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“When The Words, 'Love And Tolerance' Are Not Synonymous With One Another”

“When The Words, 'Love And Tolerance' Are Not Synonymous With One Another”

I'm hearing a lot of folks including Christians throwing around the words “love” and “tolerance” in reference to writing articles or having conversations pertaining to how to address the issue of homosexuality with others. In fact the whole narrative of, “love the sinner but hate the sin” theme with Christians has just grown a bit more unbiblical in nature with all this talk of loving others “unconditionally” but without calling out sin for what it really is as well.

I'm very concerned about our society regarding this issue, so I need to ask a question to those who partake in such conversations and write articles using language that enables sin. My question is this, is this whole love and tolerance movement even Biblically Scriptural? I mean, isn't the Bible where Christians are supposed to get their inspiration and their answers about life from? I'm sure there are some nominal Christians that would ardently reply “no” to my question here. However, if we don't then get our answers on how to live life from the Bible, where then where in fact do we get our direction and answers on how to love, and, what should we or should we not tolerate also when it comes to someone partaking in a sinful act?

Difficult questions for you to answer? I'm sure I won't be at all surprised when I receive comments to my questions posted here giving me Biblically incorrect answers in response. Let's be honest and real, many pastors these day's don't even preach or teach on what the Word of God states as sin anymore. If Christian pastors don't teach about sin, is it any wonder that many Christians also no longer follow the Bible, and lack the knowledge of how to decipher what is sin as well? It is a sad fact, and if we dare to take a further look at our society, most Christians do what they want with little to no regard to what the Christian Bible declares, and they only cherry pick the easy and nice sounding Bible verses to live by(if they read the Bible at all). They get it wrong when they say they “leave the so called angry God” portions of Scripture to the so called “zealots” and the “Fundamentalists.” So here we are, Americans have largely grown accustomed to attending churches that purposely leave you feeling fuzzy-warm, but not at all with the heart of mind of Christ. In fact, many in the West no longer even attend a local church because they don't want to be confronted about sinful decisions that they have made in their lives. The “make me feel good” kind of Christianity is the new normal that tells the world, sinning is something to be “tolerated” and “it's OK.”

For those kind of Christians, love means “tolerance”, any kind of tolerance of whatever you want to do, whether sinful or not. And that's the problem we have here in America and that sort of anti-God attitude has brought not only America, but the entire West to it's economic and social “knees.” Many Christians fail to recognize what true Godly love requires. Many folks believe that God loves everyone, and He does, but He certainly does not “tolerate sin.” The Church has largely become unrecognizable as being separate from the world, not the representative of Christ as it is supposed to be. As with what the Apostle Paul declared in 1Timothy 1:15, I say also of myself, “This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief.” We need to recognize that we are all sinners in needing redemption from sin, that it is only the finished work of Jesus Christ that He took on the cross at Calvary that can make us into really loved, and lovable. Christians. It would do well to remember and recognize that God did not sacrifice Himself so that we would go on sinning.1 John 3:9.

Because so many Christians condone sin now such as homosexuality, the world now believes sin is an acceptable concept. The entire notion of “love through tolerance”(of sin) and “loving the sinner”(without confronting unrepentant sin) has only enabled sinners to avoid the need to be set free from their sin through that redemptive work of Jesus Christ on the cross that I mentioned earlier in this article. Those Christians who go about telling homosexuals that they are loved, yet do not call on all sinners including those homosexuals to repent, are only doing those involved with wickedness a great disservice and may enable their sinful lifestyle right into Hell.

Pastors, political leaders and others who choose to play the very dangerous “love and tolerance” game are enabling and leading many in this country into the devil's trap of compromising with Biblical Truth. God's word quite clearly states in many places that He hates sin. There is no “love and tolerance” for sin anywhere to be found in the Bible. We can, and should always choose to love our neighbors as the Lord taught, but enabling sin and tolerating any form of sin within ourselves, or with others is an unacceptable notion, there must be repentance. We Christians are to be the light, not the darkness. Biblical love is a sacrificial love, it says's “no” to the darkness of sin and “yes” to following Jesus,

Before speaking, presenting and or preaching, every Christian best do a very thorough research in the Bible regarding what exactly constitutes God's love, and in fact, what He does and does not “tolerate”as well.

Psalm 5:4 “For you are not a God who is pleased with wickedness; with you, evil people are not welcome.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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  1. One often wonders how such a micro-minority attains such power and elevation, unless of course it is a tool amongst many used by those who have a higher goal...the line in the sand seems to have been drawn, wars, talk of wars, diseases, greed, poverty, suicides, abuse of power, and their new god, that golden cow, money...we can no longer look at one issue anymore but why the world is headed in the wrong direction while adoring what is basically unnatural behavior without in the least looking at what the long term effect will be...especially on our children who seem to be so confused, we have to wonder how this society can even survive under these circumstances...