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The U.S. Government Won't Allow Me To Bring Pastor Abedini Home

The U.S. Government Won't Allow Me To Bring Pastor Abedini Home

I just had yet another meeting with another useless United States Congressman. This time with Vern Buchanan of Florida who turned out to be also yet another US Government lying politician. Last month, I attended one of his town hall meetings where I publicly confronted him for not contacting me when I invited him to a Tea Party group sponsored conference where I was speaking, entitled “Families, Government's And The Court's.” I also confronted him in the same breath for he, and his staff not meeting with me while at his Washington DC office last year where I was attempting to gather help for my situation and also, so that I could get Pastor Saeed Abedini released from an Iranian prison.

Congressman Buchanan did meet with me as I shared. I brought four advocates with me, my wife, a journalist(whom through communication before the meeting Buchanan's staff seemed to be terrified of), a Parental Right's activist, and a County level Republican Party, Vice-Chairman. Everyone attending this important meeting heard me quite clearly explain how I had been victimized by the United States and New York State Government's. Buchanan also heard me plainly tell him and the his staff member, Sally Tibbets, that I was threatened to be murdered by a City of Batavia, NY cop because of my Christian faith. To me, more importantly, all in the room including Mr. Buchanan and Ms. Tibbets also heard me state to them very poignantly, that my US Passport was wrongly stolen by the US State Department because of this cop who threatened to murder me and his partnership with a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer here in the U.S..

What is related to my U.S Passport illegally taken from me was told also to Congressman Buchanan and Sally Tibbets, and that is this... I need my United States Passport back so that I am able to do as God has instructed me to do in flying to Iran and negotiating the release of Pastor Abedini from an Iranian Prison. Everyone in the room heard it because I stated what occurred to me and asked the Congressman's help not just once, but twice. As a matter of fact, everyone also heard me literally beg Congressman Vern Buchanan and his Congressional Aide, Sally Tibbets for help. Help not only for me, but also for Pastor Abedini. Eight days after this meeting where Congressman Buchanan verbally promised to me to “do what I can to help on the Federal level",  Ms. Tibbets informed me via e-mail that Congressman Buchanan would do nothing to help.

It was no shocker for me to hear this sad news. Congressman Buchanan's decision to do nothing to help this situation was the same news that my wife and I heard last year from other staffers of Congress while asking them for help last year in while in DC advocating for the exact same reason I went to Washington DC in 2014. Of course this refusal to help Pastor Abedini also came from Congressman Chris Collins who is the Congressional Representative from the District where I was threatened with death via a cop. Just for the record, I have gone to Washington DC twice now asking Congressman Collins for help including help for Pastor Abedini, but to no avail. Among the many other members of the US Congress that refused to help bring Pastor Abedini home were, Senator's Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. The two of these members of Congress shocked me when I shared everything I was trying to do to get Pastor Abedini home,  yet also refused to help.

I know many American's who believe it is only President Obama and the U.S. State Department that refuses to help bring Pastor Abedini home. No, it's all of the United States Congress. Both Democrats and Republicans. Sure, some members of Congress talk a good game stating at times that, “we need to bring Pastor Abedini and all those Americans imprisoned in Iran, home.” They lie. In case you didn't read what I just wrote, let me share it again, “they lie”, they all lie.

Pastor Abedini could have been home over one year ago if our U.S. Congress really wanted him and the other Americans imprisoned in Iran, home again. Despite Jay Sekulow raising thousands of dollars off the back of Pastor Abedini being incarcerated, the ACLJ and other so-called “Christian” attorney organizations are literally doing nothing helpful to get Pastor Abedini back home(petitions and letter writing campaigns are useless and they know it !). Here's the fact all Americans need to understand...only direct negotiations with the Iranian leaders will get all out Americans back home, including Pastor Abedini.

My ministry and my work over the years is directly involved with rescuing both persecuted Christians and as well, sex/human trafficked children. Global Family Outreach Ministry( is not a large ministry, but by the grace of God, we are a very effective ministry. Our current and ongoing issue in getting help to others overseas has become severely limited because of the United States and it's State Government's terroristic attacks against me and other Christians, not because of foreign nations such as Iran. The majority of the People of the United States are good and honest folks, but our Government is purposely attacking and persecuting Christians here and abroad so that we cannot help one-another. This is the exact same United States Government that has allowed Pastor Abedini to rot in an Iranian Prison for these many years. It's time we real and Biblical Christians bring him home !

Indeed ! It's time we bring Pastor Abedini home to the USA. My former Government training has taught me well that we do not leave any of our own behind, ever ! What needs to be done to bring Saeed Abedini home is this, We need to bombard all members of Congress and the U.S. State Department in telling(demanding, not asking!) them to allow me to do the job of bringing pastor Abedini home. Telling them also, that the United States Government needs to stop it's persecution of Christians here and abroad. It  would  as well would be helpful and necessary to tell them straight out that "Pastor Paul Waldmiller has a call to go and help negotiate the release of Pastor Abedini and bring him home, release his US Passport now !"

Together, we will bring Pastor Abedini home. Will you do the right thing and contact Congress and tell them to do the right thing, getting me over to Iran to see him released ? I sure pray and hope so. It's our brother in Christ rotting in a jail cell. If he was your brother, your son, grandson, or father, what would you do to bring him home ?
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John 15:3 “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

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