Friday, January 23, 2015

Sheldon Silver Is Not The Only Corrupted Politician Needing To Be Arrested in N.Y.

Sheldon Silver Is Not The Only Corrupted Politician Needing To Be Arrested in N.Y.

Finally, a little justice in New York State. After years of “in your face” and partcipation in corruption, NYS Assembly Speaker, Sheldon Silver was arrested.

As a victim of corrupted politicians, judges, lawyers, cops, and others who helped an Illegal Alien/ Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer in Batavia, NY(that you are paying thousands of your hard earned tax dollars to every year), I can say for a emphatically and without any hesitation that New York State is the most corrupted State in the Union. Who am I to make such a statement you may ask? Well, in the scheme of all things in life, my opinion probably doesn't matter much to you, but I know that US Attorney Preet Bharara told " a new state commission Tuesday that corruption in New York politics has created a “show-me-the-money culture” that’s permeating state and local officials, both Democrats and Republicans, and has reached intolerable proportions.”

As if Bharara's statements regarding the level's of corruption throughout New York State is not enough, there are many more attorneys within New York State who would whole heartily agree with him as well. If the New York press will not pay attention to the many attorneys within NY that have been disbarred for exposing corrupted politicians, is it any surprise that corruption is thus enabled and now overflows in New York's Judiciary as well ? Look at the high number of attorneys in NY that have also been disbarred for exposing the hundreds of corrupted judges and lawyers there as well. Only those connected to the massive corrupted politicians and judiciary within NY would ever defend such corrupted individuals.

Here's what's going on at the time of writing this article, unless you are either well connected politically or have almost an unlimited financial resources, there is little help for those seeking justice within New York State. As the FBI recently investigated one judge for violating Federal Human Trafficking Laws, that is only the tip of the iceberg as the say. There are hundreds of State Supreme Court and Family Court Judges within New York who also have (and currently without interference)trafficked thousands and thousands of children. Why do these judges do it ? Mostly because of the large amount of cash given to them to sell those children. Whether the source of such funding to corrupted judges are from the Billions of Dollars of Federal Title IV dollars, Violence Against Women Act funding, or State Tax Dollars, or the many bribes from attorneys or even lawyer's clients to judges (such as Foster Care and Adoption Agencies)“political campaigns”, it matters not. The bottom line is this, millions of current and former New York State Residents have had their children and families purposely destroyed all for the sake of "cash" and no one is stopping them.

When will the arrests come for these corrupted judges, lawyers, politicians and those like them eployed in "public service" ? When will the FBI arrest Cuomo, the Governor of New York State ? He is the one of the most corrupted and who set up his fraudulent “Moreland Corruption Commission” and discontinued that Commission in the middle of it's investigations. I was informed by that very same commission that an investigator would contact me regarding my case because of  my life being  threatened by a City of Batavia, NY cop via corrupted judges and lawyers protecting a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer, but was never contacted. Up to now, the answer to the publicly well known fact (for many years)that New York is the most corrupted State in the Union, has been the millions of it's residents to leave New York. Folks have largely given up trying to clean-up and bring about change to NY because they ended-up only being disappointed to find out their efforts were all in vain. They found out the hard way that corrupted politicians such as Andrew Cuomo, State Senator Michael Ranzenhoefer and Assemblyman Steve Hawley as well as corrupted judges and lawyers; Robert Noonan, Tracey Bannister, Julie Falvey, Lawrence Friedman, and Donna Haslinger can violate laws, even have a law enforcement officials threaten to murder New York State Citizens, and get away with it.

Indeed, Sheldon Silver should be the first of many more arrests to soon occur within NYS. There are many more arrests in New York State that need to take place, beginning in and around Genesee County, NY. Forget about arresting the petty thieves in NY. Those that need to be immediately arrested are the  real thieves, rapists and murderers such as the many(not all) that call themselves “Judges”, “Lawyers”, Legislators”, “Politicians” and “Police Officers” within New York State.

Where's justice for my children and I ?? 
 To my children, I love and miss you so very much !
May the Lord grant us our justice and favor with those who will help us in our quest for justice.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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