Thursday, January 22, 2015

Will Americans Who Love The USA Please Stand Up

Will Americans Who Love The USA Please Stand Up

No, seriously, stand up... I can't see you and neither can your fellow Americans already in the fight to save this nation.

America is in deep trouble. In a few short weeks, Mr. Obama and his Federal Government friends as well as their fellow corrupted law enforcement helpers are going to officially make a determination as to, just who qualifies as an extremist and who also qualifies someone to be a terrorist. Should this concern you ? It certainly should if you love your God given rights and liberty's. You may very well end up on the "bad guy" list when in actuality, you are the "good guy" in this whole mess.

Really, how concerned should you be ? Let's put it this way, remember when Paul Revere along with several other fellow Patriots took action and in 1775, rode horseback to towns warning that the British were invading. Ya, that kind of serious. American History revisionists will not admit this, but Paul Revere was not riding and putting his life in danger just to warn other Patriots that the British Army was coming, but also to let the same Patriots he was warning, know it was time for them to grab their muskets(weapons) and prepare for battle. The article I am writing here should carry the same weight and warning that Revere gave to the Patriot Colonists of his time.

Let's look at s few of the reality's this nation presently suffers---despite the recent and overwhelming change in the Congress with newly elected Republican Party majority, those same Republicans have done nothing but play the same political games they promised they would not participate in if elected and or re-elected. Like Paul Revere, I tried to warn fellow Americans well before Election Day, 2014 that not much of anything good would come out of electing Republicans rather than those who belong to the Democratic Party. I was correct when I shared that John Boenher and Mitch McConnell would compromise with evil(Obama and the Democrats)rather than do what we wanted them to do. I was correct also when I informed everyone that the newly elected Republicans in Congress would state one thing, but do another. In fact, today as I write this article, it is the 42nd Anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade. Sixty Million dead babies later, today(the date I am writing this article)Republicans had a chance to end late term abortions through a brand new Bill being recommended to Congress by some Republican Members of Congress, but because of some demonic female Republican House Members and others, that Bill to end late term abortions was killed as well.

Clearly, no sane person can state that politics in America can or will help this nation. The fruit of the Republicans in Congress is the same as their partners in crime, the Democrats. Not just about Republicans lying about ending late term abortions, but the many years of lies coming from both Democrats as well as Republicans tells us that America is at it's near end. You see, “ We The People”(not I) elected these liars and hooligans. So what are Americans going to now do about this inconvenient truth that all our Government has betrayed us and is looking to further destroy you? I mean, evil and illegal activity is right there in your face is it not?. Doesn't evil and the Government do what it want's without consequence from you, the electorate ? Just a few short days ago, Michelle Obama, the wife of the President of the United States had an Illegal Alien sit near her at the President's State of the Union Address. Why no arrests of those breaking our Immigration Laws ? I mean how much open evil are Americans willing to tolerate ? This is America today---many cops don't arrest real criminals but instead, harass and shoot innocent citizens everyday and the majority of Americans sit on their hands and do nothing about such outrageous and blatantly illegal activities on the part of our Government and their "law enforcement" protectors.

Let's be honest, the IRS, ATF, EPA, Homeland Security, many “law enforcement” agencies harass those who oppose theses agencies when using bullying tactics. So when will Americans take what is probably their very last chance at making a real stand against Government sponsored evil and bullying actions against them ? It was just several days ago when Former Governor Mike Huckabee said very openly and publicly on FNC that “To deal with a school house bully, you put you put your fist in his face, and his butt on the ground.” Whether you like Huckabee personally or not, is inconsequential. What Huckabee shared regarding bullying is absolutely 100% correct and true. Let's be honest with ourselves(do you have the ability to do so?), no whining, pissing, moaning or complaining on social media will do one dern thing to get this nation back and ridding permanently those Government sponsored liars and terrorists. That said, knocking a bully to his butt to the ground will.

As a former Internationally Credentialed Alcoholism And Substance Abuse Counselor for many years, I've seen many men and women who when caught in their addictions or doing something illegal to support their addiction, literally cry then beg for help, but they only cried because and asked for help when they were caught and confronted. Unfortunately though when “the heat” was off of them, that is family, the law, employers and others stopped putting the pressure on those addicts/alcoholics to quit their chemical use, many admitted they really didn't want help in the first place, they just wanted to cry and manipulate to get out of the trouble that they were in.  It's a similar response of many Americans today, they say they want help on places like social media, but when asked to join in the action to get their freedoms back, those same whining Americans who demand their liberty's, are no where to be found when asked to partake in action to remove Government tyranny.

I mean how much open evil are Americans willing to tolerate ? Law Enforcement officials are not arresting the real criminals but instead are increasingly helping corrupted Government agents like judges, lawyers, Domestic Violence program workers, Child Protection Workers take that purposely and illegally take away children from parents who home school their children and also dads who use mineral supplements How crazy and insane do things need to get in the USA before Americans get upset enough to go after evil and remove it ? The Government is already assaulting your God given rights. on a daily basis. As I mentioned in this article earlier,  they plan on taking many more away from you. In fact, some of you will also soon lose your children to the terroristic efforts of Child Protection Services and their evil minions because the US and it's State Government's will officially label you a “terrorist” and or “extremist.” What are your plans and actions being taken to stop them ? You need to take a stand, immediately.

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”~ Ben Franklin

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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