Thursday, October 2, 2014

Let's Move False Allegations Month To October

Let's Move False Allegations Month To October

Why move False Allegations Month from June to October? Well, in all honesty, most reading this article right now have no idea that there is even a “False Allegations Month” at all. I mean really, how many of you ever even heard that there is even a month of the year that officially recognizes that there are so many false allegations of domestic violence, abuse and so on in our nation? If I were a betting man though(which I'm not), I'd bet that if I asked you if you knew that in October, it was designated as “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” each year, you might very well already be aware of that. That's part of my point however of moving False Allegations Month to October, that those who make a big “to do” about those who are allegedly abused, do or say nothing about those many fakers who have infiltrated their ranks with false allegations of abuse(got Jodi Arias anyone?). It's not that I'm trying to cause friction, or competition with those who have truly been victimized with abuse, no, just awareness. While many domestic violence victim advocates are brought forward to the public's awareness through the media, speeches, grand presentations also with a plethora of supposed “victims of domestic violence”, no one ever dares brings up the fact that many so called victims of domestic violence are not victims at all. No, in fact there are many liars who claim to have been abused but never in fact were. That is where False Allegations Month is supposed to be a big “to do”(exposing the liars) but in reality, false allegations of abuse are mostly ignored throughout society including the media. That's a shame because there are real victims of domestic abuse but the false accusers of abuse take away the much needed resources of justice such as the police, courts, etc. from the true victims of domestic violence.

As America are slowly learning the facts about the so many false allegations of abuse each year(, there is finally a little bit of push back against the liars, manipulators and thieves of every hard working American out there. Did you read that? I mentioned “thieves.” Yes, there are Billions and Billions of your hard earned tax dollars given to Domestic Violence Programs each year who also use those funds to bribe prosecutors, district attorneys, judges, cops and others to prosecute domestic abuse cases even if there are no real and tangible proof or facts that there has been an act of domestic violence(overwhelmingly false allegations of abuse are made against dads and men via women for the purpose of getting custody of children, homes, property, financial support So many domestic violence “victims” we are finding out, are not victims at all and that your tax dollars are being used to house bogus(fake) victims of domestic violence or that those female “victims” with and without children are simply homeless and the county where these homeless women are seeking shelter, are placed in domestic violence program shelters Why do these “agencies” do that? Why lie about victims not being victims at all ? I'll tell you why... it's called “double dipping.” The County and State Social Services gets cash from the Federal Government for helping a “homeless women(and children) and then as well, the local Domestic Violence Program has helped another “Domestic Violence victim” and get's a large wad of cash as well. Happens every day, all day long. Say goodbye to your hard earned tax dollars !

Billions and Billions of your tax dollars are put aside for the Violence Against Women Act. That Act was made into law by some of your favorite politicians(I'm being a little facetious here). The big pusher of the VAWA Bill that was eventually made into law, is none other that your now Vice President,(not mine, I never voted for him) was Joe Biden. It was also “Slick(I love sex with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office)Willy” Clinton who signed the VAWA Bill into law. Through VAWA, Billions of Dollars are used to help many demonic folks make false allegations into something that has become an everyday occurrence here in the USA. Cops, Lawyers, Judges and others have absolutely no incentive to expose and have arrested those who make such false allegations. I mean which cop, judge, lawyer, psychiatrist, “ex” or other will risk losing all the “free money” through VAWA by exposing the false allegations of abuse, right ? So, to to make good and sure that those who have been falsely accused of abuse are rarely given justice in the courts, Feminists and Femen who purposely cover up false allegations of abuse(any kind of abuse, domestic abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, etc), and who have the “power of the purse” over cops, judges, lawyers and other, are now utilizing their power in many states across the USA to have state laws passed where all a woman(men are not allowed to be victims for VAWA funding although they are 50% of the victims needs to do is say she “feels threatened” to have a partner arrested. That's right, no actual threats or acts of violence needed. No all a woman has to do is say to the police that her husband/boyfriend, lover, etc.. is making her feel just the little bit uncomfortable and BAM ! On go the handcuffs of that man or lover, then off to jail he goes. Where does she, the accuser go? Well, she goes to the County Family Court where there are many “tax payer-paid “women's advocates” working right at the court house, helping the accuser falsely gain a temporary restraining order that is automatically signed by a judge on her behalf. She also gets custody of the children(if there are any) the home and all property. Ouch ! When the man who was falsely accused of abuse gets out of jail, guess what, he's homeless and a few of his personal belongings like underwear are thrown in a garbage bag usually, and given to him when he leaves the jail. Yep, he's assumed guilty and now he'll have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a lawyer who will most likely do nothing to help him and essentially “sell him down the river.” How can you fight against a woman who says she “felt threatened”? The answer? You can't. Laws that are based on feelings, not fact are virtually impossible to beat, but once again, that's the point of making false allegations of abuse isn't it ?. Evillest-1, Good guys-0.

Who really loses when there are false allegations, I say, it's always the children if there are any. I couldn't think of a more appropriate case and example to give regarding that fact than today's breaking news of a mother who 12 years ago illegally took her daughter from her ex-husband, hiding there in Mexico from her ex-husband who she lied about to their daughter, telling the daughter .. “Your father is a wife beater and committed suicide.” This case I mention here is not so unusual, It is a well known and documented fact that many parents both women and men alike contribute to what that “mother” did to her daughter that I just mentioned. The term for lying to a child and turning a child against another parent is termed Parental Alienation Syndrome( Making false allegations against the other parent is indeed evil business. It's all about hate, evil, control and doing the devil's work when you make a mess not only of your own life but also involving an innocent child in that sick plan as well.

Let's be clear, it's not just men and fathers that suffer because of false allegations of abuse. It's women, children, grandparents and others as well. False allegations of Domestic Violence and rape are big money and big business for “ex's”, cops, lawyers, judges and others, but again, there are others. I take for instance a woman who I and some others members of the Tampa Tea Party, Judicial, Attorney and Law Enforcement Accountability Committee met with. This mom shared how her children were wrongly taken away from her via the Department of Child and Families here in Florida. She shared evidence how DCF and the police lied multiple times trying to steal her children illegally. This mom was blessed to have had her children returned to her after the lies of the filthy, lying cops and CPS Agents were exposed in court. “Lucky” her(I don't believe in luck), she got her children back from the false child abuse allegers, CPS Agents and cops who make(once again, this time under Federal Title IV Funding) Billions and Billions of Dollars to steal children from good mommy's and daddy's. That said, don't at all assume for one minute that “all is well” for this mom because by the grace of God, she got her children back. No ! The false allegations of the Government Terrorists(cops and DCF in this case) sadly lingers on in the form of trauma within this poor woman. That's what false allegations does and is often done on purpose, to traumatize and destroy a person or persons just like this mom who I and other members of our “Justice” team met with.

As I myself make ready for a trial in the Philippines against an Illegal Alien who lives here in the USA, and who is being allowed to remain free and rewarded by you, the American Tax payer with what she calls “FREE” Government money, you should know that there are many like here in the USA. This Illegal Alien utilized a Filipina Dump Truck Scam against me which included false allegations of abuse. I can tell you, up to now, the wheels of justice here in America for me has been turning ever-so-slowly. Too slow as a matter of fact. I will not quit however, not only are my children counting on me to rescue them, there are many all around the world also waiting for me to get justice so that they too also may get there justice as well. I look forward to the day I see that Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer living in Batavia, NY, put on an airplane to be deported to the Philippines. I am also looking forward to the very day I also get justice by placing a padlock and chain on the doors of the Genesse County, NY -YWCA and their illegally run “Domestic Violence Program.” This illegally run operation has been committing fraud for way too long over the years. Indeed, It will be a delightful day for me when they too are also exposed further in a Citizen's court of law showing that they purposely and maliciously helped an Illegal Alien and Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer make false allegations of abuse. Make no mistake about it though, there are many more false abuse allegers like these evillest and they will all be forced “to pay the piper very soon” if I have anything to do with it.

So let's do the right thing, let's expose the real abusers and the false accusers of abuse as well. That way, we all get justice.

Leviticus 19:15 “You shall do no injustice in judgment; you shall not be partial to the poor nor defer to the great, but you are to judge your neighbor fairly.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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