous articles, how effective are those actions that you take ? If you are being honest with yourself(most Americans do not have the ability to do so sadly), you can see that they result in no positive change and are in all truth, your actions(previously noted)largely are ignored and laughed at by the Government Officials and the law enforcement officials that protect them. Bottom line is this, being angry and sending what is largely only a powder puff letter or message to a corrupted government or Government official does little to nothing to bring about any restoration of your freedoms and or rights.
“Voting” you say ? ah, a sweeping new Congress with many Republicans now in office who with only two weeks in office already and obviously didn't get your message that you demand change either. Got Boehner anyone ? As they say “same 'Ol, same 'Ol.” As was before Election Day, 2014 it is corporations, trial lawyers and lobbyists that dictate law in Washington DC, not you. Get it ?

“Our rights come from God, not man” is really the basis of why the British Colonies of America rebelled against King George III in 1776. It was Jesus of the Bible that the vast majority of the signers of the Deceleration of Independence believed in and followed in substance(action) by fighting(bullets shot) for independence. That all makes sense because 22 of the signers were also seminary graduates. This nation was largely founded on and by Biblical Christians. When we acknowledge that fact and then return to God of our Fore-Fathers rather than remaining in the current horrible state of ignoring God, as we see what is occurring because of our ignoring (and many cases, loathing of Him as well), acknowledging Him will only end the further decline of our freedoms and rights under the Socialist State we currently suffer, “We The People” will once again regain our standing in the world as the “freest society in the history of man kind.”

Now ignored and forgotten by many Americans, there is a responsibility that all Americans need to take on a daily basis. That is to acknowledge and fully serve God of the Bible as headship of our nation(corporately) and headship in our own lives as well(individually). This nation was not founded on Allah Principles, Secular Principles, Buddha Principles or any principles outside the Bible. And yes, this nation was not founded on the false teacher principles of Joel Osteen and or Rick Warren, the Pope or others like them as well. When we say “we demand our rights”, remember there is an American Founding Father and Biblical mandate that we put God of the Bible first and before every decision we make here. Look, if John Quincy Adams stated “The Deceleration Of Independence first organized the social compact on the foundation of the Redeemer's mission upon earth...(and) laid the cornerstone of human government upon the first precepts of Christianity”, should we not heed his and other similar statements made to us via our other American Founding Fathers regarding the importance of putting God at the Headship of our nation ?

You cannot safely sit on your couch or comfy chair and watch you TV “god” and do nothing about this nation's near destruction. There is a reason Islamists are getting away with killing many around the world. You can easily find out from the Bible. That said, neither can you say “ I have the right to do whatever I want, even if it offends God of the Bible" without consequence. Stating such or defending such idiotic things as “I defend those who put Jesus on a crucifix in a jar of urine.” And you also calling yourself at the same time " a Christian” and or a “pastor”, really ?? You're only kidding yourself. Your number one responsibility as an American(as prescribed by our Founding Fathers) is to God of the Bible, not your foolish man made ideologies(no not money either). If Many of our Fore-Fathers believed that “our rights come from God, not men”, shouldn't you pick up your responsibility(taking tangible action) to remove those things in your life that you are doing, or not doing that continues to add to the desegregation of your freedom and rights ?

“ (A) malicious intention to vilify the Christian religion and the Scriptures...would prove a nursery of vice. A school of preparation to qualify young men for the gallows and young women for the brothel...Religion and morality...are the foundations of all governments. Without these restraints no free government could long last.” PEOPLE v. RUGGLES, 1811

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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