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Baltimore Riots, Now Understand The Precept Of Reaping And Sowing

Baltimore Riots, Now Understand The Precept Of Reaping And Sowing

It is sad that because so many Americans and those around the world no longer know Jesus of the Bible. If they had known Him the world would not have repeatedly failed to learn the lessons of  past failures, especially in regards to the the concept of reaping and sowing, written in Galatians 6:7, “Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.”

Specifically to the riots we see currently in Baltimore, I am not surprised, nor should you be either of the mass destruction as well as the acting out in a violent way there. The truth of the matter is this, America will continue to slide down the path of self destruction, because we as a nation have indeed failed again anda gain to understand that to forget Jesus and His precepts to recognize and remove evil when we see it will end badly for all of us. Nothing could be truer of what I share in regard to "failure to learn the lessons of the past" more than the idea of "reaping and sowing." Who is really to blame for the turn of events in Baltimore ? Is it the rioters ? the cops? Perhaps  the politicians? Let me help you find the correct answer to this question..

I have so called “friends” on social media who blame “blacks”, “Negroes”, politicians and a few others for the riots, but in all honesty, the people acting like animals looting, starting fires and rioting are only part of the whole picture as far as what has become a systemic problem in America. Indeed, root issues of evil acts such as these, go much further just the rioters. It's not only African Americans acting out in a demonic way. All too often, the problem we suffer also lays equally at the feet of Americans who purposely ignore the issue of cops illegally and unconstitutionally arresting Americans, beating on Americans, and even killing innocent Americans. Notice, I did not single out “African-American's” as being victims of illegal acts at the hands of police, I stated “Americans", as in, “all Americans.” For sure there will be those especially Caucasian Americans who will make the excuse for bad cops interjecting their skewed point of view  in telling me,  “there are only a handful of bad police”, “Most cops are good”, and so on. Those who justify and or tolerate any level of police being involved in unlawful activity, are willfully, blind, deaf and dumb and are part of the problem here, not part of any Godly solution.I have asked in the past, and repeat my question here also, "if there are good cops, why aren't they arresting the bad one's ?"

Plainly, what we see in Baltimore is just the latest example of who, and what we as a nation have become. We cannot blame Barrack Hussein Obama for the level of evil we now see in our country, because “We The People” put him in Office. For the conspiracy minded folks, I will momentarily entertain your excuse that Obama was elected and re-elected to Office through “voter fraud.” OK, if that is true, why didn't you go arrest those who were part of that scheme ? Exactly! Americans, indeed, all people, of all nations are responsible for what is right, and what is wrong. No one is without exception nor excuse when evil is allowed to raise it's ugly head and wreak havoc among us. Truthfully, this allowing of evil to flourish is where the precept of “reaping and sowing” comes into play.

For many years now, I have been telling others, “ you are what you allow.” What exactly does this statement mean ? Very simply, your circumstances and what occurs in your life, many times is dictated by how you speak, act, and react to a dilemma or a situation around you. Every decision, every thing you speak, do and act upon, has a consequence-both good and evil. It all depends on what exactly you communicate and or do, during that situation. Another way of explaining this is this, you have the ability to allow God to bless you, or allow satan to curse you. It's up to you, act evil, and you will allow satan to unleash Hell to chase you down. Act righteous before God, He will bless and help you. It's a matter of individual and corporate decision making. You cannot go through life blaming others for what you, yourself have allowed,

Rioting after an innocent man is murdered by the cops is something few want to see, at least I don't. The issue in America and around the world however is that evil has become the norm in many places. What used to be called “good” is now in many cultures, considered as evil and vice versa. Once again, the question we should all be asking ourselves is, why? Because God said in Isaiah 5:20, the Lord Himself said “Woe” to those that entangle themselves in such wicked activities of treating what He calls good, as evil(and vice versa). What does “Woe” mean exactly ? Simply stated, “Woe” should be taken as a clear indication that there is a negative consequence for partaking in, or speaking against what God states as right. Cops maltreating people or gangs harming people(any evil act by anyone), all bring about negative consequences, including Hellish and demonic activities being increased(unless there is true repentance to Jesus of the Bible for those evil acts, then God restores).

America and all around the world, many cultures are being turned upside down and inside-out. In America especially during the 1960's this nation went through a transformation where the devil was unleashed and allowed to rule and reign over our culture and our laws. 60 Million dead babies later, plus the allowance of Feminism, Socialism, Communism, and wide spread Government corruption has all caused many Americans to bring the attitude of revolt against God as the norm. Many Americans openly spit in Jesus' face everyday. The upheaval of our nation has contaminated the rest of the world, and the direct result of this rejection of God's word has opened Hell to plague us.

Killer gangs, killer cops, killer husbands, killer wives, children being raped and murdered, Christians persecuted, all this will continue and people will wax worse(2Timothy 3:1-13). Hearts towards God are self-hardened towards anything Jesus Himself declares as righteous. Americans and those in the West have opened the door to allow spiritual curses upon themselves because of their rebellious attitudes. Just don't blame the looters, nor the cops, not even politicians for this mess. Blame also the itchy ear, and “feel good” “pastors” and “Christians” that so often have their heads shoved up their clouds instead of proclaiming Jesus Christ and Him crucified to their neighbors. There's plenty of blame to go around, but you, yes you, need to examine yourself also. The light has grown dim, has yours ?

America and the West are definitely reaping what it has sown. Stop contaminating the world, repent !

Proverbs 14:12 There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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