Wednesday, April 1, 2015

When A Damascus Road Event Doesn't Take Hold

When A Damascus Road Event Doesn't Take Hold

America is in shambles both ethically and morally. Many Americans actually hate God of the Bible and have decided in their hearts that they hate Jesus and His Word as well. Being nearly 54 years old, I have seen the rapid descent of not only the ethical behavior of my fellow countryman in my lifetime, but also the ineffectiveness of the so called “Church” as well.

It's not as if this country and it's people have not already suffered God's judgement for forsaking God's Biblical precepts. We've had our “Damascus Road experience” in this nation. I mean look at the event that occurred on 9/11 and other so called “natural” as well as “man made disasters” up to this point. Beyond 9/11, God continues to show America that allowing sin is a deadly act. We have suffered increasing disasters here since. Just look at all the plane crashes, extreme hot and cold temperatures, record snow levels, lack of water one one area of the nation while flooding in others. There are the larger and more damaging tornado's and other issues that have increased since then 911.

What's it going to take for America to wake up ? We as a nation are well past God's “warning” stage. Unfortunately, it appears that because so many hearts have been hardened in the USA, few want to actually see why and how this nation continues to suffer greatly. One only needs to read the Bible to see that this nation's problems are only going to get worse, not better unless there is a real repentance in the hearts of those who insist on ignoring God's precepts for what is right and what constitutes wrong.

Right now, Russia is arming Mexican rebels so that our national borders will be further molested and harassed. Our own Government is planning a huge military exercise this coming Summer throughout the South. Virtually every US and State Government agency and court harasses it's people on a daily basis. ISIS's evil growth of influence are about to hit our nation's shores. Islamic and Sharia Law are being accepted in our courts, Government and schools. Both the financially well off, as well as American militia groups recognize the near social and economic collapse of this nation. Both groups are frantically preparing to either move out of this country, or prepare for invasion and or all-out war with their own Government.

What is coming to this country is something that we Americans have brought upon ourselves. What horrible event that is coming to this nation has been designed by, and for a people with both an apathetic as well as hardened hearts towards God and His perfect plan for our nation and lives. We very well could learn a real lesson on how to avoid the horrible disaster heading to America if we wanted to, but most Americans have no earnest desire to stop participating and endorsing sin. Homosexuality, pot smoking, adultery, corruption, greed, apathy, lying, intoxication, selfishness, cheating, stealing are all revered here, not condemned. We are bruised from our own Damascus Road experience, but we ignore the bruising and instead focus on being even stubborn and rebellious towards God and thus, will suffer the negative consequences.

In all appearances, America is in the near midnight time-frame of it's existence. Civil war, invasion, massive bombings, economic collapse, whatever will happen for resisting God's correction, something horrible will soon occur here. What is America's fate? I'm not sure, but I can tell you this, America has been brought low by God Himself and it's about to get a heck of a lot worse. I'm no “doomsdayer” or conspiracy theorist, but I am a man who knows God's Word as well as His heart. He loves everyone but His desire is to see all, and every wicked people group repent from sin. God's mercy and protection is only granted to those whom follow Jesus and Him crucified.

If you are like I, and as deeply concerned for what is occurring in this nation as I am, I believe that today would be a great day to get on your knees and pray to Jesus and ask Him to help you stand up to sin and evil through the help and strength of the Holy Spirit. If you haven't accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour as outlined in the Bible, you cannot have, nor reach that power through the Spirit. You must first be born-again as the Jesus Himself teaches in the Bible.

Once you have come to know Him and been baptized through the power and strength of the Holy Spirit, your next step is to help as many of your family and neighbors get to know Christ in the same way. Share with them the plan of salvation of Jesus and the Cross of Christ. Help them to do so and get as many back on track with God's precepts as you are afforded opportunity to do so. Beyond that, read your Bible and prepare for the fight. The battle is going to be huge. Be like a boy scout, and “Be Prepared.”

Psalm 18:34 “He teaches my hands to make war, so that a bow of bronze is bent by my arms.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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