Friday, January 10, 2014

An Open Letter To Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Why I Can't Safely Return To New York State

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January 10th, 2014

Dear Governor Cuomo,

If your political gatekeeper's have allowed you to grasp the real political, social and economic climate within New York State, then you are surely aware that matters are not all well there. New York State Residents outside of New York City continue to leave the State on average of one-thousand per week. I am sure you are also well aware of this crisis as you did surprise even your most liberal of friends by “legalizing “ medical Marijuana there to attempt to retain the fleeing. Desperate times call for desperate measures Governor? As you continue to pour millions of hard earned New York State Tax Payer Dollars into television commercials being played outside of New York State to draw businesses there, the whole nation in reality is laughing at you. Yes sir, there are very few businesses and or people moving (back)to New York. It doesn't matter how you package New York State Governor Cuomo. Years of Liberal policies, corruption and high taxes have chased many good and hard working folks out of N.Y.

Under your Governorship, New York continues to lose more good and decent members of NYS. Other States however are gaining those folks who gave up on you and New York. If you are thinking that by simply making a  few commercials and paying millions of dollars to play them outside of New York, people will flock (back) to New York State, you are greatly mistaken. A very large factor that you have not prioritized to bring folks (back) to New York State is the high volume of Government Corruption there as well as the economic. You cannot escape from the fact nor hide from the fact you are fully aware of the great amount of corruption in all three branches of your State(county and local) Government's. What I state here is correct because it was you who called for, and established the Moreland Commission To Investigate Public Corruption. This so called “Commission”  however has so far proved to be nothing more than a political facade and device to attack your own political foes. There have been no real and honest investigations into Government Official's who have in many cases, engaged in years and years of corruption within NYS.

I myself contacted your Moreland Commission that you instituted late last year. I am a victim of a City of Batavia, NY Police Officer who threatened to murder me. This occurred to me after I exposed several judges, lawyers and some others who were taking Federal and State Funds illegally to protect an Illegal Alien living in Genesee County, NY. In fact, I wrote and mailed to you via an USPS Certified letter about this matter while you were yet Attorney General of the State. You had one of your political associates mail me a letter advising me only to “retain an attorney” to remedy a real death threat from a Police Officer against me. Regarding what your Moreland Commission specifically has been reflective of your (destructive)action as State Attorney General. I received an e-mail message from “Bryce Jones” informing me of optional dates to attend hearings despite informing your Moreland Commission first, that I had an active death threat against me from a Batavia, NY Police Officer. It wasn't until I hired an attorney to contact the US Attorney's office in New York(that publicly stated “Political Corruption Is Out Of Hand In New York State”) that I was actually given a “case number” and promised to be contacted by an “Investigator” from the Moreland Commission, but I have never been contacted nor helped to this very date of writing you this public and open letter.

I am not alone sir, I have met and or been in contact with literally thousands of current and or past residents(or their family members) of New York State that have also been abused by your Government or Government Officials. I myself, cannot safely return to New York State. Those judges, lawyers, cop(who threatened to kill me) and others that I mentioned earlier have wrongfully and illegally stolen my children, my house and even all my personal property and given all to that Illegal Alien and Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer. If that wasn't bad enough, you are allowing thousands of New York State Tax Payer Dollars to be freely given to pay for that same Illegal Aliens house mortgage, college tuition, food, medical care and much, much more!(as if using millions of NYS Tax Payer Dollars for  ineffective commercials on out-of-State television stations wasn't scandalous enough). There are millions of us victims in and outside of New York State just like me Gov. Cuomo. We have been greatly abused by the very State we were born and raised in. At one point, we loved New York State, but because of your Government's tyrannical actions, we want nothing ever again to do with New York State. We are more than just dissatisfied with you and your New York State sir. What you and your corrupt Government have done to us and our children and families is beyond barbaric, it is down-right evil sir.

I as well as many other former and current New York State Residents have asked for your and New York State Government's help and aide for justice and help for a very long time now, but you have done nothing in reality to help provide a fair and legal remedy to aide us. Wrong is wrong Governor Cuomo. Many of us who have left New York State would love to (safely) return. “Jobs” are important sir, but when even a US Attorney publicly speaks of how corrupt your Government is, who would want to start a business or return to N.Y. ? In case you are wondering the answer to that question, the answer is “very, very few.”

I look forward to hearing your reply to my letter with a feasible and helpful remedy sir . You may contact me through your  Moreland Commission To Investigate Public Corruption. They have all my contact information.


Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller

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