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Why Are Some Homosexuals Secretly Watching Movies About Jesus ?

Why Are Some Homosexuals Secretly Watching Movies About Jesus ?

Being told that you are in sin either makes you think about repenting, or it makes your heart turn even harder towards the idea that some how you are doing something against God in your life. Everyone sins in this world, but everyone is also given God's loving mercy and opportunity repent of that sin. God of the Bible is loving enough to extend His mercy, even to our last breath here on Earth if necessary. He does care about each one of us and yes, His love even extends to those who are active in the sin of homosexuality if they repent.

If any of you have ever spoken with a man or woman who has indeed accepted God's gift of mercy, repented of that sinful lifestyle and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, you are already aware and knowledgeable of the fact that he or she is fully forgiven. The idea that all sin can be forgiven is a difficult Biblical precept for some Christians, but again, we are all sinners and all in need of God's forgiveness in and through Jesus Christ, none of us are righteous, “not one.” Romans 3:10.

For those who find difficult the idea of a God who does indeed forgive including the act of homosexuality, that wrongful thought has actually enabled Governments and people to go on in justifying such a wicked lifestyle. Not only that, but there are also many so called “support groups” and organizations that enable that type of sinful lifestyle as well and thus, many living in a rebellious lifestyle remain in the delusional belief that there are no negative consequences for sin. It is sad, but the lie of satan that "what ever makes you happy" does not have a bad ending, has been believed by many, including those who choose homosexuality. How very sad that it has also come to that many Government's around the world, especially in the West, that have decided that homosexuality is something we all should accept whether we agree with it morally or not.Indeed, they forget about the "consequences."

Those sort of (forced)ideas that homosexuality is something “acceptable” has created a vacuum of sorts here in the West. A vacuum where God's Word has largely escaped the hearts of it's people and in it's place, there are the devil's idea's of political correctness, socialism, secularism, and the notion that all ideas and beliefs are equal. The word “tolerance” has come to be the most abused word for those who attempt to override God's word that declares what is considered by Him as sin.

Homosexuals and their progressive friends(especially in the Main Stream Media) are perhaps the largest abuser of trying to deny the validity of God calling homosexuality just what it is, rebellion against God's word. But as the voices of the Homosexual Community seems to grow louder and more demanding for the justification of their sin, there is something else also going on at the same time that many within the Homosexuality Community are not very willing to openly speak about publicly. It is something as well, that perhaps you are keenly aware of Hos God's Spirit operates, you would never believe. It is now coming to light that we are finding that there are homosexuals desperately reading Bibles looking for not only an answer on how to receive God's love, but as well, also how they can leave the homosexual lifestyle.

A person who will confirm what I just shared, goes by the name of Mark Culligan. Mark,  who has a fairly large Christian Ministry located in Tampa, Florida called New Hearts Outreach
(, will tell you very plainly, there are hearts of homosexuals yearning for the blessing of a loving God and, there are some engaged in the homosexual community that are devolving a deep yearning for a way to escape the homosexual lifestyle. Despite all the media reports you may come across on the nightly news broadcast, there are indeed some homosexuals who are publicly, and vocally supportive of the “Gay” lifestyle, but when they go home and are alone, they are watching movies about Jesus and looking to the Bible,  for a way of escape their sin.

Why is this happening and why so few talking about it ? First we need to understand, despite who and what we all are as sinners, The Bible clearly teaches us  that every human being is made in God's image as spiritual being. We cannot see our spirit, but we are all connected to God spiritually. Because of the loving connectedness that Jesus gave us through His work on the cross by taking our sins upon Him at Calvary, every human being is afforded the opportunity to receive His love. That means through(only), Jesus Christ becoming our personal Lord and Saviour, our sins can be forgiven. Even some of the most vile hearts still have an intrinsic knowledge that there is a God and He has something that we need called "forgiveness." Homosexuals like all who are engaged and active in sin are no different. Despite their outward ugliness and hatred towards God and Christians, deep in their hearts, they are well aware that they are wrong in their attitude. 

Nearly every honest person who engages in, and that justifies a sinful lifestyle will tell you at some point that there is a battle for their soul. Yes, those folks will probably put the blame entirely on satan and not themselves who are really to blame. Homosexuals included of course. But please know this, deep in each person's heart, the Biblical Truth is known, And every sinner at some point comes around to give an answer to God's calling to come out of a sinful lifestyle. At that point, active homosexuals and other sinners must make a heart changing decision to either leave that rebellious lifestyle behind and run to the loving arms of Jesus, or to remain behind and eventually suffer the negative consequences for that sinful lifestyle.

Help every homosexual and sinner find the way of escape, keep sharing Jesus as the true and only answer in whatever way you have an opportunity.

John 3:20-21 “For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.”
Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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