Thursday, January 15, 2015

An Open Letter To Gov. Cuomo Regarding Grand Jury Reform, Do You Mean It?

An Open Letter To Gov. Cuomo Regarding Grand Jury Reform, Do You Mean It?

January 15, 2015

Dear Governor Cuomo,

I am once again(second time now)writing an open letter and will be as well mailed to you as I have done previously in the past. The purpose of this letter this time, is to address the massive problem of injustice in New York State. You state that you want "Grand Jury reform" in NYS but as I shared with you(and all my readers) in my first letter(dated January 10, 2014,, I was victimized by an Illegal Alien/Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer and the corrupted judges and attorneys in and surrounding Genesee County, NY. I specifically shared with you regarding who aided her in her scam, those mentioned in that letter, even that a City of Batavia, NY Police Officer threatened to murder me( because I exposed that scammer and corrupted judges, attorneys and others that helped her in her fraudulent act against me   and all US Citizens as well. unfortunately, you neither responded to my public nor private letter to you and in the time between my two letters to you, corruption and illegal acts of, in and throughout the New York State Judiciary waxes worse, not better.

Your desire to have some sort of “Grand Jury reform.”, at least  in word anyway is a great idea. I have to ask you however, how can there ever be any resolving now of such judicial reform issues by you when you yet still have unsettled Judicial corruption issues that you said you would get resolved ? Even your Moreland Commission on Corruption is being investigated by the Federal Government for acts of corruption itself. I myself was in the past contacted and informed via your Moreland Commission that my case would “be contacted by an investigator”, and no such activity ever took place. I am not alone. Many of those who had the ability as well as privilege of testifying before your Moreland Commission hearings, including those who exposed corruption throughout the massive New York State Judicial system, ie.. those attorneys disbarred by you, your NYS Bar Association, were all only ignored, and remain disbarred and yet ignored today. If attorneys who expose government and judicial corruption in and throughout NYS cannot expose the corrupted Judiciary in NYS safely, how is that I, or any other New Yorker could ever have the possibility of exposing injustice and getting our justice from you through "Grand Jury reform"or any other change or venue for change that you suggest ?

Obviously the lack of real and honest NYS Government leadership in the way of making meaningful judicial   reform has only enabled and added to the judicial corruption and injustice here.  For many residents here in New York State, especially the poor who cannot afford “equal justice under the law” more and more residents suffer greatly. If you, the Governor have only words and no action in addressing the massive Government and NYS Court corruption issues, how can any of us believe any word you speak regarding your desire for Grand Jury reform ? Since my letter written to you one year ago, a NYS Legislator was removed from the Assembly and eventually arrested then incarcerated for being a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer( That is only one Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer dealt with lawfully here. There are literally thousands of Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers being helped and aided via corrupted judges, attorneys, Domestic Violence Programs(false DV allegations and others in and throughout New York State(There are over one-million Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers living here abusing our laws and illegally taking our tax money throughout the USA). The reason  this is being allowed by corrupted individuals throughout New York State judges, attorneys and others is very simple, follow the money....the Billions and Billions of US Tax Dollars from the Federal Government via Federal Title IV and Violence Against Women Act Funding freely gives to each State including NYS. I cannot think of one person who is for domestic violence against women, nor domestic violence against men for that matter, but misuse and corrupted uses of tax payer funding to help liars and those who commit International Marriage Fraud ? I cannot imagine one New York State resident being for that. How about you ?

Action speaks louder than words Governor Cuomo. Thus far, your record of helping those you promised to aid during your election and recent re election campaigns have not materialized and have fallen far short before all victims of crimes committed against them via corrupted NYS Government agencies and individuals who are employed in them. "Justice” should never result in a man being killed for selling loose cigarettes on the streets of any city. That said, police  should as well not be told to "go after" those "who are breaking laws because the State and City are losing revenue." Shouldn't' all police officers in New York State be left alone and free to catch real criminals such as murder's, rapists, thieves, drug dealers, etc ? Justice should never be about how much money a State can make whenever a law is made, or how much money a judge, lawyer, DV program, CPS/DSS Agency or others can be made in family Courts either. Receiving equal and fair justice should not be about if a person is rich or poor. Justice should be fair and equal for all. Some how, as an attorney and as well as Governor, you agree with my  many of my sentiments and principles just laid out  before you here, but you are not taking any action which proves that you agree with such statements. I am a former Internationally Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor as well as a former Forensic Specialist who established and consulted on establishing Alternative to Incarceration Programs in New York State. I am not attorney, nor do I give legal advice, but I believe being a victim of your corrupted court's and law enforcement, that gives me enough experience to ask and receive a meeting with you regarding “Grand Jury reform” and other judicial corruption issues. That of course would include my own case of being a victim of a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer(whom you are allowing NYS and all US Tax Payers to fund her house mortgage, food, medical bills, etc) and also my receiving a death threat from a Batavia, N.Y. cop. Again, I believe that especially the poor and those suffering injustice in NYS deserve real change from you, not just word. They also deserve a voice, and I believe I can be an effective advocate as well as voice for them when I meet with you and your staff in the very near future.

I wait for your response---again.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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